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Copyright, 1807, bj the Prink Qowa PnblUbltx Company (LlalttA) 

Founded by 


VOLUME LV. No. 42. 
Pno», 10 CenU. 



December 7 # 

Miss CIiPP^ r *5 

fic-ecdotes, Personalities and Comments, 


ST1GE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


News being presented to the reading pub- 
lic la many guises, tt may not be amiss to 
Umertok a fact noted In last week's bill* at 
the vaudeville bouses. 

Europe's music ball L'a of vaudeville, 
Just now to tbe Yankees appeal ; 
All these Imported folks 
Are tbe uppermost spokes 
In Fortune's theatrical wbeel. 

There's Lauder, Lloyd, Lena, Marcell, 
Cinq-ue-vo.ui, GranrllU — all excel; 
To this vaudeville roster 
Add Hurley, tbe coster, 
And our popular Knowles as well. 

In watching: tbe exciting Intricacies of a 
Joggling act and the, perilous daring of an 
acrobatic performance on the stage or In tbe 
arena, one In front, If Interested at all, Is 
passing through somewhat of a strain, both 
physical and mental. One la held up to a 
certain nervous pitch caused by a combina- 
tion of sensations — fear of accident to tbe 
performers, wonder and gratification at tbe 
accomplishment of some difficult feat. 

At the end of such a performance one 
usually gives a long breath of relief and sits 
back In his sent, often conscloua of tbe fact 
that be has been keyed up, and Is now glad 
to rest for a moment. It Is especially so 
when this tenseness lasts all through a 
twenty-minute or half -hour act — and It does 
If tbe performers are groat In their line of 

Therefore, when bright or laughable bits 
of comedy business are interjected at In- 
tervals during an act of this sort, causing 
intermittent laughs that tor an Instant per- 
mits one to "let down" from his pitch of 
tepseness, such momentary recesses are to 
be recommended. 

Clnquevalll, whose clever juggling feata 
Involve tbe strictest mental and physical 
accuracy In measuring time, and the weight, 
si..e and character of bis apparatus, Is evi- 
dently aware of the above described sensa- 
tions of a large part of an audience. Be- 
aides tbe finished grace and beauty of bla 
difficult feats, tbls "world's premier juggler" 
relieves tbe breathless Interest thus Invoked 
by many a jolly laugh, Incited by ludicrous 
situations In which bis clever assistant is 
tbe laugh producer, or the butt of whatever 
visual joke Clnquevalll may perpetrate. The 
comedy eyebrows of this aide, by tbe way, 
are tbe moat ridiculously surprised sort ever 
painted on a face. A look Is a laugh, even 
without his funny bits of business Interpo- 
lated from time to time. 

The Four Bards, with tbelr difficult and 
beautifully finished acrobatic work, also In- 
terject a few funny aslde-mananivres which 
afford laugba that relieve the tense watching 
of their act on tbe part of tbe audience, for 
in many of their feats is a big risk of a bad 


Clnquevalll's wife has what to many might 
seem a fad, but which to her is a matter, of 
deepest Interest — that of adding to bla al- 
ready large wardrobe. Most of her time Is 
taken up In devising and carrying out ber 
designs with her own handwork on tbe hand- 
some and varied costumes and stage acces- 
sories of ber clever sposo. 

The Juggler himself was perfectly con- 
tented to puy baggage excess on thirty-one 
different combinations of tights, trunks and 
waists — or whatever the top part of sucb a 
costume la styled — tblrty-onc meaning a 
change for every day In the month. Not 
so satisfied Is Madame Clnquevalll, possess- 
ing skill with her brush to design and her 
needle to execute ond unlimited means to 

Besides all which baa been discarded, this 
Indefatigable lady has brought the number 
of costumes up to within two or three of 
fifty. Regard this number with envy, all you 
wearers of fleshings and tbe like. 

The varied beauty of many of these tights 
may be duo to the fact that Clnquevalll has 
his own knitting machine for this purpose. 
Shot-silk and otber original color combina- 
tions are the result In these costly netber- 
tlmb coverings. 


Harry M. Boyalc, a clever "leading heavy," 
relates an amusing Incident which happened 
recently whllo playing through Minnesota 
with his company. Arriving at a one night 
stand town, he went to tbe hotel, and when 
engaging his room, asked the usual question : 

"What are your rates!" 

"A dollar and a balf," was the reply of 
tbe landlord, which price Is not at all un- 

"But I want to know your theatrical 
rates 1" said ltoynle. 

"Ob, you're an actor 1" satd tbe landlord. 
"Well, really," he added with generous affa- 
bility, "I don't charge them any more than 
I do anybody else." 


A story of a certain boy's noncbalance 
in carrying out bis duties as such bus been 
told, but until recently was not accredited 
to any particular boy. The origin was lately 
fixed upon Arnold Daly, who last week sur- 
rendered the managerial relna guiding tbe 
fortunes! of bis extremely clover company 
Into the bands of Liebler & Co. 

At a recent dinner party of prominent the- 
atrical people, Borne of the number were re- 
lating their past experiences In the business. 
One of them, a popular woman star, told 
the story of her reception at tbe Frohman 
office when she first came to tbls city, a 
struggling stranger to everything theatrical 

Is Mr. Frohman In 7" sbe bad asked tbe 
boy, who looked op from hit,, reading long 
enough to reply: 

"No !" 

"May I sit down and wait a while?" she 
bad naked. 

"Ye*," came tbe monosyllabic answer, 
whereupon tbe young applicant sat herself 
down with the Intention of a possible long 

After the lapse of about balf an hour the 
young woman arose, and In deprecatory 
tones, as though she bated to disturb the 
only visible monarch of tbe place, sbe said: 

"I think I'll call again In about an hour." 

A nonchalant nod was her reply. 

According to ber expressed Intention, tbe 
young actress returned on time and again 
asked the same question she had first put to 
the office boy. 

"No "' was again his reply. 

After again patiently occupying a chair for 
the apace of many minutes, during which the 
hoy seemed deeply occupied In bis book, she at 
length put the question : 

"Do you know wben Mr. Frohman will 

"No 1" again replied the boy with tbe same 

Tbe girl was about to resume her chair 
when tbe young official dropped bis proud 
reserve long enough to say : 

"Mr. Frohman Is In Europe." 

During the recital nf tbe Incident anyone 
watching Arnold Daly's face, would have been 
Interested. At the end of the star's story he 
said : 

"And were you the pretty girl that came 
to Frohman's office that day?" 

"I surely was," came the reply, "I was the 

"I was tbe boy," said Daly. 

Mo. 2 "Merry Widow" Opens New 
Henry W. Savage's Chicago "Merry Widow" 
Co, dedicated tbe new Lyric Theatre at Rome, 
N. ¥., on Nov. 20. George Damerel is the 
l'rlnce Danllo, and Llna Abarbanell tbe 
Uonla In the cast. 

Tbe double event drew a big audience, and 
(he new theatre was given as much praise as 
the new company. 

The cast follows: Popoff, Percy F. Ames; 
Sonia, Llna Abarbanell ; Natalie, Reba Dale ; 
l'rlnce Danllo, George Damerel ; Camllle de 
Jolldon, Carl Haydn; Marquis Cnscnda, 
Charles Edward Wrlglit ; Raoul de St. Bri- 
oche, Dwight Williams; Khadja; Stanley 
Jessup ; Malltza, Viola Leach ; Nova Kovich, 
Harry Lewellyn ; Olga, Lillian Seville; Nlsh, 
Fred Freer ; rrnakovla, Doris Meek : An ring 
gllshman, E. W. Renford ; Head Walter, 
John O'Hanlon : Orchestra Lender at Max- 
im's, Coleman Veres; Fl-Fl, Pauline Mar- 
shall ; Zo-Zo, Charlotte Allen ; Lo-Lo, Dolly 
Livingston ; Do-Do, Cora Flower ; Jou-Jou, 
Ruble Leslie ; Frou-Frou, Elizabeth Klnna : 
Clo-Clo, Lulu nishop ; Margot, Irene Palmer ; 
Zu-Zu, Adelaide Rossini ; Sapho, Alice Pal- 

♦ »» 
l.un 1» Mann In Seriou s Play. ^_ 

William" - A. Brady announced Inst week 
that the new play In which be Is to star 
I. mils Mann will be tbe Joint work of Louis 
Llpsky and Herman Bernstein, two Jewish 
authors. It will present Mr. Mann In s seri- 
ous role. 

Tbe production has been deferred until 
early Spring because of Mr. Mann's vaude- 
ville success In a condensation of "All on 
Account of Eliza." 

Shubert Theatre, Newark, N, 
Renames Name of Umpire. 
Klaw & Erlanger and the Shubert interests 

Arnold Daly to Return to Regular 
All-Byenlas Play. 

Liebler A Co., nnder whose management 


Whose picture appears on the first bat 
this Issue, began. ber career at an carl" 

have severed all connection with the Sbubert Arnold Daly has come, wl II make no attempt and when onTy fourteen years old nan., "85 

Theatre In Newark, N. J. The bouse will re- to continue tbe actor's Idea of establishing leading soprano role In an amateur nVr- ', 

sume Its former name of the Empire, and will In New York a theatre similar to the Theatre anoe of "iWbattan." Her success wn» ,t 

that she received offers to go on the r... ~! 
stnge, and at fifteen made ber profes ?,iS 
debut, singing In quick succession the uJSi 

be given over to burlesque attraction* David 
Relasco'K production of 'The Rose of the 
Rancbo," Christmas week, Is the last en- 
gagament of legitimate drama scheduled for 
tbe house. 

"The New York Idea." 
Langdoa Mitchell's play, "Tbe New Cork 
Idea." was produced at the Apollo Theatre, 
London, Eng., evening of Nov. 27. The Eng- 
lish critics predict a long run for it. 

Antolne, In ParlB. 

The one-act programmes will probably 
continue at tbe Berkeley Theatre for some 
few weeks, but as soon as a proper play has 
been found Liebler A Co. will offer Arnold 
Daly once more in a regular production. 

• »» 

Gillette's New Play. 
William Gillette has delivered to Charles 

donna roles in "Ttie Mikado," ""Jack n.. . S* 
Beanstalk," "The Telephone Girl," "A n \ ' c 
Honeymoon" and "The Geisha." The I i «5 
1900 she was the prima donna of the «!«„ 
geant Kitty" Co., touring the South i." 
Birmingham. Ala., she withdrew froir thl 




i-rohman a new play, which la to be produced ™W*S*&3**&£* <£*r of Sidney K „/ 
his season. V " K2J°«X* e &&Jti3* L*5&.ffiJ*.EnslS 


Opera Co. Wlththls OTwnlWlon"Mlss' , \ta I I 
worth went to South Africa, where she won 
new laurels. At the close of the South uh 
can tour tbe company went to England in* 
there this American singer has repeat"' hi? 
former successes. " 

« ' » 
Permanent Opera for Chicago. 
There Is a possibility that Director 'van 
Abramson, of the Grand Italian Operu Cn 
now appearing at the International Tin i, re 
mny be able to locate permanently In cm 
cago, as Dr. Florenz Ziegfeld, president" '15 
the Chicago Musical College, has ptir<in«,j 
a site on Michigan Boulevard, south of the 
present building occupied by the college vimn 
w . hl ., ch ,'>•> P"n>08es erecting a theatre auj 
studio building. J 

Tbe actions of the opera company r, 
tether with the business which it hasilon 
have been closely watched by Dr. Ziegfeld nd 
It is understood that negotiations arc nun" 
lng which may result in giving Chicago the 
permanent opera company which so mnnv ill 
sire. It is understood that Klaw & Erhnirer' 
Frank McKoe nnd others have tried to tuvare 
a lease of the ns yet unconstructed theatre 
from tne college, but no definite arrnnee 
monts have been entered Into. 
« ■ » 
"Waste" Produced In London. 
Granville Barker's "Waste," which recent- 
ly was denied a public performance h* 
(ieorge A. Itedford, London's censor of plnva 
had n private performance by a stnge so- 
ciety in London, Eng., on Nov 20 The 
critics admit its powerful and Interesting 
character, but give the opinion that the cen- 
sor was Justified In refusing the license on 
the ground that Mr. Barker treated delicate 
church and sex questions In a plain manner. 
<» > 
Ethel Barrymore'a New Piny. 
From all accounts this charming actress 
has a big success In "Her Sister," In which 
she Is nppenrlng successfully on tour. She 
opens <n New York Christmas week at the 
Hudson Theatre. The play was written by 
Cosmo Gordon Lennox and Clyde Fitch, and 
It Is the first collaborative work by an Eng- 
lishman and an American produced in this 

«■» , 

Plans Drawn for Harry Levey's 

Harry Levey, who has a lease on the prop- 
erty at the southeast corner of Broadway 
nnd Forty-third Street New York City an- 
nounced laBt week that an architect had 
drawn plans for a theatre and office building 
for tbe site. The theatre will be finished bv 
October, 1008, and the office building a year 



This famous writer of ballads has just finished a song, entitled "There's Another Picture 
In My Mamma's Frame," which is destined to become popular. Since his "After the Ball," 
Sir. Harris has each year contributed one or more ballad bits, among them "Kiss and 

Let's Make Dp," "Hello Central, Give Me Heaven," "Creep, Baby, Creep," "For Sale A 

Raby," "The Organ Grinder's Serenade," "While the Dance Goes On," "The Tie That 
Binds," "Fly Away, Birdie, to Heaven," "Just Next Door," "There'll Come a Time Some 
Day," "Will I Find My Mamma There?" "Which Shall It Be?" "Why Don't They Play 
With Me?" "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them" and "Always In the Way." 


Opening of a Professional Resort. 

On the eve of Thanksgiving Day Mrs. For- 
tnnnto Morenz (the widow of the late mana- 
ger of the world famous Florenz Troupe of 
ucroliats) celebrated the ipentng of ber theat- 
rical boarding house at 170 West 47th Street, 
which place gives promise to become within 
a short time a popular theatrical resort, ow- 
ing to the large and airy rooms, extreme 
cleanliness and Mrs. Florena's famous cook- 

There were quite a number of notable 
guests assembled at the house warming, ar- 
tists as well as members of tbe press, and 
after an elaborate dinner the guests were 
entertained by some excellent musical se- 
lections by the talented violin virtuoso, Roger 
Horenz, son of tbe late Fortunnto Florenz, 
und Paul Clnquevalll, the famous Juggler. 
who proved himself an equally clever nut- 

Actors' Church Alliance Fair. 

The New York Chapter of the Actors' 
Church Alliance will hold a fair at their head- 
quarters, No. 138 W. 44th Street, on Dec, 

their philanthropic work and expenses. The 
board of directors, consisting of eighteen 
members, has entire charge of tbe affair, and 
every member of the chapter is working hard 
to make It a Bucee3». Rev. Thomas 11. Sill 
Is the president 

ick. late treasurer of the' Barnum & Bnllev 
Show, and many others. 
t i » 
New Theatre at Norrlstown. 

A vaudeville house Is being erected at 
A number of tnbles have been assigned to Norrlstown, Pa., the purpose of the mnnage- 
chatrmen, tilled with serviceable articles for ment , beln K to S've high class vaudeville at 
Christmas gifts, to be sold at very reasonable Popular prices. The theatre, which will be 
prices. called the Garrlck, will, when completed, be 

A principal feature will be the "Japanese °, ne t. ' !& e flne8t vaudeville houses In the 
Tea Garden," under the chairmanship of stnte . The builders of this house Include a 
•Cheerily Yours" Jennie C. Wilder, and she ""fber of capitalists of Norrlstown, and they 
has a committee of fifty-five assistants. Tea »" ophite under the title of tbe Bijou 
will be served at all hours, with fortune- A mu S e , ment Ca ThlB company also controls 
telling, palmistry and character reading by U 1 ,?, °IJou, Norrlstown, Pa., and the Bijou, 
Prince Abdullah. Wisteria Bower will be a , llm !S* ton > P el - Tbe BIJou, which Is popu- 

fmpplfll ntfriiftlnn ISC With Norrlnrrturn'n nmiiaamant Uvlni, ntih. 

special attraction 

■« i» 

lar with Norrlstown's amusement loving pub- 
i?' 's.'Ruated In the heart of the town. 
The BIJou at Wilmington, Del., Is one of tie 
ornaments of Wilmington. The front is 

Donold Robertson Presents New Play. 

At the GarrlckJTheatre, Chicago, after- 1 ihted bv 8 "l7ihtiT"and" 

"^k, ' ^ 01 - 2i ' Dona J, d RonertBon and his top of the building (the Ore taking up 

capable players gave the first performance the entire structure) \\ a statue of "Liberty 

by ««EMKM lg*.*p gl« 5S5 RnIla*t«nta,™h. U World "■ bS&Lg two se/ 

London and Italy. The story tells of^ 
girl of IrlBh and gypsjr blood who is 
conventionality and believes ln the love known 
nowadays as the "affinity." She dresses as 
an ancient Greek, and leaves her husband to 

t t » 

Forepaagh-Sella Clrcna to Be Retired. 

It was announced last week that the Fore- 

, paugh-Sells Show would never take to the 

go with a grand opera singer who has won I' 000 " a ? aln - The Rlngling Brothers, who are 

her love. In control of the circus situation, have de- 

. They go to Italy from London, and are S: 1 ?^ 1 to maintain on the road only the show 

followed there by the husband, who comes as !»?*■ tne,r own name and the Barnum * 

the law ' which shall decide for her whether nalIe y Circus, which recently fell Into their 

she shall remain with her lover or return Possession. They will divide tbe equipment 

with her lawful husband. The husband is ?' tne Forepaugh-Sells Circus between the 

dying, and it is supposed that she returns to two surviving organizations, 
calm the last moments of the man whom she 
has wronged. Alice John, Florence Bradley, 
Donald Robertson and nermann Lleb did ex- 
cellent acting. 

♦ »♦• 

A Cnp for Clean Stnse nnd Dressing 

♦ »» 

Jack Roland to Put on His Own Act. 

Jack Roland, basso of the Empire Comedy 
I'oiir. resigned from the act In Amsterdam, 
Holland, last week, and will go to London, 
England, to produce In vaudeville a 


The well known minstrel ond author, has been before tho public nearly all his life. 

.. a big net 
of his own, with ten people. 
through the efforts of Michael O'Brien, a He expects to come to America next sea- 
well known stage carpenter, a cup is offered SPP ana P'ay all big vaudeville time. If 
as a prize ln a contest for the cleanest stage t nlB venture Bhould prove successful, air. 
nnd dressing rooms ln the United States and Boland will go Into producing big novelty 
Canada. This Inducement Is offered to Brace vaudeville octB. 
managers la order to encourage a thorough 
#h nn L n „ 8 .,?£ tb ? th * atr « «ehlnd tho curtain. 
The health of performers will bo greatly 

♦ »» 


characterizations on tho stnge have been enjoyed by audiences In every part of the United 
States, but tbe good work lie lins done In enlivening mankind by his songs and grace ln 
dancing, Is relatively small in comparison with his work ln recent years as tho author of 
"Neat Song and Dance," and other publications. The system he has developed In his series 
of publications, known as "Dancing Taught by Mall," shows Inventive genius of a high order. 

Springer and Kenton Fined. 

SSSaSSrOKSmTSSnS^^SJff^ n Jotm ., H ' Sanger, proprietor of the Grand 
be done away wl h Mr O'Brien ™H^L ^2? 0p 2 r ? Il01,se ' Now Y °l* City, was fined $1.;0. 
„..rS , .V J w, £.^ , ™t 3co Welt n&JSiSSi £ nd , Josc P n Keaton was fined $75, ln Special 
x aw weBt i]fty-second Sessions last week, for permitting children 

munlcated wltb 
Street, New York. 


New Play tor Cyril Scott. 

It Is a complete, plain nnd comprehensive exposition by diagrams and Illustrations of every '.* „.?„ 7 , p , lay, 1 ln ""f'v 1 Cyril Scott Is to 

position and every step of "song and dance/' "buck and wing" and "American Jig." Mr. SSL "SSLi ***£ 108 f, 9 bi l present tour In 

llognn illustrates, for InBtanco, every one of tho six steps of "song and dance" by thirty vmii ■■ ii »iii !?' a b S on , nalne cl "The 

ftguro cuts of the thirty movements required to complete each step. It Is a boon to everyone „J ™ trlh„.i,- «„,? i P r . oauc * a 'be latter part 

who asplrca to success ns a dancer, and, ln fact, every person who desires to move with wgHanint v}fti„ n w ? i . Cecil and 

grace. Mr. llognn has Instructed classes of well known dancing teachers from all over the ,,™!i' Si r\ f ,. !, ";- {.", original name was 

United States nnd abroad, ond he numbers among his pupils a great many of the foremoBt i,«i»i ruillt i n 



Si ... _ Mlw i„ X.saVmlwHi lnnnngo Mr. Scott in 

lawlston. Miss Cooper, Mnric Cnhlll. Maude White, Walter Perkins, Clara Thropp. Nanette J, .' 8 JK, U -^J ?: £ h ,° > ufl;h U I- i- la .-KBett'a name 

of America. Among those In public life to-day nrc : Jeanette Lowry, Zelma 

techrilqu grace f fl A 'JTln^tSf. ^!VW £? ?»" •'"« 

tempted a production. 

Comstock and Thos. Q. Senbrookc. Kv-cry one of his pupils show perfect 

and beauty of movement. Rxtracts from the following letter from Edith Whitney, 

had wonderful success In Berlin, Germany, is typical of the many endorsements be has 

received : 

"I am playing an engagement In Berlin, at tho Metropole. I owe my entire success to 0, ° Harrlgan Flayers, -in Wycherly's 
you, for It Is you who taught mo my dances. I also put two very pretty dnncea together 
wltb tho aid of your mall teaching system. It really Is wonderfully practical. I should 
have been quite lost without the system, for I had forgotten some of the steps, but upon 
reading all the Instructions and studying the positions of the figures, all tbe steps came back 
to me. Upon my return to America I hope to continue my lessons. 

"Sincerely, Edith WairNH." 


Among the people engaged to support Mar- 
garet Wycherfy In her series of frlsh matl- 
ness at the Berkeley Theatre, New York, are 

"oBe P n ^n s n p 8 rS. anlaD8 • W "'" ,,n H " r, «" n » nd 

below tho legal nge to appear In a theatrical 
performance. The children are Joseph Ke.ilo". 
fourteen years old ; George Keaton, three. 
nnd Vera Keaton, one. 

«■ » 

Clnire Romnlne to Appear In New 


Klaw ic Erlanger have signed a contract 

with Clnire Romalne, the impersonator, for 

Jec appearance ln a new musical comedy. 

Miss Romalne has sailed for Europe to .'II 

engagements abroad, and will return in 

March to rehearse In the new play. 


■■IK parts of TUB CLIPPBR will be 
Inserted at theme prloeai 

Single Colasaa lfl.00 

Double Colama. ...... 910.00 

In "Coon" Operas. 


TfceyT&ke Ifye Cake 

A WeUbalaneed Couple , 

Working Over-lime . 

Aft a Gentleman oi Color , 

In T^eir Original gaoler) ftnistp . 


_ . PflOL gPflDPHI . 
tigtarom^ fpom §>ou\fy African Successes . 

The PopwI&P Sloping Team . 



■:- : me QB0T6§QUe RANDOLPHS 
' Induldgin$ in a. Quite Smoke . 


£&slside(?onvi>rsaiicnalisl£ . 

j \ 


In Levee Pleasantries . 

t ■. 




December 7. 



76c Pound, 40c. Half, and 15c. Jan 


25c. Btlek In Cardboard Tub*. 


15c. Stick. Sam* jj P aint Tube. 


80c. Halt Pound, 20c. Quarter. 


26c. Qlana Pot Three Shades. 


Wo. 1 8, 20 c . pjg Box. 


2 oa. Box. 2Bc 


3 Colon, 10c. Each. 
l«3 Sixth Avonuo 


A Liquid Powder, 40c Bottle or Tin. 

Knickerbocker Cold Cream 

50c. Pound. 25c. Half. 


16c. Bottle, with Brunt). 


20c a Boat. 


8 Paints and 6 Liners, 60c. Tin Box. 

A Skin Pood 

fl Large. BOc. Medium. 26c. Small. 

76c Pound. 40c. Half. 2Bc. QnarUr. 



raoM oca own coausponDSMT. 


AKRON, 0. flelwood 4 Vogler 
ALBANY, N. Y. Lonls Sautter; Drags 
.4LBUQUBHQ0E, N. H. J. H. ORlelly Co. 
ALLBNTOWN. PA. Palace Pharmacy 
ALTOONA, PA. Boecklng & Meredith 
ANNIBTON, ALA. Scarborough Drog Co. 
A8BTJRY PARK, N. J. Hullck Pharmacy 
ATLANTA. OA. Jacob'a Pharmacy 
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Galbreetb Pharmacy 

H. A. Nolte 
AUGUSTA. OA. Green & Honey Drug Co. 
BALTIMORE, MT). Hochachlld fiohn A Co. 
Williamson & Watta 
A. T. Jonei A Sona 
8. Le Boy Boblmon. 
Habllaton-Brlckman Co. 
H. S. Harfogensls 
BATON BOUGH, LA. H. B, Stronbe. 
BATTLE CRBBK, MICH. McCllntlcs Phar. 
BAY CITJf, MICH. Mason ft Beach 
BEAUMONT. TEXAS. Tost Onice Drug Bton 
BINOHAMTON, N.Y. W.H.Loveland.Drugglst 
BIRMINGHAM, ALA. E. B. Norton, Druga 
BOBTON, MASS. Kleln'a Pharmacy 
Green's Pharmacy 
Knight's Pharmacy 

Hamilton's Pharmacy 
BRONX. N. Y. Ooldwater'a Pharmacy 
BBOCKTON, MASS. James Edgar ft Co. 
BROOKLYN. N. Y. Block Drug Co. 
BUFFALO, N. Y. A. Mink, Costumer 

The Wm. Hengerer Co. 
TAPE MAY. N. J. Dr. Wales U. B. Pharmacy 
CBDAB RAPIDS, IA. Boyaon Drug Co. 
CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Live ft Let Lire 
CHICAGO, ILL. Central Drug Co. 
Standard Drug Co. 
L. Hageman ft Co. 
Chicago Costume Works 
CHICO, CAL. Lee Pharmacy 
CINCINNATI, O. Win. Beck ft Son's Co. 
F. Biwlrschlna 
The Weatherhead Co. 
CLEVELAND, O. W. Krause ft Bon 
Standard Drug Co. 
Steam ft Co. 
Bock Drug Co. 
The Prospect Pharmacy Co. 
Opera House Co. 
COLUMBIA. 8. C. W. C. Fisher ft Co., Druga 
COLUMBUS, OA. J. F. Bchackelford ft Bona 

Thomas' Drug Store 
COLUMBUS, 0. F. F. Mykranta 

Kamprnann Costume Works 
CORNING, N. Y. Ojiern Houie Pharmacy 
COUNCIL ni-nFFfl, 1A. Clark Drug Co. 
DALLAS, TEX. J. T. Buckingham, Drugs 
DAVENPORT, I A. Klstenmaeher'g Pharmacy 
DAYTON, O. Burltltt'fl Drug Store 
DENVER, COL. The Central Pharmacy • 
DER MOTNEH, IA. Opera House Pharmacy 
DETROIT. MICH. Mrs. Clara M. Read 
Rtc Claire Pharmacy 
Standard Drug Co. 
DURHAM, N, C. W. M. Yearby 
Dnr,UTH, MINN. Mattlx Drug Stores 
FA8TON. PA. H. B. Bempte ft Sons 
ELIZABETH, N. J. McClOBkey ft Graham 
EL PASO, TEX, Ornttorlf Drug Store 
L. C. Bonhatn ft Co. 
EL BENO. OKLA. City Drug Co. 
FALL RIVER, MASS. Anthony's Pharmacy 
FITCBBURG, MASB. The Douglas Hair Store 
FT. SMITH, ARK. Will F. Oermann 
FORT WORTH, TEX. Lowe's Drug Store 
OALERniTRO, ILL. .Tudson W. Hover ft Co. 
GALVESTON, TEX. Star Drug Store 

Mrs. Anna Stelnholf 
GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. 8chrouder* 

GREENSBORO, N. C. Galloway Drug Co. 
HAMILTON. CAN. J. P. Henneiaey 
HARTFORD, CONN. WlBe, Smith ft Co. 
HOBOKRN. N. J. Wm. Kamlah, Drugs 
HOT SPRINGS. ARK. R. G. Morris Drug Co. 
HOUSTON, TEX. Rpencer Drug Co. 
INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Charles W. Blchrodt 
Ferrer's Pharmacy 
R. Klnklln 
JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Bradley ft Anderson 

A. G. Sheppard 
JACKSON, MISS. King's Drug Store 
JACKSON. TENN. Ward ft Best 
JOHNSTOWN, PA, Emit K. Hoth, Pharmacist 
JOPLIN, MO. The Cooper Drug Co. 
KALAMAZOO. MICH. J. L. Wallace, Druga 
KANSAS CITY. MO. J. E. Vincent 

Emery Bird Thayer Co. 
KNOXVILLB. TENN. Kuhlmnn's Drug Co. 
LANCASTER. PA. O. F. K. Erlaman 
LANSING, MICH. Opera House Phnrmacy 
LKAVBNWORTH, KAN. Rd.C.Frltsche. Drugs 
LITTLrc ROCK, ARK. Holrtelman Drug Co. 
LOR ANGELES. CAL. Chnmbers ft Lcfnnd 
LOUISVILLE, KY. T. P. Taylor ft Co. 
ICnttfmnn-Strnus Co. 
fliiftcnemcyer Bros. 
LYNN. MASS. P. B. Magrane 
LOWELL. MASS. Tower's Corner Drug Store 

MACON, GA. Jno. 8. Hon Drug Co. 
MADISON, WIS. The Mengef Pharmacies. 
MABYSVILLB, CAL. The Hornung Drog Co. 
Mo ALERTER. OKLA. Harry J. Batten 
MEMPHIS, TENN. Moaeley-Roblnaon-Cox Co. 

Wm. Kaaten 
MERIDBN. CONN. Meriden House Drag Store 
MIDDLBTOWN, CONN. Buell ft Blatcnley 
MILWAUKEE. WIS. Carnival Costume Co. 

Glmbel Broilers 
MOBILE, ALA. Dave 8. Bauer, Druga 
NASHVILLE, TENN. CB.Badoux.Halr Goods 

Jerome B. Sands, 
NEWARK, N. J. Petty'a Pharmacy 

Chaa. Holabauer, Drugs 
NEW BBDFORD.MASS. TheBrownoPharmacy 
NEW BBITAIN, CONN. J.P.Conners,Dragglst 
NBWBUBGH.N.Y. Brown'sAcademyPharmacy 
NEW ORLEANS, LA. American Drug Btore 

Capdan'a Pharmacy 
NEW YORK CITY. Knickerbocker Pharmacy 

A. Batner, Drugs 
George Sblndbelm 

B. H. Macy ft Co. 
Glblan the Druggist 
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Hegeman ft Co. 

H. C. Miner Eatate 
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Chas. Hoffman ft Co. 
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SAN FBANCI8C0, CAL. The Owl Drug Co. • 
Parent's Stationery 
Goldstein's Hair 
SAN JOSE. CAL. Curtis ft Henkel, Drugs 
SANTA BARBARA. CAL. Gutierrez Drug Co. 
SAVANNAH, GA. Livingston's Pharmacy 
BOBANTON, PA. The Phelps Pharmacy 
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SHERMAN. TEX. Ender Allen Drug Co. 
8HRBVBPORT, LA. Saenger Brothera, Drugs 
SI OUX CITY. IA. Kltae ft Nelson, Drugs 
SOUTH BEND, IND. The Economical Drug 
SPARTANBURG. 8. C. Llgons Drug Btore 
SPRINGFIELD, ILL Sell A Coe, Drugglsta 
SPRINGFIELD. 0. C. W. Weatenfelter 
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ST. JOSEPH, MO. Eugene Soper, Druga 
ST, LOUIS, MO. Grand Leader 
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Anti-Monopoly Drug Co. 
ST. PAUL, MINN. Schuneman ft Brans 
SnNBURY. PA. R. E. Kelly, Druggist 
SUPBBIOR, WI8. C. W. Auat, Druggist 
SYRACUSE. N, Y. Btoli Bros., Drags 
TAMPA, FLA. William's Pharmacy 

Wm. 8. Oppenhelmer 
TEXARKANA. TEX. Smith Drug Co. 
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West Drug Store 
TOPBKA. KAN. Sim Drug Co, 
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UTICA. N. Y. Sullivan ft Slanaon 
VICKSBURO. MISS. King ft Co., Druga 
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WASHINGTON, D. C. Kecht ft Co. 

C. E. Gundlach 
WHEELING. W. VA. McLnln'B Drug Store 
WICHITA. KAN. Htgglnaon Drue Co. 
WILKESBARRE. PA. W. ,T. Panllng A Co. 
WTLMAMSPORT. PA. Prof. Charles' Hair 
WILMINGTON. N. C. .1. Hlchs Bunting Co 
WOODLAND. OAL. J. V. Leltliold 
YONKER8. N. Y. Perry Corntng 

Western Burma of the N. V. Clipper, 
S04 Ashland Block. 

Chicago, Nov. 80, 1007. 
Several changes of great Importance mark 
ihe opening of the final month of the year, 
notable among which are: the local pre- 
miere of "The Merry Widow" at the Co- 
lonial. Dec 2 ; the local premiere of Jamea 
K, Uackett, In "John Qlayde's Honor," at 
Powers' on the same date ; the local stellar 
debut of K. M. Holland, In "The House of a 
Thousand Caudles." at the Garrick ; the first 
Joint appearance of Kellar and Thurston, the 
magicians, at MeVlcker's; the first perform- 
ance In this city of George BIdney. In "The 
Maxuma Man," at the Great Northern, and 
the usual changes at the outlying melodra- 
matic, stock, vaudeville and burlesque houses. 
Continued attractions Include: "The Follies 
of 1907" at the Illinois; "The Man From 
Home" at iho Stodebaker; Bertha. Kallch at 
the Grand ; "The Girl Question" at the La 
Salle, and "A Knight for a Day" at the 
Whitney. Special matinees were given at 
all the houses Thanksgiving Day, with Me- 
Vlcker's giving a morning performance be- 
sides, and all playing to capacity. Business 
la steadily on the Increaae, and will doubt- 
less continue to Improve until the usual drop 
Just before the holidays. 

Illinois (Will J. Davis, manager).— "The 
Follies of 11)07" continues to splendid busi- 
ness, with Blckel and Watson, Nora Bares. 
Grace La Hue, Frank Mayne and the others 
working bard to keep the fun going. "The 
Rogers Bros, in Panama" follows. 

Powebs' (Harry J. Powers, manager). — 
Nat C. Goodwin has played to two weeks of 
excellent business, giving "When We Were 

bnr&sroM SiiatsV ffalteaaW BJ? Heine, and the klnodrome 
itMSK HackeU e wlllVve "KTw North V»™ ..<?<»>< .■«• 

horse and pony, Howard Brothers, Kerry 
OOfWtjr, Farrell Taylor Trio, Mills and Mor- 
ris, the Bupplets, Lea and Opp. the Aldeana, 
Cailend and Smith, San Collins, and the 


Chicago Ophra House (Frank 8. Rivers, 
manager). — Bill for week of 2 Includes: 
"The Futurity Winner," Rice and Cohan, 
Bessie Vaidarc Troupe, Howard and North. 
Arlington Four, Sullivan and Pasqnellena, 
Ida O'Day, Howard and Fisher, Potter and 
Harris, Washburn and Keeley, Harry Hoi- 
man, and the klnodrome. 

Havmabket Theatbe (William F. New- 
llrk, manager). — Bill for week of 2 Includes: 
"Song Birds," Avery and Hart, Masou-Keeler 
company, the Three Renards. Fetching Broth- 
ers, Emlle Subers, Dorothy Adams, Heed and 
•St. John, Kalhass and company, Welch and 
Earl and the klnodrome. 

Acditobium (MUward Adana, manage'*). 
— BUI for week of 2 Includes : Hetty King, 
the Oiiudschraldts, George Fuller Golden, Jay 
W. Wlnton, the DuQln-Redcay company, Fin- 
lay and Burke, Mile. Emmy's Pets, Sydney 
Grant, Louis Simon and Grace Gardner, Han- 
varr and Lee Marno Troupe, and motion pic- 

Maheb's (Thomas Maher, manager). — Bill 
for week of 2 Includes : Eugenie Wood, 
Claude Itanf and wife. La Pearle and Bogart, 
Thomas Harrla and the klnodrome. 

Thalia (Thomas Murray, manager). — Bill 
for week of 2 Includes: Sampson and Zacbo, 
the motion pictures and others. 

Schindlbb'8 (Ludwig Behind ler, mana- 

gcr). — BUI for week of 1 Includes: Ihe 
even Bel ford Troupe, Advanced Quartette, 
Duplex Trio, Brewer, Wramsley and com- 
pany, Cannattl, and motion pictures. 

Tiddx (George W. Powell, manager). — 
BID for week of 2 Includes: The Three Ron- 
aldoB, Tony Casterlalne and Brother, Wm. S. 
Gill and company, Brandt and Lareno, Cbas. 


Winter Festivities 

aCausc cverv woman tc ,, s hfS 

1| look her best. UBLiSB 

will efface any ha., j* 

complexion may ha-., -T? 

Ictedby expoairl ? • .* 

and wind. Use this Wo - icrfS 

Wi bcautifier and your si. ., 2n 

be soft, velvety and tm fS 

inkles, arid without the tcVjeK 

to becoinc red, rough or chaor tC^ 

' Tied White, link, or Crc.m'«te?bor, o, ?-2& 

BENJiEVY CO- French l'erf nm .... 








Located in the open country with snrroundtaw. 

suited to a natural, healthful life for boys. " 



of "John Glayde'u Honor" Deec. 2, supported 
by a fine cast. Including: Miss Darragh, 
Olive Oliver. Ida Waterman, Beatrice Beck- 
ley, Irene Moore, William Sauter, David 
Olaasford, Qeorge M. Graham, Walter D. 
Greene and Lawrence Eddlnger. 
Oajibick (Herbert C. Duce, manager).— 
Fascinating Flora" concluded Its engage- 

— Bill for week of 2 Includes: Geo. and Paul- 
ine Ktdd, Capt. Treat's Beats and sea lions, 
Cora YoungbTood Corson and her Sextette, 
Bichael May Clark and company, Dorothy 
Vaughan, Kosseley and Welch, and motion 

Ioia (Powell & Both, managers), — BUI 
for week of 2 includes : The Four Hylands, 
the Great Santell, Stephen Fltzpatrlck and 
company, Leonxo, Jennie Good, Gale and 
Raymond, and motion pictures 

Imperial (Fred SchahTer, manager). — Bill 
for week o( 2 Includes : Morris Willard and 

gagement 80, In 'The Tali of New'York?' com l' an 7. De Vancy and Ray, May Maxelle, 

The "one huuaredth performance, with apwo- l.avarnJe and Lavarnle, Dot Washburn, Bes- 

prlate souvenlrB, occurred 26. "The Merry Ble M V 

Widow" opens Dec. 2, the house being dark 

for Seiesitlfle 


mont 80, and is succeeded, Dec. 1, by 
Holland, in "The House of a Thousand Can- 
dles," making bis local stellar debut 

Coloniai, (George W. Lederer, manager). 
— Victor Moore closed his twelve weeks 7 en- 

Por Light Work and. mnuli tteereatloa. 

Address JAMES OHRIbTIB, Principal, 

Berkeley Academy, Tenafly, Hew J ersey, 

1 \_ 

given by them evening of 28, In Mandel 
Hall, University of Chicago, and every Sat' 
urday evening the company la seen ut Oak 

Park, in the opera house Lee Kohlmar 

who delighted audiences throughout the 
country for three years with his impersoni 
tion of Poons, In "The Music Master," ark 



one of the biggest hits of the La Salle- 
cast in "The Girl Question," as Baron Mar 

Von lesmar, was a caller 25, and Btated thit 

a, &ve i euea.1 aaii. m lug cast are : v rea ^; — »: i — » — 

Frear, Lina Abarbanell Percv E Ames Reha Dupree, Daisy Lawrence 

Dal C ,'0wrV^K'Ca^r"VaVtoTchariel t» B , Brookes and Kli«inaj. Bnth Uemar, 

Edw. Wright, Dwlght wmisnarStanley je»- F1 ^ ld SJjters, Howard-Harris and company, 

Lee, and motion pictures. 
National (C. A. Svennlng, manager) ? 
1, for rencaraai."' fi "the "cast" are** Pred B1 " for week ot 2 Includes: Dupree and he would be seen In a little one act play of 

ii„„ M ^ r»-i-_ r._»,.~. Dog am i p on , ej,. hla own writing at Powers' some time next 

month nt n benefit performance, and might 
later put the little piece In vaudeville. He 
will play it young German, and the playlet 
abounds In subtle comedy and pathos, which 

he knows so well how to handle Three- 

of the principals of "The Follies of 1907'' 
Co. began their stage careers In Chicago 
Nora Bayea was born on the Weat Side, and 
made her debut at the Chicago Opera House- 
Mile. Dazle was first seen under the man- 
agement of Col. John Hopkins, at Hopkins' 
Theatre now the Folly), nine years ago. An- 
nabelle was first seen at Engel's Theatre on> 
the North Side, and later at the Grotto,, 
during the World's Fair; the Grotto was- 
managed by her mother, where she ran » 

stock company Edna Aug, who Is one 

of the headllners at the Mystic this week, 
was obliged to go on for her first perform- 
ance In borrowed finery, as her trunks tail- 
not arrived from New York at that time. 

Inez Lane was a caller Nov. 25, and 

stated that she would give a recital for 
charity, In the parlors of the Virginia Hotel, 
evening of 27, one of her selections being 
the Courtship Scene from "King Henry V. 

sup, Viola Leach, Harry Llewellyn, Lillian 
Seville. Lovlda Hflllard, B. W. Kenford, John 
llanlon, Coleman Veres and others, Louis 
F. Gottechalk Is coming oa to have charge 
of the orchestra, and will bring fifteen mu- 
sicians with him, the entire orchestra num- 
bering thirty-five. 

Studkbakm (Edward J. Sullivan, mana- 
ger).— William Hodge, in "The Man From 
Home," continues to capacity business. The 
special Thanksgiving matinee began at three 
o clock. 

McVickbb'b (George C. Warren, mana- 
ger). — "Forty-five Minutes from Broadway" 
closes four weeks of great business 30. Two 
special performances were given Thanksgiv- 
ing Day, to accommodate the crowds, the uret 
commencing at 11 a. m., and then the two 
regular performances following. Kellar and 
Thurston, Dec. 1, for one week. "The Clans- 
man" 8. 

„9. BAND . (Harry Askln, manager). — Bertha 
Kallch has been well received In the flm 
local view of "Marta of the Lowlands." The 
engagement closes Dec. & Eleanor fiobson 
lollows, Dec. 9, In "Salomy Jaae" and other 

OiiEAi Nobihbbn (Fred C. Eberts, mana- 
ger). —Williams and Walker have had a gala 
l<me for the past three wteka at this house, 
and have had to give extra matinees to sat- 
isfy the demands of the many who wished 
to see and hear them. George Sidney, In 
"Ihe Mazuma Man," Dec. 1. The Fonr Mor- 
tens, In 'The Big Stick," 8. 

La Salu (Mort H. Singer, manager). — 
The recent Innovations la song and dance 
which have enlivened "The Girl Question," 
which Include: "The Post-Card Kiddles" and 
"'The Phantom Chimes," have won popular 
approval. None of the humor of Leo Kohl- 
nar has been sacrificed, although much of 
the dialogue has been cut to make room for 
the musical pieces. The play la far paat Its 
1,10th performance. 

WiiiTJiBi (Sam P. Oerson, manager).— 
"A Knight for a Day" goes right along on 
Its wavu ot success, ana Interest does not 
seem to have abated one whit. The thirty- 
sixth week commences Dec. 1. May Yokes 
and Eddie Redway were held over this week 
In the principal part*, Mabel Hlte and John 
Slavln remaining with the road company 


Austin. — At the Hancock Opora House 
ifloorce Walker, manager) "Before and 
After" played to Rood house Nov. 0. "Zlra ' 
played to good houso 10. "lied Feather" 25. 
Grace Oeorue 28. Schumann-Helnk 80. "The 
Tourlsta" Dec. 8. Rlack Pattl 4, Charles 
Hnnford B. "The Time, the Place and the 
Girl" T. 

fJntventon, — At the Grand Opera House 
(Dnve A. Wcla, manager) Amelia Bingham 
preaentcrt "A Modern Lady Godlva," to good 
itlendnncc Nov. 2h\ "The Tourists" 80, Black 
Pattl Dec. 1, "Are You a Mason T" 2, "Brown 
•f Harvard" H. 

Colonial (S. fl. Fedor, manager).— Busi- 
ness Is good. Week of Nov, 24: The Great 
Mnrlnellns, Ynlto Duo, Prof. A H. Scafnr, and 
Senor Caldwell. 

Hi Pimn — At the Crawford (Crawford A 
Blch, managers) "Joshua Slmpklns" Nov. 28. 
24. "The Mayor of Toklo" 80, Dec. 1, " 'Way 
Down East" 27. 28. 

OnriicuM (Wm. Winch, manager). — Week 
of 27-Dec. 3: Rose Coghlan and company, 
Ijidell and Crouch, Lea Aublu Leonel. Scott 
and Wilson, Gardner and Revero, Oartclle 
Bros, and klnodrome. 

ManurrtC. — Week of 27 : The Three Dols, 
Poney Rlstorn and moving pictures. 

Fr/wo Bros. Show Nov. 30. 

company, Captain Henry, Bader-La Yelle 
Qunrtette, Terry and Rimer, La Crandall, 
Laura Bennett, and the moving pictures. 

RncKnn's Kotuk Wondbr medicine and 
repertory show continues to draw the crowds. 
' i 

Dalian. — At the Dallas Opera House (Geo. 
Anzy, manager) "The Devil's Auction" pleased 
Nov. 21. "'Way Down Kaat" made quite a 
hit 22. ?,3. "Red Feather" 27, 28, Charles B. 
linnford 20, 80, "The Time, the Place and the 
Girl" Dee. 2. 

Majestic (B. S. Muckentuss, manager). — 
Bill last week: Jules Garrison and company, 
Rogers and Mackintosh, Tsuda, Caesar and 
Cox, Harlem Bros,, Joe Carroll, and moving 


Deeatnr. — At the Lyceum (Thomas Polk 
Llttlcjohn, manager) Joseph and William Jef- 
ferson, In "The ltlval8,'' pleated a large 
houso, Nov. 01. 

New Decatur. — At the New Payne (Bruce 
Conquer, manager) "The Beggar Prince" Opera 
Co. did a good business on Nor. 18. New 
Payne Stock CO;, 21-28, did a good business 
and pleased. This Is Manager Conquer's 
own company, and they will play New Deca- 
tur the entire season. 

HoiMtnn— At the Houston (M. C. Mlcheals, 
manager) "Before and After,*' Nov. 23, had 
two blit house*. Amelia Bingham 25, Schu- 
mann-Helnk Coneert Co. 20, Grace George, 
In "Dlvorcens," 27 ; "The Tourists" 28, Black 
Pattl SO. 

Majmth: (Frank Stnrgls, manager). — 
Week's offering 20-80 : Burnham. White and 

Troy. — At Fulmar's (F. P. Folmar, man- 
ager) "Peacefnl Vulloy" Nov. 25, "The Holy 
City" 20, "The Girl From the Sunny South/' 
20, canceled: "Jerry From Kerry" canceled, 
.10, Jno. Griffith Dec. 2, Thos. Jefferson 3, 
"The nooBlcr Girl" 7. 

_ Sam D. McnniLL goes from the closing of 
pnstln Farnum, In "The Ranger," to the 
Ben!ah_Poynter Co., as leading man for 
"Lena Rivers" and "A Doll's noose.'' 

burlesques will be "Dooley's Drug 8tore" and 
"Down on the Panama." The Golden Crook 8. 
CoiiBOu (Ullzabeth Bchober, manager).— „ Folly (John A. J'enneBsy, manager).— The 
"A Poor Halation" la being finely played by Par s , la ? Belles Burlesouers had a great 
the stock eomnauv this week. '"Jim rtin week 8 business, and people were turned away 

and motion pictures. 

New Cbtbtal (Fred. Scbaffer, manager). 
— BUI for week of 2 Includes: -The Lees, 
Bessie Evans, Harris and Walker, and mo- 
tion pictures. 

Acadbhx (Wm. Roche, manager). — Harry 
Clay Blaney, In 'The Boy Detective," played 
to enormous business this week. He and hla 
wife, Kitty Wolfe, are among the biggest fa- 
vorites known on the West Side. "McFadden'B 
Flats" comes Dec. 1, Lottie Williams is due 
for a big reception 2, In "Josle, the Little 

Bijou (Wm. Roche, manager). — "Lottie, 
the Poor Saleslady," told her troubles to ap- 

?reclatlve audiences which filled the house 
hla week. "Our Friend Fritz," with Joe 
Hortlz, Dec. 1; "From Sing Sing to Lib- 
erty" 8. 

Cbitbbion (John B. Hogan, manager). — 
"The Outlaw's Christmas" did a good busi- 
ness and won credit this week. Harrv Clay 
Blaney, hi 'The Boy Detective," 1 ; "A Race 
Across the Continent" 8. 

Columbus (Weber Bros., managers). — "Mc- Arrangements are now being made by which 
Fedden'B Flats" always does a good business, "he will be heard In recital 
and prospered here this week. "Shadows on ' 
the Hearth" 1, the Smart Set 8-14. 

Alhahbba (Weber Bros., managers). — 
"The King of the Wild Weat" was duly ap- 

Ereclated this week. "From Sing Sing to 
iberty" 1, 'Through Death Valley'' 8. 

Calumet (John T. Connors, manager).— 
"Anita, the Singing Girl," and Joe Hortlz, 
In "Our Friend Frits," divided thla week, 
playing here 24-27 and 28-80, respectively, 
to good buslneaB. "Young Buffalo" Dec. 1-4, 
"The Outlaw's Christmas'' 6-7, "McFadden'B 
Fiats" 8-11, "Buster Brown'.' 12-14. 

Euson's (Sid J. Euson, manager). — The 
Bachelor's Club Burleaquera came, to great 
bustnesB, this week, and pleased. The Troca- 
dero Burlesquers will arrive 1. The company 
Includes several clever comedians, Including 
Frank Finney, with singers and dancers, In- 
cluding Anna Hill and a fine olio, the num- 
bers for which Include : Claud and Radcllffe, 
Bamsetter and Lyman, Grace Toledo, Rounds 
and Kent, Pete Dunawortb, Burke and Mc- 
Bvoy, and the Wilsons. Special scenic effects 
are promised and handsome costumes. The 

at some of the 

Penman" will mark the taking over o'f the 
house, Dec. 1, by Miss Bchober. under her 
three years' lease. To follow: "Monte 

Bt'BK (Edwin L. Barker, manager). — 
"Caate" was very successfully produced this 
week. Peter Lang has been obliged to leave 
on account of the Illness of Mb wife, and 
his absence Is regretted. Robert Lowe, 
formerly with the old Bush stock, has suc- 
ceeded him. "Christopher Jr." Dec 2. 

International (Ellis F. GUckman, mana- 
ger).— The Grand Italian Opera Co. haa been 
playing to very satisfactory business, and . 

giving fine performances of all operas, which "cited with clever prlnclpi 
ihouia bring, forth still better patronage. The f hg, r »»- Tl>e Casino Girls 8. 
house was dark 25 for rehearsals of the spe- 

people were turned away 
erformances. The Ken- 

tucky Belles come 1, with an array of talent 
which Is calculated to draw capacity houses 
all the week, and act the whole burlesque- 
loving population talking about them. Co- 
medians, singers, dancers, specially acts and 
choruB girls in great number form the "fun- 
falanx, ,r which will assail tbe people. Orien- 
tal Burlesquers 8, 

Tbocaubuo (I. M. Weiugarten, manager). 
—The Golden Crook Burlesquers did n good 
business this week. The World Beaters 
come 1. J. Herbert Mack Is tha manager. 
They offer two laughable burlesques, pre- 
sented with clever Drinclpala and a fine 

_ at the Fine Arts 

Building In recital. Christmas matinee 

It Is stated that Franz Lehar. who composed 
the score of "The Merry Widow," has writ- 
ten two more operas, "The Man with Three 
Wives," on which Klaw & Erlanger have an 
option, and "Peter and Paul In the Castle of 
Indolence," which Is an operetta Lo- 
cal No. 1, National Alliance Bill Posters and 
BUlers of America, will tender a banquet, 
Wednesday evening, Dec. 4, to the delegates 
of the sixth annual convention, at the Sher- 
man House. .... ."The Right of Way," with 

Guy Standing, Theodore Roberts, May Back- 
ley, Alice Lonnon, Henry J. Wenman, Henry 
J. Hatfield, . Edson Miles and E. ¥. Backus, 
Is booked at Powers' for New Year's week. 

Mail orders are being received at the 

Garrick In vast numbers for the three weeks' 
engagement of Henry Miller and Margaret 
Anglin, In "The Great Divide," starting Dec. 

16. Miss Carlta, "The Girl on Hir 

Toes," was a caller 26, having come from 
very successful road engagements, which she 
has been filling since the flrat of the mouth, 
following her vacation at her home In Provi- 
dence. Miss Carlta Is well booked for the 
rest of the season through the Western Vaude- 
ville Managers' Association. She left for 
Mexico City, Mex., Thanksgiving Day, to fill 
a two weeks' engagement as premiere dan- 
seuse at Luna Park, that city. She baa a 
new act In preparation, which she feels con- 
fident will add greatly to the value of her of- 
fering, and will try It out as soon as she bis 

it thoroughly rehearsed The Theodore 

Thomas Orchestra gave an extra matinee 
Thanksgiving Day at Orchestra Hall, offer- 
ing a "popular" programme. .. .Other callers 
Included: John P. 7 Meara, Mrs. Elsa Clark- 
Duncan. Norman Duncan, Bertrlce Shepard, 
J. H. Ripley, John B. Young and Gill Brown. 
(See Page 1157.; 
* * » 
Ilutte — At the Lulu (Dick P. Sutton, 
manager) week of Nov. 24, the Lulu Sutton 

clal cast In "Faust." which was given For 
the first time, locally, by the company with 
splendid affect The rest of the week, the 
other operas of their repertory were repeated. 
The engagement la Indefinite. 

Phoplkb' (Frank Beat, manager). — "Tbe 
Eleventh Hour" was well received this week, 
and tho players did well In It For week of 
Dec. 2, "Why Smith Left Home." 

Mablowb (Charles B. Marvin, manager). 
— "On the Quiet" was a great laugh producer 

Eaipiiib (William Singer, manager). — The ri~ 
Nightingales offered good enUrtalnment this SS" ,«!P ene $ J^S ? ew nou,e ' ^ Ith iTt-SPHI 
week and drew good houses. The finiiVv Heal,'' and had bumper crowds all week. II 
iub unw^sooa a , this Is an Indication of future business, "Un- 

cle" Dick Sutton may congratulate himself. 

Glrla come 1 with'a big show, which" Is guar- 
anteed a good laugh-maker. The Imperial 
Burlesquers 8. 

London Dimb Musbdm (William J. Swee- 
ney, manager). — Business holds good all the 
time. In the curio hall: Che Ma, Chinese 
dwarf: Prof, Wlllluma' Punch and Judy the 
bag punchers' contest, Prince Hungo, "dan 

Gband Oi-fiiu House (John Cort Jr., man- 
ager).— Week of 24, the. first week of the 
vaudeville at the Grand, offered : Ameen Aooo 
Hamoad and his olght Arabs, Anna I'lum. 
the Three Keltons, Evans and Lloyd, tae 
Rosaries, Illustrated song and moving pic- 

Familt (Frank M. Clark, manager).— Week 

pest, and Sunshine" Dec. 2, "The Lost Para- g Ethel Darr, Irene Lighten, and moving ^i^^^^^S^Vt 

Clabk Stbibt Museum (L. M Hedges S» rrolL . Eugene and Mar, Walter Jeffrey ana 

manager).— The offerings here have drawn 

good crowds during the past week, and new 

attractions are to be presented each week 

which will prove new to many. 
AnEiiMATH.— Ed. A. Batsch writes from 

dlao" 9. 

Howard's (Howard & Kllroy, managers). 
— "Ths Colorado Waif was a big hit this 

11. "A 

week, and the company played It "well. 
Boy of tbe Streets 1 ' Dec. 2, with a 

Viboinia. (J. V. Rltchey, manager).— Thla 
house haa been Increasing its business ot late, 
giving moving picture shows with special 
acts of merit 

Humboldt. — This house will reopen Dec, 
2, with 'The Roof Garden Tragedy." 

Pbkin (Robert T. Motts, manager). — "The 
Man From Bam" starts lta third successful 
week 2, with ever Increasing attendance. 
All the features are applauded nightly, and 
Abbte Mitchell has made a great hit. Har 

Oahkosb, Wis., that 

tha motion picture*. 

Park Street (Wm. B. Krelter, manager). 
—Week of 24: Stuart Boache, Illustrated 
boukb and new films. , „ . .„., 

notbs. — Butte Theatre, week of 24, busi- 
ness was good at this house. New fl 

Wis., that Myles McCarth v'» i» neBa waa 8 0011 at u,ls nouse. new »•»— 
The New FourTa Germ?" taTh'cl ? be American Theatre, satisfying returns. 

Is playing an Important part with Mr. Mc- 
Carthy, lis a great big hit It will be Been 

♦ »» 


Wilmington.— At the Grand Opera (louse, 
the London Gaiety Girls were the Tl'nnkJ 
giving attraction, and played to good oun- 
neBB. "The Great Dlvlde' r Nov. 80, ' What 
Women Will Do" Dec. 2, Wilmington Orrh«- 
tra 3, Grannlnl's Operatic and Dramatic co. 
Dockatader'a MlnBtrels 6, "A l'a'r ot 

at the Star, thla city, week of Dec. 2... 
Pauline De Vere Lltteral writes from Win- 
nipeg, Can., where eke has been appearing In 
musical comedy stock company, that she will 

be in Chicago in a few days The 

Wachsner Co. gave "Nlobe" and "In Civil" . 
rlson Stewart Is funnier than ever, and at Powers', evening ot 24, to a capacity 5, Lew Docketed 
Shelton Brooke la making a great hit In his audience, which enjoyed the comedies...... Country Kids" 7 

■ George W. Lederer, manager of the Colonial, Lvcbum.— "A Millionaire's Revenge." Nov. 
has requested Chlel of Police Shlppy to sup- 28 80, drew appreciative audiences. "BMW 
ply a '"policewoman" at the theatre, as many Mountain Express" Dec. 2-4, Russell Urol. 
of the women patrons resent being told what B-7. „., 

to do by the officer, and Mr. Lederer thinks Carrice.— Bill week of Dec. 2 : Chas. Col- 
the policewoman Idea will help matters. The by and Miss May, Job. Callahan, in "Gwf 1 

S,"-V,".' J?,, T t in 1 !!! In . 4 S"" !? 1 Llna Men;" Lillian Hale and company. VicWJN 

HoudlDl, Cavalllera will give the first Monday morning Porker's great dogs. Henry Von Cleave and 
mualMlem the ballroom of the Annex, Dec. 2, company, Odell and Klnley and the klneto- 
for the benefit of the Balllngton Booth Prison graph. 

Work. Geraldlnc Farrar. Challaplne, tbe <»»» .„,, 

Russian barltone L and othera will appear Mllb. Cabbino, the well known anlnuu 

Imitation ot Bert Williams. Stewart has a 
new topical song now, which Is a winner. 
A professional matinee waa given 22, at 
which tbe company appeared In the four act 
drama, "Captain Swift," and met with great 
favor In "straight" work. 

Majestic (Lyman h. Glover, manager). 
— lllll for week of 2 Includes 
Hurry Gllfoll, the Musical Cuttys. Ralph' 
Johnstone, Mine. Cslnka Panna, Julie Heme 
and company, Press Eldrldge, Bleff Brothers, 
Olympla Dasval horse and dog, Quinn Trio, 
Manikin, and the klnodrome. 

Oltmpic (Abe Jacobs, manager), — Bill 
for week of 2 include*: Henry Lee, Al. 
Sbean and company, Mile. Marguerite and 

hu«iuii wmuHic, ana oinera win appear Mllb. Cabbino, the wen Known "-j 

later. . . . . .Donald Robertson and his players trainer, writes : ''AH of my acta are boowo 

appeared at Hull House, evening of Nov. 27, up In vaudeville, and three trainers are WW 

In "The Miser," In which the company does breaking more animals at my training qnar- 

almost Its best work. "Bosmertholm*' was ters In Indianapolis." 

December 7. 



, What better Christina, lift Cor the man of the 
house? or the woman who shoots? or tlie boy or 
P Ctrl old enough to learn the use of firearms? 

Handsome and useful and perfectly eafoxrom 
accidental disctunjc— it it's ID 


Safety Automatio Revolver 

Until you pull the trigger it cannot shoot. Throw It down, 
let it drop, kick it around, and it won't go on, even it you 

Hammer the Hammer 

Safety feature a part of the firing mechanism— no burtons to press, 
no lever to pull. Straiarht-thomlnff, Inrd-hlttinf, simple and y 
•strong;, can't get out of order. Many imitations but none as good. 


htr Jahsson Safsry H 
i BlealrnteM**, 1-isefc.banvJ. Mrim- 
[rt 35 tiUMn, or •!( loch a i c! 

r«iur-SJ«ei:«ldg». •* nJ 

Irtr Johntai Safety Haonnarlets 
steal? nlckeltd, 3!neh bam). IS " 
•ntsrlre, or sii laca 5S caattr- a-y 

3s"c«iUrej«oi:ttldie....... 4>V I firs csiwlo'gs 

-■ 'I Bold by Hardware and Sporting Gno<i« doalera'ererjwhere.or aent 

ftammorj r,rfir.F,:rionr8w»lptof price If dealerwtll notaupply, Look for the owl's 
HaflnRierl neail on the grip and oar name on the barrel. 

' Ivor Johnson's Arms & Cyole Works' 

155 River Street* Fltchburg, Mass. 

New Tork: CO Chamber* Btrcet. 
I 8un Francisco: Phil B.Kek, nrt Co., 717 UarkotSt \ 

Ilamhanr. Oflrmsny: Plrxhulipn*. 
a London. £nalan<i: 13 Oullutn titroot. Eft. 

Stalls Barrel Sholruni and Trass Irldp Blcrclit 

Look for the owl's head on the grip . 

[mossier CO. 

I Clothes Makers, 

"46 to 50 Jackson Blvd., CHICAGO. ' 

The "Mossler-Ready-Service Clothes" 

may be had direct from the maker 

in Chicago by applying by mail 

for style book with samples. 



Hay be had In all the various shades of 
cherlots and worsteds. Browns predomi- 
nate. Bend for sample. Prices, $26, $80, 
f 35, $40 and up. 



Act Like Maglo. Clear the Air Passages from Colds, 
Coaghs, Bronchitis. Fall box by mall, 80c. Sample 
92 William St,, Now Tork. 



It is not like the cheap, ill smelling greases 
usually sold for "Theatrical." We made 
Hegeman's as good as -we knew how— bet- 
ter than most creams sold at fancy prices. 
Hegeman's is pure, sweet and good. It 
quickly removes the most obstinate make- 
Milt Pound Tins, 25c; On* Pound Tint, 45c. 

Our assortment of make-ups, powders, 
grease paints, puffs, paws and pads and 
other things for stage use is very complete. 
Our prices are famously low. 

Miks-up Boxes at 36c, 46c, 60c, 
•nd $1.26 Eich. 


(A Corporation) 

42d St. and Broadway 



~?ih Ave- nut and 149th Strati and 

125th Strttt. 3d Avtnui. 

Unox Avtnus and 644 Fulton Strati, 
125th 8tnst. Brooklyn. 



6lo Aw., bit. 27HS oil 28th Stl., Now York. 




Aftermath, -The Chicago branch of the 
Actors' Church Alliance held a meeting In 
the clubrooms, 610 MaBonlc Temple. Friday 

afternoon, Nov. 20 Gil Brown has been 

a caller several days recently. He lays off 
until Dec. 2, when be opens at the Temple, 
Ft. Wayne, following which will come the 
Variety, Terre Haute, 9; Majestic, Evans- 

vllle, 16, and Star, Chicago, 23 Abe 

Levin and Ben Davis were callers recent- 
ly and stated that they have reunited 
and are working under the title of Levin 

and Davis Margaret Severance, ot tbe 

Rath-Severance Co., was a recent caller. 
The act played Superior week of Nov. 
26, with Duluth to follow. Miss Severance 
baa been very successful In her acting of 
tbe triple role In "Now-a-days," their com- 
edy sketch .... Newell and Nlblo write from 
the Krystall-Palaat, Llepzlg., Ger., that they 
are playing at that place to fine audiences, 
with great success, and have the star place 
on the programme. They speak of the beauty 
of tbe hall and city. It Is announced 
that "The Merry Widow," which Is to open at 
the Colonial, Dec. 2, will In all probability re- 
main for six months or longer, and one of the 
strongest casts ever assembled for light opera 
will be seen here. Mr. Klngsley, manager of 
company. Is In the city, looking after the In- 
terests of his organization. Henry W. Sav- 
age, owner of the company, and a party will 
come on from New York for the premiere here, 
together with several other prominent New 

York managers E. S. Lawrence, Rachael 

May Clark, Juanita Owen, Charlotte Duncan 
and Marlon Carlton, late of "The Queen of 
Chance" Co., were callers 19, having come la 
from Wausau, Wis., where the company closed 
If. They state that the manager, Cal. Har- 
vey, left the company there, with some salar- 
ies still due. Some of the company were 
obliged to remain In Wausau. They also state 

that business was good Stutzman 

and Crawford are meeting with great success 
on the Siilllvan-Consldlne circuit, with tbeir 
own comedy skit, "The Wise Boy." Clins. 
Stutzman was a caller 20. and stated that he 
had recently been elected a member of the 

White Itats Ellen P. Clark, mother of 

Ernie C. Graves (with "The Royal Chef" Co.), 
Lola Frances Clark, an actress, and Alice 
liowiand, died recently. Bbe was seventy- 
one years of age. The remains were cremated 
at the chapel at Graceland, Nov. 1, tbe fu- 
neral address being delivered by Rev. Jenkins 

Lloyd Jones Ralph A Morrow was a 

caller IS. Ho was recently manager of a 
five cent theatre at Racine, Wis., and was 
previously with the Hippodrome, New York. 

Jauct McDonald, a resident of Chicago, 

who made her professional debut with Klch- 
ard Carle, In ' The Tenderfoot," has 
several clever songs. She Is a daugh- 
ter of Krtnk Alien, a Chicago news- 
paper man Gerald Grlfflu, formerly 

of the New Theatre Stock Co., and pre- 
viously with Proctor's New York stock com- 
panies for a long time, Is a familiar figure 
on the street, as ne Is playing the old negro 
In "Marse Covington," with Edward Con- 
nelly. This week he has been at the Chi- 
cago Opera House, and has been rewarded 
with prolific applanne for bis excellent char- 
ncterlzatlon.. ..Roslna Coaselll has met with 
tbe greatest success at every house on the 
Kohl & Castle circuit, where .-he has appeared 
with her clever Mexican canines, who seem to 
display more than the ordinary amount of 
dog Intelligence, even for trained animals. 
They are claimed to be the smallest trained 
aogs In the world, and require no coaxing 
to go through their performance, which Is 

a difficult one Donald Robertson and 

his excellent company gave a performance 
of Mollere's "Tbe Miser," at Mandell Hall, 
evening of 22, before a large audience, 

which was thoroughly appreciative 

Mrs. Patrick Campbell will be seen at the 
Garrlck for two weeks, commencing Jan. 
11, In "Magda," "The Second Mrs. Tan- 
quersy," "The Notorious Mrs. Ebbsmlth" and 
'Hedda Gabler." A benefit perform- 
ance for the Chicago Emergency Hospital, 
will be given at the Illinois Theatre, Dec. B, 
when actors from all the down town theatres 
will be heard Kolb and Dill are an- 
nounced to follow "The Man from Home." at 
the Studebaker, In "Lonesome Town," by 
Judson C. Brusle. Maude Lambert, Ben T. 
Dillon, George Wright and Lillian Spencer 

will be In the oast It Is announced 

tbat William Farnum will be the leading 
man at the Chicago Opera House when that 
theatre Is turned over to stock, which It Is 
thought will occur In about two weeks. Mr. 
Kohl has secured a large list of plays new 

to stock houaea Hortense Nlelson, a 

sister of Altec Ntelson, Is to give a series 
of performances at Music Hall, of tbe Ibsea 
and Snndermann plays. Including "A Doll's 
House." "Ghosts,' 1 "Hedda Gabler" and 
"Magda," In which she will be assisted by 

Ross Evnn Smith and Arthur Bentley 

Elizabeth Schober has taken a three 
years' lease of the College Theatre (which 
she now manages) to take effect Dec. 
1, following which Sunday performances 
will be given, The prljsrs ot St. Vin- 
cent's Church and College built tho the- 
atre, but have been unable to operate It at 
a profit, and thus the lease. While under 
the management of the prlesta, Sunday per- 
formances have not been given. A number 
of changes will be made shortly In the mem- 
bership of the company It Is greatly to 

be deplored that the support for Donald 
Robertson'B matinees at the Garrlck has not 
been what It should. Mr. Robertson has given 
much time, money and care to his produc- 
tions, but the "off day" matinees do not seem 

to appeal to the body of playgoers 

Hamilton Coleman, stage manager of "The 
Girl Question," commenced a month of 
fltrenuous labor, 2G, as rehearsals began 
then for the road company of that play, over 
which he will have entire charge, as Ned 
vVayburn, who staged the original produc- 
tion, is obliged to return to New York 

"Honorable Mention," tbe three act drama, 
by John T. Prince Jr., which was to have 
been produced at tbe Studebaker by pupils 
under the direction of J. H. Gllmour, will 

not be given until later In the season. The 

Slay will probably be seen about the Eaater 
olidaya Arthur Khemt (formerly of 

Kherns and Cole) was a caller recently. He 
hns had a long spell of sickness, but Is re- 
covered now, and Is booked solid by the 
Western Vaudeville Managers Association. 

Charles Brandon was a caller 22. and 

stated that he had closed a very successful 
mason. 17, having toured through Illinois, 

Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa Other 

callers during the week Included : John P. 
O'Mcarn, C. Dlckaon, N. S. Dcutscb, Beatrice 
Hhepnrd, Count De Buts, Charles Forrester, 
Wlllard D. Jones, rancheeta Sanchez, Gordon 
Walton, and Johnny Fenton, of Fenton and 

Fcnton Col. George 8. Wood, director 

of publicity ot the Colonial Theatre, has been 
able to make a very satisfactory settlement 
with the Pennsylvania Railroad for Injuries 
sustained to his knee when he was thrown 
out of his berth In a railroad wreck last 
Spring. He has not yet recovered entirely 
from the effects of it, and once In a while Is 
compelled to remain at home for a day or so. 

The local theatre mechanics will have 

a benefit performance at the Grand Opera 

House, afternoon of Dec. 6 Souu and 

his band will play at Orchestra Hall Thanks- 
giving night and also 29. Jeanette Powell, 
violinist, and Lucy Allen, soprano, are so- 
loists Virginia Alnsworth. who was with 

tbe Askln-Slnger "The Umpire" Co, which 

closed lately, Is going Into vaudeville 

Bertrlce Shepard was a recent caller, and said 
that she would close her engagement with 
Franceses Rcddlng's playlet, "Frenzied Fi- 
nance." Mls9 Shepard has been very successful 
In the sketch In whlcb ahe waa starred. She 
expects to be seen shortly In a new sketch 
which has been written especially for bor, . , . 
Hetty King, the English music ball alnger, 
and George Fuller Golden, will be seen at the 
Auditorium shortly. Tbe latter was billed 
for the opening programm<>, but owing to Ill- 
ness, was unable to appear The Carlisle 

University and University of Chicago football 
teams, which are to meet in football strife 
this afternoon, will attend the performance 
of "The Girl Question." at tbe La Salle, to- 
night Reports from tbe different the- 
atres show that tbe financial situation la 
•slowly clearing up. as the number of clearing 
house checks presented at the box offices la 
considerably reduced from tbe number of a 
week or ten days ago. This augurs well for 
the situation In general, . , .Professional copy 
evils have grown to an alarming extent dur- 
ing the past few years wltb every music pub- 
lisher, and as agitation haa been started by 
tbe Rosslter and Remlck firms, headed by 
Homer Howard and- Harry Newton, to de- 
vise aome scheme whereby tbe too free dis- 
tribution of professional copies may be cur- 
tailed, and, If possible, eliminated entirely. 
Thousands of professional copies. Intended 
for professional singers only, find tbelr way 
Into outside hands, and In consequence a 
large slice Is cut from yearly sales, as well 
as royalties from authors. All tbe -promi- 
nent publishers will be asked to co-operate 
In the matter, and by Jan. 1 some plan may 
he In effect which will put a stop to the 

nuisance Edward Blederman, manager 

of the production department of Daniels' 
Scenic Studios, Chicago, sails Dec. 4, with 
two heads of other departments for a two 
months' trip through Europe In search of 
Ideas and material for the studios. 


Daniels' Scenic Studio* Reaching; Oat. 

The Daniels Scenic Studios, Chicago, now 
rival tbe largest studios In the world. Alonzo 
P. Daniels, president, haa devoted his whole 
life to the theatrical profession, and la ably 
assisted by Mr. RIeuermann, treasurer, a 
native of the Vaderland, considered one of 
the best scenic artists, who will shortly sail 
for Germany for a abort stay. While there 
he will engage several ot the best scene 

Two of the company's successes took place 
at the Coliseum aud the First Regiment Ar- 
mory, Chicago, when the Corn Exposition at 
tbe former, and the llazaar of All Nations 
nt tbe latter, drew from thousands tbe warm- 
est enconluras. Other attractions In the big 
Coliseum contracted for Include : The Auto- 
mobile Show, Beverage Sbow, Electricity 
Show, Motor Boat Show, for each of which 
special designs have been male and approved. 

The departments now covered by the studios 
embrace scene painting and building, papier 
mache working, stage properties and elec- 
trical effects of all kinds, flax and bunting 
decorations, mural and stencil decorations 
(for which Fred L. Davenport has been spe- 
cially engaged), and the selling of English 
wicker hampers. Their sllko drops are used 
extensively In vaudeville acta, and ona of 
the hampers will be given with every order 
for four drops. Over fifty orders are already 
In for vaudeville acta alone, besides many 
orders for other work. 

The big panoramic effect In the automo- 
bile race and the last scene In "The Girl 
RangerB" emanated from here. Mr. Daniels 
will shortly go to New York to open a tempo- 
rary office, and will later erect a large studio 
In that vicinity. 

Henry Lndlnm In Manafleld Shake- 
spearean Repertory. 

Henry Ludlam, of Philadelphia, Shake- 
spearean student and actor, bought for 
$85,000 the Richard Mansfield Shakespear- 
ean productions, It was learned last week. 
He will return to tbe stage after several 
years' absence, using tbe Mansfield costumes 
and scenic effects In elaborate revivals of 
Shakespeare's plays. 

Mr. Ludlam has been conducting a school 
of dramatic art in Philadelphia, and his wife 
Is Mabel Williams Arey, a Bryn Mawr stu- 
dent, wbo later studied for the stags. 

Mr. Ludlam begins his Shakespearean tour 
early In December, In Trenton, and his wife 
will be his leading woman. Tbelr opening 
play will be "King Richard III." 

"The Great Divide" With Two> 

Com nan lea. 

Henry Miller Intends to put out two com- 
panles«of "Tbe Great Divide." Mr. Miller 
and Margaret Anglln will he at the head or 
the regular company, but a second company 
will be made up largely of new material. 
It will have Lester Lonergan In the rots of 
Stephen Ghent, and the leading female role 
will be filled by Adelaide Vowak, now n mem- 
ber of "The Man of tbe Hour." Miss Anglln 
will leave the company after Its return New 
York engagement, the ilrst week In February. 
Joseph Padula Dead. 

Joseph Padnla, son of Francis Padula, and 
a member of Padula Bros., canty manu- 
facturers, died on Nov. 23, In New York 
City, from pneumonia. He and hit brother, 
Vincent, were tbe ownen of the Ocean View 
Hotel, at Brighton Beach, and had the candy 
privilege In nearly all of tbe Brooklyn and 
Manhattan Theatres, Interment was In Cal- 
vary Cemetery. 

* »♦ 

Justin H. McCarthy's "Caesar Borsjla" 


Justin H. McCarthy's new play, "Cesar 
Borgia." with H. D. Irving and Dorothea 
Bnlrd In the principal roles, wss produced In 
Edinburgh, Scotland, Nov. 21, and cable ad- 
vices state tbat It was received wltb great 
favor. It la a romantic love story, dealing 
with episodes of Borgia's life. 


Tim McMalton's Ifevr Act. 

Tim McMahon will shortly produce in 
vaudeville a big novel girl act, entitled Mc- 
Mabon's Pumpkin Party, with special scen- 
ery, novel electrical effects and special ting- 
ing numbers arranged by himself. 

His other acts, toe Pullman Porter Maids 
and Watermelon Girls, are duplicating the 
success they achieved last sessoo. 

Roast Meats 

hot or cold, are given just that 
« finishing, touch " if seasoned with 

Lea & Perrins' Sauce 


It perfects the flavor of Fish, Steaks, Chops, Veal, Soups and Salads. 

It gives relish tO an Otherwise insipid dish. t i,„ Duncan's Sons, Agenta, New York. 


The Gillette 
Safety Razor set con- 
sists of a triple silver 
plated holder, 12 double- 
edged blades, 34 keen edges 
(blades so inexpensive that 
when they become dull you throw 
them away as you would an old pen) 
packed in velvet lined leather case, and 
the price is $5.00 at all leading Jewelry, 
Drug, Cutlery, Hardware and SportingGoods 
dealers. Ask you; dealer for the Gillette to-day. 
If substitutes are offered, refuse them and write 
at once for our booklet and free trial offer. 



There is a great treat in store for you the first time 
you shave with the Gillette. 

You will know what it means to enjoy a clean, 
comfortable, sanitary shave. 

There will be no pulling, cutting or scratch- 
ing. No tedious, tireless waits in the barber 
shop. Whether at home, traveling, or in your 
dressing room, the Gillette should always 
be your companion. Always ready— 
With the Gillette you can shave 
yourself in three to five minutes, 
and you will save time, money 
and endless inconvenience. 
Try it — it will prove itself. 

867 Tlmii Bldq,, New Tork City. 

The 55th Anniversary Number 



will be issued on 

FEBRUARY 22, 1908, 

and no expense will be spared to make it as elaborate and attractive as 
any of our special numbers previously issued. 


is being prepared, which will be richly illuminated in colors, and the illus- 
trations and printing will be of the finest quality. As usual, it will be sold 
at the regular price of Ten Cents per copy, thus insuring a large circula- 
tion. With the exception of the cover pages, no increase will be made in 
the advertising rates. A limited space will be allotted for 


These portraits will be made by the most improved method of half-tone 
engraving, handsomely printed on enameled paper. They will be inserted 
at a price that will barely cover the cost of engraving and printing. As 
only a limited number can be accepted, priority will be given to the orders 
first received. All orders must be accompanied by a good photograph 
(cabinet size), and a biographical sketch of the sender, not exceeding one 
hundred ( ioo) words. As a great deal of work must be done in advance 
of the date of issue, all orders and photographs should be sent in as soon as 
possible ; none can be accepted 

We wish to impress upon the minds of our patrons the importance of 
sending in their orders for portraits, or advertising space, at once, in order 
to give us an opportunity to produce the best results. 


Pay-able in Advance. 

Size 2% x 3J4 $15.00 

Size 4x4 - -- - -. . 25.00 
Address all communications to THE NEW YORK CLIPPER, 
■ 47 W. 28th Street, New York, U. S. A. 

Opening; of the Mojratlo Theatre, 
Des Moines, 

On Sunday afternoon, Nor. 17, the Ma- 
jestic Theatre, Dei Moines, la,, a beautiful 
playhouse, opened Its doors for the first 
time, but not until Monday night, IS, did 
Ihe formal opening take place, The house 
lias a seating capacity of 1,700, occupies a 
space 182 feet deep and 75 feet wide, and 
It three stories high. The decoration of the 
interior Is carried out In old rase. Ivory and 
gold, tbe seats are most comfortable and the 
lighting It perfect. Retiring and tmoklng 
rooms are on all floors. 

The proscenium opening Is 84 feet wide 
and 35 feet high, the stage has a depth of 
36 feet, It 00 feet high and 78 feet wide, 
and la most perfectly equipped. 

Among the guests ot the theatre on Mon- 
day night were : Geo, Cummins, of Iowa : 
Mayor Matters, of Des Molnet; H, C. Kohl. 
Martin Beck, Geo. Mlddentbal, If. K. napp 
and J. J, Murdock, of Chicago ; Msrk Leh- 
man, of Kansss City, and Krank Winters, of 

This house It being run In conjunction 
with the Orpheum circuit. 
• »» 
Al. Wsswell'l New Post. 

Al. Wlswcll. former manager of the Ma- 
jestic, at I'eorla, III., who Is the local mana- 
ger for the Colombia Amusement Co. of tbe 
uayety, formerly tbe Shubert. the burlesque 
house la Columbus, 0., It distinguishing him- 
self by making a paying bouae Out of one 
which baa been a money loser for former 
managers for tbe taat ten years. Tbe bouse 
It now In Its tenth week, and the ever In- 
creasing patronage It attesting to the popu- 
larity of Manager Wlawell and his shows. 

Win. Mori-la Unsettled. 

Though the vaudeville war has been let- 
tied anil all of tho Klaw A Krlanier actt are 
hiring transferred over to tho United Hooking 
Office time, this compromise docs not take 
care of tt'm, Morris. Mr. Morris hat oper- 
ated as nn Independent booking agent, and 
In his time has booked the biggest acts la 

It la claimed hn was offered a large salary 
to take care of the bookings for the United 
Hooking Office, but ho refused, and this It tbs 
sr-cond offer ho hat turned down, Mr. Mor- 
ris hat signified hit Intention of going It 
alone. Ho Bays hit plans are not matured, 
and he does not know at proaant exactly 
H'llilt lie will do. 

♦ »» 

llrniii,'. Auditorium, riftuhartr, Orient. 

Mraiin's Auditorium. Pittsburg. Pa., opened 
Saturday afternoon, Nov. 2U, as a ten cent 
vaudeville and moving picture show, Mnns- 
.ger Hi nun secured a good, strong hill for his 
nncritng week, which Included: Edna Mvrtte 
(irinith, Pnrna. Pulton and Bollock, ICdna 
Smith, Max Knvlnaon nnd company II. Hpeld- 
ley. and the Passion Play In moving pictures. 

Mr. Braun denies the recent statement In 
one of the Pittsburg papers that hit the- 
atre had been leased to one of the Histem 
theatrical syndicates, with Percy 0. Williams 
as sponsor for tho bouse. 


Hilda Spans; Remains In Vaudeville. 

Hilda H|mng. now presenting Cecil De 
Ml lie'* one act play, "Kit," has signed con- 
tracts with the united Booking Offices to 
play fort- weeks more la vaudeville, 



December 7, 





Do not he deceived by oar linltatnn who will tell you they can furnish Holler Skate* "Juit as Good.' 
of baring skates without reputation from maker* with no experience or financial responsibility. 

Don't assume the risk 

RICHARDSON Cushion Frame, Anti-Jar Ball Bearing Skates 

Arc need exclusively In all of the largest and moat successful rinks In America, and by I 
world. We carry n full line of everything pertaining to the rink business, Including Merlin 
facing Machines. Maple Flooring. Illnk Tickets, Lithographs, hleetrotypes, etc. Writs) for ti 

all of the leading skaters of the 
inlcal military Bands. Floor 8ni- 
MW catalogue. TELL HOW TO 



gjgWjje and itlinstrcl 

Hilly Woodali. sends us the following: 
"I bare been working on a big finish for a 
black face act (or two yean, and have at 
last completed; It. A well known scenic 
studio will build all properties and trick 
furniture to be used In the act, and I will 
be assisted by Agnes Gentry, the whirlwind 
singing and dancing girl. The act will be 
called 'The House of Mirth; and will run 
about eighteen minutes, on the full stage." 

Sujimebh and Winters Joined the Spell- 
man Sbow Not. 18, at Mansfield, 0.. and 
will remain with the show the rest of the 

Tub Great Dclzar, for many years one 
of the team of Howe and Decker, reports 
meeting with great success through Penn- 
sylvanls on the Bllvermon & McCarty vaude- 
ville circuits. 

Tub Great Zento, "Handcuff King," 
writes : "Am in our fifth week ou the Oua 
bun circuits, packing the houses, and got 
■ eturn dates In all cities. Myrtle Zento Is 
pronounced by all the press as a living won- 
der. We start In where others leave off. 
Booked solid on this time." 

Dave Farii, "That Hebrew," writes: "I 
am In my fourth week on the M. & M. cir- 
cuit, with fifteen more weeks to follow, when 
I will open on the Alpha Western time. My 
act Is going fine everywhere I play. Week 
of Nov. 20 t played the Liberty Theatre, 
Pittsburg, Pa." 

Jacobs ami SAitnsL, acrobatic Jumping 
comtques, have closed their season with the 
Hells-Kioto Shows, and will shortly produce 
their new act on the Pacific coast. 

May Walsh, who arrived In New York 
Nov. 21. reports a successful tour of Eng- 
land and South Africa. 

A jolly little party assembled at the Wlt- 
comb House, Rochester, N. Y„ on Nov. 12, 
when Ellda Morris, of Mills and MorrlB, "The 
Minstrel Girl," celebrated her twenty-first 
birthday. Among the guests were: Mr. and 
Mrs. John Canfleld, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney 
Grant, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnston, Michael 
Kruger and Miss Mills. Miss Morris received 
some very valuable gifts, among them being a 
very beautiful gold bracelet, given her by the 
guests of the evening. 

Fbanz, Cogswell and Franz, who are 
now playing In the East, are to open In Park 
Palntlno, Havana, Dec. 20, for two weeks. 
From there they join a circus In Cuba for 
the remainder of the season. 

Hansone, magician and Illusionist, writes : 
"Have Just concluded twenty successful 
weeks for J, W. Gorman, Ed. Kelly and the 
Scenic circuit. Going to Canada for four 
weeks, opening at the Auditorium, Amherst, 
Nova Scotia, week, of Nov. 25." 

!m Dawon, the "Jolly Old Farmer." re- 
ports big success over Qua Sun's circuit 

Bessie Taylor, contralto, has been very 
HI for the past seven weeks at Findlay. 0., 
with typhoid fever. She hones to be able to 
leave for her home In Chicago by Dee 1, 
where she will spend the Winter. 

Valdino and Davis write : "The original 
team of the Valdlngs has dissolved. Ones. 
Voiding Is working with his old partner. 
Davla. The team name is Valdlng and 
Davis, novelty aerial gymnasts. We have 
seven weeks on the Northeastern circuit with 
Western work to follow. We played Glou- 
cester, Mass., week of Nov. 25." 

Mllb. Alma, the "Colonial Girl," is In 
her seventh week on the Southern circuit, 
and reports a big bit for her act everywhere 
■he appears. Manager Hodklns extended 
her tlma to fifteen weeks Instead of twelve 

Fred Bowman closed the week of Nov. 25, 
making his sixth week on 3. F. Armstrong's 
New England vaudeville circuit. 

Cabltlb Uoobx is rapidly making his mark 
as a producer of short plays In vaudeville. 
His production of Cecil Do Mine's one act 
play, "The Man's the Tiling," made a hit at 
the Orpbeum Theatre, In Boston. It was 
presented at Jesse Lasky's new Orpbeum, 
Vonkers, N. Y., the week of Nov. 25, ana plays 
succeeding weeks in New York. The plays 
and people under contract with Mr. Moore 
this season are the following: "The Man'a 
the Thing," one act play, by Cecil De Mllle 
— company of five, with Carlyle Moore in the 
leading role, and Including Etnelyn Palmer ; 
"H Ilnpro-ncd to Jones," one act comedy, by 
Carlyle Mooro and A. H. Ballard— company 
of four, including Albert Andrus and Agnes 
Herndon ; "Fireworks," one act farce, by Car- 
lyle Moore and Earnest Waltc — company of 
five. Including Charlos Dickson, Grace Gib- 
bons and Clara Everett. 
> Allkn and Dai.ton have joined Joe Oppen- 
lielmcr's Fay Foster company for the rest of 
this season, to play principal comedy parts 
end do their black face comedy musical spe- 
cialty. They report meeting with success, 
mid Hie show playing to capacity of the 

CAiiicin Mayo, of the vaudeville act of 
llcecher and Mayc, does not want to be con- 
founded with the Cnrollno May that was 
hooked week of Nov. 18 at the Auditorium 
Music Hall, Norfolk, Vs., ns the team Is 
hooked In nothing but family theatres until 
May, with return dates at Pastor's. New 
York: the Howard, 'and Austin k Stone's, 

Al'ce K>irnAj.n, who has Joined the Rose 
Hill Folly Co., reports success. ' She is being 
festnred In sovernl numbers. 

Williasib and Btavpokd, who nre with 
Williams A Baynard's Famous Troubadours, 
report great success with their new musical, 

Jas. H. and company, who recent- 
ly closed ten successful weeks In the West, 
Is meeting with success everywhere. The 
net Includes four people. 

Cham. Mills and Frank Reach are work- 
ing together In vaudeville and doing very 
nicely for a new team. They state that their 
net Is one of the best they have presented 
since both have been In the show business. 
Tlir-v will piny the big vaudeville theatres. 

Notes most Winnipeo, Man., Can. — The 
Winnipeg Amusement Co. has been Incor- 
porated and will build a new theatre in Win- 
nipeg early in the Spring, and expect to have 
It open nhout the middle of July, fair week 
here. It will be known ns the New Gaiety Thca- 
t re, and will plav burlesque, musical comedy 
and force comedies. Dr. E. II. Dc Alva will be 
the malinger. As this will be the only the- 
atre playing this style of attractions In the 
West, no duubt the business will be large. 
The conipnnv expects to open other houses 
of the kind In the West soon. 

Tun Alton Turn, who are booked un until 
March 2, hove nine weeks more on the Gus 
Sun circuit, mid then six weeks on the Am- 
nions circuit In Indiana. 

The V'*nnEi.i.EM are now In their twenty- 
second week on Pollard's Southern circuit, 
and meeting wllh success. They are making 
friends everywhere. 

Vickrut and Wimplkr. with the James 
Adorns' Show, recently purchased three short 
talking sett from Barry Gray, of Philadel- 
phia, and have ordered two more. 

Minnie Siiddleton's MilTtXryGhilb Quar- 
tette Notes. — This act started on Nov. 20 
to go on the Consldlnc circuit for a tour of 
several months, opening 25, at Winnipeg, 
Can., with Dulutb, Minn., to follow. Since 
its try-out at Elmlra, N. Y., Sept 21, it has 
not lost a day. It Is the property of M. T. 
Mlddleton, former manager of the Grand, 
Brooklyn. The quartette Includes: Minnie 
Mlddleton, first soprano; Grace Meloney, 
second soprano; Geyla Green, first contralto, 
and Flora Fitzgerald, second contralto. 

Donnelly k Hatfield's Minbtiielb, which 
is meeting with unusual success touring the 
South, played at the Winder (Ga.) Opera 
House, Nov. 14, to 1400. 

Bntdbr and Barker (Billy and Morgie), 
who recently completed fifty-two weeks at the 
Arcade Theatre, Wallace, Ida., have signed 
for forty weeks more, producing burlesques 
and opening acts. 

The Daileyb (Bob and Nettle), after 
closing a very successful engagement of ten 
weeks at the Empire Theatre, Springfield, 
III., they went to the Empire and Globe The- 
atres, St. Louis, for two weeks, with the 
Pollard circuit through the South to follow. 
They say: "Our Irish act has been a tre- 
mendous hit, and we receive much praise 
both from press and public." 

Moncrief and Skitd, who closed a suc- 
cessful week's engagement at the Orpheum 
Theatre, Seattle, wash., Nov. IT. nave Van- 
couver, B. c, Belllngham, Wash., Victoria, 
B. C, Tacoma, Wash., and Portland, Ore., 
to follow. 

Billy Hallman writes: "After a sepa- 
ration of three seasons I rejoin Billy Collins. 
We opened week of Nov. 25 at the Lyric The- 
atre, Hamburg, Pa., with some good time to 
follow. Our baseball stuff Is meeting with 
great success." 

F. B. Seymobb closed six weeks at the 
Theatre Comlque, Spokane, Wash., and opened 
at the Arcade Theatre, Wallace, Ida., Nov. 
18, in atock for season. 

Nat Sciiack Is meeting with great suc- 
cess In his dancing specialty In Pennsyl- 
vania. He opened on the Gub Sun time 
Nov. 26, at Mansfield, O. 

Chas. Hoby, formerly of Williams. Thomp- 
son and Hoey, Is working alone, doing an 
eccentric monologue, and is meeting with 
great success. 

PoriFoT Plavm, 

Notib from the "Daniel Boone On the 
Tull" company, owned by Robert H. Har- 
ris, and managed by Harry Feltus, — This 
attraction has been doing a remarkable busi- 
ness all along the line. We opened our sea- 
son Aug. 10, and have played most of the Im- 
portant cities In Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, 
Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West 
Virginia. The show Is booked up solid until 
next Asfii, «.ml will likely not close at all. 
This piece, which was written by Mr. Har- 
ris, and Is owned exclusively by him, never 
falls to please from start to finish. Geo. B. 
Lowery Is doing splendid advance work, and 
is a genuine hustler all the way through. 
The company Includes the following people: 
Harry Feltus, 8. A. Mitchell, Warren Bur 
rows, M. J. Landrum, Edward Hensha*, 
Frederic Plttam, J. P. George, Geo. B. Low- 
ery, Frank Conway, Leona Leslie, Edna May 
Mitchell and Minnie Cushman. We also 
carry three genuine Sioux Indians, and a 
den of Siberian wolves for a street feature, 
which always proves a genuine novelty. The 
show 1b headed for the Carolines, then Into 
Alabama. Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, 
Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa and Minne- 
sota, and continues to the Pacific coast We 
expect a long and prosperous season, and 
everybody la well and happy. S. A. Mitchell, 
who plays the part of Daniel Boone was 
bitten very seriously by one of the wolves, 
last Tuesday, In Winchester, Va. It hap- 
pened Just after he came out of the cage, and 
his fight with them was over, when King, 
the male wolf, grabbed him through the bars 
and tore bis arm In five or six places. In 
one of the wounds six stitches had to be 
taken. After the accident happened he went 
abend, and fought bis supposed duel with the 
Indians. Doctors were nastily summoned, 
and, after dressing the wounds, he went on 
and finished his part In the last act. This 
happened Just a week ago, and his arm still 
pains him a great deal, but he has worked 
every night. Leona Leslie is also thrown 
among the beasts at every performance, and 
she seems not la the least afraid of them. 
Nearly every one In the company can testify 
aa to whether the wolvea are savage or not 
by displaying bandaged wounds. 

"Buster Brown" Amusement company 
notes. — The eccentric comedian, Leo Hayea, 
Is a recent addition to the Eastern "Buster 
Brown" company. He has made a big hit in 
the part of Rocky O'Hara, the tramp, and 
his dancing specialty earns a number of en- 
cores nightly. The "Raster Brown" Amuse- 
ment company has recently added the Star 
Quartette to their Eastern "Buster Brown" 
company. Tho young men made a pro- 
nounced success ou the occasion of their 
first appearance In Washington, D, C, last 

Roster op "Pablo Romanl," with Edmond 
Barrett and Lottie Glenmore: G. M. Brown, 
ttonrletor and manager; R. L. Harries, gen- 
eral representative; Fred. Sharkey, electri- 
cian; C. H. Busier, Daniel Morris, Wm. T. 
Holmes. Robert Tillman, Frank Westerman, 
Etta Shaw and Evelyn Clarke. Special 
scenery la carried for ever; act. Business 
has been excellent. 

KnsTKu or the "Reuben Glue" company: 
G. M. Drown, proprietor; Ray Hewes, act- 
ing manager ; J. Frank Gordon, agent : 
Chas. McGovern. Will Mellen, Frank An- 
drews, Ernest Allman, Bert Farnum, Walter 
A. Brown. Raby Iva. Clara Royale, Marie 
Hewes and Rettlna Allerton. Business has 
been fine with this company, and return 
dates are being played through the New 
England states. 

W. 8, Hates, formerly general agent for 
O. M. Brown's attractions, has been replaced 
by It. L. Harrloj, who Is a hustler, and Is 
doing good work with the showa. "Reuben 
In New* York" will go out again for a sea- 
son of return dates after the holidays, with 
O, M. Brown himself In the title role. Mr. 
Brown has made an enviable reputation as 
a "rube" comedian through the New Eng- 
land states. 

Chas. T. Falb's notes. — W* are now in 
-V'w Jersey and holding our own, with an 
occasional 8. R. 0. The fine merits of our 
show seem to go ahead of us, consequently 
we get the bxislncss. Our mammoth St. Ber- 
nard dogs are a great drawing card. Mann- 
per Falea takes great pride In them as the 
feature's from n quarter sheet to a thirty-two 
sheet lltlio. We have also gained consider- 
able more city time, owing to so many shows 
closing. ThU company never closes, except 
to reorganise In the Splrng. Blanchard Is requested to commu- 
nicate with her friends In New York, who 
wish to hear from her, nn account of nines-. 

Dave Seymour, manager for Rowland k 
Clifford's "Phantom Detective" company, 
writes: "The business with this attraction 
keeps up to the record-breaking pace which 
was set at the opening of the season. We 
have not had one losing week to date and 
some winners of big amounts. The show this 
season Is one hundred per cent, better than 
last year, and, in the opinion of those who 
know,' undoubtedly the best melodrama on 
tour over the popular priced circuits. The 
business In every city revisited has sur- 
passed the former receipts, and this in a 
aeason not noted for being anything remark- 
able, This attraction holds five records this 
year, smashing two In succession at the Al- 
hnmbrn and BIJou Theatres In Chicago, 
weeks of Oct. 14 and 21. From now on we 
play exclusively In the East, and as the 
show more than created a 'fuss,' we axe con- 
fident that the financial results will be all 
that Is desired. The cast remains the same 
as at the opening; no changes have been 
made, but new numbers have been inter- 
polated and new specialties have been intro- 
duced, notably by the American Newsboys' 
Quartette and Pearl Evans, whose rendition 
of a quaint little ditty, fall of •'business' 
with the audience, brings ber many encores 
nightly. There Is talk of sending this at- 
traction to Europe the following season, and 
overtures have already been made for Its 
early presentation there. Many of tho origi- 
nal cast will be employed." 

Harby Ward, the well known minstrel 
manager, writes that he has departed from 
burnt cork attractions and has a strong wln- 
rer In "The Girl In Red" company, In which 
lie Is featuring Lillian Maye and a strong 
comedy company, including Manvro, the 
"Lone Hottentot ;" Prof. Wm, Scbade and a 
strong female chorus, on a Pacific coast tour. 
Next Summer Mr. Ward and Bide Dudley, 
of The Denver Post, will handle an open air 
theatre in Denver. 

Ralph C. Merchant has been engaged as 
leading man for Taylor's Record Stock Co. 

Henry Testa, stage director of the Ameri- 
can Stock Co,, playing Michigan, writes: 
"After playing twelve weeks In Michigan we 

f;o now Into Wisconsin, and then begin the 
ong Jaunt Into Ohio, our home being in 
Canton. The only change In our company 
since opening on Aug. 11, Is the addition of 
Edward Barton, who succeeded W. J. Carnes. 
Mr. Barton Is a well known stock actor of 
wide experience, and the company Is now 
stronger than at any time during the last 
two seasons. Jack Warburton, our comedian, 
and Nancy Boyer, our soubrette. are in fea- 
ture roles, and make many friends every- 
where we show. We have seven singing 
voices among the men of the company, sev- 
eral having been In opera, and they now 
form all sorts of combinations, which create 
favorable comment We always welcome 
The Clipper, as It keeps us in touch with 
our friends." 

Notes from the Famous Kilties Band. — 
We are now in our twenty-seventh week of 
our fifteenth tour, and business has been the 
best ever. The tour opened at Cincinnati, 
May 20. We played the cities of the middle 
West during the Summer, and Sept. 1 found 
as on our way to the Pacific coast, where we 
•re at present. We will make a return tour 
of old Mexico this Winter, crossing the line 
at El Paso, Tex., on Dec. 26. Manager T. 
P. J. Power la now on his way to the repub- 
lic, to. complete arrangements for a ten 
weeks' tour of that country. Many new fea- 
tures have been added to the great Scottish 
band this season, the principal one being the 
Fraser Highlanders, pipers and dancers, five 
in number. We will close our tour In New 
York City on or about May 1, next. 

Roy Joy Deb writes: "I am in my four- 
teenth week with Oliver Jay Eckhardt's "A 
Man's Broken Promise" Co. The company 
has been playing to nice business, and giving 
the best of satisfaction since our opening at 
Ballda, Colo., Aug. 20. Mr. Eckhardt has a 
very capable cast, and enjoys the best repu- 
tation of soy manager touring the West. We 
play to the coast, and return to Denver about 
August, 1809. We have had some few changes 
since our opening. Roster: Oliver Jay Eck- 
hardt, proprietor and manager; C. w. Eck- 
hardt, business manager; Jas. Dillon, heav- 
ies ; Lorlng Kelley, leads : Clarence Burton, 
characters; Walter H. Reynolds, Juveniles; 
Boy Joy Dee, comedian ; Ethelyn Noble, sou- 
brette; Georgia Nichols, Juveniles; Alice 
Round, lends: Perle Gillette, characters; 
Lawrence F. Tallman, musical director. We 
Bpend our Christmas at Portland, Ore." - 

Kulhman Stock Co. Notes. — We are tour- 
ing Minnesota to good business. Rozell, the 
tramp musician, Joined at St. Paul, and his 
act Is a feature, We will work out toward 
the coast Our roster is as follows: Fred 
Kulhman, manager; D. C. Hill, treasurer; 
James Burbrldge, advance ; Nettle Wlmo, 
George Harvey, Clarence Barrett, Wm. Wet- 
more, Frank Carroll, W. G. Rozell, Lizzie 
EvanB, Gertrude Franks, Pearl Kulhman, and 
our mascot bull terrier, "Ginger." 

Notes rno M "Kaffeuty'b Flirtation" Co, 
— We are now in our twelfth week, and while 
business has not been 8. R. O., we have no 
complaint to make, We find the money de- 
pression In Texas hurts some, but they have 
commenced buying cotton again, and our 
business la picking up accordingly, Following 
Is the roster: Peterson A Thomas, proprie- 
tors ; Fred C. Thomas, manager ; Clarence 
Hall, stage manager ; W. K. Maxam, Billy A. 
Ward, Cash Knight, Paul F. Case, George 
Stephens, Lelah Bretonne, Pablo, J. M. De 
i.'nstro. Fred C. Pfaff, Geo. Schultz, Mrs. 
Billy A. Ward, Jim Allman, Frankle Allman 
and Mrs. Fred C. Pfaff. 

Wm. Hay waiid Claire wrltea : "I have re- 
r Isned from the cast of Broadhnrst A Currle's 
Texas' Co.. In which I played 'Freshwater 
Jack' with great success. I have returned to 
New York lo attend rehearsals of my sketch, 
written especially for mo by Cecil De Mllle. 
The playlet as yet Is not named, but I will 
plav over the K. A P. circuit." 

Georqe L. Cox, who has been spending the 
past four months In Europe, Is In Paris, and 
will return to America the middle of Decem- 

Jon Thayer Is in his sixteenth week with 
the Bennett A Moulton Co., Geo. K. Robin- 
son, manager. The sbow reports excellent 
business In New York State. 

Roster or Ben Craner's "Widow Mc- 
Carthy" Co. : Fred Jenks, Russell Craner, 
Joseph Hughes, Joseph Helntzman, W, C. 
MrKnlght, John A. Clark, Ben Craner, 
Mnyme Craner. Moxlne Craner, Nellie Wha- 
len. Clara Wargbskl, Ella Roberson, Carrie 
Helm and Eugene Meyers. Business has 
been good through Michigan. 

Marie Walsh (novcllzer of "Hazel Klrke," 
"Saints and Sinners," "The Lost Paradise," 
etc.) Is writing a local melodrama for a 
prominent manager, and she has received a 
commission to write several one act vaude- 
ville plays. Miss Walsh is tho adaptor of 
" flie Tempest In tho Shade," a melodrama In 
one net and other successful dramas. She 
commenced her literary career by dramatizing 
a halt dozen successful novels. These plays 
were produced In New York, Brooklyn. St, 
Louis, Cleveland, New Orleans and Montreal. 


We will writs the music, and the work will be published without anv sum .- 
you. COLONIAL MUSIC CO, 001-57 Dearborn St.. Chlcaeo 


ill rites r 


8alety-CoQy enience- Comfort-Basic 

Superior Cuisine a la Carte. 

Via Boat 
and Rail 


Via Boat 
and Trolley 

FALL RIVER $1 .00 1 PROVIDENCE $ 1 .20 
NEWPORT $1 .26 1 NEW BEDFORD $1 .20 


Leave N. T. dally and Sunday, Pier §4. N. R. 
ft w. Mtb St, 0.30 p. m. Tel. 4364 Bryant 

West 42d St Crosatown Oars go direct to Pier. 
Ticket I 290 Broadway, I SI W. 80th St 
Offices | Tel. 8418 Worth. | Tel. 6482 Mad. Sq. 

Send for Folders and Time Tables, 

The Creiltit Start el the Stage use 

Chas. Meyer's 


Grease Paints 


EXOttA Faoo Powder 
EXORA Rouge 
EXOttA Or earn 

Time preparations have been standard in the 

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Catalcrm and Samflti ttnl Frtt 

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For Professional People, 
26 W. Gay St., Columbm, 0. 



«844 Perm Ave., Pitteburg, Pa. 

r-"\ The Only 

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True Old Italian Tone 

Lyon AncolrCrcmoiintoneVlollnB are pre- 
eminently trapcrlor to oil other modern mtltfgt. 
nn<J mont favorably with tho bent rare old 
Jtallnn luNtnimuuts In tone quality. This result 
is olitA.ned 

(1) By uwlngtho best old Itnlion wood.'gjirret- 
reasoned for upwnrdti of a century; (2) by repro- 
ducing the bee* examples of tho work of Striuli- 
vnrl and Ganrneriuni (3) ItyUKtag a toft oil vor- 
nl«h from a recl)>e undoubtedly tho enmoeHtlmt 
of the old maBtornt (4) by extending the vnrnb-h- 
lng and dryiug-out process over a period of from 
2 to 6 years. 

No « 1*35— A reproduction rf tho famous Klnsr Jovph 
Gurunortui of Um Hawley Cntlectkni 'the violin rcunlly 
•old by us for $12,000), bread, swe«t totia. S»H on n-. 
monthly ptymonti and 7 days' free trial Price, flOtl. 
. FREE — Now Lynn Jt Healy Musical Handbook of M 
pacts. Contains colortypcs of Crnnonatun* V . ln,» n,,] 
other si eel Ion t Lycra * Hesly Violins from »IB up 

LVON & HEALY, 113 Adams St.. Chicago 

World's LTgsslDaatiralw Hl n hOf d» Vlollr.a 





.. Has 11 



Write as for 


why jonsnoaldbiiy 


In preference to so) 

other Motion Picture 


of Lanterns, Films, 

Slides, Accessories, etc. 


«81 Chemical Bank Blag., OHICAOO. 


, Piano, Band, 


or Orchestra, Arranging ; prompt service, ac- 
curate work. 

^o?u^arTOaWo! g fo? S a;l^ 8 ^ , ^ 
fesslonals cordially welcome. 

BOOKING AGENCY: Providing Talent la 
all lines. vandevilTe, Minstrel, or Dramatic 
Entertainments. Pianists and Singers Wanted 
for Immediate positions. 

Newest, ftteat aridheat Illustrated sonjt rtldes, 
bought, sold, rented and exchanged. Send fot 
list and terms. 
LKK. 8PBNCER, 44 West 28th Street, 
Bet. Broadway and Sixth Avenue. S. T. 


Advance. Pr 1 vl lege, Baggatte, Stock, Am- 

tomoblle and Slerry>uo-Roand Oars. 

(Oft long, Desirable for Show and Carnival Com- 
panies, Reasonable terms. Write for particulars, 
No. 15B0 Monadnoofc Bnlldlnir, Chicago, III. 

stage imm 



Chart and Diagram 


Enables anyone, without 
former experience, to be- 
come an accomplished 
dancer. Send a-cenl 
stamp for Circular. Pros- 
pectns, etc., to JOHH 
P. HOOAN, Teacher 
of Stage Dancing, 
Elks 1 Hall. Hajestfc 
Theatre Bnllrflngt 
50th St. and 8th At«., Wew YorkClty^ 


Firemen nnd Brakemen 

Kuril from * 100 to #1H5 

a month. (irmlunUr- of 

this rH.ii uul in great aV 

mfttKi Actual railway 

ofllclnls teach you ot 

jiuitl diirtngyourhparetiTYiP, 

At ■mall coat. Free catalog, etc 

The WenttieRfuiway Conca. Rene 

Dor 830, Trcrp.ii, \\\", 






c ^m 


.e>i A ■'.■-■ ' 

i.f ''^asssassV 


Famous Theatrical 



Bet. 2*th nii<! 25M1SI8. 
Best or Food, Perfect- 
ly Cookcd.DellclouslJ 
Served. Prices ren- 
sonable. Special lim- 
ing Room B-l toUlM. 

SUkollne Tights, $4.00; Worsted 
Tights. 8a.m>; Cotton Tight"; 
SI.UO; Bilk Tights, from> apt 
Shirts «.. mntch, all same price 
as tlnlitst Pomps, 23 centst G»n* 
«r», $1.00; Elastic Supporters. 
St. OU; Clolh Supporters, 29 cents. 
Heml for catalogue and sample* 
ot tights, free. Positively a de* 
posit required. Sntl^urlloii jiubkiii- 
teed or mooey refunded. RliCER BIMiSi 
86 WoodblnejStrcet, Brooklyn, N. Y.: New 
York Oillce, Lincoln SMB., 1 Onion W|. 

sk| aifa CATALOG or Professional nml 
Dl sIVV Amateur Plays. Sketches, Mo ■ »• 
r I II I s\ logs, Minstrel Jokes RccltatlfiV"- 
I Url I U Maxe-Op Goods, Etc., MB l*g* 

*» „-" : tV.- : -' 

DB€BMB£R 7. 


T'lV. fi j^j^nii ..Urn 

OT lIP Jr ffifct. 


Bo»lo«.— tllwiWnw *» changes at tho 
dawn. Wim boluses the .current- Week. the cotv 
Unolloiio *WS$i, Itattlc .William*, in "tile 

imiToiCTw," weSio nnd Anal weC*, lit the 
HolIM . Stropt ; "The i Bose of the Itanchn," 

n bouses the .currortt -Week, tin 

*lpi»:, nsiUe>villi!im». W 
ttub-," ceitoad nnit flnai wee*, » 
„.rooi; "Thn Bose of the Ban. 
{Juttai and last week. -at the Matcetier**™s 
IKno?rltci,".nt thenar*; "The- t«d> jllltV 
vftfi Montgomery nnd Stone, at the Cdlohtat : 
nielivBcll, 111 "Shore Acres." at the Ulolio, 
and ''Bob Hqy." at the Castle Sjiuarc.- "Kid- 
napped for ucvengo" .la the, ottering at the 
Crand Opera House, and- there- la flic usual 
«Kk)/ an! ft at the stock, vaudeville and 
iiUrlCMOC nouses. B na la aaa was reported ex- 
reliant all along the llho dining Thankeglv- 
lag week. . - . 

itoM.ts STunr.-r (Isaac IS. Rich, manager). 
—Battle Williams Is In her second and final 
week df "TUo Little Cherub," with a record 
of flic buslbeeq for the titat week of the re- 
turn engagement. She, will he followed by 
Lillian .Russell, in "Wildfire." ' 

MuBHTic (A. I* Wilbur, manager).— "the 
I! one of Hie I lane ho," with, francos Starr, 
i-etualna the at trnctlou here, the fourth and 
final week starting Dee. .3. , The engagement 
nan bei'ri highly successful. The Sun Carlo 
Urand Opera Co. will open a fortnight's stay I). 

I'atir; (Chas. Frobniaii,. Bick & Uairls, 
iuiltlajgers).-'-"Thc Hypocrites" continues In 
popular favor, -the third week of good busi- 
ness being now under way. Jessie Mlllwnrrt 
nud Blcliard Beuneijt nro the principals. The 
etuniffemcnt will 'end Dec. 28, 

CotbxrAt, (Chas. rrohninn. Rich & Ttarris, 
liinmrgcrsV. — Montgomery nud Stone, In "The 
Red' fill!." <iffl .round out the- fifth week -of 
ijiclr 1 Indefinite stay 7.' Business has been 
at the capacity mark. _ 

(H-obs (Stair, Wilbur & Nlcotal. .tnaua- 
cers).-r^Opehttlit ", for a second and last 
week, Dlguy Boll continues "Shore Acres." 
Houses, ot excellent size enjoyed tun per- 
fonnances last .week. . The next, attraction 
will; In "Strougueurl.". 

un.Mii) OeEBA Hoisf. (Geo. W. Mngoo, 
manager). — "Kidnupped Tor Revenge/'- In 
which -Mil H. Vcdder Is the star, is the cur- 
rent nttraetldn. During iho past week Lll- 
llnli Mortimer, In "Bunco In Arizona." kept 
the largo audiences enthused front the rise 
to tho tall of the curtain. "The Candy Kid" 
uext week.' - 

Kq3ion t (Lindsay Mbrlson. manager). — 
'Blue .Jeans Is- tho offering of the capable 
stock company this week. 'Trilby" -Was pre- 
dated In a creditable manner last week. 
Kleonor (jordon won much praloe In the title 
tele, add the Work of Wilson Melrose. Theo- 
dore' ICrelbus and the other principals was 
well received by. tho lut'ge houses. 

CahtU) SqtjAjtK (Boston Stage ' Society. 
•vajiageTaL — "Rob Boy" plcaaedjfreatly last 
week, and will remain the offering until 
Thursday evening. 0, when "Alda" will bo 
put on, with Helene Xgldl and Sift. Albertl 
In Hie principal roles. Hereafter the Weekly 
eltaugc- of hill Will be, made on Thursday 
cveiriugs, lustend .of Monday. 
• 'Bowpoifi .SQuattr, (.0. ,Ei Lothrop.. inahh- 
geM. — "The Hangers of Bafts" Is the stock 
offering this week, with Charlotte Hunt and 
Olaj'tun Legge playing, the lead?. '.'D»nle| 
BOOhe" was enjoyed by a succession of big 
houies: last week. • ' 

■ Ifevrft's:' (B. F. Keith, manager).— The 
ofimtigs hero -this week ai'e of especial In- 
turtst, T)ic programme: .Marie 1/loyd, Jas. 
J. Morton, "Oat- Boys » blue,". Ed. F- Ucy- 
ultrd/ Agilcs Scottdnd Horace Wright, Work 
:tild Ower, MaearlC Sisters, Bruno and Bus- 
t-ell., Meredith Sisters, Dixon Bros,, Ttnc-c 
JtliJge. Bros,, Bailey and Fletcher; Xowell.B. 
Drew, IliiooKs riiid Jeanettc. auj nciv klueto- 
S|Wnbtj viewi!. Tliroe perCormauees wev.o 
glVclt.TlianksBlvIngaiid (he :Bouse was packed. 

TftRuoiKT . ( Jtto. 8. Sehoeifel, manager). - 

While. of-4ui.tln £ Sldnc'a. has planned an 
elaborate Christmas decoration for the front 
lobby. . "" ' ... , ■ 

« i i ■" > ■■ ■ • 

Lowell. — At tie, iaWell Opera House 
I Julius ,Cahn. mnnagefl last wee-k. I'rnnklo 
Carpenter - nbd company, Including .lore 
firfttly, nrorett an ptipniar as ever, drawing 
overflowing hous:a all Hie week. Willi the 
oxcepttnn of Nov. 2H, wlwn Mrs. Lestto (Mr- 
ter fcceltcd a eotdlal welcome, id "Drt 
Barry." This Week, the ccgo Slock Co., In 

.' ARtfiiiMr of Mi'kk: (M/Ciovern ft Xlcholo, 
mnnajtcrsl.-— Thr Aradetny of Music- Stock 
'.lo.'nlrcred "Big Hearted .lim" lest week, nml 
It -proved a hit from, the opening perform- 
ance, i), V. NtelioiB gave lh« play some elab- 

t^lila Frlgan?o, Henry and^ Alice. Taylor, 

nsdie KMrmatt. Maud Hall Macey ahd cqip- 

.M.lle. Mane d.'lSvc...Ciuo.uevalU, Jack 


■/acey abd cow- 
e. j.ianc u.t!ivc.. cmquevalll, Jack 
VVBntWOi'tb, Wln'stoit's seals, and now nlc- 
;ur88- are -the .excellent, cards iiu-ludctl In 
1Ut% it Rrliinger's . ".advanced vaudeville" 
Ior.we0k.of2, , "All sold out" Thanksgiving. 

OupHKur (-A.. J. Huffy, manager). — A.-PQr 
tent ^oiuhhiat Ion- for. •tUo current days is 
headed by Hal and company,: In "A 
Itace ' for. a Wife.'-' Others are: Elinore. Sls- 
tora, Joe Maxwell qud ■ company,. Raymond 
anil .llavei'ly, Biers and Herman', Shank 
Bros., Dixie ■ Sercnadera, Xetta Vesta, Gold- 
suiltl] and Hopue, and new- klactorapb views. 
Butfoess koeus. at top notch. 

II a wa tin (Jay Hunt, business mannscr). — 

'Hie High School U-lrls are listed to entertain 
here ihiKWeekl Matt Kennedy heads the bur- 
losaup forces, and. -the olio preseuts': Molda 
Dupfec,' Robt. Atl;on ; aud Jcan'ittc Young, 
Sutton and Sutton., the Bis Four. -.Three Wl- 
ufii'Sluters.and pictures; . Tho Howard's bill '. 
Di' ColUnsaiid Haw- 
ley. the'HhrleySi Henry. T. W«lte: Alcxunder 
3nd'l''lnn. 'Luals Uttertiu'aud uuni|Niny, John 
. , Shei;liaaj.v and the^-Howardseope. Itoll'y 
A -Woods' Show did finely last week. Thd 
Utuatalittid UuricaquerH l'irturii next week.' 

,1*aua<;B". (C. : H. Watdron^ inanuser).— The 
UvfWQI Burh?f.queri('. this week. . Concerned 
lu the burletta and vuiidevllle bill arc: Beii 
Jsnsen. -Mike Keilr. Two Uackctts. the Mll- 
hirs, Cnrinelitu d'Hlcldcro. Hairy Kohler, 
Hurry Hills. Mealy Linhach; Clara Dougtud 
sad Alms; Burma u. The house provides' a 
Kood Fjicclaltr bill also. During Tbahksglv- 
Ingwoek thn Vanity Fair Co. met well earned 
favor. .Xext -week, Blue.Blbbon fllrls. ; 

Kvckdh <r*. H. Batcheilfli 1 . manager*.-— ' 
Munugcr Batcheller's owii'Dlg show, the Bos- 
ton BtUesiiii the attraction here oft Its second 
visit' of the season. In the compniiy are : 
Ulce and Walters, Chas. BAnKs," May Bryant, 
Bessie . Rosa, and others. Tho show given by 
I'red .Irwin's Majesties, last week, attracted 
big crowds, . Fpr weca of ». Parisian Widows. 
. AwttN..* Stoxb's MrskiM (A. B. White. 
WMftflv-yA long and novel bill in tho cUrio 
hulls presents: Lentlnl, with thrcc legs: Ln> 
heru,. with' one head and two- bodies: Peter 
Carr aud his wrestling bear, Monsulla and 
Russell, '-physical models : Rraddoh and (lib- 
son.', cowgirl experts . In shooting: De Bon' 
utlro ahd: his family of wooden heads, and 

l!rixle,- snake eharincr. Two big -stage i*om- 
panics Include : .Tack and Oida Cannon. Violet 
Uleason.r'tlie Tuscanos, Tom Meadows, 'Com 
Uatcotun, Veiin. BcloscO, Charles Jack, Arthur 
Mains, Mickey Finn. 'Win Hayes. Mnndy 
Bradford and advanced moving pictures. ' 

• 'W.AbxpB'H Mi;ubuji (h. B. Walker, mana- 
ger) .— fupt. Sidney . Hlniaan and his life 
saying dogs, Chas. V.-fcce. maaiclrin ; Prof. 
UKtl inurlonntteR, and Carl . Bush,' strong 
raon. ,nro in eurio ball 1Mb week. In the 
Jlientre..are r May Collins' T-tctty Pink Bur* 
l«H(uers.- Introducing: Three Andetsou 81^ 
lfiw..'Mattl*- Andrews', Carols Hscar, Babe 
Baity. 'Annie Martin, Lulu BuMefi; and Il- 
lustrated songs.. .. :■£■■■: 

NicKBiADKdN fW. H. Wolffe. manager). — 
In curlo-hall .(second Week) : Wyoming Jack vaudeville, 

orate stage aotiiugs. Mr. McOoVera nad a 
BOotl chance to display' Ms ability In the title 
role, and deserved the iipplftilse received. 
Kthel Kldel-. Chns. A. CUt-k, Edltn Bowers 
and Lynn OsbOrue, the latter tho new heavy 
man, gave . excellent support. Biialncss last 
week was phenomena). This week, "Through 
the Brenkcrs." . 

. HatUaw.vy. (John I. Shchnon, resident 
manager): — Last week, Malwl McKinley head- 
ed an eieellcnt. bill. Miss McKJnley s own 
eohlposltions met wifli Wg approval. Bual- 
hess to the usu'ul S. B. 0. This week: Char- 
lotte .Parry and compnny, Byron and, Lang- 
uon, /.luell-Vernon Troupe, Kennedy and 
Jlooney, Worden and Taylor, De Haven and 
Sldrtry, ' Mr. and Mrs. llacim, and Hntlm- 
DCoWe. . 

BosTos (Wl)ilain i-\ Lyons, resident tnana- 
Bcrj.-r-Thr Sliver Stars Burlesque Co.. head- 
ed by tjhlly Clifford, gave a good entortaln- 
nutnt last week, to big business. CnfFcry and 
Uhtrtt. With their boxing and bag punching 
act, proved a big nuaibcr In' the oUii, Wreaf- 
llng draws capacity Thursday evenings, as 
does amateur night. Friday. This week, Nellie 
Ilartfotd's Tyrolean lliirlesqncrs. ■' . 

MBKttoK.- — Theatre Voyons (Bunker k 
Hcunessy, managers) continues to. please 8. 
R. 0. : ifaa the" Alhumbra n. Sachs, mana- 
ger) and the Bdlsonla (John 0. Rose, man- 
ager). The latest In motion pictures and 

illustrated songs are offered ttlcbard 

Thornton Is playing Louis- XV, King of 
France, with Mrs. Leslie Carter's company: 
Mf. Thornton made many friends while lead- 
ing man at the Academy of Music here. . . . . 
Ckrielln, the slaSk Wire performer, Is home 
visiting friends, after n tour of Rlirope. for 

about live years Geo. 1L Warren, last 

several seasons with " 'Way Down East," as 
the Constable, Is resting at Ills Home In Wo~ 

b'urn. Moss.' J. B. Walker, proprietor of 

the Walker circuit of burlesque companies 
and theatres, made his annual visit to his old 
home In Rockland, Maine, last week, 'where 
lie Owns a large farm. . . 
■ i ■ - , i ■ " 

Sprtiiftfleld. — Thanksgiving, saw every 
house packed at both- performances. 

COOnT BqI'aee (D. 0. Gilmort, manager). 
— Mrs. Patrick Campbell played "The Sec- 
ond Mrs. Tnuquerny," matluce Nov. 23, to n 
crowded, house, and "Madga" In the eveniDg. 
lo a :sllghtl\ 1 ' smaller one. The star created 
a most pier-dug Imiiresslon. Dan Stilly, 113. 
hid a good following, In "The noicVn ■Rule." 
Ben Ureet and his company presented "Mac 
both." "Julius Ctesar and "Romeo and 
Juliet," 20, 2T, all of which were liberally 
patronized. Raymond Hitchcock presented 
"The Yankee Tourist" 28. to .two 
dlebeca. :.. "The Bead to Yestetdny" ; 20, 50. 
Mhrv Mannerlng Dec. 4, Wilton Lackaye 0-7, 
'.'Mary's Lanib" 10, 

POLt's (Uordon Wrlghter, manager). — 
Booked for Dec. 2 nnd week: Will M. Crdssy 
aud Blanche Dnyne, In "Tho Village LaW- 
rer.:','. Waterbiiry Bros", and TCudv, Elsie 
Faye. assisted hy Blsset land Millof: Speh- 
o*c. Kelly, and 'Frederick Bose,..lilla Snydet 
nnd compatly, Le Dent, Young Bros,, and 
clectrograph. ..:' 

Netsoj) (Chas. H. Davis, manager). — liar- 
dceu, Josephluc Coh^tt and company, Fred 
Nlujc. Bailey, Crouuei' and Bailey, Leslie 
and Qiiinn: Clayton and Drew, .At wood- and 
ITefry, gtilmated pictures. ,' .,. . 

.^CttMitSK, (I*. I'V Shea, nianagei').— Boh 
Maneheiter's Cracker Jocks, Nov.. 2B-27j had 
Its itBuill ■ busmea* Ruby LeOnt lioa a good 
sedse of humor and Lillian vodder is viva- 
cious. .Bob Van Osteti was. as funny as evor. 
"The Ctrl ,of I5agle Ranch," 28-W, attracted 
good houses And proved -Interesting enough 
to lipid. IrWHats Majesties Dec'. 2-4, "Humiu 
Hearts" D>7» Bowery. BurlesquerB O-IJ.. ■ ''. .' 

H xhb' Fovjjb. — ^eWg was received here 
last Week that Mrs. ' .Tod Slotth. foruteriy 
.Julia . Sandewlon. Was quite ill WJUI .typhoid 
fever., understudy . was jilnyllig her 
rale. In "TJjo Dairymaids.:' Urv.raothejvMrs, 
Albert, Sockelt, of . this city, went ■ to !>'cW 
York' at once..,', i.itary, Garden;-' A -former 
Cblcupec ' young lady, is scoring, a,. big hit 
With file Manhattan- Opera Co.. ,.,. The latest 
addition to- the moving' picture, houses hero 
la- tho mite, ut the corner of.. Main Knd 
Auburn Streets . .Gordon Wrlghter, . resi- 
dent manager of- Poll's .Theatre,' -was .made a 
member of the Sprhigtleltl LOdgo of Klks Inst 

Tuesday evening Kutberlnc- Kinmct, who 

has been the leudlng. woman of the Geoi-ge 
Ewtmtt Stock. Co., of Bammore, has signed 
wltli BCUsco In a similar oapaulty. for his 
stock company in Los, Angeles, C«l. 
•' ' i - 1 ■ ' • '" > 

l,yi»»r.'— At' the Lynn (F. G. Harrison, man- 
ager) the Clara Turner Cq^ played to tine 
business week of Nov. "25. Tho Nannette Club, 
rt ; local organization. In "Bunshlne of Mon- 
tana," Dee. i). Kthol May Shorey, the nathor, 
Is a inertiber of the club. "The Train Rob- 
bers" T. . '.••'. 
. AcunbniOf (Hart7 Kalzcs, manager).— 
Bill this week: The Operator, the Musical 
Cralgs,' Banks and S'ewton, Josephine Alnsley,' 
the L'ahers, the Big City Four, tho MelfosC 

.'to, t-nneeliyi. os did "Dorothy Vernon of llud- 
don Hall." hooked for pec. U, Ben Greet and 
his players, la "TUo Merchant of Venlce.'VO, 
EiWlBJB (T. F. Siat*iy' »«»a«r).— "The 
Oltl of Edelo Rnneh 1 ' Kov. iiri-27. and the 
Boston Belles. 2R-80. attracted tlrst class- 
husltiess. "Since Nellie Went Away" 1V"C. 
2'4, Blue llibbon Rurlosqners r>-7, "Happy 
Hooligan" 11-11, tltr Lid Lifters 12-t-l. 
. ...i n ' - | ■ i ■ ii 

F»« nivei-. —At tho Bavoy.t ft'm. 1). Iteed. 
resident mstinKcr) the Knlckerhocker Stock 
Co.. featuring tlin McConnell Slaters. Nov. m> 
ill), ; gave natiHfnotlnii. .Mrs. Leslie Carter Dec. 
2, iMWinatt Trnullrn Co. d-14. except IS, when 
liattle WUliains will apjienr. 

AcAPCMV or Mvaic (Win. P. Rood, resi- 
dent manager). — "The Train ItnbberH." Nov. 
25-27, pleased. "Happy Hooligan's Trip 
Around the World" amused pood slr.od audi- 
ences 28-aO. "Sis In NpW York'' Dec. 2-4, 
"Deadwood Dick's Last Shot" 5-7. 

emxmrs (Chas. K. Conk, manager).— Bill 
week of 2 : Juggling Banuans. Clarence Sla- 
ters, Bttellc Wordettc and company. Ryan 
and White, Steillng And Revellc, Fourteen 
Black Hussars, Lester and company, and 

NicKKLobRON (Jas. F. Mason, manager).— 
Bill week n* 2: Bvans Trio. Hattte Dlxey, 
Rose- Freeman, Mason and Doran, and optl- 
aeopc. _ . . 

PBEMim: (Eugene L. Perry, manager). — 
New pictures and Illustrated. songs by J. B. 
Daley And Will Davlos., Business is good. 

Scenic (Lewis M. BobJh, manager i .—Mov- 
ing pictures and Illustrated songs by Sadie 
(Jrilunin. Business Is reported grind. 

Wiirci'ntcr. — At thin Worcester (X, Y. 
Burke, resident manager) Lillian Moiiliucr, 
in "Bunco In Arizona?' Dec. 2-4: Noll Bur- 
gesli. In "The Counly Fair." B-7. Mrs. Leslie 
(Jortor. in "Du Barry." ThanksKlvlmr Day. 
drew crowded houses. The Ben Greet Players. 
In Shakespearean produetlons, di-cw good sixed 
and appreciative audiences Nov. 20, (10. 

Fkanklik (A'm. Morris Amusement Co., 
managers). — Week of Deo. 2: Marie Waln- 
wrlgbl nnd Eminel King, In "Our Baby :" 
Eunice Oilman, the Doric Quartette. Kenney 
and Hollls, In "The Two StudentK :" Warren 
and Brock way. Charlie. Stlni; and OHie Kvaiis, 
in "Wonted — A Divorce:" the Aerial Shaws. 
the Boldens. and the vltngraph. Business Is 
Improving constantly. 

I'om'h (J. C. Crltfdle. resident manager). — 
W«k of 2: Jobniile Stanley, with litis Ed- 
wards' Blonde Typewriters, In "A Picnic for 
One :'* Capt. George Auger and company, In 
"Jack, the Giant Killer:" rat Hooney nnd 
Morion Bent, in "The Busy Bell Boy :'' Wil- 
son Bros., Carter. Taylor und company, In 
"At Camp Rest :" Miles Stavortlale Quintette. 
Mareena, Nevaro mid Mnreeha, and the clec- 
trograph. Business Is constant S. R. 0. 
■«■ i « i ■ ■ 

Ne-«r Hedford.— At tho New Bedford (W. 
B, Cross, manager) the Bennett-.Moulton 
Stock Co., week Of Nov. 25, drew large 
houses. The saic of seats for Mrs. Leslie 
Carter. 2D, Was very largo. "'Way Down 
East" Dec. 2. Daniel Byan Htoek Co. :l-7. 

Hatkawat's (T. B. Baylies, manager).— 
Week of 2: De Vole Trio. Mnrtln Bros., Hairy 
CorSon Clarke, Scott and Whalley. Benjamin 
Chupln. Village Choir* Kerrell Bros., nnd the 
pictures. . . 

Savoy (W. BT. SUInc. manager). — Continu- 
ous moving pictures, with vaudeville 

— — — <l ■ II— M— — — — | 


A i>«rsoit rilling hlinnelf H »ri y 
M ■>' var ttin Is I upreiem t In g 111 m - 
««lf as b*l ng connect" il with tho 

Mt DlBttagei-H and others arc 
warned against, htm, a*, lie Is 
uot, Ih any ostpaelly, coanaetad 
with the il.irPEH. 

He was In Clilungo last iv«l, 

Troupe, and the vitiigraph pictures. 

Gkm ((!hus. AV. Sneafe, inanngei'i. — mu.v 
Bean and his running dog were the headlilicrs 

and Prairie Nell, sharpshooters : Victor Basil, 
'egetable klhg, and Mordells. ode man band, 
rhe stnoc Bhtnv Is furnished by the Beaut* 
Height Burlosqr.ers. Pictures and illustrated 
soiicrs arc also presented. 
' 'Novas.— "Mark Hambourg will give a piano 
recital In. Jordan Hall, Tnasday afternoon, s; 
• >.,.. The Boston Star Course of entertain' 
meats win b C gu, fn Tremont Temple. Monday 

evening, 1.0.. Mrs, Patrick Campbell nro- 

ieiitod"Hedda Gahlor" and "Mngda' 1 at three 
M'oclai, performances In Symphony Ball. last 

week), to large oudlencpB. iTowcll Hansel 

will appear at Castle. Souarr Thektto Krldnir 
I'tcmoon.i 6. In "Captain Swift."....;; The 
new marbU. arid mirror tunnel, which cou» 
jaetsthe Washington Street lobby of the Baa- 
ton iThtntte with Mason Street, wa« openea 

on ThahksglVlni;. The employee* of B. 

I; ii , " tn "njoyed tbelr Thnnksglrlne dhiner 
rLt B 5i tq I?. trt 1* Wit* of Mr. Keith .77*31 
ywight^ Etaendorf will, talk on "Grand 
Cnnoh,"* t n Tremont Temple, • 0,. 7 ...... . Col. 

here last Week. The uct is ii bicycle rocci 
Which Is a novel affaiiv and the dbg shows 
■great running powers. This week : Kelloy and 
Hall. Whitticrjuid Bell, the Stanleys, Fred 
drlscOli,* May Welch. miQ Hie I>!bscopr. 

Kmpme,' Salem (Daniel Landry, manager). 
— Tho Gage Stock Co. did pood business last 
Week. ■ .Times Kennedy Co. 2-7.' ■ 

Saxbm. Salem (Daniel Landry, mnndget)i 
—This hobsd, playing advanced vaudeville, 
did excellent business week of Nov, 25. ' 

Sr\im. — Clara Turner's pouted nnd Teddy 
Bears atlracted milch attention on the streets 
bere list wedlt. The company Is playing a 
week's engagement In Gloucester.' >IaSs., open- 
ing 2...... ThC Alhninbra Pilnce, Manager 

Goldberg, dberted its doors 23.' Moving pic- 
tures nnd Illustrated songs arc given. All t 
other mOVlng picture bdusca report sood busi- 
ness.- • • ■ 

. — i " I * ■< - ' ■ ■ ■■ ■ • 

JlHford.— At the Music Ball (If. E. Mor- 
ganrmnnagerl movihg pictures and advanced 
vaudeville; Nev. ^8-:i0. with the following: 
Helen . Melvjlle, Mlltoh nnd ', 'Frank, Mil 
Jnyne.'-. VIOlet McCubB, Sndle Rodcers aad 
John Francis. "81s In Now -York" Dec. 12.' 
- -LtCcuM (P. B, Stiller. managCrl. — This 
Peek's people: Cnpt. S/dney Hluman and 
bis life saving dogs, Nlbio and Spencer, 
iftuma Eerov. I/ce's tnaflotiettes. Budd and 
Franks. Flofanee Zelltr. C'Bss. Lackey, Wol- 
tnr Boothmnn. «nd moving -plctureti. 

RBVsotn'a VivDr.vxti.L-. — same old story-^ 
full all the tlqje. 

NoTB.-ttTbo Mllford Lodge of Ulks will 
hold Diotttorlal seivlcos at 8 v. v.. In Music 

Hall. Sunday, Da;, i A, theatre party of 

one-miBdrod clti»»ns of this town will trolley 
lo WoonsOrkat Dee. 4. to. see ", 'Way' Down 
Eakt^atthe-Wrmnsoettft Olih-a'BOuie. ' 

Hol^oke.— At W Opera Hditso (J. H. 
O'Coonell. manager J "Illiman Tfearts,' Nov. 
*8; cauM to goM busItiMi. Ratnraiid Hileln- 
cock. In "A Yankee Tourist.", 29, .played to 
tb* capacity,! .BrdndWay King* ^iM-qi(e«ns, 

- Tla-rt-rehcc— At the Opera House (Julius 
Cahn, manager) Jame» Kennedy pleased Nov. 
25-30. Woek of Dec. 2.. Knickerbocker Stock 
CO.. with'-a repertory of high Class plays. 

Colonial 1. 1. Fred Lees, manager). — Bill 
wCck of 2 : Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew and 
company, . In." "Billy's ToinDktpnes ;" Lew 
Sully,- Foil telle and' Carr, the Great Torcat, 
Delia Clark and- cohlpany.' AlarviilouB Kar- 
telll, Lc Brtin Grand Opera Trio, and pictures. 
. ' ■ ''' i " ' 

ianntiin. — Al tin- Taiintun ThcatrC (Cahn 
&' Cross, managei's.) VOutncy Adii'ms Sawyer." 
week of Nov. IJB.- did itoo'd business at regular 
prices. The KenbCrK Stock Co; week of Dec. 3. 
.Scenic- (W. e. Maiming,' manager).^-Tbis 
hudsc Hiid big returns week ut 2it. !m 1'ortc. 
and Norainn, Rirlli Elliott, Mart-Ion and 
Man-Ion. Tcrrlll and Andy Oukgrovc are 
booked for week of Dec. 2. 

Cwnwts. a>i> TaMPBiiAKCE llAt.i.s (Cur- 
lier Bros., managers). — Moving pictures und 
Illustrated songs week of Dec. 2. 

' i" ' «'■ > ' ' ■ ' • 

Portland. — At ule.HolJte (W. T. Tangle, 
aiinagcr) "Tlic College Widow" bad a very 

8ood opening liousc Nov, 'ii. "The Alaskan" 
Id very good btlsliless 17-20. and so did 
"The Royal Chef" 21-23.. "The Rollicking 
Girl" 211, 27. Maude Fcaly 28-UO, lu "The 
Stronger Sex";" Miirle Co'illl DPc 1-4, Calvo 
C, Sarah Truax 0-8, Frltul Seheff O-Jl. 

M.viiqi.-aji .Obasu (B. Morton Cobn, moiin- 
ger). -^-Murray nhd Jlnek turmirt peoplo uway 
from "The Sunny Hide of Broadway." 24. 
The San Francisco Opera Co. did sutlsractory 
IniilnesH week of 17, lu "When Johnny Guinea 
Marchinjr Home." . Tlio company will return 
week of Dec. I. presenting "Said I'ashu." 
1'rlmrosQ Mlnstcrls week of S, "Quiucy Adams 
Sawyer" 13. .- . : , . ■ 

iMKiiii (Geo. L. Baker, manager). — The 
Bilker Thentro Co. had two very good houses 
Nov. 2-i, to witness "The llnslgu-" "The 
Pit" was productive of llnC business week of 
17. "Tbe Daughters of Mcu" on Dec. 1 and 
"The Dav After" 8. 

Kmi'Ikb (Milton W. Seaman, manager).— 
"Tilly Olson"' bad t*o Capuclty'liuuses Nov. 
24. "A Wife's. Secret" did good business 
week of 17. "Von Vonson" Dee. 1. "Tlio Holy 
City" 8, "Why Girls Leave HtAne" IS, 
, Lyme (Keating' & Murphy, inunagerg). — 
The Allen Stock Co. Is again Instuljeof at this 
theatre, opening Nov, 25, with "Before tho 
Gt'logoet came/' - , 

Star (J. II. Krrlckion, manager). — Bill 
for. Nov. 24 and. week is "From Rags, to 
niches." by the B. K. Frencb Stock Co. 

Giund (J. ,H. lirrlckson. manager). — Bill 
for Nov. 2,1 and week : Wllber Amos, Uoii- 
frey and Henderson. Joe Thompson, Trbteda 
nnd RObinsbn, W«fst and Van Slcklun, and tho 
Nelson-Fariiuaj Troupe.. 

I'.isTACLs' (Joliu A. Johnson, manager). — 
Bill for 25-and week: Cbieman und Mexls, 
Gllllbnn and Brot-ee. Clarence Smltb. Bare- 
noss .Marie .von Zlober, Davis and Walker, 
tho Riutlcniia Trio, und the blograph. 

I'liijzi'rt .(Joe J. West, manager) will re- 
open Dec. 'J. 

Los Anaries.— At the Mason Opura Houso 
(II. C. Wintt, mandatr) "TW . Major of 

Tt'klo"- wa» preimted to good W*ln(h« week 
ending Nov.' 211. '"TM Lion nnd the Mouse" 
opened a week's engagement 25. 

ArnlTnnivM (Sparks M. Berry, mnnagtr). 
— "The Marriage Of Wm. Aahe." by the stock 
i'i>mi>no,v, drew well week ending 2S. "Tlio 
l.lghinln* Condrtctor," by thd stock company, 
25 and week, with special ",'lianksalvlng mntl- 

RrxAsito (John If. Blackwood, manager). 
— The Mock comtmnv presented "When We 
Were Tweniy-onv, to go-nl huslnens 18 and 
week. "Mr Fr-Hid from India" had good 
hltalnesa 25 and week. IWC. 2 and week, "In 

JliiimMrfi's Hi iitiANic (Oliver Moroscn, mali- 
nger).— The revival of 'Camllle." by the 
etoMt compniiy. droW capacity business woek 
ending Nov. 2S. "The Cowboy and the 
Lady' 7 24 and *tviii. UnloHirod. "Sunday." 

Liitr AX'iRt.ns (Cort ti Helllg. tuanagerl. 
— Ralph Brain; m "Str.ingbenrt." closed a 
week's engagement Nov. 23. "Under South- 
ern Skies"' plenaed 25 and week. Dec. 2 
and week, "A Messsgu from MAN," 

OliAM) Opitn* Hoitsn iCIaranee Drown, 
manager). — "Thorns and Otnngc Blossoms" 
drew well week ending Nov. 23. "Arluonn," 
^t -nil] week, imd gooit biislvcsa. "A Texas 
HnngeC" l>ee. 2 and week. 
" OnPlmtrti (Martin Beck, general manager). 
— Peatnres 2 nnd week : Tho Baggosons, 
the Orcnt Qunrtoite. Mnvmo Remington, Lil- 
lian It it rk 1 1 ml. In "The Lady Hlul the Brace- 
let," nud Manilas O'Connor. 

Pkiii'I-h'm (Al. G. Fiournoy, manager). — 
Features Nov. 25 nnd Week Included new 
nets In vaudeville olio, now songs nhd dnnceti, 
nnd comedy sketch by James I". Iaic's slock 

tlxign: nicntz & Znllee, proprietors).-- 
Features 2,i ami week: Tracy McDerniott, 
hi "Tho Boston Mun :" J. Uaffney Brown, 
new song and douce number: Antonio Van 
Goftv, rentrllmpilst and balancing entvr- 
tnlner, assisted bv Emma Colrelll. Juggler j 
Mnxle Mltcbell, comcdlcnune, lu lllustrnteii 
sonas : the Fnliiue comedy eninpany, in "Mar- 
ried 111 HAHle." nnd tlio nnlqne-o-seope. 

liMfttiK (Bltly Banks, resilient manager*. 
. — Fcutures 23 and week luclnded new Il- 
lustrated songs, vaudeville acts, aud sketch 
by Kmplre stock company. - Tile cinemato- 
graph concluded tbe bill. 

VtHCttKlt'M (Al. H. Fischer, manngerl.— 
"A Bit of Lneo'' was the new musical coniedy 
of tilts house 2-1 and week- NeW vuiidevllle 
acts and motion pictures completed the hill- 

Notks. — M. Meyerfcld Jr.. during n recent 
visit to Los AngelcH, staled that It hnd been 
decided to erect n new Orphenni Tlientre In 
this city, and that tho Idea would lie carried 

out within the next year or so inclined 

Walter Tully, the playwright, is again In 
Southern California, and (linking headquar- 
ters- tn this city Work tin the new Ham- 
burger Theatre Is progressing rapidly...... 

Francis Ifaggcrty la the now manager of the 
People's Theatre, Cort * t.'onsldlne's local 
bean, .... .A Society Vaudeville, given Nov. 

18, at Mason Opera liousc, under the auspices 
Of tlic Assistance League, n charitable organi- 
sation, was very sucecitsfiillv stagttd by- Edgar 
Tempi". Mr. De Gruff, -aiirnncn representa- 
tive for Henry B. Harris, very generously 
donated ?2ft for a gallery si:nt. Thu Ci.tri'iut 
corresjiondent acted as general manager of 
the affair, tbe net receipts (nun which ninount 

to f 5,501) Manager John It. Blnekwood. 

of the Belasco Tlientre, Is expected home 
from n hurried Eastern trip about Nov. ,'M>. 
The Gentry I'ony Show did good busi- 
ness Nov. 18-20. 

1 ' > 

Oakland, — At - the - Macdonougb, Chas. 
i'. Hall, manager) S. Millar Kent, In "Bar- 
nes," bad 'heavy bnslncis .Nov. 10-21. Krltsti 
Sclieff, In "Mile. Modiste," drew three ea- 
puelly houses 22i 28. "Von Yonson" drew 
excellent ntteudaurc. two performances, 84. 
lunbel Irving, in "The (Jlrl Wbn Has livery- 
tliliijf," 2B-ao : "The Alaskan" Dec. 1-1, "Thn 
Lloil and tbe Mouse" 6-7, • "The Collego 
Widow' 8-M. 

; Lijipnty (H. W. Bishop. iL'.'iniigcr).— 'i'liii 
Liberty Stock Co., In "Ziizti," di-eiv excellent 
hotii-ei week ending Nor. 21. Bishop's com- 
nany of players, In "At the White Horso 
Taverii," 2S-D0C. 1 : "The Motb and tim 
Flame" underlined. .C'alvc, mi c<i'ice ,, t, Dee. 11. 

Bmiiu I'.intc OrenA Uouon (H. W. Bishop, 
munuger), — Sybil l'ngi.'.and.thu Idurn Opera 
Co). In "The Idol s (Svo," cecoud week, pleased 
well filled hoiw.'K week ending Nov. IjJ. "Tho 
Isle of Chnlnpngne" 25-Dcc. 8, "The JIiiscol" 

Cot.itMiWA (Keating A Flood, ninnuucrH).— 
The original blel tires of '"I'lin 1'assloh I'liiy" 
drew heavy business woek ending Nov. 24. 
Same bill 'Jii-Dec. 1. ■ ., 

Onnirr.uM (TJUo, Kbcy. resident inaruigur).— 
Features Nov. 24-30: N'unce ,0'Killl and cinn- 
pany, lu a scene fconi "Mucheth :'" Bay L. 
Il'oyre, Mnynyi Uemlngtitn and net plckti- 

dlOH. Henri 

"Tbe Night 

ttc, new Or- 

iihriiin motion pictures. Business was heavy 

lunt week. 

Buf.i, (ICd. Ilouiuu, manager). — Attrac- 
tions 2.*> und. week : Ilnn-y First und company, 
presenting 'The Marriage Fee:" Bit-hard J. 
Jose, the Mascugnls. Don Carlos and com- 
pany ktid bis (rained dogs. Ilnxamnn Trio, 
Miii-ie Bnlfsnn und motion pictures, Itushiuss 
to cupnclty las-i week. 

Noveliv (Guy C. Smith, manager). —Bill 
nil week I " 

ii ;.....-,,.-.',■ IlnVA. .- 

l)e» Moines. — At Foster's Opern House 
(Win. .Foilor, .uianiiRcr) Florence Koberls, In 
"Ztra," plensirtt a Well 11 lied bonne Nov. 27 
"under Bout hem Skies" showed to good busi- 
ness '-'11- Otis Sklnniir, in "The Honor of tie- 
Fnmllv," atttneted a. fair slxird atullenie W 
nnd gfsiitly pienacd. .lumes T. Bowers. In 
"The Blue Moon." pleased h packed house 3.7. 
"Tho MM of Spin'" drew the usiinl large 
Tlinnksclvtiig Day erriwd 28. "Tim Man of 
the Hour" 2D, 80, "Little .Tolinuy .Imies" 
Dee. 7. 

Ai iiitoiiii >t (Wm. Foster, mnnnger).— 
T«ii vruwiled liouse« areeled einue« K. Ilnck- 
ett. lu "John oia.vde's Honor," Nov. 28. 

HiiANP Oprua llotisr. (Win. Foster, mnno- 
jtev).— "In tlav New York" showed to biff 
business Nov, il-2:i. Three well 111 led houses 
Were pleased with "The Merry Sinkers" 24, 
2f>. "As Told In th* Illlhi" attracted good 
attcd nitdlencep 20, 27. "Jnst Out of Col- 
lege" 28-HO. "Buater Brown" Dec. 1-4, "Aul- 
tn. tho SlnglUK' Girl," ii-7. 

M.i.irsTK' tl'red Buclttinnn. manager).— 
•Tbs biwlneiw for the past week was excel- 
lent,' big crowds nl all performances, Bill 
week of Dee. 1 : Herrmann, the Great: Gn«. 
Wilson. Iiellelnlre Bras., Daisy Dimioiil. the 
Cowboy ynarti'tle. ,nnd others. 

IlMi'im: Ol. .1. Knrger, mnnngor). — Jewell-: 
mnnlklns proved a decided hit week: of Nov. 
25. and full houses prevailed; Bill week or 
Dec Si t iirlyle's ponies and dogs, Corwlh 
and Murrny. J lata Bonner Farley. Lonnx nnd 
Lnpuz. Bohlnson Grunt, MurgarOt Ley (ten. nnd 
Foutnni' and Fontune. 

Nkkiji.opkon (Ci'lchell & lilbevt, niunn- 
gi'rs). — This house ba« engaged a stock coin - 
panr to produce one net plays In conjunction 
with inovlnu iilctures. "friendship" Is being 
presented this week. 


OsUaloosn. — At thu Grand Opera Houso 
(A. 1'. Owens, assistant- malinger) Jotlenli M. 
Howard nud Mabel Itnrvlson. In "Thn Flower 
or the Hutieli." <"nine to 11 Isrge nud appMclo- 
UVe auilleticc tit iidvnriced prices. Tim I'llutH. 
I'lvntuitlsti. 25-3(1, opened lo big business. 
Bnvmond wetis Co. l>ee. n-7, the Kiunblors 

OaniNT (Carl C. Struhle. ninhager.)— • The 
orlgliiHl Oberammcrgnii I'lissluu I'luy plciurei 
iipemid Saturday evening to enormous busl- 

Ai.caz.m: (l'rirkec & llouso. mnnagers).— 
This now moving picture tbcatru enjoys sur- 
prising business. 

Noted. — Fninkel Morris joined "Sis tn Now 
York" In this city, taking tho place of Clm». 
Lnue. Helen Lcbio, of the Ktime compnny, 
Joined at Marshalltown 24, taking the place 

of Gertrude Holland, playing "Sin." 

Chas. L. Illllcr, bite of Kilties Baud, Is visit- 
ing parents In this city. Ho bns entered 

vaudeville Carl C. Struhle. ninnnlrer of 

Orient Theatre, opened new electric tlieiiire 
nt Htixton uilulug camp Nov. 2-1, and enter- 
tained over twenty-live hundred people at 
tho opening porfnnmmro. ' 

Duvfiiport. — At fho Bnrtla Opera House 
(dliTctlon Clininhnrlln. Kindt: k Co.) "Gn.v 
New Vork" came to good business Nov. II'. 
"Tho Blue Moon" played tn parked lit) dau* 2). 
llurrv Chiv Ulntioy. lu "The Boy Dotucllvc." 
hud good houses 22, 23. Stetson's "Uncle 
'turn's Cabin" 24. H, M. Holland 27, "Faint- 
ing the Town" 28. ' 

Kt.n-n t direction Chim. Berkt'lll— Tlio fol- 
lowing for 23 and Week : Arthur DeanxuN 
nnd compniiy. Cleo Teurl nlld Sell, Itulilnuoii 
nnd Grant, Loiiez and Lopeit, Four Galley 
Dniichig Girls, Hum Hood, Moduna nud cntji- 
pany, Lnr.Mril Bros., Lcnn Kline and plolurev 

I'AMtt-V (dli'eCllOll MuiirtHt ,V OefkiirN). — 
lor 25 nnu week ; Dur.cnn nnd lloffmsn, Unl- 
ir.unt and Ilrciniau, Del Datigh nnd Myor« 
(lilroy, llnynea nnd Montgpinery, Fields ami 
lluusou, . Do i.'ouins, Kohler and Victoria, 
Elcnoru Mullen, nnd liiOVItlg pictures, 

iiiiyvc, .^ju^nie iiciningion itau nei 
ninnies, the Three Meers, Two Lomtto 
French, Tom Nawn unci comuuny, "TI 
Before Flection :"' r,n Scala Rcxtetti'. 

4 ■ a ■! 1 
Witt Ctsetii, or Will and May Casper, 
write*.; "Wo wore formerly known as Cas- 
par mad Clark,, but under the above names 

tJiio, 11. uuuuerson, tiiutiiiKeii ■inpio 
is»r," Nov.. 22. gave 11 good show. "Tlin 
mire Tramp, Til. iniil hlg buslusNK, 

T. I'tiwcrw, in '"I'lie Ulne Moon," 2.V 

Troiinc, JiKr- 

and week : JlOrton Jewell 
glers : Kaufman Bros,, the Three 
Burt I'age. I.hIioi-iI and ItycrHun. Flo May 
ThnnnlM, and 'tbe projuetnscopc. Business was 
Very satlnfartory wi'ek Hiding 24, 

Ksii'iRK CE. M. Carlson, nintmger).— Mls1 
i;eo I,n Suite und company, In "A Man of Hid 
I'sople." drew successfully week ending 24, 

Miss I.n Sttlle und Kmplrn block Co,, lu 
"Tracy, the Outlnw," 2fl and week. 

NftrKH. — Th» Bex and BIJim Dniilm, with 
motion tilctni'cs mid Illustrated songs, con- 
tinuous performances, ate doing it booming 
business Chas. P. Hull and Wife re- 
turned from 11 seven weeks' visit tu New 
York Nov. IT. 

Mini IJJi-icu.— At the Garrlck (Clan. IX 
liiieoin-. iniiiiuger) Itnlph Stuai't, In "Strong- 
bearl." Nov. 27. 28;, "A Message From 
Mow" Dec. 7, "The Mnh iilid fhe Mouse" M, 
"AWaona" n, "Under Southern Skies" It), 11, 
"'Way Down Kant" 12, "Baffles" Ilk 

I'iCKWiCK (Palmar Bros.; managera).— ■ 
Thfl regular slock did splendid business In 
"The Henrietta" week ending Nov. '14. 
Same company of players In "Shall We For- 
give Her?" !iO-Dcc. 1. "My Purdnor" fol- 
lows. , ., 

HMl'tttt: (H. If; Iloaley. niniiiigei-).— Good 
moving picture show. Crowded bouses all 

RUentMX. — Latest moving pictures to 
6. It- 0. . 

— 1 »■ a 

Sail take City. — U the Salt Lake (Geo. 
D. I'yiior. .mnnagnr) "Checkers" played to 
Ci'owdco IiOukoS Nov. 23-28, with Thauks- 
glvlug oiutlnee. Florence IlobCits Dec. 2-4. 
'(hirntiM (W. L. Jonninas, resident man- 
agcr).-^Week of Dee. 2: Cllft'o Berzac, Jainc* 
Ana Midlc '. Leonard and company. Raima 
Frnnels and Arabs, Geo. AUstlu Moore, Tl» 
toll Omirtcttc, and Allen Wlghtmao, 
r.iuNt) (A. M. Cox, tnallngnrL— Tbeodnrrt 
we will present our net, 'H\ Perklos' visit to I ■ rch. in, "The L'nwrltk-n Law" and "The 
Now York," after thojiolldays. carrying our llgn. Of rtte Kqnr," did cnod l>iu|ne«« Weelt 
own swicliil ilrop. Wa b»ve Just (lnlshed of Not. 24. Week. of IMo. 2, "TBO Cow 

Ptiaehir;" niehard fcl'rliialc'n Mlnstfels 1-4. 

.LTBi(*,(Bert C. Dopnollan. manager).— The 

Moora Stoflt Co., In "A Vagobonrt's Wife," 

did 'gn^fl business- week? of Nor, 8£ ' 

Cellar Itnplils. — - Al Oreono'ti (ipmii 
lluuso (Jno, ii. Heuderion, inQiiugcr) "Cuphi 
nt Viissar," "' 

JtllUCfl 1, 1 „i,nF, lu ,i<r ui'n- .'I'/'.'u, m,', 

did good hushius*. "Painting I lie Town" 27. 
"Iltisler Brown," nwttliiue nud iilghf. 28, did 
big bn'clucHM. Jumes K. Haekutl. In ".lolui 
Giadyci's Honor," 211: Stuleou's "l/iicle Tom's 
Cabin" .10, the l'llufs week of Dee. I, Willi 
the exception of U, when Oils Skinner cornel 
lu "Xiic Honor of the Family." 

Pbopi.i:'h (Vic Hugo, inanager). — Bunlnem 
continues to be good. The ThtinkHglvltig iiitai- 
nesH. wus exceptionally, heavy, the 1 licit if- • 
being crowded ut lliiee perfoi'inniicca dullug 
the dny. Tile bill for week of Dec. 1 folloWh ; 
Ifiu'bnrt nud Ilogera, I'rnf, W'Iko, tho Bayou 
Trio, Wright Hmulngtun and '■'onipiiiiy. Aile 
line, Bay W. Fay una.JcKsu Plillllps. atld thu 

' ■ ! ' » 11 

Minino. •— At Arlos Opera Ilniian (Bon 
Wiley, nianngvi') "The Missouri Hoy" drew 
Well Nov. VS. "An Told In Die. rillts" plaVeil 
to a good house 2S. Mildred Holland, play- 
ing "A l'ai-udlKi! nf'Lles;" to packed bmlNo 
21). "The Choir Singers" Dec. 4, Tho Nor- 
woods P. .,,..,-. ...-. 

No-rits.— Tho invvlUC iili-lnreu ami lllns- 
t rut hi songs al Mm .Vein contlmio 10 draw 

gouil crowilu tiltrluly Munngnr Wiley, 

hi Ills plctili'O NtlOW, gave n very pleflftnn! 
surprlue lo his pati-oim by exhibiting n Inre-.i 
number of local ,'vlewa. such na liotipltnl, 
post iUIIoc, prmulnoni pciaonti, etc, which 
wus much appreciated. 

" ■ ' ■ ' ■■ it t ' 1 r 1 i. 

DiibiKiiie. — At till* Gntnil Opera Hnuso 
(Win. L: Bradley, mnuager) "Thu Bluu 
Jfooti," 22, dellgiitud a guod houne, Willie 
Cojiier, 2!l, pleaiiwl a large hotiso. "Quo Vu- 
tils." 24, by Ideals, hnd large iilicndanee. 
Mildred Holland S3, Walker Whiteside 2H, 
Olive , Mead Quartette, assisted by Bertha 
Lincoln HeiwilN, 21), under the uusplcca of 
tho Friday Mush: L'lub. 

'iB.tni,'.— Jnke rto*.!iithul prcieiiti-d, Nor. '«'-'i 
and week: Al. Tlernoy, lu lilustralcd soiins; 
Klireiidiill Bros., Adu'uia Bros., Lu Atilu Girl, 
Kufliur- ii Haley mill fho hinodlumo, 

■ *«• 


l-'«rl Wortlt.— AtGrtsiiwiiH'a Opera llonsn 
(Phil W. (IreeiiH-all. inanager) 'The, Clinia- 
•anil." Nov. 2i)-22» diu'vf lingo uuilli.-ncen at 
i-ni-li pvri'untiniM'C, 1 'Way Down I'fcisls" "'<, 
2U, did good bunlilcxH. Cliau. B. Ilnul'oiii 48, 
"Bed Fvaibur" .211, lit). „ , 

.MAJKKTtv (T. W. Mullnly. niiiungi'r).— 
Week of Nov. »T, ;- Krlw und laes Kitiifmnti, 
rreucelil mid Lewis, Four Duncliig HarrlwM, 
Anna Doheriy. Wm. A. fmnan mid comi'iiiiy. 
in their sketch, enlllleti •Ifecngnltlnti :" ib<l 
Aherm», llhistraiert nonifti nnd moving pic- 
tures. Uui-.lnesH,conl|nui>» heavy. 
, tiTANiMUD (Frank Du Benin', mnnnger).-- 
Bill week of -X>: "Tbe Hngliieer." Will 1). 
Vfledlnnde;'. Boy J.. Wood, Fifdcrlrk Lor- 
raine, Tom mm. Lcttle Colton, Ixittlo Cun- 
ningham J.- R N. I'bwei-M, John Powers. 
Jiilln Fox. Itosn ISIllott und Mtiyme Cooper. 
Biminciis Is good. 

plnyinf'tne tSpb Tlioatre;,Not-rlstown, Pa., 
and Pastime Theatre, South Botblcbeni. Pa.-, 
trader tne direction of N»flhilb Jeffries, of 
nillndelpblit." 1 v . . • ■ • ..-» 

. wWo.— At tbe Auditorium (Jake Our- 
(Inkle, manager) "The Devil's Auction" Nor, 
18, plea led. "'Way Down Host." 21, plnyH 
to mudlum sized lioune, ' "Itvd Feather," 2th 
highly pleased a lurso audience. Amelia 
Bingham 21), .draco Ceorge Dec. 1, Mmu. 
Scbutaann-IIelnk J. : • . , 

• Ma tt sin- (M. L. Ityara, manager),— Onnfl 
hnnlnoKS. Week of Nov. 20: The Uoxartla 
aud W. i. Mack ("Merry Mack.") 
- .1 . - . r -j 1 i . 

Lot - BAooga. write* from I^fnvetto Did. : 
navlng floson wlt|t powule's mtialcal fari-e 
comedy, I^nut standing a. WW fhrni In" La- 
fayotte. On Nov. IB nnd IT I visited mV 
wife (Marie Brook*) at Pcoiln, III., wllh 
fttetson's "T*. •'!'. C'- c'Anpnny: 






EorroBur. as» Busimass KASiam. 

»#^#%#^#KMM%i M y 

H Glance at Acts new to tbe metropolis 



Entered Jrme 24. 1870, »t the Po«t Office at 
New York, N. Y., «b second class mitter, under 
tic let oC March 3, 1870. 

Advertisements— 12.80 per Inch, single column. 
Advertisements tet with border, 10 perct. «tra. 

81BSCHIPTIOK. " .„ ^ 
One year, in advance, |4 ; six moatlu. IS; three 
months' II. Foreign poauge extra. Single copies 
will be sent, poatpnU, on receipt of 10 centi. 
Onr Termi are Cash. 
THE CUPPER la lnoed every Wednesday nairn- 
Int. The last four (advertising) pun QO TO 
PRESS on Saturday at 11 A. u.. and the other 
paii. on MO.NDAX and rUBBDAY. 
The Forms Closing; Promptly, Taea- 
dny n t 10 o'clock A. M. 
Please remit by express, Booty order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. All ctah enclosed 
with letter ,'s at the risk of lender. 
Address All Commonlpatlons to 

47 West 28th Street, Hew Tort. 
RroMcrci Cabh Addrum, "Aothobist." 

of Tan C'Liri'ca la located at Boom 004, Aahland 
Block, Chicago, John T. rrlnon Jr., manager ana 
correspondent, where advertisements and stibierlp- 
riosa are received at oar regular rata. 

Located at 11 Leicester Street, Leicester Square, 
lxmilon, W. 0., Ilenry George Blhbert, manager, 
where adTcrtlaemenla and subscription! are re- 
ceived at our regular rates, 

Tun Curpra can bb onrAnren wnorxsAi,s and 
retaiI* nt our agents, Brcntano'a news depot, f!7 
Avenne de i'Opera, Paris, France; Dliuond News 
Co., 120 Prado, Havana; Manila Book and Sta- 
tioner? Ca, 128 Eecolta. Manila, P. I. ; Albert A 
Bon, 127-189 Kins St., Sydney, Aoatralia. 

THE) XRW YORK LL1PPEB pnbllabea 
only oue edition, and that It dated 
from Now York. 


No Replies hy Mall o r Telegraph. 

AonwwaBi on wiibrbabouts hot ottzh. Ait. 
CI qcdst op neon M10UI.D writs to thobs whou 
i-nnr naaic, in cash or THE OL1PPBR Post 
Onto*, am. i.rrrrai Witt, aa auvbhtisbd ons 
warn om,i. If thb roots or ant thsatbical 
1H IW MH I i" couoai, aarni to oca ijst- or Botrraa 
ox AMOTBCB raoa. Wa cannot sbnd inoTBn at 
juaji, or TSLronArR. 


D. M„ Hlgglns.— Wa have no record of tJje 
present whereabouts of the party. Address a 
fetter In our core, and we. will advertise it la 
The Cupprb letter lint. 

E. It. T., Indianapolis, 
C. D. 8.. New York, 
Miss M. S., Chicago, 

■Mas. M. F. M., Webster droves, 

L. J., Doneaater, 

G. G„ New York. 

II. N. W. Went Wntertoo, 

Mm. E. ,1. L., flurfford, and 

Mgs. T. P.. Uuffalo. — See answer to I>. M., 

Mibs K.. Chicago. — Address any ot our 
song publishing advertisers. 

R. G.. Texas.— Addrean the Crest Trading 
Co.. 144 West Thirty-seventh Street. New 
York City. 

L. A. M„ Chlcojro.— L Tlie majority of the 
large producing rannngerg book direct ana 
not thrnugh nn ageacy. '2. Not as a rule, 

C. D., New York.—!,. B. lint's New York 
Clrcim whs located on the South side of Four- 
teenth 81 reel, directly opposite the Academy 
of Music. . _ 

L. McC., Rchenectady. — 1. Many of the 
loading vaudeville theatres will give trial 
performances. 2. t'ol. Gaston Bordeverry, 
Chevalier Lorls, McC'rea and Poole, nil of. 
whom con be addressed In ear* of this office, 
and tbe letters will be advertised in Thb 
Clitpkh list. 

G. W. W., New Orleans. — W« have no 
Knowledge ot the present whereabouts of tho 

M, K. M., Half Moon Bay.— Anna Held 
was brought to this country by Ted D. 
Mnrks nnd engaged by FlorenH Zlegfeld to 
appear in the revival of "A Parlor Mutch." 
with Evnns and Uooy In their original roles. 
In this production Khe made her American 
debut at the Herald Square Theatre. 

Miss O. A., Omaha. — The manager's name 
U unknown to us. 

B. M. Kochestor. — Frank Daniels never 
plnved hi "The Wizard of 0*." Ho did ap- 
pear In "The Wlrsard of the Nile." which is 
the piny you probably have In mind. 

Q, 8. U, Atlantic City.— Tbe M«ssrs. 8hu- 
bcrt directed thB Inst tour of Sarah Bern- 
imrdt. Thoy enn be Rddressed ot the Lyric 
ThPatre, New York City. 

II. H., New York. — We never answer 
queries- of n pnrsonil character. Write the 
iniriy himself. 

M. 8., North Mlddloboro. — Address any of 
our sketch-writing advertisers. 

Miss H. C, Sumner.— Address the party 
herself, at Wullock's Theatre, New York, as 
hIio Is bent able to answer your query. 

"June," Elmlra. — i'es, she starrerl In "A 
I'emnlo Drummer," under the uanagemeut of 
Charles R. Hlnney. 

N. M. — Kyrle Bellow played Romeo to the 
Juliet of Klenuor Hobwm. 

l'. M., Scrauion. — We have no moans of 
knowing, but wo doubt if ho allows any ono 
to publish thorn, ns his monologues and 
tmngn arc bis stock In trude. 

r>. L. McC, Mulllns, — Wo cannot aid yon. 

W. II. D., St. I<oultt. — Brown's Hlttont of 
1hc Weti> Vorft Staye was published In three 
volumes by Dodd, Mead & Company, New 
JYork. i 


J. P. Ih. Haaletou. — It i« o misdeal. 

C. B. H., Boston. — A Is right, alio cards 
speak for themselves, nnd A, If his band WRB 
best, won, 

A. V. 8., Kail ltlvvr.— The game being a 
t ie, all bets nru off. 


Baltimore.— At Ford's (Charles I!. Ford, 
monagerl "Coining Thro' the Bye" begins a 
week's stay Doc. 2. l>oakstndor had a suc- 
cession of full bouses lust week. "The Itlch 
Mr. Hoggenheltner" comns 1). 

Nixon & Zihmkbman's Acadkmt (M. J. 
Lelimever, nmnnger). — Clara Bloodgood, In 
"Tho Truth," Is the attraction for 2-7, Eddie 
Foy did well with "Tho Orchid," closing 
Nov. .10, "BrewRtcr'R Millions" ft. 

AiAAUau's (J. Albert Young, manager). — 
"Society and the Bulldog,'' Pnul Armstrong's 
new piny, which was produced here last weak, 
will be continued tor threo nights this week. 
George Fawcett will give "Dr. Jekyll and 
Mr. Hyde" for the rest of the week, nfter 
which Uio hnuse will be closed until Christ- 
mas week. 

Maiiti.and (J. L. Kernan, mnnnger). — Wal- 
ter Jones nnd Blanche Deyo head the hill for 
week of 2, followed hv McMalion and Chap- 
pelle, May Tally, Cllft Gordon. Vlnlo Daly, 
KoDorah nnd lilgoletto Brothers. Last week s 
eieellent bill attracted big nudlerces. 

Ai'DtTonii'M (J. L. Kernan, manager).— 

"Silas Slawsoa's Dreant." 
Hal Stephens and company gave a "dream" 
playlet at the One Hundred and Twenty-flith 
Htrect last week, called "Silas Slawson's 
Dream; or, A Modem Kin Van Winkle," 
which brought 4bc good old aero of tbe story, 
a hen-pecked benedict of the Catskllls, into 

Suite A mess of trouble, all because he had 
card so much of tho legend of those bills, 
and Rip's adventures got seated on bis mind. 
The little playlet was only fairly entertain- 
ing, because It did not move briskly enoagn. 
Mr. Stephens needs to polish the rough edges 
oft and inject more humor Into the lines. The 
changes of scenery are elaborate and pretty, 
and they are made In dark shifts with great 
rapidity, which Is a strong point in their 

In the story it appears that Silas Slawson, 
of Tannersvllla In the Catskllls, goes to sleep 
right after hit wife has told him to split tbe 
wood, and dreams that he sees tho little old 
men of the hills, and then sleeps, for a twenty- 
year stretch, waking up to return to his old 
borne, all ragged and be-whlskered, to find 
that his wife, believing him dead, bas mar- 
ried his deadliest enemy. Silas Is brought 
back to earth Anally by tho sound of his 
wife's voice calling him, and asking If he has 
got all the wood split. His relief at (lading 
that his Rip Van Winkle experience is all a 
dream may be Imagined. 

Mr. Stephens has a good idea here, and al- 
though it captured some laughs last Monday 
night there is room for mors humor In it. 
Isabel Allen, as the wife, and Wm. Scanlon, 
ns the servant, aid him In its playing. The 
playlet runs about twenty-three minutes, on 
the full stage, 

The Seven YnuUlaaa, 
One of tho greatest Bisloy acts ever shown 
on a metropolitan Htnge was performed by the 
Seven Yuillans, at the New York last week. 
This act la one of Klaw oc Erlanger'a Euro- 
pean importations, and in its line there are 
few that can compare with It 

The members or this troupe Introduce some 
"stunners" In feats of acrobatics, oil of which 
are on a novel order, and when they come to 
the Rlsley work at tbe finish the audience is 
convinced that something startling Is about 
to be offered. Nor arc tho people disap- 
pointed, tor the rapidity and ease with which 
the several striplings are tossed about on the 
feet of the prostrate Yuillans bring forth 
storms ot applause. It is rarely that an ac- 
robatic act brings forth euch enthusiasm as 
did this one. It runs about ten minutes, on, 
the full stage. 

HaBenbeek'a Elephants. 
A good circus net introduced at tho Hip- 
podrome last week was the one by the Hagea- 
beck elephants, n dozen In number, who are 
nut through their paces by Frank Melville. 
Four big animals and eight smaller ones are 
in this act, which has some capital features 
to It. 

Mr. Melville makes the eight smaller ele- 
phants stand on their front feet, balance 
ihemselves on their hind feet, lie down and 
go through vnrlous evolutions. Then all the 
•■lephants. upon making their exit, place 
their fore feet each on the one in front of 
blm and walk ore on their hind legs. This 
troupe is splendidly trained, and the big 
stage of the Hippodrome is Just the place 
to show an act of this kind to the best pos- 
sible advantage. It mas about eight min- 

■ ■•«• 
Daisy Hodirlal. 
Daisy Hodglnl, Bald to bo a man, gave a 
fine exhibition of bareback riding at the Hip- 
podrome last week, performing In long skirts, 
and doing Rorocrsauits and breakneck things 
on the horse (hat some riders less cumber- 
somely clad would balk nt Llodglnl holds a 
chair about a foot above the horse's back, 
vaults over It, hangs backward over the 
animal's back until his head almost touches 
the ground, and discbarges two revolvers 
while in that dlaiy position. The riding is 
of sufficient merit to keep the spectators 
thoroughly alert during every Instant of it, 
and the applause which was given the rider 
at frequent intervals told of how thoroughly 
tho act was appreciated. It runs about six 

lies TronahettsBB. 
At Percy Williams' Colonial last week nn 
Italian tears, a man and a woman, calling 
themnelvos Les Trombetla, made their Ameri- 
can dobnt, and tho man's broken English 
Hccmcd to strike tho audience as funny. 

There arc some good imitations contributed, 
all vocal ones, which the man gives with a 
guide for the applause, saying "Ect'a fce- 
nlshed" after each one. 

He gives nn Imitation of a "lectle dog" and 
then a "heeg one," a skyrocket, etc., and his 
minced English Is rather laughable. Tbe 
woman of the team Is attractive looking and 
sings a la the French Boubrettes. The act 
was greatly liked last week, running about 
thirteen minutes, on the full stage. 
*« > 
Martin Van Dergen, 
Martin Van Bergen, at the Union Square 
last woek, sang some baritone solos very 
nicely, showing a great deal of sound com- 
mon sense In his selection ot numbers that 
appealed to the audience and at the same 
time ahowed his voice to the best possible, 
advantage. Be dresses neatly and last Tues- 
day was In very good voice, his reception 
tirovlug tbat bis hearers realised bow well 
io was rendering tho various numbers. "An- 
nie Laurie," his clnslug song, was particu- 
larly well done. Hia act runs about ten 
minutes. In one. 

Marcel mad Reae Pbllllpart. 
Cambo Devil, or DIabolo, said to be a Euro- 
pean erase, w»b shown at the nippodrome 
last week, by Marcel and Rene Pbllllpart, 
who are said to be the InventorR ond cham- 
pions at It, and the novelty of the game, 
coupled with tbe skill of tho men who played 
it, made a splendid Impression. 

DIabolo Is played with a spool whlca Is 
metal bound, and Is thrown In the air and 
caught on a string which Is held between two 
little sticks. The players roll the spool up 
and down the string, then throw It Into the 
air, catching It on the string again with 
great dexterity as It descends from a great 
height. The skill In the game consists In 
Judging Just the sbpt and the angle where 
the spinning spool is about to land, and the 
players must be agile. The act runs only 
about four minutes, but It Is worth seeing. 
Mlna-Golem Troape, 
One of the best things at tbe New York 
Hippodrome's new show Is the clg act offered 
by the Mlrra-Golem Troupe of Arabian acro- 
bats. This act Is spectacular to an unusual 
degree, and last Saturday afternoon It bad 
the tremendous audience keyed up to a high 
pitch of expectancy and enthusiasm. 

The members of this troupe arc gymnasts 
of a high order, with something new to offer 
at practically every- turn. One balances a 
pole on his shoulder while another member 
of the company does all sorts of teats upon 
It, and then the man performing on the polo 
Is Joined on his swaying perch by one of the 
striplings In tbe company, and he tosses this 
youngster about with ease. 

A bit of Rlsley work terminates the offer- 
ing In whirlwind style. The entire act is 
a pulse-qulckeoer from start to finish, and 
would be n strong feature on tbe stage of 
any theatre. It runs about ten minutes. 
< ■ «» 
Bert auad Lottie Walton. 
Tbe Hoe on the Pastor programme last 
week which referred to the act given by Bert 
and Lottie Walton read "Meet Me on the Rol- 
lers." giving the impression that the team 
perform a roller skating act. Acrobatic 
work, however, takes up more of their time 
than the dancing which they Introduce on 
rollers, and It is acrobatic work of a most 
praiseworthy kind. 

Bert Walton Is a gymnast of no mean 
ability, and although he did not extend him- 
self to any great extent last Wednesday 
matinee, for some reason, the feats of tum- 
bling that he accomplished were capital ones, 
nnd one could easily see that he was capable 
of.mdch better things. Lottie Walton's dan- 
cing was warmly applauded, and her steps on 
the rollers also brought her pleasing reward. 
The act is a worthy one, running about ten 
minutes, on the full stage. 
Kitty Gray and Dan Gillette. 
Variety seemed to be the keynote of the of- 
fering contributed by Kitty Gray and Dan 
Gillette at Pastor's last week, with mind 
reading, magic, paper tearing and harmonica 
playing figuring In it. Miss Gray also re- 
lieves her work by telling a Joke or two. The 
team opened the bill, and although they had 
nn admittedly difficult place to win success 
for the contribution, they seemed to have the 
elements of a good entertainment. 

Their mind reading, which consists of Miss 
Gray reading while blindfolded the writings 
of various people In the audience, is the best 
part of the entertainment. The magic Is not 
up to the mark, because the tricks shown are 
old ones. With some newer tricks this part 
uf the act could be built up nicely. The team 
works on tbe full stage, about twelve minutes. 
Five Clifton*. 
One of the New York Hippodrome's now 
circus acts, last week, was offered by the 
Five 01 If tons, a troupe of acrobats made up 
of four men and one woman. Tbe nnder- 
stander Is a heavily set powerful fellow, 
whom nothing seems to feaze in the matter 
of weight lifting, and he finishes the specialty 
by holding upon his chest and legs, while 
balanced upon his hands and feet, all the 
others of the troupe, a heavy, padded plat- 
form, and some weights for good measure. 
The hand to hand work, balancing and other 
feats of the Five Clifton* are all or high class 
and most difficult of execution, and the act 
was liberally applauded. It runs about six 

41 * 
The Maearte Slaters. 
Opening their offering with mandolin play- 
ing, tho Maearte Sisters, at tbe Union Square 
last week, passed on to a very pretty little 
Japanese dance, and then Introduced soma 
wire walking that made the natives sit up 
and take notice. These three sisters do name 
difficult and brilliantly executed work on the 
tight wire, and the feat which ends the act, 
the walking by ono of the sisters on a wire 
the ends of which are held by the other two 
In their teeth, is a big winner from a spec- 
tacular standpoint, and the audience last 
Tuesday mollnco was most appreciative of its 

The entire act is most pleasing, and is a 
feature for any bill. It runs about fourteen 
minutes, nn tho full stage. 
The I,lpptnm»t». 
At tbe Union Square, lust week, the Up- 
plncotts, rellned singers nnd dancers, made 
an agreeable impression, offering some dan- 
cing that was characterized by the vim they 
put Into it, if for nothing else. Their sing- 
lug was abont on a par with the usual act 
of this kind, nnd they contrived to Oil out 
their allotted teu minutes agreeably, appear- 
ing In one. 


noif .oca own coxixspoaDiAt. 

Clipper Bareao, ' 

14 Lelcea ter Street, 

Lelceater Saaare, • 

Losdoa, W. C. 

, Not. 23. 1907. 

A floe old actor has passed away in Henry 
Kemble, a clear descendant from the great 
family which included Sarah Slddons. For 
a long time Mr. KembJc hsd suffered from 
heart trouble. He resorted to Jersey, In the 
hope of flodlng health again, but feeling the 
end near, he dictated a telegram to his old 
friend. Ijtdy Bancroft, saying: "All Is over. 
God bless yon." Mr. Kemble was sixty-one 
years of age, forty of which he bad spent on 
the stage, so quickly did he abandon the civ.l 
service, for which his people Intended him. 
He graduated in the old, hard school of tbe 
stock compaby. Qdite soon be reached Lon- 
don, and rarely left the city. For a long 
time he was with the Bancrofts, thereafter 
with Mr. Tree. In his later days he needed 
little aid of make-up for the character of an 
elderly, somewhat eccentric aristocrat: In 
certain characters of this type It will be 
quite impossible to replace him. Mr. Kemble 
was a member of the Garrlck Club, and also 
of the BeefBteak Club, In the Intimacy of 
which he was always called "Beetle." 

A play, entitled "Cesar Borgia," was pro- 
duced by Henry B. Irving at the Theatre 
Boyal, Edinburgh, on Thursday night It Is 
the' work of Justin Huntley McCarthy, whose 
best known play Is doubtless "If I Were 
King." Caesar Borgia is b figure new to the 
Btage — he formed the centre of a seventeenth 
century play, that is all. McCarthy's play is 
"historical," as the phrase goes, only in en- 
vironment He has Invented a love story, in 
which he depicts the merciless and cruel em- 
peror as a fascinating lover— fated, of course, 
to a tragical' end. It B. Irving is fitted with 
a tine part, in which he greatly distinguishes 
himself. .._.„'.„ 

"It is impossible to see Marie Dressier," 
says The tiailu Telegraph, "without feeling 
that she is worthy of better . things. Sbo 
seems to combine the tragic fierceness of a 
Charlotte Cushman with the frivolous petti- 
nesses of the most Ingenuous soubrette. The 
secret of her success seems to be In her strong 
sense of character. A strong, rugged melo- 
drama part, written especially for her, should 
display her talents In the most favorable 

Arthur Morrison's realistic stories of lower 
classes seem to have a curious fascination 
for the dramatist Preceding the successful 
"Irene Wycnerley," at the Klngsway Theatre, 
Lena Ashwell hi now playing "A Stroke ot 
Business," which Horace A. Newte has as- 
sisted Mr. Motrlson to dramatize. This tells 
the story of a. sordid scamp, who believes 
that his annt, whose heir he is, cannot live 
long — that it will be cheaper to bury her in 
the country. . So he Invites her to bis bouse, 
and, In a salubrious air, she recovers I . He is 
confronted with the alternative of boarding 
her Indefinitely, .or turning her out and, by 
admitting his rascality, losing the legacy.. 

Walter Gibbons' latest accession of music 
halls now puts him in personal control of 
twelve London variety theatres. Walter and 
Fred Melville take a benefit at the Standard. 
Shoredltcb, on handing it over to tbe "great 
Leviathan. ' Tola used to be the largest the- 
atre In London. The Melville boys Inherited 
It from their father, a slop-dash author, actor 
and manager, who began with nothing, made 
1,11)0,000. and died In middle age. 

Jerrard Grant Allen and Jerrold Bobert- 
shaw have entered Into partnership, and se- 
cured a lease of the New Thee tre. They will 
revive "The New Boy" on Wednesday, but 
only as a stopgap. They have several plays 
on hand, notably "The Tenth of August" by 
Alexandra von Herder, in which Nina. Boucl- 
cault will appear. 

Cosmo Oordon Lennox has cut down the 
title of his new play from "The Platonics of 
Angela" to "Angela" simply. It will Immedi- 
ately replace "The Barrier," at the Comedy 
Theatre. Marie Tempest will figure as An- 
gela, the very Independent daughter of an 
elderly savant, whose friends, by an amusing 
process of diplomacy, induce her to the haven 
of matrimony. 

When Charles Frohman Installs hU annual 
production ot "Peter Pan" at the Duke of 
York's. Theatre, during the Christmas season, 
Pauline Chase will resume her . "original" 
part Gerald Da Maurier cannot be. spared 
from "Brewster's Millions," at the Hicks The- 
atre, so A. B, Matthews will play Mr. Darling, 
and Robb Harwood tha Pirate King. 

Martin Harvey Is to lecture in Liverpool on 
"Some Phases of tbe Shakespearean Drama." 
He has secured from William Faversbam the 
English rights of "The World and His Wife." 

One hundred performances of "The Chris- 
tian" have now been recorded at tbe Ly- 
ceum. Matthoson Lang Is playing John 
Storm again. 

Herbert Slcath produces "The New York 
Idea" at the Apollo Theatre on Wednesday 
next Herein his wife, Ellis Jeffries, will 

When "The Education of Elizabeth" Is 
transferred to the Haymarket ou Monday, 
Miriam Clements will be replaced, as Eliza- 
beth, by Hilda Antony, a young actress who 
made quite a hit in "The Morals of Mar- 
cus" on tour, but who is new to town. 

"Behind the" Is the name of a retue 
which Seymour. Hicks has .prepared for the 
Tlvoll. It goes on early m December. It 
will prove to bo a.pow-wow of music hall 
and theatrical abilities — Mrs. Pat Campbell 

"Arouud the Clock" begins a week's engage- 
ment i!. following "Playing tho Ponies," 
which drew largely last week. "At Yale" is 
due 0. 

Prlvcuhh (8. C. Little, manager).— "Car- 
men" will be heard Ibis week, with Bertha 
Mittleck as star. "Faust" and "Tho Bohe- 
mian Girl" were well done last week. 

Iliii.Liu.w Stkkrt (George W. ltlfe, man- 
ager). — "Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model" 
returns 2 for ono week. "Tbo Convict and 
the GUI" did well last week. Colo aud John- 
sou cume 0. 

HiANKY's (Charles E. money, manager). 
— Cecil Hpooner will be seen In "The Dancer 
nnd the King" 2-4, and "The Girl Raffles" 
§•?, "Deadwood Dick's Last Shot" did well, 
closing Nov. 30. 

Gavrtv (W. L. Bailout, manager).— 
Charles KoblnBon's Night Owls are here 2-7. 
The Heutz-Hantlev Co. did Its usual good 
business lost week. The Behman Show Is 
nunouueed for 9. 

New Monv mental (Ram. M. Dawson, 
manager). — The Lady Birds open 2. Wat- 
son's llnrlesnucrs did well week ending Nov. 
.10. Next, New Century Girls. 

LvniN'a (Edward C. Earl*, manager) . — 
Millar Brothers' Diorama. Mono. Herbert. 
Wilson and Moran, and Dan Forrester are 
new 2. 

i ii 

Annapolis— At tbe Colonial (W. A. Hal- 
Inbaugh, manager) "A Pair of Country Kids" 
Nov. TiO. "The Great Divide" Dee. f, Doek- 
stader's Minstrels 7. 

Nora — The reBt of the season should bo 
brighter and better In the theatrical line, 

A new electric road Is being constructed, 
and tracks aro being laid through tbe city, 
giving employment to a great number of 

" «**» 

nurllngtojn — At the Strong (Calm t 
Grant, managers) "Rip Van Winkle," Nov. 
27, pleased. "Tho Lion and the Mouse," 28, « 
filled the house. "Mary's Lamb," 29, pleased. 
"The Golden Rule" 80, "Coming Thro' the 
Rye" Dec. 2, "Tbe Isle »f Bong Bong" 8. 

Notes. — At the Theatorlum and Lyric 

good business Geo. D. JarvlB, who la 

all that remains of the Burlington Baseball 
Association, is laying out an Ice skating rink 
at Athletic Park, and in tbe Spring will 
erect additional buildings thero for an out- 
door theatre, etc - 



Manchester.— At the Park (John Stiles, 
manager) tbe house stock company will give 
"The Postmaster's Daughter" weak of Dec. 2. 

Nickel (Manuel Lorenten, manager).— 
8. R. O. I* the rule here. 

Mechanics' Hai.l (Dan E. Gnllegtjer, 
manager). — Excellent business Is In evidence. 

Nutr. — Cbas. Gilo, for the past: two sea- 
sons stage carpenter at the Park Theatre 
here, left for his home In Lowell, Mass., 25. 

Wtuand Artn-WvciAKD have Just returned 
from a successful tour through Pennsylvania, 
and will play around New York until Dec. 
23, when they ' play the Howard, Boston. 

dropping logic with Sam Poluskl, and so on. 

F,rlc Lewis, the. actor,, has written a plav- 
let called "A Lesson In Shakespeare," which 
Cyril Maude will shortly produce at the 

At a recent meeting the English theatrical 
managers "plumped" for the retention of the 
censor, and also asked that his powers might 
ho extended, so that plays of which be dis- 
proves may not with Impunity bo performed 
in semi-private by tbe many stage societies 
that now flourish. 

Lillian Price, who used to be a gaiety 
nctrcHs, is in great distress, and a subscrip- 
tion llBt has been opened for her. 8ho U best 
remembered as a dancer In the famous pas de 

Itobt Cou'rlncedge, Just homo from America, 
Is liard at work on a series of pantomime pro- 
ductions in the provincial cities. 

Charles Frohman, having bought the Eng- 
lish rights In "Samson," now so popular fn 
Parle, lias engaged Arthur Bourchier as tho 
actor most likely to do the play Justice. Bour- 
chier went to Paris on Sunday to see "Sam- 
son" for himself. 

Edwin Geach, an Australian entrepreneur, 
haR secured all rights on "Mrs. Wiggs of tbe 
Cabbage Patch" for the colony. 

Walter- Wirdroper !s lurapacltated by 
throat disease, and In distress. Years ago, 
with his "twlu-Uke" brother, Henry, he used 
to give a protean entertainment. Indeed, tho 
Brothers Wardroper were world famous. 

Within a few days of the ending of the 
regular opera season at Covent Garden, tbe 
Carl Kosa company will begin a "popular" 
season. , "^ 

Charles Wyodham was "commanded" to 
Windsor Castle on Saturday. He gave a per- 
formoncc of "Still Waters Run Deep" before 
a company including tbe King and Queen, the 
Kaiser and tbe Kalserln. 
. " M i w »^I 0<) l! ; of Holland" has now been 
played 800 times at the Prince ot Wales' 

George Bernard Shaw says that if a drom- 
ntlst shocks you. "you should respect his 
courage and Inspiration, even though you 

To-morrow evening Hw* will no -a grand 
concert In augmentation of the Playgoers' 
Club Fund for sending poor children to a 
pantomime. ~ -. 

Sarah Bernhardt set out on her homeward 


Covered with Yellow Sorea-Slgfct of 
Bye Destroyed— Doctors Fall; 


"Our little girl, one year and a half 
old, was token with eczema. We took 
her to three doctors, but by this time 
she was nothing but a yellow, greenish 
sore. ■ One morning we discovered -a 
little yellow pimple on one of her eyes. 
Doctor No. 3 said that we had better 
take her to some eye specialist, since 
it was an ulcer. So we went to Oswego 
to. doctor No. 4, and he said the eye- 
sight was gone, but .that he could help 
it Well, We were nearly discouraged 
I thought ■■ we woul.d try the Cuticufj 
Treatment, so I purchased a set of Cuti- 
cura Remedies, which cost me $1, arid 
in three days our daughter, who had 
been sick about eight months, showed 
great improvement, and in one week all 
sores had disappeared. Mr. and M r < 
Frank Abbott. K. F. D., No. 9, Fulton' 
Oswego Ca, N. Y., Aug. 17, 19 06. 

iourncy on Sunday. She means to rest unin 
her reappearing in "La Sorciere," in Pari" 

Gilbert Parker, novelist, dramatist and 
parliamentarian, celebrates a birthday to-dnv 

J^dy Brampton, the aged widow oftte" 
famous Judge, always remembered aa n a * 
kins who died the other day, leavine b% 
vast fortune to Catholic charities was • 
fairly well known actress In the fifties, sv 
was- a member of old Buckstono's comnant 
at the Haymarket <.<««uanj, 

Charles Frohman has secured the American 
rights of "Lady Frederick," now runnloi? 
at the Court * 

Charles Wyndham will preside at the aa- 
nual dinner of tbe Savage Club, on Sundov 
Dec. ,8.. . .-,... " 

__Wentworth Croke's right to reproduce "Tie 
Christian," at the Shaftesbury Theatre aS 
it Is removed from the Lyceum Theatre S 
challenged. . . * 

Evle Greene, the musical comedy actress 
now on the road with. "The Lady Dandle<" 
was bitten through the cheek by a dor it 
Birmingham, but not seriously marked 

Gene*, who goes to New. York in January 
has Just completed ten years of service with 
the Kmplre. Of course, dancers begin very 
young. .. ' B ' 

Beam Stoker, so many years Irving s man 
of business, thinks the censor of piayi a 
necessary "literary policeman to keep liter- 
ary hooligans In order." He referred to tbe 
late Fred Leslie's caricature of Irving. Les- 
lie was told by the Lord Chamberlain that 
if he persisted, • the license of the play In 
which he was appearing would be withdrawn. 
A man of Irvine's standing, said Bram Sto- 
ker ,v„ w . a8 Jfoporly protected from affront 

Millie Legarde, a pretty musical comedv 
actress, announces that she has been engaged 
to appear as Aladdin, in the Adelphl pan- 
tomime. This would mean that the neeo- 
tlaiions with Evle Green have come to 
nought. ■ - 

Oscar Asche and Lady Brayton have In- 
vited their professional comrades to occupy 
all the available seats at the afternoon per- 
formance ot "As You Like It," at Ills Males- 
ly 8 Theatre on Thursday next 

ifay Beatty, the Australian actress, will 
be principal boy In Dick WhJttlngtoa at tbe 
Tyne Theatre, Newcastle, 

I told you a while ago that an Important 
engagement was pending at the Palace The- 
atre. The murder Is out! Seymour flicks 
and Ellaline Terriss appear there for eicht 
weeks, next Fall, at a Joint salary of $2,000 

At a meeting of the London County Council 
on Irlday. the fate of the Coliseum and the 
Hippodrome, in regard! to the sale' of Intoxi- 
cating Honors, was settled for twelve months. 
Neither house is to have a license. County 
Councillor Reynolds (who used to be an ac- 
tor) began a. speech about the Maine laws, 
but tbe chairman stopped him, saying that 
It had nothing to do with the case. 

Beerbobm Tree tentatively played an adap- 
tation of "Edwin Drood," at tbe New Thea- 
tre, Cardiff, on Thursday night. It is by J. 
Comvns Carr. 

Every year Vane Featherstone (who nsed 
to be a popular actress, but seldom appears 
on the stage now) gets up a theatrical "Five 
Clock Tea and Entertainment," In aid of 
the Theatrical Ladles' Guild. Many well 
known performers will nsslst at the next, o» 
Dec. 7, rn Queens Hail. 

"Pierrot in Fairyland" is the title of tbe 
Christmas show at Beketov's, formerly Heng- 
ler'e Circus. It will employ a hundred chil- 
dren. . ' 

Harry Cadlc, senior partner in the egencr 
business of H. & K. Cadlc, Is dead. He suf- 
fered but a short time from gastritis. Cadle, 
who was a connection of Oswald Stoll, wai 
much liked. 

K..H. Bostock has received on address of 
congratulation, signed by many performers, 
on resuming the management of the 7.- < 
and Hippodrome, Glasgow. For some' time be 
entrusted the bookings to the Moss Empire 
office. •• - „• 

Alice Lloyd bad a cablegram on Wednes- 
day, begging her to hasten her return to Nev 
York — to get thero for Christmas. It possible 
But she Is hooked for pantomime here. 

At tho Water Rata' matinee, next week, 
wo are to see the first performance In Enj- 
land of the Flying Weavers. ■ • 

Adellna Patti and Sir Charles Santley are 
to sing at the Albert Hall on Friday. 

Queenie I.e Brunn, the singer, has ban to 
undergo an operation In Charing Cross Hos- 
pital, where they aro exceptionality kind 10 
professional people. Sbo hopes to b^ well In 
lime to play in pantomime. 

Daisy Wood — ono of the Urge family of 
Hoyds-T-retlred from the stage on her mar- 
riage ; but she has been tempted to play prin- 
cipal girl at the Crown Theatre. Peckbara. 

Gus Elan is Just now appearing at tbe 
Moss Empires around London. 

Kate Phillips is tho most rocont emigrant 
from the "regular" stage to the ' variety 
stage. ■ She Is u conilc actress of a high type 
long associated with Henry Irving. She 
visited America with the Lyceum company 
at Jts best. Miss Plillllne is doing & protean 
sketch, called "A Lesson to Husbands.'' While 
the man Idles at home he has a succession of 
visitors, who administer a salutary lesson. 
They are, of course, madame In a number of 
ingenious dlsirulses. 

Claiming to bo the oldest of our music 
halls— the claim is capable of dispute— the 
Canterbury shortly celebrates Its fifty-fifth 

Fred Ea'ruo's newest Bketch Is entitled "A 
Tragedy of Errors." The hero, ruined by ill 
kinds- of extravagance decides to commit 
suicide, but lacks courage. So he makes a 
devoted friend promise, on oath, to kill hint 
without warning. Meanwhile, an unexpected 
legacy relieves the financial strain. The 
comedy Is evolved from' his dresd of death. 
for it is a long time ere he is able to find n» 
friend and induce him to believe that cir- 
cumstances have altered the case. _, .„ 

A sketch entitled "Tbe Phonograph Gl/I 
has Just reached town, after an experimental 
tour of the provinces. It Is mainly the worx 
of Paul Knox. "The Phonograph Girl" Is ot 
the usual musical comedy type, the noveitj 
being the Ingenious use of a phonograph to 
teeord tbe hero's flirtations. 

3 TCra . - 


' r> 


r '- ' 'V *' 


: » i TfldtdiVBafristorrt has become the Iffml- 
df«t ■•■of' tho. Music Hall Homo; a. refuge ft>r 
dWriteM*!. professionals. . ".■: •.'•'.••.■•■ 
■^TriBj'.miitl^hiiH ana: taentrlenT cel«i»lties 
afliojnViodJifcojmarHpso- of KatiS Wrulier;- the 
vonoWst daughter «( itichnrd Warner;; tho 
'ieeai: <r»-V¥r<ir:e<5<ioy. -."Mr.* UfCMM6iB^at 
. > wiide^'room, £> -V' 1 * mnn -. '.'"•' 
t — «1t IV- the 'custom, especially; At dnr Old 
CaohloDfld vaudeville iwus-s, to. organize nn 
extra,' rlrdgtrtflirrin In oommomorarton of; Hie 
anniversary. Nowhere Is tftls function cole- 

■ brntcd- with/ more cnrhnslnsni .tbas (it the 
Middlesex Music Hnll> in Drnry Lane. Tltt? 
Bouse grew. nut of the Mopjiil 'Pnvcrti,- which 
claims to have n history extending orer three 
oentiwU'S'. ' Mr. Ornydon. who runs the Mtrt- 

.dieses ■ ihe In likewise a director of the 
Palace). Is quite "n old rimer. lie hnrt ii 
crowd- of dlstihsulsherl Eiiosts lit his anni- 
versary ihe other iilsiit. 
••r'Wilrty-iiLt iowns have been rovcrotl by tne 

. Ztnrlgs' ""d n "concert pnrty," InCliidlnR 
Annie .Irhnborih, a brilliant vocalist. ' Thty 

■ coVM-ed. fifteen thoiisonil miles— : a prodlElom 
jhjvt') !>"*• iNow they wlU'ccaac to perform 

'•on their own." but will work the Moss & 

• „Sroll vaudeville houses, 'i'hla will occupy 

»h«n thirty week*. ■ 
. Oswald St oil nrfangod nn nttemnon her- 

• fohnanen <it iho Shepherd's Hush Kmplfo on 
Thufsdpv, lo "try Mtt" number of aspirant-* 

•'•"to" the -liondon stage. Two thousand .inpP.- 

- jianrs wen? sorted Into fifty performers, 'there 

" • wow some- quaint licence. ", 

*• Aflhe Mhmnlofll l-'uo, l'i:y, to be opened in 

'.rtlftmpln, on : ('hriajmn$ eve. will ho founjl 

|b>eMal7< Circus; likewise ou cmlrc Totlarcg 

....village. Imported the 

I-'rvndlt CI/lnlllnlolTico': tho i"^!™^-!^^'^* 

■from iticHofliu Kiliihlliiii), nn Italian uiari- 

•nliott'e th<?stre, ""d a ho.< nf side shows. A 

million and a qnnrrer wns thentteiiclniiee rog- 

•Hlo'red fn.vt year. It I* hoped to exceed' this. 

■* 'f Ho : 'r'hree 'Rfthrs, tho sensational cyclists, 

■ "foc'entlir' 'appeared af the Loudon, l'atllloii. 
' A-mecbanicnl engineer, wtto worked o'a IbeL' 

ifrggitig. Sited them for the payment of ?2(1. 

TneRflb'rs, protested that, the was badly 

' iloho, :adtt the', court, agreelni;, retlaeed the 

claim, but oplj by a few' dollars. 
.". v "''LH Hawthorne Is. a tint: "principal boy," 

■ -and tfie' proprietors of tho Crown Thenlre. 

l'cckham,' may ho- congratulated oil having 
> secured ner to p|ny Jack, In "lack, and the 

■ 'Ifcian+falfcy" at tno Orov.-il Theativ. Peekhain'. 

N'epqtlatlnh't have uowr be?n completed for 

> "!i •Mexican eitilhitlon ol l he. Crystal 1'alac^. 
.? Tl'.*"'sd»orninent M Unclen has promised llh- 

oKti snppnrt. and, the. president may. visit 
I'n^lnnri while the exhibit ion fa in progress. 
'rto.JJWer't H to encoursso the Investment of 
i-nptlnl-in 'Mexican commerce and Indusirtej 

• iiflie art. the agriculture, the flslierlss, tw 
forer-irv; th» mlneralosv, th*' method? of 

r '" transport; the trade* nnd the amusements of 

> -tip ■ coiintiy ;iro all to he suitably lllrstrarod. 
• - '■'/f'ls'Bopea; that n typlral t'llitary band maj 

be remitted ;to I.oiluoa fot tho orcaSloh. . 

'■'"• ' Maurice .Tncobl tiafhom appointed musical 

afrt'etofc/fitije MoUllh Rouae, Pnrl^. He m 

forks' long MMe aj tho VandevlHo-.Thentre 

-: Jiert.-'flren' at the llroii, Maliy 'at Iho Coll- 

". seint".' He is a fine mn^flan — a son of the 

la^euftrges Jacohl, who wrote more than 

'■ 'W»-n»Vridred ballads fot- ihc .Uhainbra^ 

- • -\WrteBne' Arefcarde. whose last notable suc- 

• c«s :? wa'a- In —The tittle Mlchtts," 'has de- 
«l»d/ to appear In Vaudeville. ' She has 

•.-' boueht'a'dttofogue, from Moiman JfcKeDMi, 

• rno- aetbr, Wjitcfi Oawaia Stoll will produce. . 
' ; » •< » ' 


00?. ALSTRALl.VS l.KTTnt. 

; .unyjy orn own onntttsrosnESt. 

: m : Mi lw,. : 

Tar'Sappienuttl 1 l>t 9ti Atothet Oolaa». 

• i DftAMAlIC .VVU Ml'Slt-Ui. 


A^.onip. ^re.Ivle. (Cbarles lYohman. mrt.) — AlMom, 

V*.."i.~: Treiitoa. N*. T„ <\, T. No»-srk n-w. 
ABClln.':Jtr.rparM,' ntwt Ilmry MliWr vUeory JOB" 

lor, jagr,i-TfhIl»u>lfihI.l, P»-, 2-1H.. 
Acot-opFM (MtltOR * snrsrftt- A?wr«, BtJfS.)— 

3t T. CltyC. tn^anlte. 
Atrerlean ><0PK (AnHf T. nefbst, Bff.)— Be- 

lolt, WL«., J-T. O«hko»li S, t'enrt itn J-14- 
Anbrer' Stock, Western ID. Otto Itltner, mgr.)'— 

DtMll, lnrt„ 2-7. Marlon P-l 4. 
Aiiaelfs fomeillin... A (J. «. Ati5o11. rcer.)— HI 
' iK.rflrtd." Art.-, 2-T. ' ■ " »>•■■•■ 
lwall*» Com<MI«o», fi (.r.iet F.mer->on, mire,)— 
' Aliits. iitla., a-T, Manpira 0-M, 
AnjellV rnme<ilar>. 1> (ilins. .U.ioUlle, mri-) — 

l'reilcrlck, ritla., P-ll. , 

Anhnr. Jt-an iCotemnu A ivilsner. msw.)— Hope. 

X., Dot., *, l'a«e \ WaUi*to» t). Waeston. 
' Minn., 7, Ortonrllle P, ttrmon ifl, Mon tOW Nl 

3 1, Mnolsoa 12, Xraey 10. Uarrettsoo, S. Uak . 

"Alaskan" (Jo'an Cort, mar.) — Oakland, Cal., I- 

4, !*an Jose r>. Santa Crnr. <i, M'lhtewy 7, s?an 

l-'raoelsen S-21. ' " " 

"Anita, tho Slpirlnjj Olri" (A. 1. Speneer, iipr.) 

— SprlnaaV?li. 111., t'4, l>» Mollws, la.. M. 
"At the "Old C.oaa Itoaas'' tArtnnr t". Ai«roh. 

"n,gr.) — l'«no» City. Cain., 4, Victor R. Flmonve 

ft -Snllda 7, LeaiWIlleS, Axpen O, OrauU, Junc- 
tion W.-'l'mro t'lty, I'., 11. Kucetci 12, 0<nleji 

t3/P*rt City 14.- 

"Atouuil tho t'lnck,'' Oih Hill's — IMIMuinre^ >I<1„ 

' 2^T.' WIlkOK-nnrre.- I'a .' ()•) I, Sclfacion 12-1 1. 

"Arjuona" iliarifl,!. Uantaw, ni&-. I' — Han Dleuo, 

• 4. Kn llecnantloo 5, IRakenOJlil <r, l're4- 

»v, 7.. . -■ "' 

"AsToM lo'tlio 1111N"— rartn.ioU, Kj„ 7.- ' 
"Are Xon Oriua-?" (II. .1.. LuitMicv, nrjr.l— Sjkj- 

bii>, Wash., ft. " '•' '"■ ' ' 
"At Vale" . (.1 nles Jlnrry, mitr.1— Wasiilngtrai, l>. 
' C., 2^7, Baltimore. JI«t., :>141 ... 
"At talc" (Jules Miirrr. Mar. ) — Whocllas, IV. 
. . Va., l..Cay City. Mlch.,,10, , ■' 
"Alone the K*nnebec,".S«eii;«tfl (.\. 1?. raktr, 

• act.) — Washington, N". C,.,4\ Croenvllle 5, 
Klnatpn U, N'ew-'Bern 7i Phrhnm 0, flrahnni 
]l»! Wlnaton-Salotn it,' High* 'taint I*. Sall»burr 
IS, Contonl 14. ' :■ . •' 

"Ate Tou « Mason J"— Satchel!. Ulas., 14. 

• . ' • B ' - . - ' 

lilnttelip rale's (DatIiI lielarco, rarrrO—- Pllt.»l,nr(ji 
1,'a... 2-7, I'lhclnairi. O.. till. :■' ;■'•. i 
ftarrymorc. Kthel tCUns. I'roliman. itv^r.)— Ctn- 
j c.liutall. O.. 4-7, i»n„xrlllo. .Tt-nii.,. n, . -.' , ■ 
Cloodsnwl, Clara (Sain S. k Lee Sliiiliert, Inc., 

. rajtsii-^-JJaltlmore. >.Mtt., '2.-7, ritthbari, l'u<, 

. n-H. / i • • ■ . 

l)rllciY,.K$.rle, tya. Marfarc.t Ullnston- (Ckas. l'toh- 

man. rajr.) — X V. CKjr 2. lmUllulte. ' 
iTcriiaril. Snm (Clinr)oa l'roliaiaD, niitr.)-f-Xewar6i 

If: J., 2-7. Baltimore, Mil., u-14. 
Cell. Dicby (t>»m a, fc Lee.8huheH. Inc., rngra.) 

' — Bosten.' Mass'.,. 2-7. /. . . 

Butt; laura. anil, Henry Stanford (HrnMt Ship. 

-rhan, rafer.) — Amler-oo, Init.. 4:. 1 lmtlan«rwlln 

-' r,. 1), Skolbyi'lllo T, .Terte llautoll, 
nimlloy, l'lownco (B. E, rnrrealT, .mgr.) — 

.- Newark ..V. .1.." 2>7. I •",'•"• . :• 
B'.nniry, flarry Olny (Chas.'E. Blnray, Amn**. Co,. 

: miSa-l-r Chicago, ,1H., 1-7, Mltwajikee, Wu., S« 

Burges?.' Sell— Worcester, jitiai, S : 7. 
ilUntlat,-Eq)n!a— BtUTSte!»-4.Hlranv*lelb's (Hay Ap> 

' pieeate: mW- 1 ^-Snn Antonio, TM-. a ■Indeflnlte. 
BAnMt'Stoniicn iq«o. K. Hohlnioti, mgr.) — W11 
^ MRoirD., >". V„ 2:7. A»bnot>M» . 
tfertnetf-Jfoiiltnn— Fall ItlVor. Mass.. 0-14. 
puMete. (E»H) Co.. -fltrgess -& HlmmelStri'f^tAi 
r if • np rhsr.)— Setflnttgh',' X.n*. - , 2-7, tan- 
coster, p».,' P-I4. '•' '. ': , 
rwrqess (Earl) Co.. Bafstess * H!mmrl»In'» (G»». 

.A". ; HftlUUy.; ' 

Cotbatt,. Jamea. J.. (MUlnUial nms. Ajunar. Co., 
hirjKj^Vjrk^.vNVi,. .2-7. Brdokljn. X. T.. 

1*14, •- 


Ortejr -ftatrf J>. ^ Kopp'i n.lley. mar. )^-tay. €lty. 

-Mfrp'.; l^.'SaBtnAw..:.^ ' . ;• 
C<He,bml Johnaoh.tA. t.. Wilbur, riuir. )-*-BtuT3lo. 

ae X. 2-7. Baltlrtmre. Mil., P-li; ' ' " . 

Cftpentef, 1'Mpklo. (Jar** C!ra4v 1 tflciO»->»aahtla, 

35 a.. 2-7. -*nINn, Mnw., ViA.\ LT 
Cruu-cir.Wer.' Jotttienj t.<H«-j-n. li' t ..Qnm<. mrr.)— 

WUrt'S, rink.', 2.T. iwtfff:0»y.M,4; , 
Cbaiineey-Kelttei; tPreil Chanoeey.' lilgr.l — Meml- 

title i»«.. 2-7. Jfttne«le<\n.< y. \V. f-ll. 
Cutter Sfoek (wallaco B". Crtrer. mtr.J— Pnrts- 

moiitli. 0.. 2-7. r«rkr*.»fra.-W. r«.. o-u. . 
Cnnell Cnmoilv (Ion Carroll; opr.;— Williamson, 

iv. v*.. :»,, iioi'Vtn ph. ,'.:•. t ■-. . • 

Conrad-Keen StocR (ii'pti JBarrymorev- ro«r.\t— 
ItradCenl, Pa.. 0-7. r.aintia. X.. V.* n-U. , 

Colc.nlnl Opern iCrntlfnrd Mills,- royr.\—J»ckfon- 
vtlle, ria.. 2-.lnn. Ui.. .,.-.",".- .' . .1,,- '. .. 

"ColIeSe WMow." ' Western (TOnry, tf. Savaae, 
B'sr. 1 — Ran. Kranelspo, fnt.. v v"..OnUl«ei| S-14> 

'•a,|le»e Wlilow." Heulhero (Tlpnrv W.''S»av«rA 
mgr.) — Morg.wtown. W. ■ Va.. ' "i,. t'nloniort'*. 
Pa,, <',, Connelljvillo 7, ,Wo>cII»b. lVt.'Vn., 1); 
10. Parkershnrg 11. Mortens. ().,' 12, -Cnhi- 
hrWtte 1:1. 8ieiU)envllle 1*7 : ■'' .• • , 

"Cat and Ike Flrtnle," LlnrnlaiJ,-. Carter^— To- 
ronto, Can., 2-7. ,5 • J' >'-l 

"Cemlnc Thro' 
CtiarloiK. . 

"CAoilnir ' TlirO' ujo live," II ithe 
nigra.) — Uanrtolpu. Vt., 4, Bellow 

,'MnA V ft .! " 

Erlnn|r.<r, mgr.)— l.o»U»tlHe. Ky., 4, n B ... 
■MM IWiriC texhuloo,. K.v„ 7.. Nnsh»'lle. 
'rtnh,: P. Alorophti lit, 11, Hiunlnrtiam...'Ala., 
jU.'>OU:ittnn l ><i<w. T'nn:.' II. KnOxWllo 14.-' s, 
rlJmlmf. Mnmlo iW-H.'-flr'nco}, ni.'t.)— VasKlna- 

r<-ul*rjt' St.Vk.Easftn (flen. M; P«tnberg, rnfer.) 
. — tniint.>tt.'Mn>j.. I't; Wdnsoekrt. ii. l„ fl-W, 
PltrerrhW' Mtock 1>V. P. riltietnl.1, mgr-.j-r-Waali' 
IMtorl, D. C...2, MMMIN, . . ' . 

"NsVWHtlns norn" csjm. b, * I«« fthnhert, lno\, 
' MB*, l^— Mlnoenpolls, Minn... 1.4.- St. I'nhl S-7. 
••folHes of IP07" il'Joronr. P.lrulelil, mar.) — Ch|- 
• oaep. ■III.; W4, ' ' ' > 

."Plamlne Arrow," K.i«tem, I.lneoln ,T. Carter's 
, — WellaTllle, O., 4. Well-lair?, ft. Vn.. ft, !4ten- 
• henrlllo, O.. fl, .Washlnman, Pa., 7. 
.••Flamlns Armw," Smuhern, Lincoln J. Carter's 

-i-Channie. Kan., a, Vnlos Center 0. loin 7. 
"Fknst," While's (Olse Verne, mgr.)— S.oMna, 
o.,.|.- Itlnneiieater <", llmnlniton. W. Va., n. 
l'sikershirx V. l'nmorny. (i.. P. Oalllpolls 10, 
. 'Mhen.s II. 

' "Mllen by the Wa.t»liie." A. II. Womta' (Preil 

'Fleck, mer. i — Cu.iiinnoo*!. Term.. 2-7, t'lnelo- 

-:-naH, 0.. ft-l.l. . . 1 ■ . 

.■^'roiir Corners or the r.arili.*' h'tlmt A Oniaolo's 

yUattlel IleM, mar.)— I'lillnrtelpnli. Ph., 2-7. 

Xowark. N. J., P-H. , 

-v'J'Ifly 'Mile* t'rom llns'.on" (Cohnn * Harris, 

i--V.,lM«, 0., I, Ijolrali. Mich., 0-7, Jsek- 

" 'Perro tlaiito 1 1. 

1 (Tim. I'., lllnney 

III., 1-11 


(*«; n. sin, mgr.) 

t n.-;,m i.iry. nji* : ,. - 
Hoealer fllir (Ota. Cohan, 
.lW'.i*»„\K«tt4lRXvl«„ '.V t'nlon 
•7; flnf ' 

.•'lJ^.nonpr, the Mayor' 

tir;f4s omria-at> 

m H nii . 

afnta P. Aminlnsia.lO. 
;, 127-rinlfibrr M. 

ra«r-)— Bnlnbrlilsf. 

Job RpHeeu 11; -it»l 

(ireentllle ll, BlloV. 

"lln'npy. llAollsnn," Ons. IIIU'a-^Danhiiiy. Cona., 
iMVlllaloii.S,- l>»r «. Watwlmry 7, llnlyoHe. 
Ma?s... .0-11, U-irit-.M, Coim,,- 12-14, 

tort " 

(A. f,: i<nrlllo, mar.)~Mat- 
rlnailelil •'•, Ulov«it«!(ton d. Clln- 


Thro' die Hre,"A (.The Bork; Ca.,.|, ,mi:i>.'--l"lMn, n„ I, l)etrol 
--ll»lttrni£ lid; 2*. Noriolk*. h..% ; >" n. o ' ,0,, 'S■ l, '■ n : , • i n ,'i" ■'% 
ft News 10, dlelimooil U, r.Tnf-liburg til,, .'-Prom Olnit Hlng to l.ltarij" 
lie. X." (V, IS. roinmhln, s. c, vi. .,.... t ^'!*C;, "*g.'. MB»l— ?W*MH "■•■ •:'■• 
'Tiro' trio live," 11 ittte'lKirk C»» '■ Vlaial llowet"! Howard Hill Amuse. Co.. msrs.i 
.— Ilonrtolpli. ' Vt., 4, Bellow-* l"»nH •ft" • ••J--M0nlre.1l. .'"nil., 2 7. . ' , 
Keene, X. II.. A. Xnnlinrnpton, Mas«.»,7c*lafe''' "•Fatty Felix," Norlhern /C^Jny Sinllli, mgr.)-- - 
moot, X. II.. n, Itennhwtpn, Vi.,-li>." t 
P«Us, X.- V.. II. crfalwleli 12. Meclu 

Hoo'lcif-'"' HrlmrtmtlMi, la.. 4; llloemOOM 1", Monltoii 11. 

lecliiiulesrllW' "'• •-Jlempbh. Mo., 7. .K0I10U p., « , «»iion It), Pal- 

l.t, (".ilioes 1*.-. ,.-■ r*- ".obiyrn ' II, New l.emlon U.' Bowlllig Dreeri lit. 

•Cbllil of (he Bealnn>nt"[(Chas. IV lllatt« : ".Aiumn.1 itSSSL .'i:. ..„.._. 

Co,, mK-r-«.i--Whoellng. W. Va." 2-1', rqlilmhH.ii : '■>nlly -HelH," Sontliera (Bwlte I'epple. mar.) — 

IK, .V7. Toleiln Ml, l>«yion 12 I U *• . . {,-. .l.'olinulinn,. Mis*.. -'4, McrliHnu 0, IViiiojioII-, 

"(\>tt'-l'imc!iec;" Ceotrnl, W. 1\ .Marin's "(Sii'ni Jl. Ala-. ", CiiUliionn 1. ilrvnshow P. Tuwnio,;.u 

r.lenl. lasr.i— Pobea,' otl'a.,' I. l.nniout 5, , .J", Olivton II, Annlsuui 12, .Moulgoiucry 1:1. 

llM«eVRK^3Gt tal 4i ,| Wl'i '-* 

Iilnekirell. 0, M«tf»rii . 


Ulplcs- W, 'l'awn-e 11," Clevcliuul I'.', .•saimlpA'-'"^ 
i:l. Hhrftesrllle ll. .7 '.' 

•"Cow-Ppnoher," Ifestern; IV. I". Mrinn'a (IMwfn 
I'erelT*!, nutr.)— Halt l.ako City. C.. : 1.-4-. Hamly 
s. tehl.City «. BliiRluun Jtuwtlou 7. I'roto CWy 
P. Clcawood. Colo.. Ii. Aspen 12. Hcllrta is. 
I'lownce W- . • 1 ' - • 

"Chlpatown Charlie,'.' A. ft 'Woods' iDaVf; Poa- 
neK ingr.)— Wllkes-Barre, IM.i 2-1, ScrrtDUm .V 
7. Phllailelphln tl-14. " ~-.i;,v-r 

•Cowboy knd tho Squaw" ,'P. II. RnlllTjn. mar.l; .-.tfj 


'willing Clinii.c," !!. K. I'lirntUT's — Cleveloiul. 
•- <li. 2-i. . 

"Fbll Muon," So,- I (Jacobs .(■ Sloan, mgrs.)-^ 
.CUsnMih, X. .1., 1. .>. 1'l.ilnftelil a. Perth Ara- 
^-..fthy 7, Long r.ranch 0, Asbiiry Pork 10, Cam- 
Den U-13. 
"Piinny Polk" I Pot Chnpnelle; mfrr.l — Oramre- 
Inirc. !>. C. I. Denmark .1. lllaouwell 11. Aiken 
. T. Aukn'Hn, tin., it, Wnyncstwim lb. Mlllen II, 
.SjrlTnnln 12. 

hsl"~ N.ilchef!, Miss., a. 


tj-*ranton< lft..l!'4. WttawPMrM a-7, Camileni.,4 'Rfbwer ol tho"— Lincoln; Nehe., ft, 7. 
S. J., fl-il. rlinsior, fa.. 12-14. ' . %*, , ■ „ <J . •' •• 

Con»let ppp." \ (I. Wmvls' (tvonlo Knt*. mvi,>:, RtJS,"' 1 I^T 1 ,C"synt Ilommorstcln, mar.)— N. V 

— Toronto, Oni..'Cnn it 2-7. RarkMMr; X. V.'," 
U;ll, Krle, Pa„ I^lJ; 


.. >MIU 
Ojiera tllelnrlch ConrIM, mgr.) — X. V. 

' County Chairman"— Memphis, tenn.. 2-7. I'adu- ' i'JSiil,"- 6*fr*M „ ™ j . ,." 

enh, Kr 12- * .ilBoklWIn. N. C. (fleo. 0. Weeilen. mir,)— th- 

"Caarty iJut," Kllroy.4- Brlttoa's— Boston."Has^ "KWlnnanolls. ind.. 4. Dayton, 0.. S. Ciliiinhua 
0.|4. ■ ,. ■ ■ • •".a'fl- T0M0 7, nnffulis, s. v., P-ll, liochejter 

iS ?%£1(B?ffit; "• "^^^^^^V^T^^y^m Sprint:*. 
'■Cowboy rj.H." Kifroy i-.BrltJon'a Jfl, A. Whjie, flt i> f fe.f' }iX$ iTameV. 11. Oeleher. mtrr.)- 

••tIttrn»n,Phlmk"a-BNle<ttle.! 111., 8. • 

Isabel! Irving (l.lebler & Co.. mftrs,)— San 

clseo, Cal.,- 1-7. 
••Isle of SMC*," 11. C, Whitney's— Tnrenlum. Pa., 

4, Verntercrlfi. 5. Bnmcsboro 0, Altoonn 7, 

Johnstown P. 
••Isle, or f»r<o!N" , .TI« 11. Prwiv's— Cedar BnpMs. 

la,, $, i.nle»hiiru, 111., ti, Keokuk, 'la., IV, 

Qtllney. l)f., It, MnnnlMI, Mn„ IS, Macoa I'.t, 

cViliimhln 14. 
"It 1 * Never to l.n'.h In Mend" (A. J. Stpencev, 

mgr.)— Xi Vi mif 3-7, |ln,oklrti: X. V., P-ll. 
"In Olil Konuil-ky" (>. W; IMntnvall,' mkr,)-r- 

Itiliehlhihu, Knr... 4. W'lebltn .*>, St. Joseph, 

Mo„ it, 7, Kanass Cily S-ll. 
"Irish pawnbroker.." (Jos. tf, Spoirs, mgr.) — 

poorla. III..- «. ■ ■ 

"Irish Son«ien" (Jos. Spearii, m«r.) — Wymote, 

xehr.. 4. Itolloni -Kaa.. it, Morton 7. Si. Marys 

s, tiiirllncion p, Viies center IP. 
'■;' J 

MMrMI, Joseph, nml M'ni-.W. ' (S. W. rionnlil*.,- O;; 4, Mattelta r>, parkcnlatrr, 

XT: ,V«., «. Wheeling 1. t'.imhclils'?, O., P> »>lum- 

hit - IP, II. Newark 12. ;\enlii ID, liny inn II. 
.Intne*. l/ouls (Wallace, M."nr«, mgr.) — Hi, I'ant, 

Minn., II, Mlpn.\i[si|N 3-7. 
Jamb Slock— New, Ca»tte. lint., J-7, Kokomo ti- 
ll. , ... 
"JiMt, Out ut Outlege" (lliilhiifr & Cnmnlielt, 

nigrs. i-^IWrln, III., II. 
' Jetty Jaiueii" (Juki II. I'vlee, mgr.) — Pntoluiauo, 

X, v.- ■>. Sng ii^vivt a, thntaiaft .u, Itin-r- 

livail 7. ' 

•'.toiluia MapkMt— stuns Falls, S. Dak.. 8. ' 

' . v ' ":K ' ' • " 

Krtllch; M»c. Ilottha (Harrison Cray flake, mirr.) 

• — Chteign, III., 2-7. 

Keleey. Herbert. anM K1H0 Shanoon iKrneat Ship. 

• nun, mitr.l— South Vorwotk. Conn.. I'. P«fks. 

' 1:111, -X.. Y., .V' Miilillrlown 1), Curt JetTIs 7. 
Wllkes-nartOv Pa„ • in, Kerinion II, Williams 

■poft'lt, • ■ 

tleltar 011J Thurston (Dtulley McAilow, mgr.)— 

Chicane, III.. >«7.- tnillnnniwll', 'mil. "•!•♦• 
Kemlall, K«f:i. l.Vdtln A-HJnii'r, mari*,)— .\dtlnn, 

KiltelierlwWr" Hloek iK, ll. f', inar.l— Law- 

reti.'c. Mass,,- 2.7. l.rmell |i-| I, 
Uenneily. Jimes (Spitz • & Nnihnnson, m»r.)-' 

l.jnn, Ma«*. t 4.7, , • ■ 
Klines iibhii (T. r, JI Power, tnicr.i — MMOrl 

City, Can, mat,, nml.Palo Alto I. l.oill. tna 


nntl Stoekinn, a. Fresno ft. Vt-nlln 7, Vetllee 
Oearli 8. pnoiftl.. mat., nnri Ventura P, Santa 

: XhTinra S ^!l's U 9;" Rr' CwhwfnJi. auT^'a^yWjfikgf.^'t.. 

Bradford It, London 12. JlamiKnrt IX, U. ' .L.P! "lUhHo 7. 
"Choir Singer," Western— Bfnnp;.l«„ ,( 

., Oinhrlo . 
Wjapro, Harney 

enlnl, m':rs.l — 

Anireles VJ-14, 
Wliliney's — Cklfajjn, 

-Buiralo, N. 

Barbara lb,. Pomona II 
"Knight for n any," II. 

ill., 2,>lmleflmte. 
'■Knlftlu M u flay." B, 0. Iviilthoy'S' 

"Kiilah|i|ied;-fAr' Berenge" iChns. E. ,nian« 
Amllie, Co\i iltgfs.l— floMon, Mali.': 2-1, 'Von- 
ireali C411-, ST* , -/ "• ' ';. . ■•/ 
"Itansji* SiinrKplet" . (Will J. Petejii, mgr.) 




Palrroout 11. 

"ConTiet : and.lhe.CIri"— Plrtsbum, Pn... M. '■ "-^^„?i «Jri''' %.u- l V~p^?,filv L«, 

-Ah^t^,'* 'nitlintifA. •'■ : r«* , jfl a ASa ,f*< W tt-.,r. ' i,'i_*il'. 

"Cebvict'S^Dnliahter," -tail King 


■"''•', ■i'M' .'>.'..- '• SrPNEY.-.0cf.-.2P. •■■ 

•:,-. vXnoJVctura of.yrs^' nobert tho 

j(frtio.-''s - abscnce.'was-ine 

xeJiL -ftel lire In, SntuMay.'s .flrAt-.Vuntrnllpn 

"'on of "Brewstflr'.i MltllSfts." '. IhouKll 

njgr.)— tltitler Pa.,- l!-7, Warren; 

rtttrgesj "ij-'larl) Qi., -.Burgess & •fllnimelelp'a (0, 
rfT Hllfon. :mcr.j-^Oneo;lin, »C..S„ 2-7, Am- 
Nlerdarn U-U.^, . , • ■ • '- .■ - o . . . 

Buw*l tEittu-Co;. P.nrstss Alirameleln'slFrM 

1, Vtncennea, lad.. 

fivapstllln l.'t, 


.S. X., 

ncr'i-ble was a comparatively' ?mnll nno, she 

wjuuhe- heroine of the evcnlng,.for tho pebple 

.'li-ab er^wded -the- Thoatro Koyai everywhere 

' ,'were"bbrioiislv delighted to see her once moro. 

'■Chejr. cave her tha heartiest, of receprlops, 

' »b<F aner, leacn act she and Jlr. KlnRSton' 

were recalled rhore than once, Mr. Kingston 

. . piayad. .the part of Montgomerr- Brewstff. 

wflle -'tru- Brough wan Mrs. Dan.-dtJ aillib. 

Tb'f.otiet members of tim'company Art Lily 

' fltteMdjp?, Eldrenee Gleoaon, Xolliil (Oh 

-ibnTawjn Hftrtey. Gregnn MrMflhoti. -<T. D. 

ithptiwd. ;rJeonniTi Wllloy, f. «'• Woytl find 

Allrafwa.DuAloj;.. ■.'• -. ..• ■;. .■ .,• - ','." 

. ,-sA- /bo , Criterion Thbgtro, . on Safurday 

"• night; "WJIliim, ■ -Anrloesoiv's rlriirnailc Co.' prn- 

ttiiCiXlv'A, .li'emaJe rtwindlor," a .son:wtlonat 

' iwiuhtv, In Which the ini'UIOnla crowd '.on. oufi 

^ltjher furloiislj - .. '. At ihc 'opd.ortlio; play 

l,o',Viilroy. rhft heroine, reforms .find marries 

|)oleo| lyo^ConlHon, t hei hero. . V^ugrnin IhiBgnn 

. made A. powerful imporsonniloni Of ku: Vnlroy, 

' ihe".'.femnfp ctvlrtdler: while (leorce. Cross. gave 

iiieiiy mll.sf;q.v)orJ:rayaLot Retentive Jack 

x t- Auljion:' •li'r.' iTtthiiar ' illnVfd tlld villain, 

t)-hlk! jibe cooi'tc elomvnt was, as usual, xop- 

pncrl by nor t .Bolley'; T/ito .'irtliei- Imporinnt 

, )»irl.s..-weri> .misfnlned 1>\- J«mwsi'(lllrCr, lid- 

. . tiSiinrt'Jhigann ariujj Ada liulldfnrll, ■ 

■ '■ ' Al.'.llin Slnjcitly-s ■ 'I'liuatro uii- Saturday 
nljjlit; Andrew Mack revived. '"IViru Moore, 
(pr. ,ih« liiittl- week, of hut 'Sydney, scasou, 

ffllloiv. j&zr.lT— I'nnghkefniic,- 

nh.,-Prl4. •• • ;■,. 

ick (nafrle t^Of'jihani. .. 
Valley. On(a... 2-7. OalaMvlUe, .Tejt., fl-14. 

r»M, Conh., 
Barrio Stock '(nafrie.'tc^nrvAarlk, nigra.)— Vault 

>Hlirj. i.,Kin.». fc-t, ,iii!iif^vi,ir, ,117.) ip*n. 

n^lion, Chester (n. H: Iteltnbolilt,' mzr.l^-Olean, 
■ X." Y.,.2-7, MnneSTOji, i'n,. 0-14;- . '■■ ; 

.'nAmhloe-4>r (ho.wetl.f A, II. Woods' Ml. nieh, 
.i«7r.)— Philadelphia, Pi.. 2-7, Norfolk; Va„ 

'C.IH of the alreeis," . (C. R. Braman. mgM-^ 
Ryerett, Wash,. •!, ..Mntiht Voraort rt; KMM 

mi* .. 

Glass, mgr, i — Jlfltrhall, 
Iirookfteld O'll, Klrks- 

BirjiHn Stock (Jos. B. 

Mo.. 1-3. Mar-on S-7, 

Tlile 12-14. . .: 

Black Pairrrroiibndouri 'V/ielckel k Nolan, mgr*.) 

.,Antthi|. Tex.', 9, Teapln i>, Waco e), Marlln 1, 

•'Meija O, SlllSboro 10, ErmtA 11,, ffatnliaebln 

12; ,f l«l«|ttie la, Mineral Wells 14, . 
'TiffWStet's Mltltotis" irrriorlc'Thoihpiod, mgr.) 

-.WastiliiCtntt. t\: C, 2-r. liattltadrfi, M^d.V.JHI.. 
'-^r*»st l »r'^ Mlllinnri" (Cohnn 'A .ilk'rr'i*,'-ng.ii.) 

•^lWmllto:n, fli. I. . '•• .' ••> .; .. 
"litewMiT's .Millions'" (Charles .rrn'iman, ntyr.)— 

l^r.iloo... Kng.. 2-21. • .'•'»-••/.,• .-. " -; 
'I^rc'Ilnr" Ikibw "&' Krltagcr;' tagra,'i)>-'Clefe. 

Iliad, Jl., 2^7. ., -•'- "'•■, .. \..:;/"i '. ' 

"Itrtte'/f 'Alilyfslr" CThOmss W. ..lljfey. qiat.1— 

,Klktiart. ind.; -1, PorL .wV}-tei$ i)prmfille>l, 0.. 

0. ' l.'nlnmbus Ii. i ,1 .. '.'.' •'.,•• 
"Brown ot. Harvard" .(Unnrj' Miller, rner.) — 
' itotWdo,. Tex'., 1 i, 3nh Antonio -6,. AusFlu 8. 


"Iltlstcr 11 

Drew; 'John (Charles, 1'rohrnan, mfrf.) — N. 'VaoK, U... . . 

..CHy.2>21.. , • -.- ' '. .: -,..,r.:i» ,-" 70 ..Sweat Impress BoMiery," A. II. Woods' (1 
Dnni:.Mnt'Je.(Ch.irlMi Froltman, mgr.)— N-. H. Cllj; "" rllovyaM, m>tr.)-»MOnlreal, Con., 2-7. OH 

2;.:lnfle8tiUe, • t -i , P-ll. Xlacaia Falls. X. V,. H. . 

Brfty. JlrMldaliehler b Co., mitrs. ) — N. Y. City 

S^lrHleBAIlp: . ■ -. i-L» V 

orin. in., in. " . : 
P'Orniy, l,awrene'e, ami Cecilia I^ifms (Sam S. 
i.4 t.»e Shuberi; ,lnc, rogra.ii— X,-fv Wty 2, 

Indeltnlle. ,. ' ■ ■:■■•■■■ - Ml .''• ... 

Bik.Aiu (ErntMf Shlpolru mgr.).— >My/ Clijr-, 

Daly.' Bernard Itt. F.."pranklln 
, OBi, 4v JH»remor» P: 

Kffit'iVrife P,„ Okjahoma' 

RMo 12 ( ' Ardmorc.Mt 

Dit : ,Vonrte.' Che?ier, r Sfd/k (IM.^'^i Daly. . hitf. '■'■; "> ; - , ■- ,' M. 
■nwe,,}— rTilrhwnttt/'Ty.r •¥£/ a-7,.:f7lar'ksl.ur« ifciekgK, .lames K.— Chlc«w. 111., 2-W.' • 
.M*>.'' >. ■• '-_, '■ .'; '.Llir j if. ".•>'«() ! ". "-'"■llBrtad^.Vliglaln (Slim' S. &-l:er> flhilheff. lac 

Woolcy A, fieilllnrnnni 7. Seattle R-H,. 
"flirt of the Snntty soillh" (J. W. Itnrtmnn, 
-jngr.)— DI\on III.. 4. I\>wnne» ft, " 

Oalesburg 7, Port Mad 

;(r,.-..Sl!i«4(tlnt.]0, Rock 

P.. franklin, mer.)— Tulail, •'; : A«t. la.. 12, Dubuque 13, WaMrlno 14, 2-21,: . • 

► 5; Mutkami f^Jfrtha T/- "ftrem* W'nll, Street My«rOi"y," Vnnfe A Rulllran'a "Lion on<l the. XfmtM" (Ho 

ma' Cln-3o,;Enl»-U, «r ";ii*Wlk«lie,lh. K. J., P-ll. llol-nken 18-14. *iN„ lVoity 2i Ipdeflnlte. 

IV normarl 14, ".'.••■■■ - •*'>"illng»rl,re<iil Man." Eantern— Zanesrlllo, O., '7. "Mob amy.ib6,.Mona»" (Ho 

Monmouth H, 

.I, Hurl I nc ton 

l,-.lan.l, III., 11, Clin- 

Wnt*rlno 14, 

Vance A PulIlTsn'a 

Lnken 18'14. 

Xaneiirlllo, O., 

Ilaatlrlea 7. SeivnM (>, VArli K>, Btalnanl 11. 

yurfarnlso- I j; 1 Vnlli» ! 13, Notlh Bend 14. 

jJatel' 1 1'rAnk D, _;.1eali«0 nigh I— Austin, Pa , 

4^ Port Alltjitrty. ft rttnethiwrt (I, Kaue 7. 
"lyflnahpeil for .i ..Million/' ,P. U. Perry't— 

Blntr, 111,, 4, Mere.i.i'1.1 a, 'ohbrmiiio ii, puts- 

8elil'7.« i "• '■, •■ •. • 

"IClh* of. the Ttamr.*'* IC. ' ti. Ack«r. mgr.) — 

ulMitowiti' Pa., -I, Marttton ft, Kea.ligg o, 7, 

Cul.iimhla - P, HnrrlSMrg in, ll. PottayTllo 12, 

I'lttstnn lit, cariwhilnie tit ' 
"Kltir IWe" ,'tlromlleh * inetirnn, muro.1— Me- 
i KPear/irt, ."».; 2-1, Toiedn, o.. a-7, Cincinnati 
. -s-n. • ■■ ■. - 

. . .,■....,'. li • 
I.aeknye. Wlllon (Wm, ,\. Ilrmly, mgr.)— Spring- 

I.ejlK', itosnbeio •'. (Sim .Allen. rostr.)—r.rle, ,1't., 

-3t,r, sitAidij n.ii.'. •■■ ■'■ ■ . • ' 

l.eelu>a, .'I'lio f Will '|». t^lte. mtr.i— BeWl, ICnn., 

a-4. City Cahtsr a-7. Cljite It-ll. Aurora' 12-14, 
Long, Prnnlt |... Htoek lMoi-k'Sa-1 Alll, mgr.)— 

Htarllng) ill,, 2-7, Undue, Wis., p-l-l. 
t.eonoril Play«ra.: lAlvin leMfls, mgr, )— Venlon, 

Xehr..- 2.4.'Pr.ble Boclt ft.f. 
r.tvlt k Lane's ftusKnl Comeily— Seattle, Woab., 

^•81.: ., •.. ' ■ .■ • . , ' ■ 

(Hoary H. Harris, ragr.) 

Henry. B. ; Harris, adgr.) 

Ilnrels, ri)gr.) — 
tin Hle«n ft 
Ibirrla, mgr.J — 

Itit'oln.. Kebr., 4 

. Co., 


rowu," KiistenV (Custer Beorra Araitso. 
i»srS.J— KJX. City 2,7,' Brooklyn, ly,. Y„ 


.its ploy' is tbc xlnglng comedian's star piece 

• ai'M Htfir.parc, -'t'ho cast Included : Jnuo Kel- 

jon^-AnVe-Mnck 'Horleln, W. 'I'Dwnwtnd. It. 

liriilff.. M. AUioii, V. Wnlslt! J. MeConnlck, T. 

. . .i'Ain|>oiii : ue anil Norman SJcKoowu, i 

..-,Ut. UK'- Tlvnll .Tbeutn'. the. Molasmis re- 

■ po<).l«il tlielr'.cyoloulc dances and tjalnetl the 

JMjarix apprnbatluii, of largo tiudii'ticf -. U'hc 

jiapnloritv. tif-Seeley nnd.West, gained nt.llio 

flvoll "soDic Ave years ago, hn» UcSn wuewch 

-tiy .•.•those -ci)rjio{ly ' imisJcluuH, . whose playing 

...oa the , saxopnone and rorncl raised the 

. heaifli'.r Kdward CvnustJjn and eomimuy gave 

tlib-Vrnlnlature". melodramu, "Nailed to llie 

Most,::, ■ '£lio' Ilflirow. coDiedlnus, Ilnyiunu 

. iind Kranklfii, now Iu-llielr Inst w'cOk. were 

•is runny mrover In tliolr fnreleal *klt, "A 

. Suit .jtor pitoroc." 'Mile-' Hhoilerdii Intro- 

ililccd 'snnic new Items ia her linlslleil Jitg- 

«i;a^ turn. .Next Sntnnlny. the flvi' Wblto- 

loy'jt. wire walkers tliul ncrolinis, will make' 

llioli* '. first 4ippenrauco. In Sytlney. 
At t4ic' Nation ' 


"Buster Ototrn," ;Ccntrnl (Bn«ter ; BWwn- Amuse. 

' ■ CJAv mgrs.t r— 'Vtvnun*., .(I., 4, '. ^emull.Tllle, 

. Idd.'.-S. MHUMrt-'ft OoaO((i 7. JJolroeuii-vMlrli., 

II," Ibnirna' Harbor p,, Soath Vend,. In4., 11, 

South OilcJi-o. III,. 12-14 . '>. 

"Butter llrown," Wen torn (Busier Brown, Amuse. 
!_'«.,' mvni'O^-^Dw Moliict., la.; 1-*, *On>ahn, 
Nehr.. -5-7, Pint ismimtlt ' ti, ■ Mneoln ll). 11, 
Kearney 1'.', Xurlk Platte 13, Ubeyeuie, Wyu., 

"HedPffd's llopi'" (Stair fc navlln, qttrrs.)— St. 
Jofatpti, ll,,.,- l-l; Jli-uiolilH, 'femi., U-l-J.' • 

"Bertlia, .th«.- . Kcwibh »tm-UIne • Olrl," A. II.' 
Weeds' — N. V. City 2-7, Ilulmkeil, X. J., M-ll, 
Treaion-'l2-ll. - - •.. . 

"Hopnlo UvUr BflFi" (,*hljip,an ft Colrlp, 'niKiN.i 
'^:Vorl William, On:., Call.,' 4, o, Uclwra 7, 
Wlmilpes, Man.. Il-M. . .,...- 

"Blircotniialer" (IVra. P. Cnllen. irigr.l — Klnps- 
tou, out.. Can., .1, Uroekrllle 5, Ottawa 0,- 7. 
Mmitrrnl,- (jia-.i 0-14: ' 

"Mhtay. After Hark," :A. H. WoiaU* (W. It. 
■Iriin.., nier.i — Akrok. 0., 2-1, Vunnifslowu u-7. 
Uaylmi P-ll, CidurobUK 12-1-1. .■ . 

"Big- ncartiit Jim" ( Harry • Junksoli. nurr.)— 
Broken. Biw, Xehr., I. Alluhre ft- t'mwforil 
ii, Beadwiod: »; Bak--.. ». StuntLs. ^i, A'elle 
foncbe ll„ M|icnr(l»li .1-".. .' . 

"HOy With, the 'Ikmlk.'". illminril Hall Amuie. 
Cii.,- rtirw.)— Oiueliuutl.,11,. S'7. i'.. ..' ' , 

"Before and Afu-r" CJoliu -Moore, .m^r.) — Hqt 
St.rlnxs; Ark., 4, McmpliU, Toiiu., -«, 7: I'adu- 
etiti .Ky.; ii.- • • .. .-... , v . . 

'■Bivak tor .-l.lwrty" ■ ( R. C. Vialei'ncr, mgr.)— > 
l'alaiyl'ii, Mo., 4, Cantou n, linhokfl U. Metnpbls 

7. Tj*nion »,. PdnonstHtntjlO. Onllolln 11, 
Clillllcotlie ' 12. Brunswick 1.1 Olaagow I* 

"Unnter's Child" (Harry: Sbonnoo. . mgr.) — 
l-nlontown: PH.; -1, Moitut Plensaut.a, Seott- 
Utile 7, OieeuSboig 0. UlJlrsvllle 40. .Vandrr- 
Wlft 11. l-euuliufc' 12, . iT... . ... 

"lllllr, the-k'ld'" (Chas. H, Wiiert Amh**. Co., 
ingrsiy— Rulmh; Mltn.,.3, Beasemer; Mich.. 7, 
Iron MMiDiklri ll. ' >l«nlailt|iie' i:;. ' . 

"Eeyond ■ the - Bio Or'amie" (flo-.var-P A llnll, 
nlgn.) — Xew Market. Tmm~ 4. ?>notr'R. l»n. 
don ft Sweetwater '7, calkouaiP, Dayton 10, 
Atkta? 11, MatllKurllle 13. ■* -' 

"lir.clielor'j Iluueyinwa" (Dakes A Ollson, mgrs.) 
Lircolo, Kan., 11, Mankato 12. illeaeldtn 13, 
BelOlt 14. . f --..■-'. . • 

"mack Crtuk"— I'easaeoln. Pla., 4. Mobile, Ala., 
ft .Sew Orleans, La., 8-11. 

Crane,- Wm. II. (Charles Probhiaa. ragr.)— St. 

Louis, .Mo., 1.7, l'eorla. HI., II: ■•' 
Cercpbell. Mrs. Pmrlck (Mooter A Oo,. rngra.)— . 

Wl ikevBnrre, Pa.. -I, Scrtntop a, Roeheater, M. 

V 2 T '• •• ■ " * 

Cart'et, -'sirk'. teslle— Albaay.' X. V„ .5,'t'IIe« b, 

Cahlll, Marie (Daniel V. Arthur. "mgf; Import- 
llnd. Ore,, 1-1, Salern S, Sacri'nento, Cal.', 7, 

8, Hon Frahcisro'p.Jl. 
Coreoraa.-.Jau* (Arthur P. Alston, mxhl—PItl*. 

bura. Kan.. I. 1'orl Hentr ft t'srthaee, MA., ft 

Wel.b-.Citv 7, Qalona, Kan., .8, iloplin, Mo., ll, 

W 1 Porrv Boa Htkttig C- .Wichita,, "Kan.. 10, Kewtoa 11, Dalian' 12, 

*»r««a. BpVhls .Inst welt's-loase of the Tb^e- C T?!°Cuici"nail tft »«'->^D»>««* °- 

Carte! Ulrlttrd fOfintle* tfttM nirfr.l^PIltabnfg, 

Pa., 2-7, Terr* Hlute. lhd., .ft,. .. r- . . ■ ••' 

Conor,' Harry (Chtrw*. Mirlts, roar.)— Mintreal, 

Can., 8-t, SptlngOtld^MaM... 10. 

of- toe ••Cneston Claris* (Jnlei- \fmry,- ragrl^KBOXTJII*, 

Xean., 12. 

fiatial Ampltlinnlie,,on Snttirdfty 
sfevoirnl riew : nerfO: - mer.s WH prtseutetl 
, to. .(He large nudleiicOs. Verey. tht> two- 
headed pdllcemnn-vehtclliiiiitlst, was very-.well 
lecMvnd.'hls'niaUPiiip.boliig so flnitiheil that nt 
.IjaKjcIs dlmctilt to discern which HMd' be-, hlpi. lCn,vnuagb, the Juggler, re-.. 
pentcd some old trieks and feats, but, never- 
theless; w.ih 'very-ontel-iniiitng. N'e^t .Satur- 
day;' Moore nnd.lnmo.s. Ids! runienta lists-, fchljj- 
. uri nod' dancers tCrosaloy aud lllllct, iHltclcb 
. -i'i'tMts':;Vere,v t.'larko, boy soprano, find Essie 
Jenutngp'telU appear. '»■•*. "-'•' ■ 

. • Wonderland. CiltVi lionll, tat been reopened, 
and- every, week there W a eomploto. change 
o^progVammc-ln the King's Thentre there, 
flip Musical MJUcra nnd Dnltou Trio hhve 
to lie seen to be-appreclat.'d, while thr rniihds 
of npnlause from the, public proved their sat- 
isfaction with the #hole piocramme. The 
Jlirar of ithc World. Alpine Slide, flying ma- 
ehine-, eo'tl' mine-,' nrjn'nrtum, swltchbnck ahd 
oinflr aitractlenft of Wonderland are. nil lib- 
Qawn's Halt- Victoria null and Oxford ThN 
. Atrn-'ay'i; all doing good business with moving 
, pictures and Illustrated songs. .- 

' -InvMelhohrrie, "Rirln of Cottenherg." wn* 
■ froducod by the Royal Comic Opera Co.. at 
. Her Majestv'a Theatre, for the Brat time In 
Australia. .The. 'principal parts have beoo ap- 
portioned 16: Florence ••VoHne; Clarn Clifton, 
N'olllor wilaon, O. ■ 1'res.ion. I'nnrt.v Ibtniro. 
Oeorgc wiu-1. W. 3.. Percv, Boa, BoberlF. C- 

■ paralso; ind., ST. - , •"■ ' - 'v V? \, r. .. .- • 
"imlrrmalda"' tCluiWes- FrohroaJi. •mm'J-i-t'hlla- 
/lelrijita, I'n., '2= it; ' .•■-•'- :■;;•.>.. t ; ■-. 

„ .'a... S : lt; 
Bream' cily'' (Wells, pnnfte ^ Dsrlnn,- mtra.J 
— PiitkiHirc. t'a.,..2-.W'io»iimd, n., n-iT7 ' 
"l^aiWfofld Dlck't.' ,l.tst /UrOtJVA. 11. Wooila'— 
Sow Haven, Conn.; 2-4, KiflflttVer, Mann., 0- 
7. HlftoltU-nee, If. v., if-ljili-.: :i»:!.-ii' 
■'I'net. 'W nvtu. K.: DtarW.-.Wgr.lW-Xathkille, 
,-Tedii..- 4. MeniiihN. .1,-.Ptiifl.iajt^,'Atk., U.'.IIiit 
UprlngM 7! MB to KMtif. li'tirt-?*inlHi.l0.iCluri'- 
loorv, ilkla., 11, Tul,.fU*-, -11u»!((*,'in l'i, *)iuu 
HtAltMrC 14. •.-• -.- ,. •>,! - 

'•Death-rale' Chance," BUtcrU WKi im ,'Cohiwr, 
' aige.i^-MnmiMuib. l|l., ,T,;,fl.'iIo< ^tr'ii UMf! 
' 110c -7. Aororn 8; Ottawa U. 1>!xiitk:1.0, HWrtderh 

ii: icigin nv.Mnriiiiji.; irr, ii(K.ul(ifii T tl. ; ; 

"Peapeiate Chalice," Wrelorir' (.1 :'V,' 'Putrlek; 
iaar.'l--Ill(tQktniii; Ma., 1, HI. AlOHMiy'iVlleir- 
hiirpr 0, Idaho l-'alh 7. MMiOHinllolho d; .Xaiu- 
po Hi: Boise 11, CniilwoH 12;.0miitkj- 111, iWfl- 
rrr.-.H. . ,....-••.-.•'.; 

"Hou'-t; 'Ml My V'l tv" (Heyerle A-.Vi'rrjMaigrn.) 
-r 81. John. Kan.. -I, tiartlrircit/ ■",- luxur* u, 
llucklltt T,,Prtttl V. Ldrnod 1(1. Bl|um«.»l fl, ■ 

"Daltlel Boone. on Hie U'rnll," Bnhon 0. Harris* 
tllhrry rettttl.; ingr.J— I'ayMlovllle, K. C.,'4;" 
siiiiioril ,-,, Uiirboiu rt, (Ilph fitlnt 7, • i-'.-r.miu 
U; BnarMtibiire. H. ('., 10, -.UnMiivlllr M. tj 

"IJlhlrlet, leader" --.SprliiBllHil, Mi., i>,, , ,;• .. 
'.;•'';■,•, : .. ' • ttT.-rf.'i-.JWW ".: :« 

Kdejon. .Bohorf (Henry ll. , llacH^t i«)nS0>'CiiiuiiV 
lots. '»..' I. •"•. Hovluii il, ■ludliiiwi«>l1».i tlld;, 7t 
Ocvetead, b., l)-14. ! -.;; ... •••.. 

Klllint.'-Mkkllie— Plillndolpklu, Pii,;.g-M„t '..,; .•/ 

•I'lliiKllJH'huhrope Stoell Kit l.osJ B. rv<l»«|l, mgr.J 
--H'urfllierlnml. Md!, 2-7. ' •' >',.,. 

rrwopd. sjoek (t:. 'J. Ktwuwl, -&ljfr. J— Ffetpol't. 

lOktori; lll.c'9,. Ueentiir. BT. I'oorla 11. (laleg- 
! tail* 12, (Jntnoy 1.7. ftlttlliii.t«il, la., 14. 
IWUM. R. 11. (J.ts. K. Ilnckett,. htgi'.j^-ClilcBgn, 

linitford, 111'nilos' ll. fl'V Lawrence Wnlker, mirr.) 
'.. -^Tewiilf, 'foi'., ,4, Anailffl. S, Ahvffllinni <>. ami 

■1 litnus 1 1 ••••"•.- ,-. 

Hicttbi".: IbivKI (Blair A XleolaL jiiWf 'Tnhtki 
...0.1 1-4. Adrian, Midi,, n, Jaetwol 7; ilranrl 
KaWlla 8-11, Part- Huron, ia, Bay City 111, Magl- 
• uaw 14. 
Hi-iiilrlol:*, llwl (Win. t'lwy, • nitr 1 — Portland, 
. Ore.'. 1-7, T11 Minn, Wuxli., H, rhtlith Boti'il II, 
. .Contrnlla Hi, Abcrilccii lit lltatulma 12, Montu- 
"*iilti 111, I'Umn 14. , 

'Hull, ilon. l'. (FranklV, Ka«*, mip-.l— Austin, 
I'a.', A, (hiletoa r,; (.'onilers|»,ri ll, Ktiipurltiin 7, 
'llco.iriru, ' j'->il«(„i)t... Id; Lock /livtii il, Mtuiiry 
'-'■■ IC. Ilcrwtek lit; Iianvlll.' 14. 
Hnrtit, Jo,' ixioolal* Miller, rngra. )— Chlcnm, 
III. 1 ; 1-7, l'olt Wayne, -mil.. M, Mniit, 0„ u, 
l-'ltnllay III. Hlyrlu 11, 'lirirtlo 12-14. 
Ilttrttlnga, the.' l.'wir (Harry Hull, iu«r.)— 1'ltls- 
•t«u;g,- i'a.. o-ii, 

llofcllu.. KriMwt (lliihlB A Heuninn, tn«i-a.)— l'nlln- 

• afllnljlil, Pa., 3:7, - Atlantic Oiy, ,\. J„ (i-ll. 

..) M'liiulpghtn, Del,', IS-ll. 1- 

.JIIuiinHelii'H Mi'iils, liiiwui k lllitiinelelii'a (1,. 

.. Ai.llsrli., mgr. i'--lliooua, Pa., S-ll, ' ■ 

-''Item's, IniK-rlHl' Hlnclt. Ilurgexa A tlliu- 

"j.tnn'-nliibllio Mouah'' fllentir n L 

FrMnb iTHiJ V.fKttllM « 7, Sua Weno'll, 
•I.Mii) nna>l|io Mouse" ( I lent* IV' " 
1 «?)PW rjFlcsnte, .'4,11,; • I it. 1 
"Ul|i| or Nrtl'.t (We llork-C«„ : tnitrs.)— Spokatie, 
AVi|sh„'^ -II,. North Vaklnin 7. Kenttli- H.ll.l'ofi- 
|nhil..l1re. l 12'j-l. V 
"batWu 3jew,l'ork'!Oi Xewton Bronann, mar.)— 
lirben lUrer. \V.vb„ 4. Ifranalnn a, . Ithlghpta, 
lit,;,!!, Malail. Ida,, 7, Loitiin, I;., 0, I'reaton. 
1dm; 1*1,, i'luPXHti ll; Mcumumoa 12. I'ocalello 
VI, Hlni-litool 14, .... 1 ' 

E.l'orrealer, mrr.)— 

"I»llt|e Htftnn Orlntlrr:* til. 
K>:Y. Cliya-ll. ; 

..'.itlvTi-lu'* '". iR; t: fllrtnifltlii, tuirr.) '--.- Iialile 
'.Uteri, Mich., 2-7. 'KillilmaM." ll-lj: v 

iliirflir.IInll HivU " 

J* "A-," ' ?-. r ? vi ' w - ."kt ^-treeporr. Ilhry| X. U,.^, ," . 

"«Th»;?' I^o!;7j. C~2?si i? etSKra MltT*' 
.Mckaon. mgr.V-Bltinhiirg, l'a„ 2-7. v '■ . v;3 T K , V. , fr.v : ?'X:.i]P ■ fc.WB 

"Kiloa: the Pretty 'TyposyHt. ■ 
tndbert dbotlnian, mgr, 

"KilISnu!jbne ; > "'•— "- ■ 

(llUuiin, J. Hull, mgr.) 
■_ Wtsvlllo, Ph.. 27, IVaMuli, X: Y:. IM4,, 
''fflrlVknirt. I'oaitsl.i; _(OWili. K. Uteris, infer,)— 

-AUllniiiilry. .)!(•••«. 2-7,. Dover, X. ll., ti-f|,' 
1 ". l !! < !'5"• , vM ?. ■ (*«t«i. Schiiatwl, mjjr.)— West 

V. lllllnitti, mgr.)— 

mgr.)— Kno<- 



T.« * 4 •*■*' ■•'• : Trae,.it.. a-7. ( rmnei. p.y. 
'.P*""'a if Win,^' IfUllali-Wllry -Stack /f|}r.,V.' Bailey, 1 
, •rr's„t^;■ v t'Ti . CUWIotle, X..C. 2-7, IMIelgh OH. 
Treulon, N. J„ J-4, ,.J|si»l><.p<tBln«ou Htoek lltkbt. Ii. Harris, 

„.. n,^_M,r,..„^r,^^UU,t05.Hs(ert,..Y, «;.. : a.7, .. . 

(Harry. Qreeoo, oigr.l— Hebmag' . J rrfni 

I'.inalllv .'.. Vtnnlni, 11 .rr,lli,u„ii. '■"'.', 


Miikry; siock (Aiiiibr Ia Panslmwo, citcr.i 
Inlittrrle, Pa.. .2.'7:_ 

CJg&H^J.jMMHto. Mo.. 8, .Voir London ... { {fah, Tex,, 2-1. Mount 1% 


how, -til.; 4,,Kfiu«llly tk' Benioitlii. Mmson 

City I.; -Wttt. l'r.inl(f,irl 1), Marlon 10, Hindu i H'Hi»,,|."ihtin 'V "ll'tir ,„ t ,r i_«i,i.u„,r„ 

Tl.'CirlerTllie' 12,- Carhouihile IS, UuWt^vW! 1 . ' "? ■'•,""'• mgr. i—SUMInim^ 

iMrn^lt,; ~ _\ I 'HtfAnr.i. U-. S_UC .t„l„, V, J',,, (;,((,,, ».7, ; 

A I'ratikllu, niitra.) 
lensmit 0'7; HhrOfe. 

(Oeo. (V. Seott. ;i' 

0.,8t,:CI«iHe» B. - 
"EaitXhine.:' Joa. Klflt'a 

—Lima, 0„ 8, Wopatoiiein i, Darelltim 1/ ■ 
"ntitCyitne," Jo». Ring's (T. W. (loojiwin, ingr.) 

"*t4ttle rail*. >. V.. ."». Corllnntl 3, ltotao 10.,, 
"KnlFI,ynn«" (.lloaei 

Ip iMrtlMr. Tei.7 
onroo .14. 

10, Tdtarknnu. Mlldri 

emft,'.l». v 4^Biirt 
Belmond li. bows 10. 

i,..>.i., .,. i mail o, noma 10 

[Moaos ft McPrmalil, nim.}— Baa 

' Luierne fl, Uverntore ", 

"RiiFI* nne\* r /Hfl»nv)iid A ' IVwie'rt-^Naw ' Itlch' 
■MWi .Wit,, 4, Htlliwater. Minn., n, Winona M 
La OWitae.^Tl'W,, T, ?, Aiialln, Minn,. 0..AH 
belt Lea \0; fjitttviha 11. XorthDelil 12, I nsi 
higa 1H, KM wing 14. . . 

"HlCht Hells." nibs. ilyrne-rN. 1. Clly 2 
-... -.<> • ■'• >p ■ ; ■ 

nOH,' La.. 

Botftrmani), Jennie, CIiIcjro Ladles Orchestra (D, 
:vW .iMiirrmrtnn, eur.)— Madlf-op, Wis., 2-7, 

» i «f*alni,'iil l o.rr.„ . : 

"llfhMrlte's 1 ' (Chariot Froliman,.mgr,)-.noalon l 

r'lfiriberlies" '(Charles Praliman, m»r,)— tonrlop, 
.WUi,' 2. ■ inrlepnlte. . ' ■ • . 

-Uffi rt rjr.i.'hleagn," Unfaln J. Cnrtet't— f/)gana 
Wt,'irt(l,, 4.'l'»ni ti. iVabdth ll. 
. ' liSir, ^)f>" "»»•• Clarence Benhfll'a IH.. M 
•''',*?"« waller, nu-r.)— PreiloaM, S\ V,,- 4, Nlignn 
•I. t.-aira !,. l.ocjtjj)H ri, .Ht. .CaJhtrlteJ. nht. J 
N, V.,.0, Palmyra in, a1(i 

"Lean lllreta" (Burt AS'leolal, iturra.j—st. Paul, 

Minn., 1-7,-MliinonpoltH'rmi. 
"I.ottlei the Poor rtoleelait)'* (Cllna. N, Dl«ney 

Aniiite. t'o„ inicrM.) - -Si. I^jpIm, Mo., 1-7; Kun- 

■ wit Clly Dai:. ■. , 
"Lite •.{-• An .lotreta," Aubiry. Mtlloullinl'o— Jor- 

W C By. X.J., g.7. 
"I,nat 'frail," Wlllk. Aiuiiw. Co.'s (A. P.. Wills, 

iiurr.)— 4}i, LoiiU, Jlo,. 1-7. 
"l.lttlu IIiimon »( lite Hinvt" nlnrilg ft Mramoo, 

mgM.)p-l'orw> Uuultf, Iik!„ (1.7. 
"Little llolirttve" iCIina,' Sewtiiii. rnnrr.) — IHk- 

flnsvllli., >t".,-il, ,M|.,|allii N, Mi.lnTly 12, 

■":■'• ■ • . »l ■ ','. 

.Mitntoll. Hulierl. II.' (llrady 'i ril-laiwr, iiujm.1— 

Ailatitn..<ln'.. I ,4-,-'fi, Mniiii:,iinl>ry, Ala., (I, Mo- 

lille 7„X'ew OkU-an.', La„ e-l-i. 
Miiry. Mniuiurltig (H11111 M. a: Ijh- Slmlierl.- Irte., 

iilgrs.)— Kprlllgnold, .Mum . I, Kern Hnien, 

Coim., u,'7.' . • ■■., •■' 

MilHiih.; Jnlill (Hnni,B. ft fieki'.HIihlaitt, Inc., rngra.) 

■*.s, v. clly 21, imioliulto. • 
Mt.rilMmy.'ry ii!iil,(tbiim .iivil. Hlllliigljum, mgr.)— 

I!)/-I<,|i. IJii.i.., S • IMellllllo. 
Mcllitkl'c mill lli'ittlt iKldiv ft Kiliit)«er, nigra.)— 

Ili'll'li'ris K.y, t I KVaOSrlllO, I111L, r>, ixillla- 

vllie, Ky;, 0. T.' U:in|llp>,i, u.. H. 
Miir|«lVi 'fiui-'-rlni'liigfc'Iil, Mo., 8. 
Morrill, ilr.lcv .jHrtirs HlilpHiiiii. inter )— Colnni- 

hllsi 1 :()., a-C, -UIHiiwiniI, Ind., ,",, DrtDVlllO, HI,. 

i|.;'lltoiiilllngloii.,7, l'e«u-ln S-ll. 
MwwfaV Lucia rejeneat,- Mhlpnun. mtrr. 1 )— irirele- 

rljK o„"l. Wllntlngion .,, Beileriiniitlnoti, nt. 

M&rrii 10, Lima 11. 
Mr IfllW. - 

Miihrl MUCano (Wtltnr 0, Lliidsny,. mgr.)T-Mn. 

can. mo,;;. '4i Me»l"o r.„ Pirf Mmllwiti, la;; 11. 

Ilttl'llnfllnrr, 7. Ilnek t»|nnil,"-;tl„ «. Cantnp .p, 

llKomrniiinu 40.: • ■ . • • ~'t 

Morlltncr. lullnn, (J,M„. Vi'tOht* Amime. CO., 

hi(irs.)-/Wori!e8ior< Miisa...2:1. 
Morjtad. tvnirtnoy ittoy 1>. Way, mgr.)— «\ltan, 

Mnrr'af iirtd,' Mtcg (Murray, A Jtiirk- Atuuse., Co., 
tiikrf')—B"tflie;rOre,,. i, Motlrqrd 'R,: Aahltrnl 
(l. ■ lleildlrtK; lMl„ 7, Cblco ft. rtarlfHlnenlp It, lu, 
rrMBo ll. Ii. I'orierrlllo l». PaltcrsOtld 14. 
MnltPrts, the Knur tlrank MoK"«i; msr.)-Tflt. 
Mo., l-f.CHIesM, 111,, fl-ll. . ' 
and llouelcr.^i'cektKill. X. Y., II; Dan- 
lutry. Conn,, 7, Wtitrimrr 0, Xoir, 
, Torrl«lt|nnlt, Wlnated 12. ■ •• ■! 

Motrj;, .Trie* (Mtitenihal Bros, Amuse, Co.,' rngra,) 

■"Kaniiss'Clijj MA, «•) 1 . ■ 

MyrklMlilblei' Htnek. Kiiki-tii MV.. II.' Harder, 
mgrJ— jjtttv, firiHiawlek. ' x. J,, S-T, Newlnirgh, 

Myt'kfei'iiinler' Stock. Boiilltorn If m 
iitn,,— ppri Jlilron...>tli;n, L S.l 

flose (.!,■ It, Hlerlltm; mgr.)— I'eprln, III.. ' 


Inp II, 

•■Un;.;Ko>iii..-aiiit Ills manv admirers arc tnak- 
iyjg of limited opportrrnltle.a of bid. 
ding hTjb (fare-woll. At fhe BIJon Theatre. 
Ctjjfc; iUpJloway's, DrtuiifttUi.. Co. Is appearing 
In a' stitrlrtg drama. "The "Roguet "* **" 
inn," and are doing good business. 

..Mlil Slock to. W 
.ferWnCliy.:Mo„ 2-7. 
Mum AMoeVy 1," 

■. LlifgJrwOod, 
•.Map».j:lh» Two... 

Pilkdlshitrr/.- Ia„ ■ 2.4 

dOrtfii ' 

tlmnre fc Lelth, 
enii vi, Baglnow 0'1«. 

McDnhalil,, mgr.>— Jef- 

Mocllry OUtoeilv .(JnUli' J. Mjirroy, mgf. ) 
p.'.Pn.. 2-t. WUrsliiglnn, Bel., b-14. 
nlWiln'. Cfitieitiaiit (J, W. Slghtfl, mgr.) 
00* M. M., 2,7. Pftftl'li. • ■ . '; 
; two, (McCitll ft Mcoerern/ mgri.)— 

rlA- 1M4 

Olirlon ti, Aldrt, 0-11, 

■i BWllnthatti. Wash., 12, F.reren ljf'oltmhla H,-i-"«ii«»rl n*trl»," C( 
Peoly.'.ltsnije (John«r. )— ll-vpimin. Wtish,, »pFin»8f]d, Mass,, , 
Kfffjm» k 'i. .^Moma «» 1 fteatile KR . "liarBkll HMrta," Jfi 

Toy.^BWif Iflam fl. t ]*c Bhnbttt. lne,» mgrs.) 
— Phlltdelrhlt, Pt.,'3-14,. 
'forty-llT* MBitttet Prom Brdadwiy" (Kltw- ft 

Enstern, W. E. Nabketllle'i 

Jniim (*«. rrtnklln llllet. 
m„M— Hailnos, Gut, », San Ltilit Oblar* n. 
.RtnlfBalbiit 0. .Venlurl 7, Ldt Anieltt 8-l«. 
HoaeiB!x;a*Ii"— Pbllitlllphla, Pi., 014. 

Miirrylwuell Htoek IP. M. Mnrry, mgr.)— .Lii> 

,rmnf Palia. Me.,-,2-7, MJteiliwoVe, fSln,, Oil. 

Mnniiutini 'fhentiy .(Jack-. I'nroon.',, mgr.)— Alva, 

(Ilia., il. \Vrlr, Kill.'; 911, - . *r 

''MMtM nnllernyr (Henry U', Savage, Mk>i 

— U MlrH,. S-4. .Tololo: 0., ft" Can/on ft, 

PllllJ.Wphla, Pa„ KH, » 

Vt. Savage, mgr,)— N, 

F.rtSl i.jretpnol f . 
Merry, Willi,*", (ttenty 
Xi City ?.,, ImleBnlM. 
".Xferry Widow" (Henry W 

cago.'lll.. 2; lodddnlte. 

Stvaie, mgt,)— Chli 

i'M ','.-■■ 

• - -V. . • ..•.r/W^^r* -•-'' « 


the ifnsm tqbk 

Becembeb 7. 

"Un. Wlggi of the Cabbage Patch" (Llebler & 
-COVmiFs.)— Syrscu*."N. T , - 4. - TJtlca 8, Sche- 
nectady 0, Albany' ».'.-• 

'•.Van of the Hour:' (Rrady A.Grlsmer. nigra.)— 

, ►!». Y. City 21 Indefinite.- ''• V 

"Man of the- Hoar" (Brady* Grismer, msrt.) — 
■Dulutb, Winn., 10-13. J . •±<. ■ 

•%TrH. Wiggs of the CibfaafaVfttteh" (Llebler A 

, jOfc, 'nigra.) — London. Eng.. 3|»Tndefinlte. 

"Mdn From Ifotne'' (Llebler,* Co., mgrs.)— Chi- 
cago, III., 2, Indefinite. '■-"•" • • 

"Mlsu Bob mutftUWi. C. Elinendorf. mgr.)— Ta- 
'rentum, I'a., 4,' Scottdslo-0, 'ConnelliTllle G, 
pn'lontown 7. .•'-■-.- : • 

"Man on tlt<»- Box"' (W.,- mgr.) — 
Hamilton. Ont t '.C<ui.,.C. .':■• i. .-,! .»■.-'• 

"Mayor ot L«uBliI«u<l" (iuMtk.'B, Click,' mgr. ) — 
1 Serantoii,.Pu.,- 0, Wllkes-llarn! 7.. 

"Mb'* Now .Huabnud," Kn»fcrp (Harry Scnlt Co., 
10-rv.)— ulonitalngtfta, III., 4. Rantnul B, Hoopes- 
tott'OyCIiiirnrialgu 7, Paw 8. Mnltooa 9, Elrins- 
■ham ID. Olupy 11, Monnr Vernon 12, Marlon 
IS.". Johnson lllty 14. •': •.-, 

"Ma's New ' HtibarM,'" Woatern (Harry . Scott, 
WK3 riM'l'itl nil', f TfitWI 0. Tcxarknnn 
,7_Sliroroport, La... 8. Mnniw V. Jackson. Km 
1.0, 'Nttlcbl-z 11, UaMi Uongi'. Ln., 12,. Donald- 
sOirVllIo 13, Tblt.udauk'11! '. '1 . • ■ - •■ 

"Mcotaelibier's Daughter." Dnrllngton & Kingston's 

•— Newton,' Kin., 4, Wellington fc* Wichita C, 

.HutcbloUn 7, CbffeytHIo «. MM* ■ (•..MePher- 

' 'rob UK Lyons 11. Eulblngteu 12, -Ucrtncton 13, 

Concordia If.' i-.. ,'• •- ■ • - , 

"Minister's Sweetheart" (Winn Trousdale, mgr.) 
'^Gtand Jnuctloo, la., 4.- qowrlc-,6, Uhrville 
(t.'Bockwen City 7, Fonda 9. Pomeroy 10. Man- 
con 11, Fort Dodge 12, Webster City 13, Le- 
lil|h'T4: .'•.•■• ; • '• • • 

'•Jlcruddon'a.Flatt,"" Oua Hill's (Joe Pettenglll, 
ugr.J—Cblcago. - III.. 1-7. South Chicago 8-11. 
Grahd-Itaplds. Midi., 12-14. 1- .■•■•- 

"Missouri- Girl," Eastern,- Fred Rnymond's (Geo. 
Bedco, nifT.)— Ithaca. *Mlcb.V 4, . Flushing 5. 
Bitot ti; IJWc/t.7. Holly a, Oxford 10, litilay 
Olty II, Lapeer' 12. Vavaar -lft.Cpm City -14. 

"Mlnsourl Gltf," Wsl, Fnll'JBaymaod'a, (if. II. 

' -Sorton, mar.) — Concordia. > Hon., ,4. Ijabonic 
0. -Downs O, . Qlerielder : . 7. SlWIolt tt, Ubuco 1'.:, 
■ritlpiws )».,: Minneapolis IS,- Council Qrorc.13. 
Umporla 14. ■ , \ :. ■ •' ! '. 

•'MyrWfi.'o' Ifamlly/'. F.ii*t (W.' McOownn, nigr.) 
'-t-Columblal' Pa./,^'. CobIhijvIIIojO, Lauca»ter.«J. 
!fSk.1,iBaamg l>. tJliauiberxbMrg-lO,, Hasere- 
toAta. 'rfi.^ll, rtuKrlck -12. • SlaTtlnsburg, \V. 

y»:...n.i. : .. • 

"My .WUeTa, Parally.", Wfiat, Bfanei».;.ft r-lnlou'e 
(CUIc HoWard. - )ngr. )— Uulbn .•Oty.-,. Kyi, 1 4, 

"Oulncy Aaanu Sawyer," . Eaatem— Proriaenee, 

■ It. I. ''2-7.'- * ■ '•' '*': '• 

"Cpincif' Adiroa Sawyer." We»t'(Jobn G. Stew- 

art.' mgr.1— North .'Yaklrna. Waah.. 4. Tawma 
1 B, ■Victoria, B.' O., Can.; 0, Nanalmo 7. Tan- 

couvcr'9, Belllachani."waah., 10, Everett 11, 

Olympla'lS, Aberdeen 13, Centralla. 14. . 

,."-■• - **•■••< ' ■'•''' ' -i- 

Kolifion, Eleanor (I.leblcr A Do^ftgra.) — Toronto, 

Can., "2-7, Chicago, HI., 0-21., 
Itu«f*ll,- Lillian (XoscnU Brookg,^ tngr.J— Water- 

■ hury.'Cop;. .4,: Prorldence,. B- I., .tf-7. Boatoo, 
Maaa., to -21. . . « . ' . - ■ - 

B*l*TtH,' Klorenco iCort A Harrlf. nigra.)— rBalt 

.f«ko.OUy, U.. '2-4. I'ocatetlv, Ida., 0,. Ogden, 

, ^U.,.6, .proro'Clty-7; San ■ Bc.-niMIno, Cal , 9, 

■ Uiu-rcliltv 10, 'San, Dlcgo-11, 12, Pasadena 13, 
..Santa Barbara 14, . • •„ . •-•„ 

liol«oti,.May (I- H. Sire, mgr.)— X..T. City. ?-7. 

Buy, John and Emma (E. D. BUIr, mgr.) — Hn.'t. - n- . . ^ - ■ ■ — - - — ^-- - . - . 
W Conn,, 2.|..Now,n.rca,«.7. , "r7 ! .Y 1 City *£&&&£*&&&*** ,■»*- 

KVrHli'BrotWra (CliM.E. Blan-y. Amuse. Co., JS!&'S9&SM3*m A ,„ shnheA Inc. 

. maw.,)— <:ain.ten, -N. J., 2-4. -Wilmington, ?*!., T» ff.«CJqPg. (g l »«*.!* « Shnucrt, inc., 

/: 7 v v f'it* <«.M . " * ingw.) — X X. (llty 2, lndcunlte. •- 

I^ofelbaft'suifk V (A.' K Bert.- irierV-aillll- ""P . Pr V^- ty,- : Iles.». Lincoln J,. Carttrt->. e w 

IVtIM!,' O... 2-7-- 

"Straneer la Town'.'— Anderson, Ind., 9. 

. . . T. • 
Truax. Sarah (John Cort. mgr.)— Centralla,. Waab., 
4, Astoria, Ot«.. O.-Portlsud fl-8, Halem 6. Eu- 
gene 10. Ashland 11, CUlco, Cal-, 12. Sacramen- 
to 13. 14. < ' ■ . 
Tliuraion. .Adelaide (Francis X. nope, mgr.)— 

•Minneapolis. Minn., 8-11, St. Paul 12-14. 
Turner. IV. II. (ChSB. K. Blooey Amute. Co., 
togra.)— Brooklyn. K. V.. 2-T, Patcraon, N. J., 
, »■ i 1, Dover 12. 1 Klliabeth 13, 14. 
Taylor. Stock, .(H.. W. Taylor, mp.)— Banjor, 

lue.t 2-7»* •'. ,' ' .. ". 

Taylor,' Albert (SethS. Spnngler. mgr.)— H«-re- 
,fard..t«;. 4,.B. Tealw «. 7. Boswefl. N. Mex., 
•»,• '12, 'Pecca, Tex., 13-.M4. 

Tembebt' Dramatic (J.'L. Tru.n«t. mgr.)— I'uax- 
aotawwr. Pa-, 2-7,' Do Ikjls 0-14. - 

"Tom ■ Jovw'.' '(Henry 'W. Savose mgr.) — N. x. 
■City' 2; -■Indefinite.. • . •" . _ t 

"To>- Slolrer of Nuremb^rK" .(Chai. Frohman, 

Rnn Htock (DulI(.-1 ltyau, mgr.)— New BedfoM, 

Mo'i«.,'. £7. l .- 

Ru«ar t Ma>uu - Stock • (Bosar & Mason,, mgra-1^ 
' .Muaeifforw y.. 2-7.- ■ :. '. 

"KoaC ol.-.tht' Banelio" (David lieltcw, mgr. 

I<*liigt6u, O., 4, Cruokerllle C, , ZanesTlllc 0, 
>Uirobridgf7.- -'•••:,'.•. ; .'. •-. . . 
Touipcsr uud tJonabltB-%" W. F.Manu'a (ltlcbard 
'Chaitnmti,' fngr.'>--TVuUosb, lad.. 4, Logansport 
C; NurtU Manvheeler 1. Huntington 7. Port 
Wayne U.' Angola lu, CoMwater. Jflch.. 11, Mar 
(.Unit. 12.- Alt-Ion 13. Battle Creek 14. 15. _ 

- '( — Kansas. Oty, 
St, Joseph, Mo., 

a Toaog'a, H. W.— Petrolla, Ont; Carl.. 2-T. _/ , 
♦ ^Sarna. 1 ' Alfred E. Aaron's— PbUadelphla. Pa., t, 

1 ',*ng or ^iiKjagJaa 

"Ztke; the Country Boy" (tepti A""-.."'! 1 ' 1 — 
Starnlord. Tex.. 4, Clsao B. BpephenTlIle I .. Co- 
maW 7, Brady 9.' Browrtwood 10. Ballinger 
11, Miles 12. Goldtbwalt 13. KUieen 14. ., 


Atncrlcana (T- E. McCreary, ogr.) — Boaton, 

A^O?rluVrotf 'mP<*. 1-7. Induiap.ll.. 

iWoton' Belles (G. H. " Batcbelor. mgr.)— Boston, 

ilnes.', 2-7, Brooklyn, N. T.. 9-14. _ 

Brjant'a Extravaganza (Unrty C. Bryant, msr.i— 
Wll5.(!clphla,'Pa., 2-t, Beading P-ll. Scranton 

' Iiiue UUim Clrls, Jame* Hyde's— Albany, N. X„ 
2-4, Hulvokc. Ma«a..' 0-7. Boston 9-14. 
How'cry •Burresqm-rs (E. ; M. Rosenthal. m?r.)— 
-Boston. •Mass,. 2-7, 8prlnsfleld 0-ll,.AInaay. h. 

Botcinliins (Barney Clra'rd, mgr.)— N. t. Oty 8- 

Buif Toni'' (Weber A Bush, uigrs.)— Plttebarg. Pa., 
2i7,.Colambue, O., 9-.U:. ■ • .• 

Brteadlers ' (Cbas. Croa-well, mer.) — Montreal. 
TJafc..' 2-7. Toronto 9-14.' ' > .' {* gj «J ' 

nStoTZi'vTvwM&Zlli^fa- '" "Kail- 12.' Allien. 13. Battle Creek 14. 15. Echm.n Show • (Jacfc. fine, mgr.)-*hUadelphla 

HaV^'^nn"'l3'l4 * ■ ' V^ "TiSas.". -Hroadhpret &. -Carrie's— Kansas. City. • p£_ 3.7 Baltimore. Sid.. 9-14. ■ ■■ ^ 

•Itouuf^'fiflawy-Ermr^er.-.m^ faetejor Club (Cbas. B. Arnold. mgr.)-Dettoit 

r:iiv '2 .Ifidtilnlte . .. . . J.- . ,_W- u - '.Dea-Moluej.-U., 12-14. Mich.. 1-7. Toledo. O., 8-14. . ,._ • , 

UAfnfltM r>,,,Hmnheldt,6.' 
"Miiilcaf ot Wan HI 

Patterson', . mgr. )-— Etutlbatti.- la., 
" ut-7, Neblo 

landc-C Walnut- (Edwin 
4, Adair 5,. At- 
■Council BlalTB l>. 
".MusJcal Wlzordpf Wall Street,!: 1*0. 2 (Edwin 
•Paiteraaii', tngf.)— Holalncton, Kan,;- 4.- fjter- 
Hug Ii. Kinsley. 7, St. John.O.Iioilgo 
Olt/l0.0afili>n Qlly 11* Holly 12,"-fky Fonl, 
"l t . Trinidad ,14. ','"•-. •' ' 

''tllrl'.' (Tfrank Doilge, fngr.)— Monett, 
ttebti City, C, Aurora 0. Sprlngfltld 7. 
Btoheu 1'j-oinlKe". (Oliver. J. Eckhardt, 
ipif.)— AHfngton'. 'Waab., A, Monroe B. Wcnat- 
cbM- c, Huohamlsb-l.-Montesaiio 6,. Elma-viO, 
qiielilills'-ll.. South Bend- 12, 14- . 
"Jlonte Crlsto,'! Jta.', King's- (W. r W.' Sbuttle- 
\foHh. ingr.) — .Grc*md>urg, .Pa.,- 4, Mount 
' 'Ploa»3st.%.'. i AUoonni.u,i Johnstowu 7. 
"Altljl'lght riyer"'",(J..'-B. . lUchHrclsqn. .mBt.l— 
UMfS, t»... i). Uuttailou . 10. Oorj'don 11. Mo- 
mft-.I2. atlalawhuTg. 13<. tfernjouc .14 
"Mfnliltcr'B' Son," Mleuidw' '*'?/ " 

illty 10.- Gi 
Ciilo...l3 f . 

"Mr. Dixie't 

Mo..:4. Wi 
"SJau's.- BjoV 


Ri'.ri.4.'. 'Nt* Caalle- S,, Nilea, -l>. 0, Akron 7. 

.Oprrtillloiu-10, Mlnorva 11 , CaDtou 12, Alliance 

13,' VoilncStOwnVll.- . ' *T5T j . 
"MlUlonulrie Ruveuut" (Mlttenttilil Bros. Amuic 

Co.'. .mgT«'.)rrlb>ctiestcr. N. Y.. 2-4.' DtloaT.-. 
"MMulglil I'^caiie," B.' E. ' Forrtstir'9— Phnailel- 

gij |u. .pu., 2:7V .;■'• .. • . . , .. 

"ite, Hhti uild I",.(HurllL' A Seaman,- mges.)— 

VashVllfe, T«nn,: 2-T. Tenv Haute. Ind .12. 13. 
"Mj'aterlou4 Burglar." .RowlauM- 4- 'Cllflord's 

Uraiik Wlndi. mgr'.)— rPatenwn, N. J,. S-T. ' ' 
"Jleaarige'Kiom Mara" (A, L. Khlnestrom. .mgr.) 

^-San'Dlear. .'CaU' 7, '• ■'■■.■ ,. , • i..'. 

',;-_. ■ .'•..'-:•:. m .- . ■ ■ :'-'■■■ 
Ncthcrsole. .OWta.,( Iritis ..Vatbersole, mgr.)— Fond 

lu Lin 1 . \vls., 4, Milwaukee b-T. Duijuqn*, : ja., 

I>. Clinton 10, 1 Davc-nuOrt 11. Cedar Rapids 12, 

3»pux City- IX Dos Mol)ies..l4. -■ •; • , .•- 
N'nr.llnova, hlirjc Allu (Saai t},' A.JLee : Shnbcrt, 

iip.,,isin:Si).-irN. X.iClty,2.^ndennll«. ; .- , ' 
NJlllvit.Cariotte'lW.N. La\vioiiee.,inHr.i— Wilkes- 

lianv.. Pu. ,;,'»• Sctanion,', 7. -H. . Y.;.eity.;»-J4. 
NoMlli. Eitnete. (tJam-iS. It Ijesf.iShubeTt.Mac., 

pigraj-r X. Y. City' 2, lilik-Cnilte. 
Nortu":Bro»." ■Cuutedtaus '.(){. J. 1 Muck.' mgr.)— 

Ma.ll«oir. Mis 1 .. 2-V WaukcgSn,': 111.. .9-14; 
Nn(l.(hui,i^oOkVPoOiflili«p>le.TNi ; X.. ;2-,7., ■■;• -.- 
"Neljle. Uw-IkuiuUfiil Olqnfc MiKleJ.V A- H.iWoods' 

rJolin.'PjHon, mgr.')— Baltimore. Md., 2-7. > 
".Nluety.MKl ;N(iie"..rlae, DyllarrpD A l Co.,*,n)grs.t 

— HotiUau.' NV'J.: 1-.7,, I'lujiutcUiMa. P.a..75,14. 
''Nljtcly.Boa.-Sliio 1 ' -was. D',rBartPU-*;Co.,.|a|K».)' 

•Ti-MltliK-ai)olls.Mlun.,>l ; 7, %-■••: . ' . :■■- >• 
"No. .Mother .to Quid*. Her'.*' (Ellison' A. '.Dftdje,' 

iagi-.)^rt3tevpup. |ll,, '4,TMottooa,5, Urbaun;0, 

UfaVik. ' 7, . aortnUHtld ! 8. • - ■ - T .'»•..'.■... ' 
"Sohody's'aalpi" l!astcrn>(J. M. Jacobs, leer.) 

.— fNcw. C««thv Pa.,. '4,- Franklin 5, TareutOm C.' 

Beaver . Falls: 7. ; .:•••'!'.- . • . -..'•.-.-.. 

.'.' . ' '•".' • ■ ' i>" • ■". ; •• , ; 4> 
Ulcot*. 1 Cbauncey ; (Augustus' 'PUou, , ragr.) — !f. . Y. ' 

City 27lifd«!B/dte, .'■••W. .- ■• .. ;'- ; ■ • 
O'Kclll. .Jiirii*: (iSlgar 'Fofraat. ,mgr.) — Btuokh*, 

n. 3f.;:f* 1', -'-u-w. } ■ • ! 

O'ljnru, Fiske' (Ciihb. K, Dladey Amuse. Co., 
•11W-)— Kansos :c|Ik,-Mo.', •2-7', St. Lohls ,%H. 

Ui'imu St«wk tJobti' Osmnn. u)gr.)-r-AaguJta, Gu., 
a s 7j Urtj«n»'«aid.- ■S.-r}:.-»ilTr --..mI.-- ...J ' 

"(iiitlaw.'B Ciirlatuiiia'"-.(p. H. SuIlWnn. tngr.l — 
Esot: Si; bvuli.' HI.. 1-4, ' South * Chicago 'M, ' 
Clctelaud. O., U<X*.- .■■'...".■•.■• -.'■'■ 

"l>|ir New Minister". (Juiiutb . Couyeri. ingr.) — 

Vi„ Lngrange, Imt., 11. i.igonier -12. tlnrreit Vs. 
'At|Udr'u.44? . - 1 • . - ■ •■-•'• 

"Boyal Slnvo."-West. Clarence Bennett's. (Hsifry 
'A: -5)u lK.I^. nntr.) — Asiieb, Colo., 1. Glenvcood 
".. Bueiin Vlnlu'il. Floreucv 7. Ucjirer -sit.;- • 

"Ibid .Mill': *C....B. 'Dillingham, mgr.)— Dayton, 
0..-S."4, .Antterwm, Ind., 0. TOrro'Haute '10, •..•-. • *' 

"Rata.." Across the Continent." A- S. Womto', (H. 
.V. ..Wtntmiiri, • )— Ii.dlaiianjlls, Ind., '2-4, 
Fott^Vayne. fs; 7: Cbltago,. III:.. 8-14. . . .!<£•."* 

"lioel.-v ■ Mountain Eipresn.?' Kllrot A Gazzoto's 
(John Bwnero. mgr. l-'-Wllniliigtun, Del.. 2*4i- 
TWnton. N.'J.. 5-7, BrooltfyS.-N'.-Y,, 0-21. •. .■ ' 

"Rr.Val 1 C3|«?t." II: JI. Fja«c>'— Aberdeen, Wn^U., , 
H.. Olyrnpln 0. ..Hotiulam .10. Tecoma 11, Ellfns- 
lwrRVJ," WMIa- Walla 14. . .-' • .: 1 ". .: 

"lti.l.UcklriB _G)tl." W. :E.. NankevlUe's— Seattle, 

"liip' Van 'winkie'," Hale's-^MoWd aty.'lIo..'.;4. ■ 
ratttVClty -6? Burllnelon , Junction 0, Stsn- 
lw, 7.. King Clty'V. Albany 10. Bethany. Hi 
llldiffWny" 12". ' Gainesville' 13, ' Princeton 14'/ :• .- 

"nyrlpcilona From the H««rtb" . (F.'-E. Corrlgau. 
mgr.)— Kauc. . Pa., 4. Tyrone. 3, Bellefoots '0.- 
Heliovo' 71 ... - ' > ■'- ■ 

"Remlilefa!— Oakaloosa. la., 12.. ; >. ,', . 

Ttitbhtt'a ..Fotit" (Pat Cbnpp*rV: , mar.)— Brew- 

.tpii.' Afo,'. :4,, - Greenriih) fl. Ppyt , 
"" ;poalt % Montgomery .9, Opellku 10. ?-We»t ' 
11, LagTange. 12. Ncwnan 13.. ., ;~ 

, Point, .Ga.', 

Sutlairp.-.E.'.H; (Silui S. & Lee Sbubcrt. lac, tngrs.) 
— Bruoklyii.,N.Y.. 2-7:' • • - ' ■" .-•;- 

Skino*r,' .Ot|p (Charles : Frohmarn ' mar.) — Peoria. 
III., 4,. Cedar Rapids, la., b. Topeka. Kan., 7,' 
•8t:-Pavil;;Mllm..' sir, " Miiin?apoll« 12-14.' 

fc«:li«tf ( . KtlUl iChas. B. Dillingham, mgr.) — Sau 
FrincfeKw,' Csl.. r Z-.7. Portlaul.'Ofe., 10-11.. 

Stabl, HoBe(Uonry B. Harris, ragr.)— N. X.-CUf 
■tm. •:' .' •' ■■■;■ ' ■ "•• - ..c 

Scbiirpann,-H*lilk.. Mme.-I.ltUe- Rock,- Ark., 'II,' 
Meiiipkla, T«jn.. .12. 

Selwy t • 


— Balllmprt..Md.. 2-7,' Wonhlngtop, D, C:, 0:J,4- 
Sldney, .G'.-orgt. inaiirA Nlcolnl,- raBrs.)— Chlcogo. 

III., J-7. Joliet 8, Streator 9,. Springfield .10. 11, 

"iMtnc,-tl)e-Place and.tlie.Glrl.V Eastern (Askln 
mgri'. )-^-Batralo, S. Y., ; 2r4, . Bochester 
- ,H4; ... 

"Western (Asklu & 
..••7: '. ■ . 
Mq Adams, mgr.) — 

. "ivFcgrapb' "station 21" (RapkT A Matthews, 

' UMW. I .- Nk-'sW Mb... 4. Frederlcktown -0, 

• Qiarleston'6; Poplar Blbtf 7. Dexter 0. Cnnp- 

bell 10. . Rector. Ark.. 11, Harrlsburg 12. For- 

TOet City "13? Brli.tley 1*. 
"through Death Valley" (Jas. D. Barton A Co., 

>iurs.) — Detroit. Mich:,' 1-7. . ■ ,'" 
.Ittexas'. Steer"— Paducau. Ky.. 9. . 
( .'V. .1. -.. '' -.- .'•'• U ■ ,' ', •'- 
•"Uuiler- Southern Sk|es." Ksstern (Hairy. Doel 
I .Parker." thgr. Y— Waynesboro, Pa.. 4. Hagrrs- 

town.,Md., 5. Cpluaibla. Va.. «. Harrlsburg 7. 

"Coder - Southern r Sklb«." Western knarry Doel 

. I'Mker. nigr.l— Bali Bernardino.-. 'Cal.. 4. Rlver- 

el*. - 8. "San - Dlejii U, 7, Bakerstleld 9. Porter- 
. Tllle lu. ,, Merced -12, Stockton 13, 

San. Joee 14,' 15. . .■ •' . ■_ 

"L'u«l#r Southern .Skies,", - Central (Harry Doel 

Parker... ragr.) — Sprtngflild. Mo.. 4, Le Mars 

K. -Columbia. 0. Mexico 7, Alton. -III.. 8. 
"lliifle TLuraCphln." A1.-»V. MarUn's (Ed. S. 
""Martin.' mgr. >r-Bii(klo, N."-Y. - , to-14. 
"Uncle Tomls Cabin," Al. W. Martin's (W. Van 

AnilB; mgr. ) — WHIIamaiK).'!. Pa., 4. 
"Uncle Tom's Ca'blu." Stetson's,- WeBtern (Wm. 

Kibble. , mgr.)— Fort. Dodse.. la.. 4. Sioux City 

S'T: PixinoVit. - Nebr.. 9. Qraua' lalabd 10. Haat- 

iniis 11. Lincoln 11-14. . 
'Tncle Tom'aCaWu," Stetson's. Northern — Sent- 
' fie; Wiikh'.'. IS.- 14. ' ■• • •" ' »'• • 
"Uuder Susid«lop",(Ja9. D.. Barton. A'Co.. mgrs.) 

—Richmond.' \u..JS-T. Nailolfi »-l 4. . - 
"L'lrtier" Us* North, Star:" Clareucc Bennett's (Jos. 

O.-, Chandler, mgr.)— EonAotsburg. la..' 4, Al- 
' gona' 5, "Ssiihom 6. Le Mars 7. Sioux City 8, 

fllbley 10, .Woytblngtan,, MUm.;. II. Luverne 12. 

White. 8. Date., 13, Walortown' 14. 
"Under the Red Lights of 'Paris" (I.. A. Schiwuk, 
. (nKf. - )— .Wauseon.,0.'. 4. Adrian'. Mich., 5. Jack- 
eon- G. Charlotte 7, .Ionia to, Caro 10; Bay. City 
' n./Standlslt'ia, ..Gaylord: IS. Cheboygan • 1 4. 
"Uricle Tom's Cabin" (A. D. McPhce, mgr.)— 
' N'ottoneld. Mass.. - fi. .Pal- 

(Tliomag - Roe, 
Torrlngton 6,-.,Thom- 

Utile- Zeke."" tOrSwrJiriii Bros.:— Clinton, T)lla , 
■jTwoatherfonl 7. iUydtd'O." Okmulgee 13,. Sa^ 
Pttlpa 14. 

BjBHV1ji$£ -v' ■ ""■" """■ ~" 7 " ":.''.•" -'-J' '■L;rt»le:Joah..Si>rjK*byf , ,;(D»T« B. I*tU. mgr.)— 
SaiilC»Sa:w':6)'a' Optra (Henry -Ruxsett,' "ragr,,"— ' Natehes. .MUs,, 0. - . - __' . 

Bostvn,' Majrv.CO-Sl: • rf , .•:■"•'..• .'.•.-•. ., ■.«;'-'•— '.r* >-. -.-•.. v—r .-*--}'-«.-..,..*••.■,-» ■■;•■■■ 
Sail -Prnncusco Opera 'tFrauk.W. ■ll«aly..»Erii-r^ TaifcSjBllly^B. (P,iH. SbHWan'Amu.:«:;Co.i'mkTa.) 
Portland: 'Ofe.'v 1-7, AytOrla, Wash.^-S.r-Wailg 1 t-^Cieverana..D..V2-7. 'Toledo? S.t4. '•:...• • 
■.■\Vttl(aW.:OoUax4J.'Spokaue. 12)1-1; v R-iS»3[ • ••■■ ■■**? ""'- - "; ; ''■ ■ ■ W» ; -''-'" '"'■ *.: ■ - "•' , -- 
Suutb '.'fltld ,;1ls Bund (JChu. Philip Sousa; con- wil9h-' ril'a^iiA^.'rWaWnlials'.A - Kem'ner' 1 
djcipr)— Auwra.-lll.. nmr...ap.| iollet; 4.- M»nK S?S^Y'-o1t\^T^BrwSn ' r¥il 

ln'O./'i.' Anderson fl,:EI*ood;7,'.CUlcago. 111., -S- 

SmHSOfrt Minii,.-; 4,f;Jp$|uiifr 
Wyandotte S. Oirosso 10, Bay "~ 

i».,Potaiac liy.'.Bbrt-Hupon il«J 
"Old Honiestead' - 

U, Pontfac-7. 
City 11, Saginaw. 

_ J^ " ' ' !..•*- 

(Franklin Thniniwon, mgr.) — 
Brooklyn: •H?-ST.. l 3'.7.' N.)Y.Clty0.l4.~ . , 
"Original Cohen." iSo<vloi|d' A Clirrord's '(W. T. . 
Omitl.'i'mjx*— Brteklyn".'. N. Y.. 2-7, 'Bayouue, 

r-n m 1. :TniiiiiinrT •ifir - •• ■ • •• 

"Old,. Arkanaaw.'.' 'Raft.' Fred Raymond's (Leo 
XfiMflM , rpsJ.l^SlMlbiirn.vinrt,-.* «. 'Oaktown sfc" 
fiulllyiui S. I.lnton 7. Jas.nnSirte.8, BJopnilngboii 
e; Ellettsrille 10, S»ncer 11. •Tloceun*s , 15. 
N>]rt«n,13( Ulnejt'IlfV.' U. . . ! ' ' 

"U1d-Ara;ap8av."' > 'rVest.'Frrt Raymond's (0. W.. 
Blcktiel),' mgr.)-^Bt.nimfuir' C; '4.' Iccystllle-S. 
I'leasnnt GvOve G, .a'prliwallle. 7. .-American. Foils 
W tfVhl-CIti -lO.'-Mercu'r H.'Sattdy^a, Brlgbatu 
W^MaJa.l Clly...lila.;.'14i, JZ3K-- • > 

•'OIWlwn''.'t.Georsu,Ci.nW, taRr\7— Corry, Pu.. 
4V. ureesrlllu 5.: Npw:CaMlv'(la'6i>hron.7, Younn»- 
•twvtt.'O.. 9j Ellwjjyii t'it.yj I'll?. ;10. Alllau*-. o„ 


lutnUilllb C. 


. Y.,-5-7. St. - .Lpuls..Mo..S.14., 
».- «m.»a - - _ ,au - WeWr's -All -Stars" (Jos. 'M.Webir,- mgr.)— V.' Y. 

SteMerV-.May. (J.,-E..Cllne, mgr.)— Morgao: Clly, - Cllr 2 » ludeOnfiv ;• .'■ ... T* .- 

' Vl'"ul' S, u ; ald3t ; n , Pv^^h-r-^?^-,^' WilSii. - ' JO? 3?, .^idaey "It. - Ellis, msr.)— X. Y. 
10.' fBrookhSveu 11,'- Jackson 12,. Canton 13,'Dii- 

rsdO/l*.": '. ; '- ' . ••• -• •; . ". '■• 

fntuTi.' Cdil-i'J'i (W 11. Atchlsca, ujgr.)— Meridian, 

,M)>X..,.l,.'i'Natclii.-s - l(>. ... , - .'., ..•.."!•. - "... 
SulhlacVs^U'«;k"(W." B. Suuitnerr, mgr.) — lUglru, 

Saak.,X'ini..'.'2i7.,,MoOiil.-Ja.'w 0,-W.'-. ■ , • .' ■'• ! 
StufivNialter J - ,.— tVlUIamsnort, Pa., 6-.14. : "• 
Si) Jdef's ItSperlal Eiirurt.iliieni (AX Snyder, utgr.) 

l T r -Moul|^Gu...2-4, Tliomaeeille B-7. :■ ' 
Stncg.'LiwIn: -ai!.d, lils HtH tWaltcr Savlilge, 

nipt.')— : Albh.,la.. 4,7,"pttqm«a.9.-l4.. : -. 
Stitttdnrt Stock (W. '0. Stewart, - mgr.)— Newcas- 

.tleVS.'. ->&,.. Caii. 2.7.-Chaxh»m O-l*.. . .."• 
"Sw^ef'-KlpUi'ltelUtri" .(Datld, mgr.) 

—Cincinnati, 0. - ,<-I-7 



"SHanoV^'M .ott , \jm H iiear)U * rrf>riHor-. v. Altitun. -Milwaukee 

tS^TjdWgfflrV III.. .l-.7..^1lne.8....St«UaB. .wflliftd's Oitcdtairs' (Hewr. .Willdm. mgr.-i— 
9; •Morrison; 10, Dixon ll, Princeton 12,'Strea--- r.jSOMi*Wssv 0s-. 2-4. .Batoaton'5-7, 'CoTlng- 
■ ■■■■■. , ■...-.■-. • tor/ 'Svii: ■•' •■ • • - ■"•'• •• ■•— 
.H.,.Woods'.-(J..K. ,-Whyte Drsatatic . (Cbas.- P. .Whyte. mgr.)— Paw- 
,Masa„ 2^.. Hart- .- 'ttitya'. ot^.. 2 .7, alound Valley.. Kan:, 9rl4. 
.foril. .Conn.,,,3;7-, .%;.awn: O-ll.iBrWseport. wtflfprd. Stock - ',(T>. L: Paul; "mgr.)— Prescott, 
12.-I4- ' .. ._.;._ _ ._ ' •' •.'• J^:.'- •. .Ar}a:..'l-7. Jerome. 8-11. Klngmau. 12-14.- 

Cllyi 2-7. Brv.klyn,. .NV\'...9-14. 

Wek't.-Brinca 3 (Khifst Shl|Aaao,.ujsr.)— St. Cath- 
erines, Qnl;, Can.. 4.. , ,Gult 0,' Stratford 6,. Wood-. 
' ifoA : ,7; ?r Petetboro.'tf. ' ! / • ... . 

Wlllioiui::": Duttle '.(Chas.i'E. 'Blaney Amuw. Co., 
uiBra. ) -^tllncliiimtl.' 6... 1-7. 'Chicago, 1U., S-14. 

Walker - WbtrrfsMs^Kansas City, - Mo., 2-4, ..Eeda.- 

Wifft,' ^'et-Ui-HtJe;- D." filalr. '■ mgr.)— BlrmlnsJiam, 
ifa.." 2-7,'- Atlanta. , Ge. - . 0:14. . - ... 

Wire;- - Hap: 'E.".D.:.Stafr, mgr.) — Grand Rapidf, 

' Mlsb.. f-4. lillchlgah- City. Ind.. .S. Wankegan, 
ni. t ;G. l .nici!'.e..»Js,, J..Jlltwaukee 8-14. - 

W1IL>.MusicbI Coraedy (John B. Wills, uutr.l — 

.tor.l*.-.;14., . .-■ •', I- 

"SIITce .N'ellle Wept Away.". A. - .] 

Riper'.C ,mgr:)T^Hplyo|», ,M; 

M.'-Wudawijrlti lS,'.Mas>l)lun, 14.. , 
"OM.CIdtliW M'uii" "(IT. Bi.PlerVV 

tcr.i'a..,, 2-1, -Weat -Chester B; P! 

NbirUtowA 1} pottstown to. Pottsvluo.iv, aw 

toy City 11,' Reading 12-14.. '■.•"'■■■.•• • 
"On Parole"— rhUadelnhlui .Pa.. D-14... - - - ; .. 
"Old' Farmer - Honklus'' (Wheetcr A Fink. «ytr«.> 
■— lOrlskimy FaUn'.rN;' Y.> :C, 'Ojlttton ,7, Water- 

TjlleO. Walton 1S> „"... •', ' 
"Orphan's rr»yer"-^-Solith.Bend,'lnd.. 12." '. . 

rowers.' James T." (Sam s. & Lee Shubert, Inc., 
acts.)— Denyer, Colo'.. 2i7 • - 

Pattoh, .W. B. (J. M. Stout, .mjr.)— I-uwton. 
Okla., 4. CcickasUa... 5. ' Bo\v.le. ^x., - 7, - Abi- 
lene It. • • • t.'.; .... 

rnrtallo Stock.(W; A." Pirtullo, mgr.) — Rochester. 
ra.,.2-7,. - New CjstlolO-ll. . , ,n . ' " . 

Tiice. ft. Butler- stock '(Wm. 0. Price, mgr.)— 
Cresson, Pa..2-7, .Gloo Camnhell 0^14. 

"Prince of Pllscu" (Henry W. Ravage, mgr.)— 
St.. Louis. Mo.'. 1-7,' tbulsvllle, Ky.,' 0-11.' Na»h- 
yjlle. Trim., 12, .Memphis J3, 14., . ■ 

"Peler.Pan*: (CharlfB prolunan, .mgri )^-Bi«Eliaiu- 
ton.iN.. Y., 4.-5," Osivego ll.:_i 

"Plff : Paff! I Pouf in 1 ' B. C.-WIdlney's— Jersey 
Olty, K. 'J./2-7.' ' ,.. -■■• ," ; ■" -' ' 

"I'nrU.Hi on Her. BritlM Touf". (Chas.'B. Blanry 
Amuse. • Cri.,'> Ingrs.)— Omaha,. Netr., '2-4, St, 
Paul, Minn., - 814,; I •" 

"I'tjliitliia tbi'- Tiwii.".Cliatj,: II.- -Yale's — tialm- 
btirg'.'lll.; t.' Cutilon S,>"eorla 0. -7, Quhicy 8, 
lUanlhal. M.... !>, M..ollc J<i, Itleyleo 11. Co- 
llltiiW:-. '12. liruwniivlllp' 111. Swlollti 14. . 

"l'baulvoi ■ Dolwhve:"VR«wln»d A OUItoWis {Dote 
Sk.>-na>ur. ' iiiiri'.)-i.Phllade! y 'ihI». Pt., 2-7. Jtr- 
sey City. N. J..- S-14-- > ..•■•■• • ' -''-'' 

"Ivjor Kelatlon" (P. V. Peterson, mgr.)— Tif- 
fin. 0.. .4,. XorWalk 0.. Shelby fli West Salem B, 
ymwestown 10, Lisbon 11. Maisillon 12, Can- 
ton 13, Rocheiter, Pa - ., 14. .-■■'. 

"PSnhnndle 1 Pete" <Abe Le»y. mga.) — Toledo. 0. t 
U4. Orsnfl Rapid*. Mich., 5-7, Detroit S-14. 

"Pair, of Country .Kids". id: Jay Sraltb, .mjrr. )— 
m.'pe Charles, Va..'- 4. Powmoke Olty.- M«..'B. 
(Madrid u. Wilmington. Del'., 7. Cambridge, 
Md.. 0. -Raslon 10, Dover. Del., 11,' Atlantic 
City, N. ,T„ 18-14i ■ . • 

"t'lp'kltics 'Ftom PuOk" fPnblauky Brer., mgrr..) 
—Blue llniilds. Who..'. l>. Concordia 4, Lebaaoa 
7,.PblUlP!bnnt 8,. Obcrlla-10... 

tli(5ier„ ps., b-7,- Mew-irk. N.':J.V.l>44.'. , »■„ .. it u »iel| b .o.iu .- -. >•• 

"SliV,ir^GlflB"f(J-. , P. Goring, , iiagr.).— Dickinson. . Wl|ii,i-r. Stock - -. tW. t>i- Salisbury, mgr.)— Cobles- 
.N.jDnV:. •*. GleiullTe. ' Mont. -.C- Bllllnct 0. Vlll.VN.Y7.2-i.Schiiilervllle.0-14.'., • 
l.lvlngatoii 7. Helena S,- Inltte ■»,' Dillon' lo, L .,\vhjtealdi-S'traus« Hloek— Plttrton. -Po., 2-7. 
VUcldoit,' Ida.. ll.-Sult.l.«t:e'Clly.--p.. 12-11..-. ""yurTeris of tlirgujle.': ^David Belasco, mgr.)— 

"Sur)erba'''(\Yit|.:&-'Ed\v. Ilaitlou, mgrs.) — louia- N. Y. City 3. Indefinite. ■ ■_•- 

vlllb. Ky,'. 2-7, NnshvllK-.jTeim... U-14.'- ..- . ; - . "Woodland"- (Heury W. Savage, mgr.) — Bntte. 

"Sellers" (Cbas. E. Blaney Amuse: Co., ragrt.)= • ,Mbiit., 4; -3. Anaeotiiln • ti, Mls.oula 7. Sr.otane, 
— .Bnipklju, N.- V... 2-7. Philadelphia. Pa.. U-14: - - ■ Wash., 9.11, -Walla Walla 13. 'North Yakima 14. 

"MX*tept-OlrI in Dixie," Southeru.' A- (0.-8. Ru- "'^ny Dowp 'East" (Wo.< A. Brady, mgr.) — 
ble.-inff.l-TMtdland. Tex.. .4, -Peooa .6. CsfW-v" - TVSimspeket. R.v t, 4,- New Haven, -.Conn.. 5, 
bad. IN. Mex.. 0. Roswell 7.- Amarllla. Tex.,!9. 'iUrldgeport ft, 7.' •>;•.- 

QU*n1|l\ 10.- Vernon 11. Seymour 12, WlcUlU X ■"-'Way Down East" (Wui. A. Brady, msr.) — 
Tails' IS,' Bowie .14. ■ ... Springfield. Mo., 0. . . i - ■•: -• --• 

"Siveevest Girl In Dixie." Northern (Will • R. "We - Are King, - ' Central (A. W. Cross, mgr.)— 
KliKhcs. rnsr.) - — Hottor..' Kan., 4. Seneca 5, .Ablngdqn. :I11.. 4. Burlington.. la.. 5, Muscatine 
Maryi\llle ..&,'. Wymore, Nebr--. 7, Btatrtc*.i».--i-fj;.Moline. III.. 7. Davenport. Ia„ 8, Tipton 0, 
Falrbitry'ln. Hebron 11, Brualng 12,- York 13, Vlrttou 10. Inilcpendence II. Anamosa 12. Man- 

Hastings. .14.- 
"Simple' Slmoh Simple" (Nixon 'A Zlranermirt; 

nutrs.l — Utlqa. N./V...4, Buftalo 9-14. --• , ■■:•. 
"Secr*t:"Orcbat4" (Hunter.. -Bradford A Reed,' 

nun.')— providence.- R. " 

Un.')— ("evidence.- R.- 1.. 2-4. ■•■;, • ... • .'. i 
"SiitelytThrough Anotlier W»<-k'' ( Jack .CamiilW'. . r <-»y 

yitielng Girl From Klllarney." 
tlitd'a— Milwaukee. Wls.i-a-7 
"ofs'llp New York," North (Fti 
■lull , Idler, MasK.. 2-4. .Tauntpti ». . MUIord 

It), tii'mtll ■FrHllilllgli'i: 

Aubrey Mittw- 

w-York," N'orHifFitiuk Hopkins, nigrv) 
,. 2-4. ,Tauiitpu u. , MUIord 
iiu 12, Kasbuu, N. 11., 1U, 

chslor Club (Cbas. B. Arnold, mgr.)— Detroit, 
Mich.. 1-7. Toledo. O.. 8-14. ._ .:' .. - 

Eroadwsv Gaiety Girls. (James H. Curtin. mgr.) 
— N. Y. City 2-7. Jersey City, st" J- 9-14. 

City Sports (Phil Sheridan, mgr.)— Newark, N. 
/. 2-7. B. Y. City 914. :. ■ : ^ „ 

Cn.cker Jacks (Harry'LeonI, org.)— Brooklyn, N. 
Y., - 2-14. *"'" ■-■*."- ;"• 

Coaliio Girls (Jesso Burns, mgr.)— Indianapolis, 

' Ind.. 2-7, Chicago. 1IL, 8-14. - • 

Cherry Blosaon* (Wlll.A, -Pyne, mgr.)— Phila- 
delphia. Pu.. '2-7. _. ' - - 
- CbIornM - "BiaiW1ClrES."Talke, mgr.) — Minneapo- 
lis., Mlun., d-7, st-Jescnh. Mo„ 12-14. - 

Chfltnphcni. Girls (Phn, Fisher, mgr.)— r.. Y. 

• CI ly 2-7, Patefaou, «. J.i'9-11. Scranton. -- Pa., 

DwrertfsViSsjai (J. - X." Slmondr, mgr.)— Eatfalo, 
N. Y.. '2-7. -Detroit. Mich.. S-14. .-- - e- 

Dainty DttcbesB (Wehcr &Kasb. mgr*.)— P-ead- 
li&, - Pa:, 2-4,. Scranton 5-7. Newark,. K J-. 9- 

Dreainland Bnrlesouers ■ (Bert Kendrlck. mgr?.) — 
•Providence. R.' I-, 2-7. Boston.- Mass., B-14. 

Engfisb Gaiety Girls (Pat White, mgr.)— To- 
ronto, Can., :2m,- Buffalo. N. Y..0-14. 

Empire BurletquSrs (J. Fennessy,' mgr.)— Cin- 
cinnati,. O..U7. Olevelmd-to-'M. 

Fay -Porter (Joseph Oppenheltaer, mgr.)^N. Y. 

• 01ty'2r7. '■ : v>-- ' ' ■ -.'.-..• 
Forits^-Janelaw, W.-YA. 4, S,- Salem 6, 7. 
Greater New ■ York Stare (Jacobs . A Jermon, 

■ mars;)— Birmingham, - ' Ala., . 2-7, New Orleans, 
La., S-14.' -' •--' 

Gay Morutng. Glories' (Weber' A.BaSU, mgr?.)^- 
Kansas City, Mwi, 9-14.' •,.-■ 

Gay. BsasMmsitM' (Ceo; Turner,, mgr.) — Kansas 
City. »lo.. 1-7. St. Louis 8^14. *-• 

•JoldeuCrobk- (Jacoha' A .Tenruo"; rngrs. ) — Milwau- 
kee. Wis:. 1-7,, Chicago. UL. 8-14. 

Oirls.from Happyland (Joe - P:ri>tig. ingr.)— Cleve- 
•ramt.iO., 2-7. Buffalo, -N. - Y.. 0-14.. 

Gay Toreadors (Gto. M. - Hate,, mgr:) — Elisabeth, 
N..Y.. 5-7,' Albany, N.Y.. 9-11, Troy 12-14. 

UIbu'. Jinks (Rdbert Mills, tngr.)— Paterson. .N. 
J.. 2,4. Scranton. Pa,T«-7, Troy. N. Y.. 9-11, 
Albany la^ll. • -• - . ■ .•• — 

BIL-ir Sclrtol 1 Girls (T-.W. Dlnklns. mgr.)— Bos- 
ton. Mass., 2-7,'Proviilenoe, R. I., 0-14. . . 

Irwin's Big Show (Fred Invlu. mgr.)— Brooi- 
lyn. N. V, 2-7. Scranton, Pa., 9:11, Reading 
.12-14.^ ".....-. ' .' 

Ii'n trials (H.-W. A Shn WlUlcms, xagrs.) — Terra 
Hkuie.- Ind.. 7,- Chicago.- HI.. &-US^. 

Ideals (H...W. A Sim Williams, -mgrs. )— Troy, 
K.Y., 24. Albany - 6-7.' X. Y. City 9-14. 

Jolly Girls (Gas Llerimg. mgr,) — ClerebUuV O , 
2-7,.Pi(tsburg.,Pa., S-14. . 

Jolly Grass widows <Gus W. Eogan, mgr.) — N. 
Y» City 9-14.' -' ' " 

Jersey Lilies (J. Froshln, mgr.)— Cincinnati, ©., 
1-7. Birmingham.. - Ala., 9-J4: .. - l ' . '" 

Kentricky -Belles (Robert Oordop. jtagr.)— Chicago, 
llL',;l--7, Milwaukee. Wis:. 1 8-14. - - '.- ' 

ICillckeibociH'e'CIiuls Robie. • mgr. ) — St. Ixiula. 
Mo., 1.7. Jndlabaiiolla,-rud., 9-14. --:■•,:. •"■ 

Lid Llftersr j(«s - S. -Wobdhull, mgr. )— RbcSestw, 
N." Y.C2-7." Albany 9.11.. Holypke. Mass.. 12-14. 

Lady Birds (Alf, G. Heryliigton. mgr.) — Balti- 
more. • Md-', 2-7,jPhlu:iJelphla. Pa. M tti4.jL.' » 

Mnrdl Gra9 Beauties (Jack SydeU, mgr.) — Johns- 

1 to'wa,:Pa., 4; B.'^Coraaio; tjan,; 0-J4;'v " ' 

Merry "Maidens (C. -W;- Daniels, jagr,)-fN.. X. 

■ City 2-7, .Boston. , Maw., - SW4. ./ .. *" ' 
Miss Sew -Yetk Jr. (I. V}_ - Vetb.QggO^ t-ouis- 

vlUe,^Ky.; 1^7. CInciruiSU,.0.', - '8-14.- :• . 
Majesties '(Fred Irwlc. ntgr:; — Snringfiard.' Maas., 

• 2-4.-Albany,-N.'Y.. 3^77 Brooklyn 9-21. 

Merry Makers (John Grieves,. mgr.) — Kansas City, 

-ao.,'l-7..St.'Louls - 8-14. 

Night Owls (Cha6. Robinson, mgr.) — Baltimore, 

Md.,-2'7, Wdsbfngton.- D. C, 9-14. . 
New - . Century Glris. (John. J. MpyMhan, mgr.)— 

• 'WAafnkton/D.-C. 2-7; Baltimore. - Md., 9-14. 
Nightingales (A.- Jhck raust,- mgr.) — Milwaukee. 

Wis., 1-7, St; Paul, Minn.. 8-14. - ' • 

Oriental 1 Cosy.'Corner Girls (Sam Bobluson, mgr.) 

—Chicago/ 111.,' 8-1 4.- • . . 

Parlslaa Wldoyra (Weber A Rush, mfrrs.) — Profl- 

iK-hee. :r: I.. '2-7.' Boston, Mass., 6-14. 
Parisian -Belles '(ChKa. K. Taylor, mgr.) — ludlui- 
. npoll^, Ind.,',rj-7. LonUvllle. Ky.. 8-i4.. 
RblllckeM' (R. E.-Pattbn. mgr.) — Pittsburg, Pa., 

2-7. Washing-Ion.- D. C.,' to- 14. 
Runaway' Gtrle ( Peter • S. ' Clark, ragr. ) — Toledo, 

0-, -1-7.- Cleveland 9-14.. 
Reeves' Beauty Show (a!. Reeves, mgr.)— Scrac- 

ton.Pa'..'2-4, Reading 5-7. Philadelphia 9-14. 

Ro*e Hill English Folly (Rice & Barton, mgrs.) — 

-Ootumlus', 0.. 2-7, - Clnolnnati S-14.- • 

Rtntr-Santley . (Abe Leainttj mgr.) — Washington, 

"-■ DrC.T'2»7.-Prttn bu i g> . pa „ 0-14, 

Rice -A Barron,"* Big: Gaiety— Buffalo, N. Y.. : 2-7, 

• Rochetier 0-14.' ■ •- - - ■• • 
Rose -SydeWs - tondon -Belles -KW. ■-. S.- Campbell; 

■ mgr.)— N.-Y.Clty 2-7, Prorideiice..R. I.. 9-14. 
Rellly &-Wood's (Geo. P:'- r jOohjrd..mcr,)^— N..Y. . 

Oltr 2-7, Seracton,. Pa., 9-11* Peterson, N.'-J., 

•12-14.- -- •■• -..;. v - ' , . , 

Rlalto ;Bojicflers (C6i»Us Frarkllb, .'mgr.) — St. 

Pan!. . Mllin.. 1-7. Ddutb S^W:' 
StKUlacPiayem (liiuls M. Granat, mgr.) — Dn- 

lutb. Mlun.. 1-7, Minneapolis 8-14. 
Stur.-Slibw .Girls (W.' Fotin.Tssy, mgr:) — Albany, 

N." *., 2-4. Truy 5-7. Montreal. Can.. 9-14. . 
Saui, 8vr,lbner!s . Big Show' (Morris Wulhstock, 

nurr,)— -f>1pw Orl(Vow. Lit:, l-7|i\ V, • .' 

Trans-Atlantic Etirler-iuera tHurtlg & Seamun, 
■ nurr».+T^K. Y. City -3,7, lTilladelpFla.iP.i., 9.14. 
Tiger 'Miles (lbsy Grodi. ragr:) — Jersey City, - N. 

•J:, 2-7, Philadelphia, .Pa.'. 9-14. . 
TMcaUcros (Clias. I|. Waldroii, mgr.) — Chicago, 

III.;' 1-7. Milwaukee. WIS.. 8-11. ^^ 

Thutouglmreils ' tFrtmk B. t'arr,' mgr,)— ^Indian- 
apolis, .Intl.. 2-4. Oi!cat9). 111., 8-14T - - - ■ ■ 
' Twentieth Century Malda. (Maury Kraus. mgr.) 

—Scranton. Pa.. 2-4.Patecson. r N. J., B-7. - ' " 
Vanity, -(Rbbort Manchester. - mgr.)— Brcck- 

lyn.-'M. Y., 2-7. -N. Y. City 0-14^ . 
WorbV Beaters. (J. Herbert Mack, mgr.) — Chi- 

_cngo. UL. l-7.-.Detrolt. Ulch.,'8-14.. - 

. qcoketa IS.. Dixon,. 111.. 14. 

"When We Were Friends" (Wm. Macaaley, mgr.) 

.^.r-dpdependence, Kan., 6, tlberryeale' 8. Coffey. 

vlllo 7. Canev- 0, Bnrilenvllle. Okla., 10, Tulsa 
tt, Eald 12. El Reno 13, ChKkasha 14. 

•Witard -of 0»'* tUurtlg ■ «i Seamou. lugrs.) — 
tngr.l— Cttntofl. «.. 4. Alllanco 1. Youngatovcn •- -Itmv. K. Y..' 7v Je.v.iv City. N. J., 0-14. 
ii. .WiniSter 7. AahJand 9.- Norwnlk Hi. Freniont : -i'\viui - t Mi.ney Will Do' 1 (Harry Shannon, mgr.) 
11, Toledo' 12-14. ..'..^L,' . — Sp» Hiirmony. ' lud.. 4. Poeeyvllle 5. Mount 

Vi-Thou 0, lloonvllle 7. Tell City 8, Cannl, III., 

•10. .'Equality 11. HardBbarg 12, licntuu 13, 

West 'Frankfort M. 
"WIuipI .or -Wall. Street" (Lew Vlrdt-n, mar.) — 
-'ltalliiiirer. - Tex.. 4.- rliuwnwootl ' B. - Ulco 0, 

V'lilln. s 7, ■■Ki.nU VI. Terrell It). 

I.uwrencv, Maaa.. 1-1.- ,• -'• ''-•■"<• 

"SlkHn; Ni-w'Yurk/'.Eust (Frunk llupklna uigr.V •uybat women Will Do" (G.». B. Eilwatds. mgr.) 

— GeHysbiire;, :fs!..'». Wuyneaboro 10. Martlhs- _ -L^tlantle' City. N. J., 4, Allentown. Pa.. 5. 

W giw. y*« ll.. - Druu»wlek,.Md...lS..Uancaclt.. Hasletou >d. ■ Khnnwkln 7. Berwick. 9. Mount 

hJs?. V SBSSStSHm^:.m , ™ .. _..v" Carmel 10; Eastcn 12, CoaUsvllle 13, West 
"Siti ln New York. West (F.ronk Hopklus. . mar. ) - cbe^t.r u 
— Pendleton.- Ow,. 8.. LstrMuue 9...»aker City tmeSESFlhd 

,.-, n,^.;.,i SJL^^ in ■ c.:, A ,^ .vt--.«. , / , WS#-«SJ_SiS> 

Transgressor." Cbas. H. Yale's^-Bul- 
talp. N.:Y.. 2-7. Pittsburg. Pa.. 9-14. 
'Wine. Woman' aftd' Sore" (M. M. Tteiso, Egr.) 
. •^Cincinnati,' O... W. ■ ' ' 

10, Welserll, Fayetre 12 Boise 13. Naajna-l-*- 
"Sls ln'New.York." 9on»h'(Frank Hopkins. -ingiU- 

*-Dniham.N. C. 0, Wilson' 10. MfMaMMN II, . 

Wilmington. 12. New. Rent 13. Wa^lilnaton. 14;::.' . 
"Sl»'>lo. Keavk- -York." Centiwl -(Frank IlopWasi ' -,'■■- •■ ;■•• . * 

mer.l— WatiMn. Wts . S. itlMneUntier », Iran.-Yorke and.Adac, (B. E. Forrester, mgr.)— Phlla- 

Nlountalii. -Mleh.. 10. Lake Mluden 11. Calamit,- delphla. Pa.,-2-7. •' - - ' 

IS. Hnncoek 1.1. Negminee 14. V .i. le -OlonlSl - Stock (Cbas. W. Reaner, mgr.) — 

"Saved From the Slums" (P. K. Corrlcan. msil}, ' JSprlngtlpld. O.. 2 11. • 

— Ueuovo.P.-i., 1, SI. -Maryn t>,. Iw.i.e ■;, \n <ft- ■ lkk^IIo Stock, Burgees i Ulmmtldu'o (W. 

ren 7. • . Pe Hollla. rnf'.)— Port. Chester, N. ■ Y-, 2-7, 
"Sherloca.Holmcs'^—Natehel, M13J-, '3. ... ..vfastoa, TaV. 0-Jlr^*^_ ■■- - 

Yankee Doodle Girls (T. W. Dlnklns, mgr.)— 
St. I^utt, Mo.;' 1-7, South - -Bend, Tad., llTC ■-■■ 

At "■•■■' -. MI>srREL«. .-• 

Barlow 4; Wilson's (I/iwrence Barlow, mgr.) 

Tifntou. ' Tex.. 4. Cleburne 5. (Iran.! View C, 
Hlllsboni 7, Corslcnna 9. Knnls H>. Terrell 11. 
Cohurh'a. J. A.— Qiilncy, Ha.. 4. Ttllabaiuee r,, 
Uve Oak 0. liatnwvll'.c 7. Palatka 0. Deland 
lu. Orlando 11, Tamne 12. 13, St. Petersburg 

Deokstadtr'K. Lew (Charles D. Wilson,, mgr.)— 
ChVstvr, I'u.. 4, Wlhulngtua. 1X1., 0, AunapUl-.. 
Md.. 0, Klltahelli. N. J.. 13. . ■ .-. .-»- 

Doifiieily i Hutlkld's — JuckM.n, Miss., 4. Green- 
w(«d 6,"Clark*lale 0, Hcleua. Ark,. 7. Marl- 
!&"£. :».; Forrest City lO.Paragould 11. Poplar 
lilohVMu.. 12. Batesvllle, Art., 18. Newport 1-1. 

Dandy Dixie (Yoelekcl & Nolau, mgrs. )— Mem- 
phis. Tenn., 4, Jonesboro. Ark.. S. PartgotiM 
K Clarendon 7. Hot Springs B. Little Rock 10 
Pine. RlufMl. Csnaen. 12, Prescott 13, Tetar- 
!tnr>a 14. 

De Rue Bros.' (Billy A- Bobby Be Rue. nurrs^— 
«t. Johnslmry. Vt„ 4. Hardwlck B, Morrls»lll» 
C;-St. "Albans T. ' Rnolhut8"Palls P. Ulchford 
10. glierbrooke. P. Q.. Can.. 11. Newport, Vt„ 
12. Barton r.anfling 18. Barton 14. 

Fleld'B. ■ All p. I Doc. Qslgley, mgr.)— Paducah, 
Ky.. 4. Cairo. III., ,'.. Fulton. Ky.. «. lit. V«m.. 
)(MaW 7,. liecatur, Ala., u. llmltTllle-Ki, Clmt- 
tanoogn. Tenn.. 11, Columbia 12, Horklns/llle. 
Ky.,ibV- Bowling :piwai g %r! •. J - "" * 

Gorton'a (C. C. Pearl, mgr.)— Bismarck. N. Dak 

9, Mandan 10, Dickinson 11, Billings, jic»t ' 
IS, Ltvlngston 14. B - t « 

HrHepry's (Geo. Tlptcn. mgr.) — Bloomfleld. lad 
4. Linton S, Jasonrllle 0. VlacencHi 7, Ev.^i' 
vllls 8. Princeton 0, Wsshlngton It). Bra-ilWi 
Green castle 12, Bloomtngton 13, CrawfordsvRie 
14. 15. ' . - - * 

Primrose's, Geo. H. (Wm. Wannlngton, mgr 1^. 
Fcrtjand, Ore:.. 8-14. ^ 

Wett'a, Wm. H. (Sanford B. Rlcaby, ragr.)— . 

T PrOTo Clty^;C...4, Grand Junction. Colj., 5 

■ Aspen C. I,cadvll(u 7, Salltla 9, Canon Cltv lo' 

. Rocky Ford 17, La. Junta 12. . u ' 

•••..,.'.'', -V CIRCVS. 

SnaBros.' 1 »-J««i)er, *la.; .4, High- Springs 3. x,. w . 
bc,ryO,'Dnnellen,7, InTeme-« 9, Brooksvllle lu 

"'_ . MIS( KI.EA> KOI «. 

Cooley's Floating Thealre (J. W. Cooley. mgr.) 

Dovall, I.e., 4. Lobxlell 0, Baton Rouje 0. n- u «- 
. ley 7. Plagueailne 8, 8unablne 9. Bavou t>,ulm 

10, White Castle 11, Iioitaldsonvlllo 12. Wblt»- 
hall 13. Convent 14. 

Casaell'ri Own .Biff Show (L.T17. Cassell. m?r.l_ 
Wheeling. W.Va., 2-7, Meyersdule. Pa., on 
Hk. Lick 12-14. • ' 

FlUit, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. (H. L. Iiiot 
mgr.) — Ocdnr Rapids, la., 1-8, Iowa Clly s-14. 

Jolnny J. Jones' Trained Wild Animal Shmv 

Tlaimonsvlllo, S. C, Dec. 2-7, Camden «-H. 

LuceytDo Bona Combination (T. E. Lucey, mgr.) 

St- pauL Mlnu.. 4, Anoka 5, Montleello o, Saut 
Center 7. 3raloerd 9, BlackdtKZ. 10. Bemtiiti 

11, Thtef River Falls 12, Drayton, M. Dak.. U" 
Crystal 14. 

rJltthDcld, Nell. Trio— Mllford, N. Y.. 4. MArtli- 

boro. Mass.,. 5, Wolfboro, N. H., 0, Stlllwa'.>,. 
' .N: Y.. 7. 
Lee's Glass Blowers (lack Lee, mgr.)— Berkeley 

Springs, W. Va., 2-7. . 
Mcrkle's New Sunny South (W. R Markle. natr.) 

—Hard Times Landing, La., 0, Vlckshar^, 
. Miss.,: C, season ends. 

Fryseelle and Edna, May Magoon (F. W. Magoon. 
..tagr.) — Portlaud, Me-.. 2r7, . Lewhrton 9-14. 
Paufino, J-.- B. (Steti-art Llthgow, mgr.) — Union- 

tbwa. Pa., 2-7, Tyrone 9-14: 
Powers; Frank J^—Kramori N.vJ)al».,.4, Ru->eii 

p. - Eckman «, Lnnsford 7.- Dttrlne I), Mobil I to. 
■ Kehmare 11, I'itxton 12, Bowbeils 13, Bouoy. 

• i brwrte'14; Jeas t- -r- . -..-i. ., *■•■: ■ 

Bcuuds Ladles' Orchestra and Specialty Co. ( ll. 

• 0'. Room's, mgr;)— Otsego, Micir.,-1. Bedtord 
5. * Battle Creek rf; Concord .7. Tecumseh 9, 
Bllssneld 10;- SatHua, O.. 11. Clarksvllla n, 
Washington Court House'- 13, Ctrclevllle 14. 

Sagei. The (Dr. Haugeros, mgr,) — Pueblo. Colu., 

2-7, Trinidad -T-ttT - " ~ ■■-<■ • ■ 
Sevengala (Walter C. Mack, ragr.)— N. Y. City 

Sctithland Sextette : <S. K'. OyerstKet, mgr.)— 

' ielnsburg. MICh.. -4, Duraad 5. Owosso 0. 

Trkln Robbers, Eastern (VV. H. Rosenthal, mer.) 
— Fltchborg, Mass., 4, South FraDingham .1, 
Lynn 0. 7. Laconln; N. H.> 9. Franklfn 10, Con- 
cord 11, Lawrence, il»S3., 12, 13, Nashua, N. 
U..- 14. 

Ttampson Enteitalnets (Frank - H. Thoaiisoa. 
mgr.) — Rock* Hie,- Wis - ., 0-8,-Bcttrtl 9-11 

Wells, Rayniojid— 05katoo;,R..Ia- 5-7, . 

.. ••''" . ' EOLISIA>A. 

• Sew Orleans. — At tne.Tulane (T. C. 
CamifljejC m'aitagor) "Brown of Harvard," as 
prtaorited by Henry Woodruff and his splen- 
did "company, bad an excellent Week Nov. 24- 
30.' -The Llpn and the Mouse" week of Dee. 
1, to be followed, 0-14, by Kobt. Man tell, In 
repertory. ■ . - ..- . . 

Cbbsce.nt (XV'C .<fcn»pbell, manager).— 
"Geo. Wasnlngtcm lr.,'',wlth Its-blf -toinpanv 
of c-xcallent -pcr£orinerB,..openea Nov. 24, to 
capacity, .and: drew : big cro*ds-. throughout 
t!ie week. Th-j ■ show : went 'big, and Carter 
Do Haven find Flora Parker scored bearlly. 
"Hnmah Hearts'.' Dec. L-7, to b& followed, 
week of 8, -with "Tne Blark Crook;" - 

DAtpuiNc'^Jobn W.'" Barry, .manager). — 
The popular Barry-Burke Stock Co., with a 
splendid production of ""A 'Fighting Chance." 
did big. business last week, opening matinee 
and night, Nov. 24, to 8.-R.'0. - The members 
of the. company- Were at their best In their 
respective, roles, and won much appreciation. 
The work: of- Krank -Burke, John Dyi:er, Bert 
Wjiter, Tom- Kindlay, Lillian Bayer, Florence 
Hamilton and- Isabelle ■ O'Madfgan deserve 
spei'lal ntentlon. v.hfle the clever specialties 
of Blanche Ue7WBW,'Jere-»arrford and Baby 
Ruth won thera many - recalls. "The. Voice of 
Nature" Dec. 1-7.-- 

. GBCiu'N wu),. I Ut- GtcenwttUI,. mauager) . — 
The Gay'Murnluf Glories proved an excellent 
tlr^wlusi'.cavil last rteek.'Bllthg the house at 
tW two-, owjirliig- perforinsnceay With a big 
weei^s bok bEffce rB'.uTns.fdr the enghfitmeut. 
Sairi A.,Sc^Uirftr'fi Big Show Is here for week 
of Dec' 1. with the New York SUrs due 8-14. 
.-■•BCaket's r.YBrc XJ. V. McStea, mauager). 
— The- Boldwju-Melvllle 'Stock- Co., under the 
personal direction of Waiter S. Baldwin, 
scored' heavily week of Xoy.' 24,'wlth "The 
Eleventh Hour',' as the attraction. The two 
opening . performances were witnessed - by S. 
K. O.: crowds, and Treasurer Harris was kept 
busy, in the 1 dox : office throughout the week. 
The company, as ; usual, pleaeed, and won 
well -earned, appreciation. Maurice' freeman, 
'Phos. Magram. Theresa Dale, Rose Evans. 
Moudou Glendour,^n.'Glb30U, L. O. Hart aud 
Jnt>. ■' Ixiwrv were seen to advantage. "The 

Wages of- Sin" Dec. «* 
•ORPiirJi.ii (Martlo" Beck," general- uicna- 

ger).-=7-'l.'he offering last week pleased, and 
a- big. week's returns were doue at the box 
office. For week of Dec. 2, Resident Manager 
Jules 'Bister announces: Grace Van Studdl- 
ford- as the top liner, with the remainder of 
the- bill made up of Barrows-Lancaatcr com- 
pany,: O Haria San and company. Charles 
Leonard, Fletcher 8Uvera, and. Citarjys Sei- 
gfist,: Herbert's dogs.- aDrTthe Baljters. 

.Wjvir* Gardes fA. C'Harpham, inana- 
cer).- — Tbla-pl£e£,-fo?taerly- known as,-Brooks 
Winter Garden, will, open about Dec. with 
a newly organized opera company for. the re- 
mainder of, the season, Dreseotinethe popular 
and' up-to-date musical .comedies, opening 
with "The "Fortune .Teller."'--. 

Baton Rvasie.— At Elks* Theatre! (Wal 
ter Fowler, manager) Cyril Scott, In "The 
Triuce CJiap," sconnl. u hit with a crowded 
hoase Nov.; 22. "Before aud After" came 
-5. and gave entire tntii taction to a large 
audience. "Human Hearts'" 29, "Hidden 
Hand" .Dec. '!.'•" ."-•■' ' ■ 

Note.— The Cosmopolitan - Street Fair Co., 
Nov.. 25-30, pleased large crowds: 

. -■ i ■■ ' * ■ « I " ■" :.— 


"W|ieellutv.— At the Court (Edward t ; 
Moore,: manager)' "Fifty Miles from Boston. 

Klicr'ZjBtL I.B.l O T> ' C\ - t/.Wr.m.A hv '"Thl> HSU 

.GsXso Ofeea Hodsd (Chss. A. Feliie- 
Eaiiager).— "The End of the Trail.'.' N°»- T -S" 
27, had big returns, followed .by Howard Hal.. 
In "The Boy and the Boodle," 2S-S0. had nr.e 
buslrtess'. r 'A Child of the Regiment" Dec. 
2-4,;'.!T«e Flaming Arrow" 0-7. 

:WQ».DBa'u!to:(H..W. Rodgers, manager).— 
I'.uelot-sti Is still keeping up to standard, and 
the wllilast week gave good satisfaction. Bill 
for 'tkeefc of. 2 : Brlstow and Warner, Stutt- 
nian and Crawford, Carroll- Sisters. Swalr. 
nn.d- Powers. Margaret Williams, and the mov- 
inp picture's. 

Bijou (Geo. shafer. manager). — Business 
was. bis last week. Bill for week of 2: Frank 
Wright and wlfc, Vvhuley and Whaley, I^evltt 
und,FulU. JcJJn Goss;; Vurduiann. Toklo Mu- 
rtiti. Veda and Qulntsxanno, Pcotet Tra). 
Williams and. Farce. Blllle Stauforth, Fobe:. 
Mr. mid Mrs. Nlct Hugh6s. Nat Schoch. 
Holmes and Holllster, and the moving pic- 
tures. - . - . '.- - ,- / - 

■- j , t» . ■ - . ■. 

Jaires Srexcnt writes :' ' "I ' arn In my 
twelfth week, playing the light comedy ro.e 
wi£h.,Kucane Spoftoi'd'S big musical comedy. 
"The Rajati of Bbonc.' This Is my first sea- 
son-in musical corheav. and I: am very much 
lileased, Our sen son nns been very sneces'- 
iitl. The cast la'autrung one, conslstlnt o\ : 
Vtmk Minor, Alfred 'Aildcroon, Jotin H. Lnw- 
lon and. others. . We are working our way 
up North, tUcn Bast," . ... 

• i r*.'- - 

iA .', • 

■ *■ - * «r_sv-.e . -_- 

\-'.- • • ::■' : '.- . --.-,. - -'. 

■-.-' ''■'■ ' - v "'-■•-.- - ..••---. 

. ." •'.....*-■ - •• .'.-. -.^ «V 


jSS^'lUSn-Wketht. . i . . ■.-. .-. ..*... 

iaWeville^Avnrliei- In CnrleaturCj. . ■ 

jB NEW WWrt :. ;.:..-.. .*. - .. . . 

\>w 'Acts • .•*••; •• 

ftnl London letter. ..n 

Oar Australian letter.,..,..,.....;, 

■M i llic R->'"l ..'...: 11*1 

I'nli.VviUc and. Minstrel Ufa 

VarU of ;......, ...... 

sew tfork.Clty..... 

i^ilien' Ciato Gleaolngs 

fcrrcnt Topics... 

■viiks In DCS W**f"" 

SSfiriSi ISfeUrt ius, n«. 

» 1 .etter f rnpi Pnrugtuy 

L uvtUb Picture**.. i-«ii" 

'liVYllnnP'W"...' ■ 

1'n.hT .the T-wle. . < • 

flipper .n-"i * < - e ' • • 

Tlii")Vf*tV Kw Vaudeville AVi<".!! 





'■'■a > ,-; . 







i mi 








11 iM 



11 HO 

Bartj, fir. * Km, Jimmy, Msjestlc, Dm Moines, 

MM^oiii.'krrti'^ Oiftinjfa*, O., 2-7. 

Hal«.T», The. Orphetuu, New Orleans,) 2-7. 
Jjnnwrf,' I'nul, nmtit-uai, Kninw.Cliy.'Mn., 2-7. 
Banse**,'' *1"„ 'Jelrcrantl fitly; .««.. 3*7 ; Family, 

■"NMrGHy; tn.. on. *» * 

Ranln Bros., Four. "Origin*! Cohen" Co. 
• llrirnolil's Uneciritnineri. sltlwnukee, S'7. • 
,HjV* r l.rt Vclle/rrio. M*j.Mlf, Ft. Worth, Teg., 


flatiM ftjOnrtX*. Cluis. Ji, Harris Co, . . 

Harlowe, llrra*.nv:i/, Proi-for'*:. ' Newark, N. 


mMH -,• , • •« ••»*••• • 

UonUna.:. ■ ■ 

SSriMM ■•••■• 

Masiachnsott* ....,.-•... 

Orcicn .'.."-. .. :. 

Calltirnla ••••■ 

rkH.... -• 

ISSiuf- •••••• • 

Vermont.. .. .......... .. 

Sew Itampsiiire. . ...... . 

Lc".!?i^na. ... 

tvsst Vlrglmn....:.. ... 

oHo.-; — '•••• "••. 

icmtncfe;-. . . ; 

> Wrtflff" • ?•.•■■:•• 


Tcnae-.-*). .-■ .....-•• • •< 


TU-odc Island. •,• 

■.'/irTrcctleif r. ■ 

Orjiadn »......■..'.. 

■,>w .York .Stale.. 

•rtlunav .'....- •• •-• 

Illinois...... ..•• 

.\tMMppl< •'••• 

■Ifbranko. .. ...'*...'••; • 

irtwSs.;.... ......v ... 



F«r.nsFlTimla •• 

tii-.r.ii Carolina ■ 

v>-=M-'M- •••■■■ ' 

'TaSirlnRWd.... •'• 

TirpDla.. '.• .. ;;.-....'•• 
MV-at;""-"" -rr';". •;;' 

Duplet of ColarDbSa 

" - t taeaa 







1 Ir.n 
| Ml 






p af7.i r k . 

ItanronM. Tni>, rtrpttnim. T»ii Arsi>It*, 1^11^2-7. 
nainno Oiinflcuc. Ciilonlal. -V. T. P.. 2-7. 
B JlnrrowsLnitcaslpr Co., tlrnli'tim, . >Nnw Orlrant, 
2-7. •■...' 
Barr^ i'ltalyer*, rtrnlifiun, Hca>llna l'a.,'2.7. 
Ugilarr, HiMIr, ilrmul. »(lliv»ul^, 2-7., 
NnS, Mr. Sr alnu, nniBnwiy's, lowpll. Mum., 

(V>0">'"&. tMAnt l : nloo Kiliiarc, N. V. C.', 2 7. 
llipiiilo ArTrahifinl, l.' Sqimtf, X. V. C. 2-7. 
BiinvlN. Tlifl A|ijc.*lit;, 1.o«1iuioii v Kj., 2;1.'«. 
IJrll. "trV#!. J>raimlsnil, MKlaiaani-n, S. V., 2- 

7 ; Wnmlfiii.i, Tm HaIh. fa.. h-U. 
n>ycix JVn, *. (Irn.. Vimttlovn.S. V., 2-7. 
Ilololl Urn*.. O. tl., MfjulJllle. Pa., 2-7; O. R., 
j 4ameMowii. N. Y,, 9-l-t, ; I 

RVrnfer .^ ; .mi>|ln, Trent, ItlMiX J.. 3-7. 
Itontpn, Alopjde. Htefa,. ITWWl J W t r , O., 2-7. 
praxctc. ..Ia«., BrflTcr. Alloglieny, P.i., 2r7. 
ileiTnli, Arlltnr, tc On.,, (fraud, Mailuou, VTI.i., 

tifll * tttrltilrla. Rccnli"! Pwnwiw. li. I., 2-7: 

S<ynlf, >'<• 11,0 iter, Ma«»., 0-H. . . 
I!i>anlc». 'JiiS'elliiR, SHr. Msifplp, Ihrt., 2-7 i fit- 

(iLlnm. NVtfnrfc, O., ft-H. • 
p«.»n *'ft>n, Blj™. Racloe. .Wis., ft-li. 
BfnnlnilnB. Bill & DaU;, niilrtMlnn»>, Naahtllt*. 

Tcnn.. 2-7. ')..,•-. 

Rfrlram Hfrter*. .firnriil, rtnrailcoa, O., 2-7. 
IMta, fit II., Crystal. TrlaMad, Colo., 2-7. 
Hran • rtiimiltnn, Orbhoma. Ailnntn ,0n., 2-7; 
j Onlmilnl, Norfolk, \n. t 2-7. 
nVffonl Trloi S.cllliinW!!. Ohlpago, .2*. 
V'.|.'i-n ,v Urxi;.-. >l:ut frf, Knnaa.^ Clly, Mo., 3-7. 
wrry i Bjcrty. .Orphrain. Omaha, 2-7i ;. 
lynrilnEtnn Ilro*., Hroml*ny Oali'ly OltH Co, 
gtr M A.M.nyi', Hlalto, P.lmlra,. N. Y., 2 7| 
rpumlHiio. Ofo^vn. ft- 1-1. 
Bttindnln,- <J rent, > & Co., llriad. alllwonkfc, 2-7. 
H*nii>«ti. -mil, Keith's, I'rpTlikDcn . 2-7. . 
IWlfirit Jlrns, Kmpiro, MUwouUm-, 2-7. 
Itrrrinn * Macklu, Souili Sido Utppoilromf, I'ltla- 

Mrs, 2-V, . •• ' : • • . : 

n^nn«>it Plftrre fit), nnyctv, Bkln.. 2-7: Colnm- 

hln. Snaoion, Pa,, nil, Bijou, Beading, 12-1-1, 
HfdoiiiD 'Aralr* (8), K. fc P., JerSsy City, ti. I.| 

■W ; Colonial, N; f I C, »-l4. .. . . - . 

Irclhire Bros,, .Malmtlc. Doa Moines, la., 2 i ; 

Cf rllaU's Dogs & VoUtf, Empire, Pes Molnf.s, la., 

Carol Slstoro, Vamllv, Plttahnrn, 2-7.' 
C*t.m i' -Whim. />(tli«Mm. -Kirtiaa OUy. .««., 2-7. A WIlliird.-.PoH'*, VtmeHmr. 'Maw,, nil. 
rjhll A r<***, Shulwrf,. MIlwanLW. .2 7. 
iWtfMI A tforl;i\ Pa<r. Pnd l^ppodfonl^,' PHIa- 

hnre, 2-7. 
rarnnriHlatPrx, Won<lP»inrtil, VtifVMb W. Vav, 

'r-nrlffii-l! Jl'liofriii.'TMl;. RWTlUt 2 7.* ' ' • ' 
iltupln, Hcn|,,-.t- Co., Uiuhi.wi.v'!,, New Bflforil, 

XM*«...2 . liKeltlfp, HniilOn. n-U, 
r*atprjrrt>< Siijlln. Ur*r i.ilioa ro. 
Chpator.A .Ifinon, Orphriuo. r.llialvUI, -N. J„ 2-7; 

Kmplrr, PalvtMWU Oil. 
RMmoIUi. itIumm; A Np».-1I,, Troy, 

o.. 11-11. 
dw-vallurl, .rout". A C).. Uiirwoodi Otlcogo, 2-7. 
I'hnmoiYkrs. Jin-. I'nrk Kainllr. Jobasroirn, Pa., 
■ i-l :,,PrnclnrV., Xcwarh N. .1,, Q-U. 
CMpaso Noiv.-lmya i>n»i into. ■ O. II.. Rlanlrrry, 

M«.. 217: 0. II...Prln«lon, P-L4. 
Chrikam XtKlors. r.yrlc, D« Hoi*. Pa.. 2-7. 
ilirl.illa Duo, Orphans,., MlnnenrioH*. 2-7. 
i°hamf>r05s, Tlir. Park. Family, Joknatnwn, Pa., 

"-7 1 * * 
rinnurwilll. Pan'. Tremnilt,- BoatoO, S-7. 
Ch-rmnM,, O.O. IX.. Bkln.; '2-7. 
nilrtton, Clirls.. ft*t. Ch«rl»rol. r«.. 2-14. 
rllnlnn A Jotmnil, HhnhoM, Kansas Clry, Mo., 2 7. 
i:li>THiin<l, ClamW* A MnrlflB.-KarMlj, CarlKimlali., 

Pa./B-t.' ' 

nenftnani * Klasapy. rattlly, Csrlmnilnlc, Pa., 2-7. 
rtart Jb nraiuoy. Orphnim, nilanta, ila., 2-Y. 
Clark, radio., Pastor'3, ,X. X. <:.■,• H-l. 
t'hft t: SylTrtloV,- Family, Pott-.tllf»M T*., 2-7. 
riaronro SiatPr,'. Sh'odj , f, 1'nll rtlvor, Mnas.. 2-7. 
flark: May,' * Co..- North AWnnH. Chicago; " 
Clro&Bophcllo. Itlalto, filmlra, .N. Y.. 

l>i«aiv; .f<»diil<t. A Co„-f»tph«uro,.fii. Paul, !•' 

r, nainnW.syia, I " 


)nHm>r, i Happy ^aok, Pot Pa. 
. 3-7: Kpiih'a, Boaion. ft-14. 

fl(\iid»ohmlrlia,'Th^ .vmliinrlilm 

rmiLin linn.* 

• lilMir, *-'AM 

. iHfia * Tow 

llifloh. «7«. 

no iiai>n A Syilriry, Raitii«!N-l>n*p|l, Ulna., 

<8 ; 7. «<i •■ v' 

IXr»r.>..lit>li ft lllanraf Tp>k. JTmraln. 3-7. j ' . 

itHii. m n., mt&l tmimnn! pa.v 2-?. 

Ulllon Urns.. Pi.ll'»,' New Union, Conn., 2 7. 
• Antor, » Oinj.lioam,'- Hmyw, S-71 ■ 
lonmlPl'in, A I'.' I!, I'lr-liPa Mlo.drpla. 
C.,l-oolf^ O.-ll.t R.vhMl>r, X, T.', 

Iihrih" lima.. Krllh'fl. Boston, 2-7. 

IHinn A r'loMj, Orpliomn, Main City, la., 1-7. 

illxlo. Qtv.miaicjs, Orphcniu, lloaton, 2 7. 

Bill if Wnrd. X-oioltr! Bhln.. 2-7. 

Illnmand, -,•>!■■.. Ktntiioky Ucllea Co. , 

Diamond fWa*nt P.nir. "Kooty sloiiiilaln lit- 

il'hin.ii't ,v Smith', framlly, Otnyorarftlc, N. Y„ 

rLiinjan'Tronpo. Pnll'a, ,\Vo'r«Alpr, Mnsa., 2-7 1 

,P0ll'.". Horonlnn, po„ ft-1 1. , 
Ilownoj. in; ..Manhattan.. Norfolk, \a.. 2-7. 
!».™vWaK iCmpiro, CkNnoawJt. J., 2-.. ■ 
O.ivrnoy. l^«lln T.. Klertrl.;, Barlnr, Tfto., 2 14, 
Porsch ft SdMtUi iMaltxtlc, Jolirntowh, Pa., 2-7 1 

Proetor'f!, Albany, K. t„ ft-14. 
PariaHL .Will llaihawrjr'a, MnMon, Mass., 3-7. 
Ponnoito, Irn, romlly. WW. ill., 2-4; Family, 
Datonpotl, In., 6-7; Main Htrft, Peoria, III., 

Poyle, Bn|ay. tyrlr. .Dnjtnn. 0.. 2-7. 

Doric Qiwrtetio. IrnnV.lln 9n.0nr0, Wori-oalfr, 

MM Aj&arr,. PrxwtorS. AllUr, N. V.. M, Ji}N|"^«'K S l "t l 0> )!! r » 
liK^n, Ilnwnnl, Pamlly, rltUhilfa,, 2-7. nflfk, Jo4M» n. St., 'Tho I 

Dona. Lyrir, 0»*» C Ity. Pa. 9;f/ „ .. ..„, ,.'/^jf. « «{*i , .. „ „ , „ 

Brtdttoport, Cons., 

. Ohtcago, 
dnrdnor A YlnofhU lsmpllrr. Tour, . Hug. 
i Ohio A narlnond, loin, CMenco, 2-7. 
Cnlirlol, MaMH, ft Co., Toiu|il,>, uolroit, 3-7. 
ilallaehor S BarrPM. l.pllli's. Olfvoland, 2-7. 
Cnrlfllo Hros., Colimihln, Si. I. aula, 2-7; Ma- 
rt MHic. C'llkneo. ft W.- >• I j 
flnlfrnl'.s Monko>s..lB.'.lh Mlrrol, V. Y. 0., M. 
TIpMih..* Ktna>; AM.o.. fOiP^i., MntYnlo, 2-7, 
Ocrln-lln. K. A P., .lorsoy Cilt, N. J., 11-14. 
(lrnnfo, Thonl, Trio. I.IpWpIi, nrpalaii, ««r., 2- 

2S ; ArnsllOT OiHflnlrfi J»n »-!,"<, lft<«. , 
(Iroico, W*:U, T'mplP. I»i. Wa>w», lod., 2-7; 

if.-ik'H.-. (,n SsIIa, Ml., ft-14. 

ilrtwr f> Wallora. tirpli<:nm. I>tn»pr, 2-7. 
ij<M:npr,' PffdU., A Co., Propmr'a, Nowart, ». J., 

QMMrVa ViwpllanHand, KpIUi'a, Ph.Ua., Pa., 

PijPIpp, .rtanki'n .Hnlmrr, WoroMil*!, 

otlt *• Af... 
t;1rT Plr ■ 

ArJ-r, Qrnhaajo Stark -Co. .. 
'irai.<*. •flic rnWip. Mli.npatMlls, 2-7. 
<llrnjl.ii. V'"*"'*. : A Co-. OrphHiia, MlllllftfUII 

OlTfoll, tlniry.'MaJpsllo, I'MPaB,. .2 1, . ■ .. 

nillPii* Vision. OlynlplP.'.SO. Ei'hd, Ind.. 3-T. 

0111.-, Win: S., S l».,,TPillU'. Chd-BBO, 2-V. 

Ollroy, Until-*.) ft SmMlHPft. iirphonni, Root 

• i-oV. 111., 0-14^ 

fillloiip A ..IcFarlnml, f>nn.I'ran„,l'al 2-1 

Olllvrt A Kntab. Proctor'*,' Tmf. N, T;', L 

lUlnnmr A t.a Tour, I'rocttir':!, A.llntiy; N. ¥., 3-7. 
ii, Ht. Pnol, 2-7. ' 
Swrptp4t. Ottl in Dl*le'' 


«jo, g. 

.Nronniasiihpla, Pa., 2^7; Btar, Joan- 

•Mlflona if!); Ilippoaromp, Ni'Y, C., 2-7. 

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Thi« iHt !■ Ttintlf tip It* neavlsy Be* 

car" t e on It 1» pba.lble to make n Hat 

Srtltfti l»t thla. ;.l*pt»rtinent tUlf nartttj 
of the therm-* Jtrnark, a. well M this 
olty or tovtyi, MUST apaonpaay «-Br;li 
iiaokiug »pii* n». 
A, B\ 0, P, Oirls, The, ITmplrp, Palorann, S. J., 

Affik, tie. Ajrror^ BrhBhatnton, N. t., ,2-7. 
A!*, CHb.; ft Co., Victoria. N. Y. O 2-7. . 
A.*lrn. I'eople's. Olar Kkplds, la., 2-7; Family, 

iavenpott.' ft-11 ; Vamlly, Moline, III., U-14. 
AftkilcSl (7tiilrtette,-8chlmll€f's.' Chicago, 2-T. • 
AJ16t. Joaiiette, i Co., G- 0. H-, Orand Etplda, 

'Xlcb 2^7 ' ' -'" 

i&Bi'W belle,'!, Washlngtnr), h. C, 2-7. 
AJtirS."3ujtintf*, Vorreit, Phlla., Pa., ; 2 i 7. ^ •, 
t3St«! r 4-|Jrpn'; frdtftpfg', Ellrnwth. N. 1.; 2-7. 
Alidt. Dorothy, Haymarket; ChlcaaA, 2-7-- 
Adam.s.'* Krtt:. Family, Hnrletoni, Vi.. 2-7. 
•iitamaAMqalcal. The, Family, POtlatUIe, Pa., 2- 
\S'rTahiiiy. IMrtetott, ft-14. ^,.i,> ; 

A3sBlol:'XkylpT, Arcade, Toledo, 0-, 2-7; Ktlth'i, 

•^!j«.»tl'. T 6i*r ' " ' . ' ■ ••■ 

i3,lUou,&,tlvingist.>n, Stir, Homestead, Pa., 2- 
. iFwtaaM, MOteaatown, 'W.-ya., B-7^ 
.tatms A Muck, 23d fUroet. N. V. C.,.2-7. „„ 
Aaanst Trosipe. Boiliwlfn, Ilnmlltoo, C«n„ 2-7. 
Ailprn-i.. The, Mijrr.tlc, Dallast, Ter., 2-7; »!«}«• 

tic, ljoiision, 9-11.. . ... 

.Va LbiJt rort, Rmplre; Plttsdeld, -Mnsa.; 2-7. 
ABatTtt, <3w»., lale.ty. MllwaiUye. 2:7.. L* 

Aifcil»Jt ■aoecpblne, Auditorium, l.ynn, Mnaa,, 2-7. 
.llr.wZoelter Trio, PBIlllrm'i Richmond, Ind., 2' 

T; Hiar, Mniu->. 0-14. _ 

Alton iTrln, Slar, Lfltrobe; Pn., 2-7: Star, noma- 
,'iteah -'l>-l4 

Alttp A'noDie.'Atlnnllo Garden. N. Y. 0..-2-7. ". 
.'.Ipta' Trio; F«it)ily. LMrannrt. Pa., 2-7. • 
.Uptne Troupo,, Lyric, TerroHaule, lad., 2-7; Pa- 

ftllod,' Ports, HI.,, fl-14. ' 

Attlo BrothCT.i;, ICtSsa, McKceaport, Pt., 2-7; 

o'o; Ji., rittsbiii*. o-n. • •; ■■ • 

AJifrlch/. Blanf ho, Unltiae, .Minneapolla,2-7. 
AllepVitmfl.'A <!o;, OokuiUI.' Norfolk, Va.. 3-7.' 
lUWBI, Tlie.. Olympic, OhleaRO, 2-7. ' _'■ „ 

Q£ tfov..^ Bertie, ;;55ek««i thn Onnntry Boy" 

A lfln, Pcto II.,, Palace;'' B»t»n; 4-7. ■' - 
Alace A-lAiiliHi.'HimjIre.l'atersbn, K; J.. 2-7. 
alpaaader AFlan, llowaid, Boatnn, Mass., 2-7.. 
Allison; Xfr.A .Mrs., Proclofs' JVpaMMt I* J.i 

alewndra ft Bertie, tl. 6. H.. Bkltu. 2-7. ' •-: 
Altai, Heart & VlftlotCo., Colonial. N. Y. C, 2-7. 
At»jt(» Jt.'Relinll,. Keith's, Providence, 2-7. 
Allfn i tieiina. Star, Mnncie, Ind., 2-7. 
Ala-.ooj-A Dnmont, Victoria, R. Y. C„ 2-7. 
,liaa**. Proctor'.i. Altlarry, N. Y., 2-7; Armory, 

Blagbnintoii, ft-14. . 
Araitleiis Comwly Four, Mohawk, Seheneclady,' N. 

Y., : Mi frooinrV, FJlxahPth, N. J., 0-14. 
iRHm Whirlwinds 17), Main Street, Peoria, 

111.. 2-7. ' . 
AaKTlcan'Triimpetera (4), .Welly, Bkln.. 2-7. 
American ' Nntrstioyt.' Quarletie, I'nntaee»', I'ort- 

laml, OHP., a 3-7 ; Paniases'. Seattle, Wash, 0-14-. 
I aintlii, les,' OrpBeinn, lies Molnoa, la., 2-7. 
ADdetfoh Si OoliKtR. llrondwily. Camden, K. 1., 2-T. 
Ancllottl A Dor, 28d Street, N, Y. C. 2-7. 
Appleby, F.. J„ Main Street, Peoria, III., 2-7. 
ajUM Anlmnln. OrPhenai, Beaillmj, Pn„ 2-7; 

AlieiiteiPD.- ft-tl. 
Arminta jk Burke, O. II., Joneshom, Ark.. 2-7. 
-srlinatoi. Comeily lour, O. O.. II., ChlcnRO, 2-7; 

Blpu, Dnbnrnie), la., ft-14. 
Atnnitlh, Chas.. park, Yohngatnwn, O., 2-7 J 

Academy ot Mimic, Menilvllle, Pa.. MI. 
ArUtuirton ArClnrk. Keith's. Columbus, 2-7; Keith's, 

Cleveland; (l-M. 
Archer a Cliase Trio, Family, Plltabnra, 2-7. 
Arfflstronit £ Clatk, rt..O. tl., Pittsburg, 2-7. 
Atedo -jMcnli,. RnBe, - Hntehlnson, Kan.. 2-7. 
AntoCJ; fliiim,' flirihenm. Book Inland, 111., 2-T. 
Aimoid, Ofaee.nljoii. Qotney, 111., 2-7; Crescent, 

'^banftialeii,' 0-14. 
ArcherCbose Trld, Pamllf. PIltahitDT.. 2-7. ' 
Afftm (J), I'ulon Sqiinre, N. Y. Illty S-7. 
Ajhton A Marline, flrand VarWndea, Ilarana, 

CMft ■ . ; - 

Aiiii Pnic(6i'e, Trajr, J,'.yl; 2>7. " 
A *hl«y, jLUljon. Crystal, Milwaukee, 3-7. 
Uja CJtiartette, Bonnett'B, Quebec, Can., 2.7. 
Al»ln»atv Ota. F., ISaat End Hippodrome, PUhv 

onrg, 1-7. .'".'' .■- .. . 

Atstood & -Tetry, Nelson, Springfield, Mas.,., 2-7. 
*>*rcy & Levrwa, p at ji Family, Johnatown, Pa., 

Aastln, . Clailde,, Patlor, York, Pa., 2-7. 

A'JM, '- ; Cant»- rieo,,, & On., Pnll'K. B"orce9lpf, 

A'.i?tliia,' "ioffltoft Alcatat, Jtarwlllen, Franco, 

• s 'J4,n ParUlqi,- Atortillery, Eng., 23.21 J Pal- 

ace, Perth, :l6-.tan. d : Palace, Gloucester. 0-11. 

; ^ ut , n . a '!?,>• Tbeatorlnm. Matalllon, O., 2-7; 

O. H., Onenvllle, ft-11; Ornhltim, Sydney, 12- 

14. ;. v . 

Austin, Torn ft Frnak. Lyrle. Dayton, P.. 2-7. 
-si err A Pairl. orphetuu. Chicago, 2-7; Ynuile. 
. »l,.le, Paria; til.; n-M. . . 

AtoIoj, . Musical Gotham,- Bkln., 2-7. 
I'! r> '^ 4 ,,att j. Haymatkel, Chicago, 2-7. 
^'On.CkjlDidr Four. 125th Street, S. Y.- C. 2-T. 
Sa^rin, Joha & CUra, O. U., Orleana, Mass.. 

atrth'otdysa Cwttafooa, Orphtmn, MraMapolla, 8- 

8 "6 li ?t.* keieiori, AadltoHald, tynn. Mass., i-7; 
ft BMhaway'i. Lowell, ft-u, ' ... . 

BaHel ^ *' l -' , -* L MS l-ifJa***! W 2-T 

rill*i,.A, Pl «cKer. Keith's, Boston, S-t ■ 
feiSl* 5?' <r, '.K«th'e. PtotldSdce,,.!!. f., 2-7; 
l,«B- Si!' **)**■ Norfolk, Va.. 4-7. . 

mi aA" 1 ** * MasV Kelson, Srtla»n>ld, 
B.nhooV, Jugsltxa;, Sheedr'a PaU ftlrw, Mats, 
*faraes,,ac t - B , tt Toledo, 0., Mft, 

..'1177 H*9 
. . 1107 _i 

, Ornne is-viiy, a»o.,..iFtn, 

B^rgfte, Yal&rle, A Co., Jacques, Waterhnry, 
f"na., 2-7. ... i •..'..• .. 

All's, Hassan, . Arabs, Proctor's, Newark, N. 
-., 2-7. 

Bmao'3 Circus, •Orpheuni,.- Salt I>ake Qty, 2-7. 

aingham, ,J. .W., Tbeatoriom, -Jlssslllnn, iy, 2-7; 
0.-H., areenTllle,, li-ll; Orphilun, flldney, 12- 

• miToM 

Clark, 'Itprtrrhat. ft. Mahonay, Trent, Trenton, 14. J., 

2-7. ... -. . 

Clar,.. Watry.Cor?njt, Hathniray'S, .New Bedford, 

OhWtii.',' A' Cn., Main- R>.i Peoria, III., 

tmifrK. E.K»ant. ft 'tbo...'Kelth > »; Thill., Pa., 2-7. 
mtfdr.V B11IJ*. Sheft'B. Torftom, Can.i-2-7. 
oilndliiR A. Scarlet, 43. O.- 11,'. Pllrthnrg, 2-T. 
nln»i.\-0<>orirlana; Satoy; Hamilton, Can., 2-7. 
niarte A Tctllple, tk pWlle, KeolMk, la., 2-7; 

Olympic; Chicago, ft-14. '■''.. ■; 
ruark.'licllil. * *>>.. Colonial. Ijnwrenee, Mass., 2-7, 
Cliirk A. Dnncan, Majestic, li**jis«ip>, Ind., 2-7 J 

I yrlp, A-ftah. 111., 8-14: 
Clifford A Burke,' Shea's, Bnltalo, 2-7. 
TMi net! rttft Borne, Tom -Murks' Bbow. 
Conn, Downey A- Villard, Columbia, ClnelnjUtl, 

2-7 ; Hopkins, LohlsTllIe, p-i4; 
Cottonl Lolit, 0. O: H., Syrncnsa, N. Y.,'2-7; fl. 
H/, PIttShnrg. 0-14 


rAln^hain,' Kiltie, '.Theatnrinm. Mjiaslllon. 0,,,2-T; 
' O. II., OreenVllle, Oil ; Orpliliim, Sidney 12- 

Bi«' city Poiir. .tufllt-irliinl, Lynn. Man*.. 2-J. 

Cal., 2-14. 

i-r-r,' ftrphenm, link Anuelos, 

Bln'acjic,' Belle, Alhnlnhni. K Y. C-. 2-7. , 
HMM Mr. A Mra., Vlbilette, Cotinirallile, Iiut., 

rflack Hn-ssars (14), Shedey's, Fill lll«r, .Mass., 
.'2«7rPolPS. Waterbnry. Ccpn., 0J4- 
Blnnchet.Bros, (3),. ft Randolph, Hanlon Bros.' 

"S«l*rt)a." , . ■' '.., . : ' --.- =' 
BlancharLBros.; Keeney's. .Bkjd., 2-7. 
BUuileilX'EKe, Spark's,' KlnsaK City, Un,, 2-7, 
BlrScS'Tyoawrlters, PoU'is. T/orceiter, .Mase., 2-7. 
Black A, Jones, Orpbeutn, RcadlbB, Pa.,. 3-7. 
Black, Vlulet. ft Co.. G.'fl. H-.JndlanatfoHa, 2-7. 
Bnrdererfy,' Gaston;- Oil.; Betmett'3, London^ Can.; 
. ^tiT. 1 ^-- --}- ;- ; • . . 

Hatrldea fi ONrlniJ, WiaWftaiioV *rnro; S. S., 2-7 ; 
. QrphPiia. .Halifax,. 0,-14. . . . .. ■■, . ... 

rt.-.frcrs, . WalttMK A. Crooker, Kelth'a, Oltactiaa, 

"■M.Ttjtn.n'sr.tjnirtrlrf; .t. Y.,.fl-14. 

Unrelln, Artbut, Castle, Bloomlngton, III.,, 2-7; 

Otatidj JoHpJ, D-14, t ., V - ' *-£} ■-.'. ■ ' 
BSwcn'lmi^.,' r Blob'. Smieriof. 'WTs.,' 2-T, • .. 
Rnehm, Klsle. Proctor'!", Newark, N. JL. 2'7. 
Bnneseftlh fa),'HlbpO<'tomei' M; Y7 O., 2-7. 
«nUElifnna, The, -I). H., Maacbest»r,..Cany 2-7. 
Onsak, .I,.uil:-, Scenic, Merlden, Cons., 3-7. 
RnMene, The, I-'ranklln Square, Worcester, Mnan,. 

2-7. , • .-•■."'.••' ' • • • 

Booth. iPope.. A Co., R. O. JT.. Indlannfoll*. 2-7; 
Bolikf's Arabs, Armory, Blncbsnilnp K. X„ 2-7. 
llonit, PNaV-ft IW^CtMnrklK H. t Roehestpr, N. 
, .X..„2-7i ,... .- -". ' ' •■ : - ••• - ' 
Boyle. Francl* 3.',' ft Co.; 8nn Bros. Show. 
JinywtteH.v Cycllnff. • City; ■ Broeltnn, Mnsa., 2-7 ; 

jfctfoy. Fall. Riser;- ft-14,' .".(.t. ' 
Brnirr,.7olm B-, Thd Oay Tareadnra Co. 
BtiSfords, -The, Ralth'C, 'PTOTldence; JU I., ft-14. 
Broricin *t. -Downing, Qrand, -Portland, Ore., 2-7. 
Bnra. MfWcnl, Arehbri Clilcago,^2.M. .. 
HldR ttjMtfiff. tla>is*tr St. Paul, 1 MIHn., 2-7. 
r.rartlr-T * Paris, Crystal, Frnhkfbrt, lad., 2-7; 
. -Bljoir, Odnton, ;0./ ft-IJ.' ," ■ ' : •- 
Brown, P«rCy-. SnToy, Kew Bedford, Mass.. 2-7. 
Btlins. Av Rrt3tell, Keith's, -Bnalod, 3-7;' Keith'*, 
' Pmsldence. B. I., 0-14. ' •','.. . • ^ 

Brenhnna. Mnalo»l,,-Frunlly, Bult«, Mont,, S-T. I 
BrpwIT, Selilndlcr'H, Chicago, 2-7. 
lUiMkri ft ningrnan. .National; Chicago-, 3-7. 
Brandt it J^areno, Teddy,. Chlenon. 2.7. .. _ 
llrlxto* -,fe- Wnraec, Wonderlaild, Wheeling w. 

"Va:, 2-7. 
Bradford. Mandy,. .V. ft. S., Boston, 2-Tw _ 
llrbokn ft Jejinwlle, Keith's. Jloston, 2-7. 
lirlndnmaor, Wreat. Proelnr'a, F.lliabetli, N. )., 

«.• . '.-.-.■• 

Briidiia A Derrick; Conk'* 6. It', Bochesler, N. 

Y„.2-7. .".-.'■ •■'-■ "•. 
Brltions, The, Rowdy's, Fall ,RI»er, Mniw., B-14, 
Rmots, llerueri, Orpheum, St. Paul; 2-7. 
llrlttons. The. Cook's O. It:. Itopehated, N Y., 2-7. 
Brown, Harris A Brown, Proctor's, 'Troy, M Y., 

Itrole't Trio;Dlinil. Wheelln», W. Ta., 2-7. 
Breen Harry. Novelty. Bkln.. 2-7.^ 
Brnml Sisters. Bread Strejr, nttsbnrg. Pa.. 2-7. 
Btadshaw, Cliaa. 11., HStbaway's, Brockton, Mass., 

Brown Bros. (4). A Pop. KeAlny. Castle, Bloom- 

Inston. 111., 2-7. . _ 

Brotrn. Oil, Temple, ft, Wayne, Intl., 2-. ; Va- 

tlsrr. Terrp Haute, ft-14. 
Basil * Filled t. Bijou. BelllnRliara. Wash.. 3-7. 
Bnd.1 A lfranks; Palace, Boston, 3-7; So. From- 

Ingham, Mass., ft-14. _ 

Bortoo A Primrose. Johnsonburg, Pa., 2-T; Beaver 

Fflln 0-34. 
Bnnkcrr.- Orest. Do Pew Stock Co. 
llnrton A- Brook*. Haroy. Itamllton. Can., 2-7. 
Irorset, dugRllng. Vlclorla,jX, .y,^l„-3-7. 
P.iltlcr ft Lnronr, Pastnr'c. ti. Y.O., 2-7. . 

llnrna, llatry. ' Star, New -Kpnalugion,- Pa., 3-7 j 

Lawrence, Kllwood City, 0-14. ■ • 
Biisli, Frank. Victoria, N. Y. C, 2-7. ■ 
llurllnna, •The, PdniagPB', Tneomn. Wann., 2-7. 
Ityren ft RlaneAi, BIJon, Dnlitth, Minn., 2-7; B|. 

Jon, Sm>erlnr, Wis., ft-14. 
Byroii A Langdnn, Hsthnwny's. Lowell, Mass., 3-i, 
Btera & .Herman. Orplieum. Bonton, -Vi. 
Byine-tiolFin Plnyers, Lyric. Llneoln, Neb., D..7. 
Carlisle's, The. Chester Bishop Stock O. 
Catcs, Fnnr Musical; Oeo. Prrmroso'a Minstrels. 
Cnrhrey Bros,, Orpbitim, Salt Lake. City, ft-14. 
Carlirt A Orto. Orpheum, Omaha, 2-7." 
Callnn A Smith, Olympic, Chicago, 2-7 ; Majestic, 

Madison, Wis., ft-14. 
Cameron, 0. Ellsworth, Empire, St. Pant, t-14. 
Cantnn, Al.. Klnrk-Urhnn Co. : •: & Dp, Verne, Itljou, Appleton. Wis., 2-7. 
t'arr 7'rln, 6. II., Cairo, 111.. 2-7; O. H., Little 

Kock, ArK., ft-14. ■; •• 

Corim ft. lterherf. 23d Street, N. Y. tl, 2-T. 
Casper * Clark, Phlln.i Pa., 2-7; Traynmre Oa. 

sliio,. Baltimore,; ft-14. 
Carlllo, l^en, Keith's, Providence,- 2-7. 
Cannnttl, Scblndler's. Chleaao, 2-7. 
Caslolnlne & Brother, Teddv. Chicago, 2-7. _ 
f'altolian. Joseph, Oarrlek. Wilmington, Del., 2-7, 
Carroll A- Baker, Union Square, N. 1. C.. 2-7. 
Carlctia, Great, Proctors. Troy, N; Y., 2-7; Audi- 

torJiim, Lynn, Mass., ft-14. 
Caraen, Great. O. H., Erie, Pa., 2-T. . 
Canton, Jtefc A Gilda, A. it S„ Boston, 2-7. 
Cnaaelll'a Midgets, Hopkins', LonlsvUle, Ky„ 2-7. 
Oanler, Maod. Empire, St. Paul, 2-7;.. ; j 
Cameron ft- Flanagan, Ornheum, Bkla,, 3-7. 
C4r>olltoii, Chaa. G.. Dominion. Vancouver, B. O,, 

3>7! Pantsges', Nanllno. I'-M. 
Carmen Troupe. . Shuoert, illlwankre, 2-7. -, 
Caaoeid At,Carlt»t«nrOrpheum. Stoat City. la., ,2-7. 
Cattef A Martay. Empire. Das MaitJes, Ji-, 3-7. 
Campbell A Caliy. Orplilum. Troy, O.; 2-7. 
Oastaaos. The, Rntwood, omabi, 2-7. 
caailie Trio, Majestic. JohMiown, Pa.. 1-7 . • 
Carter, Taylor A Co., Poll's, Worcester, Mast., 

Caraercn A Flanagan. Orpheum, Bkln., 2-7. 
Caflelta, PtoCtor'a, Troy, N. t... 2-7. 

Hon»vnh|. :ramile, ' Soutii" 'SbV l|lppofltn«ie, I'll Is* 

Prnanli',? Donnelly A Hatfield's' Minstrels. 

j trltt*. Mr.-. A . Mt?. . Sidney, Colonial, Lawrence, 

>lsss., 2-7. ■ 

Ptnto's AblpWls. ,Crrst,al, Penrer, 2-7, i 

lirisiv)ll. Fred. t;eni. l.ynn, Masa.. 2-7, 
-MtrtV; I*well It.. Kcim's. Poatnn, 2-7. ^__ 
pimoe. 'ITinmnH Potter. Proctor's, Rllrnhetn, X. 

imn'hars.'csatlng, Keenej'a, Bkln., 2-7. 

Ili> iinlt..unmt. .Ondietini, Purkontiurg. \\. vs., 

2-7 ; tlrpliliini, »larle|.lii, O,, 11-14. 
Pranud's Miiutrels. Orpheum, Stoux Ollf, Ia„ 

Pum-nt, Palsy,' Majestic, Pes Molnea, la„ l-1 Ui 
Dnrjea.A IMlaniV MuJestlo, Jplinstown. P(i„ 2i. 
Hon, Francis, ft Co., Proefor's. TroJ, N. Y„ 2-7, 
Pnhcon, A. O., HalnnSanare, N. 1. C, 2-i. 
nnncsn A Godfrey, Gntlinm, Bkln., 2-T. 
Pnixmt, Mnry, A Co,i Otpbenm, lx)s Anpeles, 

Cal., 2-7. ". 
Protean * Hnflmin, Lyric, Lincoln, Nshr., 2-7 ; 

.Msjer.tlc, Topekn, Kan., 0-1-1. '■ 
Piiptet A. Dupwe, jNatlpnali Ohlosgo, 2-7. 
O'lple.t Trio - Schlndlor's, Cblcago, *■ 




FW?Emjllr.,.nnboke5.. N. .7.; 2i D % Mr'»,C.prlne P.radot. Hltttb and Arch, PMIa., 

Conley, Anna ft - 

. 7'; Proctor's, Newark, ft.14. 

Conlin A Steele. • Empire, Plttsfleld, Mass., 2-7; 

■■ Hathnwsy's, Broektpn, 0-14. 

Coombs A Stone. Halhnwav's, Maiden, MM*,, 2-7; 

llalbaway'sr LoWclf, OT4.' 
Cooirndes |4i. Poll's. New Raven, Conn., 2-7; 

•TSlfh. Bridgeport, Cotln,'. ft-14; 
rw*er A noldnson', Novelty; nkln., 2-7 ; K. ft P., 

Jersey' Cliy,.N. .1,. ft-14.' 
CeSrlga-n. Kmmelt. A Co.,i Albsmbnr, K. YeC, 2-7. 
t'onpelly. Kdwlird, Hepxlnf,'. LohlBVllle. Ky., 2-7, 
<\isre,;Cllarlottp,.A Sluillower, Lyrle, Hayfon, 0„ 

Cook.*' SyWla. CoMnlaf , ,N.' Y. -C;.- 2-7.". .■•■ 
Cowley ft. Deli, Spsrks', Kansas City, Mo., 2-T, 
Conn. Downey A Willard, Columbia, Clocinnstl, 
^, fl-,7; i ... . ; . -i ., .-.^Vii ** '*■ 
Cook A Stephens, Empire. Patersnn. N.- ]., 2-7. . 
POillDt, 8ara. Olympic. Oblc«o«.257. ... , . 

Coisoii, La Petite, Sparks', Kansas City, Mo., 2-7. 
Parson/ Cora, Younublood. Septette,, North Avenne, 

Chicago, 2-T.. ... _.. 

Cdllths ift.'Browo;. 0: :0. H.V. Plttsbnrg, 2-7, 
Country Choir, Kelttt'e, Columbus, O.j.3-7.-, 
Colby, FaoiUy; MOJestlc.Jolinstown, Pav, 0-14. 
Cdlbr A Mnr,,asrr!ck,.WJImlneton. Del.,. 5-7. 

" in, Josephlae, ft. Co.. Ndaon. Sprlngflclil.Mass., 

Dnfilri-RMkay Trodpe, _ 

Dvllyn, A Barnard/ Uulane, Ea« Clnltv, Wis., 2i7. 

- Cola., 2.7. 
Pa., 2- 



Coartielgb, Wnr., .A-Coi; 

„..• Porreat,. PlilU., 2-7. 
Cofn'rr..» ItopkinA'„rAiiisvllle; Ky., 2-7, 
C&«bpy.QnartCtte,,MI*e8tie,:i)e3 Moines, la., 3-7, 
CofW, WtPj Olyrhplc.' Chicago,. £-7. 
Collins A fptwy. Ilawnrd;: Boston, 2-7, • 
Coilin.1, Alilntt, Forrest; P.hlln,,P.s., 2-7^ ■ 
Cogon A Bnncioft, Sayoy, namlltoa,. Can., 2-7. 
finle ft Clemen?, Family,. Pottsvlllc. Pa,, 2-7. 
Colrmail, Margaret West, Rbltn, Blmlro,. N. Y., 

2-7. I :•-...-. > - . 

Colonial Septette, Ye, Ofpuoum,. Denver, 2-7. 
(•ori'ljaa. j Kaol, . lWtlt'n. .CoUunhus, D„ .2-7. 
fiooper, Len. & Co., Majestic. Madison, Wis., 
.2'S; Cryntal, Milwaukee; V.-14. _ i • . 
Cross,. Will. II.,. fciC,o„ Uomlnton^ Winnipeg, Con., 

Cressyi * Dnytle. 'Pbli'el SprtntUeM, . Ma».. 2-T. 
CrNt A- Co.,i ttnlqiie, Sbehoygany Wla., 2-T ; lilca, 
,■ Fplld iln, Lac, . ft-14. <j .» .'•.-'- . 

Cross, Will 11., A Co., Winnipeg, Can., 2-14. 
Orlterlon ; Musical ' Four, , Euson's; • OblcaKo, 2-7 ; 

No* Galsty; Mllw*ukea; 9'M. , ,;. 
Oralgs, Alusleal, Aiulltaflum, Lynn, Mass,, 2-T. 
(rnwforil, Clifton, G. O. H.. Bkln., 2rT. . • 
CrelgUion'it.-'.faer.'TraiaM Ronatrr^ LJrlc, Cleys- 

liird; 3.7.- ■- k .. . v> . .-•: -'j ■ . 
Cross, Billy, TliPatArIum,Mf..pieoaanA Pa.; 2-7. 
Crawford A Delancej, i,yi)e. .OniunUnis, Oa., 2-T. 
i'iu<H* ft.Blosnom.'OreenwaH's.-Nehr.aJrlearei, 2-T. 
i:urtnn SlRters; Orpheum, Kaiiaa* City, <M4, 
mrtls. Palmer. A \*A... Orpheum; Allentnwn, Pa.. 

2-7 ; New Bedford, Mass., ft- 114. ■ ,- . - ' 

Cntfys, Musical («)., Mojcalle. Chicago, 2-7. 
CurtitalnRa, Thornton .ft. Oo., Bell; Oakland; Cat., 

2-7. ',■'.,.■'• ■-.'..-. 

Cimnlnaharo. llotr A Daisy. 8(ar, . Me.Keea Bocks. 

Pa;; 2-7 ; Star, Sew Kensington, 8-14. 
Cnrran A Milton, Mtepab. Rntland, Vt„ »-14. 
P'Allia, Flo, .-Oolodlal, Lawreuca, Mass,, 2-7; 

Bennett's, Queliee, Can., ft-14. . 
Davenporl, Pearl; Majestic, -. CbaaaftM Hie, Pa., 

Dalieya;. The; Itoby. NaahVllle, Tenn., 2-T. 
Pavey, Dancing, Kinplrc,' San Frsn., Cal., 2-T. 
llnvls. Mark A Laura, Orplilum, tthelby, o„ B-T; 

Princess, Cleveland, ft-14. 
Pnntmar-Schlller Troupe, Mary Anderson, Lonla- 

vllle, Ky.-2-T.,- 
Davis A MRoy, Orphlam, Sidney, 0„ 2-7; Grand, 

Newport, Ky., 8-14. _ 

Dslnly Dnncers, Four, Orpheum; Rt Paso, Te*., 

DsvIp. Harry A Wife, Bijou. Battln Creek, Mich., 

2-7. ■ 
Davis,: Hal, A Co., ■ Orpheum, Boslna, 2-T. 
Day,, Slar, llnzelwood. Pa., 2-7. 
Day, Geo. ■»'., Orpheum, Denver,. 2-7. 
Parrow ft Mitchell. BIJon. Mnnlslee, Mich., 2-7. 
Iialley, Bobl., A Co., Poll's, fxrnntnn, Pa., 2-7. 
Paytelte, Madge, Hapnylanil, l"nrjsiifjnrney, I'a., 

Parnii Bran., O. O. IL. Byraense>, N. Y., 2-7; 

■ 15oeibPC'Woy, N.'Xt. tkl€.,7 ' "•• „. ' 
i'.ile. Painty Dottle. Grand. Jonesboro,. Ark., 2-7; 
.' I.ireum, Benver Fnlln,, Pa., ft-14. 
Palp, Violet. Columbia, Cincinnati. 2-7. 
Palkin A llobcnn, Avenue, Elklnn, w. Va., 2-7. 
PsBwcll. ,\ uric. Colonial, Norfolk, Va.. 2-7; 
Keith's. Providence, R. 1.. ft-14. 

Baly, Vlnle, Maryland .Baltimore, 2-7. 
e l.scers, Dilnelni!, Castb?, Bloomlngton, III., 
2-7 : BIJon,. M.attoon, 0-14. 

De Vclde. A 7*ldo, Keith's, Boston, 014, 

De Cbantel Twins, Pastor's, N. Y. a, 2-7. 

De Witt, Burn* A Tcrtnnco, Poll's, Waterbnry, 
•Own.,- 2-7 ) Kelth'a, Utlca, N.-Y., ft-14. 

Pelmnr ft Hextir, Archer, Chicago, 3-7. 

Dclmo, Stir, So. Pllstburg, 2-7; Star, Ilomeiteart, 

. Pa., 0-14 

De Ilos.wit, Marie. Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C, 2-7. 

Demar, Rutb, National, Chicago, 2-7. 

Dean, CHIT, Co., Bijou, Racine, Wis., 2-7 . 

Deuette Slaters, Empire. Indianapolis, S-7; Um- 
pire, Chicago, ft-14. 

Pcmlnc Jo«, Bennett's. Otlnwa, Can., 2-7 ) Ben- 
nett's. Montreal, 0-14. 

Delir.nre A Lee, Haroy, Hamilton, Can., 2-7. 

Pesvall, Olvmpla, Ctileago, a-7; CeliiBJbla, Bt, 
i/uils, ft-14. . -. ._ 

Pemlng, Joe, Bennett's. Ottawa, CnB.; 2-7. 

De Mora A Grnreta, Williams' lmp«rlals. 

Deates, Harry, A Co.. Gotham, Bkln., i-7. . . 

rjce'.t A Austin. Casino Girls Co, 

pa Haten, Rose, Septette, Orpheum, Mlnneipo- 

- Ill, 0-14. 

Dean.. Dana, .Bljoa, .Connellsvllle, Pa-, 0-14. . .■■ 

&i Lisle, /oaaUng. Orpheum, Beadlnr- Pl.t.? -1 ' 
aliTor ft .Frlt«. BIJou, Flint, Mich,, 3-7; Bljad, 

belBwre * barrel?, Orpheum. Rockfbnt lit., 4-7. 
De Vols Trio, Hatbaway's, New Bclford, Mass., 


DeltnJre, Orcce, Atlantic (iarden, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
De Vaney A Bav. Imperial, Chicago, 2-7. 
Deltnore ft Wilson, "linstcr Brown" Co., Eastern. 
De Chaoill's Ablmals. Keith's. PhlU., Pa., 2-7. 
Delroore Sisters, Jacqncs. Waterbnry. Conn., 2-7. 
Devpy. Emmett. A Co., Keith's, Cleveland. 2-7. 
De Cat, llatry. Orpbeom. El Paso. x««„ 2-7, 
DtltorelU A Glljsandd. Howard, Boston, 3-7. 

Aadtrorlnm. Chicago, 2-7 
i]Qne» Eaij Clnlr 
Fjirle, Porothr, Orplieum, Ft Collins, . 
iMIel « Dd PrvO.FImlly. Mahanoy Olty, 

7; Family; IlaaIeton,,ft.l4. 
rVkUotf ivilniilnn,. t'Kiciur's, Albany, N. 

2W St., X. f. C, !)ll, 
l'd>vardk,.JVitfIs A Oor. Trent,' 'J'tonloo, N. 

Seriinlnii, Pa., ft-11..* , , » - 
Edmunds, Aann*. I'.mplre, Mllwlukre, 3-7. 
1'ilmiaAii ATilonle; Urfiliviua, Cimlirldge,, 0., ».14. 
Mfend A'Halunau. Avenue. Klkias, W. Va. , _2*7. 
F.llte MiiKlcel Fonr, Union Square, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Electric ^t'rlekets, Omkeiira, .Knuaas City, Mo., 

2-7 ; llaymarker, Chicago, 0-14. 
Elmore Slsterrf, 'Keith's, Bosmu, -2-7; Bcnnatt'a, 

Ottawa, Cdh., ft-14< .. 
KIMbta At West, KniaUerbockers. . . ,. 

rillntt A Neff. Gaiety, St. Loiili, E-7; Knson'*, 

Cliicittff, 0-14- i i • j . i . 

Kllitk, will J.„ Family, /PllWbnrg, 3*14... 
Eltingc. .Tnllan, Shea's. Toronte, Can., 2-7. 
r.ldan, Percy, Rose, Uutchtnsofi, l*jia., ,2-7. • 
Elliott, Bellalr * Elliott,. Harry Bryant's Kytravk- 

ganta Co. .. : ..--' -t-i: : 
Eiiisi'.rayi Hlalto,. Flmlra, N. Yi, 3-7. . a 
Elliott. Ruth. .Soenic,'.Xnunt<*i, Mis*., 2-.. • 
Tmonds, Emerson A Fmonda, Mnjetclo, Evanifllle, 

It*^ 2-A- ..• ■ * '-. ■ -• i ,' i • 
Emjnl; Mme.. ft. Pets,, Anillforliim, Chicago, 2-7. 
Rmiaelt; Oragls. A Cqj,.Orpbelim, Bkln., -2-7; Al- 

bamhrn. N. Y. Ct,. ft- 14." , - ..,.•„ , 
Empire. City, quartette, Proctofa, Newark, N. J., 

Unnllsh, ijAeJie/s. fftl,- Proctor's,- Troy, N. t!., 2-7) 
Trent, Trenton, X. ,l.; : 0-U. , , _ 

EnKletmi; Nan, aiCo.v Waltham, Mw».. 2-7;Tatin- 
lmi„ft-M. .• . . • .'; - ' - | 

IdrrnL J<e«n. .TcrFey.f.tllcs On, 

Erneeln Slsiers. Kansss Cliy,. M n ., 2-7. . 

EtnlUVi.. llontes, Mmo., Union Fftpiarp, N. Y. O., 

t'.Ml. a;.".' A.:^L^' ii -A.'... «.£ ' 


P.rfainn^idlr.1.' K. K %'. Hn'tVnrf'; M»M.. 2-7. 
liliiii'tenc, Lottie, Ot|itie.iiln, luikliout, Cal,, 
Os.|«!lc,,.l*ipk. tmtlnftnpolls, Ind.', 2-7. 
floss,. foHn, Star, Np\v Caatle, Ps., 2-7; Orpbenn,, 

Turtle Creel;. »-14, . 

floetf A- 'Nfluin; Keith's, rroTliieni-e, 2*7. 
■lai-U, ' Niit, Hownnl, llimtlngtoii, W. Va., 
Ooforih ft Doyle,* Pastor's, N. *: C, 5-7. 
ilnliinnltli «■ tln-ipt', Orptieuol, lloaton. 2-7. 
iltKlfrOy A ilpnnV.rr.nn, Achip, ItncrnniBntn, 
' ft-\4. ' ' 
flints Trio, ('pUinlM,, Nn»folk, .Va„ 2-7. 
fkirdoft ft Matk, Pl/WieM, Mass., 2-7. 
i;.,».l-r. .lentlle, lain, <.'h|coaii. 2,-7. 
llof.Mn A -ChdtMH. llljoii, RMeott; Mlcb . Ml 

.\|.ii-.|ii.i(y. Mich., ft-l'l, 
iiok>»i. Mltss, TMiipe, tllpbnilrmne. N. Y. 0.. 3-7. 
rfnrdnri. CIlfT, Mnrylaml, Hnitlmftie; 2-7. 
'•liolden . lirscea," Orphentu, San Fran,, 3-'f. 
fTolileii ft Inifthes, flalely,-' Srv, CliMngo, 2-T. 
Cooltnnti.:,. Miislenl, Jldjc-itli'. tittle Bock, Art. 
.•3.7; Majestic, Dr-llll,- -teg.; ft-Hi 
Holfisn: Deo/ Fuller, .vidltorlilm. Chicago, 3-7, 
t'.reen, Wlnlfreil, Allen Curllo t'ome>ly,0*»._ 
Gray f Orahadi, ■Vasblfit-rott, Spokaha, Will , 

rjrar,;..Rihln<4n, JSraplre, Pes Moines, Id,, 2-T. 
l?rly AV.Unton, MnSnAHAn, Norfolk, Vs., 8-T, 
Oninothos (7). tllppodrostc, V. Y. O.. 2-T, 
litave A Green, lyric.' CleTelabd, 2-7. 
tlrfnt tVistem Qiurtette. St. Paul, MtflO., 9-J4. 
rltey, F.velJ'n. Savor, MOIv'cesN.M, Pa.. 27, 
tli'lfi, Cbase'rt, «nMilngl'in.D.,C.. f-T. 
I3r/ice*i 12 1, Miner's Ametlcnni lis, 
rtrrini,' Slilnev, .aitdllnvluiii, Chlinm, 2-7. 
iJulAP. W otWr* . Trmitlii, P'tfrtlt, S-T. 
i.u/'r A Crhpl. Ottitii'lnn. KnnsM City, Mn.. a-; 
i!jp<y Foi'lnwi " 

V., 'J-7. " ' 
Hnwtf.y, William 

v 2-7: , £'h ,v *. I- 
1 " - ' • RrMM, Sli 

Il-ilirii. aaj illit 

iter V Lloyu/'wasUliitttnn" 'sliokahs. Wish., 

Xelson. Guy IlroK. Minstrels, j 
lieiu, Tlv.ill, IhHilln, li't.lsiul, S-7; ttlp' 
r, flnetnlgli:, *'"*, RtJPij. , j- .a ■ 

ft Rmiinang, llnrrnsfaVd TWif, jRoB.^. 

2-.7; Slar. Heiittls. 0-14, ,■ i i.. 

, .Mu Jostle Lit ltd Bopk. Atk., 2-7. 
Crystal, cmicaga, 2.7. . 
W« J PnaMt'a..K. J, _<., 2-7. 

Sbecdy.'a, NfW.Lofuton. Corta., fl-t4. • 

Elans, nearer, Moi-y-Andenion; Loidavllle, Ky., 
i 2-7.1 ' ' 

FnlUe,' 'Kl'enhbK ' AM^dd, Toledo, 0„ 2-7 1 r^tle, 

Dnytnn, 0-M^ '.. ii^ii.'a. ."a 
f'naon A<Merrl«in'. Kelth/n, Pawlncket, R. J., 3-7. 
I'nfeiio Orj-heattji, Iiliin Strc-t, N. Y. 0., 2-71 

Union StfiiArc, rf.,Y..<?„ 9-14. 
Fare.. Rlnle. ni'sett A Miller; Poll's. Pprlng- 

fleM, Mass.; 2-7. , ■ , . - , . 

Farley, Jiuues A Boonfe, Empire, De* Mnlpps, 

Ik., 2-7. . ' as. L 

Fajan A Byron. 23.1 Street. N, t. 0., 2-7. 
Kay. Atina, Orpheum. Oaklnnd, Cal., 2-T. 
Ifiuli, Pave, least End nip-Kw|rotne, Pltlaburg, 

2-7. - ■ . . • - 

Fnrrell A t> Rny. Eyrie; Kensington, III., 2-7; 

Ornheuia, So. Chicago, ft-14. ". . ■. 

FnrirellTnylor t'o., Olympic, Ohlcngo, 2-7. 
Felix ft Cs|n., M»th Strcef, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Fell, ClPohe penrl. Mnln Street; Peoria, III., 2-T. 
Felix. Barry A Harry, Beanelt'a, Ottawa, Can,. 

Ferrell Bros., Italbaway'n. New Bedford, Mssi., 

2-7: Ilathiiwny's, Ixiwell, 0-14. 
Fefry. Lirle, Diinvllle, HI.. 2-7; Oayety, Sprlng- 

tleld, fJ-14. it ■ _ ' „ 

rentelle A Cnrr, Unthaway's. . New Itadfnnl, 

.Muss., 2-7; Hnthnway'n, Muklen, B-14. 
Pllnlmnuiiin A Groa, flstMha Chicago, 2-14. 
Field Hlsters, Nntiounl, Chicago, 2-7. 
1'luneys, 'i'bo, Emplro, Holnksn, !l. J,, £-7. 
"Flshlncs," Columbia, Cincinnati, 2-7. . 
FllzpaliJek, Sicpben, A. Co., tola, Chicago, 2-7, 
l-'Ieldr,, Happv innny, Palace, Haiti). Eng., 2-7. 
Fl-lier. Husle, Gaiety, Si. Uml-, 2-T. 
Flsfanr A Berg, lteutt-SantJey Co. 
l.'lirgcralil, Ib'sver, Allegheny, Pa., 2-T. 
I'lnlny A Burke, Aiiilltnrlum, ChlcaiA). 2-7. • - 
Flefda, W; C, Shca'o, Jliiffnln, 2-7. 
FlnreiicnSJHtara. («),. Moulin IViUge, Rao t'auln. 

Braill, H. America,. 2-14, - 

I'lowet, Oleic ,l., 'iriiheuhi, San Ftau., Osl., 2-7, 
Flyun, Joe, Prnelor's, Newark, K. J„ 2-T. 
Kl-.t'her. Ohas. Ixonard, Orpheum, New Orleans, 

Vmrmtr, BIJou. Wlieellng. W, Vn„ 2-7. '" 

Fords, Four, Albambrn, N. j. f.'., 2-i. 

Folltitt, I^nnle, Hotbawny's, Maiden, Mass., 2-J; 

Hnlhnway's, New MM ft-M. 
Font A Swan, Colonial, Norfolk. Va., 3-7. 
Fogi-rly, Frank,- Keith's, Colnnibiin, O., 2-T. 
Fontl Roui. Brou., Noyelly, Vallejo, Cal., 2-7, 
Fox ft Pn Jlnll, BIJOU; Jacftsou, Mlcb., 2-7. 
Foy A Clarke Gotham, Bkln.,, 2^ . • 

Fotitntio A'Foniatic, Umpire, Pes Moines, la,, 2-T. 
Fosttr. Ed., 4 Pog, Empire, Ilohnken, N, J., 2-1 i 

Nnti4ty, Bkln.,.ft.l4, 
Foster A Fdstcr. Oriilwum, Omaha, 2-T; Majestle, 

Pes Moines, la., ft-M. 
Forrester,. Dsn, Liiblu's. Baltlmote, S-T. 
FaX A Summers, Wellsnd. Grafton, W, Va., 3-T ; 

Grand, Falrmoiint, ft-14. ... 

Franklin A Williams, Ktandnrd, Clnclnnttl, 2-T, 
Francis, Kitty. A Co,, Orpheum, Heading, Ps., 2-7. 
Frlgnnza, Trlxlc, 'fretnoiii, Boston, 2-7. 
l-'rienil A panning, Keith's, Phlln., Pa., ,2-7. ■ . 
Francis A Arabs, Otrbeiim, Halt Lake City, 3-7. 
Frederick Bros, A Burns, Trepl, Trenton,. JC. J., 

2-7. ,• 

Frcvoll, Fred., O. H.. Oneonln, X. Y.. 8-14. 
1'rencb A Wilson, Lyric CalKornla, Pn., 2-7. 
Frlnklln A Green, Trent, Trenton, N. J., 2-7. 
Ftanclscos (2), Empire. Milwaukee, 2-7. 
Ftencli, Henri, Orpheum, San Fran., Cal., 2-7. 
Fuller, Mark, Orpbeom, Otwsgo, H. Y., 2-1. 
Fntlulty Winner, Majestic, Chicago, 2-7 ; Olympic, 

CUIcago, V>- 14. . . . ... ■ j... 

Furman. Bailie, Ttetnont. Boston, 3-7, 
Fuller. Ma. Savoy. HamlHon, Cm., 2-7. . 

Gardni-r. Baby Arllne. Chestnut St., Phlla., 3-7. 
Gaiton ft Green, 0. 0. ii., Indianapolis, 2-, , 
Gardner A Stoddard, 0. 0. IL, Siraetue, N. t., 

ftati!'*lorei«*, A Cd.. dotb. StfethV^T. 0., 3-7. 
Gardner, Eddie. Orphlum. Lima,. 0., 1-7.- 
Gardner A Colder. Pastor's, N. T. 0., 2-T. 
Gardner A Reter», Orpbenm. Omaha, 2-7; Or- 
phean*, Salt Lake City, 9-14. 

ielleiy, .'the. Family, nlmlra, N, 

ft. Co.. fS*!o«lnl, K, T. 0., •• 
•J'jl <Mie''Un, Mkllt.. .fll4, , _ 
tlnfk'K A THoinna, llljntl, Appleton. Wis., 3-T; Ra- 
cine, n-U. 
Htirvey. ,;F.1JI», ft Flslds floya, Victoria, N. t. 

Ha%..'sulnV*.. Keanei'S,. Jlkln., 3-7. _ 
l?t>rtll!a, 4 Dap.jnc, Mtijestlc, Dallas, Tei., 3-7 ; 

Majestic,. Honstiin. 0-J*. 
Hrrnidnlotts, Four, Grand, Gtsltid Rapids, Mleb., 
, 2}7! Mljon. Arlttau, vt-14. .. ■ 
llale.A flaflj, BIJon., Little Falls, M1«0-. S-7.' 
hln'mnU. HtSdps,, Fciiner;: Stock Cd.. Wesleta. 
Hnllen, ft ]lAycs, Atiihawk, SoheHectndy, N.Y.,a-T. 
■..Exlillill. .Znlie-vlltc, 0., 2'7, 
let, Fottill>; Ltnenfeter.Pn., 2-7.' 
lUlrttl .ft,.vUnt*,jO/wUrari(.GIi.,'. 2-7., _' . . 
Ilnirla, Miiisiral flhtrt, Star; SIMcfsrtlla, W. Ta-, 

{igfi Star.i,Tfa'tii!tje, l?a., 044.. ' J '*! 
tSiiyifttt. JVrnnU, Margureta. Enrcld, Cat.,, 2-1*. 
lahen, VlAlnla,-, ri.|i|i'i] rjitrrjerl, Scheliediliilyi 

Hanson: A! P-«w, Majestic, Knlamnaon, Allcb,, 2'-7{, Buttle Cr-*li,,ftM.. ■ 
llnrrbon. \,<n, F„ "Aa 'Tolit la this Hills Co.." 

ErUtern, .... i . 
1 it vi", C, Majestic, Mtlscatlpo, ln„ 2-7 

Hole's.; won*; 0/.1I, , } 
J In n-lji A Nelson, tiny Urns. Minstrels. 
Il«y»»t llreni, " 
■l poM-onie, Jin 

IlHiiinlnn ft Tliuiinans, iliirrnK r o>it Tour, ,Ei,». 
ftawlpy. E. Tl'Tederlo, ft On., Kceqey'/i, . Nan' BHt< 
.TWiviOjiuii.. a-Tl ltr«(|.y's,: Bkln,, 8-14. „ . 
Hahvcy .st.qlarki 0)|iheiitn. Leavenworth, K*a., 
-.i3-ti .Rugwooil. Omaha, ,!»-14>. ^j 
Hale, Willie,, Koltli'«,,l. l hllri.. Pf-vS-T.. 
liajrBeD,. I<oliy,..lint|itre,. AMtioJuil* nithof, ft., 

UiV^kortwi' .'*■ Hiirt, ,iWii 3ireet, N V Y. 0,. 2-7. 
llarrlgcn, ..liimes, . u'eilli'a. PhlU.. Pa., 2-7. 
llnn-ione, Orpbeiiin> ltollfnt, Ni M.', S-j.- 
lllitt-iy, Kai.ra, iiljnu, l,oralo,.0., 814, ' 
JI-aBrmr. A- , l.oc. A-iilliorliirq. Chicago, ' 2-7. 
Ilale. Lillian. A Co., Gurrlek, Wilmington, Dal., 

2-7/ ; •• i..-.' i j ... ■ . I . • , 
llnriis, .Thninas,. Afallerls. Ohlco-f., 2'4, 
liny.", Turn. A. A S., IVislAn, 2-7. 
Jl.-trls A Walker, iJtvsUI, Clilcngd, 2-7. " , 
Hall, Artie. Temple, Oulrelt,, WL . 
lltiaeiihts-k'u Eleptiaats, Itlpportrome, K. ». U„ 

S-7, ,' • • . i. ' 

llniiit Dogn, ■ BncUlyu. Klkhart, 1ml. , 2-14. ..„ 
llnrrln & Wer-t,. Palace. New Keoslnatou, Pa;, 2-7. 
llatdeeit, fs>lson, HprinnfivM, •M | "*'.'.. 2 't;. udL< 
Ilnmllt-in. Alice II., Theslorliini, Mfc, PleWant, 

Hnli'mim ft Coliliis, Nlnlli ft Ari'ti Milflniim, Phllk,; 

Pa. 27 
Rasapf, ' One*, Msry Andewon, Loiilavllle, Ky„ 

0.7 . * • . . . 

Ilari, Geo. F... Soulbcfn "Pliimlni; Aitovr" Cn. 
linn, Annie, Grami llapbls. Mich.. 13-14. 
llnyi't A Grnluim, Wondi-rlim-l, 1'nlwnown, I'a., 

Ila'tbawny, Belle. Albaialira.N. Y. C, S-t. "f 
llaflhacks, The, Fnmllr, iflmira. N. X.. 2-7. 
Haymnu ft. Franklin,, Harry. Illckarda Tour, Am- 

trail*. ... , 

flurvcy, W, S., A Co.. Hhnbcrf, alllwantaa, 2-i. 
Hai'lier. Pesuiioifl A.IIIUIard. Jaci|ues, Waterlmrr, 

Conn,, 2*7, ,. ... . - . , 

Harris, Jcnnctle, Crystal, Mllitnukee, 2-7. 
lliif7ard. .If/bn E., Slii'ii's,, Buffalo, 2-7. 
Hsyes A .lojinsnn, Kellh'ii, prnvldtuic*, , 2.7. „ 
llnrtman llro.i., (lotliatii, Bliln.. 2-7.. .... J'- 

Mall, irranli. ll. 11. II.. <lrnp,i Rnpldg, Mleh,, 2-7. 
Ilnskell, Lnncv. G. O. Ji., Indlnaapnlls, ll-T; 

iViliinihl.i, CInelnnoll, l)-14. . -'**■> . • 

Har.-outi, Daisy, Pastor's, N. Y. <!., J-7. _. • 
Jlagiic. A. Herlwrl, Lyric, Orovd City, Vk., 2-7. 
Helena, Edith, Kbulierl. Milwaukee, 2-T, „„ 
llerrtniinii, AiWiiiile,,OIpbiui)n, Itendinj;, Pa„ 2-7. 
Hciliert. Miilssl. Granll, Rjmo, Nd«,, 2-T; ,Rm- 

lilre, San .fow, CM., 0-W. 
Tl'-i-mun A (lolit. Aiultiorliiin, Narrolk, Vl„ 3-7, 
llelaesi, Chns.. Totlily, CWtiUO, 2-7., 
Heme. Julie ft Co., MitJe-ille, Olili;aKo, 2-7, 
llrotl" ft Voting,. Uulou, Square, N. x. 0.,.2-'i. 
Jlermii. BerllP, Sllilhert, lltlrn. N. Y,, 844. 
lle'nft ft ttnger-i,. Pivip)n's, Cedar Kapldi, la.; 

ni. .' Fsmlly, Hhtibrrt, Kadaw Oily, feaJKh 
llcnni, T6m, F.miilnt, Lnlccsb>fi '''Xt" **', Kln * 

plre. Coventry, ii-ll) Coliseum, London, 1(1-21 ; 

Theatre llnyal, N«wcu:<lle, 2f|-Mnrrlk 23. 
Hcrrinnnn, Great, Majtsille, Pea Holuey, la., 2-7. 
linnoings (2), OrpbPUtrt, StcMtilnn. Pa., .2-7. 
Herk, I'lsle, Orphemn, Scruuton, Pa., .2-7. 
Herbert's Dog*, Orphoam. New Orleans, 2-7. 
H-rbert. Feumisn, Crvstal, HI, .Pose|ih, Mo„ 2-T: 

Crystal, Denver, ft-14, . 1 • .-. . 
tli'tberl, Moiis., Mblu's, Baltimore, 2-7. . 
(lelslnn A Hood, Grand, Turtle. Creek, Pa., 9-7, 
Mill A Wliltlnker. Unlun Kiiusre, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Hill ft Sylvian!, flhuliert, huiwis City, Mo., 2-7. 
Hluninn, Cant. Sidney, A Dot*, Mechanic*' Hall, 

Boston, 2-7. 
Hlllliird, Ilobcrt, A Cn., Clime's, Washington, D. 

C„ 2.7; Prwior's, Newark. N. J., 0-14, 
nillyct* (ID. AuW'instlc, Alliance, 0„ 2-7: Im- 
perial, Frcmnut, ft-14. 
Hlliiiert A Wurren, C'linto's, Washington, D. C, 

3-7; Keith's, Pblla., Pa., 014. ., 
Hlcltmsn Bros, ft Co,. Grand, HamUlon. O.. 2.7. 
Ilill-Erlmunrts Trio. Gnty, Gary. Ind.. ft-14. 
Hills, ACroballo, Emplfe, St. Panl, 2-T. . • 

Hltc, Baby, Grand, Erie, Pa.. S-T. 
litis. Little, SImb'b, Bnffllo. J;1. - „. . mm 
{loltman, aertruda, ft Co.. {SlltSt.. N. f. C, 2-7. 
Holmes Bros. Empire, PittsKeld, Maat., 2.T. .. 
Holmes A Holllster, BIJ01). Wheeling, W, Vs., 2-T. 
Holfnian. Lcw..rnlally. llatletpn, Pn.. 2-T., 
Ilocli. Emll. & Co.. rt. 0. H., Pltliburg. 9-1; 

Keith's. Johnstown, Pa., 8-14., Al. E. A Mamie. Olympla, Bleu, Itoisla, 







Mualo by * 







Horton A La Trlaka, Majestic, Bt. Paul, 2-7. 
Holier * float, Empire, St. Louis, 2-7; Ooaiha, 

Houdlnl, Harry, MaJ««tlc, Chicago, 2-7. 
Holnian, Harry, O. 0. B„ Chicago, 2-7. 
Holdaworths, The, Orphean), Kaasa. City, Mo., 

Hoffmana, Cycling, Majestic, Eyausvllte, lad., 2-7; 

Gaiety, Chicago, 9-14. _. „ _ „_ 

Hoey A Lee, Armory, Blngbamton, N, Y., 2-7. 
Hodglns, Harry, Grand, Uainllton, O., 8-7. 
Howard, Harris A Co., Notional, Chicago, 2-7. 
Hodglnl, Daisy, Hippodrome, N. Y. CT, 3-7. 
Howard, Chaa., Proctor'a, Albany. N. Y., 2-7. 
Hoyt, Florence, & Co. , Majestic, Little Bock, Ark., 

Howard Bros., Olympic, Chicago, 2-7. 
Howards, Tbe. Family, nttsburg. 2-7. 
Howard * Harrli, Palace, Loudon, Kog., 9-21 1 
Hip.. Norwich, 2S-28 1 Hip., Ipswich, 80-Jan. 

Horton! Henry, * Co., lSfJtti Street, N, T, C 

Howard * Either, O. 0. H„ Chicago, 2-7. 
Howard A Howard, Empire, Peterson, N. I., 8-7 1 

Empire, Hoboken, 8-14. „_ 

Howard 4 North, 0. 0. H„ Cb cage, 3-7. 
Holdeo'a Manikins, Keith's, Utlca, N. Y„ 2-7. 
Hollowaya, The, Bbca's, Buffalo, 2-7. 
Hoas, Oscsr, Empire, Milwaukee, 2-7. 
Howe ft Eilwarda, Unique, Minneapolis, 8-7. 
Howard'* Dogs & Ponies, Bennett's, Ottawa, Ota., 

Hushes A Made. Crystal, Milwaukee, 2-7. 
••Human Flags,' 1 17, Colonial. N. Y. 0., 8-7, 
Hoston, Arthur, Lyric, Mobile, Ala., 2-7 1 Ma- 
jestic, Birmingham, 0-14. _- 

HnKhea ft Mails, Unique. Sheboygan, , Wis., 3-7. 
Hcjgbes. Mr. ft Mrs. Nick, BIJou, Wheel by, W. 

Hume) ^leehsn A Hoey. Majestic, Little Bock, 

Ark., 2-7 ; Ft. Worth, Tex.. 9-14. 
Hurley Alex., A Co., Victoria, N. Y. 0., 8-7. 
Hughes, Cans. O., Star, McKeea Uoeks, Fa., 2-7 s 

Star. Weat Kensington. 0-14, 
Hurleys, The, Howard, Boston. 2-7. . ....._ 

Hughes, Mr. A Mrs. Gene, Bennett's, London, 

Hughes', Cli'ns., Wonderlnnd, Unlontown, P.,, 8-7. 
lludsons. The, Palace, Chicago. 2-14. 
Hylauda 13), Idea, 1'ond 6f Lac, Wis., 8-7. 
Hyne A Kmersou, Majestic, Little Rock, Ark., 2-7. 
Hyde. Dob. ft Bertba, Hearer, Allegheny, Pa., 8-7. 
Hylonda, Four, tola, Chicago. 2-7. 
In*. Tboa. H.. A Co., PolPn. Hcranton, Pa,, 2-T. 
lnternatlonnl Enlertalnera (4), "Wise Onj" Co. 
Innesa A Ryan. Keith's, Phlla.. Pa.. 2-T. 
International Oomlcjues, Four, Majestic, Madison, 

la 2-7 
Irene - ,' Little, Majestic, St. Paul, 8-7. 
Irwin, May, Orpbeuui, Bkln,. 2-7. 
Italian Trio, O. 0. H„ Pittsburg. 2-7. 
Jacobs & Sarilel, Unique, Los Angeles, Oil., 2-7; 

Miaalon, San Fran.. Cal., 0-14. 
.larrow, Ninth ami Arcb, Pbllo.. Pa., 2-7. 
.lardy*. Lea, UopktnH'. Louisville. Ky.. 2-7. 
Jackson Family, Hlpnonronu, London, Eng„ 2-2B. 
Jaclasous, Ilnrry A Kate. Kelth'a. Providence, B. 

I., 2-7: Holbaway'H. Miildeu, Mass., 0-14. 
Jcnnre A Ellsworth. Grand, Pltcalrn, Pa., 2-7. 
.lelson, Harry, Beunett's, London. Can., 2-T. 
Jewctt A Alfon, Nickel, Providence, It. I., 2-7. 
Jeunlng* A Renfrew, Family. GloversvlUe, N. I., 

B-7 ; KelUi'a. Toledo. O., 0-14. 
.lee. .I«a. A Jennie, Poll's. Scranton. Pa., 2-7, 
Johnson, Mark, sire's, Kokomo, lad., 2-7 1 Family, 

Juhuston!Vard W.', Hlllehrsud 8tock Co. 
Johns. Johnny. Forrest. Phlla., Pa.. 2-7. 
Johnson ft Wella. Bennett's, Montreal, Can,, 2-7. 
JohnatoDR, Musical. Palace, Southampton, Eng., 
2-7: Palace, Hull, 0-14; Alhambra, London, 

JolinKUjiie. Ralph, Majestic, Chicago, 2-7. 
Jolm80u Bros. A Jolinson, Cnnal Dover, O., 2-7. 
Johnson, Kltly, G. O. H.. Pittsburg, 2-7. 
Jordan, Henry, Avenue. ElklM.W.Ve., 2-7. 
Joyces, The. Cotnlnue. New Bedford, Moss,, 2-7. 
Jones. Irvine, 125th Street. N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Jordan. Great, Herkimer, N. Y. 2-7. 
Jones A Ramoiido, BIJou, Appleton. Wis., 2-7. 
Joues. Walter A Blanche Deyo, Maryland, Baltl- 

.ludgn Bros,*(3>. Keith's. Boston. 2-7. 

Julians, Tbe. Palace, New Kensington, Pa., 2-7. 

Juniper A Hayes, Kelth'a, Norwich, Conn., 8-7. 

Kaufman Bros., Empire, Ban Fran., Cal., 2-14. 

KulhnsH A Co., Haymarket. Chicago, 2-7. 

Kaufman. Reba ft Ines, Majestic, Dallas, Tex., 
2-7! Majestic. Houston, 0-14. 

Knrno'a Pantomime Co., Forrest. Phils., Pa„ 8-7. 

KurtelU, Colonlul, Lawrence, Mass., 2-7. , 

Kellam. Lee J.. "Onr New Mlniater" Oj. 

Kelcy, Mr. * Mrs. Alfred, Temple, Detroit, 2-7. 

Kellj-Mtssey A Co., Family, Sbamokln, Pa., 2-7; 
Fnmlly. Lnneastcr, 0-14. 

Kelly, Sam A Ida, Liberty. Plttaburg. 0-14. 

Keeley Bros., Novelty, Bkla., 2-7 ; Doric, Soa- 
kers, N. Y.. 0-14. _. 

Kelly A Kelsey. Dempsty's, Peoria, 1U„ 3A; 
JJIJon, Kewanea. 5-7. „__. „ _ _ ,_ 

Kt-iio, Wnlsb A Melrose. Alhambra. N. Y. p., 8-7. 

Kcnips. The, Bennett's, Quebec, Can., 3-7. 

Kclley A Bertba. noward, Boston. 3-T. 

Kelley A Hall, Gem. Lynn, Maaa.. 2.7. 

Xenm, Mr. A Mrs. Edward. Keith's, Phtlt., P«„ 

Kelly" A Boas, Poll's, Bprlngfleld, Uasi.. 8-7} 
Oriiheutn. Boston, 0-14. • ._ 

Kelly A Kent, Hopklni.'tiOnlBTllle, Ky., 8-7. 

Kelly A Vlolelte, Columbia, Olnclnatl. 2-7. 

Kelly, Walter 0., Keltli's, Clsvelaud, 2<7 ; Oolnm- 

Kcno '& n'Arvllle, Honklna', Loularille, Ky„ 2-7. 
Kelly * Asbhy, Teck. lliitralo. 2-7. 
Keuneily A Boyle, Guy Bros.' Mmatrels. 
Kennedy A Beoney, Hatbuway's, Lowell, Mud,, 

Kennedy A Hollls, Franklin Square, Worcester, 

Mhsh itNTt 
Klpplinit, Florence, Dewey, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Klild, Pauline. A Co., Nortlt Avenne, Ohlcsgo, 2-7. 
Kitts, Ohas. S.. Mury Anderson, Louisville, Ky., 

Klrke, Ethel. Hajeitle, St. Paul, 2-7. 
Klta-Bnnral Jap*. Shea's, Toronto. Can., 8-T. 
Kltamura Jans, nennett'a, Montreal, Can., B-7. 
Klein, Ott Bros. A Nicholson, Keith's, Providence, 

Kokln, Mlnonerte, 125th Street, N, Y. O.. 2-T. . 
Kolllns A Kllftim. Orphenre, Minneapolla, 2-7. 
Kohl, Qua A Marlon, Family. Sioux City, la., 

2-7: Lyric. Des Moines, 0-14. 
Konoruh. Mnnlnnd, Bnltlmnre, 2-7. 
Koliler A Marlon. O. H., Olean, N. Y„ 2-7| 0. 

H., Bradford. Pa.. HL ^_ „ __ 
Kramer's, Tlie, Colonial, Norfolk, Vs., 2-7. 
Krnnier A Bcllclulr. Chase's, WaBblngton, D. 0., 

Kyle. Ingram. A Co., Bridock, Pa„ C-7; Palace, 

Chatlerol, 8-14. 
Lauder. Harry. New York, 2-0, 
La Clair A West, Amnsee, Braddock, Pa,, 8-7. 
Laksei), Harry, Pliilllps', Klcbmond, Isd,, 2-7; 

Star. Mnncle. 0-14. 
La Toll Brothers, O, n., Easton, Pa., 2-T. 
Lamb's Manikins. Mnjeallc, Montgomery, Ala,, I- 

7: Lyric, Mobile. 0-14. 
La Mare Bros.. Keith's, Phlla.. Pa., 8-7; Poll's, 

Worcester, Mass., »-U. 
La Blanche. Mile,, Trocndoro, Chicago, 2-7. 
La Tour, Lucille, Fnmlly, Barber ton, 0„ 2-7; 

Pike's, Canal Dover, U-14. 
Luwlou Hlsturs, Dowuiugtou, Pa„ 3-4; Lancaater, 

Lasky Quintette, Bennett's, Hamilton, Can., 3-7; 

Boiinett'a, Loudon, 8-14. 
La rV'lIen, Four Fautastlu, Orphlum, Otaton, 0., 

r^ilell A Croud. Orpheuin. Denver. 0-14, 
La Note Bros., Richmond, No. Adams. Maaa., 3-7. 
La Centra A La Hue, Parlor, York. Pa., 3-7. 
Lancaster. Tom, Star, New Caatle, Pa., 2-7 ; Star, 

New Kenslneion, 8-14. 
Lawrooce, Georgia, Chase's, Washington, D. 0., 

Lamlierll. Proctor's, Newark. N. T„ 3-7. 
Lampe Bros., Family, Pittsburg, 2-7. 
I.aniont Slstem, Uljou. Norfolk. Va.. 3-T. 
La Peral A Rogart, Mnbcr's. Chicago, 8-7. 
T.a forte A Knrtnan, Nccutc, Taunton. Mass., 2-7, 
Lawrence. Daisy, A Boy, National, Chicago, 2-7, 
Latins. Mile, Lyric, Cleveland, 2-7. 
Lararulo A Laramie, Imperial, Chicago, 3-7. 

La Toska, Phil., Orplieum, Kansas City, Mo„ 2- 
7; Orpbeum, Omaha, 8-14. 

La Salle, Harry, Qarrlck, Burlington, la,, 2-7; 
Majestic, Streator, 111., 8-14. 

La Gardenia, Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., 2-7. 

La Septette, Orpheum, Los Angeles, Cal., 2-7. 

Labrnlnns, Tbe, Jacques, Waterbory, Conn., 2-7, 

La Fleur, Joe, Orpheum, Minneapolis, 8-14. 

La Vlne-Clnuron Trio, Shea's. Buffalo, 2-T. 

Lavlne, Ed,, Orpbeum, Denver, 2-7. 

La Vounds, Star, Haxelwood, Pa., 2-7. 

Lloyd, Marie, Keith's. Boston, 2-14. 

Lelghtona (3), Empire, Hoboken, N. I., t-7. 

Lena. Lily, Alhambra, N. Y. C, 2-7. 

Le Blrt, Mom., Orpblum, Troy, 0., 2-7. 

Le Clair, Harry, Tborouanbred Co. 

Lennon, Bert, Lyric, Mobile, Ala., 3-7; Majestic, 
Birmingham, 8-14. 

Lewis A Cbupln, Fay Foster Co. 

Le Fevre A St. John, BIJou, La OtOSM, Wis., 9-7', 
Unique, Euu Claire, 914. 

Le Varda, The. Marks Bros. 

Leonora, La Belle, Keith's. Pawtncket. B. 1., 2-14. 

La Pagea, Great. Scala, Antwerp, Belt., 3-28. 

Leonnrda, Tbe. Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, 8-T. 

Lesslk A Anita, Star, Devil's Lake, N. D., 2-7 J 
BIJou, Jamestown, 8-14. 

Le Roy. Victor, Palestine, Tex., 2-7; Bhiertpert, 
La., 8-14. 

Lemuels A Scofleld, Amnsee, Braddoek, Pa., 2-7. 

Lewis A Green, Proctor's, Newark, N. X, 2-T. 

Lee, Fltxbugb, Oneida, Amasee, Brsddock, Pa., 2-7, 

Levitt A Falls, BIJou, Wheeling, W. Va., 2-7. 

Lee Tung Foo. Majestic, Johnstown, Pa., 2-7; Or- 
pheum, Allentown, 8-14. 

Leonto, I ola, Chicago, 2-7. 

Le Dent, Great, Poll's, Springfield, Mass., 2-7. 

Lea A Opp, Olympic, Chicago, 2-7. 

Leech, AL, A Three Rosebuds, Bennett's, Mont- 
real, Can., 2-7. 

Lee, Bessie. Imperial, Chicago, 8-7. 

Leo A Sully. Grand, Milwaukee, 2-7. 

Lees. The, Crystal. Chicago, 2-7. 

Le Boy, Lyric, Grove City. Pa., 2.7. 

Lester. Wm., A Co., 8beedy's, Fall Elver, Ku*., 

Le Roy A Woodford, Keith's, Providence, 2-7. 

Levey, Ethel, Kelth'a, Phlla.. Pa., 2-7. 

Leslie A Qulnn, Nelson, Springfield, Mats., 2-7. 

LcBcI Trio, Family, Lancaster, Pa.. 2-T. 

I.e Roy A La Vanlon, BIJou, Decatur. 111., 3-T. 

Le Brun Grand Opera Trio, Colonial. Lawrence, 
Mass., 2-7. 

Lcyden, Margaret, Empire. Dee Moines, la., 2-7. 

Lewis, Dave, Sbubert, Milwaukee, 2-7. 

Leslie, Bert, A Co., Orpbeum, San Fran., Cat., 3- 

Le Clair A Bowen. Arcade. Toledo, 0., 2-7. 
Levy, Bert. Colonial, N. Y. 0., 8-7. 
Lee, Henry, Olympic. Chicago, 3-7. . 
Lessalre A Bbay, Family, Plttaburg, 2-T. _^ 
Llpplncotts, The, Young's Pier, Atlantic Cltr, N. 

J., 2-7. 
Livingstons, Three, Mary Anderson, Loulsvllla, 

Ky„ 2-7. 
Lindsay. Karl, BIJou, Erie, Pa.. 3-7. 
Lines. Hsrry. Empire. 8L Paul, 2-7. 
Lockex, The, Bololt. Kan., 3-4; Clay Center, 5-7; 

Clyde, O-ll; Aurora, 12-14. 
Lockhart. Mabel, Star, Lucyvllto, Pa., 2-7. 
Ix>well A Lowell, Bonackua, Vienna. Austria, 2- 

Loralne. Oscar. Orpheum. Harrtsbnrg, P.., 8-7; 

Hathawny's, Lowell, Masa., 8-14. 
Lanaox, Unique, Minneapolis, 2-7. 
Lockau A Frank, Wonderland, I. strobe, Pa., 2-7. 
Lorettos, Two, Orpbeum, Oakland, Cal., 2-7. 
Lois, Star, Sprlugneld, O., 2-7. 
liOnea A Lopez. Empire, Dos Mnlnee, la., 2-7. 
I.ukeaa (4), Orpheum, Bkln., 3-7. ,, __ .. 

Luce A Luce, Columbia. Scrantoo, Pa., 2-7 J Wald- 

mon's. Newark, N. J., 0-14. 
Lucas, Jlmmlc, 23d Street, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Lyric Comedy Four, National, Phtal., Pa.. 2-7. 
Mavhew, Stellu, Colonial, N. Y. C, 2-7; BSth 

Street, N. Y. C, 8-14. 
Mnaon-Iveeler Co., Haymarket, Chicago, 2-7. 
Molvcrn Troutw, Pnt White's Gaiety Girls. 
Masons, Tbe Four, BIJou, Flint, Mich., 3-7 ; 4. 0. 

H.. Grand Baplds. 8-14. 
Mnrtln, Clyde, Locust Street. St. Lonte. 2-14. 
Marline Brothers. Hyman Tour, So. Africa. 2-15. 
Mnr.eotte. Baby Florence, "Tbe Outlaw's Cbrlst- 

mau" Co. 
Mnnvro, "Toe dlrl In Red" Co. 
Martlnetde A Sylvester, Lyric, Dayboa. 0., 2-7; 

Orpbeum, Johnstown, Pa., 8-14. 
Matwelf-Hngoatln Troupe, Orpheum, Ctnaht, 2-7; 

Orpheum, St. Paul, 8-14. 
Marline, Tbe, Wlelnnd, Grafton, W. Vs., 2-7. 
Mason A Dnran. Shcedy'a, Fall River, Maaa., 2-14. 
Marablnl, Lulgl. Majeatlc, Little Rock, Ark., 2- 

7: Majestic, Ft. Worth, 0-14. 
Mavoll, JenTereon, Portland, Me., 2-7. 
Mann A Franks, Standard, Cincinnati, 2-7. 
Martin, Dave A Pcrcle, Main Street, Peoria, III., 

2-7: C. O. H„ Chicago, 3-14. 
Manolo Family. Fire, Howard, Huntington, W. 

Va„ 2-7; Broadway, Mlddl»ton, O., 0-14. 
Mack A Dugal, Grand, Vancouver, B. C, 2-7) 

Coliseum. Seattle, Wash., 8-14. 
Maurice, Mysterious, Hlppodtome, Buffalo, N. Y., 

Murks, Peerless Two. Lyric, Harrlsbuig, Fa., 2-7. 
Mnddox & Melvln, Bennett's, Chicago, 3-7. 
Mnson A Bart, Orpbeum, Minneapolis, 2-7, 
Minim Trio. Auditorium, Cblcngo, 2-7. 
Mcdcapn, Five, Lyric. Dayton, O., 2-7. 
Mutlicwa A Ashley, K. A P., Jersey City, N. J., 

Murtio, Auditorium, Chicago, 2-7, 
Mack. Wm. J., Unique, Carthage, Mo., 2-7. 
Marelle, May. Imperial, Cblcugo, 2-7. 
Murmdllea, Bennett's, Ottawa, Can.. 2-7. 
Matthews A Harris, Bennett's, Montreal, Can.. 2< 

7; Bennett's, 1/ondon, 8-14. 
Murgucrite's, Mile., Horse A Pony, Olympic, Obi- 

vago, 2-7. 
Mnjora (6), Bennett's, Chicago, 2-7. 
Mncnrte Sluters (3), Keith's, Boatou, 3-7. 
Maxwell, Joe, A Co., Orpheum, Boston, 2-T, 
Marvin Bros.. Crystal, Milwaukee, 2-7, 
Manella'e Cockatoos, Shea's, Toronto, Cat., 3-7. 
Mantell's Marionettes, Crystal, Trinidad, Colo., 

Mcrtlu Bros,, Hatliaway's, New Bedford, Mass., 

Martin ft King. Dreamland, Olean, N, Y., 2-7. 
Mnhr, Agnes, Shea's, Toronto, Can,, 2-7. 
Miirtvne tjlsters, Metropolitan. Tampa, Fla., 2-14. 
Mnokle, Murphy A Mack, BIJou, Unlontown, Pa., 

Manu, Danny, ft Co., Majestic, St, Paul, 2-7. 
Martin, Bradlee, A Co., Kelth'a, Utlca, N. Y., 

Murron A Helns, Cook's 0. H., Bocbeater, N. Y,, 

Mu Dell, Grace, Orpheum, Scraulon. Pa., 2-7. 
Marcel's Living Plclures, Keith's, Utlca, N. X.. 

Malvvner, Thomas, (I. 0. I!., Plttaburg, 2-7. 
Marco Tuins. Temple, Detroit. 2-7. 
Murscllo ft Woulte. 0. O. H., PIttalrarg. 2-7. 
Mareena, Nevaro A Murecaa, Poll's, Worcester, 

Mass,, 2-T. 
Mann. Louis, Teck, Buffalo, 2-7. 
MncDowtll. John. Bllou, Dulutb, Minn., 2-7. 
Manning Trio, "Cowboy Girl" Co. 
Marsa. Jnok, Odeon, Clarkaburg, W. Va., 2-7. 
Marriott Twins, Clreo Publllvuea. Havsua, Cuba. 
Martins, I'ljiiu. Poll's, New Haven, Coca., 2-7. 
Mnrtln, Ik'ntrlce, Grnncl, Milwaukee, 3-7. 
Mnrvelle, M. O. H., drum! Rapids, Mich., 2-7. 
Muey. Maud Hull, A Co.. Tretnont, Boston, 2-7. 
Mncart's Dogs A Monkeys, EBth St., N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Marlon A Pearl, Majestic, Mvutajoinery, AIs., 2-7. 
MkcUuiiiis. JugslliiK, Orpheum. Ill Paw, Tex., 2-7. 
MuvLnrens (0), Musical Family, Caruondale, Pa., 

2-T : Kuinlly. rottsvllle, D-14. 
McWIlllams. U. It.. Orpbeum, St. Paul, 9-7. 
McDowell, Jouu A AUce, 0. 13., New Cuttle, Pi., 

MeCsnu. Oeraldlne, A Co., Hailetoo, Pa., 2-7; 

Carbondnle. ■ H-14. 
McPtimnuh, Ethel, Keith's, Cleveland. 3-7. 
McCarrera. Tlie, Orphenm, Yonkers. N, Y., 9-7. 
McDonald ft Evans, flem, Missoula, Mont., 2.7, 
Mi'DonnM. Jaa. P.. Columbia, Cincinnati, 2-7. 
McVey. Hugh, Keith's, Pawtucket. It. I., 3-7. 
McKenalc A Shannon, Proctor's, Elisabeth, N. J., 

McGrntb ft Paige, Orpheum, Yonkers, K. T„ 0-14. 
McMabon's Minstrel Maids, Majestic, Jotiuatown, 

Pa., 2 7; Beading, 814. 

McMahon's Pullman Porter Maids, Maryland, Bal- 
timore, 2-7 ; Keith's, Phlla., 8-14. 
McCrea ft Poole, Keith's, Utlca, N. Y., 2-7. 
McClellan, Jas., BIJou, Dulutb, Minn., 2-7. 
Meaney, Lottie, ft Co., Bljon, La Crosse, Wis., 2- 

7 ; Unique. Eau Claire, 8-14. 
Merrltt, Hal., Shea's. Toronto, Can.. 2-7. 
Melrose Troupe, Auditorium, Lynn, Mats., 2-7. 
Meadows, Tom. A Co., A. A 8., Boston, 2-7. 
Meredith Slatera, Keith's, Boston, 2-7. 
Melville A Hlgglns, Keeney'a. N. Y. 0., 3-7. 
Metiettl Troupe, G. O. H.. Pittsburg, 2-7. _ 
Mexlas A Dog, Orpbeum, Sioux City, la., 2-7. _ 
Melville A Aselle. Family, Sioux City, la„ 2-7. 
Melrose Troupe, Great, Auditorium, Lynn, Mast., 

2-7; Hatnaway's, Maiden, 8-14. 
Meera (8), Orjineuru, Los Angeles, Cal., 2-7. 
Millmnn Trio, Apollo, Nuremberg, Oer„ 2-28. 
Millar Bros., Bljon, Lansing, Mich., 2-7; Bljon, 

Bay City, 0-14. 
Milton A De Long Sisters, "Plff I Paffl! Poof III" 

Military Girls, 125tU Street. N. Y. C^ 2-7. . 
Military QuarUtte, O. H., Providence. B. I., 2-T; 

Westerly, B. I., 8; Derby, Conn., 10, Norwalk, 

11; New Bochello, N. Y., 12, Taylor 0. B., 

Trenton, N. J.. 13, 14. 
MUey Kathryn, Savoy, .'lamllton, Can., 2-T. 
Miller A Russell. Family, Lancaster, Pa., 2-7. 
Miller, 0. H., Kenosha, Wis., 2-7; 0. H., Osh- 

kosh, 8-14, 
Ulddleton's, Minnie, Lady Quartette, Bljon, Da- 

lutb, Minn.. 2-T. 
MUes-8tavordsJe quintette, Poll's, Worcester, 

Mass., 2-7; Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 9-14, 
Millar Bros., Lnbln's, Baltimore, 2-7 . 
Military Octette. Temple, Detroit, Mica., 2-7; 

Cook's H., Rochester, N. Y., 8-14. 
Mitchell A Calne, "Yama" Co. 
Mlltersblp Sisters, Bljon, Phlla., Pa„ 3-7; Dewey, 

N. Y. C, 8-14. 
Mills A Morris, Olympic, Chicago, 2-7. 
Woran A Wiser. "Casino Olrla" Co. 
Monarch Comedy Four, "From Broadway to tbe 

Bowery" Oov 
Mora, "Silent," Orabime Stock Co. 
Morse, Ron, .Nelson, Bprlngti *!d, Maes., 2-7. 
Morette Sisters. Grand, New Kensington, Fa., 2-7. 
Morton, James J., Keith's. Boston, 2-7. 
Mooue ft Holbelu. Palace, Plymouth, Eng., 2-7; 

Crouch End, 8-14; Olapbam, 10-21;. Hippo. 

drome, Liverpool, 23-28; Hlppodrooa, St, 

Helena, 30-Jan. 4. 
Mowatts (7). Colonial, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Moxarto. Keith's, Providence, 2-7. 
Morris, Leon, Ponies, Columbia, Cincinnati, 2-7. 
Morgan A Crone, BIJou. Unlontown,' Pa., 2-7. 
Morris A Kramer, The Dainty Duchess Co. 
Morris A Morris. Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 2-7. 
More, Tom, Keith's, Providence, 2-7. 
Moore, George Austin, Orpbeum, Salt Lake City, 

Moore A Browning, Star, Hatleton, Pa., 2-7. 
Monarch Comedy Four, Empire, Cleveland, O,, 

2-7; Shea's, Buffalo, N. Y., 9-14. 
Monroe, Mack A Lawrence, Bennett's, London, 

Can., 2-7. 
Murpby, Nichols A Co., Union Square, N. Y. O., 
' 2-7. 
Musketeer Quartette, Cheater, Pa., 2-7; Newark, 

N. J„ 8-14. 
Murpby, Mr. A Mrs. Mark, Keeney's, Bkln., 2-7. 
"Musical Toys, Tbe," Myrkle-Harder Co. 
Murpby, Whitmnti A Co., Seattle. Wash., 2-T. 
Murtha, John H., Star, McKeeaport, Pa., 3-7. 
Mueblners, The, Orpblum, Marlon, O., 2-7; Or- 
phlum, ManBfleM, 8-14. 
Murray Bros., Park, Milwaukee, 2-7. 
Mueller A Mueller, Orpheum, El Paso, Tex., 2-T. 
Murpby A Francis, Orpbeum, Sioux City, la., 8-7; 

Olympic, Chicago, 8-14. 
Mulligan, May, Lady Blrda Co. 
Murry A Daye, Grand, Turtle Creek, Pa., 2-7. 
Murray, Clayton A Drew, Nelson, 8prlngt!eld, 

Mass., 2-7; Pastor's, N. Y. 0., 8-14. 
Murray, Kllxabeth, Shea'a, Buffalo, N. Y., 8-7; 

Shea's, Toronto, Can., : 8-14. 
Murray Misters, Poll's,' Scrantoo, Pa., 2-7. 
Murray A Williams, Palace, New Kensington, Pa., 
■ 2-7. 

Mullen A Corelll. Orpheum, El Paso. Tex., 2-7. 
Nawn, Tom, A Co., Orpheum, Los Angeles, Cal., 

NadJe, Mile., Bennett's, London, Can., 2-7. 
Nagtl A Adams, Geo. H. Samuel's Co. 
Namlias, Tbe Four, 0. O. H., Oread Baplds, 

Mich.. 2-7. . 

Navajo Girls (131. Bennett's, Ottawa, Can., 2-7. 
Nasmytb, Billy, Empire, Greeley. Col., 2-14. 
Nevada A Eden, Exhibit, ZaneavlUe, 2-4 ; Princess, 

Cambridge, 0-7. 
Neoly, Nancy, Grand. Erie, Pa,, 2-7. 
Newhold A Carroll. Teck, Buffalo, N. Y., 8-7. 
Nelson, Ned, Masslllon, O., £-7. 
Needham A Wood. Family, Bkln., 2-7. 
Nello, Mr. ft Mrs., BIJou, Dulutb. Minn., 2-7. 
Nlbk,, Fred, Nelson. Sprlngfl'ld, • Mass., 2-7. 
Nlemerer ft Odell, Empire, Ddyoke, Mass., 2-7; 

Olympic, Bkln., 8-14. 
"Night on a House Boat." A, Poll's, Hattfoid, 

Conn., 2-7; Poll's, New Haven, 8-14. 
Nlchola Sisters, Victoria, V. Y. C, 2-7. 
"Night with the Poets, A," Orpbeuui, Minneapo- 
lis, 2-7. 
Notellis, The. Colonial. N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Norton A Russell, Pastor's, N. Y. 0., 3-7. 
Norton A Bay, Empire, Milwaukee, 2-7. 
No\liln. Dave,- Chicago, 2-7; Family, Bock Isl- 
and, HI., 8-11 ; Family. Clinton, 12-14. 
Noblette ft Marshall, Gaiety, Springfield, III., 2-7; 

Davenport, la., 8-14. 
Noble A Fltxgibbons, 0. O. H., Grand Biplds, 

Mich., 2-7. 
Nobles, Milton A Dolly, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Oakgrove. Andy. Scenic, Taunton, Mass., 2-7. 
O'Brien A Haven, Orpheum, Denver, 2-7. 
O'Connor, Nlsslns, Orphoua), El Pa«o, Tex., 2-7. 
O'Counell A Golden, Wlclund, Clarksburg, W. Va,. 

2-7; Star, Monessen, l'a„ 814. 
O'Dny, Ma. C. 0. H., Oblcaeo, 2-7. 
Odell A Klnlc.v, Gnnick, Wlliuliigton, Del., 2-7. 
O'Hara A Wuteon, Orphlum, Palueaville, O., 2-7. 
Kilo Family, Orpheum, San Fran., Cal., 2-7. 
O Kura Japs, Bllou, Battle Creek Mich., 2-7. 
Okaiw Family. G. O. H., Bkln., 2-7. 
Olive, Clarence, Hopkins', Louisville, 2-14. 
Olympic Quartette, K. A P., Jersey City, N. J„ 

O'Mecra Sisters, Orphenm, Oakland, Cal., 8-7. ' 

Omega Trio, Plttsfleld, Mass.. 2-7. 

O'Neill, J. H„ A Co., Star, Wllklnsburg, Pa., 2-7. 

O'Neill Trio, Grand, Milwaukee, 2-7; Grand, Madi- 
son. Wis., 0-14. 

O'Neill, Sadie, Luldn's, Baltimore. 2-7. 

O'Neill as Barry, Irwin, Goshen, Ind,, 2-7; Crys- 
tal. Anderson. 9-16. 

O'Neill, J. H., A Co., Star, Wllklniborg, Pa., 2-7; 
Star. Bo. Pittsburg. 9-14. 

Operator. The, Auditorium, Lyon, Mass,, 2-T. 

Orlh A Fern, Colonial, Norfolk, Vs., 0-14. 

Onhvay, Laara, Bennett's, Hamilton, Can., 2-7. 

Oriand, Shafer, Irish's. Des Moluea, la., 2-T. 

Orr. Ott ft Co.. Family. Lancaster. Pa., 2-7. 

Oterltn, Orpheum. Oakland. Cal.. 2-7. 

"Our Boys In Blue," Kelth'a, Boston, 2-7. 

Owley A Randall. Jacques, Waterbury, Conn., 8-7. 

Owen A Co., Garry, Little, 0. 11., Salem, Mail,. 

Owen, Juanltn, Wonderland, Mankato, Minn,, 2- 

T; Graud Forks, N. D„ 914. 
"Paradise Alley," Orpbeum, Bkln., 2-7. 
Parker's Dog Circus, Garrick, Wllmlugton, Del.. 

Puulli Pauline. Pastor's.. N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Panna, Mme. Ctlnka, Majestic. Chicago, 2-7. 
Parry, Charlotte, A Co., UalbaWay's, Lowell, 

Mass., 2-7. 
Pacbeco Fnmlly, Lyflc, Cleveland, 2-T. 


Paddock, O. D., Lyric, Cleveland, 2-T. 
Parros (4). Orpbeum, Sioux City, la.,- 2-7. 
Palmer, Adele, A Co., Lyric, Dayton, 0., 2-7. 
rentier, Willie, Troupe, Empire, Hoboken, N. 3., 

Parker. Bert, Heppyland, Puaxautawaey, Pa„ 2-7. 
Paultoo & Doley, Keltb's, Colnmbos, 0., 2-7; 

Temple, Detroit, Mich., 8-14. ' 

Perry, Frank L., Bljon. Muskegon, Mlco., 2-7. 
Permaoc, Brothers. 5Sth Stteet, N. Y. 0., 2-7; 

New, Portland, Me., 8-14. ' _ 
Perry A Pierce, Union Square, N. Y, C, 2-7. 
Peyser A McDonald, Night Owls On. 
Perkins, Calvette. Auditorium. Norfolk, Va., 2-7. 
Fetching Bros., Haymarket, Chicago, 2-7.- . 

Pero A Wilson, Waahlneton 0. B., Ohio, 0-14. 
Pelot. Fred A Annie. Poll's, Scrantoo, Pa., 2-7; 

Union Square, N. Y.' C, 0-14. ' 

Pillllpa A Bergen, Odeon, Clarksburg, W. Vs., 

Pblllpparts, Tbe, Hippodrome, N. Y. C. 2-14. 
Phillips A Laog, "Golden Crook" Co. 
Phillips BUtera, Irwin's New Majesties. 
Phillips A Nlemeyer, Schenectady, N. Y., 2-7; 

Young's Pier, Atlantic City. N. J., 8-14. 
Pike Bros., Pastor's, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Piccolo Midgets, Orphenm, St. Paul, 8-7. 
Plcaro Trio, Bennett's, Montreal, Can., 2-7. 
Plcianl Troone. Keith's. Providence, B. I. 
Pope, J. C, A Dog, Kelth'a, Brockton, Mass., 2-7. 
Pollard. W. D., Crystal, Rock Island, 111.. 2-7. 
"Polly Pickle's Pcta," K. A P.. Jersey Oltj, N. 

J., 2-7; 125th Street, N. Y. 0., 9-14. 
Pomeroy, Leslie, Spark's, Kansas City, Mo., 2-7. 
Pcole, Fredericks A Poole, "Modern Office Glrli" 

Power, Coletta, A Co., Mobile, Ala., 2-7. 
Potter A Harris, 0. O. H„ Chicago, 2-7. 
Price. Jack A Mabelle, Grand, ReynoIdsTlUe, Pa., 

2-7; G. O. II., Geneva, N. Y., 9-14. 
Price, Harry M., "Buster Brown" Co., Eastern, 
Prelle's BIJou Circus, New York, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Prampln Musical Trio, Keeney's, Bkln., 2-7. 
Probst Trio. BIJou, Wheeling, W. Va„ 2-7. 
Primroses, Musical, Bachelor CInb Burlesque Co. 
Purvis, James. "McFadden.'a Flats'* Co. ' 
Qulgg. Mackey A Nlckerson, Fenberg Stock (East- 
ern). • . ■ ■'■".. 
Qulnn Trio, Majestic,' Chicago, 2-7. 
Quaker City Quartette,- Mary Anderson, Louis- 
ville, Ky., 2-7. ■ 
Qainlan A Mack. 128th Street, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Qulnn A Mitchell, Kelth'a. Providence, B. L, 3-7. 
Qulgley Bros., Forrest, Phlla., 2-7. 
Raymond. Bnhy, Chester A Jonea, Proctor's, 

Elizabeth, N. J„ 2-T ; Empire, Paterson, 8-14. 
Bayniond A Caverly, Orphenm. Boston. 2-7. 
Randolphs, The Grotesque, Colonial, Norfolk, Va., 

Bay A Taylor, Palatlno Park, Havana, Cuba, 2* 

"Rain Dears," 23d Street, N. Y. C. 2-7. 
Ttanf, Claude, ft Wife, Maber's, Chicago, 3-7. 
Bay; Fr;d, A Co., Columbia, St. Louis, 9-14. 
Baflin'a Monkeys, , Bennett's, Montreal, Can., 2-7, 
Rainbow Slaters, Star, McKeea Rocks, Pa., 2-7; 

Avenue, Dnquesne, 0-14. 
Ranrettn A Lyman. Trocadero Bnrleaqne Oo. 
Bsmsdell. Star, Lucyvllle, Pa., 2-7. 
Ramsey Sisters, Grand, Marlon, Ind., 2-7. . 
Raymond, Lizzie B., Rlalto, Elmlra, N. Y., 3-7. 
Raymond. May, Empire, 8t. Fanl, 2-7. 
Rawson A June, Shubert, Milwaukee, 3-7. 
Bastus A Banks, Westminster, Liverpool, Eng,, 

2-7; Hip., Coventry, 8-14; Alhambra, Brussels, 

Belgium, 10-31 ; Flora, Amsterdam, Hoi., Jaa, 

Bae A Benedetto, Armory, Blngbamton, N. Y„ 8-7. 
Recklaw. Reckless, Auditorium Blck, Johnstown, 

Pa„ 2-7. 
Reded 4 Hadley, World Beaters Co. 
Jlerdelle, May, A Co., Family, Lancaster, Pa., 

Bedding Sisters. 11th Street, N. Y, 0., 2-7. 
Reno, Will & May, Crystal, Frcnkfort. Ind., 2-7. 
Beno. Bessie, Gaiety, Indianapolis, 2-7; .Troca- 
dero. Chicago. 0-14. 
lteco, Jimmy, Rose, Hutchinson, Kan., 1-7. 
Relfr Bros.. Majestic, Chicago, 2-7; Columbia, 

St. Louis. 0-14. 
RWpl Trio. Doric, YonkerS; N. Y.,,.2-7... 
Bedford, A Wincbeater. Majestic, Jokustown, Pa., 

2-7; 0. O. H„ Plttaburg. 814. 
Renards. Three, Haymarket, Chicago, 2-7. 
Rector, Charlje. Majestic, St. Paul. 2-7. 
Reed ft St. John, Haymarket, Chicago, 2-7. 
Reldy A Currier, Temple, Detroit. 2-7. 
Remington. Maynie, .A Picks, Orphenm. Oakland, 

Cal,, 2-7; Orpheum, Los Angeles, 9-21. 
Reynard. Ed. F., Keith's, Boston, 2-7; Keith's, 

Providence. 8-14. ' 

Bennee Family (B), Crystal, Bock Island, IU„ 

2-7; New Family, Davenport, la., 9-14. 
Rice A Coben, 0. O. H., Chicago, 2-7; 0. 0. H., 

Indiunapolls. 8-14. ■ , 

Ricbanlg, Great, Hatliaway's, Brockton, Mass., 

Rlalto Comedy Four, CStb Street, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 

RlRht A Ada!,. Grand, Hamilton,. 0., 2-7. 

Ring A Wllltanus, Orphenm, Findlay, 0., 8-7. 

Rice, Fnnnle, Keeney's, Bkln., 2-T. 

Ritchie Dtio, .Keeney's, Bkln.; 2-7. 

Itlce A Prevost, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 3-7; 

.'Boston, 9-14. . ■ 

Rlccobonq'8 Homes, New York, N, Y. 0., 2-7. 
Ring, Jnlle, A CO.,. Novelty, Bkln.. 2-7. 
Rlsmor, Family, Elmlra, N. Y.. 2-7. . 
Rlcolelto Bros., Maryland, Biltlmore, 2-7: 0. 0. 

&., Plttsbnrc. 8-14. . . ' w 

Rich, Jack A Bertha, 8tar, Seattle, Wasn.. 2-T: 

• .Grand, Belllngham, 9-14. 

Rohyns, Mr. ft Mra., Empire, Hoboken, N. J.. 2-T. 
Rossl'a Musical Horse, Kelth'a, Phlla., P.„ 2-T. 
Romany Opera Co., The, Alhambra, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Rosrle A Wavne. Vernon, Mt. Vernon, O., 2-7; 

Wondorlautl, Wheeling, W. Va., 8-14. 
Ross Slstera, Graud. Hamilton, O,, 2-7; Pbllllps', 

Richmond. Ind., 8-14. . . 

Rossley A Welch, North Avenne. Chicago, 2-T. 

H0 S b o rl Ben 4 d!•Ind y ^0.14 ,erelU,4 ' °" 2 " Ti 01,,npte ' 
Roberta, Hayes A Roberts, Bljon, Dntmnue, la.. 
. 2 7 ; Warrington O. H„ Oak Park. 111., 9-14. 
Rome. Majo A Juliet, BIJou. Battle Creek, Mich., 

Rose,' Julian, New York, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Rosalies, The, Wsahlngton, Spokane, Wash.. 2.7: 

Coliseum, Seattle, 9-14. 
Ronaldos (3), Teddy, Chicago, 2-7; North Avenue, 

Chicago, 0-14. 
Foot, Jack ft Clara, Savoy, Harrlabnrg, Pa., 3-7. 
Robs ft Lewis, Empire Tour, England. 
Rnnca, Dora. Bennett's, London. Can , 2-7. 
Rooney, Katie, Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 2-7, 
Roycc, Ray L., Orpheum, Oakland. Cal., 2-7. 
Robinson. Parquotte A Woods, G. 0. H., Syracuse, 

Rockford ft Move, Lyric, California, Pa„ 2-7. 
1{o F- re .* Mackintosh, Majestic, Houston, Ter.. 
_ 2-7; Majestic, San Antonio. 9-14. ' 

Rooney A Bent. Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 3-7. 
Rogers, Harry, Grand, Pltcalrn, Pa., 2-7. 
Robinson Crusoe's Isle," Keith's. Providence, B, 

• I., 2-T ; ColoflUI. Uwrcnce, Mass.. 9-14. 
Rochefort A May, Family, Grafton, W. Va., 2-7. 
Ito ,i' k1 S?. T . * Conway, Blfcu. Kalamisoo, Mlcb., 2- 
„ 7; BIJou, Bottle Creek, 0-14. ^^ 

Rossi A Paula. B8th Streot, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Roscoe ft 8!mn. Rents-Santley Oo, 

^teagofe-w!''''' s> P rin « teld ' ,u - a -'! tjrXv 

Roppeits, The. Olympic, Chicago, 2-7. 

Rnssell A Held, Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 2-7. 

Rutherford, Jiui, A Co., Mnjeatlc, Lifayette, Ind., 

Ryan A Doaglass, "Flaming Arrow" Co. (South- 
ltyaa A White. Shcedy'a. Fall River, Mas.., 3-7. 

ft Moore, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va.. 8-T. 
, O. O. H., Indianapolis, M. * 

, Cnas., Orphenm, Minneapolis, 2-7. 
nl A Ward, Pastor'B, N. Y. O., 2-7. 
A Bodgere, K. A P., Jersey City, », |„ 

Wear Your Thinking Cap a Moment. 

Dost. It ednrt las. to ear r y a II R h t trunk than m. tar at vy on v, I Is a t y «r n n k 
.tronsrer thstsi m wooden hoxi Will -rttleamlaed hartl fibre outwear rsfnwmi l ii- 

WILLIAM BAL, late., 

Builders of 

910 Weat m St., New York City, 


Byan A RlcbfJeld, Shea's, Toronto, Can,. 2-T 
Salerno, Keith's, Cleveland. 2-7. '* 

Sabers, Union Square, N. Y. C, 2-7. 
Sampson A Douglas, Bennett's, Hamilton, Cat, 

Babel! Josephine, New York, N. Y. C, 2-7 
Sato, K.. Central, Dresden,- Ger., 1-81: Anolbi 

Vienna. Aus., Jan. 1-81, 1808. V™* 

Same In, Six, Bennett's, Hamilton, Can.. 2-7 
Santell. Great, lola,- Chicago. 2-7. 
6annder>, Florence, Majestic, Joinitowa r. 

8-14. -t*s., 

Scott, Grace," Grand, Turtle Creek, Pa., a.7 ' 
Mcotf A Whalley. Hathavay's, New Belford. 

Mass., 2-7. ■ ™ 

Scbkar Trio, Family, Rock Island, 111., 8-14 
BcOttA Wrlgbt, Keith'., Boston, 2-7. 
Sen rode A Mulvey, 'Armory, Blngbamton, N. T. 

^o^'. U NN. to 6™9-l»^ r ^ l0^a, '*" 8TS '»* 
SchMck Bros.,' 14th Street, N. Y. 0.. 2-7. 
Scott; Great,' O. O. H..' Pittsburg, 2-7. 
Schacb, Nat, BIJou, Wheeling, W. Vs., 2-T, 
SeymOur. O. G., A Co., Family, Sioux Cltr !■ 

2-7; Wasaon's, Joplln, Mo., 9-14. ' ** 

Sclljlnl, Lalla. Victoria, N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Seymour Sisters, Orphlum, MaruBeld, 0.. 1.7 1 

Orphlum, Canton, 8-14; ' *" "*' 

Bemon Trio/ Gaiety. Galeebarg, 111., 9-14. 
Severance, Ratte, Bljon, Dulutb, Muin., 2-7 
Semen, Chaa. P., 68th Street, N, Y. O. '"■!■ 

Union Square, N. Y. 0.; 9-14. ■■ * "' 

Bhallee, William,' HaxletOD, Pa., 2-7. 
Shaw ft Moore, Manhattan, Norfolk, Va.. 3-7. 
Sbrkla, O. O. H., Ibdlanapr"'- ■■■- ■ 
Sbarpe, CI 
Sbepnarrl , 


Shean, Al., ft Co., Olympic. Chicago. 2-T. 
Shields A Galle. O. H.. Cbllllcothc, 0.. 2-7. 
Sherman, De Forest A Co., Star, Bkln., M« 

Gaiety, Bkln., 9-14. ' ' 

Bliadrlcc A Talbott. "I'm Married Now" 0). 
ShipmaD, Baby Phyllis, Bljon, Erie, Pa., 27, 
Sheelian. John J./ Howard, Boston, 2-7. 
Short A Shorty. National, Ban Fran., Cal., 2-7, 
Shenk Bros.. Orpheum, Boston, 2-7. 
Sbnws, Aerial, Franklin Square, Worcester, Miss, 

Shade A Cole, Spark's, Kansas City, Mo., 2-7. 
Shannon A Straw, BIJou, Decatur, ill., 2-7; 

Lyric. Kensington, 9-14. 
Shields ft Paul, K. A P., Jersey City, N. J., 2.7. 
Sherbrook A Berry. Family, Pittsburg, 2<T. 
Sharpo Bros., Gotltam, Bkln., 2-7. 
Silvern ft Emerle, Trent, Trenton, N. J. , 2-7, 
"Side Show." fl. O. H.. Indianapolis, 2-7. 
Simon-Gardner Co., Auditorium, Chicago, 2-T, 
Slmms, Wlllard A Co.. Keith's, Columbus, 0., 2-7. 
Simpsons, Musical, Park Family, Johnstown, Pa,, 

SJddon Bros., "Black Crook Jr." Oo. 
"Slivers," Orpheum, New OrleanB, 2-7. 
Slater A Finch. Flora De Voss Co. 
Sloan, John ft Mayrne, Family, Toledo, 0., 2-14, 
Smiths, Aerial, Proctor's, Elizabeth, N. J., 2-7. 
Smith, Peter J., Main Street, Peoria, III., 9-14. 
Smith A Lavlne, Star, Lucyvllle, Pa. , 2-7. 
Smith, Bowman Trio, Armory, Blnghamton, N. I,, 

Smith, Tom, "Modern Office Girls" Co. 
Smith A Van, Vogel'a Minstrels. 
Snyder, Ella, A Co. , Poll's, Springfield, Has.,, 2-7. 
Snyder A Buckley, G. O. 11., Indian a polls, 2-7; 

Columbia. Cincinnati, 9-14. 
"Seng Birds." Haymarket, Chicago, 2-7. 
Sours, Tbe, Btoddart Stock Oo. 
Splller Musical Bumpers (S), Lyric, Dtytos, 0., 

2-7: Arcade, Toledo, 0-14. 
Splssel Bros, ft Mack, Cook'* 0. H„ Rochester, 

N. Y.. 2-7. 
Spong, Hilda. A Co., 23d Street. N. Y. C, 2-T. 
Spedden A Hereon. Odeon, Clarksburg, W. Va., 2-T. 
Sptrry ft Bay. BIJou, Battle Creek, Mich., 2-7. 
Stanfartb, Blllle, BIJou, Wheeling, W. Va., 2-7. 
"Sfar Bout. The." Victoria. N. Y. 0., 2-7. 
Stlhe A Evuna, Franklin Square, Worcester, Mail., 

2-7, . . ' • 

Strickland, E. G., Elite, Rock Island, 111., M. 
Stapleton A Obaney, Orpheum, Columbuj, lid., 

2-7; Dixie. Delphi, O'l* 
SMIum, Unique. Minneapolis, 2-7. 
Steiilens, Hal, A'Co.. Empire, Paterson, N. J, 2-7, 
Stevens, Edwin, A Co., Columbia, Cincinnati, :-7. 
Stanley, Mr. A Mrs. Le*. Family, Sbamokln, Pa.. 

Stuart ft Keeley, Temple, . Alton, 111., 2-7. 

Stanleys, The, Gem, Lynn, Mass., 2-7. 

Stanley ft Cogswell, Bennett's, Hamilton, Calk, 

8taley's New Transformation Co., New York, N. 

Y. 0.. 2-7. . . 

Btofle, Betb.Oruheum, Omaha, 2-7. 
Sttra, James, Palace, New ■ Kensington, Pa, 2-7. 

Steinhi ft Le Grange, Vogel'. Minstrels. 

Btvger, Julius, A:Ob., Poll's, New Haven, Oosn., 

2-7; PdB's, Hartford, 9-11. .__.., „ 
Stuuman A Crawford, Wonderland, Wheelliig, W. 

Vb,. 2-7; Lyric, Cleveland, 0-14 . __ 

Stalling A BcvcU, Sheedy'a. Pall Blver, Man., 

Stead, Walter. O. H.,'WalUiam, Masa,, 2-T, 
St; Leon A McCnSlck. Hippodrome. Sl'.aron, Pa, 
. 2-4; Star, Beaver Falls. C7. . 
"Sunny South, Tbe;** Orpbeum, Omaha, 2-T; Of- 

■ pbeum, Kansaa' Olty; U-14/ .' ... 
Stunning Orenadlers. G. 0. H., PRUbarg, 3-7J 

■ Shea's, ' Buffalo, 0-14. 

Sully, Lew, Colonial, Lawrence, Mass.,- 1-1, 
Sully ft Phelps, Beuhett-Monlton Co, _ ' 

Hubert). Kroll. Haymarket. Chicago, 2-7. 
Sideline Troupe, Empire Tonr. England. 
"Sunny South," Orpheum, Omaha, 2-7. ' 
Hulllvan A Pnsqnellua, O. 0. H., Chicago, 7-7, 
Summer. A Winters, Lansing, Lansing, Mich., *• 

7 :• O. H„ Bay City, 9-14. _ „ „ , „ 
Sullivan. W. J.. BIJou, Orent Falls, MoB. la| 8;lt. 
Sutton, Lari 
Swor Bros., 

Street, N. Y. C, 914. 
Swan ft Bambarrt, Dewey. » Y. 0., 0-14. 
Street, Chat. R„ Colonial, Kcrfolk, Va., 1-7. 
Swain A Powers,.' Wonderland, Wheeling, W. Vs., 

Sylvaii ft O.'Nell, Vaudeville, Lebanon, Pa., 2-T. 
Syraondu. Jack. Bijou, Bay City, Midi, 2-T. 

BIJou, Adrian, 0-14. 
Tauneit, Julius, O, O. IT., Pittsburg, 2-T. 
Taclanu, U. 0. H., Pittsburg, 2-7. 
Tanneaus, Musical. .0. K.' Cbamplln ,Oo. 
Tiylor, Henry ft Alice, Tremont. BcBton, S-7. 
Tonn. BUiy. Temple. Yoongstown, O.. 2-T. 
Tauna, Altroeycr. McKeeaport, Pa., 2-7; lanl 1 * 

Lancaster, 9-14. ___ »,. 

Tambo Duo, Wonderland, Plttaburg, Kan., -•'. 

Lyric, Parsons. 9-U. . ,, „.„ 

Taylor, Carter.. A Co., Poll's, Springfield. MM*. 

2-7; Worcester. Msss, 8-14. ' __ „,„ t 
Taylor Twin- Slaters. State street Skating BU* 

Princeton, Ind., 2-7.' _ ... M — 

Talcotts, Thd, Orpblum, Marietta, O., 8-T; New 

,8,un, Hptlngfleld, ,0-14. ._.-■ * «t 

Tanner A Gilbert, Union Square. V. Y. 0.. 3-T. 

Templo, Irene, Sceulo Temple, Waltbam, Mm-. 

Temple, Dick. Savoy, Hamilton, Can., 2-T. 
Torley, II., Shubert, Kansas City. Mo.. 2-7. 
Tenley, Fllmer, Orpheum, St. Psnl, 2-7. 
Terrlll, Scenic. Tatonton, Mass., 2-7. u 

Tetmls, Leiv, Theatorium, Canton, 0„ 8-7; MU" 

slllanj 9-14. . , . ,,, 

Thomas? Geo, W., Star. MartinsTlile, Ind., --T, 

Alrdonic, Vlncennes, t>^14. •' . J ,„,. 

Thome. Mr. A Mra. Harry, K. A P., Jersey OiW. 

■ N. J.. 2-7. _. -, 
The. Three tlems. Savoy, Hamilton. Can-, -;'i 
Thatcher. Eva, .Bljon, Oonnellsvllllo, Pa.,'-*. 
Those Four GlrlB. . Bennelt's, , Hamilton, tea.. * 

7: Bennett's, Montreal, 0-14. _ „, 

Thompson, W. H., A Oo.. Poll'., ltoaacon. r»-« 

That "Quartette, O. O. H.. Bkln., 2-7. ,. 

The Quartette. Orpheum. Los Angeles, Cal.. 2-»* 
Thompson, Jas. W., BIJou, Kalamazoo, Mich., Hi 
llljmi, Battle Greek, 'j-l-l. 

d. W. J.. BIJou, Great Falls, Hon., y 

Urry. Natlouai, Kansaa Olty, Mo., 2.T. 

Iros., Proctor'., Albany, N. Y., 3-T; 2w 

Ortfaeao. Nfcw OrWng, 9-U 

Tomllns. William, Orpktsim, MlnneanoU^ =■}• . 
tok&o, Gtace, WuBderlaod, Latrubc, fa., J-T. ' 

.-■;.,•-' ••■ ■■■.■■■-.: c ..,, ■ •;:■"._•;:•'"'■■ ■ '. -■'-' : ■ --■ v-V" .'■'■'.-■ "/ ' ''J.'.. *.'.'•'.. .,!,"'-"; "'.'"'.. ' '>T'' ''■.■' "•-. ."- ;7,' '''"-'' '■)' '.""" ■.'"",• V'"'. ' ."V">" r "Y-"' '''.'; ~' : " ".' " "V,'- ■% V, '" ! •■/'■><.'' 

#BCBft#Ei» 7. 


*m& 3*tkyr ^obE oi^pER. 


Tautui; silV.-'OrpficnBi, 1 tJuajiir-z-T; ■ 
l-orc*!,**'^. 1 . 1 " 1 , Latwwucc, Mass.. 2-7; Bennett's, 

r* : 'it>n I r i' i 

•n'-iYi flba 




u., Mi 

(k Sea Metis. North Avenue. CliIcaK*. 

Wtky. Uar, S. 8. Hlppoilrotiie. PltUburg,- 2-7. 
Ji^*' ««*»• WfiiidvHaud. fuknitovru, ft., 2-7. 
wyiriie. Bessie, (totboni, Bkiti.; a-l. 
Wjiii! & l/ctvix, ptptieuai, '" 

11*. Pa.. 5-7. 

TrouSbottiis.\tes. Orphcum. Bktu., 3-7. 
Trails, Wafrtn Lincoln, Uutlmu. Hkln.. 2-7. 
Tjipcadcro QutrlnC Oitluiauti, Jacksonville, UL, 

' Troubodoiura (S). Now flrpliltun. Canton, O., 2-7; 
Orpblr.lii. SiStml*. tiM. 

S, taiif-v ma. i>«., 2-7. 

Bufiflfc'-ltdslcal'ilMM. TheaUiHtini, lit. Plcaiant, 
* fi;,ryr„:* ; • ! ' . 
eA TIic. Aqdllutluni.T.yiiti. Jlnfl?., 2-7. 
Intta Ulsters till. Otiilimlui. San FraH,, Oal.i 2-7i 

O-rpbcuui, Ooktnnd, tl-ll. 
t'lu». Llltlo. & Miss Ilcllu. BciiDotts, Ottana, 

• CaWl 2-7. ' , ..,,„: 

Vance. Clarice., Kceuey *. llklu., B-T. 
Vmi Bruii.. Orulieilnj.. Atlaiitrf, (»»,, 2-7. 
Vnldliig"& Dltvls. Boslnu. Lowell,- Maw., 2-7. 
Vnlolw Bros., Star, Jlouitsttad, Pa., 2-7; Stat, 

lulcnio'wh. M». ■■' 
Vnsco. U.O. H.. Bklo., 2-7.7 
VtmilWrni'Proi,. Wonderland, I.atrobe, Pa., 2-7. 
Vatoul. Mac; Audefson, Louisville. Ky.. 2-7, 

A tetter Kroiu Pnrnst'"), Honiii" the bouuty of bin own llruslde, «peclklly.,H 

, ,' ; r . .^lucrl^M. ; . ho Ih n Sdrth American.' Willi « Merry, 

William C. Montotey. writes froui 'A»un- » ^Ur"i(i^ unit U;at OiU^ for h lljpp.r Nw 

dou, Paraguay,, Houtli America, under dole *«" to all our old friends nnd -Tbi: i'mi'piju. 
of Oct i»o, its folluw*: ' "I remain ever your frlettd." 

"Thinking that, theatrical ana clrcds uews . m ~ , '»*♦' . 

Itouis ftoln thin little known part of the M«ssu> Pcaly to May New York In 
wut-.'il me fuiiicwh.ii rare Iti vuur coliimus. JAttUMry. - 

I aw MiidluK tUewi Hues. ij-uhiJiik thoy may After tlio'ioughly IcHtitie tho rnlile ot "Tlib 

hoof kdlucJnten'rti tit.iuiiiio.ot yoitr-tcndota; vftinidtor Sex" tlirouitUvnit the Went., John 

mil Kliuitld -tht-y tueel tlM«m ot utiy M «uy can \ m * dVlrfcfl to firing Maude K«« mid 

'>'•* frleudo lu tho MhIcm (oHiKHlully .uiiy. ihV r | P fer KiikIIhIi eoluiiiy to New. York In 

fefOfr .hwmlivM.iif Iho Uulioz coii(nttny\ I Jfcmmrv. In nniulrliw Hi" Americmi rlplitH 

lllll.|{l;ld to IlKSIlru thrill [lull M ll 1UV wife - 

null I am .ilueldedLv itllve and well, and not 

_.jui, Itrtillua 
l|bt, Vr«Mi, «7 Wlfo, Bli>u, WuMluiir. W. Va., 

J"T.. ; . " '" 

WJ1«ud & Wyiwftd: .l.jrcJtini, Stamford, Conn:, 

tmd * Uwb.' SVotideil*nit. St. Wmy'n, Pn.,*7: 

Oetwra. S. y„ till. * 

Ycilier *„Atu Cwliu llullfax. Mua.. 2-7 ! Ilartle- 

(Kiul, till: tllncUuin, III 21; I.liieulu, 2.-I-2S; 

nalli. :tu-7:iti- 4, 1W<, 
Vlullai«.(.71i 1 Xi'w.'ViM , k. X. V. <;.. 2-7. 
YUdk ahmtIcu nvv.' Pnetonai VtotiJU. 'X,\ 2-7. 

TnfkH IV.flii, Mux, M-iuuie, N. V. U., B-7. 
Vi.miK «: .fih.1.. I'uH'n, nwMHrM, Maatu 2-7. 
Tonau, Vui.Vryxtit; Ht. l««ib< Mn„ l--. 
Slniiflf..!<, The. Umpire, ralcrron. X. .J.. 2~; Bm- 

vvf;- Mugjfiuttt-M. 
BanMkv Cu tint. Vari'lltrH. 'IVire Haute, Itid., 2- Qnltox enmpany wi liiiv.- sim-iiI tlireo jNlH 

7: Teini.lp. Alton, ill., nil. 
Siii" ■ 

l'.lll t. .1 ■« J IU V'MIVU I" 

ii yeur (louinmled by the 
wiikl eHtate. 

-,-^m' .1 utiii.-islunn by tMkt letters — denil 
tihil burled I..I1K u|to. iiciMi'rdlbu t» the rruttrt 
clrclLliiUun lu New ,X«rk. J4lu<:<! lenrltii Hid 

t»' - Tliu StroiiRer Si'.t," Mr. Cart aomrtedotio 

of hml sriiiiiii's I.Irb.^1 I.iiihI.iii *m-i!e«Ke!i. 
'I'll.' play, which Ik. i..v John Viitciitlio'. « 
lilllierin iiuktiowii nulliii)' to Anicili'iiti |.lnv 
HWl'N, eoiieeinn I lie illiirrhiK.' ot u 'IVi'iin 
ArlrcHK lo u lrfllikni|il M. I'., wli.wc desll-o to 


Vvru>ut«,iDolly, l.otrobe. Pa.. 2-« : Bcottdnte, fi-7. 
V:irfu ,V Burr, XartU Ilroa.' CoinMllnna. 
vSn.donelk Cotreljr. San fian., Cal.. 1-14. 
VaiijhuD, Iwrothj-. Kortli A.lainn, CLtcniro, 2-7. 
Virictr bour, S.Y. c..2-i't. 
' Vgji .Oleic. - UeHrJ-. & Co,, OnrtlcV, WlltDlugton, 

1*1., 2-7.. .. ... 

!\'iawir Olfls, Orbheaai. f-os Angeles, Col., 2-7. 
v»ji, Billy. Bhtfiiert'x, Kaaui Tjltj, »<o„ 2-7. 
Vuh. <aina.- *■ ITa'nale, Baiplre, Ugbokeii, N. J., 

2-7. •'...-■■• *; ."■ . 
Tint; Sltddfford;. Grace, Orphcnra. Xcw Orleaua, 

2>J.' ... '. .' 
l'nrilmauii, BIJeu. WteaUM W. Vn.. 2-7. 
Ven. Ueoree, Family. I'ltmburs, ,2-7. 
■Vakdotia.-The, «atl0.ul, Stenbenrlllc. 0., 2-7. 
Veda 4 Qultitcrw. BIJou. WtteellruK W, V«„ 2-7. 
Vcnitl. flellc. TheilviEliiui. ItasalUon, 0., 2-7; 
'•O- «,,: <Jr*enTlIlt>, £-11; Orpblmu. Sandunkj, 
, . 12-H;' ' '_, ' , .: 

Corona. 0. It., .Berlin, Cm>.. 2-7. 
Vcata. Nellie- Otpbetim, Boston, 2 7. 
Trripetlc-Carjiatll Trio; Alhaiiilira. Mceat«r 

JJ.lilarc. .r.eiiJou, I'.ln:.. D.'.'. '2-Jiiii, S. 
Victoria. V«st«.«.:0. V., Bklu.v 2-7., • 
Vlllasc Cbolr; 'Ilatbnway'a, >'ow liedford, Slasa., 

Vice £ Viola. Bljmi. CoiiiivIIbtIUc. Pa., 2-7. 
VoWa.., Ilnri)-. KeltU'D. Ktloil. N.-Y.. " 



. 7j .Wellnud, ClnrltH'njre, D-t4. 
Zccu fc i!ech. l,jrlc. Kt. Wonli. Tex., 2-7. 
Xluiiitertiuin. Willr. Teck. ISntralo, 2-7. 
Zlntii & KlhB, Keltli'M, Clcrelnn.1, 3 7 ; Jobnstviru, 

. Pc., 8-11. 

Zluk. AdolHi, Ofphenm. Kansas nity, Mo., 2-7. 
Jftnparl Trio, llflinettv. Montreul, Can., 2-7. 
zobwlle. El. Teek, Hurtalo, 2-7. 

liany, namely, Cuiiipuulii llnluier Bros. & Del 

,"1 have remained with tho same company 
ever since, mid I believe uone of the per- 
foruiem etui, Complain of the trcutmmit .re- 
retted, Ml the circus pnys good salaries, and 
pays promptly. 


The Mnjestle Thealre, at Waco. Ten., owned 
I.v'Adolnli KiihcIi tin- millionaire brewer of 
HI. 'liouls, bus i'hiiliKcd iiiiulii^einent. Mr. 
lluieli Iihh released Urn Iiile-stnti; Amuscmeut 
Co. from the ran yertra' l*fm which they had 

Si TrtB noko, 

■appieanentai . 1,1a I — Kecr-I vea To* 
, ,. Jbale. for ClaaalAcatloaT. ... 

Itliw'cbe Katca. (Dnyld Kclaaco. m'^rO^-tiotrectlnn 
— WaitahiMon, 1). v.. I) -II, I'luclimnii, 0., .10-21. 

C-.irtla Musical ( Allen toirtlx, oii,'r.)'-.Catdwell, 
Tes..',4. Xarawta 5, Hrrnnt d, Cameron 7, Tay- 
lor u, Clraugnc 10. Temple. 11-11. 

"Cut n id Hie rWdtc," Lincoln J. fjirter's — Svra- 
coae.-N, \.. Ml. Kocliesler 12-1-1. . 

"Chicken Tttnty tRdvf. K. Kcaley. mjr.)— Xe'w 
Uuchrlle. X. T.. 0. Stamford. Conu.. 10. Hcrby 
11. New Britain 12; Xcw IajiiiIOu 1R, Xorwlcb 

"Cun'vlct and tlia Olri"--X. T. Cllv n-H. 

"laid of the Trail, 7 I.lne.iln ,1, Carter'* (W. J. 

MiSHSR*' . ll >w , -)-,- ft ,"- ll, ! no ^ ( 'i *•$•• ? l i: . . llrat pe'rforimmi'.! iir tlmt.tulr rMUbw-Mfat ro'ttbtrv'tluit'lio'iTm'Ueeidij'd'Xn pdt'uttt nil 

l'lniitluu Attmr, ' luwl. l.liiiiiln .1. Corler '*— " '■- ' — 

splendid . . 
which, by, the wuy. Tiiry: favorably 
with some Of the best, lllldsiiii I! her bonis 
of the Albany mid .Troy lines. We opened 
hero In Asuncion, tho capltftI\oI'thln.<>oin|li'>v 
Auk. 10. mid so tar have been dplii^-. n . spMi- 
dlil liu^lu 
tlili lOOl 

CiU-1 Dtiiton to ftNVji So. SI Company 

J-. on the Ilon'd. 

Carl M. niiltnii. whose, tunny Hwefle fnren 

iliuiss. The pl'liiclpuIallrncUou nolle;' ivutMy IiAh 1m?pii pli'iislnc theatre patrons 

ir Is MejrhMo (RdllKrdo Blocelcli'). In for tho pnsl nine years, has hud so many r"- 

phiK flu! loop, and title wnek-, lit' Hie nueslK fiir the Wei* lit different parts of Ike 

..nrfonmuuM i»r tlmiHulr ralshig- ffor rduotrt 'tlmt lie lins dceldud tn pilt out un- 

nSSSXt iHSfcuJbft'n J J lu ?S! .". * Jn «-*" r -t" — f1"tii Is no mwliuiiicn 1 fukii nbout !t— hedoeK .oiln-i- tjohltthiiy pluylnK "OJe <i|'hod Hi Hplrll- 

iVi''V'h.ffl ! Pi ft ■'nnmnsvAlo J* (Lli' eXilctty t lie . sum.- iik tile irftJrhial.^llll.Vob.1 middle Went fwtd Ills coilliectloll wllh Jill- 

VootWr.'Mr: t jUm. Frederick, Dominion, Wlunl- vil'loj'. mwwMTUW w, couueii»- f e a(,. thero were I hi.usailds ..f.poAsohs. turned hiennm enlerprlscs, will lualiage 
: _ 'ne»..«V<li» *«'j.-i._- .'._. ......^ jj. „ "I''Iuailtjg ArroV," ' Sontb, Maeolnl. Cartct' 

Vo&^ui'riureV bi|y, ,4 Co., Keith's, rilca, R 

WaiflnUM. Dotlle, Kanrlre. St. Paul, 2-7. 

viallotV (•rfd.^Co.', Orpheuni. Bkln., 2-7. 

ttYtarnry Bros. .'« .Tenw, Poll's, , Sprtozfleld, 

;.. >!»»»., VT\ foil's, Kcr flateif, »-14, 
. Vttitaoa. Uvt'clUacs & Edwards, Orplieutn, DcnTcr, 
2 7. ••.■■._,• • 

Wuteoii'ji'Mtllc. CbHse's, Woablnslon. D. C. 2-7. 

WatowrlxUt & JJloe, Vrauklld Biiuarc, Worocstcr. 
Masi. 2-71 

waliace.-l'to. Gleim rail*. X. T„ 2-7. 
' ward, tjcw A.V Star, Herkimer, X. Y„ 2-7 ; Car- 

Jfir*. o-iT ■ , - ■ 

warrca & BliincUard. Altiaoibra, X. V. C. 2-7. 
Wasjibltru * Keelcr. & O. H., Chicago. 2-7. 
watioo's Karinj-arU' Poll'*. New Haven, Conn., 
,,3-,7,i Holl'H,.ll*rtford ( «-H. 
.w*s)ih*(ovf. The, lllomen Sale, Miuiclicn, Gor , 

«'tuiuiun .ii.o.i, nouiu, l.tuueijll. 

I5iiii«rla. Knu., Si. Luwrenec 10, Wamegu It. 

Haiibattati 12, Clay Colder IS, iutiotlon City 14. 

"1'rohtler," -Westcni. U. P. Parker, tag?.) — 

Slrrlon. II).. I, West Vi~inkfort .1. rlai'rlalmrir'O. 

nwny fi'iini the lilif tent, nllhouuh the:iwlceH ihe coiupnhy. w'lilcli wlll'H'iiearse in Oioalm, 
Urt. doubled for tho *orks.-.6I'-'Ioon .Uio ; lo"l> NpU., Chrlstiuan week. The show will r*i 

tltt A UlBBwiU-Sot to ftenert Ltais 
of flroaidviay Ihentrc. 

I.ltt i' b|ngnul.l, diuiuiirors of, the llroad- 
way Tlh'iitrc, New York City, wtll give Up 
thulr lease of that house at the explrutlon of 
tho tctui. twd years hence, 'liiey deeihied lo 
pity tlie »7.vnuu a 
owners, the ZborowsL. . 

Hiiiim time iibo the ultorn.'vs for the owners, 
the IChorowskL estate, nutllled Lilt & Ding. 
Willi Unit It n renewal uf the lease were dr. 
sired. It would have to he on tho basts of 
ytii.WHl it year. This rental they declined to 
piiy. and not Hied Mm owners that they might 
tease llie (iroperly in others. The ntrnnts have 
airl'itily fnitlld.linnth.'r leiinilt, hut he docs not 
wiiut tln> llllltillng till' I lien I r lenl linrii.i-ns. 

Mr. Uliigwiill said tlmt by the lime bis 
lento of l lie Iti'ftiiihvuv has expired tie ahull 
luive nnrilhei' pluylnoise, which !n! # liopc» tn 
liinnmt'! oil tile sumo Hues la llie llro.irtwuj 

for tho lost i'lalit„venrs. 
, Since Lilt ft lilnawall Imve mnnniiod the 
llroiulwn* intiny ilotiilile proil.ictionn have 
been nuiue tilere. It wus there tnat "Ueu- 
liur" bi'Kim .its long rim In New York, utid 
the lute Jiteoli I.ltt mmleketohil blK iiroituc- 
tlons, Biieh lis "Tho l'rlee ot I'eaie." Tho 
tll-sl big drury Laur productloit brought hct'i'. 
"Tho Sleeping HettUty nnd lite llfjsl," WUS 
flrst sevu In the llrwidwny. also •The Pearl 
mid the Pumpkin.". "The I'rlnee of ludln". and 
other nltracllnns reiiulrlilg big Mage room. 

.Iiiliit iiitiiderson III. 
.hilln Sanderson (In. private life Mm. Toil 
Mound Is 111 of typhoid fever nt Ihe Hotel 
lielleelslre. . .New York City. ThougU her Ill- 
ness tuts been serious for some dnys. It be- 
came known only on Monday. MIsh Sunder- 
son was this Autumn one of the mulu uttroe- 
tlous of "Mb Ualry Mnlds." nt the Crllerlpn 
Tliealr". She had not been ns well (is uaili I 
for ioiue time before the conclusion, or .the 
New York cngugomi'it, hnl continued with 
'.hi' Cnutpauv until two weeks into. She be- 
came mora and more rerlounly 111 niter Kko 
Ktitpped work, ilnd her pliysllcnn dluguoacd 
the ense mm typhoid. , 

. 4-M. 

"Volly of the <;irOii»i" for Kitrlr 

lllielllllv . 

"Poliy of the fllrclis," u new ploy by Ma'a, 
L'arct Mnyo, will lie produced l»y Krederle 
Tljointiaon, with .Mil be I Tulluferro In Ihe title 
lit the NHtlouul Then Ire; WimUluttou. 
1(», It will itioie lo tlie MUetty Tb«B- 



. "Ahiring. other ntlvauUoiis with the Com- »( nil 9)|Hicinl paper, six neliug "people, '.villi 
puny Molmcr are: The ltojai Aklmoip Troupe feature siteelolllj-s. iiiid n show tbut will keep 

(re, "New York CHy. on lire. '.'.i. Mr. riioiup 
two entire nl-ls of Hpcelal soenery, n Hue Hint sou Inw ruiiipteteil nrrailgeinehls for tniklng 

Gape mock (F. Oiui. m^r.>— cyuu, Mass., u-14. of .tups (eight pefsous), Jedu Vlorto, with op the standard of Ijullon'i 

(toriiiandtor; Stoek-Oseoda, Midi., 2-7. . . Ills , tiei'foruiI|l« elephants : Tlto.>Uolllier, ■• — ♦ < » ■ 

Hlekeys Jloyias : I'tclures. No. 1 (0». A. tllekey. drawing room juggler ; Family Nogtttra, Mrs. Hun u In- ll 

aertallsts; Angel flolmcr. nerlaV bicyclist 

a ntlrkellous. 

Walton:: l-'red., ;f- Co., Orplieuili; Bktn., 2-7. 
\rtiltrluger, llertliii, Beiyiett's, T^ou, dou, Cuu., 2-7. 
Wlilali. Irani;,. Fuftillx.. Vyosjibytuii, O,. 2-7. 
WilUtt. IttUf It..J'rtsl lrivlli r H HaJeHIcs. 
Wlilte, Hew J %. A, & S., Bodlou, 2-7. 
>«»l|Oouts. Ulie. I'orrcBl, l'iilla.. Pa., 2-7. 
Wstuv May;-* bulla, (irjiheUIn, 8t. Paul, i-~. 
WSM. liew A/, Little Falls, N. S.; S-7 ; CartbaBc. 

•.'1H4. ■.,;'•■ ' i 

IVksultulii, -Rose. MUi Street, N; X. C.i 2-i. 

\Va.tsoi|, Kred, k. Motrlsscy Slstera, Kcltli's, Clcre- 

nw.l— Port jlenrr, X T.. -J. Mlneville R, a, 
Kt. All.anK. ft., 7. ttaudoluh II, Jlanlivlek 10, 
While Itlver Jnucllon 11. Clureniont; X. U., 12, 
tsamlion 13. tiranrllte. N". ;Y., H^ '. 

Hlekei'ij Morlo; IMctttres. Xo. 2 (0. W. I,nw- 
rohl; iiigr.l — Kruwtorsvllle. Vt., 4. Sprlngileld 
.".. Tlcopderoaa. K. Y., 0. Brnuilon, Vt., 7, I'nlr 
Haven W; Notlh AiIkiuk-.Miihs.. 10. 11, IlcmilBc- 
ton. Vt., 12. 13. Chester Ml 

"Heart of Culcago." Muculo J. Oarter's — Kocbes- 
tor, Iwl., 7, Albloii 0. Butler 10. HIckuvlTle, 0., 
J 1, bellauce 12, Ottawa in, Ada 1 1. . 

i.yeeuoi Coiiwdy (Al, s.- Evans, mgr.l— Gaines- 
,vi he, i'i«.. a-;, l-aiatvu ii-m. • - 

"tjlfe bC. All .. Actress,". AitlneV M'tLteiitlial's-^X. 

t. citj-ti-n. , • T ..... ■■■._, 

**Mly ,4ml the I'rlinie" (I'niiik UoHaba. mgr.)— 
FratiWbi, hi., 1. Tltnuvllle f., Warren 0, Erie 
7/. Clinton.. n,.'9,'Ra»t T.tvernool : I0J pnlcrii 12, 
Now PJillu.lelpblu IS, Akronri, 


• edro I.lvo Joe ey i Jn,tto*« ContoM h fllst; ,,„ rru ni.nnce JP Is: leinlered .ttra. MgSS. 

(Ilnelmol &.Jivtn, nigra.)— Marietta. 0...4. Par- 
kfr»bui'g,Jl*. Vu.. .5, Mnrgautoivii 0. . Baltimore, 
»fil., 8. . Waslilnglon.' -Oi' C.. «,. Itlelitilond. Vn., 
10,, jT-yuchlaitg U, llatelsli, X. C„ 12, Asbcrllle 
tlajrcnfcjProckWar, Franklin Square, Woreesler, ll SpartHnlliirg. K. C-. ll. ■ r .. . 

BaSRp'wL-i-li-J Jc-lji, ^- i ... „- "I'W of,tt« Clrcci.'' (Frodcrib Tnompson, mgr.) 
n'feuiel.L Fred & Mac,- MuJcStle, Pnrla, 111., 2-7 ; .-4Ws»iiIngfo)i. f>, C. 0-14. ■: 

"1W. Paff, Ponf," n. «. Whitney's— Waalllngron, 
ll. C.t 0-14, '• . ,. 

"Passion Play"— Cn'rlonilalo, Pn„ tl. 10; ' 

Howler-Hay IWaller .7. Xp|*.b, mgr.-) — Alliance, 
O.. 2-7, Oil City. Pu., Oil. ' 

Solbeto. R.. II. (Sain S. * Irf4> Shnlicrt, Inc., 
mats.)— Wnnlilntsioii. P. 0.. 0-11 

"Too Proud to Bee," Lincoln J, Onrter'8— Min- 
eral Clty,,0„ 0, Cunlon 10, Mnnslllnn 11, Orr- 
yille 12, Stem it Vernon 1.1, Coslinoto'n 1.4. 

"Wleard of Wall Street" (Lew VlrdcU, mgr.)— 
Ootnnwrce, Tex.. 11, Wolfe City 12,,WhllewrI B lit 
it}, r parant,:pHa., ii, .• . 

maamHimmit^m ' in il t i " 

dWHI, 1 --- 
, TJOilgo fli Keokuk. ., In., 0.-14, . 
M*«ops (3). Otplieitm, .Hail Frau.. Cal., 2-7. ■ 
W&tiu. TJsTc, BaT.iy. MeKeesrort, Pn., 2-.7. 
.Wei-bi'Ifntrcy L-. ' Hrand, Marlou, IUd., 2 : 7. 
Xtiit' & irowler, MuirOe, Blyrlu, 0., . 2-4 ; • BIJou 
:'r.orato, 5-7-[ Tlwatorlara, Mjselllon, 0-tl, Mn 

Jeillc, -Werccster, 1J-1-4. .' 

Wclcv, fxau. . "Slhco Neltle Wfnt Atfay" Co. 
Welqli,' Kiibe, Orpbeiiin. Eendbig, Pn., 2-7. 


n lid even l.h'!. Otrwi bur ael.seejil* tu-.tilunse 
llil'ln illicit Ily. bul.tjioii IliAt Is noUilng lo 
gilt , the, .swelled head'.' oveiv fflf tlla", tr.nth 
tri Ilia! Iff the whole history or lliit lietilghteil 
Inild lliero has beeii only, oui other, trtiiljr bnit ,,. 
liel'tonuer seen here, ohd ipey-'mt.'kd fitlmw ' 
by !;e.;!u2 n .double somefsatilt inx .frotn 
Mi.eiulllcn.' Francis,, nnd Mnie. KoBliut Vali Dyk n. bar that ibey , Insist, np'qtt t calling 'It 4 

•trirtlo vtielttt." ... ."'.'■•..■ 

"However, none of us— : eltber performers 
or directors— ncilii complain ,of,, the (.(.rbaiiueut 
wr: have received nt the Jiiiius or ffljo : .-iiUb- 
llc or press of Asuncion. The nurformnrs 
Hud them a good unruled, oa&lly ■ |>lcni(ci! 
imd'.cnce', cvetl childishly Undboistciousie cn- 
tinisliisfie n't tlmeb: while, the directors of 
thn cohlpntiy. Qnd. them- lo lie. 'Jtl*t'n4'iMW cll- 
tliiiKlastfc.iihr.w'-gnel'K. determined tul sec unit 
innkc the most of .Hilfc olio chalice In their 

eidi & I'.nrl, Hayninrkel. Cub ilgo, ■ 2-7. 
aMMiV CUnt, "A Coontry Kill" Co, 
VTelcii. Meaty & Montrose, Trent; Trenton, K. J., 
■ •• 2-7; i , • , 

Welcli, St»y. Gem, T.yiin, MaaA. 2-7. 
Wis. MitrttiB. Jiynu, Coimelbvllle.' Pa.._ 2-7. 

lives to see' :i. really ilrst elnss ■ eomiiapj' 

lions ever brought 
gtmy, ,sp they say 

tlieJilggest «Dfl b/T far tlip". lilgli^Brade. 

Wcslun. Willie,- Trent, Trenton. X.' J.. 2-7 
. , };'eleli. b>u,- tiirlit'tini, Ua« lami: Csl..' 2-7. 

IVenlivortli. Jack, Treinout, Bostbo,' 2-7. 
V Webb 4. Comielly, Fuatlly,, Rlnllra, N. Y..2-7. 

Webbs. Capt., Seals. Orjiheurii. MlnucapoHs, 2-7. 

Wehtn.' Joi,'. .Union Simire, X. \\ C, 2-7.- 

West ' 
.-. :Whnl 

; :-.8l*an., A ilimeenunD jjo; (treat . . 

. .Ttnnksitlvliiii- Iliiatness. 

The Nikon, it Zlrnmei'mioi-lrltewiilts bave 

certainly great .cause lo be thankful for their 

TlienltBsuvlng business, which siieuis to lii- 

compntiy of ntttuctlons ever brought to rara- 
■"•fly, vo they sny,. . , 

"Thoijc of us who have seen very lttuah of 
this great South American 
Paraguay by far the most Int... 

of tltciu dlf, a region so dlrfetiiut .from: duy WPiig e ?H .'" Jg 
of the others IntTils part of the world. -thai- SW^,!.™''" 
more tllun oho.of us will letvo It with nU'*^hOUSSSfBi^ 
regret and a desltc to sed more of It at sonic 
future time, 

i Willi,, -, 1 1' r\.,... nr.ii^r, iii.ivuu iikuvin, ,-,»., mi,,, 

the. persolis renresetiled In various eflpiteb 
tlen will liiclndi? umliy of tho most prominent 
netresses In the eiimitr.v.': 

-' \i-|ili|lit> Line Moves. 

the Xcptnne line ot sicniubouts. via lull 
10'vjer tor HoMlon nnd New Uiigland pultit,*, 
llnti rcuioveil tin New York lenuliml front 
West rorti-fourth Mtreel. North Hirer, io 
lis new pier, No. 28. foot of cathurllio 
ftioet, \-:M iltom. This large pier has Juat 
fc'cen roimdetcd and Is cusy of ucccm by nil 
transfer fltiesl and elevated roadk. Tho Wlb. 
for nededule lias Just tronn Into nffect Tlotr. 
this new 'plot, arid tlte,st<'n,mboo,|s. Itlio'Ue 
island ohd Tniiuesneo uliernnto their trips, 
leiiriniir Now York dully, including Sunday, 
ut rviin p.m. 

% : • iMirioltcsvlile Theatre Horned. 

The, i Jefferson Auulioriuiii, dmrtottotvllle, 

niiiiual prodhel Ions on the stngv ot tb« 
l.fherly. In "Polly of Ihe - 1 MrtttaJ" Hw-l'iat 
Will liicKide Malcolm Wlllltuns, JollO Tlndi 
Inv. Josi'ptl Breiitmu. Ilerberl Aviing, «uy 
Nlcliols. Mitllle PergiiHin, .leiiulo Weatlieraby, 
Mitllilldi 1 Weflhig itn.l Drnlrre l.nmnl. 

■ 4»» 

lluiiiUimlt xlu.i- ror "Tli«> N^pfet 

Aubrey IliuiclcauU lins been engaged fof 
tho lendltiu male purl In dimming I'oilock's 
drilliiatlsutloti ot the Castles' romance. "Tim 
ttontrt UreUKrd" Mr. llyueleaoH will ppr- 
tray the Irapnlslve youug Unke of C'luny, dtiu 
will liiuke tils Ilrst. appejrniiei! upon I lie open. 
lug; of Hie Sew' York engagement nt tho Lj'rh! 
O'lieiiirn, l*ee. 111. . . 

I • ■ > , ' ■4*4 . ' ■ 
xbiilierts Urt .DrnniKt !•< Ultfb la in 
••'tliKr' Woekn." 

The tlriiliialfe.ilghlH iif "three Weeiy," 
Klluor (Jiyu's new I'uuk, luive been ipiircbiueil 
from the uiillior by the Hhubrrls. 'nicy nnvt 
liol yet decided who shall lliteriirei l||u prin- 
cipal rtinlultie role, bill ll IH believed llie plae 
is In tended fol' Mine. Nuklinoru's repetlorj .of 

i's I'eperloij of 
e prvdueea'ty 
iBon's"C'oiut't', ' 

V/lu oiie of ilbn" pfettlest illl'lo houses In tho 

, amkller' cities of tbo Houtlt, was eoinpletoly 

fntorwS iMSiant?? <l»»tToyeu by fire on TliH.iksglvTiig i.lgTit. It 

different from dbv S«J>^crcct«d tn 18115 at a, cost of ubout 

IMWi,..,. .. .3 fc-_ ,..-., Hn(lol . { hv managt'iucnt 

I:. "Many of the ladles of tbc company are 
laying lii supplies ot tho celebrated. Nimduit 

•ytiHt, Rugate, t'nlqiic, JHnncapolhi,.2-7. 

inrt(e,.Ed..R.,a: Holla, OrauJ Family. Forgo, N. 

.£».. 2t7: JHJmi, ■Wlunlpeg.-'Can.. 0-14. 

While. .Stuotr, A CO.. (Wuinlil.i. CtiicumaU; 2-7. 

Whalley ,V ifllalloy. BIJoii. Wheeling. W, Va., 2- 

jgfa Katlonai, Ht&bem'llle, Q:< »•«.' 

vtlillc., Vtonrteltc, GaletT: Blrmlnkliam. 
■'2 Ala,.- :2-7':- Giwiiwull; New, Orleans, 9-14,: 

Whlhiian, Prank, Bennett's, Jlcutrcal, Qiin., 2-7J 

. OeiiiK'tl'i, Quebec. 9-14. 

"Hreweter'H M^llllons, 


uud wljch l>; worth conslderhbly' more 

it tactions booked at that house for Hie 
remainder of this season will be presented at 
the, Levy Upern House, and Mauugcr Iicter- 
inaii says tbut there will be no Interruption 
lit«the. bookings. of Charlottesville. 

" Is said u new nudltorluin will be erected 
completed In tilth, fdr the thuntrlcul sca- 
'bf next ytor. ' 

■ — ' ' . *«» 
Mnxliic lillloit H.-ulii. Her 'lour. 
Murine ICIIlutt opened licr Ataerlenu sca- 

• "illndel- 





I'jllludclnhlii fin!- tliot us Mory llnmllton, 
Ml«s Klllott bus a character well stilted to 
bee- nblUtios. 

_ »,» 

, N*tr 1'heitlre la Ifonvadalr. 

The new t tuts t to In Ilon.'sduk', I'n.. will 
open on Heo. .'Ill, with "The Lion pud the 
Mouse" M the altrnellon. Tills tbenlre will 
hnve a seating capacity of nboiit l.uuo, 

.It's staff will Include: ltenj. II. Iditrlcli, 
lessee and mnnugei", Kevin O.Orlcii. nioslcnl 
director : John Carrol, slugn manager : Jacob 
Doeccb, bill poster : Leo '.lUicubold, electrician. 

new modern pluys; and will bi. „ 
hot' after slm appeur.) In U,.lohnsoi 

ii, I.. llo« dolii xnils for. I'.nrope, ' 
ll. L. Uowdolit.'. nutiinr mid Inventor of 
"Neptune's' llotigliter," Hi'! New York tflpjMt, 
ili'omn success,' and whose device Is patented 
In the United States, eliiglnnd, I'mnce gild 
Uernmny, has sailed for London, where be 
has closed a contract with the LonUoU'HIppo- 
drotile lo tiresent "Noutlllin's Daughter" unit 
nloulb. Sir. llowdolu lias luveiueif tlirco oron 
grentcr Water effecls, It N elulliied; 
- '" ' • " •» » ■ -■ 
Itnonarj Hem '"I'lio Troth." 
Clyde Klleb's "The Trulh'.' bad IU flrst p«r- 
forinuiifn ut Hie Oujeiy .Tlionlre, Hudapest, 
llllligury, on Nov. IU. ll. being the Ilrst Annul- 
crtli play ever produced there. The. title of 
Ibe play In Ittnigiirbin'ts. "Ax Igo/sng." 

i i " a » ' » 
Well* HbivUs iii .loin Hip Mmherti 

Wells llnwkK, the well known press rcprf- 
aeiiUlIvc, who fur Ihe pust live ycora Hal 
been a luetlilier of t.'hai'les Frohulau's staff, 

Will Hliorlly lolll llie Khuberl forcipi. It 1* 
reported llinl John D. wllllniiis'. biollier of 
Ilattlu Williams, will succeed Mr, Hawks. , 

» ,"' » < » ; " ,"; 

Ban Carlo opciii t <>. In Mhobert 


Arraugeihenls Jiiive liiieii iuhiIo lirlneen ibs 
Slltibert iiimiiigeiiieui nnd Hull of the Sin 
Carlo Upel'H Co., by menus of wlileb the bit- 
ter organization will ploy Hut Hlniberl bungea*, 
The route will Include most of the Isrge 
I'lnutrru, Suiitberii mid Western elites nut) 
the l.'anntlliiii centres uf music mid drama, 
#>» ' ' ■ 

-Will A. J'aKC AM Jnlln Mnrloir. . 
llliNlnmx Vliinouer. 

Will A. I'dgC, JHTSS reprcsculullve of the 
New York lllppourome, will leuve next week 
to take chiirgu ot Ihe biikluesu muuagcmenl 
of Jullu Hurbiwe's tour. 


- — JBSHWrf *• liomkui, 0-14. . 
IlltlmM'Bud. Crystiit, tlosleu, lud., 2-7; Crys- 
. ■ ijd. Aiidegson. p-14. . 

«flfouBnis...<J. 0. II.. llkln., 2-7. 
-• nUUnnui, Stun, Oriibeam, Dkln., 2-7; Alliambrn, 

*Jg V. C..P-14. . 
• " Illlnms. . Thompson k Co'nelnnd. Majestic, Ft. 
••l:...y ,ru " -t*x.. ' -2-7 ;' M^njesllie. Uallas, 0-14. 
VnUB i Heuly. Bljaq, Cliarleatoii, W. Vs., 
tfjfcfd •Cliesl,nm..Lsnca«ter.<J...O-14; . 
Hi(lam«,A- Porce, BIJou,, Wbcelhig., W. Ya.. 2-7. 
3 ' laaia, Jufl. IMiidtilou, WItml|wg„.Can„ 2-7. 

audcr Olesmiiu delivered Ihe prlucrpa 
dresses ut the racr.iorlal ineetnig of Brooklyn 
Lbdgo.Xo. SB, 11. 1*. 0. Klks, which was bold 
Sunday, at the Totnnklnri, Avenoo Coooreira- 
llonnl Chuteh. - Bxulted ltuler Kdward J. 
Kaiio presided. 

... '-: ' * »" > - 

l)r, lAllson's Lectures. 
Dr. Bingiiuio Tboburii Wilson, tbc. aulhur- 

but 1iu,euoK .\yrcs. . . , , , 

. "Thero. after u short Vest and -Mine To 
make the necessury arrungouienls, we. will 
embark, oil ouo of the I'Ucltlc Steam. Navl- 
tfatlou Co/8 big .'home' steamers for.odr re- 
turn to the Pacific coust. sioimlu? afPuuto 
Areuas for tweuty-flve or thirty shows, and 

agemeut of 


llcnry ll, Harris' anil John Curt. 

Virginia llarncd's Interrupted Tsar. 
v It was. announced In Cincinnati tlmt Vtr- 
irtHIn'. HiirnedV tour. In "Aiipa Kurcnlna," 


would be cut short, ulid that the play would 
ultlmutely luudlng al A'nlpumiso Id -tliuu to be Inkcn off lit a fortnight. The star will re- 

open lu Santiago, the 'Chilean'- eaplliiU just tan to New York 
before Christmas. •■*- -"-' •' ...';• 

"Kljom Cldlo 1 have, coutrunts .' to , lake 


,JVJ toil i Sl.n-un.' LuLlU's," BlitUnlore. 2-7. 

wllliitms. Jlurruret. WoUdcrlaod, Wheeling, W. 

'; Va.; 2-7.- . . . . 

WoiHn.-fc.T/i.vloriTInlh'avvttj'.'s; r««*ll; STttss.. 2-7. 

Wordtfttc. IMellc, & Co., fihcfdy's. Pall River, 

;'Mrtfsr;'-a.7.' ' ■■ ■ • • 
. JVoorlu. Jt .Woods, Manhattan. Xoi'nvlk, Vs.. 2-7. 

Efi*:*S *ver.. KyltliV.. llustou. ;'-7. ■■ , 

"OMil 4 lClnaac<jii„:tli l>. IL, liidlminpvhV.. 2-7 j 
■ ,- ColinuUIu, Cmvuill-ll, S-ll. ' 

lecturer, preseuled Ihe latest lu colored mo- Moplilslo (with bis louplutf the loop) on the 

Hon pliotogrupby desci'lblng. the . famous Pacillc coast, pluvlug the principal -eltles of 

"Passion l'liiy, flt the BIJou.. llrooklyn, X. Y., I'mit. Ketiador. i.'ciiTi-ul Amurteu, ,uija- Into 

Sunday . nlabt. . Dor. I. beforu One of Ihn Mexico, froni which country we will cud tin- 

large-it audiences tbut ever nttended a Sun- tpur, mid— if nil goes .. wcll-Hltfpe ■ to In nil 

day night tierforuiance In Brooklyn. Dr. Wll- ouis- more In Ihe L.H. S. about .one 7 vear 

' thli ' 

eon's ureseiiiatlon , was clearly given, and 
lie. held Ills listeners cleverly from the begin- 
ning to tlie end of tlie lecture. The contract 
with Dr.. Wllsuui runs for, ten Sunday night*.. > 
t — ' ) <»> 
Tibia Allen' ltd orn*. ' 
Viola ..ttlea .returned to New.' York 'last 

froni date of Ibis Idler. •.. 

.'^ITils. will make un ubsepec ,pf hvfi \v&s*. 
froid Cod's country fdr, Mfsi'M. /Hm-'fliywif. 
uud It .will. Indeed, .se-ui .good to gi-l . hgnc 
uijdlii, .As to me, lay, iimln hiuc,.:, . /.ceund i* ■ 
swdag my. fulully uud old-, again, will 
be. to iicurct rmtani-unloud'ltl! 
.ip'tthg' aching void. tliiiK Is. trtJjS li)i(d«r 

Artliiir 11 > ron> \cv» fiole. 
Arthur Byron joined Klbel Ilorryuiore in 

'.'Inehiimtl, succeeding l.nsile Kenj'ou us lead- 
ing mail, lii "Her Sister." 

— ' ■*•• 

i;.lc«Oll t«t il|Vr VIbHiiit of "llie 

, /• . "Innrr." 

Henry H. Harris bus urrunged lo present 
lloliert l-ldentsi for n- Hpeelnl uuillnee hi '-The 
Slntier'.' - by tieorge MlddleMi nud L'oonldns 
Wcstcrrel. during the I'hilndclpliin engage-, so thai he muv retain his option on Ibis 
pla.i-. whlcb lie purchased a yeur ago. 

A Near I'lny for Mine, Nnalmora. 

A niuv, laid on 'niodoru lines bus. bleu 
wi'liten by Owen Juhukou ror Mine. Nozl 
niovu. II. Is entitled '"llie Con'iet." The pllifr 
ic now In rehearsal uud will be producod In 
ii few weeks. 

' <M-» ; 

VoiiiImt 'Pvvo I iiniiiuoj of '"lile 
M'llcliliiu Hour." 

Tin- SlnihcL'ts ' tiiiiiuuucc their Intention Of 
forming u Weslcru company of "The lYUeli- 
lui! Hour." lo piny ii long engagement at lb> 
Ciirrlck Tbtmtro In Chh'Ugo. - 

4> ' sf 

Tlie Zani'ljfs un tUo .Hem A Sloll Tour. 

Tbo Zuiiclgs'. lour, under, the direction ot 
Alfred Muni, closed Nor. n, ut Folkestone, 
,V.wt: mid lifter the evening, is-rformuiico Ifr. 
nnd Mrs. /iiiiclif uud the uicmbcrs of their 
couinnny. sut down lo supper ut ibe West 
Cliff Hotel, ouch member receive,! ,t 
token of rngArd from .the. /luuclgs. The com- 
bination, -which bus been together since Feb. 
•JO. disbanded wlih very mutual regret. 

The Zmicl,«B are now on tbo Muss & Hloll 
tour, filling thirl y weeks' lime, 

< r*4 > 

A ,«err Idea (or Ailvertlalns Mnsle. 

These passing the corner of Broadway nnd 
Tweidy-elghls Hired, and loohlugupwurd will 
notice u uew Idea lu udvertlsiug music. Helf 
1 linger bnvi- reulcd live windows In the 
I'lflll Avenue Tlieulro lliilldliig, ,nud urn dit 
pliwlrig their In (e.-l bull-id. "'Nculll Ibn Old 
Acorn 'rrec, SweH l^tiille." 

, . . -> — . , *»» , ' 

LconhnriK lo tllvr lomenlrs nl 
.Sunilny StntllKltiH. ,..,:'.i 

Harrv Loonlmrdti local mtuager of Keith 
& Proctor's Twuuty-third Street Theatre, will 
iilsiilbuii! souvenirs to the hidy patrons ot 
llie Suiidiiy thill inei.(i. t , . , 

. Tluvio sonveiilj-s '.trill be nifrereitt rtfcimfit'/ 
ehlnii.. which *'1U Co. to ,u 
vkl. iiius ennbllng, Die . I 
knndny ilf (ernbon iwrfortt 
ty-ihird Kirft't. tn 'rmf- 


,.- ...... - 

m. r: . 

: - ■ 



December 7, 

CL«t. Andreas, Veteran abowmu, 
,7 , Annonmn 111* Retirement 
■'..', front Clrcns Utitlnem. 

' -• Cliai, ' Andreas, nbv has been familiarly 
Known In theatrical and circus bus incus (or 
cflfer- a quarter of n century, aa manager, 
promoter, proprietor, etc., retiree from the 
profession nh!l wllr brnro forth devote bis 
time to his private interests. 

Mr. Andreas ha* been actively engaged In 
the show, business, fcr forty-five years. His 
fast, experience was . trawling with Capt. 
Thomas, -n magician, p% the ooy ventriloquist, 
rolnilry ety., when ,ho wa«' only ten years 
oJ4i..;He continued wllh him two Tears, when 
fha.magfeb»n went hack to Europe, and left 
tha.fcoJing«ter to. shift for bltcsclf. ludnunt- 
Ml, ,\|r. Andreas organized his first show at 
1 jje, vgcA't twelve, which consisted of a small 
cjmbrlo enrtnln to airelch across the hails 
tit dining- rooms, na tho case might be, a few 
ijhlc tricks of mncle, a little talking figure, 
all. old "Addle," and 1 a few small programmer, 
nil' of which were packed In a suck and' car- 
ried on foot from uiwmo town. The heading of 
the programmes ' was as follows : "Soiree 
Maglqiic Andreas., the Boy Ventriloquist abd 
8*slgbt ot Hand -Performer. Dance After 
SMw.'' ■■••-■ 

>/,Xbe first twenty, years nC sbow life wm In 
the-.- theatrical business, In wblch be operated 
and. owned Andreas' 'Grand (lift Carnival. of 
afoveltlos nnd Trained Anioml Shows, which 
nK*Jn« very .'popular/ and well known and 
wfji* kept dti' the road until the lottery' laiW 
made It Impossible to operolo It any longer. 
She next ' ten years of his show career Was 
with ■ Andres*' Circus ; Iheii ten years with 
Mingling Kros., as adjuster, nnd the last live 
ywt With Bnrniira • & Dallcy In. a similar 
oafinclty. ■ :• •. . 

A few things that Mr. Andreas claims 
originality for are: Tbe first to tuy a J'uII- 
rthjn cdr nnd transport his opera house show 
company over the country la the same; the 
second one to place a full page ad. In Trie 
Ctiirrrnt , In Ita present size ("Alvla Joslln" 
tae-QrsJt), drove tho first circus stake by ma- 
cl||berv, and Invented and built tho machine 
fbst his -driven the stakes successfully wllh 
the Borntim & Bailey- show the past < two 
yjinrs by compressed air. Ho was the first 
to 'ipaki> n concert announcement from an 
cleppant's noeJt In the circus ring, which 

firovod a area t success with the B. 15. Sbow 
a»t season, ■ '"...- 
■Mr, Andreas has gained considerable fame 
In- the past ten. years wllh hlsi circus photo- 
graphs, of which' he Is said to have the great- 
est variety of any one In the -world. Ills last 
production was a big copyrighted group of 
twelve hundred feces, the copyright title 
being Multi-photograph, of Circus People. He 
has published the Jm muni & Bailey lllus- 

A New Yaadevllle Cirealt Formed ia 

- A new .vaudeville . circuit was created re- 
cently, to be known ss'the Transcontinental 
Vaudeville Association. It will be affiliated 
with theatres not only In tbe l-nlted States, 
btft Australia, Hawaii and Canada. 

p.. Morton Cohti Is, the president ofothe 
new .organisation; Mose ' floldstnltb, vlee- 
presldcnr : KdwIn'R. Lang, treasurer; S. II. 
FrlefJIondor, secretary; W. W. Rly, general 

Keith 4k I'roctor's Union Bqoare 
Theatre (e. y. Albee, general manager),— 
A co'd, clear day drew a large houBe for the 
opening performance of the current week, 
Monday afternoon, Pec. 2. Tbe bill was an 
enjoyable one. Henry nnd Young presented 
n sketch entitled "The Locelyvllle Jollier." 
The action takes place In a manicuring par- 
lor and Is frill ot life. An actor strolls In, 
. by mistake, and has an Interesting time with 
manager, and W. A. Lang, who tor several -'the manicurist. A colored team, tbe Ashers, 
years has been n well known hooking agent:-were Interesting with their hinging nnd dah- 
injChlcagd, will handle the agency la Seattle, dng. They were lively and had some new 


At-prcMnt the company Is occupying rooms 
In tt.e Marlon Block, Seattle, The associa- 
tion has nfflllatec-'Wlth the California clr» 
cult fcnowh as the Alpha, 'of which Bert Le- 
vey is tile .*0iiot representative. - The;. or- 
ganization also has coonectlona with the Mo- 
zart circuit of theatres In the East and 

songs and dialogue. German character work 
was tbe offering of Perry nnd Pierce. Their 
tall; was up-to-date nnd made a success. 
Max York and his foi terriers were very In- 
teresting. .Air. York Is a skillful acrobat 
and hit dogs are trained to Imitate every 
movement. Sohera gave a woaderfnl exhi- 
bition of thought reading and was royst! 
fylng to all. iler work Is done In an 

Keith Jt Preotor'a Fifth Avenue The- 
atre (B. F. Albee, general mapager).— 
"The Boys of Company B" la keeping the 
Fifth Aveone Players Dnsy tbla week, and 
Edna May Spooner, as Eileen MacLane, gave 
a very agreeable rendition of that role on 
Dec. 2. Miss Spooner .does consistently 
praiseworthy work in a wide range of char- 
acters, and her admirers in Manhattan are 
steadily growing In numbers. Augustus Phil- 
lips, as Tonv Allen, looked very well in sol- 
dier uniform, and played the part cleverly. 
Jessie McAllister, as the lisping girl, Madgo 
Blake, made one of the blgirest bits she has 

scored on tbla stage, and Harold Kennedy, 
ns "Chick" Scwell, the other llsper, also did 
■ emarkably good work. I. 

Ivelth A Proctor's Fit ty-elnhth ««— . 
Theatre fl, jr. Albee, general manaSST* 1 

As usual at this house tbe aud'torinm L~~ 
crowded, afternoon, and mSEst ii«7 M 
Dec 2. Tbe Fermane B rosier fed the ",„£■ 
their clown act causing numerous ii..»k' 
their whistling being a apacl™ «"« ° 1% 
and Calre, In their humorous Rklt •• i- l 
Kids." caught the house In good shnniV 
their Imltnfloi,, singing nnd ItftffKS 
tesa Bossl and KreJ Pauhi. In t'nV-Tr no»i 
sinking act, were liberally applauded Hor 
ence «ale and company, n tJielr comedr , i°l' 
hug, "Tho Clrl \l'bo Dared," mrtT, n m ' 
The Rlalto Comedy Quartette were well rv 
reived In their commendable musical turn 

It Is the Intention of the new company, meaner nnd caused much favorable comment, 
not. only to leaac, but to build thenirea |n The above acts will- be more folly 
every IiujWrtaut city of the Soullt aad North- 
west, and to extend Inro British Columbia 
and Alaakn.- llrts 'will be Hie first time' In 
ttro.hlstofy of 4laoka that' a circuit of thea- 
tre* has-been formed to include DawKoo. 
JjineaivDoiipiaa. Valdea and Kaialla. 'ftrt 
new booklhg agency will cover a much wider 
field ihan. njost agencies of (his character, 
nj.- not ohly will they give llmo to vaude- 
ville peoplrvbut companies will ho furnished 
with anfofs and notroases, nnd they will have 
op their books available talent la nil branches 
of the profession seeking engage-' : fercnt 

BdwJn H. Curtis !'«>'• Macart h boiioon nnd monkey Mmw iei 
had his singing as C. Holbrook Allen, and *££&*& n ? ui,uaU_ Charles f. Semou nlkVd 
the part just salted him, resulting In a 
triumph .for him. Ben r. 

returned "to this house and" repeated 


- m^m 1 "!! I, " , - T , ed muBic » 1 instruments wit,; 

V. Wilson alio made fagf ' ™* ■ **PPa.jPa. Jgal audience wa, 

a capital Impression, and V. h. West did 1 ° a , t ,5 n 55 P» rt ^ ltn . b,m ' Uertrjde Horf m ,» 

commendable work us Jlaior MacLane. Jo- ' 

vat!- commendable work us Slajor MacLane. Jo- E'"™,^, 1 * t n * J bon|, e ""d repeated he" 

easy sepblne Fox, as Florence Senderson, was also ;°™*Un" mp ,w2i b ?i, r P c = ullap o«fcrlng. \^ 

™nt! prominent for picaalng work. The cast; ^S^T^SitL^^ ^ , Q v 

re- 5ahr„ Allen, . Augustus Phillips ; .-"Chick" , p *™ IS'ViJSf^SS?" « b _ Db ?. rt ^ .**• 

viewed ^^In our "next Irsiie. "Baptiste and Fran- Sew'ell, Harold Kennedy; "Jim" ' MacLane, 
eonl received much applause for their Ben RWIIaon; Arthur Stabler. Arthur Even; 

raefits, so. that they can fill special engage-' 
mepts. at nny time not only for the proffa. 
stop, but (or private entertainments And 

A feature will be tho creating of new acts 
In Seattle, where as many bb from two to 
eighteen r>ople will be employed. Messrs. 
Ely and Krletjlander - have been delegated to 
nevitre thea Iras' In many of the lending cities 
within a radius of 1,000 miles of Seattle. 

i 7 — , — mstZ ■ 

Walter t. Hala «tt Winter Quarters. 
The ne*, brick butlulBg at Walter L. Main's 
Winter quarters, at Geneva, 0., Is now com- 
plpto. it, Is 80xl2(lft. apd Is a far more sub- 
stantial building than anv of the old ones. 
'J'b> Is thft second now building erected since 
the big fire in 1P00, and Mr. Main has brick 
on, hand for n third building. He also con- 
templates^ new barn In the rear of his reel- 

work. It consisted, principally, of novel eanlii- Mr. C- Holl 
bristle "stunts," wblch were cleverly done. Major Mad. 
A touch of comedy made the act run " 
smoothly. Ono of tbe partners walks down 
a night of stairs on bis bead as the finish. 
A. tj, 1) nnen n, ventriloquist, la always popu- 
lar, and his reception proved It. ills work 
is eloan and full, of new Jokes. The KKto 
Muilcal Four use some Judgment in tbe selec- 
tion of their music, and play skillfully on dlf- 

managers).— This mammoth D la». 
house held one of tho largest audiences n, 
Its history Wednesday night, Nov "7 A! 
the new hill, which had required months or 
preparation, was placed on view. The houv 


Fanner and Gilbert 

cau?ed - much laughter with their comedy 
Hketeh. "From Zaza to Uncle Tom," provided 
Murphy, Nichols and company with many 
rhnnces to sbow their ability. That they 
"made good," as usual, was evidenced by their 
newty reception. Barry and Wolford amused 
with ■ their clever work, and received much 
applause. Home Interesting parodies and good 
eccentric dancing made a success for Carroll 
and Baker. Mme. Iitolle's horses proved to 
be Interesting, and scored a hit. The won- 
■atfal trlcke. they do always causes astonish- 
ment.- • 

American Theatre (J. M. Ward, mana- 
ger) .^-Par IAMe Oman Grinder is the at- 
traction this ' week, opening Monday after- 
noon, Dec. 2. to a large house. It is a melo- 
drama, with the usual story worked out with 
{denty of action. A girl finds out on her 
ilrthday that she has been adopted, and that 
the proofs of >icr Identity have been stolen 
by the brother of-, her adopted father. 

Holbrook Allen, Edwin U. Curtis; 
ane. William L. West; "Beauty - ' 
Bright. Walter D. Kcaland ; "Babe" Carruth- 
era, Warren A. Rodgers; "Mike" McNab, 
Lawrence Wakefield; Henry Stabler, William 
Hhort; "Doc" Stuart, M. J. O. Brtgga: Ser- 
geant, Walter Crosby : Guard, Wm. Offerman ; 
Private Bohlnson, Howard Fielding; Mrs. 
MacLane, OUvc Grorc: Madge Blake, Jessie 
McAllister; Florence Henderson, Josennine 
Fox ; Eileen MacLane, Edna Mav Spooner. 

Murray Hill Theatre (J. Herbert Mack, 
manager). — The Trans-Atlantic llitrleiquera t 

arc here this week, opening Dec. 1 In their b ry B M H n ' e, ii :M !?. M ,l^ a ' l l aT<l 1I 1 '- ^""Ple. A» 
nl-c. ? The FUibb-Dubb S e "V,^. « t * e ..J ), £. ce ' m j" le s. tho story 

bad been, closed for three days to permit of 
firm! rehearsals, and on Wednesday n'™ 
here were very few "hitches." li, ie, 
lull Is composed of a musical melange and 
fpectacle, in three acts, entitled "The S 
Knee," arranged and staged by Edward p 
Temple, the general stage director for the 
Hippodrome. The scenery Ts by Arthur Vor-ai 
li n; tb Vi m , u * lc "MgowU and directed t, 

l!Sfa.ite.%Bf 3 J , ,'L I w 1S| by the brother of. her a P ted father. At- 

not until after TatTaSaVT It Is not n XSFP^S**"***'* "*«PPlliK. murder and 

«ll .Improbable that the aSataal W.ltsr l. fl . t . hpr decas Hre maae f ,mt ,n t he e,ld eTe f, T - 

fiA Shows will he on ?2P5ia^SIS I; thing ends well. . Marlon Bnllou did well fn 

I I Imni 
Main Shows wilt be on the road' again In 
lOOft, as that name all Over the United States 

trated Home Hook for sev*\rl years, which la . end Canada Is a valuable asset 

ulso the most authentic history of the circus 
lh print. Tliefe hooka nnd the photographs 
have proven to bo and will so continue n 
source of considerable revenue to Mr. An- 
drea*. , 

'..Mr. Andreas Is Just now very busily en- 
gaged la building a new home In Chicago. 
When It is comutoted tho residence will ho a 
She thrcc-story.Nbcownstone front, at 830 
South Hamlin Avenue, facing the beautiful 
GflrrieM Park. "'Mr. Andres" will spend the 
first year of hla retliem^nt Jooklng after his 
priyote Interest la Chicago ; also Great Bend, 
Iran, where lie owns and controls a 1,000 
iicra'vfarm. Negotiations arc now pending, 
under which Mr. nnd Mrs. Andrew will make 
rt-trlp of the world, combining- pleasure and 
business, as Mr. Andress will .represent sev- 
eral advcrtl-dng firms ot national reputation. 
Ha has n large circle of ncniialntanres In and 
out of the profession, and tjih cmpphu loins 
with them la wishing Mr. and Mrs. Andresg 
continued success. 

■ ; < ■» . 

"Win. II, llirke>' Co. Ineoriiornted. - 
On N«y. (», the Wat. H. Illekey Amuse- 
rSlijItiCo. was Incorporated uhcler the laws of 

Mr. Main sends the following letter: "I 
wish to apologize through the columns of 
TUB Clippiir to tbe performers, musicians 
iind clrcuspeople In general for not answer- 
ing at least a thousand letters for engage- 
ments for '08. At the present time I am 
enjdlpg a rest, but IM decide later to put a 
snow, on the road the coming season 1 will 

iMwer alt letters and make my position 

the principal' role.' She had an attractive ap- 
pearance, and played the part with a great 

|'V u ft u B.I v% t U4J1 

deal of-llfe; Anna Lehr was fascinating in 

t '-Edwin McKIm played the vll- 

Jomea J. Byrne made 

a small part, 
lain with "lots of vim. 

much of the part of a man who must be mar- 
ried before' a certain time or lose a bequest. 
Miss Ballon sanlr several songs to a pleasing 
manner.' -"I'm" "Looking for a Girl Like You" 
was well sung by Miss Lehr and Mr. Byrne. 
One of the bits of the evening was made hv 

Interesting performance, 
conspiracy,' a first part that has given good 
service for several seasons, has been retained 
for the opener. It Is embellished with some 
pretty new numbers. John W. Qnlnn rals«i 
much laughter by his unique methods of 
acting and falling, and Eddie Fitzgerald was 
the Dutch grocer In the opposition store. 
Eddie Nugent looked and acted tbe hobo, with 
the taking ways. James Whltcly, Clay Smith, 
Val Kaynor and Eddie Convey had suitable 
roles. Lizzie Frellgb, as the leader of the 
female contingent, sang and acted well aa toe 
Buoy Soubrette, and Georgia De Graff, Norma 
Bell and Dolores Dcgraff were also noticeably 
active. Tbe chorus Included:' Minnie Gor- 
don, Loretta Leroy, Roslta Lawrence, Fannie 
Borach, Kittle Mav. Bessie Galard, Mabel 
Leslie, Florence Chadwick, Jean Atho*. May 
Whiteley, Marie Sheldon. Elsie Ardell, Marie 
Harvey. Annie Whitney, Clara Sauter nnd 
Babe Raymond. "My Irish Kosle" was well 
sung by Miss Frellgb, with the chorus In 
lively, work and the comedians introducing 
their capers,; "In the Land of the Buffalo" 
was exploited by the De Graff Girls; "When 
the Moon Plays I'ceka-Boo With You" gave 
Norma Brown a chance to display her 
splendid voice — In addition she looked pretty, 
and Introduced some telling side play. "To- 

application* as I have no decisions ns yet, 
and probably will not until nfter tbe holi- 

Hdyoniie (X. 


Is 'the purpose of tbe above company to 
opf late a chain of moving picture and fain" ' 
vawdfvolei theatres, road picture comnanl 
rifriCilpeclaldriirnfiilc rend productions. 

• Gerj.' 'A'..vlllckey moving picture roail 

*Ja2ffJSf it will be useless to send <, flH t: Jack Melbourne. Maurice Cosrello; 

Ferris Lyndon, I Kdwln Mclvlm ; Dickie 
Browne. James J. Byrne: Oscar Lyndon, 
Geo. Zwlck ■■; I'aecnl Mazettl. Joe Jillton ; 
Dan Donnelly, James Hunter: Salomon Bla- 
islnsky, (}eo. Byron ; Lola Maddern, Alma 
Chester : Mrs; Alice Lyndon, Cecilia Clav ; 
Mary • Ellen Mnhoncy, Mabel Stnnton ; Doro- 
Uiy Denning, Anna Lehr; Marion Hlnson, 
Helen Delaney ; Isabella Klrby, Mabel K. 
Greer ; Florence Steele. Grave Kavalaw ; Ell- 
r.ojre Marchbnnk, Dorothy Webster; Anna- 
brjlc Ramsay;' Harriet Tralnor; Clarice Lyn- 
don. Mutton flallou. Next week, "The Life 
df an Actrees." 

New York Theatre (Klaw & Erlanger, 
managers). — A large house attended tbe open- 
week, Mon- 
was up to 
s well re- 
auder la In 
-- American season, 
-and gave a collection ot the songs wblch be 

morrow," sung by Jas. WhTtely, was encored 

repeatedly ; "Pm Hapi 

Dixie," led by Miss Frellgb, who appeared to 

'Happy When the Band Plays 

J.) Theatre Change* to 

Jhe Bnyonnc Theatre, Bayohne, N. ' jL, 
opened Iltjc. 2 as a lairlesquc llonse, under 
the madagement of the Hnttlar Amusomcnt 
Co.. with K. A. Sehlllpr as local manager.'-:' 

-The Alcazar Beauties was tho attraction. 
Dect. 2. with the following cast : Mrs. Vander- 
nbol. Josephine Ht. Elmo ; Mrs. Bradley, Eva 
)<pwls; OlttTessle, Win. MacNell : Hnowrtrop, 
Joseph holly, fussy . Rather. Adam Surge; 
Ftisay Arthur, James lake; (he ravens— Mar- 

excellent advantage, In tfghts. was a rousing 
number for the finish. The specialties were 
contributed by the Slstore De Graff, who sang 
up-to-date sousk In the latest rtytc; Eddie 
Fltagerald and John W. Quinn, la a telling 
a«;t, full ot action and fun ; the lCallnowskl 
Brothers, European acrobats, who made use 
of their strength In presenting n showy act ; 
Norma Bell, in operatic selections, assisted 

hinges upon an anto race between three nnt'f 
mobiles, with amateur drivers. The — "hi 
scene shows a road bouse near a Lon" ur 
and village, with people assembled fo? thn 
purpose of witnessing an auto race. Ther-V 
arc visitors in automobiles, alght-scolnr rl,i 
end many other vehicles. Preparation" 
for tbe race arc well under war 
when Mrs. Gay Spanker (P.03e fi 
Harte). known, to- her friends as "La«v' 
Gay," arrlwg wltl: her husband, father and 
cousin, VirgUita Carter ("Marie Louise Crib- 
bin), who Is accompanied by her Banco 
Arthur Fitz-Wllklna (John Norman), who ii 
expected to win the auto race. At the ls,r 
momeat It Is learned that one ot tbe nmi- 
tcur drivers has failed to appear, and a sub- 
stitute- must be found. It is suggested tfcit 
Tony (Marceline), the head waiter of tbe. 
hotel would be a good substitute, and he Is - 
placed In the racing; machine.- The thtv*. 
autos are dispatched In proper order. Im- 
mediately going off stage, una arc nor ugaii 
seen until the finish of the race, at the red 
of the act, when No. a (Marreline's) car la 
the winner of tbe gold cup. During the la- 
terval occupied by the progress of Th» ran- 
a company of soldlcra give a fine drill, and 
there is aiso a patiolmea's chorus, aud many 
other diversions by the villagers nnd as- 
sembled visitors. Act two represents the gar- 
dens and exterior of Sirs. Spanker's m»n»To.i. 
with her guests assembled for n costume 
gniden party, when Tony Is hailed na 
the winner of the race, and the nri>e 
cup Is presented to him. Lady Gay then an- 
nounces that she has arranged for a drew 
to be given upon her lawn, end then folios* 

tn u ,".?'? ot M 8 ^ 01 nna K *' ne I'hillppart, In in 
exhibition of DIaWo, Daisy Hodglnl. Euro 
pean Imrcback rider; the Mlrza Golem 
troupe, Persian acrobats and gymnast!,, and 

by her musical ponies; Clay Smith and Kddle ;I°Wl VSffiS! 8Cr0l,a ,« , and gymnasts,, and 
(fonvey, In a talking nnd slnglna net, which n ,II; J ( - llf,(>nB ' Pnyelcal culture exponents, 
was well liked; and a trio, composed of Val ;°° 2 b0Te lh !S' S i are " >r ^ , P l lmpo.rtatloas.aiid 

Williams, Lottd Austin Davis, 

nTfSml, I a? B a e "V. , r ,,, » r -lL ,,, r» n ^ K ^ "^ *"* ■* »•»•"• Mr/ LauderT pSpuiarltv J 

SmosSL^ "55 ^ . rR ML hnB ;.. Bl l f ,'i. 1 at t'ouaev andcbnr-. has grown steadily, ana be could remain all \ 

ompanies, nftny, In "The Birthday Patty;" Tyson arfd aeoson would his engagements permit him. I 

!'.!S. JLJi " r &W: •■•> - ... .- '-.:.- ••■' Josephine Sabel made her first metrouolitnn ? 

are described lh another column. Also In 
this circus scene are the acts of the Seven 
Grunatbos, acrobats; the Six Bonesettls, acro- 
bats, and Uagenlieck'a troupe of twelre 
performing elephants. Frank Melville was 
equestrian director, nnd this portion of the 
hill was applauded heartily. In act three 
Tony recover* bis cup, which, It scorns, bid 
been stolen during act two. .Acl three repre- 
sents a part of the Spanker estate, on the 
edge of a lake, and hgre occurs the grand 
spectacle ot "Tho Four Seasons,", and it is 
safe to say that the ballet, ensemble* aad 
the spectacular and pictorial embellishment 
t of the four ra tableaux. Spring, Summer, 
he admlrera of Stella Mavhew present, who ^ u i? m , 11 flml Winter,, fairly eclipse anything 
jjapjlne Sabel made' her'flrst mcVropol'i't'an aBJ*\»S*Aj*!r*>_ *■»« ot w el «" ne : ISS-^JE? . e KL 1 5?»» » a "•«.»"«<'.'" !<* 

Uayner, James Wbltely and Kddle Nugent, 
singing various songs, In excellent harmony. 
"The Gay Modiste" was the title of the bur- 
lesque, with Miss Frellgh aa Jean De Besky. 
"Smile On Me" and "Don't Be Angry" were 
umong the successful numbers. The show Is 
handsomely equipped. B. Dick Rider is man- 
ager. Next week, the Vanity Pair Co. 

Colonial Theatre (Percy. G. Williams, 
manager). — It would have 'been extremely 
difficult to have accommodated any more 
spectators on Monday. Dec. 2, when the cur- 
tain rose on tbe now hill for this week. While 
the regular patrons were In their accustomed 
places, there was also quite a contingent of 

i. toagn'flcent iconic production of Wm. 
lllelffty'ij own play, "Love Across the Lines," 
will go. on tonr after the holidays, and other 
enterprises . of a like nature will follow in 
rapid succession. 

The entirely new vaudeville and moving 

filoturfr theatre, "Dreamland," under Wm. 
llekey'H uiatiagement. opened to capacity In 
ttutlaud, Vr.. Nov. 26, nnd Mr. Hlckey'u new 
theatre In Keone, N. II., will open Dec. 10. 

; : , r./V, .,a ' 

"Advanced Vandevllle*' Homes 
« hanalnflr rollcles. 

The chain 'of houses the "'advanced vaude- 
ville" had got together Is being disintegrated 
rapidly. . 

Manager Femiessy, «f the Empire circuit, re- 
ceived word Inst week, .from their attorney, 
Ittthkln D. Jones, la New York City, saylug 
that be had just closed n deal whereby the 
Huiolre Theatre,. 'In! KewarX .N.' J., and tho 
Park -Theatre, la Brooklyn, had lieen'takou 
over and would' bu made a part of tbe Km- 
plroMdrvult, plnylug Imrlesqne on- that wheel. 
The. Newark liouse opened ou Dec. 2, and the 
Uronklyn houso will; he added to the Emplro 
circuit on lice. 23. Both houses were con- 
trolled h.v the tJhubcrts, and ut the time they 
merged their Interests wllh tbe Klnw ft Ki- 
iauger vimdevlllc scheme were, mil lined us 
lufiire vaudeville itmisos. ITila makes two 
laof* huitses that hnve been abandoned and 
which are now turned over to burlesque. 

,.' 1 ,''' Tile Mint.lro Anniversary. 

..OOi'Dec. 1, the houso of Maurice Shapiro 
eelebrntad Its find hlrthday. Since the open- 
ing of hi*. extensive establishment la lUfil), 
.Mr. Shapiro has brought forth a large num- 
ber of compositions, vo.-nl and Instrumental, 
inMudlng the miislc for "Pollen of 1007,',' 

"The Orchid," "Tho Gay- White Way," Iho 
Anna Held show, "The Girl Behind the Coun- 
ter" and "Vhoiu." Among the well known 
tioiigs on his cutalogtic are: 

A Nevr Lessee for Kolilnsun's Opera 
' Kon«p, 

Following tbe John. C. Fisher administra- 
tion nt Itoiilnson's Opera house, Cincinnati, 
nnd the Hnshlm failure, thnt tlieatre has been 
leased to Nlklns Schllzonyl, the manager, - Qf 
the Hungarian Boys' Hand, for a perlodVpf 
twenty-one weeks. "Advanced vaudeville" 
will lie offered. 

Itoblnson's opened Its doors to advanced 
vaudeville Sunday afternoon, Dec, 1. rdpu- 
•Inr prices will prevail. Evening and 8up> 
dny matinee prices are 10, 20, 30, SB, 50 
cents. Bargain matinees will be given Tues- 
day and Saturday, when, every seat In the 

orchestra wilt ofo lit "r. centa 'Thn Tniwini niaieys new jraiiHiormarion co. give an 
art! aw on ?ho bT . (J ivet to S "J* «"«"■"»«»? "' quick cbaugea and playing 
made: irivine- Hlcke V«. ».>nei« n .i !?£?& "'. musical rnstrttments. H was well re- 

inaglc; Flying Blckclts, sensational aerial- 
Ists; Delaur Grand Opera. Trio, Spezardj's 
bears, Frank Oushmau, and several other 
acta. Moving pictures close the show. "■■ 
<■ » 
Fred Primrose Kntera Vnndeville. 
Fred Prlmroao will enter vaudeville again 
with a monologue. This' Is not his tirst ven- 
ture, he baring had considerable, experience 
lu both regular productions and vaudeville. 
Mr, Primrose waa formerly, tbe- partner of 
Wm. J. Mclntyre, son of Jas. Mrlntyre; of 
Mclntyre and Heath. Mr. Primrose and 
Mr. Mclntyre Jr. aa a team have played- the 
lending vaudeville theatres tn the country. 
Mr. Primrose baa secured an original mono- 
logue, which It Is believed will meet with 

House and met with solid success. 

She _simg American songs In her accustomed 

'sted by 

excellent list 




t Allen 

company, presenting for the first time here 

Mr. Allen's farce, "The Traveling Man ;" 

Bryan's "Human Flags " one of the prettiest 

acts In vaudeville ; the Seven Mowatts, expert 

Jugglers; the Novellts (first time here), a 

novel offering ; Bert Levy, a clever artist, In 

drawing: the Basque Quartette,) In operatic 

selections; Cook and Sylvia, in songs and 

dances, and tbe vltagraph. 

Thalia Theatre (Sullivan & Woods, man- 
agers). — It's -never Too Late to if end, a 
drama by Owen Davis, Is this week's offering, 
with the following cast : Dick Fairfax, Hay- 
den Stevenson ; Dexter uarcourt, Franklin 
Hall ; Jarvls Blanc, George II. Melford ; Jim 
iiales. Van H. Klnzle ; Bill Potte, D. U. Mor- 
rison ; Tim Morley, Milton Boyle ; Louis 
Voldt, Harry B. Yokes ; Audrey Hope, BIJou 
Washburn; Mercedes Hsrcourt, Katherlne 
celved. Vincent; Peggy Grey, Louise Valentine; 

-lyric Theatre (Sam S. * Lee Shubert, &TS2umPttF*&m*2£^Sz 

Inc., managers).— Ermcte Novelll began his Move? caruenter- H J^SSfaS rUnnerr? 
second American acasoa at title hoime Mon-» Son- 'v IT \rin»V^-" 
day, Dec. 2. A large liouse gave htm a 

cua made Its reappearance after* ' several 
years absence. There were several new 
features which were well received. Ju- 
lian Rose delighted with his monologue 
and his account of "Levlnsky at the Wed- 
ding." His make-up ia good and manner 
funny. The Jokes are mostly new, and some 
of bis songs are new and clever. Llane 
D'Eve 1b shapely and pretty. Her act is a 
pleasing one' nad her sweet voice charms 
with n .good selection of songs. Tbe Seven 
Yulllnns have a remarkable act full of ex- 
traordinary movements. Two of the men are 
immensely strong, combined with deftness 
and sense of balance. The tossing about of 
the smaller members, while laying on their 
back. Is done with wonderful precision. 
Btaley'a New Transformation Co. give an 


'hearty welcome and much well merited ap- 
pluuee. His opening pluy was "Othello." IDs 
Impersonation of the Moor Is too well known 
to require much comment. It Is an Italian 
rendering of the role. He emphasizes the 
contrast between the laughing, Jovial Othello 
of the earlier scenes, with the ferocity of the 
man when Jealousy has done Its work. The 
lago of L. Fcrrntl was a fine piece of work 
and was well applauded. Mme. O, Glanlnl 
made a good Desdcmona. The production, 
as a whole, was very satisfactory. The cast: 

favor. Hejias played Hie Harlem Opera , orbello, Krmetc Novelll ; Desdetuona 

■'•■' 'olnl; Ingo, L. Fcrratl; Emilia, L 

Married Now," "No wedding Bells for Me, 
"Hudwelser ;".alsn those used by Alice Lloyd, 
Hetty. King and Clnlro Uoamtue. 

Tho location of the establishment, on New 
York's busiest thoroughfare, In the heart ot 
the Blalto, has becu a great factor In Its' suc- 
cess, being most convenient tn Its patrons. 
The profession Is always accorded a hearty 
welcome by Mr. Shapiro and bis popular staff 
of i-epreteutntivas. ■ . . . . • 


Haaiern Wheel Home in Toronto to 

Open Dee,; n. 

The date for the oiwnlog of the new East- 
ern wheel house nt Toronto, Can., was 
changed to Dec. 0. The opening attraction 
will V lllee & Morton's Big Gaiety Co., 
beaded by Charley Burton. As- an extra 
feature Heron's Menagerie will be added. 
The MardI Oras Girls were to hovo opened 
the house Dec. 2, hut' house could not be got- 
ten ready for that datP. 

i , . << ' » • 

I Barle, Curtis A Co. Ia New Aet. 

' ' Wheeler Carle and Vera Curtis, after ■ 
very auccoasful vaudeville tour, will In fu- 
ture be known as Earle, Curt la & Co. They 
are having a new act written for them by 
Porter -Emeraon Browla, which they will pro* 
dace la rauden|le about Dec. 10. , , 

New Hyde A Behmnn House in 

Oencrul Manager Archie Kilts, of Hyde ft 

Hchmiiu, Informed n ti.ii'i'icn representative. 

last week, that ihe new Hyde & Behmnn 

house lu Chicago, the Star and Garter, will 

Because I m „., ell ft |, „ t , n0 mjddlo of January, If Dodge & 

Morrison, the architects, can get the theatre 
ready lu tluie. Fred Irwln'.i nig Show, una 
ot the strongest burlesijue orgenliatlons on 
the road, will open tbe new house the third 
week In January. All of the directors aud 
c.tllcers of the Hyde ft Behmnn AmuHcment 
Co. will attend the opening performance. 


Herl Levy Well Booked Up. ' 

Bert Levy, t\.i carloontal, waa eipeclally 
engaged by 'Tim i'lltsUury Prrsn, Pittsburg, 
last week, to draw n page picture of the foot- 
ball game. .V -full page in Sunday,' Nov. "4, 
PitlsttHty Dispatch, was devoted to a story 
and cartoons. Mr. Levy Is' appearing at tho 
Colontal Theatre, New York City,' this 
and Is booked solid for two 
United Booking time. 


O. Gla- 

igo, I.. Fcrratl; Lmiiiu, L. ltossl; 
Michael -Caaslo. A. Bctroue: Brabant lo, R 
1'lamontl ; Boderlgo, O. Ualeottl ; Doge of 
Venice, .0. .Dal-Corllvo; Cratkiuo. B. Servo- 
llul ; Ludnvlco, (J, Almlrnnte; Montano, V. 
Sbi'vollnl: First (uncial, K. Baracchl; Second 
Official, O. Fossl ; A Summoner of the Coun- 
cil. R. Dehhl; Tavern Keeper. V. Bartolottl. 
HerUeley Theatre (Llebler & Co., man- 
agers). — With, the single exception of Hol- 
brook Bllnn; Arnold Daly hud surrounded 
himself with nu entirely new company here, 
beginning Monday night, Dec. 2. The en- 
gagement of Margaret Wycberly was fur tbe 
tinrpose of presenting her lu several of Will- 
iam Butler Yeats' Irish symbolic plays. In 
which Miss Wycherty was seen lu a series 
of nintloees lent- season, in this city. The 
act dramas produced on Holiday 

years on the 

"Jim" Cnrtln'a n« a ithter's Wedding. 

Cards arc odt for the wedding of Louie 
furl In, daughter of James II. Cm tin, to Jacob 
Jay Applcgatc, at Philadelphia, Dec. A. The 
couple will make their home at Beaumont, 
Texas, ' - • > 


Paal rinquevslll'i Return Dstei. 

The famous Juggler opened In Boeton Dec. 
S, this lteing toe Brat of a series of return 
datoi Id bis booking", after short Intervala, 

.Jfaar «lo>». The former, with Mrs, Annie 
■Yearuans. William lliwrlgnn, Tlios. J. Orudv, 
Malre Itoden Qulnu aud Augustlu Daly Wilkes 
In Miss Wycherly's support, 
and weird affair ut best, but 
that actress' versatility full ploy, la tbe dls 
tlnctly opposite character of tho fool, In 
■The Jlour, Glass. The Van Dpck and The 
Flag Station were continued by Mr. Dalv 
and his.. conij»ny. The house on Monday 
night was of lair site, and the principals 
were called before the curtain repeatedly. 
Mrs. Yeamrtn's' reception was cordlnl In the 
extreme. Holbrook BUnn's characterisation 
of n wise man, la The i/our Qtass, was excel- 

Oardea Theatre (Hollla E. Cooley, 
er-Jinagerl.— May Itobson, In "The Rejuvena- 
tion of Aunt Mary," began her fourth and 
last week Monday, Dec, 2. ; 

man; K. J. McDcrmott. electrician", 
week, "1'he Convict and tbe Girl." 

Blaney'a Lincoln Sqaare Theatre 

(Cbus. K. Blaney. manager). — The Serenade 

Is the offering of tbe Aborn Opera Co. for 

the eurrnot week, opening Monday. Dec. '1. 

The revival of old favorites is proving to be 

n good move on the part of Mllron and Sar- 
gent Aborn. Monday night's production was 

well received by a Utrge audience.- Kstelle 

Wentwortb was handsome ns Yvonne, and 

her charming voice was heard to advantago 

In the music of that part. Ceo. B. Frotulng- 

ham was flue as, Gomez, and Phillip Bran- 
son wns excellent aa Colombo. Frltzle Von 

Busing snng well, and was charming In the 

role of Dolores. Tho other principals won 

tbe approval of the audience. The chorus ia 

a very capable one, nnd sang the music lu 

good style. The opera la costumed In appro- 
priate style and well staged. Composer Victor 

Herbert was tbe centre of a box party, and 

apparently enjoyed henrlng bis own uiuslc. 

The cast ; Duke of Santa Cruz, Robert Lett ; 

Airnrado, Harry Luckstune; Dolores, Frltzio 

Von Buslug: Boaeor, Edward S. Metcalf; 

Lopez. Howard Blake ; Colombo, Phillip 

Branson; Comes, George B. Frothlngham ; 

Mother Superior. Bertha Miller; Yvonne, 

Estello Wentworth. 

Fourteenth Street Theatre (J Wesley R? hln .? tnc Counter," began his tenth week 
-Sen Eloht\Dens I* ^Manhattan Theatre-Shepanl's moving 
_ ctures continue to plenso good attendanre. 

Is as full of life as eve* and was rc^efveu i.„ H * w Amaterdam'Theatre (Klaw t Kr- 

mi~*.m>*™_ rfl^ctT^S gaTlt's ^venfn^erk'Dec ^"^ ^'^ 

Caslao (Sam 8. A Lee Shubert, Inc.. man- 
agers). — Jefferson De Augclls, Blanche BUMS 
and Alexander Carr, In "The Gay While 
Nay.' began their ninth week Dec. 2. Jeffer- 
son De Augells and Blanche Rlog Introduced 
n burlesque of n circus act Wednesday even- 
ing of last week. . . 

Daly'a Theatre (Sam 8. ft Lee Shubert, 
Inc., managers). — This house was dark Dec. 
2. and reopens G, with Lawrence D'Orsay and 
teems, Loftua In "The Lancers." A rerler> 
of the performance will nppenr In our ncit 

. Haekett Theatre (James K. Hncketr, 
managor).— "The Witching Hour," with John 

Hippodrome.' But If la ea a feast" for the 
eye that success may como to the new hill 
here, as there are no new etage InvenUons to 
create public Interest, and there ia u dearth 
of comedy ns well during tbe ihree acts of 
lhe Auto Race, Mrs. Gay Spanker, Rose La 
Harte ; Dick Spanker, Kdwln A. Clark : Vir- 
ginia Carter, Marie Louise Gribbln; William 
Worthlngto.1, William U. Clark; Arthur Fill 
wllklns, John Xorraan; Sergeant Kucgles, J. 
Parker Coombs; Sergeant O'Rafferty, John 
G. Sparks : Tony, Marceline ; Hinging Wallers: 
II. Dale, n. S. Clnett, Sam Barker, L. Bin 
menthal, J. Carrol. D. Sheohan, J. Warrhi, 
.• y a X}'- Acrobatic Waiters: George Hol- 
land, Charles Ravel, James H. Adams, Jarne-i 
Bnlno, Nat W. Harris, Frank Ilon.'on, Olto 
Fenn, n. Shaw, A. Romeo, Clyde powers 
aoo Aronson, Leo Brunswick. The secnnil 
week began Dec. 2. 

Knickerbocker Theatre f A!, naymaa 
A Co., managers). — This house waa dark 
Monday, Dec. 2, and reopens Tuesdav, 3, with 
^ lctor Moore, In "The Talk of New York." A 
review of the production will be given next 

llelaseo Theatre (David Belasco, man.i! 
ger).— This house was dark Monday, Dec. -J. 
and reopens Tuesday, 3, with "Tbe Warnim 
of Mrglnla." A review of the play will ap- 
pear nctt week. 

Metropolitan Opera Home, — 7,0 Itn- 
heme wqs sung here Wednesday night, 21. 
with Mme. Seaibrlch as Mlml, nnd M. Bone! 
as Rodolto. Mfflatofelc waB sung here 
Thanksgiving night (28). Adrlasa lew 
t'reur was the bin night of 20. Pie Jfeialer- 
sinricr was the bill Saturday matinee, 30, 
and RinoMto was tho night bHI. Der Filet- 
ende Hollander was sung Monday nlrhf, 
Dec. 2. ■ 

Mnnhattan Opern House (Oscnr Uam- 
merstelo, manager). — Les Conte* d'lloHwnnn 
was the hill Wednesday night, Nov. 27: 
( ormen was the Thanksgiving afternoon bill. 
28, with Mme. Bressler-Glaooll In the IHIe 
role; Uounod'a 1'aust wag sung Thanksgiving 
nlgiit with this cast: Marguerite, JUIe. Zep- 
pllll; SlebeL Mile. Glaconln; Maribe, 5llle. 
Scverlnu; Jfephlstopheles. M. Dldnr: Valen- 
tin, It, Crabbe; Waguer, M. Fossctta; Faust. 
M. Zenatello. Faust wag repeated night of 
20. M. Aneonn, replaced M. Crabbe as Val- 
entin ; otherwise the cast was unehanjed. 
Thais wus repeated Saturdav afternoon, 30 : 
Mda wns the night bill, with Mme. Russ In 
the title role. The bill Monday night, Dec. 
2, lies Conies d'llofftnan was repeated. 

Herald square Theatre (Geo. W. Snin- 
mls, manager).— Lew Fields, In "The Girl 

two one act drama* produced on Monday playing a return visit "to thc'clTyT'andTnened •j?.** 1 
n<ght were C««tlcc» J< liosKian and Tfto Monday Dec. 2 to a large house- The^lly P'S' 1 "!? 

ru;tlu Daly Wilkes introduced by Uohc Washburn, Bedding RIs- 
, Is but a dreary tera. John F. Bymo, In craven work and 

Ileatsohes Theatre (Dr. Maurice Baura- 
feld niaunger) — Jugend ("Youth") was pre- 
sented luesdny evening, Nov. 2B. The plav 
which Is from tbe pen of Max Halbe. pictures 
the humble home of a pastor whoso young 
•ilece Is the household fnvorlte. A priest 
wishes to make the girl a nun, but a student 
cousin Interferes. A half wltted, Jenlous bov 
kll h the adorer and tbe tragedv ends. Mill! 
Relmann Mr. Winds, Mr. Lauerman, Mr. 
Welgert, Mr. Llebl and tbe rest ot the com- 
pany contributed. 

Broadway Theatre 

managers).— "" 
•eventu week 

t Theatre ftlft I ni , n ™»""» ur '- — xoe tviicmng uour, van -«—• 

"The RoJnd rj„»* wSPVi Mason aa the star, began fta third week £•£ 

at 5Sh thSTtre Dec J**** ltt !*/•, fi^v, 2 - M»delfte I^juls baa replaced 

» hub weatre Dec. 2, Adelaide Nowak In the catt. 

"-■ : — - • ■ .-■;■•■.■• ..- «■ ••.; ■,'* - 1 - " .-' f . ■ - " ' '. •" ..:■> .'---■ - 

.'■•'■' ' ' " - . ;•• '<.': '.'-.' ";.'.' /-I • '-'".■.•'' •'"''''' '.. ' ' -'" 


. V'V".-: ' ' '.' 


Kelt* *■ rroctot'm Twraty- third 
Street Tkeatr* (R F. Albee, general man- 

\ letorlm Theatre (Oscar Hnminersteln. t bottom. Tho programme bsvo great anmse- 
manager).— Tho usual big Monday audiences ruent and was well arranged" Joe Hart's Mlll- 
„L r) _ThlB week's bill is a capital one. assembled here T)ce. 2, and at both matinee tnry Maids, ono of the heat and 'most ek- 
■%h Hilda Spohg as a headllner, supported nnd night It was very evident that the now ptnslve of this kind of acts, headed the bill 
tit Walter Howo nnd Arthur Behrens, In De programme was being thoroughly enjoyed by on their first Harlem appearance, 2. Others 
Mine's remarkably line little play, "Kit." tho Victoria patrons. The bill Is headed by 
iiVirh made a tremendous Impression on New Wayburn's Intent skit, entitled "The Btar 
"'- o— — -i— ~> ■* ->"• Bout," with Taylor Granville featured as Joe 
nrndy, "The Goslln." The production em- 
ploys nearly n score of people la Its presentn- 
tlon. and Is In throe scenes, with Incidental 
irtuMc by Bvrd Donsberly. It pcored a solid 
hit on Monday. Also llsWdMn' this week's 

a«>De<\ 2. Miss Spong played It with 
m-teh Teellng. Joseph Hart's Rain-Dears, 
with Louise Montrose, proved a capital of- 
fprln* and Mi's Montroso won a personal 
JSmSi Anclllottl. with his dog ' 


cute one or rbe best arts of Its kind that New hit 

Vnrkers hitve e*er seen, and It got plenty <>t bill are: Oorgo Abel nod rorap.inr. In a do 

_. ».. - — r .■.•!-._ .«.. iightfiil comcdlettn, entitled "Three at a 

Kind:" Alec Hurley and his company of 
rostcrs,_ In an Ilnglhu music hall sketch 

ihs and was voted, tho real thing. Fn- 
rsn and Byron, In their excellent offering, 
tr?revery well 'liked In everything they'nt- 
•«-mpted t and Coronond Herbert's comedy 
"crobatle- act was as well worth seeing as 
p'ver Tho-voubg man working under the 
name of Caron. In ■ this net Is a tumbler 
ind acrobat of the highest order , of 
•irollcl' , r.oy.nnd- on Monday bis work brought 
'forth the WrtlfBt kind of applause, frank 
llTbeft, as the. clown. Is too well known. to 
remitrc ranch- comment. Hawthorne and Bnrt, 
in tb«lr original comicalities, pleased greatly, 
nDd Jtoml* I.nciis, In "impersonations with- 
out the it Id of make-up," mndo a decided shc- 
Ji«« He-Is an earnest worker, lively on his 
rrct -nod bfis-n manner thnt carries his wotk 
to complete ■ success. Adams and Mack; In 
a comedy ntaglc act, were added to the bill 
aft.-t the afternoon performance on Monday. 
The motion pictures continue. 

niion Theatre (A. C. Campbell, mnr.a- 
„ r . — Mmc. Alia Nsalmova began, Monday, 

-2 her third week. In "A Doll's Ilonsc.' 5 
French rlayers appeared at this bouse 

The . 

Snndflti Vre - '• |Q Alexandre Blssou's farce, 
: -Ie Coatroleur des Wagons-Mis," known to 
the American stage as "On and Off." A, big 
audience was present. Mr. Hnrmnnt, as the 
erring husband; Mr. Dhavrol, as the friend 
nnd betrayer,' with. Mmc. Dnnran, as I.u- 
i-lenne. and ' Moie. Conti, as the morher-in- 
liw. kept the house amused. Mr. Dhavrol Is 
director of the, enterprise. The cast :(Jeorges 
dodefrold, Mr. Hdrmant; Alfred Uodefrold, 
p Dharrol'; Montpepln, Mr. Dubois; Raoul 
de St. Mednrd, Mr. Vcrande; LaboriUve, Mr. 
Svms ; Charbonncau, .Mr. Belt ; Lucienne 
ijbdefrold, Jane - Dauran ; Mme. Montpepln, 
Mnre. ContI : Mme. Charbonpean, Mme. Dar- 
nen! leres ; Rosltie Cbarbonneau, Mme. Rhea ; 
\n?ele, Mme, de Nessy ; Krancolsc, Mme. 
Hacot; Jnlle, Mme. Bols. Announcement was 
made from the .stage that Sardou's "01- 
vorcoos" would be played next Sunday af- 
ternoon and evening. . 

' Dewov Theatre (Sullivan ft Krans, man* 
sger3) .-^-Thc Ohampagite Girl* BurletquerB, 
under the management of l'hll Fisher, made 
ihelr first New ^'ork appearance Dec. -2, at 
the matinee. A good sized audience was 
present, nnd the company was given a hearty 
reception. There was much worthy of ap- 
plause, and there waa no hesitancy on tho 
part of the audience In sbowlng favor. Two 
burlesques were given,' nnd both were enacted 
ny competent performers specially well §e- 
l.'cted l>v the management The ■ characters 
were all" very tastefully costumed. Both bur- 
lesques were well supplied with up-to-date 
.'ongs. line dances, marches and artistic 
groupings. ' The opening burlesque, entitled 
-.The House -of Too Much Trouble," kept the 
titdlenco lo an uproar for fully an hour. 
John Murray, as Jack Jones from -Yale, was 
aapnlly rdst; .Eleanor Revere, as Lillian 
Titiiseli from the Casino, was good; Chas. 
Saunders, -as Helnrlcb lenders -professor 
i >f music, was capable as n German. Spe- 
cial - mention ran also be made of the 
following for-: their excellent performance; 
Iheresn Colton, May l'ulr, Kddle Uoraa 
•nd Geo. 'MM'arlahrl. The full- cast: 
Jack Jones, John Murray ; Tlllzalietb Jones, 
Mario Fisher; Lillian Titssell, Kleanor Re- 
vere; Analalsa Johnson. Theresa Colton; 
Augusta, May Yulr; Ned Brown. Eddie 
lloran: Jonathan Johnson. Frank --Colton; 
lienrldi Lndera. Charles Saunders;.' Junius 
Brum-, Frank Jerome : Patrick O'Shaugh-. 
nessy, George McTarlanu. . Tbc chorus' :' 01 ga 
l.amar, Rtlznbeth Holland, Joset^ Hammond, 
trolly Lee, Elolge Allison, Anna Speah", -Ella 
JlcMtlU'rt, Florence Klppllng, Julia Hunter, 
Ida Merrltt, Esther. I^awson, Irene Derapsey, 
May Murray: Anna Spear. - An olio of- merit 
followed. -Kddle lloran, entertainer, .has. a 
clever act, and received well earned applause ; 
i ,ieanor Revere and 'Mae . Vnlr, singing and 
dancing comcdlciines, ' were ■ a ' big- Bit ; thfe 
< Mltohs, In a clever skit, called "Two In 
Red," have an act that has not been 
equaled this season- at the Dewey; '• and 
ivored heavily; Potter and Hartwell, com- 
edy act, wax a hlg success, arid. George Mc- 
I'arland and- John -Murray, eccentric come- 
dians, have an art that la well worth seeing. 
They made a tremendons success, which they 
well deserved. ' The closing burlesque, called 
"Mixed In the Muddle ; or. Which Is Wblcb," 
gave the company excellent opportunities 
i7ir comedy, and which they took advantage 
of with good results. There, were several 
rlnely arranged musical numbers presented. 
The following were -all hlg hits; "His Day's 
Work Is Done," by ' Chas. Saunders and 
i bonis ; "Dreaming, by Miss Fisher and 
company, and "Won't -You Be My Honey?" 
by Miss Yulr, was easily the best. Execu- 
tive start : John Leslie, business manager; 
Albert Mooney, carpenter ; Charles Gram- 
llch. musical director ; Charles Saunders, 
stage manager. Next attraction, W. B. Wat- 
oon's BitrlesquerH. - ' " 

Grand puera. House (John H. Springer, 
manager).— Blanche Walsh, In "Tbo straight 
Itnad," is'the current attraction, opening. to 
the usual. large attendance ou Dec. 2. Next 
week, "The Three or Us. ' -■ • ■•-.-' • ' l 

l<>'eeam Theatre (Daniel FroTunao, men-' 
ager). — "Tho Thief began Its thirteenth 
week Dec. 2.-' Margaret' llllngton was taken 
Hek Friday, of last week, and her. return to 
th.* cast Is uncertain. Mabel Browncll, her 
understudy, has been 'playing the part. 

Mojewtte Theatre (w.-L. Rowland, man- 
ager).?— "The Top o' tV World*' 'began" {tR 
>eTcntli week Dec. 2. I. M. McCrea, son of 
t.]ant. McCreu, of the V. &: Navy,, has Joined 
the chorus. .'. 

Weber'n, Theatre (Jos. M. Weber, msn- 
«eon.— "iiin I Hip ! Hooray !" began Its 
ninth week l»cc. fi. 

Liberty Theatre: (Klaw & Erlaoger. 
raaungers). — Cbauncey Olcott, In "O'Neill of 
iierrj'," began 1 his second week Monday, 
lice. •£. -■■ - ■ • . . « 

Criterion Theatre- (Charles 'Frobman. 
manager). — Mario Doro, In "The Morals of 
Marcus," began her third week Monday, 
lie**. 2. -.-••: 

Savoy Theatre (Frank McKee, manager). 
— The Man of the Hour" began Its fifty- 
third week Dec. 2. 

A«tor Theatre (Wagenhals & Kemper, 
rannagerg). — "Tom Jones r " began Its fourth 
week Monday, Ilea 2. Audrey Maplo has 
;*en added to the' cast, and will undoratudy 
ionise Gunning. • ■ ■ ■'-■ 

"arrlrk Theatre (Chas, Frobman, man- 
njer) — "The Toymakcr of Nuremberg" began 
n« second week Mondav. Dec. 2. 

Lnlln Selblnl, expert bicyclist, woo got a 
hhbd of welcome; Nichols Sisters, In their 
"fc-encfc" chnrocters: Frank Bush, tho peren- 
nial story teller; the Juggling Bnrkcs, who 
have some new feats In club Juggling; Al- 
mont and Dumont, in a Very pleatVEir mu- 
sical net; Elsie Hnrvey and the Field Bros, 
in a singing and dancing skit, and the vltn- 

. Pastor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — The pleasant day drew a large at- 
tendance to the opening performance of tho 
cAifrent week, Monday afternoon, Dec. 2. Tho 
bill whs up to the usual high standard, and 
wits well received. George w, Evers sang 
some good songs' and told some new stories. 
tin has an easy manner, good material, and 
succeeded In holding his audience. Paulino 
Paul! and the Bowery. Boys gavo a clover 
entertainment. As the East Side Fluffy 
Ruffles she "made good." Tnc above acts will 
he more .fully reviewed In our next Issue. 
Milton nnd Doll le Nobles received their usual 
recognition and orcsrnted the playlet, "Mar- 
ried Flirts." Tho many comedy situations 
wero well handled by them and their assist- 
ant, P.Tin Landers, who has a plcaslngman- 
ner. Thev will have a new sketch next Thurs- 
day, entitled "Like a Thief In the Night," 
which will be reviewed next week. Norton and 
Russell made a big success with their charac- 
ter work and ' quick changes. Goforth nnd 
Doyle were Interesting In a sketch, "All Right." 

who pressed hard for honors were the Fa- 
dettes Orchestra, n great hlg act ; Harry Nor- 
ton and company, with Louise Hardcnburph, 
Mlgnonetto Kokln, Avon Comedy Four, Irving 
Jones, Gallettl's monkeys, and motion pic- 

Wr.sT Emi (J. K. Cookson, manager"!.— 
"Iltif tor Brown," with Jlmmle Rosen na Bus- 
ter, In the attraction for this, week, and 
should draw the older people as well as the 
children. It Is a laugh from first to last. 
The company baa been well, selected, and n 
most satisfactory performance was -the- re- 
mit on, Dec. 2. The house wns crowded 
early on the opening day, nnd a big week's 
htislness Is assured. Next wo - *, Desman 
Thompson, In "Tho Old Homestead." 

MentOPOLfn (Sam Hnrtlg, manager).— 
This week, Anna Day, In "When Knighthood 
Was in Flower." Next week, the Rays. 
- Stab (Wm. T. Keogh, manager). — "Berlho, 
the Sewing Machine Girl." opened to a 
crowded house Dec.' 2. This play has ap- 
peared at this boUso- several tlmes.andatwaya 
docs a big week's" business, and this one 
should not prove the, exception. 

AtHAMBtu (Percy G. Williams, manager). 
— Several acts that are new to llnrlem are 
included In the bill this week, which as -a 
headllner has Lilly Lena, tho English come- 
dienne, who offers her latest songs. Others 
are; Hello Blanch, Romany Opera company, 
the Four Fortls, Warreh nnd Rlancbard, 
Keno, Welch nnd Melrose, Max Tonrblllon 
Troupe, Hnthawnv's monkeys, nnd as an ex- 
tra attraction. Emmet t Corrlgan and com- 
pany. The Yttograph continues. 

llt'BTia & BUMMTR Music . lUi.r. (Ben 
llurtlg, manager). — Roso Sydell's London 
Hellcs made their first Harlem appearanco 
this season on Dec. 2, and drew out a full 
house, giving a most pleasing performance. 
There Is plenty of good material In this show, 
and It Is used to the- best advantage, with 
good scenery, costumes and "electrical effects 

Earl Goforth was clever in a blacks faca and good comedians to present tho comedy 

.«.___ -M^-^- _._!.._ .... ——J mt _■_ D..HH.II nUnnnJ kfn.4- wnnlf fill II Qhoclrlnn'n i~M t tr Qrtnplc 

character make-up, and Pink Bussell pleased 
with her singing. Gardner and Colder did 
a black face act, which -was full of good dia- 
logue nnd clevor songs. Bntler and Lamnr 
plenicd with their comedy, which was of a 
high class order. Eddy Clark's eccentric Jug- 
gling won tho approval of the audience. 
Shcppsrd and Ward, were excellent In a com- 
edy act, which had many good features. Do 
Chaatel Twins won much applau&e with tbelr 
duets, done In character. Pike Brothers had 
some -new songs and clever dances, which 
pleased. Daisy Harconrt's popularity was 
proven by the applause which greeted her ap- 
pearance. She had several good gongs, which 
were rendered In a fascinating, clever way. 
Miss Harcourt, after many recalls, wai forced 

to sing an extra, song. . 

Miner's Bltrhth Arenne Theatre (Ed- 
win 11. Miner, manager). — The Mctry Jfalden.* 
are paying a return visit -to the city this 
week, and opened lo a large andenthuslastlc 
house Monday afternoon, Dec. 2. The cast 
Is evenly balanced, nnd work together with 
happy results. . There Is nn abundance of 
pretty girls, chnrmlngly costumed, who sing 

Next, week, Phil Sheridan's City Sports, 
' iloTtuvM (Sara Kraus, manager). — Fay 
Poster burlesque company opened to the 
usual crowded house Dec. 2, and met with a 
well deserved cordial reception. .It pleased 
the nudlence. nnd a big week should be the 
result. Next week, Ideal Extravagnaza Co.. 
• l-'AMit.Y TnnATHD (D. F. McCoy, mana- 
ger). — This week's bill is n good, one und 
there are several good acts, among which 
are: Charron Mnran Co.. Edward Leaman, 
McGIoin and Beattle, Electro Wonder, David 
Miles and company, Pathe's pictures and 


Music Hall (George A. Blnmenthal, mana- 
ger). — Business baa Improved considerably 
during tbo past week. The bill for this week 
offers : Amy Stanley and her picks, the Ij» 
Reales, Nclllo Stacey, Adolph Adams, Fox and 
Gray, Humes and Gray, Douglas and Robin- 
son, Haines and Lewis. 

LTcr.ou (Louis Phillips fnarmjror).— "Tha 
King of the Cowboys" this week. "At the 
World's Merey" did well last week. 
-Notes. — Manager Sloan* itnted that ths 
matinee performance Nov. 2f>, was tho retort 
of the house. Besides every seat being oc- 
cupied, he had 761 standing. This lo "arolnff 

some" for the slxe of tho house The 

lease for the old Montauk has been signed, 
and Manager rercy Williams etpecls to take 
possession March I, HUM.... At tho Grand, 
fast Ftlday afternoon, the crowds were so 
lartre that Manager' Grover was compelled tr> 
open th" reserve door nnd sell admission 
tickets so that the public could get In tho 
house in time to sec the show. This Is the 
first time In many months thnt a manager 
has told tickets In this borough. 

WasblnRton. — At the Sew National 
Theatre (W. it. Rapley, manager), this week, 
Anna IINd. In "The Parisian Model." Lost 
week, Ltllu Glas'r ended her Reason, in "I^iln 
from Berlin," to good business. Miss Olaser 
nnd her husband, Mr. Her?, have signed with 
the Joe, Weber Co. -Polly of the Circus" 
next., ' 

. Colombia Tjirvtrh . (I.urkett & Dwyer, 
managers*. — This week, "Brewster's Mil- 
lions." Last week, "The Dalrymnlds" imd 
SjoMl sited houses. "".Che Time, the Pldco 
ami llic Girl" next. 

nrj.wo (i,. Hloddard Taylor, manager). 
---This V*ek, Blanche Bates, In "The Girl of 
tho Golden West." Last w»ek. Clara BlooU- 

rd. In "The Truth," had excellent business. 
II, Solhern, In repertory, next. 
- Acaobmv or Mi'sic (J. W. Lynns, mana- 
ger). — This week, "At Yale." Last week. 
"Bertha, the Sewing Machine Girl," had 
crowded bouses. Cecil Snooner, In "The 
Dancer and the King" and "The Girl Raf- 
fles," next. 

Majestic Tiisatrd (F. n. Weston, mana- 
ger). — This week, Mamie Fleming, In "The 
'Girl of Eagle Ranch." Last week, the Knth- 
ryno Purnell Stock closed, with "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin," to packed houses. 'Tiff I Daft 1 1 
1'onf ! ! !" next. 

N'nw Gaykty/ (Wm. S. Ctark, manager). — 
This week the Rents-Santloy Co. Last week, 
the Bon Ton Co. bad capacity houses. Night 
Owls next. 

, Nitw Lyctwm Theater (Eugene Kernnn, 
manager). — This week the Now Century 
Girls. Last week, the lady Birds Co. had 
excellent business. The Itolllckers next. 

' Chabk'h TiiFATttH (Miss H. Winifred Da 
Witt,- manager). — This week Robert Hllllarrt 
and company, In "As a Man Bows :" George 
V. Watson and Florence Little, Griff, Krnmer 
and Bellclnlr, Hlbbert and Warren, Mabel lo 
Adams, fjeorglc Lawrence and company, In 
"Miss Cobb, Manicurist," and tho vftagrapli. 
Capacity houses all last week. 

Nora. — Half a score five cent theatres, 
where motion pictures arc exhibited continu- 
ously, havn been opened la Washington dur- 
ing the past few weeks. Their highly orna- 
mental fronts and roty Interiors are attract- 
ing large crowds. 


fipecfol Dispatch to Tub New Youk Cuna. 

Ban Fiancibco, Dec. 8. — At the Van New. 
this Is the second and last week of Frltil 
Scheff and company. In "Mile. Modiste." 

Gbeater Noveltt. — Sunday (matinee), 1, 
for on« week, "The College Widow." 

Cdxtrau — "A Fugitive from Justice" this 

AMtiRicAv.— IsabM Irving this week, In 
"The Girl Who Has Everything." 

Nbw AlCAJisn.— "The Dlctntor." 

Oni'iiftut.-nili this- week: Viola Ollett* 
and George MncFarlane,, Ben Welch, H'nrl 
French, the Oklto Family, llrmn Slstefa. the 
Three Westons, the 'FArtr Golden Graces, 
Bert Leslie nnd company, and the klnodrome. 

Cmi.tes).— Moving plctutea nnd Illustrated 
rongs. ' ' (i 

PntxcESS.— "A. Madcap rrlncetis" , Vh|« 

Wtftfc * ^ *"** 

Norm — Wm. Pruette, Ic-irllng ratia<.w1iH 
the Frltitl Hcheff Co«-^ir«l formerly leading 
harltonn at the OUx-Tjvoll Opera House, In 
this city, whet* He'wthg for many neaspns 
wlih the greatest success; has been extensive- 
ly entertained by many of his old friends 
since be. arrived heire, Mr. Prttetts Is nc- 
compnnied by ills wife, and both have been 
the recipients of more than anllnnry ntteo 
tlon In private arid the highest social clrclsa 



r.rami Island,— At the Rnrtenhnch (Hen- 
ry J. llartenbnch, manager) "The Matcntte" 
sltowed lo good house Nov. 28. "Big Hearted 
lera Co. Deo " ■■fti«<i« 
•Snlome• , 11. 

Brooklyn. — At the Montauk (Edward 
Trail, manager) E. II. Sothern Is appearing 
In repertory Dec. 2 : 7. Monday his new nlny 
together In 'good styfj.' The buries«iiies nre by I-surence Irving, "The Fool Ilnth Said— 
"The Heir to the IloOpla" and '.'At Coney Isl- There Is no God,' T was given. ■ "If. I W'cra 
and." They are as full of life and action King" nnd _"IIa*nlet" will be given later In 
as -ever. The many good musical numbers 
are well rendered, and gained- the applause 
of the audience In good measure. Peter 
Thompson and Sam Rice caused roars of 
laughter bv their good work; J. Elmer Jack- 
son, Ed. De Forrest, Val Tralnnr, Myrtle 
Dale, Pattl Carney anil Lulu Beeson deserved 
the applause their efforts gained. The olio-: 
Lewis and. Thompson succeeded la pleasing 
with their singing nnd dancing; Pattl Car- 
ney rendered some new sonas In a charming 
manner: Ed De Forrest. John If. Blllshury, 
James Fagan and J. Elmer Jackson present- 
ed a sketch, "Brenkinx into Vaudeville." 
which wns full of laughx r-Tralnor and Dale 
did a novel act that won approval : Lulu Bee- 
aon dtsnltryed the. skill that made her tho 
champion lady, buck dancer. 

Miner's Hovrery Theatre (Edwin D. 
Miner, manager) .— r»e_ IMIlU . <* Wood Biff 

Current Copies. 

ShOuv headedr by Pat Beilly himself, Is this 
week's attraction/ "Kellly. In Egypt," With 
Xir.- Bellly. as Mark Antony. Is a catchy first 
part, followed by the moving pictures ; - the 
Van Der Koors, maglclias In pantomime; tho 
Three Electric Clark Sisters, Hnth Wright, 
singer of llltistrated songs; Wilson and De 
Monrlllc, In' "A, Thanksgiving Eve;" the Van 
Cooks, In music and crimedy lnra laundry ; 
and the burlesque, "Rollly In Politics." Geo. 
X. .WILson scored ■ as usual • with his clever 
character work. Next week, the Jolly Grass 

. London Theatre (James H, Curtln, man- 
ager). — 3'ftc BraaiUray (lalcty Glrlt, under 
Mr. Curtln's management, with John Weber 
hs the feature, drew crowded houses Monday, 
Dec. 2. Tho programme, which has been 
full? commented upon In a recent Issue, was 
thoroughly enjoyable. It Included "Huisette," 
n lively comedy In two acts, nnd nn olio of 
five Interesting -acts, and the moving pic- 
tures. Beatrice Uaynes, soubrettc : Clarence 
Marks, the bass singer uf the phenomenal 
voice: Blanch Washburn, Hattle Chew, 
Vaughn Comfort and Chas. W. Douglas, la 
"A Jealous Woman ;" John Weber, assisted 
by Ruth Deshon and Grace Graham, In on 
net- full, of Bonsensloalltles, uiul the Bonning- 
tou Brothers, rllig performers, and hand bal- 
ancers -of remarkable skill and muscular de- 
velopment, made;itp tho olio. Tho showy en- 
semolc Dumbers were applauded. Millie Da 
Leap, "The Girl In Blue, was an added at- 
traction. Next week, Miner's Americans. ' 

-Atrantio Garden (W.Kramer's Bons.mao.- 
agers). — Ed. -and. Anita Znvarras, revolving 
globe manipulators; the Alpha Comedy Four, 
Allen and Horne, character - camedlana ; 
Marie De Rnssctt, - gun manipulator ; Grace. 
Deimore, operatic soprano/ and -a new series 
of moving pictures, are the attractions for 
thin WG^k * " " * 

Comedy -.Theatre (B. Asber, manager). 
•^-Tho bill' for tho current week, begin- 
ning Monday, Dec. . 2. Includes : Keely and 
IltUlannii. comedy work; Dora Hall, dancing; 
Wayne G. : Christy, comedian and monoio- 
gist ; Grace Dixon, ballad singer, and Herbert 
Marev. In Illustrated songs. 

Yorkvllle Theatre (Frank Gcrsten, man- 
ager). — A>. H.. Wilson Is the attraction here 
this week, presenting Ids new "Metx In the 
Alps," - 

. Hnber's Maaentn (John H. Anderson; 
manager). — Au excellent bill Is presented In 
the curio halts this week, which .Is well at- 
tended at every performance. In the thea- 
tre, J.-M. Moore's -New Orleans Minstrels 
bl III continue to draw crowded booses. 

Wallacls's' (Charles Burnham. manager), 
— Elate Janls, in "The Hoyden," moved from 
another city bouse nnd opened, at this theatre 
Mommy, Dec, 2. 

the week. Francis Wilson did well last week 
Next, Rogers Brothers. 

Majkstic (W. C. Frldley, manager). — 
James O'Neill Is seen the current week In the 
classics, "Vlrglnius." "Julius,. Cesar" and 
"Monte Crlsto." "Tho Old Homestead" nt- 
tracted large crowds last week. Next, Al. 
II. Wilson, in ".Metx In the Alps." . 

Hia'BERT (Hal Clarendon, manager). — The 
Clarendon Stock Co. presents "For Her Sake" 
this week. 

Bunt) (Wm. Hyde, manager). — "His Ter- 
rible Secret" 2-7. <■ "Convict OOO" drew well 
last week. Next, Jat<. J. Corbett. ,. 

> Coi.taiiiiA (Clm-te 11. Wuers, maoa'gerL|-T- 
"The Original Cdlien" 2 and week. "The 
Life of An Actress" lastweek pleased greatly. 

OnrnnUM (Percy G. Williams, manager). 
— Another excellent bill, is seen 2-7. May Ir- 
win beads It, with ber new songs. Others 
are : "Paradise Alley," Fred Walton and com- 
pany, Cameron and Flanagan, Hill and-Whuv 
taker. Grade Kmiaett and company, .the. Four 
Lukens, Les Trombetta. Sam ' Williams und 
the vltagraph. Big business last week. 

GRAKb (W. T, tlrover, manager). — Vesta 
Victoria again heads a good bill 2-7. Miss 
Victoria won much favor last week. ,8ho 
lias several new numbers. Others 
bill are : Clifton Crawford, Dknbo 'Japs, 
Clermont'u Comedy' Circus, Vasco, That 
tette, Wilton Bros., Alexander and Berlle, 
and animated pictures. Crowded bouses last 

KRKxr.Y's (George Slonne, manager).— One 
of the best bills seen here this season Is on 
the current week. ..Fanny Blco, Clarice Vance, 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy, May Melvlllo 
and John Higglns, Selmtl Harris, Four Cast- 
ing Dunbars, Prampkln Trio, ltltchlo Comedy 
Trio and Kecneyacope. Fine business last 

■ Stab (Edw. Behman, manager). — The 
Cracker Jacks aro here .this week, with a 

h*gon her second wppk Monday, Dec. 2. lloso 
Mahl will celebrate .ber two thousand three 
hundredth appearance ns Patricia O'Brien, 
In "The Chorus Ladv." on Monday, Dec. 16. 
I'Htrlcia has decided- to reverse the usual tbe- 
atrjeal precedent, and souvenirs will bo dls- 
trlhuted to-her "gentlemen fren's." 
J»w Circle Theatre (Mortimer M. 
rbifse, manag«rV.- r "HlB Honor, the Mayor," 
u'esti Its second week Monday, Doc. 2. ' 

Empire Theatre (Chas. Frohnmn, man- 
ager) — John -Drew. -lb "My Wife," began his 
fourteenth week Dee. 3. ' • ■' • ' 

Academy of Mnsle - (Gllmore & Tomp- 
s nt, managers). — ^'"The Lion and the 
Jloose" begna, Dec. 2, Its sixth week. 
^tayvesantTatatre (David Belasco, min- 
fpr)-— David Warfield, in VA Grand army 
*w»i ' began hit eighth, week Dec. 2." - 

Harlem. — At_ Keith & Proctor's narlem 
F. . Albce, general mnna- 
"asonl'Vls the offering of 

Hudson .Theatre (Henry B. Harris, man- Opera House (E, F 
ager) .— Hnsc SttthI, . In "Tbo Chorus Lady," ger) .—"Are You • M — 

the stock company: for this week. It being 
the first presentation of the piny by a slock 
company In 'Harlem. It was well cast and 
staged, and met nil requirements Dec. 2. It 
proved a great laugh oinker, keeping tbo 

audience In roars from the rise to the fall 
of the curtain. The lending roles were In 
the hands of Beatrice Morgan, John Craig with 
HBd Bobert Lee' Hill, and fnlri"tiIb'of players Next 
did - splendid work. Others w«ro George 
Howell, Wm, Norton. Chas, Heay. Em tile 
Melville. Louisa Randolph and Louis Brn- 
nelle. The vaudeville: Ruth alvoy and new 
motion pictures. • 

: Keitb i *' Proctoh's Oxn' IIuxdbed Asm 
TWENTT-PIrtlt Htmet TnEATBK^E. F. Alliec, 
general manager).— A gretf bill ' was pre- 
sented on Dec, 2. for tbe approval of an audi- -... .'»» » »v^. -«-»=«• 
once that packed toe popular house from top will be continued ant met. 

company well, worth seelns. Butty Leonl nnd 
Llllle Vediler, assisted by Robert Van Oeten, 
Daniel Manning and Harry Perry, lead tbe 
fun making. A chorus of thirty pretty girls 
flnl9h oa; the big company. "The Saratoga 
Belles" and "Nature in Marble Halls'' uro the 
burlesques, and cause .mu?b -merriment. The 
olio .Includes : - Dan Sherman and • Nettle lie 
Forest, In "A : Jiiy.' Circus ;" Three Original 
Mndcapu, Millard- Bros., the Mannings, and 
Vafdou, l*erry i and. Wllber, . ' Fred Irwin's 
Big Show enjoyed Urge business. Next, Ma- 
jesties. • ...... ; • : . • ' 

Oiutric (Nick Norton, manager). — Vnnlty 
Fair Extravsgansa, Co. .opened here 2, for 
the first time this season. The -piece 'Ih full- 
of good music,' tbo compnny In large and the 
latum Is composed of twenty graceful young' 
women. The -olio U made up cf: Whang 
Doodle Four, James Waters, the .Three Stan- 
ley SlBtcrs, Morgan nnd Chester, Kenning-, 
LewiH and Hannlngs,' Welch auil ' MSItland,- 
and Chas. Mack and company. Big business 
last- week. Next, the, Boston Belles. ' ' 

Bboadway (Leo C. Teller, lessee). — '.'.Tlie 
Right of Way" has Its first Brooklyn! presen- 
tation this week, with Guy Standing and 
Theodore Roberts In .the characters of Char- 
ley Steele nnd Joe . Portugal. Anna Held 
drew crowded. hoiises week ending Nov. JJO. 
Next,' Blanclio Walsh, lit "Tbo Krciitzor 
Sonata." ■ ". ...-.• (Hcnrv Kurtzman. managor).-r-"TbB 
Old Hoiuestoad" began a week's stay hero 
nlgbt of Dec. 2, Bit; houses with the Kays 
last week. Next, "fiustcf Browu." 
- UAYrvry (James Clark, manager). — Pred 
Irwin's Big Show this week. Tbu olio: The 
Beunett Sisters, Louis Bates, the Watson Sis- 
ters, Campbell < and Kentiv, Hraily and Ma-' 
honey, and Walsh, Lynch und company. Good 
business last week with Al. Jtecves' Beauty 
Show. Next, Cracker Jacks Co. , 
-•NovKi.Tt (Benedict Watt, manogar). — This 
week's bill : Julia Ring - and' company, Harry 
Hrcen, Kccley Brothers, tbo Wotpcrt Trio, 
Audrlcttu.'BIII and Ward, tbc Pour American 
Trumpeters, und Cooper and Iloblnsou. flood 
business lust Week. '. . . 

■ Blanes'b (Joe Williams, manager). — "The 
Spoilers" tells Its tale of the Alaskan golrl 
fields this week. Good business last weel: 
P.jrncH Bros.' "New Bight Bella." 
"It's Never "Too Late to -Mend." 

(it)TitAM (Edgar F. Glrsrd, manager). — 
Thin week's bill: Bessie Wynne. For and 
Clarke, the Musical Avolos, Duncan and 
Godfrey, Kbarpe Bros., Harry Deavcs'- Mario- 
nettes, Hartmnn Bros., and Warren Lln- 
icoJu Travis. Good bouses last. week. . >■ . 

Fatton'b (Joe Payton, manager).— "Ollvar 
Twlst" this week. Last w«ek. ".Mistress 
Nail" played to gttod home*. "Oliver Twltt" 

Ciiahlhh V ho ii mas has decided to pre- 
sent Paul Ruben's musical comedy. "Miss 
Hook of Holland, for tbe llrst time in Amer- 
ica' on Dec. 2rt, nt the National Tlienlre, 
Washington, D. C Instead of at tho Criterion 
Theatre. New York Cily. This wilt enable 
Marie Doro to continue at the Criterion with 
"The Morals of Marcus." 
. Kowasd Grrhan, composer of "Tom Jones," 
who came over here from London to assist 
In the music rehearsals of the operetta, bas 
returned to England. 

I'mm.i Cu.W! Is nlno touring nt present in 
the . Northwest under- John fort's manage- 
ment. Her season of forty concerts includes 
8nn . Frnnclscn, Los Angeles, Mexico Clly; 
nnd n farewell appearance In New York In 
March. - ■ ■ 

-/Max Fiojias will end his second Ameri- 
can four In "Tbe Man on tho Box" nt 
Memphis, Tenn., In March, In order to ap- 
pear In tbe McGralh-Furnlss comedy In Lon- 
don beginning April 0. 
• '''Wren, -Woman and Bono" Co,, headed by 
Dnnlta and Nat Carr, broke all records for 
business this season at tho Alrin Theatre, 
Pittsburg, Pa., last week. The house waa 
sold out at every performance. Thn orches- 
tra played an the stage Thsoksglvlng night, 
on' tbe srld seats were sold at fl.50 on the »ttige. 
s, Jean ItRmiXttSAi.s have hegun for the new 7,leg- 
t Qusr- told review, "A Dancer's Tour of the World, 
which will present Adeline Genee, lue Danish 
dancer^' to the New York public tarty in Jan- 
uary. havo also begun for Frank 
McKee and William ' Harris' production of 
"The .Waltz Dream," which will receive Its 
metropolitan jiremierc Bhortly after tbe open- 
ing' or the new year. Ganthont, English actor-play- 
wright, arrived In tbe metropolis last week, 
with anew play, written by himself. It It 
a comedy on New York life, In three acts, 
entitled: 4 '0nly an Actress." Mr. Ganthony 
Intends. to stuy In New York for a month be- 
fore starting on a Canadian tour. 

Thosias A. Wise, who was 111 last week 
with a severe cold, is rapidly recovering. 
"GtOBW," a new play by James Fagcn, an 

Tom's Cabin" 10, 


i,ynohhnr«. — At thn Academy of Music 
(Corbln Sheels, manager) W« S. Hnrt, In "The 
Virginian," Nov. 21. "In a Woman's Power" 
2.1. "Under Southern Sktos" 27. matinee and 
night, was n success In every renpect. "Tbe 
tllvnls," 2R, had one or tho largest nndlences 
of the senson, lo S. It'. 0. 
«i> ' 
lllionu IHI.AND. 

Newport. — At tho 'Newport Opera tlnnss 
(Cnhn A Cross. innnngerH) Mrs. Patrick 
Campiiell, In '"llio Second Mra, 'Pangueny." 
plnyod to capni'lty Nov. 2d, Mrs. Leslie 
Carter had a large nudlence flO, Week of 
Dec. 2, Cosgrovo Slock Co. 

Pensaeola. — At tho Pnnsncolft Opera 
House (J. M, Cnc, manager). — "Rip Van 
Winkle" Nov. 25, "Peaceful Valley" 2f». "Th« 

Holy City" Doc. 
Paul Gllmore A 

rim Hlnek Crook" 4, 

Irish author. Is to bo produced by the Shu- 
tierts. Ip Philadelphia, with Julia Marlowe In 

tho tlGe: role. ... 

iCijitu Wiiir,snv. who Is to play a leading 

fiurf In. tho rcr no which l-'lnrenz Klcgfeld Jr. 
k soon to produce, arrived .In. Now York last 
week. Since nuo went to Ritrope, about four 
years ago, she lius taken part In many revuet 
In tho Parisian music halls. 
. .ttiqxnir Mascauki has written tbe lacidtn- 
tal ninalc fpr Novelll's forthcoming produc- 
tion of ."Dante," to bo presented for the first 
time on,. any stage nt the. Lyric Theatre, In 
thfl . second week of the Italian actor's en-' 
gagement here. 

amo.vo Tint itKMtiKns of the company en- 
gaged to support Julia Marlowe In ner new 
play, i -Hlnrla." are Alice Harrington, ' F!u- 

S;eula Woodward, Gwendolyn Plars, Frederick 
/ewls, White Whittlesey, Chnrles C. Qulun, 
David it, Young, Joint C. Dixon, Myron 
(Utllce and T. L. Coleman. 

fc of Nov. 28 a large audlenco gave 
.cordial encouragement to Denis O'Sulllvan, 
tho Irish baritone, at a recital In Carnegie 
Hall, Now York city. Mr. O'Sulllvan leaves 
soon for Chicago, wheni ho will nppenr In un 
Irish cotuk oueru, entillod "Peggy Machrca," 

' CUABCHi Kjjth, an English actor, who 
played In this country seventeen years ago, 
arrived In New York last week, accompanied 
by bis wife. They uavo como lo fulfill an en- 

- f,«l' ■: 



Gowns, ■ .;";-' 


The exchisiveni^s'; Which 
has marked the prodiuctions 
of this house are manifest 
in this new department. 

' Estimate* • and; designs 
submitted for the entire 
outfitting of companies. 


Oppoiite Fifth Ave. Hotel, New I'ork. 


Beit Sellers at $15, $18 and $20. 


These Overcoats were tailored by one of 
America's foremost tailots, whose gr^ut 
■ucceaa result* (rr.m thn hand work, HOiart 
style and extt emu value that he crowds 
into his high. grailo garment h. 

THE FABRICS are smart oy.iter >.nd 
Quaker grays, in correct walo, Htrlpe uml 
herrinK-Tione weuven, '■'-■' ., i 

THK MOHKUS nre smart semi-fitted 
designs, with self collnra; various patcli 
pocket and new Weevc 'efTects,' lite most 
popular uf the Brill modal*. 

Trade conditions, turned' to your udvnn. 
tage by Brill "best value policy" make this 
sale possible, '.'■. .','.':• , ""•; • 

USI«.\ SlilAHE, 14th, ii. JJ way. 
JI70 BMUAIIVVAY. H. Oliambcri.V 
4T COUXLKnOT, n. Orrsnwlrll. 
lilSth STHISBT. nor. 3d Annii. 


__r ... Hotel itttlnlKli, ii'il'lmore, JI<i„0cl io, loor. 

(ior,BU JU-tlk'al fo.. IHirlmin, N. C, : .. , 

Uoatlemeu— lielnir alarmed while here oncl fcailnu puciimonlu, ucuuiiitt doep-uested colli, gprencas 
Id client uuil pain In loft side, I used rem- remedy, "Howbd'h Pneumonia (.'iiru''(«xierosl).imil villained 
mirprislnii relinf in a few hours' tlnio. Have hIho used Has u llnliueni for niUfcnlar aoreDBM wltli host 
renulls, its action Uelny ntilek anil crrectlve; In fact, the merit It poihhmmu* In relieving pain and sore- 
nessls loileed wondprftij. 

Tiii!' reraely, wheu hotter known, should and win, 1 relieve, oi:ropy u,very prominent ponitloo ootlt 
In the stlieltic and theatrical worlds, where mnsenlar aorenesa and colds sre ho cyttimuu. A trMl, ttned 
Blmply bjriibbliiu well Into thn ntrecied parts, will conrlncess to Its worlli. . 

Von sre at liberty to use this, my Indorsement, in sny wsy thst It may do (rood In brlOBlntr- »neh a 
vsinihie tPtncdj to trie notice of Hip world: and ynu majr stfd that 1 shall nsver ho without It again, 
and will take pleasure In renommendlnK it to my friends whenever oeosslon arises. ' - • ■ 
lr«r n&Ia w b.11 Yours trnly, 

BIKKR •ZIuUatSLlto,*. Piter.. '"^VS^MIS'S^ShV m „ h, 

la lew York tad Brooklyn. Champion Middle-Weight; Ohd Light 

, 17 ^T **?*? Ile»*l*lit and ei-Ueary-welgbt 
Me., SOc, aad »l,0fl. . ■ nfthnworld. * • 

mm ijibsw - gong 

.jfr.f SEg£i - ■■■■ ■• . 5; r- : --- ••" • ' - 

3m fakcu III wbiin with Mm. Wellborn.* 

"Cncla Tom's Cabin" Cu. .11" was cared for 

br trio Actors" l'uad far the pufct twn month*, 

Th<- body Wl shipped to AfOiland, Pa., for 

uVrlaHn the Wflft (H • «« U H tt rvJve«l 

bV hl» mother, tifitor.- wife /who Is proles- 

slonoilJ Known on Kittle lloffntnli) and tt.son. Jarkwiiii, un. odor, .whew, mint* 

In,, private life was Jiirehow, comiulltort 

viileftp oil Nov. i!7. by shooting himself 

through tlio loroil with n. revolver will «'««• 

ca-nTon a bench In (ll«h bridge Park. New 

Votb Cltv. Policeman Malone of the West One 

Hundred' and Klftysrifoiid ■8tM*t Station. 

hoard tbo Hhot oncl called an nuibulauco, but: 

Jackson, died befoie It arrived. Mr..Jucksoa 

its* forfv year* okl ntid not married: 

Mil playing Juvenile' parts twenty yearn njid. liujiorlhnl .engagement war frith 

Frank Mayo, and nfterwurd, ho played with 

Jennie \enianiis. Then followed {Mr-fMUH 

With Thomas Itnrnn. •il'ir'v.rocuiitly. lie 

nluyca two seasons, wllli, Wtlllain If, Craiw 

lll' f X Fool. and III* Money." HI*, la* WW; 

feMtmal eniogrtneut «a» In ".The U'H 

Kangttk.'' iflB Inst year's flugugcaiont was 


We «Wi"l' '* thvtl/il li»f vit : til* 'Whiter 
ouuiteis «< tent *ho*fc concerning" which hi- 
/irrniatlori M «' hand. Corrections and add - 
tlo»in u rc Invited to enable the publlcntlwt at 
itni.-uded list* lit uti»we>iociit issues, «•*« Is 
Ml desire- to cataioguu th« permanent head- 
nutirier* of all tenleiT otRAiilniUonH : >■ 

Alton k Anderson's G onrook, Pa. 

W Wttf ^uhtrSritt Heights. Pr. 
ttrnw * "alley. ..:.... •j»V, d ^A , ft?KvV'i', r l!i' 

iSi-UmV nad.'.V« II. Water St.,-iawit*~N. V 
jiuvbaiutn Urea.,. 
Busby BroB 

UoilIi'Jiir Kro-. 

iri.ilft. Tennessee". Mbwlaalptil. Alabama and 

Georgia. , It luia ployed all the town- an 

eltle-N.f any not. L. tjw iBt»tai^fcJgi 

Invurlnbl.v has reiclvod everywhere the licuity 
endorsement of the ofllolals and author ties 
for 11* cleanliness. Tltn business everywhere 

i .'ml land. Ore., .week of Nov. jH, r*di£hw 

VStVi • 5 liu'ilM Edward • »"/»• •»■ f: - «"'"l.v» Van w windiMl Mmurella witl! * T t 

1^' ana NM ft aveimnrt PmTns the 1) A. .ll>;t.,«p, for tho Jciv,II Kcllcv 

.vw t month we '»'«? Mlwotirr niid Stock .Co., wrICw:- "At IteCuialr City.,; «|,V., 

V t~il Tin •• wo b'tavt ft tdar of ft"! wo.tanied ov«r two huarfred ])e«pl,.> aval" 2: 

■ •ami,«UtMnithv. Urgent IS. tluThWS 

ula. of the town. TuIh \va« Mr. nd&y'a ttrst «l. 

tlio HUotttnt In MeCoaiU City for live yearn. It 

I 'cans Mayo, dnd blared «tth KWnEriBftZ~Tei 

follliwed four y«nrM BHB»*jB5E5J: a • 

Bfliwii lanjllr' 

*'».^— U.'j I*., If. i. 

..Dca Moinea, hu 
........Fana, ill. 

... .AugtiHta, Okl. 

UrldKouort, Conn. 
.'. ;Antler»i(»u, luu. 

with Mar. Intrln. 

Krnnk -Av C«iilj,. a eriniodlan. woll 
kiiBWn )i l'lilladeljjbla. died In. that city laat 
•.veelt; In urn Soflhwoat OefMral fiospltal, 
nircd aUty-1'ouf yearn. Burly In. lib? yimlh 
Mr. Coaly determined to ^o unou the atiigc 
KC ffaa 
late ! 

Brown ■ Dnlwd Hh6WH,- . • ,. .:. • ..:,_; .- 

ftnllpy-a, MolloV rtenn. >Hott»t««i.- I «. 

iJllrko'H.WK. Hhowr.. {lii^^k \lk 

llrU.Clienir. ...... .,. .,Clty otMcjUoHMeAlco. 


Colorado tlraiit. it 
(!iarit nroa.. 

Caiiclc lire*.' IJnlon Shown. 
4U0'.Rcacrvolr Ave, 
Clnta'H UnUwl Mhwv«. 

. ....AtiikV.Okl. 

l'ruvldeace, tl. I. 

. Ali'iuwlrbi, l,a. 

...'.. Kt'lo, l'a. 

Kalrbnry. Neb. 

HU 577, Riil K<y. inil. 
„., -...Tipton. la. 

■. . . rretlorltUapurif, v«, 
,....,.......,. ...flStivillc, til. 

iiriilde Ave., .Juehs«i\,llliy Pl». 

}>nti-|il City l'at-k. Maeon, .tin. This win 
tcrlniTPhni!.!* eonecdod by iill- HbowmiM Who 
hwvi lookoil -It: ovor, to bo thn . finest and 
b«H« constructed" place for lb..! purpoae In Huh 
country. • The nhnw will wnialn ■ the unute 
Klisi) for tbu next ileaHftii, l.nt. fun policy. will 
belli nioiO atfraellva In appearance, 
VlUi--thii. introduction of- laore. loeiuorlona 
ri'lH urea and- lilean. The iillnilnfltloii alto- 
del bar of alvlnp atrent purailiot two yeur* auo, 
coatlpitea la foice, and v.MIl again he In 
roxu'-urat^oaiiun. The. ciuwJm on tlio lota 
for lhi» ijiornlnij, fire iiboa-s this BoaHiin are 
itii'-lftrtfCHt lntliij.lilHtory.of the flion-. ntid 
the unmix dMsrtllwat iWm capaclly liuslncds 
evely biiintlua., Tor next MUM the Rhow 
<M|l-h««l mM spei'lol free nllriielloii, 1'rnf. 
Aimn IvliircMlo'n air ship. flu/I It 1b the In. 
IfWllpn of tho ■iniuiaBCuniatto Rivo- two of 
ltiene fyf.* atrial niivlaatlon dlaplaja cm:U day. 
.Vniiaiif the |«!oril« «1 the .present pttwulzn- 
U/.u. the •fifluwlug. have algued for next ■MM 

ward wltti rauc 

I'Tok'nI! manaaer of the IVe'st-lioftry 
ftouk Co., writes: "Answers .-to ,my tereiit 
•$>. in Mm <$mJ^JWJB^&JZl 


actor b, ibis 

iitul . ,MojlH- 

be. denied. 

a *et» out 

gagenient nt Jfc. 

~ nervi^ after 

' ,/att Him 

1 her touf hi 
, -.aslenj'i mA 
.-. .been: cUgaccd MjfttWM woman foe the 
new atock eorabalty which open* the MaJeatfc 
Tlioatre, Llbcblb, Neh... Nov, '£i. In .«,\t 
Cose^ Corners. ' j .The \lajeatlc waa forai»i.T 

•ad' in Tun W-'f^V^ml T »% l« B aimSt he ftljon,-. vandoVllib bpu7« wl cb £k, uSi 

te ifi"seo TiiaktiATi. conlldeutial.ndvlHer and 
business masutr of liinteto /jovelll, was 
mnrilcil on -Nov. 'M. In MtlslttltB, fa., to 
l'uubi ltossl, arte of the leading member* of 
the Knvelll .comlinliy 

CHmiUi: II. dfiipwAJi Infortua as that be 
hw received word, To the flffee.t tbat Judge 
Meek, of the United HtrftM Court, of Kjjrt 
Worth, X«x." haaaiabteil n writ, of IbluucUoti 
nsjitlnst tho llallfiy-liiteUer A, whlolr has 
!»?cn. iiro.lue.llic "W"} Kn. Ivlux Klau. T ,al. 
leged to bo an intrlnseiiienl of "The Clant- 
man." „, . . . • ' • . ■ 

i<n»nvi) CiAin'Axo An. Pbh itocnim, ioeni- 

tbe prettiest stock IfStUtai' of the MliMle 

Weat. •■•.. 

Xoths ami roattr at tho 'Pro Mats Co.— 
We itrti doing a banner buslncNs arid Kotv. 
body Is fcallng.ilpe.-. Tito ghost .wallts crefj 
Kiia.luy. and T/IH.OLO ■HmAAinsi. readies u« 
L'Cjpilitrlr. Itoater la: Jos. :T, McOovern, 
Arelilo McCriJI.- T. C Urbat. J. It. tugsstiall 
1, K. tiiliuin. Jul In a MutUoii. IVnuJjt ftauj, 
llefitrlce King and' Violet Grey.' . - 

li.vtiaiVKM jun IMn write : "Wb close wltb 
the "Irish Henator" <;o; wee. 10, after biilni! 
with sahie for llftoin weeks, our work re- 
fi|a'i!tlveIy,Mr, Ttftuna, in- tho part of.floinile, 
l<eo -In thd part .of -Fanny I'orfojic 

fid fl *_. 
Atutelo. ai«d .trow; ciHisiimptlort >A1 Nov. 20, 
lit u rcnMKlvafllii Itallt'ood lyala tl'fflj*! 
from Chlcagp' ii>, t riilMclpWa. .lMvW 
truln'a arrival lift hody MM -takeu In hlo ,„,,._.,.._.... 
parerits' residence fO^IURt.JW^'n? jffi/8PfiS8*f 
Street, whouco IWi liilejuicnt.iook.Hatc.-Mr. f&SLBmilttiBi&aii ClrttUJ 
Houaley hud bci'ti a MirtVrcr from latlnioliary HurkncsHftlioxSMinairet vu ^J^^ t ^ 

Ha*no * t'i». 
Iloiik K........ 

HolCl'\ ¥-•■ 
Hhlls, fiflO/ W 


. . j .i>aiyi 
.utmunrt, l.a. 
...Alwoort, Ivan. 
.fOvfliiovllle, VVIs. 


•liau'a pioVlieifius seimoit, end the perform- 
iihcch In' Ills ilopilrltueiit Jiave been received 
In A 'tnoet- favorable milliner. Ills pulley for. 

ills. , 'fihi Cbiri-uii afi'nrilK nm niany 
iooru<iit» 'of pleasure during my fonyaloa- 

Autca, J. JlcQuni'lle. It. H.. Krsklbe.Kl. S. 
M.u.rubv tlertt'udn Jiillcn,. Ftcleu . Gnwnir. 

Hose Carle, :Mon*. riijuan.., in mi aettill act: 
A.. V: Keiit, J. >:. Blirliu. iChot: -Mllleiv wllh 

Trouble's for soiuo time, but managed to per- 
form until. Nov. 2H, when he yollqpted on the 

ubhier. Wftf.'Ji H.. 
ll*rtry>J.-< «...-..... 

Howe's .KreAt IahiiIoh. , 

, n !lwater..r*a. tiMt n^vsoi). Will' W -}o Klvo an even better cenee.' 

fond du liiie. Wis. lietfortanneu. He will also have many new Mor>JK.,iiii1 returned to Kurope Nov, .10, tlio;vetcriih ... 

KHBIEUm* „.„i novellJes lii the dressing to ybcli at tho A|iollo Theatre, -I'nrls, franco, i-ompanj- Is bookeil 

and extorlor of hW shows jhhi.- tl. •: ■ • :'.■' ■' ■' V' llio nilildle Htnf«s aud tlic 

dlwasos, DIMM Iweuty-elght years. 

Ktli titvnu. of the van3ev!ll« (e»m.,Bwaii 
und O'Unv. died Nov. \-J. at tho Jlniiliattan 
St«to Hus'pltul, Wards lutaiid, N. \„ After ft 
Iouk Illness. . flo was well known as it black 
(ace comedliih. . ..... 

- Tlio body .of it .-iiiiili Is tho 
vuudovllle. iierfornier. who was drowned lit 
October, was fouM'at New t?naitnu, HI., and 
binled thore on Nor. 21. His iK-ople will bo 
ahii; to learu of his plaeo of burial by eom- 
tuiiuleatlng with. th« iititboritlos at New Cnu- 

Itloilrilo Cnxlr... n ltojed hltlslcbtU, »t 
Mexico., died hi i\Vf}»> , Cltj. oil , Nov. 28. 
from pticuiaoulu. Alihiipsb less Minn Ihlrtv 
;o«rs of age, lie had win grout fnmn.iis u 
pianist ami compoier. Ills most .pretentious 
work ivns culled , "legend of Itudvl." . ■. ■ . 

Web. H; iinttiii'U. nfngci etlrpcUtef iud 
oilvunce iiK«il. for twelve yenta at th» Oli- 
ver ThHiitiT. l.ln.'olii, N'ab., ami well known 
In. the priifiisalon.. dod lu ClilcuKtt. ll|..; on 
Nor. 21. Ifa resluiaeU at tlib Oliver, la Mtt- 
o/jlu. )is.t March, to accept n slrullai' position 
In tMilinBo. Ho was a member of tiiualia 
Ucal No. '13, I, A, T. H. 10., ami Lincoln 
147; r, O. V. 
i 1 ■ -■ ' . 

.l«ciisr(igiirdi ; M|H«. 
..•.Stonewall, Okl. 
. .' ... ..MAcwt/Oa. 
...'. .Xowbury, v.t. 
.('Ufton ruifre, Vn. 
. KtrwJuKliam. Ala. 
. .Oreariwivlii.Nj >• 
. ...:.tftnfmig. Men. 
,-...!. ;rVrry. Okla. 
. ; . : ... .lianklt*, o. 

., oxvlllc, o. 

........ HalcTn.'lrh 

Cranston, 1C I. 

. ..Shiiiiiiiidofth.'T'a. 

' iV.'ix '••OiV-Uuerluino', Kun. SnJ BnUunt.' uinuuor. It might nj 
i':ireus, - ., . r<h!csr. lioiiole. tho fael that the 'Ml 

so Im of hi- 
. low has not 

Vi'i' West Fort Bt;. DetiolC Midi, ohlltted. any night peifnruiances In the Koulli- 

ewt .Hlules. It has also "made" all of- Its 
rhililrthty. night moves In tho St4ito of Ocor- 
ght., oil thus, leaving at the ouhndulcd hour, 
Tl p. \t.- The llcorgln laws stlpuluia that no 
f Wight trains shall move from a given -point 
lifter II i\ v., on Sniuniuy night, and during 
Kunfluy. The.iidvaucu force* are doing splen- 
<Ild. iioi'lt lniuer ' tlie guldiinci! of Poler Sun, 
who .is assisted by 31. Uiugowur, coutracllpg 
rlgeht: C'harlos Glider, advunce cur malinger ; 
J. Xj. Uprtiiger, Kpec!:il ugent, and n full com- 
plement , of 1U.-S.I cuius Mil posters, lltbo^ruph- 
" advert' 

Kirlv No. 


I . ■ ! ■ , L -^'.— 

h*. II, MA*kl.i wrltetf : "THa Sunny South 
Kloatlnot Theatrn clpses the season at Vlcks- 
burg, Dee. 0, with tltu ^following nieniliers 
oboard : Tho Mutroy Trloj In hours and 
dances; the. Great Wlndcekor company, 
Moad anrt doift; RBH Sisters, Do l-iioii nlid 
wife, ,lu a sketch : f ,oi Totta Acrobats, Bail 
Olddeld, Jobiihou uuil wife, ujiinlcul nctl 
Carl Wagnor. Kit Mi-Abler. Wui. tltone, Harry 
Bequwt; P. Martin, C. OwjHU, A. <ttyenH, 
T. BatUllla. r>. Ilaitleti. ,t, THauv, C. Hol»I! 
nea, C, V«u " 
C, Ueloa, Ji 
•tin; John Karl, 

Great Wludeokcf takes tlio road with a lira I 
I'laaa cOmpnuy and tlie Sutmv S oath - Baud, 
iibder the. aiMiitiou <if 0e.>, Gibbous, ^yhl».h«f 

IMkjf, mul • :.-■ 
Mackay's liuvopwiii 
'• . .,' .... ■:- ,-83 ViKm 

ifail.le'i. W. «. . i . . . . ; Kpottsvllle, ; Ky. 

M'ind, lioK-iuiilT'otiy Hh.ow....nrouklyn, >i *• 

Martin llfroiC Aniiisotnfnt JSnturpylsea, ; . . ■' ■ , 

...,', attvaiiiiali.fla. 

Mellride'a.'i, '.,..,... ... , ; . . . ; ,.Owlitfcj*vl.ife, liy. 

Mlriallt Bto«. f.*>os. I and 2). .^UelAware^ O. 

Jfotr h AHqwoV „'. • • • ;,.Ba» *&$£*• 

XiHOe's. Chaa CWztotMU 8: C. 

Ortop, St. IS.,..,. '••Gflonv.lllei la. 

(•imilu Aniascment.. .-. ..'.'. . .Uoldsbpro, N.-L. 
Hobiilohca.. ..r.Cafo Central, Havana, culm. 

VaivAinerlcaii Sliow. i >JM9<>n- g?- 

i'uwnei. Hill's Wild- West.... Naslis-llls.* Tdnn. 

lllppol, <.'. ,A Frankfort, liu. 

Itoell's. • A. IV .-.Vernon, Hid. 

itlnuliiiR Bros •BunurUi « Is. 

Illgg's Wild West l'arkbu Ark. 

Hiil.ins'o'ii'H.-.Tobu, Terrace Tnrk, (Jlpclpnatl.-O. 
Kohblus*. P. A., CouiuiiiiilnUw Ayemio nnu ,j 

,.. • • ■ftlendlilcl'urk.Joraertl'.i;- 

Htco's Hog and Wrny 81iows..N»;w Alhaiiff, ■■Hid. 

Hailth's, E. 0; ;...;... Buehslowti, Va. 

Sull«l'"loto. .; •'. ••ViH'Vi'V Ci«l. 

Bells. Wui.. : : ivunsasjjltv. Mo. 

Hnilth,,.t i ruf. Hilny .....aratJ:, V*. 

Slilpii. Kdwiird.. ..VctersbHip, 111. 

Steele's Clrou*. . .Uox 31 U, Mauuh Cluing, fii. 

IteWMt'Nf Cap l'cii't Wayne,, tnd. 

Smi Bros .' • • MfiWf.fifr 

Silver. • Ihirt. v .'Crystal. Mich. 

K01M Br.oa WHlertoWllM* • T. 

Hwll't Bros Uolden ffliV. ill. 

Totlt Wm,..::.» Chorrltott, 1u. 

Teals ttnia..' .Cbarlotta Korhaee, Ky. 

l.'deii'a Hll'piwIroBw and Wild West. . * • •' ... 
• „ •.-..• / ' Flanagan. III. 

tan Auibucg. . ' ..MiMiatiui. '«*. 

Welsh Jtfos. ... i taneaeter, l'a, 

Whyaler; AVi>\ :iSa SVi h ): 

Wlntcriiiuta Bros ,. , .Hsbroii. O. 

..luiliiy City. M.leh. 

ttno'vatlorts. and nnvallicu 
of tht.Jhlerlur and extorl— 
mid .various concessions, ills wife. Mine 
fJIJllRplrf, (he tinw "Ccntary Mystic Mar- 
yal;":. ^dH.. ho teatared- |n a new nnd ax- 
liaurdluury laeatul porforaiaiue. Willi very 
fow k ■ e.rtiiplliins, tlio "Ulg - Bhovr" coropnny 
and Imud- ffiuulns the suuta as at tbu opsu- 
hig /laci 1 . .Tlie ti(ind. linder Ihe direction 
of Cirorle* (Inrlaeh. Is n splendid one. nnd 
Is evurywhen: rogulved with laueli warmth 
nml *i.riln of praise.. Uiiudumster i.crhich 
will' nlsb add unit^rliilly lo,hls party next 
• "B tfHiH' 1iy> Ibcpeasltig the inunlior ■ of . men 
to .Lwcntv-flvc. < The huml will also bo made 
a spuclifl Ceiitiire. The working forces 'are 
l.hildlluje the various doiiou-linenls In n most 

ers and: generii 
us Iiom bill !>P!>ter, 

rtlsai-s, with Bert Moore 

'•Map. 1/r, llor writes: "Owing to my hi 
hehilU. 1 closed with the Ahgells OomMluil 
(No.l f-liow), six weeks ngo, and Intend to 
speu il the rast of the. season with iny^Mirwit* 
at 81. Joseph, Mo. My Husband, J. ft Hub- 
bard, Is sill! with the nbovc. company. I man- 
nee to see. Tab ICUVntS noarly .every week." 

lliii.i.K J.icksoN haa .huMB. engagffd tor lu- 
geailOH unil.JuvciilIeK In the peraiuneut etoek 
nt tie Majestic Theatre. 'Lincoln, -.Neb. Tbl« 
Is Miss .Juekson's fourth engagement there, 
wlilnb .proves she Is well likeil In that city.- 

\V. T. 1I.V-NKT wrilos-: "1 nm Willi the 'A' 
Kol.ller's •Swm'tliearf Co. fono nlgliterl, 
through the Houtb,. on. Ilia K. & -l^.llma/ 
playing heavies. Wo get Tiih Oi.u Ilin.uui.u 
every w(ek." ■ w •: ,' 

le*«s TOWM opened hor season Inst week 
at Pertli Amhoy. N. ,f.. foiit.ur«d,at Hie bead 
of I In- iJlH'iiv Klock Co., iliuk-r tho direction 
el' 1-1 ill A. Kllfall. The company mmibcts; 
liln.'ircii -is'iiple, iimong others hohlg - John 
itovK'. Helen Held. Mr. unit Mrs. Waller He 
Htivu.ii. Tbolma Gllllugwiittr, . Charlea lloso 
and Hill MorrJsuy. Hob McClitng dlreuts tier- 
fm-iniiiiivs. and J. W, Mllllngwater Is com- 
puny ninniigcr. Alison Black and "Wlukla" 
Wottlilngton aro carried as vaudeville fca- 
turci. • 

ItobTuu of 'rm; "A KoMiiuii'M SwatirmiABT" 
(U>. :. Elolso Borlram, May Htallmea-, .Mm dm 
Herd. I'raak Colgnc. W. T. Huiiky. W. Jl, 

Ilirrv Annild ill .advance. The 
" 1 In -the .beat , of llais: lu 
rtniuli. Tni. Ui.i, 
iti-:i,iAiiM. reiieiie,-, mi without fall ami 
muvk n wol eo i ue weekly visitor. Lastly, the 
ghost perambulates regularly. •'..■-. 


Whllit we -a'cre playing .Minimi Cltyi >!«;,' the 
uildlcnc.e was thrown Into • n panic, by ii luim. 
built like. a Riant, who went sudUculy craiy 
ana struck suvuiul neoplo. Then he Juaipvd 
aerosij I ho seats the footlights and 
struck several : perf oniicrs, and both uodlonc" 
nnd cotnliany iwete.sttuineil. Ue'-was a raving 
wailhiit. lie rdn.uftcv l'aullnc Westerly.. the 
lending wtltiiaji, and was about to choke her 
whorl Comedian V. l\. Miller, allracted his «t- 
lontloii by. breaking; ti stage brace uuoa his 
lienij. Willi- the aid of. Miss Westerly be. mtis 
iliilj'iliicil. lull it: took llvnhlg Den lii liulil li'in 

tu tho tloor. Ho. was luken to mi asilutii, it 
being his thlrd,vlslt to that place. Tin: audi- 
i.-iiee returned and wltncssetl the end oituu 
play, which -was 'ttivvn In a harry, a .••„ 

•''L'Jtcix Zpku' NOTI-iS.— In ..spile Of- VIM 
niimev panic our biialncsv continues. good, At 
Wlutleld, Kun,, Nov. 28, ivo were next- to the 
(Op-, house of tho reason, aud ul Arkauto > 
City .wc hr'oko tho. house record. Our . bun- 
iless In augulontud on account of Itevelstlon 
Iliiiid. which Is pronounced thostrougest la 
colimert wbrk that lias played the West with 
a drauialli: organization. Frank -Whltconil), 

111 The tlllr ro&.. Is giving great sallsraellon, 
nml 'la well supported by lsaill. Crawford. 


i Vae.tur, II. LtSfe.J. Wllllains, SSSfiffiMTliaS Boond Brdok N 3 tn coatrlbutf. to the growth it 

uo. Stevens, it. Krana. M. Ulk S'K 1 ?! L«tui8 ; C uf tht > r'rlat- orgaiihtatloa. n 

Ifarlav and .Tim Cttiiftnliia. Tha Wvad«r J>fa- lama,,*., c. ulufll)(!r 0( . Vr i aw ku ,. e ^odw 

4ix: .U>li Miis. 

Joim b, WniojiT, who re- 

succussf ill seaSou , o.f 

Ui-BilqBnrdTs. 1-IOU llrumliTay, 
. Sew Vork . City. ■ . , 

tin growth of tlio Vrlhrs 1* 
'I'u dsl» tlierii have been UUU member* ctuctcd. 
Of theae filtli have paid tlii-lr eatrnucu fee and 
.im-.-:. suit itm In good standing. Tlie miutber 
of those who hove nut remitted wjll un- 
doubtedly -be greatly dec-reused during the 
next woek or two., us Ottry day brings- to the 
treasurer Up epiotn of ehiicks froui success- 
ful i cundldnics. It Is exjioctud tliut by tbu 
liitt of. tiiu your, practlcully all will ban: pahl. 
- Hi addition to Uiosu who hav.i been elected 
to vieuibershlp there is aow a uniting list 
of .178 uiinius. . Those .will be taken up us 
rapidly as possible, unit passod upon by tbo 
DMIu of govcruurs. 

CuiloubteillT acluulcil by a laudable deslro 
to coutiUmt? to the growth uud luiportaoco 

sed tor lin-in- 
bersttlp .the imoios of friends .without Hist 
cousttlllug llieiu soil securing their consent. 

every woufc. 

■ r>n:i,iK 8i"iTtKn:,.ixn anti Jack Ci.titib are 
being featured with 'IThn Show Girl" Co. . 

NuvNNii'VuM l/ANsi-wtl).- Pa. — "The Mayor 
of Laughhiud." with Tom Waters as the star, 
played Ijausfuril. Nov. -Ji, playlug to the 
largest reci.'lpls In the hUto: 
iiml the playhouse wus 
dome. , ttay I'bllllps, of 

. d mi' eugsxemeni with . 
i from thn 8luuis". Co.,. as , pin: 1st. Knmor has 
it .tliut Messrs. Nixop & Kltmiierman.- lu eoit- 
Inui-lkni wlih a number -of local capitalists, 
aru entertaining tho Idea of erecting a thca- 
tn- nt. Lausforu, 

• HnaTMH anilNutuh from ' "TU« Jllnlsler's 
Sivcntbourt" Co.. mauageiueiit of Trousdale 
Hrosj — Wo linve hud an exceileut seusoa so 
far, bathiK played to cupiclly budlucss sluco 
our opening, on Oct. si, .nt -Spirit iiukc, la. 
Tho money panic seeius In huve-bnd no bud 
ejfects ou Ioivn, us fur us we are concerned. 
The roster of Hie company Is as follows: 
Trousdulu Bros., muungers j Wlnu 'J'routfdulc, 

■ (i'liily clOkCd It very successful noasou.«ir » i,m Board of Covoruora roauest that no 
more than made good with llui.l Sunny Houtb r.lpc .tu.intnn' with tins Jones Ijlnoruihiia uoiulnatlouj (or lnenibcrshlp shnlt be ntade 

show boat." 
notos rami OoauVw fLoatinu tomtmH 

— Job!) Coolev.hae purchased Juiaea I lagan's 
Interest, and >i now solp .owuor nud.iuautii 
B*f. ■ N. B. Thtfut b'nk aeve'red mouuncttoas 
with the trio kuowu as the Lulsunrlugia mid 
Thorn, and, will reianln. abogrU Jim Cooloy 
Floallug Thchiro for the cou)tug .seasou. 
Hla,*fte «Ud her brother,! kuown us'Tho Lei- 
aeitrlngs, will play tho Weataru lime, this 
Winter, Thsre .wove,. no III feolluga M 'tho 
part of Che -piirll.'s Involved tn ntuktug this 
chauge, as II was luoruly for tiuslaoifa rcie 
»on«.. ... i :■■.* 

' HAiinr V. BCUMIDT. ntoungor of the Amor- 
I eun Air Ship Co., at Memphis. 'L'euu., writes; 
•^Vo are making saUnaid p'ragreas On the 
coustritciloii of our matnmoth air ship. Auiei- 
l«a, apa will open tho season hero early la 
March, s . . . ':.•••'• f •!•'■ L 

:Tul! ' AiiAuiii} "laiiiresarlo.' "slle Uussha 
Ben All; who arrived here Nov. -':;, in the 
midst of the tlnAuclal pnulc. found his euiup 
nt Coney Jslaud Ju a wtrlntnly riainngMl, con- 
dition. He is itudcr eobtract to produce un 
exhibition nt Ihu "Wl|d Hast," with Hjti. na- 
tive* Of Northwest Africa., with Ihnlr ruiuelt, 
llorJ»K, utut,fs. d6«V|i>s. CoaU aud dogs. 'I'hla 
I'xhlbllfon will opet) ut tho behuuiuu, Hurlln, 
Or.. Ifl February. WDh. 

l.u'.ri.. tlio "Kovui Atnor.lcan 

phows.. Sinitt. hiji tuking a, uitteh; ueedud 
cost. St Ajtlnntp, ,<iJH. They have boon r<H«r- 
giiged for ncvl seasou. . • 

• Mnirt Ct)u;n»K, n tattooed Woman., who 

recent l» closed a very aucecsstuli Stiftaou with 
llio Colo. IIi'oh. Shows, Is vlsltlpa frteiiild »it 
tohncaut Lake, l'a. 8ho reports euJeodn* 

'go oil lienllli. 

of the advance, work. 

. Notob from "Sis In Now Vor»".Co„ houlh 

c-rii. -1.' K.-Hayues, nianagcr,— At Columhia. 

K. C„ Thunksghlug, wc played to the birgoet 

malluces rccortleil lu th? house, si audlnj 

i.jlng to the Ihota in). 1 u fuel, our; business .has been 

Utory of tho liome, good this season, so, f ay, MM that. Is •» » 

packed from pit to goou «loul, as business, os a. rule, lias wen 

rower City. Pa., has vary .bad down .here,.. A good many «m» 

acceiiteil un . cugiixcuteui with tini , "Suved panics have, been forved .to close. .botliTia" 

pooc.busliieESj und the wny tlie'rullrouds uro 
holding you up, ..Wo are -uo.v playlug totvn> 
where they had three or tear shot™ honked I 
week, but wo- are about the only one Ir-rvooa 
If our- business ouly holds un .da go»fd -its it 
bus ..been, wo- caunot complain, .os ire nave 
not had u hisiug .week this season. : ■• 
, Hkiuy Hum, has ntut with .-nothing uul 
pralso fur, his .portrays I of tho folc .of lock 
Nut,. In "Shore Acres." .Critics unanlUiouslj 
agree! that ho Is a wortlty successor of. tmi 
late- James A. Heme. Messrsi Sliubert have 
Hiirwundcd Inut: with a. slroug- supiwrtluf 
comiwnv, lnchidlug: Jamas T. . «al oivuy. 
Leslie tltowc, ItcT Lcsllo Klngdou. Edwin An- 
teuht 8. . S. Wlltsle, .Charles Lalt, istephw 
kins, Knvltt Mantou. Mrs, Luulsn Cox, Harry Clavksou, Charica Schcar, John Itose.'^ertw 
. C'llnc, aud C. W. :rrousdaIe. ugent • Goodwill.' Joseph Kelley. Clarence h'orce. M_ 

wi'tpl.ul tho exuivsseil. wish of the nominee, . JWJrMl arnott IC'KA* T. l'Mi.tis,— The roster muud Abbey, liizzlc .U. MuBters. "Hpron 
uud that In every instance v.'heru !t Is possl- of our company , is as follows: Chas. T. Uentc. . Margarojt . Chlefto.i Helen, «"«gj 
Wo; the appllcaul Wiltti a perauuul letter to inlce- owner: Ncltln I'ules. Helen Uordon, Wleen Goodwin, Gludys Egan, Aiit»JB«>K 
tho Hoard of Govoruois ovprcsslus n desire Myrtle Hni..ra.v,. Ned H. He Cray, .1. B, Ha- uud Helen .Whltinnn. The company Is P» 
tu-lwcuiue a J'rlur. aadoin, Will IL Kent. M. Jeiikens, AI. Adams, l«g a three, weeks" eugugeuieiil. lu boston, 

tU^^w'^^tr^iar^^^ S&flBi'SSWHBCT ^■^■"'^'"^■■■-- 

Z^%^:^1^^^ ^^ztrjz^t^w^™ Tmnu*>i*^iu»miltm 

l.'oyil .Trousd'de. Itoxa liaylol'd, Goldln llor- 
rell, Wluifrcd Wlnkhis, C. it. Allen; Hick Wil- 

li. It; Moour, writes.: "Alton,. Fields, CerLH. ■*jBau&9*TliimW5 abo'ut Jan. Y, u ",!Ji.'W , . t .. rf ft' . o£ . u ! c ***<"■ 

beetfor, Tlthimn, West, tjcablll und. X. recently 
closed- & pletisaut .seusoa- with .Gentry Bros. 
'No.*.Shon - j (mil arc now playing lu b»nd nnd 
riri-li.'Nirit . lit T'AKt Theatre, Hau Aumalo, 
Tot." r 

'.; HowAUPv BoNttia'Bj manager of Bouheur 

CoMMovoiii: Vodfii. th'l KojtiI American 
lillllpuiilau." was liiUIntcd ill .tlie. tiliuiuilt 
City Compitoy. No. 1JJ, ; taittoruii Wabk, 
Knights ot PyUiius. of V\ict Wayaoi lud., -on 


(.'oniniodoriy fwtt /.TOtuia b>'i he 
Hi* BrolHIhat IT. II., K. of P., lu tho United 
States. . " •• '-■ 

No-nta wiyw. DWi;>r .MmttlMf, Ptt.— 
\Vc ivro tourm* Roulh«rn,llllnois. ; to hlctiiitil- 
rjMK arid UHHVbDWf, if :hnni'y.*. The ro-fer Is 
*r follows' vr. f. Y , nrkeS i ;njNua|M : W. Noss, 

(tlstanf gai . 
us hadtv. hurt.-tind hia.llfu .was despaired, of 
for, a th;>o. Both men aro Improvlug, hoc 
Wlir curvy teUI to their graves. The noise 
of the cNpUblou wife h wru. at.Xur as .Peters, 
snvsu miles frvui Hie si»ot where It occtlrrH.' ofoac cull from Dawn death.. IM 
*ver> ono a lib llm aluV Is tbOnktlll that it 
wita-nd worse. 

■ fii.tMoN'i-'a Bi:±its tire engaged for the 
teullPa.MHson «»' IbdS, With Al. IV Wheeler's 
IM4 Model Shows. /. ,' . '. .■ • .-• 

- <.>iu:t'N' J a - tout teat clepiiuat. died at the 
Winter mtorters of the Ilagentsck-Walliu-o 
Show, at Peru, iud,. un Hire.. *..1«W J|«ei«v a-prok«li heart. . Hhortly afler the 
»hua' rotnratd, twelve eicuhanls were shlpticd 
to Now York. ;8laop.,that.tlme , .yu««u..h !| a, 
iH'ent.pInliti!.- nutl tlnally erawled- to a corner 


H. U. Kline, of Ihe Euclid Avenue Opera 
House Cleveland, O.. bus -been, transferred 
froiu tliu ussoeiato to the active class. . 

It bus been decided to uppolnt in each of 
tho "Important cities u local I'rUi- repre- 
pcntul Ive., to whom copies of 'J7io lifilstlv will 
he , sent \v.chl.v, and; from whom ltltiorant 
1'rlars uuty secure them If their own falls of 
dallccry., .This, It Is hoped, will guarantee 
thti njccldf it.'tmt ViiUth every week by 
those' l 'on Ibe-roud.'* 

'J'Jio local, representative will also serve an 
tnipVift.lut purpose by lecplug lu touch with 
Itliieiunt I'lTurs wlieu lliey arc lu town, rn- 
tulnblg a .record of l heir visits, furnishing 
Ifcccu alth Idfordiatiou regarding the. or, 
ganvtAtto'n.' unit re-furllng to the board nt 
Sovfvuovs, "lieu . ivi|ue-i ted, ou local cuudl- 
. UoUS.v , ._ -,.. .- . .', 
;.Thti eiiergot'.o work ft the ltlucrarr friars 
bus mud*" tuts Innovation aceensary nml timely. 

- Tbe-iMUewinjrueTe bean elected: 

•H./Vi.v— It. Potter. J. E. Jaiuu.--, j. tl. Hlc- 
kos.. ■ .-•■•.- ' ;. ...-;■•• 

iiasovjafe, — S. Lsvcy, Thomas Cattett, J. 
N. -MIsclileV.-HT K. Lotlllati: :•.• i ;i ... 

■ ' meeting will bo held nt the Her- 

- vhllt 

., Vioi'tiH Li: Itoy aicu Vivian- Uknsmouh 
wrllc: ■•'Wc are In our thlrtv-elgbtb week 
with "ihe Matinee Girl' Co.. - plating tho 
Southern, elites. Wc go lulu loufslanu Bee, 
.1. .VO are leudlng numbers and doing roles. 
Wo receive 'Out -Old Hlmablii every week, 
but a little late." * , . - 

11. G. C'Aiaio.N Jias becu eugaged for Mr«. 
Leslie Curtcr'H company, making his seventh 
sOoson with her. 

KiiitftnAXDtr axp Lueppb are now tbo 
managers of tho Majestic Theutre, Waco, 

nJ'SX ?i Ci.\KVii*TA- is In his Hub week with 
"A Utetlk -for Liberty'' Co... doing tbo lend, 
. <jr,.viiK Boss joined A. It. Woods'' "Broud- 
way A tier'- Hark" Co., Nov. tit to play the 
dope Uciid. 'I his. makes 51 r. Boss' aeeoud scu- 
tum under -Mr., Woods' nmuagciuent, ■ , 

Xotuk KtaiM .Astorlu Theatre. Astoria, 
Ore.-— luupti bluurd now tourlug thn-Pueltlc 
coast lu "Btioughoart." has accepted the in- 
vitation of tho local iiiuauger . f „ n>M .n 
irittlstnias. tree In . this ...illy, ou ■ Chrtstiuas 
Ihiy. Tiskens of frlcutoblp fur Mr, Sluint 
t»r any njemher oC-.tbo •Ctiuulauyi.udilrssSeil 
lu euro Of JR. 13. Elverg. will, receive careful 
at lent lull und bo buug ou.thoitreo. 

Bfio. SvunkuaU •wrltcti! 


.TiMJtlB Lucas. 28d Street, . „., .*,-_, 

Pl.01ttJ.NCi: OAbll AND COMI'ANV, OStU BtW}< 

Miltux and Dolly Noulbs (new Mh 

Pastor's. ■ 
Tm: Novbllis, Colonial. ■, ' 

Ttiu AuUnW; irnlon..Square, • • - •■• •• 

' I'lsftiir and Piuiict:, L'nlon Square. ■ 
Sauuiia, Union bquiirc, .-. f 

HBXitt and Youso, L'nlon Square. . 
Qmmktb-W.1 Evuits, Pastor's, . .'. „..,„,•«• 

PAJJIjlxii P,V.Ut.? AJ.D PJggfcg BOTS,PdS,tof£: 

"'•:••••••-••■ nA O UBUlNJf ritG. '..'•"' 

Lady (calllug on new vicur's' young. *"'' 
library at the. H all? J" 
you kaor. 

nave you seen- the 

Oeorge Is quite tu blhllophllc. Jjj* ""-"v.jih 
Vicars Wlfo (wai'iulJO^Oh.-'I-ni ^.^2.12 
beur that, So niauy oe. these wealthy :«w» 
have Ho rollglonP-lKUiiJon.PaMOft. • 

' • ' i ■" " | i ♦ ■ '— — 

VMiiJKiTWBl- ."• '. 

y\M dead long heforo ,tbe ->,c>'poe dlscovchid 'iT*' uu . f ' t" d »?> flMi *f ?' ^JiS** ,bv "? fe^W'Wnfibatfit M*Slo«BrBTB»^ W! 
kcr.wnrtilleti" , Crieetf 1 »tfi^iaea3t.»l»,«0«. filar, lu Now VoS uhouid attond. Co., touring the Soath." 

"Slmklus* dng la n inllsnnce.' 
"Ib that so?;' •- • ■< •: 
"Yes. , I wiati I owned him." 


"LfHtoushe you wtd'-hk wus a nuNiiBee- 
"Ho ltv?:,Bnt--^xveiiiU..liko. to- c*' Wj»„« 
tbor ^Tmkluii tho way he bothers "> c - 


Champaijn Jfew«, 

December 7. 





■ Wt) with to nnnonnee that the only official and authorised tat of alldei for thla great march ballad are made by trie Htm that haa made ao many or the world'* greatest long allilo liltt, anil who are 
0< r»»«l«'v« Illustra tor*- 

VSCE8 ES^STES ^ATC^XSRIV SXiXXXE €3C>. 9 207 West 34th Street, New York. 

Doit't be fooled by boy lag a lot of JUNK— get the original alldei, and to save time, eend yoar order and J3.00 direct to oar elide ranker* nnd recelre the greateat let of tilde* for the great march liallait 

Published by the Song Makers. 

, 42 W. 28th Street, N. Y. 

passion PLAY PILM for Sale, Three Reola 
of 'Passion Play, In perfect order, nscd bat little; 
tlM (cost $276). Sent privilege or examination. 
A merican film Exchange. 630 Halsey, Brooklyn, 

P AS AM A CANAL.— "Facts, Not Fiction." 
A.W. Wynflham, Civil Engineer. IT months on the 
spot, illustrated with Stercoptlcon and Moving 
Pictures. Beit entertainment on toe road. For 
o pen time address 148 Waverly Place. N. f. 0. 

AT LIBRKTV- For first class Medicine Co., 
Black; tod White Face Comedian with strong spe- 
cialties, do good hot comedy In acts. Salary }io 
and all. We" dressed, sober. Unit have ticket 
unlets close by. Those that wrote before please 
write again. Wm.Wcbb. 75 N. Clark St., Chicago. III. 

V AMU'V THEATRES—Are you getting satis- 
factory Vaudeville Bookings ? If not why not try 
the Hew Vtndevllle Circuit 1 I have one of the best 
Circuits In New York State. We can also supply 
yon with everything pertaining to the theatrical 
bdalnssa, snob, as Bcenery, Opera Chairs, Films, 
Song Slides with music at prices that will surprise 
yon. Write me to-day what you want and also 
when you change your films and songs. Cil AS. P. 
01 MURK, Orpheum Theatre, Oswego, H. Y. 

P, 8.— Vtndevllle Artists, send In your open time. 

FILMS FOR SALE— A Lot of Slightly Used 
Films at three and four cents per foot (some new); 
is miles to select from. Stamp for list, sent priv- 
ilege of examination. American Film Exchange, 
WOHaUey, Brooklyn. 

FOR SALE— White Molro Slllcolcne Serpentine 
Dance Dress. $8; Pose Outfit, Silk Uresg and Velvet 
Cloak, $10; Screen of Plenty, featured by Umc. 
Herman, $18; BISck Art Outfit. $18; Magicians Out- 
fit; Trunks, TaMea, Tricks, Etc., nsea by Bobby 
Wilson, ISO; Lubln Chirograph, complete with 
;t,ojott. of film, and songs In perfeot condition, 
llto. •, Enclose stamp for aoBwer. Mrs. Wm. Carl, 
i$4 court »t,. Rochester. N. Y. 






6 ELS PER WEEK, $25, 

But is our up-to-date way 
of supplying a new 

J. W. ACHEff BACH, the I'jraiiild Comedian, 
Mimic .and Tenor Vocalist, A combination of ex- 
ceptional character comedy, combined with Irish 
and Oeunsn dialect, Is found In thla comedian, 
who ha* gained prominence under some of the beat 
management la the profession. So accurate are 
nil Imitations that he has actually deceived fowls 
and animals (Wild and domestlcj. He Is also a 
ventriloquist. Joe has no equal on the mimic stage. 
This act is much ahove most of the similar acts 
now before the public. Joe has Just doted a suc- 
cessful season playing some of the best honses In 
Western New York state. Using his new automo- 
bile covered with largo attractive slgnn advertising 
til, specialty. Refinement his watchword. lie has 
brought about the happy mnrrlage of morality and 
amusement. We can not afford to be little in any- 
16111$:. J. W.Achenbach, Opera House, UalBteail, Pa. 

OPTIGRAPH. Complete, with Four Films, 
Sterepptlpon attaohment, white llghtontflt, screen, 
2<i slides, all packed In trunk ready to show, for 
(SO. Sent privilege of examination. American 
Exchange, 630 Htlsoy, Brooklyn. 

"• WANTED— Man with Motion Machine and 
Htercoptlcon, "without pictures." Steady local 
wotk for right party, Htato all first letter. In- 
clude wages expected and expenses, 
f*; WYNDHAM, H8 Waverly Place, New York. 




UHSKT&00.,610E. llthSt, N.T.City 

"pur service speaks for Itself." 


Black Face Comedian who can dance, Juvenile 
Man. Cornet. Trap Drummer wltb full line. Baton 
or Gun Juggler with other specialty or who can 
play part. Lariat Spinners or ttoper or any novelty 
for parade or fun act, suitable for a Wild West 
Drama, Advertising Song Books, Candy stand, 
open to some good actors or musicians. Musicians 
in all lines for Jack Turner's Concert Band. Those 
who wrote before, write again; too many to 
answer all. One show a day. Tenth year without 
closing, Finest Pullman cars In the theatrical 
business. Reasonable salaries only. Mall has to 
be forwarded; give your address for two weeks. 

Al Singing and Dancing 


Strong line of parts. 

Every day In the year. By 
our system we get more 
money for the use of the 
film, therefore can afford 
to furnish the best in the 
market, and on the other 
hand, gives the user the 
best service obtain- 
able at a very reasonable 




Other useful Rep. Fooplo, write. Address E. C. ROWLEY, week Dee. 'i, AUItnoc, Ohio; week 
Deo. », Oil City. Pa. 

P. 8.— To Managers: Week of Jan. is and Feb. I open In F.asternOhlo or Western Pa. 




LOWELL, Man.. Deo. 2 Week: LYNN. Mass.. Deo. 9 Week. 

THo Original Comedians, 




r. 8.— Have tome early open tlmo. Hegards to Mr. and Mm. Dan Hall. 



Wanted. Organized Quartette 

i Salary low, hot engagement Immediate and 
permanent. State salary first letter. Address 
QPARTBTTB. Care of Clipper. 

FDR SALE, AR60 and! Cremating of Women 

Illusions, Trunk Mystery, Somersault and Trained 
Dogs and Doves. Will exchange or buv dims. 

PROF. ntltltV BMITB, Bats, Pa. 

moving Pictures 

'"Tub Nap of Gold" shows tbo attempt 
of a girl to hold up a coach In order to pro- 
core food and medicine for her sick father. 
"Laughing Oat," at administered by a mis- 
chievous hoy, with great effect, Is also por- 
trayed by the Vltagraph. ■ 

"The Making or a Modern Nkwsfaprh" 
Is' art Instructive and Interesting film, origi- 
nated by S. Lubln. "Only Kids?' "A Breeze 
from the West." "Bargain SaleB" and "Oh 
Me, Oh My," continue iib big sellers. 
i "The Colonial Soldier' 1 Is a dramatic war 
episode as pictured by the Gaumont film of 
that title. V 

"The Elopement" Is pictured In up-to-date 
manner by the Blograpb. An automobile, 8 
motor boat and other features lend realism, 

"Colleob Chums" Is the title of a now 
Wilson Aim.' One of the boys, to help oat 
his chum, makes up as his sister, and many 
ludicrous situations are the result. "Par- 
sifal" Is another timely offering. 
• B. L. Roland, electrician and moving pic- 
ture operator, writes: "Wo are playing to ca- 
pacity houses every night, three nights and 
week stands, pla y churches, 'opera bouses, etc." 

Notes vsoit the "Bis in New Yoek" 
(Southern), I. B. llnynes, manager. — Busi- 
ness continues good for us In the South, 
we are not breaking any records, but have 
not bad a losing wsck since the opening, and 
that Is saying a lot for the way bualnces 
seems to be In general. We will be back 
north In three weeks, and If the North turns 
out as well as the South, there will be no 
complaint to make.) Wo were tbe first the- 
atrical company to leave from the new union 
deoot at Charleston:, 8. C, even If It did coBt 
I10O railroad fare t» do It, as we lost Charles- 
ton on account of nn engine breaking down 
when wis were on I jf four miles from the city. 

Robtbb and notjh of tbe Deagon Theatre 
to. — Edwin H. Demon, manager and owner: 
Hugh Adams, lend!; Prof. Morris, leader of 
orchestra ; Mr. Lofcn, In advance; Harvey 
Haas, Otta Hammer, characters; HnrryGrey, 
jbrenlles ; Homer Dickinson, second comedy ; 
Oracle Deagon, soubrcttea; Kate Andres, 
entrtcters; Lulu Gerould, second business; 
Edwin H. Deagon, comedian ; B. Stulti, prop- 
erties. We are playing a line of melodramas 
and comedies, carrying special scenery. We 
opened In July, playing the fairs, and wltb 
the exception of a few towns our bntlness 
hag been good and bids fair to continue so, 
at the tbow Is giving the beat of satisfac- 
tion and our bookings are the best in Ohio, 
Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. We bare 
four strong specialties. Among others are: 
Edwin' II. and Kafhryn Deagon. well known 
In vaudeville as tbe "Dutch Girl and toe 
Hall Boom Boy." 


Change for week and play parts. OTHGKS, 
WRITE. Mention all In Drue letter. 

Week Dec. 2, Punzsutawney, Pa.; week Deo. 0, Dn 
Boll. Pa.; week Dec. 18, Konova, Pa.; Dec. 23 and 
Week, Clearfield, Pa. 


Piano Player 


A good faker will do. Statealllnflrstlettcr. Boozers, 
kecpotr. P. &.— Dan Almsn, write. Add. HAR11Y 
BLYTHE, Academy of Muilo, Kowbargh, N. V. 



TEL. jj^l 8T0YVESANT. 




At the Iloblnson Opera Home, rim in- 
nntl, Ohio. Seating rapacity, 91,000. 



Song and Dance Comedy Sketch Team, 
change (or week; Baa with Moving 
Picture Machine, foalnra Filma and 

Song Slldos. 

Ralary must be reasonable. AL. BEARDS and 
kdyth ROBERTS, wire. 
HOKTIUER STAUNTON, South Deorfleld, 

Wanted at Once, 

Flrat Violin, doable brn**t Cornet, D. 
nnd 0,| Trombone. 11. anil O.f Ban, II. 
nnd 0.| Man for Marks, Tom, Phlneas 
nnd Legree, Topay, Hllxn nnd Ophelia, 
Good Agent. Hotel show. P. II. NOTES 
Liberty St. . Lowell, Ma n . 


Piano Player 

Read and Fake. Specialty, If possible. Silent 
Act. Change often, Man with Moving Picture 
Machine and Films. Tell all and very lowest 
salary. We pay all after Joining. Address MOH., 
MKD1CINK CO., Opera Bouse, Clinton, New Jersey. 

SOUBRETTE with Specialties. 


Address A. 0. ALLEN, 

Victoria, Texas, December 7, Hcevlllo 10. 


That can change often nnd put on Aett 

wanted for Co. In "W. Vn. Stnto salary, 

when enn Join nnd all you do. Nobooaer. 



Had ■tad}' line* and dress part* (orrnrtly. Mention avorwllitna; .In flrtt l«M»r. 
and join on wire. Addrix* Kill'.l) CIIAUNCRV, Mgr. Vlin.unceyK<|lirar Co., thl* 
week Mendrlllv, Pn.| next week Jamvatown, 5. V. 



- Acts of every description, both for Big Show and Side Show. 

Address THOS. UAHOIIIRATRM. Cheater. Pn., or 

FRANCE It F.l'.l), TU1 MiiiilKi.iiii.ry St., .Inrsol/ t'lty. N. J. 







People preferred Willi specialties. Mention Balary, 
full particulars. KllANK L. WII1TTIKR, I'lcton, 
Ontario, Deo. I; Lindsay, Dec. 0; I'oterlioro, I>ec. 7. 




Boozers save your stamps. Don't misrepresent. 
Tell It all In your first. Lowest salary, ttc. Pay 
own Hotel. Tickets? NO. W. E. I)K CROTKAU, 
Gen. Del.. Benulncton. vt. 

> Pllnie) For Sale. 

S Stolen Melon (Edison mono, tinted), osutt. , , 

tl».M); Escaped from tbe Gaffe, BOOft., $».0O; 

(Juiet Day In the Country, toort.. tl'j.ot); Col. 

onel's Bicycle, 218ft,, f ; w; Old Man's i)»r 

Hint, 2Nft.. I8.DO; Trip Ttiro' Borneo, 

awft., tis.oo: Dlmcuit Problem. 295ft., tn.oo: 

i Balli House, No. 18, 2O0rt, *s.wi; Child's Ke- 

C vtnge, 400ft., |12.00. These dims are all In fine 

< condition. Address Earls Porter, Warren, 0. 




Also young; man to play piano and do one small 
part. Specialties preferred. 
ROSOOB SLATER, Mgr., Cherokee, Iowa. 


Playing Family Theatres In Now York Stale. Send 
open time to BEIlT CLARK, 

26 Sooth Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 


Coached. Introdnced._ Trial_ Turns. JfOMto ap- 

pearances. Apply FOBRF.8TERIA CO., 
2Sd St, N. Y.. near 6th Ave., till 9 P. M. 



AND ALL THEATRICAL 00OD8. Scenery painted 
cheap tod quickly. Amateurs supplied. 
0RA8. K. HILLS, 437 w. 4Ut St., New York City. 


Latest Hand Colored 

UPstssion IPla/sr- 

Brand new. Just Imported from Paris, France, 
To Kent by Day, Week or Sunday, or wlllShare you 
on Percentage, wltb Complete Hilling for same. 
OHAI, P. OILHORE. O*we*|o. W. V. 

MAXAH & SIOHTS, Comedians, 


Rep. People in All Lines. 

Man for props, and parts. Prefer people doing 
rpecitltles. Must have wardrobe and be sober and 
relbtb'e. Week stands. I pay all. Low, sure salar- 
ies. Tell all In first letter If yon want reply. 
Tickets if I know you. No collect metseses. 




The most beautiful and rcallstlo production of animated pliolnuropliy ever seen, nccmniianlod by 
appropriate vocal and Instrumental music. Can lie sciMirod ftir nil ot'oiislous. I'oreoiitiuro or guar- 
antee. One and lliroo night* or week stands. Klouanl iirlnttutr. Adilrcxi 

"PASSION PLAY" ci),, garatoajn NprlnRa, N. Y. 




Rtar Jointly with me In cowboy drama, Thla Ik ati opportunity of a llfiillino for a olover amateur. 
Addrea* III I.I. V NELSON, Cnre of llarwouil. HUD EhhI. Itllli St., N. Y. Oil). 



Closing with Karl Burgcus Co. Featured second reason. Hinging, Dam-lug and Acrobatic Specialties. 
HeiiniiiK. One piece preferred, or vandevlllo. Addrcsa VOOlC'ri PLAC H. iw vv. :mi n hi., N. Y. 

A IMIOVKN Hl/C'CCKNM, ».niNT pi. ain POMCH." a Ituml tfuiucdy Drama. 
Small Cast, 6 males, 11 remaloa. A No. 1 HOllllltinTK I.KAI). Also Hennery, i'bolo 
'or k, Bate Drum, Paper and all right*. All goes clie»p for eush In highest bidder. 

for mi 

Frame, Hay Ft 

WANTfn BAND ACTORS, all hraiiches, for "TjHI SfeP.fJASK! Cft f ' JHwJWt M»K 

C. It. tlllAlflNlNU. Ilronb*. Mnlne. 

ear sna f y 



RRPERTOHIB, ONE PIECE Oil STOCK. Address :w. n*.41M HI., N. Y„ or UUI'I'KIt OFi'IOR. 

CH4S. F. (PHltl^WAnb' 


Amines Tor long season. Ability and sobrlely. Salary sure. Mlnto nil. Tboso'rinlng spticlalllns pre 
JAIIKS MOIUIOW IIOUSK. No. IKU N. rlHaf. Ktri'Ut. Itidiamipolla, I ml. 

ferrcd. Join wire. 


PORDON OPERA HOUSE, Kingston, N. Y. Newly Remodeled. Heating Uap., 14 U0« 



Bend for New Theatrical Catalogue. LEATHEROID MKQ, CO., m H'way, N.Y., near Spring su 



Leas limn all others In 
price. Write for catalogue 

153 West 23S1., H.Y. 

(Acc't Co. Closing), 

T*T111 O- XDaTTls- 

Jnvenlle Leads or Juvenile* and Light Comedy. 
Wardrobe, experience and ability, rise-night or 
flnt-clats rep, Addreta, with best offer, Payette- 
vllle, N. C. 



siuslciatu, Cyclist, just uloaod u very successful 
engagement In Havana, Cuba, now AT miikhty 
for vaudeville nnd responsllile shows. P. 8.— Those 
who wrote us to Ouba.p'.eaao wrlto agalu, aa our 
mall was misplaced. Homo address, 

28 Harden St., Boston, Hasi. 

ufiuTtn i/unu/w- W - A ' hckbnzih, 

IIHiIIlU nnUVlil. of ilcKcnzIo Ilron., tho 
Now Australian Cmnedlans and Hnocers. wants a 
partner (young lady or gent). Musi lie good dancer. 
Boozers need not apply, cr open to Join good 
aketcli or company. Apply (Jen. Bel., Chicago, 111, 

mmWmm sue 

On account of leering America. Will accept any 
reasonable offer. Tegethoff, tot W, mvi St., N. Y. 

IMPORTANT I Pbmek's Daighler, LIU Size, 

Kiaboralely constructed. Coat. |;,wo, will sell ata 
aaerlttce. Can be seen any time. Also other illu- 
sions. Lituc A Uewes, ion w. win St., New York. 




Addreaa i 



Band Leader 

Plenty good mimic. Can handle rront of bouso. 
Or Cornet In orchestra, Fifteen years' "road" 
experience anil still n aontleman, nolierand reli- 
able. KltFl).lt.rif,OI IKIl. Oon. Del., Omaha, Weh • 


Dramatic People with specialties, for melodrama. 

Tramp an. Soubratte Sketch, 25 Cents; Coma- 

IHAS and Knnbrette Hketch, «.', centa; Skelch for 
two male", U cents. Ktainns or silver. AddreiS 
liernard Kllng, Playwright, !UT Jny St., Bklyn., N. V . 


norn, oikovs h«;at», polks and btakish. 

New list ready. PKABL VAN, Korthvlllo, N.Y. 


i'.i. ..,..• J. i 
* - ?.■• cc..-.- v 

> > r iC>^ 

1 ' 



r \ 


gmrM**: 1c*6BI«. ifl$affjg& 




'.•j>n i)W»f In ninlil mliUkra nm! to 
tnnnre- the 'prompt dell t cry of the 
fetter* - nilvcMlneil In fills lint, mi 
envi-lope pluliil> nildreaaril must lie 
»f»i for encli letter, unit it written 
order for the inter. »Ihiii-«1 it llli tho 
fnll imiuf nml nililron* and the Una 
urf liiiMinraM followed hy tlie tender, 
,nn«i nlm, lie en rinsed. 

Plense incnilmi the dale for nuni- 
l>»r» of the < LIPPHIt In' trliloli the 
leffem «ent for were advertised. 



M»iH M. 
AIM II.MiKlolln 

Fnnitn, Mrsl'hn- 
tat, May 1. 
ilriivea. Fanny 
Hnrdiier. I. iila 
«lra>\ Albs- 
Grant. AltilK'l 
CnriK'llii. i:u\o 
Gilbert, /cllii 


Grn*. Ib-ssi*. 
UllkTI. .Mile 
Goiior. . 

Mrs. \Vm. II. 

Flim-nce A. 
'lull, Kthel 
11 timer. Miivle 


Mm. II. s 


llenlh, Ullle M. 

lloey, Mr) i'Ivbs 

lliiiAVn, Alllllu 

Holme* nui'tilliy 

llK.v<!i. J-*|oi eti*-** 

IMirard. Milltde 

(Mines, Mr.. 

Hayes, Clirrlo 

Howard: Mario 

ihirtlr-v. Sell P. 

{ Dundee 

Cox. ilmiil Hntrell. I lr li'ii 

Warn*, Edna Harper. May ': 

Harvey Mr-'.r.K 

Hill. Mra. .liny 

Meanings, • 


Holland, Violet 

lllrrlsfti Mlnnli 

Uav.trey, llelei 

Hanson, I.rnlo 

Hiim.nn, Mr«. 

I.irhtnn, Mm. • 

Icrtlfn. Ann* 


Jtjrv Win. 

frurll. Helm 

ll'lllllhtlS I Cilli' 

Jnilisi. Alinn 

Mr*. AeMey 
K.ilni. Mra.C'hns 
Keneilv Francis 
Keys. Mra-Bnrton 

iCctt,' Ben tr|ce 

Kind. Louise 

l-ff6y. Erelyn 

[.mile, flabe 

bw Mr* Walter 

L*e. Kilnn 

Lorraine. Oka 

(.union, Mil;;.' 

Lawless, May 

j-egeji. Helen 

t.N'Hon, Ilnhy 

Lyons. Eleanor . . 

U Boroil. Roll $ While, Olga.I. 

Lawless. May WMd, Gertrude 
glUoIti Flt> - il.owls. Daasy WjgsenB, MI'S A 
FflaiCM ftnatnlnHire. 'Irene i IWyStt.- Minnie 
Farrow, Mr? iMav. Hetty {Watson. Kvelfn 
Florence, Madison. Winters. 

Genevlevel Mrs. Cha«. Florenre 

Forlen, jMarihnll, M.iyN,Yoiinfr, KHly I'. 

,l. Frances '.MnriHllili* Li'llii |?/lliir. I'l.i 
I'nlroer, Mllll<- iUillliiii.i. .Mul»')[ 

GDNTf.RHnii'a MST. 

A Uortif ni\ 

Ailrn.-Ii. lllnntlH' 

Mr.'. .III!. 

Allen, .fnkli.. It. 
Ailnins. i.'liirn 
Ailllnir*. Kill; 
Aldrleh, Muriel 

Mrs. Prink 
Allen, Nelllo 
Anttlin. Jennln 
Bohr, Carrie 
ftoml, I.rai|..' 
Hlunclianl, Sue 
HrlttflliK" lANJe 
Hr.>il;s. QeofiM 
llryait, Illiiiu-Lie 
O^rBP. Mlt'iife 
Uiilinnlne, .f <*n ti 
ItloticliP. r^u<» 
lUrkc. M hrln 

: -AnltrA V. 
Hl»llr>ti. >tnc 
lielntoni, Dully 
UKKee I'lnremw 
Belli Cryitixl 
Cthlll. Mary 
Ore, IWT" 
Olitfl;. la urn 
OlWl Dif, L:illf:l 
Cnyllii. AetNal 
CMrr. Iotia 
Clyo, Ur-.. . 
tJlitrc, Helen 
Ckeuttr, BUfcef 
lis, ilqllfl 
-Irani*. Eilnn' 
Ulnytcn. Muln 

Oonrnrs. Miss 
Olaremont Helen 
Clever, l.anri 
Uttrllu, Ku?e 
OnllUwn. Irrae 
OaltoOi AKnel 
CUtttrcli, StUn A 
Oortlati. Mile. 
OjjlllD-i. Marie 

Cls.vton, F.lilr- 
Cluyion Mmllyn 
Cntlln.. MnrJIn 
be Ver/i. I.»>lle 
Diamond, .loan 
Dt Vote. Mlltnn 
DocoTau Fnnnle 
DjJtloll. Mntclle 
Vtan. K alichp 
Dalronf. Jeaole 
Dltrts. Kate 
UMMpgr, llc!*l<> 
Vi E:|;er, Pbihv 
Bfjmdrc, Rub? 
BflnUnr. .Elciui.-it 

Dr.viv t.-iln T 


ij-tfi.- Corlnnr- 
B«lnrD, ppcnal 
OTWKt rioftnr.' 
DelWt«,Mal'j E. 
KasBn. Irene • 

Emntrai; ctiiei 

LIST. , 


Klereaee F. 

Uiilli-r. Anuli' D 
Mllltvnnl. Annit 
Muill/iml. Mnii'l 
Mnln'Mi, May 
lliirilii, Annii V 
Haine. l#tm 


Mm'l;. Mm, .l»n. 
MurrlHon I In zf I 
Mlln, I :!»!.• 
Mirl'-'irn, ll<>iiuto 
InsjPIR, print 
Miir'h, Vlriclnln 
MnrlliKit, S'uiii. 
UtC' Inm, rirmri' 
Sen-ell. Xllnnli» 
RMmo, Hhlrler 
S'llmi. tlell 
ii-h.'.riv-. r.ll.t 
ll-ini'inile. I.anrlc 
iW.'ll. Marilyn 


.Mm. .r. a 
PbiiIiik. Hell} 
r*t>jwr*r. Annii 

l*ni,iie, Kleeln 
I'nllllo. V1..I.-I. 
ijiiUit. Mlblreil 


ISIi'hnimiil. FHIc 

Ittllinll. Wc'lili 

lilBhl. Muv 
lliiM-hiiri, Nellie 

Si.llliiill. A. Ill 

Svyiniinr. ' 

Mlleen V. 

Sir»n. flllve 
SI. .lolin. Oimlj-a 
Slnverw, KHtle 
ijtoKan, Zi'llu 
itwlelt, ■• 

Smith, Rii?.' K. 
?lntt» AitKl* H. 
^Mrley, r^iiilm 
Siiiiih, M.iniii 
if. riennli ItiNIi 
!»mlili, Un W. 
Hl.iDRhl.-ri Mnl.'l lrrni 


Vlrnlnln r». 
Tnylnr, Mr*. C. 
ThiMtiptnn klnlly 
VilUeri Vlolette 
Vaughn iCIfirk.i 
Vincent Grace A 

Vemis i 

Woman Fluli 
Vonlello. Mnilpe, 
Vrola, Belli 
Wollcn. Mae 
Wash burn. . . 

Wilson. Jrijle 

■An, Hob - 
1*?, Albert J. 
Iji ilreit, elrnwf 
Ijnnler, .Prunk 
I.ainnr .< ■ Iti'ili- 

'Jolly J<,hn 
l.'lKlil"li, ITiimI. 
LniiBlc-y. Freii 
Mo.-t. I. «• . 
lli-m. II. 11. 
Merrlnn... r rlie 
Mi'<"l:ile. fhnn. 
MvMHhnn' A 

i CremliK 
Man. n«.. 
UeJIWltl. .Inn. 
Weatatrne. K. II. 
.Miirllii. i l,i],i 
Merrill. I\ M. 

Mii-^v, -VI. . 

Mnrlliu-it. J. 
Mack, ]|. |.\ 
Mavin. IHenr J. 
Miiclile. J«.e .1. 
Maltlim. (". a 
Al.'.Vcmtf. Jm-k 
Jli.rji'iillril, Hue 
Mef>flVe .'.omul 
MniiLfU JiHm VV 
Manel.-. Mh.ili 
.Mnt-ilns. FMni' 
Mi'l'nrliia. i-i.Ji 
M'iiiiiik llrMIr*. 
Jliiore. John V. Iinn-- 
Mllt.iii. C.en. 
Mlt.ii.'jl. .lesne 
Mil l hews. Jack 
Mlllnr. C/llro 
Miller. Van \'. 
Mlleliell. ||. A. 

Ollter. lltnl 
tlpel, Henry 
Olio, W. i. 
Owen. Al. . 
Oshvirn, brtH 
O'llsy, Hilly 
I'lnnnl. .VI. 
IVHIr. Will. W. 
I'l-lree, r.anfc 0. 
I*rlre ..V | — eHa 
Porter dllkrtLA 
Pete. \V. M. 
Plillo Ar.Viiyweeil 
Pler.-e. Win. J. 
Pnlilwir, i\ 
Pearl, Wily 

PleMill, It 11. 

piiiti. i: r.. 

Piirrltli. Hurry 
I'n nl, fl.rnr 
Pike. 1 rim'.- 
P'«.r. ] K. 
Piilierwui. lien. 
Perry, Jack 
Phllllnx i ii.i«. O 
IralM Frank U 
Queen. Tin,-, i', 
lll.'i'. Jm. A. 
Itlee'ii Plu-i 
nice. Jolih 
II lee n*l.-. 
Ilii'hlerx. I'.. It. 
■oajaaarU Wmn 
Itelllik. Crtrl F. 
Itii'linioml. J. A 
Hone. .Iihn C 
lly;m, F. ,W. . 
lleitlllHL', Carl I 
||n— 1 1 ... .In.-k 

atewsrr. M. 
Uncii)>.'inl fcWnrri 
Rmlierlnkd tTeil 
Hi. Ixxilf. Japk 
Smllli, K. II. 
Xiillitmn Jerr.ilt 
Helineliler A 

.'Minmnn WnllH 
Sllllitmi. .li.liiiM 

MaaV. llHrry s 
Slevtnrt A 

Smllli L. Myerh 
Taylor, lloliert 
Tarlor. Hurt 
Terrlll F-nnt P. 
Trunin. If. A. . 

'I In UK. H CO'M. ".'It. 

Tnriier. I'ri'il 

taaa, Cbna. 1. 


Ten Rronk. Jn*. 

Tueker, Frank 

Tnnea, A I. 

Thome. Mr. A 

Mm. Harry 
tliil, Allvrt 
Tower. Wm. 
Torr, J. M. 
Teiw. Wm. 
Viele Mnrvelnn.a 
Vlneent. Jaek 
Villon!, Moan, 
ritnei. The 
Vlon, Joi* 
Vann, l-'jlille 
VVII'l- A- Aniolil 
WakMcis Mont 

Vt'hiiii. .' V. A. 

FhAkr- (D.\n) -Weatisi' trrlres : 

iinirii.'Mre A m-rern eotr) lint Sninmer 
raMlnn, Itltrcr View Paris, Mnrj-laml, of whleh 
1 have hern (he.s<irrji-e!<Hfiil maniiper the; niisr. 
I wo nenkhn*. -I have Jrihtml luiniU with Wm. 
J.. iltin,i'j .Mliuiti mill ilnrj lirnaiiemnn. mi 
i'n tiiliiiml', line' rlhnecr. tti* am now re- 
lienmiiiK an .'nl, nnrt. cjnert lo pn.nnt rerj 
uliofily. 'Pin; iir.ii IIiii.iaiii.i; »ij» mta of. my 

I lmv» few tHooaatid iloWitaa fownrd' Uto- eXSttUfot 
raiiiJ coit alirfte. SOB 
pliiee of a borTil. This wtwtld Rlto.iier Ttti op- 

eutlrely kcc'overvil from an HlneNH, onuwd by thetonr, which would coit a-Itrite, Barn, In 

il plitec of a Dorld. This wonld Rlto.Jier fl» op- 
portnnltv to Rnln forttirio' npd fnmc ut ono 

rflnule. 'fteRaon,'- niith-ti rlliince rin climes' but 
rftire In n'llfe time, and fmieh ntorS of thn 
««tn« wrti enrlliu l»y sH.vlrtR thAt Itiwnn thekr 
Intenllon lo four the 1111111117 with SltnUes- 
penrenn ilrnmn«, tujd hefnrejcolns nhrnnd they 
would hATe 11 nlnv Wrlltm.for her to display 

ln.-hw makenp, una t»e looft-'tima ULi 
Hun dUettt^ted.-tttlth the life or an .-.„,, ' 
with Ha terrlftlo ilwfts on Ute nervnA ' , "' 
BE nnil hrmm. ' g? InnwS Vr "T^ t 
nt her old I home, hut ate wiim not let benS! 
think of her own Ironliles, mr Uie- U1 . •„ ' 
Opiiella. ,nnfl that was Ircablo Mv.u'ri'i iT. 
one yonwr Rlrl. She went throneh her n^f 
nomewUm perfunctorily, nml wlrhoiit 1*" 1 

lie -had -Melt her lovely. lace, •«„'„ tZnZk 
U her work showed nny genuine lalmii in 

. ..y og It, lost. nu. oprnTrntnlty of r-eiim ^ 

sleinly romiiuiilons during my jllne.-s nml I her special InlenlK ajid.lieaiity.Ttio fmall liy a real raiiuiiser, fi>r a real stork c/.iotun 

tvasl nlwiiiN «n ihc lookout for - lis news aiim of fly* thntiaan'tl dollnn Would' make, her »ie-i r. t».a -^.. 

ciiliimini." . , . '."at one jump," an the Jetter_ eleenuUy_ ex- 

, CUM. A. KoHTnn. ro?alUt, wits .eoiapeHert prrsseii " 

to eliHO with J^w Donk'iijider'H MliMlrels, nt mn<it ' 

I Villllllllllr, fl„ ClU'lll',- !U I'll" r,f Ills VfllcC. HO (lleK 

will rejoin the company an won a» Ids rolco on a ... 

is reslored. Wlint proud father and dotlni; nun t ■ could 

I'ii.ixk Wntmr.vx 'n-rinrlu tmeeewioiiMlea- have refused so-leoiptlncr rtn offef. for' their 

nell'n rni'iHiMnii ■ t-lr.-iili. wliero his acl. Is, win- dear Rlrl? K-ipeelnlly vv*en lr> hml lieeri miidii 

nine praise frofli thrt |>rt\«s and. Iha pulilli-. apparent In ih.^m thnt. ntherwi.sir sho rnlgbt 



.May llnwARn, widow 1 of Ihe lath Harry 
Morris, lino heen tit her homo In Cnlran 
atiteeYlostrnr Ofer? the Knhl ft Cnnlln rlrciih. 
She wishes ns In deny the Tumor Hint *!ie 
hits attain ntnrrM. 

fi'f-ln\'kiit,i. .\>i> Qnunt write-: "Aftpf w nn 
nliseni-e of over two years. diirlnK which lime 
we- played, thn Sullivan A- lUmsldltie honseM 
on the. I'aelfle coast mid (he Northwest, also 
numerous 01 her circuits I hroiishoiil, llu* cnmi- 
try, wn retinnefl. lo pur lionie v ln Jer/tey City. 
N. .1.. for a short sin v. We lire hooked up 
solid mult April, ItiiW. with our act, 'Mlir- 
phy's Mishaps.'" 

hnve lo hetjln at the votj- not torn of Ike lad- 
tler and lie oil and faded ^before slw cotild 
hope for recnstjl'lmi. i .. . ' 

It so hiippi'rfrsl that Ihe fttiher had an oh- 

riorlunlty in wll hi* bottom land just tilth. 

Tha atirit.. <jreiv,.lhe ror. <iC the jwcessary 

nm " 

lli'vLiii.l. I'll. 1". Uiiilum-'. Sim 
_ lluinsitell. P. A.JWIietrliT. I>ll If. 
.Manning Arlbur Rendli.k 1'rnnkM VtlillriT, II. II. 
Manntlclil, .lack I lle,lcni.\ r.en. IWelttnlil. Hurry 
Monro, Ira It. illwhilllte » rVMlake. ileo. 
Miinoliii. Aliu. 'I.'iilin". PriilitE .: Weston. Sunt 
Mamai! *; Mn/ett: lutnso it, ft ' tViMalrutt, K. f". 

Mnrlell. Harry, ;iti*d Ilrn-Shotrs; Warner. John T 
.Muorc, I.. • ! It Ire. .Ins. .J. AVhllliitr. W. K. 

Mitrcelln. Percr illielly. J. V. Wild, Win. C. 
Ali'lluniil.t. (luv Riiin-ey. f/has. Wllllnninoii A 

A Jlnilie nil-bard*. Al I Olllert 

MeDnnJilil. Karl Rynn, I).. 11. Wllllnnls. Jsck 
Meeker. c,tt\. 1. Itomsuiy, Marl ; Wlnrlu-stertKiij;. 
Mnrlnw. .iufin liender. II, S. 'Warden. Wm. 
Mnrlln. Pert jllawson .v .lime ; WIUU W. >X 
Mnfliews. II. F.iSnmiHell. 'lay Wolfe; T. 
Murk-. Itenl. ,SlmdrVt h ' iwillier, A. R. 
MiHowelt H.irdn; Tnlh-ili Wneilv.'rnl II. A 

McNmnnni. Jotu, flmrtion. Furl O'Wesl. 
.Mack, M.-irrc jShlnmno. s. A. 'wiasnr. C. 'T.. 
Mack. Mins. R, »hnw. C. A. jwhlte A West 

Oe>. w'.IStei-ena. .las. P. Williams A 

Mack. 1 
Vlllor. .. 

Mills needier l|,Hli"iiii. n«rrr 
McUorsli C l.ltaek. Tim 

. , .Slierwoodl Soil th & .Myers 
Mathews A Slater. Jos 

Harris] l*Mm.iii. Wm. 
Mortimer. R. iShnen. J. 
Nalhlni, Wm. Htitnrl. Jim 

N'elwn. Clip 
Nash. Will • 
■Nelt. .lulih 
Mhlle \V. i:. 
.N'.lll,.-'. I. ip 
NflfOu. M. I.. 
X.irimi. f'leo. 
Nestdi. K, f|, 
Neh.011. N'eil 
Newton, Al. 
O'Kltea. John 
1 Hi l.i. J11M1 
Osrnan, John 


tea liiiii' 

'Wlfla. Harry V. 
IWoltnli. iJiltcll 
tTVIUx. A. W. 
iWIlfon. <5en. X. 
W'ortl. Ctim. 
Walton. Alfred 
■ Wnllnn. F/eri 

I hen the real of Hie cmnpanr. wilh n, 
OBii IBnhaser. tried to renelt another smart 
place, in the foHom hope that ihe v iniX 
make onoitch t„ get io Portland, at 1.7,,' 
Jack said nolblnif. hut ri'ilclly he CO t «' 
farmer to take them to tlto heit place and 
pn,Id Slat out. of Jtls own pocket. Lucy* Ty-iu 
not yet dlscniiratrcd, nuil Jack rind In sllen", 
and unknown tjone to the newspaper oiBre's 
In ench place wart r»t In a "rending notice' 
sura from the lutnk. anil enoitsrli for tha Rlfl'a ndvertisement. lolllntr of the wonderfai sn ^ 
orpcnse.H foe a few montlt's, and almost be- ceas of i|ie hennllfiil yonng actress. Tbeie 
rote 1 hey reAllyd It, .the pb'H wnsj ready he arr.inRed Rhnuld neTerbeKeea br the coin. 
to start. To say that she was wildly b.iripy pnD.f. hat: Just endnph cobles with this In 
is In nut It mildly, for lliir.dcar child Hrllettod for him to keep two and send one to the 
In herself. . t waiting father and nnnt. These kept them 

■ScTenll letters hait passeit. and trie younir heartened up all thnt. weary year and a half 
Btrl was told thai. Utls eninnauy ^nld.ho . Jack- thAusfct Ihnt It. wni nbintt tlrao for 
Witi, llAint. .lale of Hie Musical llatim like' one family. m4 the ""old woriaV' avniiM this thlair to come to an end, and whea hi 
Trio. Is ltoa- doltiR a Klnjtle original rtomedy he nsnmothnr loiter. All the toiiob ladles walked out into the town, he decided that 
musical ncl, enilllisl "The Musical llui'Klur." wpre n/itchritl Arer "like their rnnthem would tbls was jU3t thn time to brine ronitera to a 
Ifprdved :r area!* success, he. -writes,: at the. trjsh," and all the racn of the c-itjipany would climax, 'litem had been ao electlnn and 
I'lihlce Tlteiitre, linsinn.. The Jenlura of the pi-otecl: them like rtder hroll-.ers, with their certainly half the male |iopiilation was 
net Is 11 duel, on I wo cornels at the same time, 
.t.viii.s A'. WyiU'ii has ebMrd his show nml 
■will ko*. Into vaudeville wllh an Al. playlet, 
enlltled "Tiro Pltuilann'ti Flirtation.- wllh 
three people, tino will opc'ft In Sew Jfrtrlc sonti. 
Zkm.a /iawn axi) CostrAltt write:— Wn 
are In «lfr 'llfth week on the 'M. AM. pr- 
ittlt. This week our act I* ntaklne a bit nt 
the Pinii Avehtic fairSlly Tbealre, Pltlshnrii. 
and we received Rood notlees In the l'ltls- 
l.iirir papers, as Ihe 'laiiRliln? lilt of the hill. 
We hata Booii time bouked." .'■ 

Vi.\r:t:xT A.vp Joout:i( hare horn, twenty- 
setell' lveeka on Ihe Sun and nnyer-lloldwln 
i-lrculis. and are liooked for llifriy more 
tveelts with fhelr cnmetlj HhlRliur, nod dniiclha 
black fnce ant. 
JniiXAtfPALlcr.MrDpwr.i.i'. write : "Through 

lives. If rjoeessAfy, — aa the French sny — not in their, pint.. 

.So. one more lumh le.ft Iha fold, and with They worp.. ripe for any thine. Jack apote 

hAr owd spmlt Sunt and the fli-c tlituisahd to onA or two. nnd when Ihey asked what 

cliillars for Hie wnnss-'i-s, ahe started for kind of anhuw it wns ho nnswet-ed plfflnli- 
New Vork. . . . , < + ■->. "Snide." . . ..-. ™ pl ': 

Jarjz Snimders, who Md known nn«J loved "The lendirtR tctrejaa?" 
Liicy all bc.r life, since she was six month* "Just ft stage H ruck 'school g| r | and with 

unit be sit years Old, Wa* ran onlyi one who money r.iijongh to st-irt out lo make the nubile 

rote not "proud lhav Lucy Watt, eono, to be.j pay to sntTcr."."' ' 

slar. lie foresaw disaster and ilatujer. lie Uaylniijinwcid this fertile seftl Jack weal 
linil Itecii to !Jew Turk a enltnle nf tines, nnd and foraged. for nonte thln'Es for the women 
tn Ctilcncn. lie hurt 'seen ihe iiranta in. Its pfthe company, for ft: -was not In his pro- 
jpatlve. lajr. and he. knew Ibat will lo l.ucy graiame lb atarrn l.ney. into submls-tioD 
nilalu hrtve Some laledt, it wdiilrt reqnlro Hhe did not know thnt faithful Jack was 
years to. develop IL Hut neither ahe not ber there wntchlnc. out. for her, safety. For tee 
father, wiliild Uisten to Bim.inadvhe gsw ud first time in her young life she had a rack- 
bis opposition, for he loted her so. Xngr headache. The long drive, the anxiety 


Willi' P IWesloii. Have 

Sullivan. T. R, IwiUayd. iTtas. 

Stlrrrii A FmeryiVVr«l. Hie.; P. 
I.Sehinlili. Fieil Hi ttehHer, A, A. 
ifclx lloilters ■llii'lwti.itlH. P.. villi I. 
•Saml. Mr. IwehM. IHi;n 

Snusivr. is. 1 Walker. PtanfcT 

|.*helikiti. It. U: IWarrt. FjI. X. 

Slindvl Stock Cn'WItte. Wm. 

Seeker. Lew. . : Yates. Aubrey 
iStaU, Walter ifonti. Mr. 

Sloan. W. II. iZeteeth. Ed. 
Ifieitrlst. Wit- I .. . 

Artnsllon* Mnrt 
»' . ,' l.everlnt 
Almnn. rinnlld 
Aetcliiisnit 13.11 
AinoM.' S. A. , 
Ahielcs, A. Sid 
AhjlerFon. Olj'ik 
Abbrtts, The 
Abtahes. The 
Alien,. Uwlrtiit 
Arnold, '.- 

' -.Alnswortli 
Atohlton Iter 11 
Adntfiy i-larcnce 
AlcvH k- Svlisll 
Alitoorn, .s-. 
llartter APalmei 
ni'trke; i.p. " 
Itttekley, W. P, 
ileitiuiiinii. A. 
Mater. J.v 
llenifley, Al. 
Ilnlee. Harry 
llatkout. n. 
Iiati. Rlclinr.l 
ilnrrelr, II. I 
Itelmonl, 11. 
ItHi'l;. Sum 


Jhadwlek, .1. 1). 
DM, K. I 1 

I Inward 
f/ile, Bert 
l.'srellos. Tbd , 
.'Wtiinii.vs, The 
Mnlr. It. 
..'fllsnil, ft H. 
(.'roslimd. Orn.H 
■.Jiymer, Fmi 

CWMk. SIll-IMI'i 
Cilllillns-i, liny 
r.tlrleion, Al. 
Lliarli'i'.' FMil 
tHiirk. Ilmri 
Ooniielly Jns.l'. 
tlcntresi Mull, II. 
Ileinnsey. P. ti. 
fiiS'iii. Thos, 

l m '0111:1 a rtii li 

Di'lilHife. Ileit.1-: 
i|i' Haven. I'lins 
tiaimvns. Tha 

Will II. 
PeKslang Marry 
I la nee r * 


0. A Mtnerta Dawscn, il. .1, 
Unlet., .los. T. I ITimioiid, t ten. 

Ilnckley, J 
1 in r is, Dion 
lloyd, Archie 
Itenneti. Fnsl 
Urook>. llurvcy 
Brtdlcy, Hert 
nrenen. Mm. 
rtgwers. Wm. 11 
Barnrlt, O. R. 
Bonil, P. M. 
iKlmnm. Jd" 
Uatnes A L«> 
Uellclnlr, tlen 
Rerltrs. Tlie 
Dornr. rronl; 
BucUleT. W. ft 
111 I lock. Robert 
jBlCllimij llerl 
Rurlte. Jaw R. 
Beliord. ti. W. 
Ilryant, Ham 
llrisier RntVH 
llttrttn, .tlnuiiy 
Bepliet Clarence 
Boise. 'Harry 
llouers & 

, On.. Fred 
Urinley, fieri. 
1 : - 1 L- 1 . 

Horry L. 
Bell, C. a. 
gnrrCtt.. Joe. 
Btntoit. P. R. 
Benmtt. Sun 
Brown. Geo. . 
Black &' Yorien 
Kartell. HattT 
FlflHnn A Ar.lile.t 
Heiineit. 'fnylnr 
Btebiicll. ft M. 
lloUc. Fdily 

'■Jruiiillck. i.bns. 
Hoey; Olins.- 
tjiuison ft Drew 
Hllehen. .1. .11. 
iloliiinii. Hurry 
IJiliitley, jr. II. 
IjuWCt, Hnlo II. 
"torati. 1M.. 

Ii-lllili-'ili in All.'] 
owe. Waller 
lllimlllnii Hairy 
f jenilen-i ut. F. 

lloweii. Will A. 
Unwind, TK-rt 
llonslon, Fi-niik 
Iluileliiuiilll Pfi'f 
l|iu!he<. Mr. A 
•'•. '.Mrs. Xlck 
llorrtly. .1: J. 
Ijitrl, Joe • 
llwrel. A If. T. 
Hull.' Hilly 
lilchtmver, AV. 
Uarfm * 


llelfcH, U. .1. 
I Indiheqt. J. 

Hutrwd a 

I nttvard ilarry 
I uniinnn.1. -'■'. II 
I avlw.k M'nllaii- 

Pis-. J. J. liny 
I'.lsnll. P. II. 
Kilnioiuls, Slii'ii 
F.aulc, lilvle 
IM«H, Al. 
Krerell. Ileiti')- 
Karl, lidim 
lirerta, .Ins: 

i.iii.iti i.'it. I'ny 
I'lChols. Wm. 
Fdiniiiida, Mne't 
aware, liny it. 
rilbwiiitli piiiii'i 
Kitiebenn. .111-. 
Ituener, Fred 
lirnim W, Af, p 
M wards 1I1 

Kernel I 
MapJaw a 

Puller. -Wm. 
Fuller, Hurt 
I'.ilrhillka The.F 

I'lil, 11, Jim. 

(•'i'Imi. ,1. Paul 

I'l'nii.'llllnn, Mr. 
Knln'nt. fiemnt 
Fern, II 
Fields, .(. iinaer 
hMiti, SIl'. 
I'redii A Here 
Fiinke, Wn.' 0. 
Fort ner. Will. 
! Field,! A Wnr<l 
Mob A Tin fYi.jFiU k*. Welwler 
llowaian. 1'rc.l -1'lemliiu. lie.). S 
Fttstnlfl. J.n> Ifiray, l'rniik 

glttlon, I.. T. Iiltviion, S. 
relent, Tax lilns<iu>, II. II. 
• :anilllH « Kona |(lille(tc, ft IJ. 
Carlt, Fronl: 0. ilireltier. 
CorMey. J«h. F. Mr. A- Mrs. A. 
Caslle. Bar ;nrniideu, 
CiSsinlere. Mr. ] Ptavcll 1. 

Ihinlery, Jnc 

fkiyle. Phil II III, 1.. I, 
Ilawnoii llnrrr.\;i|npper. H. II. 
Iiiiyb. Jnck 1 llllbcrt. II. F. 
IHIl-i'i'. W. II. Ilnnile.i. J. It, 
Pewiirc. Rnls-i'l lloon. R. (I. 

iniltof, Uou'er 
.dhnson. Nut 
Johnson, fiirtult 

Jlllltl', 'I'.'llll 

.laities, lien 
.lelrrike. 1;. V. 
.I11I111-1111. 1 ; en. ft 
.lohiiMin .t. Hurt 
■lis'. Jm. 11. 
Jnitlnti, >'. 0. 
Jnmca, II, - 
Jiihiison, A. M. 
Jones, 1C. C. 
Kotiiiian, V.'. F. 
Kenny A llolils 
Kern, C. K. 
Kornj. Waller 
Kelly. A. G. 
Kornhell. Albert 
Kellnint Arlh.M. 
Kelly, OiniH. J. 
Klsbl, K. 
Kelt, J. W. 
Kennedy Co.Mifr 
Kitrth. P1111I 
Kennedy. A. 

Klllll, Mlln J, 
... Kopne. A, 
Bin H. Koltlor & Marlon FiUrlii 
Koet'iter. Pitas. 
Kiine, John II. 
Ivesllc. .las. 
Hlanrlie flrent 

Lnrelle. John A. 

Ooyae. Mike 
Christie. Wm; 
Commons. A. 
Comict. Jas. J. 
Cottetal A 

IClrnlib. 8. A. 
;Oray, Wm. 
IGreason, ». 
.Ollmore, J. F. 
Grant, Geo. A. 

rDTeltlfj after, Atth t. 
Colby, Chr,!, iQardnct. Jack 
Coatet *_ dlocfcw. C. 

Cr«mlo!ore«a. John B. 
Clements. H. P.IGtntiTilu, B*tt 
Crcwley. Hetbt |Go9dman. S. J. 
Cumltis«. Roy Goodwin. Ben 
CntnodT, Jat. P Onffy. IHU 
Coleinnn. Roy [Gilford. W. H. 
Coyne, lilt* iGKma. Jcha E. 

■ ini.iii .' 
Lnrelle. , 
|J<w1k, I'Muar 
i*v\. t'A'lc 
[.einliitr. Ous 

l/can. ).ou|. 
Lewis, J. II. 

fcamnlnat.^ F.. F. 
Ilnhrou, Ptanh 
Lewis. 1 1. J. 

t.tcmsrt, Jm>. B. 
.Indaialin II. A. 
.eounr I A 

-■ Xuomton, Frank 
Lawtor Wm. 
tgwbnde, A. A. 
I.ncas. Jlrfinile 
Lewis H Harr 
Lartitce ft I^e 
I.a Fluer. Joe 
Le Roy, Reese 

'£UTai BntCHARP left for Mexico Nct. 2?., 
to fill an eight weeks' engaperaen t. with rhe 
Plvco Bell. ... -■..-. 

Lotus ■CHKVALir.n, for some years post a 
comedian on .the dramatic stage, has em- 
burfcert In vaudeville in a creation of his own, 
untitled, "A Lucky Llnr!" Tit* vehicle .is a 
comedy sketch, . running eighteen mlnntes, 
nnd he la ns«l?fed very capably hv alyrtle 
Al. Leavltf and Xlnn carlcton. The sketch.' 
we are Informed, wdi an instantaneous hit, 
nnd 1st now playinc (he Inteniiulonal 'I'hc- 
jtltleiil r'n.'s time 

'Harbv.Ih ilvssov, hui'losrjiir: mngie eo- 
ineilltin, Is unw in Ills fmirleenth week nt Ihe 
i'ook l.'niiiiiy Hospital, PhleaKO, III., Ijlnk up 
oil bis Htohincli, silfferlns with iieve«> nitric 
nclfl biirns, whlctt completely dcslroyod thn 
i'lotl\lng. from hl.s person nnd burned the 
lower ppri Ion of his body almost to a crisp. 
Alp., ffnnsyu .lines tint expect to ever be able 
in alt down again, and will nlwiivs hnvo 10 
rtt/illd, dxrent when abed. He hopes lo be 
able In lenve the hospital by the latter part 
nl January, IPOS,- In order to yesiime vniide. 
villi* work. For I hrt past two Summer sen- 
HoitB he lins' been, connected with the tlor- 
xi'citvos It. It, SlinwSi ns-oratnr. Thus. Hnr- 
jft-ettves, . please vvj'lie. 'Hiere .arc nevern' 
tliettlrlcnl people eon lined In hospital on sick 

Jamus It. Kci.i.y will reinnla In New Or- 
lenas,.M„ nil Winter. M Incnl hooklito; miin- 
iiKi'l' "f (He. -Mnrria 'Vandiivllle llxchaiitte, He 
lms-tweiuy houses under his. control and c.t- 
liechs jo mid iiiiii-" in' Jan. I, ■'making iKdrcult 
•if tAviillly-lhc* weeks In .1 ho .extreme Hnutli 
ilironsh Aliilmma, '.Mississippi, Louisiana nml 

Tilt: Ar.vr Diana's PkkaXIXSI Pi). Noths. 
— Wo tire tnei'llim wllh itiiriiiM in ihe one 
Night stands, We u|K-nesl at Ho. Amboy, X. 
J., on Oct. -J I, and expert tn close our season 
ii lulu 1 April I. Tlio ciuiipnity travels In a 
special cur nnd. carry hvetnj-ilve jieople, wllh 
n band of fourteen. We in now en rout? in 
the coal mines of Pennsylvanln. then Ihrnntrli 
Ohio and liidliiun. Miii'klc. .Incolis A llen- 
ilerson urn proprietors, mid llnrrv Kostcr, 
luisliiess mniinger. 


liieelliiK with success with their most Iniigli- 
ulile ml, en rilled "The Wrou-e Man." This Is 
lltelt- ten I It week over W. T. Henderson's time. 
Willi len or more 10 fnilotv. 

Mt'STiiltinl's Fn.wr/. I'.u.'SAi: ANP IIOMPAVV, 
who mmm ly Hiiisited 11 sUtunnlil enaaKe- 
menl iiver lite Inter-sinle circuit of Mn|eslli-' 
Thentres. snys: "Ow act has Is-cn llto talk 
in erery city we played." 

MiTi'titii.i. a\p i'ai.v, who hrtve closed wllh 
"Yiinui" at Philadelphia, will return to 

Tin: tiitt:.iT Kaihm Qrjaicarra reports 
p">"I.Ihk ■rtjk-mems lit tlco. iLtman':: man 

lerplefe, "Nlghi Ivlth the Poets" Co., now 
plnvliig Ihc ilrpheum circuit. The mitirteite 
luclmles: S. fl. Mniilcrs, ti. II. Mcwilllnnis, 
R. H. Ili'itili mid W. P. Avery. 

Um. Uva.vs. "the buuev'hny," lendered a 
TlutttksRlvlng dinner In u pnrtv of friends 
III Ihe Southern Hotel Si. Louis, Nov. 2D, at. 
Which were Hotvinil nnd .Nnrth, j-'rank 
li'ltrlen, Onrixil nnd f.'ooke, Ollle Vonng, Mc- 
inivre nnd Heath, anil several others. 

Mtt,t,.vuti ItnhA., experl cyciuts, write: "We 
were to have iilnyed Ihe tllnhe anil Malesllc 
'Fheiitrcs, nt llnstnn. Sunday. Nov. ^'4. but 
nwlno to the Palace running concerts we were 
iiiinpelled In pluy Ihe Pnlnce. We arc ut 
present closlug the olio wlih Hoh Matichesi. 

Tin: l.t: V.vnns Inform us Ihnt Ihey tire 
sllll mn-tlne with InircrRS. touring t.'iinailti, 
nnd recelvltus curtain culls nightly. They ex- 
lied in bend it bit; colored production next 
Spring, under ihe mnniigemeni nf Ihe .Marks 
Hrns., Mack and Alex. .Murks, cnrrrlni; a 
hand nnd orchestra, traveling lit their own 

other sources. 

Mvy ltny,rr.TA mourns the death of her 
fniher. C. F.. lngnlis i.cinitaoton, who died 
Nov. ft, al her home In Lynn, Mnss. On n. - 
(•ftiiril: of iclegrnm.t helruj delayed Irt tlellverj', 
. she was unable lo he •lit. his- bedside; hefore 
h* passed iway, toil, arrived in lime for Ihe 
funeral. Hn ImvH a la'eat many friends In 
1 be. profession. , . , 1 

Tun Hi:r.i:t.i, linns, wrile : "Our acl: Is still 
very successful! nnd our new trick, a sprinu- 
Mnrd leap from the audience to the stage, 
cflTihlns a hand to hand bnlcutce, Is 'a knock- 
nut. t Our little dog, Dick, Is still with the 

Eam. Ttitiik, wlth.Al. G. rielo's Greater 
Minstrels, is continuing: to please in tbe title 
role in the mammoth, 'spectacular act, "The 
B oy In Grean..'.'..^..:. .:■■...■.■-..-:-. .; 

T A HO VUMO 8D 0CE38. 

. t ny 01.1VB hwpfii, . . 

Luc; AtWood was young, tnora than pretty, 
and In .tbe small town where she lived 
considered .to -have' great. -Mstrloaic ability. 
She recited "Cnrfew," "Mother and Poet," 
find "Asleep at the. Switch," in. magnificent 
wyle, 'iiad she was stttdylng Shakespeare with 
jn-ent unction. She was only seyenteent and 
her father- ptoudly averred that she could 
play the heaviest parts. He often remarked 
while silting on a cracker hnx.nt.thfi "gen- 
eral stofo." to his friends and MMUMl: 
n "Why. /^be. knows. pratiy near ail the.bcst 
plays of ,Shakek]M?are by heart, and what's 
more, she. - understands hi* meaning! — MnC 
lieth, Juliet, Ophelia, nnd nil of them from 
thn ginliiitj up. l'nu Just ought tn see her 
faint. She Is fall- hiovw up by the falls she 
gels. And when she walks around in her 
shimmy with n candle, nnd says : 'Out, 
dnmiicd spot r she is ynst a howling success, 
mid that Is what she L)." 

'•I've heard her," wild .Tfh Obollttle. "from 
our buck porch, and Hint's half a mile, away, 
hue 1 didn't know what was the mutter wllh 
iter 'till Mnry Anne told me thnt. she wBs gr»- 
Ing'lo he-.ii phtv actor, nail ihey have to:»lo 
t|iat to get practise,"' 

"She's writ to sotbe of tlietn libr mnnagors 
tip' to New yovlj, mid offered to- do .nctin' for 
litem; If they would pay her passage up 
furnish her Wardrobe, nnd pay 'her 11; itlir 
price.. I ronkoti she'll hear from nno nf 'eiii 
1 no :•■.!. any tiny .now. ' She gin one of 'em a 
list <it 'Ber 'repertory— '■ — " 

"What's IhalV" asked one of the group. 

It did not surprise these men nt all that 
Lucy Atwood should make ,\ success In' thn 
lira mit. Their Ideas on the subject were a 
lit I lo b.t*y, mill her recitations had .seemed 
to their simple fancies, very line. 

1 til r the week passed, anil then another, 
and no reply from ihc big managers came, 
hut Lucy liegnti to write )ier name as Liiclu 
Forcstler. This was to be her stacc name. 

She had nu mother, nnd lived with her 
mint nnd father on want hml been quite nn 
ambitious tiltinlAtlon before thn war. Her 
hunt wils childless, and :t widow, nnd owned 
this farm. Mr. Ativnnd wnllied nlionl. tlw 
l.iiui mile In n while, rend Ihe aowspapei-s, 
fclept, nnd went; down lo Ihe general store, 
every afternoon nml In tbe pnsl olHcn on his 
leturn. This wns bis dally routine,' and had 
been ever since Lucy could romemher. 

He nwnetl seiernl slaves and n farm 
near the river bnllont. but after tltn war linii 
swept .through there, leaving nothing hut 
desoiatlou, he had gnne with his gent In wife 
to live with Ills sister. Ills wife died, nnd 
he si 111 rcmiilued. in that peaceful rammer 
he passed his days. 

When Uie 1'iiuti nl Ihe slnt-e nskiid what 
"repertory" was, he smiled a little at ilu 1 
man's igtmrnnce, knocked the nshos imt. of 

.. finally appeared eh the staje she lookeJ 
from him that fhe wpula be as unntrainaMe. wan and hagfaotd and old. 
ns a real. star, and if. she failed, she wonid few women ventured orst this nitbt and 
be ton proud tn ret him know. . I the audience was composed mostly of nee 

Jock also "rneltad'-' nnrl had taken part In and. they began 'to guy Ihe piece olbion as 

neveral amateur .performances ' at chnreb 
MdoHf arid ihe like, and he had a really 
taiperb hnrlinrie voir,-, though It had hnt-ibii 
tralhing of the village enolr. ■ ,- -••> 

Lucy's voice was 'thin and throaty, and 
eiir- never tried to learn 10 sine, thinking' that 
her dramatic powers were sufficient. ■ 
-. Lur.v vhad- gone, Ktten promising to write 
erery week, and to send all tbe newspapers 

toon as the curtain rose, 'jhc younj leadlne 
man was rlie'iirsr to discover their dlsrlen'i 
me, nnd this. taok. rhe form .of a banco 1 
enrtots. And, from ihoa on pnndemonlnts 
rfljtaeil. .Jeers; caicnlls, and mocking wotdi 
were . showered on evevy member ol the tin- 
fortuhate company, nnd, finally, the nolle 
And. confusion, wure no pronousced that to* 
cuttala was lowete-d, just in tine to pteTeot 

containing notices.. The. big honsa seemed Juliet from beioz knocked eff her shaky bal 

' cohy by n shower of. vemtables. As.ini 
started to go. to her dressing rpota tbe root 
child fell in *• faint. 3be nev?r knew whe 
picked her dp Had rushed with her to h?t 
dressing room, and stood guard there In tisi 
any one. should dare ro nttetnpt to-eatei 
But with a seriss of, derisive howls, tfie aridl 
fnce fiaiJly dispersed, and went, to thelt 
But Jack went to horjie? or thoaalciins thev patronized., ., ,-.. 
That night .lack went to the oitice of Ult 
lacarpaper aid bought, two coliimns of.spaci, 
and this he filled as fast as tbe comptuUcU 
cdtild set It' ,He waited until- the lltJt,thre( 
cbples wero pnlled offy.and tbeh h« delibtrat?' 
ly pled the form. But as the editor' kne- 
tbat It would not matter if tbe paper should 
he late thar morning, he pnekstect the gen- 
erous sum that Jnck had given him, Mnd lei 
It Kb.' - • • ---. - •• ■-■ •■ 1 
; But the headlines of Ihnt article hnd re- 
mained stnudlug, and they rend. A HOWL- 
ING ftt'CCilsS, which was rather the Ironj 
of fate.. 

■vevv empty now, and Mr. Atwood took to 
luiEtinr sciuirre.s as a solace for his loneli- 
ness.' The: annr began a new hedanlrt, in- 
tended to outshinsany otherin the ccmnry. 
J«rk Saun.ders left the place. He said 
little about his affairs, and so no <ne knew 
That he "-had 'inherited a srHan fortune of 
abpnt twelve thousand - dollars, which he 
kept In a Chicago bank. 
New York.-' 

rlnicy found that the ':company".was nqt 
exactly, formed ye.t, but with ner money and 
thnt of another young girl,. and the new lead- 
la»- men. it did not -.take loag. The msno- 

fets had some compunction, for they took 
iiicy to a- kind and motherly /rvnnnti, and 
In a snrprlslnslr short time they were ready 
tn start on) on their flr«t tour. Their bad 
ahJuit Tetf ' thousand dollars, some pretty 
rocky looklnp seeaery, nnd she innnngers were 
save thnt this wna lo be a great: snecess. 1 »• 
Lucy Was very pretty,. and made up still 
prelller. >Vltb that air of innocent candor, 
she was nn Ideal Juliet, and,' tn' fact, she 
rag? »•' far nS npnen'rahce. poea. nil that 
Blinkespenre hlrosolt could have wished. 

They rehearsed -day nnd night. The old 

Jnck went, to bis room, which be had ety 
gaged at iho. hotel, .and wliero he had. also 
obtained ncconnnodatlons for the Veal of. the 
company, and lay down for 1 a abort run*, 

tally cautioned Liter .to Keep n. little ready hut he could not sleep. He decided that'll 

i'ji»h i"l°l" ; . her. AJe will spare pur readers was time that Me took Lucy out 'of tb.1* life, 

(he many Hilars tUsacrceable and even dHn- hnt on the cither hand he could not take ber 

ksmms, thnt bifppened tb6 young star, F.vea by f 

(he cnllnw young man xvhoBe ambition- had 

led him to put up nil tlie money lie. to 

become' a star, and wbb considered himself 

force. He must keep quiet awhile longer, 
and ir'y to nnrl Just the right moment, such 
a-momeni ns-tfte poel had In mind when she 
said: -ft" only the dead might know just 

Irrqsistiiilp,, tried. . i« .nwka lave to her; and whentn rnmfl -hajck," nnd the rest ' An?- 

ihe ".lohnnies" who li.-iunted Ihe.door ofthe how the compj 

plftce where iher- lvhenrstsj, frtr dauhtless 

iheyhave somd-ldea otitalf. Hut this ninjr 

his '.said, 'the two mAnagcrs hoped that LtieV 

would iuWflid Via the road. aihd'It she did 

Ihey wanted' uo nnnoylnp ejitangleracnt't, nor 

did. they .Want bee to- fall In: love and marry. 
They rnnrtHfred Tn get. out line and flaring 

billboard work andlilbocraphs of Luey, who 

lo 11 wny, resemhtwl Mnry Anderson 'nt her 

beat', and they started off wllh n grand 

nourish nf trump*!* In thn wny of advance 

advertlslne. They wore iHtokiil'over Hie cir- 
cuit nan a My folio wnl by these small com- 
panies. If (he managers took liberties with 

tho Iinmorial one, it was to keep exiienses 

down by rtslurin;,' thn east. Hut those who 

hnvo been In tbls business for vnnrs know 

bow far ten thousand dollars will go. 
Among the sttperniinierary men there was 

one who had so Very little m say tn any 

one that they till called. him Iha Hermit. He 

wns tall, nthlei!.'. and might hnre heen called 

handsome were it not Tor tbn dark hue of his 

skin and the bushy heard he wore. He 

stooped when ho was In presence of tho star 

of thn company, nnd It was noticeable thnt 

he kept, nwuy from her as mnch us he could. 

Bad yer two or three limes be hml heeu no- 
ticed In keep a close wnirh on her. Not -io 

harrow thn curiosity or Ihe reader, this was 

Jack Saunders. He hart' come on and joined 

this co-operative company in a subordinate 

position thai He might Is> near Lucy when 

the limit cataclysm should cobio. 

. Lncy dolormlneji .that if other stars al 

lowed themselves to be Ill-tempered she would 

not, but she would keep u distance so that 

there shonld be no friction. The nld lailv 

bis corncob pipe, and bIiiiHIisI off to the pns\ } n,, j ,lfil ' thnt it was the most nerve racking piest fellow on earth. 
iilllee, and thn men nt the store discussed business In the whole world, this trncelinii 

, ,_ __.., .... .... . ... --.-« . .. n i» litm nflA, ntnrl.l. ...1 1.^1 .. , . -.,- -_/* 

_ company was. nTwolntclv burslccl ng 
unless he were rn come forward an'd'fnralsft 
funds -for lb Inc 'go on with' until- anothtr 
disaster. ,..lln -was "tired of Ills dlsitillsie,' He 
sprung up. natl-.-sbavc'ri. nnd wa slied off the 
dork color.. from his face:. oflinherl his. bnlr 
as lie used. tn. and dressed in the garments 
Lucy had seen him wear. . . - -. •,♦ 

Lncy slnpi Jinr. little. She wan In pain 
and most awfully homesick. She rose- as 
soon as It was daylight^ and dressed, think- 
ing (hat n walk lit the fresh air wonld moke 
her head bett»r, she went out toward tbe 
river aud walked slowly nlnng. Shn said to 
herself, hnt alnud : 

"Oh, If 1 had only stayed at borne. I aai 
so tireil of It all, And even under thn vary 
best circumstances I should liave .tn toll 
yenrs before i could be a real actreBf. - Ahd. 
there are plenty now. Oh, if It were not 
for making anat nnd father nnhappy on ac- 
count of my dire failure 1 would go. home to- 
day — If I could." .1- 
. -'I reckon you ronld. Lncy, If yon wish. 
And, if you will p.o with me, for 1 shall nm 
let you out of my sight again." 

'■'Ob, Jack, how did you know? How old 
yon happen to be here?" •- t- ■ 

Jack slipped ills arm around the slim waist 
and drew tier bend over his shnoldor whlij 
he, kissed the ,-iain cheeks, nod then hd told 
her -all. And sao smiled In n happier wtj' 
than shn had since pbe left hnpie.- 

•'Nowi lioiiey, wi- shall be married- ilgut 
after breakfast and I'll isend Jhnan poor 
stranded fools hnnte, nnd we'll fake the tien 
train lor ;AvinfordB. Thevve had all JJJ 
papers before now lo prove yon a howling 
success. And, my little .Lucy, 1 am the hap 

Ihe prulinhle fill urn of tbn young girl Ihe; 
all bud known all her life. 

To his surprise, Air. Atwood found a very 
business-like letter nt the post office for 
J liter, with n handsome picture of n large 
hull'dlng" and the name nf n theatrical man- 
ager oh It. That this name was not known 

nights after plnying add losing rest nnd cm- 
lie, nt irregular hours, nnd ntten badly 
cooked food. Ard, so every one's nciveH 
were nn edge nil the time, nnd the best thing 
to do i was to !-c sweety nnd klod and keep n 


suu'nm.1) Tim tesoIi. 
Roland Cunnlneham, the tenor, engaged to 
t Frllr.1 Scb«rf In "The Two Roses, „ 

aitppoi'. . 

met with samethlng of a surprise 
began his rehearsals. Last June, when Mr 
Cunningham mnt JManagei- Dillingham, the 

rtala distance. And, Thls'ibo did. Only 
, t beheading man tormented her with bin nt- 
in-Jhe theatrical, world nt New Vork did not toatlonn, until one day, when she could bear manager Invited him to slug the next room- 
affect the looks nf the letter. It was bulky nn . mo r < ':, an, l ^r «m°<i right hand flaw rtut I ng on trial, 
nnd typewritten, mid had it llnelT engraved J, a "'t his mouth fio that it bled. This kept 
bending. All of wblrb Inspired 'confidence, blm at a distance, though, 
'the letter wns addressed to Miss Lucy At- The season *-ns a bad one anyhow, mid 
wood. Whifonl's. Alabama. JJf actors la I ho grand drumns offered by 

The old man's kneo* fairly Iremhled under l " 1 " company hnd b»eo preceded by anolher, 
Mm as he hastened home with the letter, nnd rather batter noc. and Pliokesiiearo twice 

within a. week is rather n heavy repast. Busi- 
ness was poor, nnd the farther Went they 
went the worse If got, and titter a struggle 

Already hn saw bis cUliy-halred, pretty, rosy 
cheekcdi vlnlat-eyed ibiiiahtei- n very ipieen 
of Ihe drama, with all the world at her feet. 
His ininglnal inn Was vivid nt all times, but 
now It tint-passed Itself In visions of future 
wonders. They had a finely illustrated vol 

private car. 

( and Mat RtNO write that they hare 
Jilot finished six weeks on the John Amnions umc of Shakespeare, and ip his mind Lucy 
Crystal circuit through Indiana, where their was floating through the whole "Repertory," 
fief a-as a 4 big success. They speak very the very queen of them all 

highly of Mi. Amfflons' treatment toward 
his performers, Mr. and Mrs. Reno Will 
shortly put on a new comedy act quite out 
of the ordinary. At present they are well 
booked up. , 

- KtiTlr OltAV and Dai* OttLKTT played 
Fastot'j Theatre week of Nov. 26. Thev leave 
Dec. 3 for Mrs. Gray's home, Kingston, N. ?., 
to spend Christmas and New Year's. After 
that time Mrs. Qrar win take her own little 
company out again, playing small towns. 

The letter was Tery fluttering, Terr spe- 
ciously worded, and the future was pictured 
la flowing colors. 

The manager who wrote told the young girl 
that he was organising o, very talented com- 
nahy to tour the United States, and later 
liiirope. find they wonted n young lady pos- 
sessing the quiulflcntlons of Mis; Atroofl, 
whose photograph * • ' and ended by 
saving that as thi3 was to be a co-operative 
company, she would be expected to furnish a 

as heroic as nny put down in history, the 
whole thing went to pieces, and the company 
ynn stranded In a small place in Oregon. 
Lucy bad forgotten the old lady's advice 
and had given her last hundred dollars, 
hoping that It might help the compaay teach 
a better paying town; but one of the man- 
agers took this and lift them stranded. 
That night the; had played "Hamlet," and 

1 can't sing before at rangers," answered 
Itr. Cunningham. "It makes me nervous.' 

"That's all right," said the msnager. "There 
will only lie two or three people there— a' 
■Inge manager, his wlfo and one or tro 
others." . - . . 

So Air. Cunningham sang hnd was engagea. 
Whrn he entered! he Broadway Theatre lor 
his first refaenrsal, he noticed the aame stag* 
Uinunger's wife sitting demurely by the doar. 

"Hello," be said, cheerfully, "didn't I meet 
you In London? Are yon going with tea 
Frittl Scheft compAnyJ" ,. • • - - 

"1 think so.", was the reply. ... . ■ _. 

"Going lb the chorus, eb, to be with youe 
husband? That's good,'' sala the. tenor, 

"Oh, no t 31r. ^Dililngbatri has given me ft 
•mall part," said the stage manager's wile. 

t ..*""£ uigm inei nau piayen "Hainlet," and ■ *~.». .s-.- »»= «h«ip-h-,"i j .» 

Lncy had stood for a, moment transBxed bt "That's jolir good, now. ■ I'm real glad M 
the singing of one of the gravedlggers. Tear's near it." aald the teaor, and the rehearsal 6«: 

rushed Into her ejes a» she remembered Jack fan 

and hi* singing. Of course, this could sot woman startea to sing. „ . i -,, 

be Jack, Jjjl the voice btought back the "My word, what a voice she has!'' etit> 

«tlle he waited for his cue The Jo«°* 
om4n staged fo smg. . . ■ . ,ii.Ag^ 

memory of the old life, nnd— she wished she Cunningham. Then he made his "trance. 
had never left bona*. to find himself face to face with tha llttw 

Lncy had a solid foaadatloa of good sease prima donna.*- JT. 7. Sun. 

-. .• •'.. ,'■•■• ■ -.- ■ ••■ ■-.-■ - ■■ ■ ■ / .. . • ... - , ' - ■' « • • •-•♦' . « , \ ■ . . • - . . • . ■:•■.< v., 

:>■• ::-.'• ;"-•--•< •/'; ■ •:;.- . . '..,- .. !-. ■ ;• •. . ' : . •'. ■•'•; :.L : )fV }■+■' ■■.-.•£ 

'-■: ". ■■■ : - • ;■;-'■ "• .:-.-. "" " i- :■' " • • ■■■•'■.':.■■■■ :•/'■•. -. - '• " .'• .' .' *•" - ■ .*■:.•••:••' ..' *•', 

December 7. 



. .,,.*. 


FIrst-elaes Dramatic People. Company Plays One-Mfrht Standi. State Four 
very lowest salary In year Hrst letter. ' 

HENRY SHAHTNOlf, Banker's Child Co..Qr^ n .w«,ra. 

pood bouses 25-2T. Thos. K. Shea 28-30, tlio 
Smnrt Sit Dec. 2-4, Qrnce Cameron, In ''Dol- 
l!o Dimples"' S-T. , . • 

Lyric (Mai Hurtlg. manager). — Week of 

_j|T7a 4 tf CT T T»»KA*»B. 
HAvlVCi I 1 •»2d6t.,WcslofH'way. 
MIL ttiCKETT Sole, Lessco and Manager 

Mr. John Mason, 





KLAW A EltLANGER...... "..•.. .'Maiiagcra 

Vvn., s.15 Matinees Wed. and Sat.. 2.16. 






B'wsy 4 41st St. 

L1TT 4 DINGWALL Managers 

EvgB. 8.15. Mats. Wed. and Sat., 2.15. -. 



B'v.-ajf. -Hth to -IMO. SIS. 


Vaudeville Festival. 





■l-IUi St., hear 


Evenings at 8:15 sharp. Main, .Saturdays at a. - 





EVES, -8.1S. ■ MATS. SATURDAY AT 3. • 


A New Plky l>y WM. C. DE MILLK. 
■ -and notable cast. 


Hill ST!, BETWEEN 3d 4 4th AVE3. 

Conlinnoas performances 1 •!•. M. until 11 P. M. 

Seats, 20 and 20c. Matinee every dav. 


Norton 4 Rnsgell.. 
flirJner 4 Golder. . 
/-»ullne Panll 4 Boys 
i'utler A Larhar: 

Gofortli 4 Doyle. 
Slieppard A \vard. 
De Onautei t wica. 

Eddy Curr.i!!.. ntlicr- 



E. uiti St. -ladles' Mat. to-day. 


2— BurIoliasi-2. -. 

. -Vaude. 



«: 125tlf St. Ladles' iJat.To day . 


"DreaaParide."- '■ ■ -Vaiide. 


new > 


B'way'and,«Qtti'st ■? ' jjri iis. 
• ., Matii.Tycd.';a!id3a«.'2.ia. 

. ''-nxiiftk', ■:-is;-*'i»;v%" t» 


Huber'8 "^Museum 


mRACTIONS for Curio Halls and Theatre 

■ Addre98 J. 11. ANDERSON, Mer. 


91 niKB Claaa Vaadrvllle laeatres, 

M. MEVERP-RLD JR., PRESi; \.;.^-' ^. 
ill Applications for Time Most Be Addteatet 
to C. E. BRAY, Hooting Manager, ' 

V«)eftl« Theatre Buildlnc Chicago. I1L 


47 W. 28Ul ST., 'NEW YORK. 



CANDY KID'' CO. . J . 


Season 1 907-08. Orpheum Show. 

An.Unrlralcd Attractlou. 

50-PerloriJilflg Pels-50 

Permahont address, 

1931 Kar.t^Dau[ihiu St., 
Pnllisdolphts, Pa. 



ggged toicoo. J. IgjBMOjgAJl care CUpper.S.Y. 












-HjI-LIES OF VjX. ' Dlrec-llon P. ZlKiFIELD. 



JOLLIES OF 1037. ' -niredttCiiT/ZIEOnElD. 

**»»9B mor.s, Scrtbner'/i Dig Sfcow. 


Kalth & Proctor Circuit. 






Dec. J.TECKTnEATRL, Bnffalo. N..Y. 



An Automatic Orchestra, piano. Dnims, clilnien, 
Cvm buls, all coniwned and n great money getter; 
a detof Deaganls Organ Chimes. 2a Chimes, brand 
now, cost .-'JKi, mil tate H2S. Royal Pnoto- 
OptlCon. with Trunk to to so Vlewit;" Oter'iu sr 
the iine=t s, 8. Stewart and J, B. Scliall Banjos 
and otliec mated; irltli Leather Case for same. 
Will sell at ijreat aacrillce. Also Slelih Belln, Star! 
Relic, ,Wottden Xylopiones and Wire Dulcimer. 
Write or call lor list. 

Prof. ROAOH, 142 Madison St., Chicago. 


Oil Account of ClOdlog, 

Kathryne Lewis, 

I ,i Charscteri and Heavlrj. 


Cornet lnJ3a>n<l and Small Parts or 
Small farts and Props. 


Addres. PALACE HOTEL, Chicago, 111. 




Hugt hAre gosd wardrobe, and be sober. Address 
AL. 8. EVANS, GalnesvtUt-, Fla.,'2; PalStKa, FUk, 
w eek 9. - • 

Wanted, for losoaa Simpklns Co., 


To doutlu brass or 6am drnm. Address 

WM. CHace. FlandreaB, Mlnu.. Dec. 6; Pipe- 
stone 7. Sloox Fall8,S. V.. s: Mitchell Iff. 




Would Say More, But What's the Us*. ■ 
Address Kansas C'iiv, Mo., 1209 UriLd ire,, 
327. Sueutte bug. -' . • ■ ■ '■ '■ 


Orchestra. Kspcrtsrice. Home address. 

: *• , 'Esae?. cor. Brooke St.. Kew Yost. . 


One must play piano.; man mast be good corned las. 
Both do Rtr.Biew and doubles. ' ' ■•' "' 

■■• -Malmo, Saundera Co., Nebraska. 

CABINET Photos of yourself 920.00 per 
l,ooo, $8 per 100. Send Negs. or Photo to copy. 
ruiunt 1ffir 1,^10,. Fortunes N>c. Samp. ioc. 
EDENA CO., S^12 N. Broad St., Phlla., Pa. 

Wanteds Vaudeville Acts 

All 'kinds at. oil times. Parlor Theatre, Omaha, 
Neb. . , W. P- STOECKEB, Prop. 

1 . . ■■• AT L1SERTY, 



P. ft. KBELER, CTroscece St , Bridgeport, Conn. 

Al Liberty. Singing aid Dan^qgioinidlaij 

Play comedy parts. Height. .Need tlckeL 
Wlroor.wrlre. JIMM1E FAIRBANKS. 170>£ MlllSt., 
St. lor.ns, N. B^. Canada, care or Halifax House. 


. FAY, 


Address IjU Do'iner Ave., Moa«ssen. fa. 


All jjarsona - aie) cautioned ngftiost in- 
clcaiw,' moBoj. with .letters tp ,11s,,,. a 


We are in receipt of com pi ein ts from man j 
trbo have los.'t money by Muding'i tihrongh 
tlio mail, w-hiob ■ demonstrates that (hat 
tnatLod of .uiafing reuSttanoes ■}■ 


ir Pcrld Mouoy Order, Chock or Ei uft is 
e nit and is -itolefj froiii tLe mail, a duplicate 
can be-obttsiiie'd; and tiers will lo no lobs of 
ruonoy, but, there- trill bo a joss of tlma, 
which may be'of.&e uttfloit impoitance. 
We will gtinraatab all persons a^Most loss^ib 
eetidincns teinittaaoea IF THE LETTERS 

in wnicn niEY are sent are 



Si-Tom and, Frank Austin,. Charlotte Coatiia 
and Suntlower, Adcle Palmer ' and oonpany. 
K'lre Musical. Splllors, Martlnottl and B»l- 

Clnclnnatl.— ThaniBjlvlng Day, at Alt 
the theatres, was ode of remarkable food 
cheer. Every house was. packed to the law's 
limit, and at several hundreds were turned 
away. Prosperity still reigns at Cincinnati's 
■plnyliouses. • ■.. • .. .•• 

Gbaxd Opera flocse (Harry Ralnforth St 
John H. Havljn, managers). — under Charles 
Prohman's direction. Ethel Darryjiioro cobjos 
Dec 2, lu "Iter Sister," Last week. KlchnM 
Carle • was tlio. magnet lu - "The Spline 
Chicken," which: dre^ir audlonc« of iplentllu 
auto all wivk, *JtTl enough' t'rushex tp In9are 
a great. average; Mr. "Carle, as Ambrose Olr- 
dir, was supported by n company at excel- 
lence, and a, chorus good looking and active. 
Alice Hsgemau. Victor Morley, .Incs Bauer 
and Murloii Hills were very much lit 'futor- 
nble vrldence. 'The lllght of Way" O. 

Lyi:i<; (The Iltuck Opera House Cu. A Leo 
Shubert, toanog<Tri).— "Sweet Kitty Bcltalrn," 
with Kanchon Canipbcll In the atellur role, 
1-7. Vlrglnlu HatneU. found "AMia Kari- 
nlnu" a powerful veblclo for her taleiiU lust 
week. Andrew Kobsoii wua an Intense Kure- 
nJnn, full of dramatic vigor. Ruticrt War- 
wlck'£ Wruiiikj- was a strong, Imperious putt. 
Business was good: Blanche Bates aCXtVJu 
.'•The Girl of the «oldeu' West." v 

tum Stbeet (M. C. Anderson k HtrJiy 
ML Zlegler, umnagera). — M. M. Thelte's "Wine, 
Woman and Song" 1-T. The Kour Mortons 
played to tumaway 'business at nearly every 
performance last week. "The Big Stick, 
George V. Uobarfs musical ' comedy, proved 
magnetic. A capable company helped the 
.tour stars. Grace Catueruii.'ln "Llttlei Dollle 
Dimples," S. ' 1 

Olympic (George 9. Fish * Luella Fore- 
puugu. Fish, oianugers). — The Forepaugu 
Stock Co. Is to rosfve Itlchnrd. Golden'K suc- 
cess, "Old Jed Prouty," 1-7, and Gilbert 
Ely will eelebrttte-hls -return., to. i»ld scenes 
•by appearing u's Uucle Jctl. , The llazleton 
comedy, "Mistress Ktdl;" -In- which- Henrietta 
Crosnian scored so heavily, drew splendid 
crowds last week. . Ida .Adair was a sweet 
.Veil. Alnswortb Aruuld,'tt new comer, made 
a favorable Impression as Jack Hurt. Priest- 
ly • Morrison's Buzzard and- Walter .Gilbert's 
Swullow were clever character, tilts. Her- 
schell Mujall made good as King Char-es II. 
"jtonieo" and Jultet 8. • . ■ ' . 

. Coldmuia (M. C. AuJerson 4 Henry H. 
Zlegler, mauuger9)..- i -Claytou .Wblbi. Mario 
Stuart and company are coming 1-7. to lu- 
.troduce "Chtrrle."- Others on the iiowbliyn- 
vflude : Cone, Downey.- and WUUird, Leon Mor- 
rls' . nerfprmlng. dogs, . uioukuya, and-, uoules,. 
Tate's "Fishing". DUwln Stevens, ana co'nj- 
.pauy, and Tina -JJarihill, In ''An Evening 
.with Dickens ;'? Ketlvy and • Vtulette, JanmB 
M. McDonidd and Violet- Dale. Lust week's 
business hit u'.good arorage,. wittl Wlllord 
Slui'us and Edith Courad creating cyclones 
of laughter, lu ,"Fllnder's Furnished Flats." 
Grace Von Studdltord; continues In good 
volee. The bill .wise good all the way through- 
■Iteeck's OPEKA.HouSB-vTha Ucuck-Opera 
UouKe Co. & E. D. Stair, managers!. — Lottie 
Williams Is underlined, . 1-7, in Charles 13. 
Bluney'a pluy, "The Little. r Madcap.". The 
Smart Set packed-, the house- last - week,, -In 

"The Black PoHtlelun," » a- creation wjtl) t- '■ ,--j" icfsfSTTaEav — »ia 

euoogh musleul swlilg-lu It to-ciitcli the wliu- -J*""*^ ' »¥ ua ,,, ,,0 , ua **„ •%«?&& " tl . 
lav favor. . S. H. 'Dudlvy was .the. politician Wimajus. lo M the Little Madcap. 'en- 

tcrtalnoil well lilted huuae* i'S-SO. ''When 


NATIOVAL . (QU Burrows, manager).— Tba 
FVrar Huntings, In -Th» Fool H0UW," did 
big buBlnees.Nov. 21-23. Lottie Williams drew 


i> st. r. Patsy Doyle, Flvo Madcaps, and the 
Lyrlcacopo. .:•.-; 

1 1 s 

' Cleveland.— .At the Opera House (H. D. 
Kline, manaper) "Ben-flirr • will have a big 
run' week of Dec 2. "The Man of tho Hour" 
packed the house last week. Week of 0, 
itolwrt Edeslon. 

riii.o.MAb r Cliti -. I,. IlcrUnian, mmager). 
—'.'levers' Lane" Is ' the ' offering by tho 
1 aughsn Glaser Stock Co, week of 2, Their 
'Dorothy Vernoa of Haddon -Hall' scored 
heavily last week. Week' of 9, Ulasor Stock 
Co. 1 

> Ltcuvm (Geo.- M. Todd, manager). — Billy 
It. Van brings "Palsy In roMtlcs" week of i. 
•'The Voluirlrtjr Organist"- had good rccelpta 
last week. Week of 0. "Dream CHy." 
. CLovF.bAND . (Geo. M. .Todd, manager). — 
"The Flshtlog Chance" week of 2. "Pan- 
handle .Pete" drew good bouse? hut woefc. 
Week otO. "The Outlaw'o Christmas." 

M/uaaic (Carlcton Macy, mauager).— 
"The Charity Ball" will draw good houses 
for the Majestic Stock Co. week of 2. aa did 
"The -Two Orpliau*" week of 25. Majestic 
Stock Co. week of 0. 1 ■ 

. Kurn'H (II. A, Daniels, manager). — BUI 
week 'of 2 : Salerno, Fred Watsou and ttlo 
Morlssey Sisters, Kuiuiett De ■ Voy nnd coai- 
r>uuy, Gallagher and Barrett. Ethel Mc- 
Douough. Zlska and Klug, Bowers, Walters 
and Crooker. and Walter C. Kelly. 

Lviiif (11. -II. Burnett, .manager). — BUI 
week of ; £ : Pacheco F'amily, Roberts Four, 
Grove and Grceu. John C re! ton's trained 
rooster, O. D. Paddock, and Mile. Latlua. 

Stau ,.(Chos7 L. Hertsmau. raanaKcr). — 
The Jolly Girls week of '2.- ''Wlue, Woman 
upd Soui:" drew well last week. Wtek of D, 
Empire- Durlesquers, 

Km i' 1 an (Geo. Clienet, mauager). — Tho 
Girl From Hsppylund week of 2, Hlco A 
Barton's Big Gaiety Co. had crowded houses 
.'last - week. Week of 0, Clark's Ruuaway 
Girls. , 

- > ■ ' 

Colambua. — At the Southern (Wu. San- 
ders, manager) Wm, H. - Crane, In "Father 
nnd Boya;" euterlilued good houses Nov, 25, 
■St.. -The I*. O. 8. of A. held a vaudeville 
show composed of local talent and did fairly 
well .27. "Brewster's Mllllous" pleased lHrgo 
houses 2S. "The Red Mill" entertained good 
houses 2V, :«U. "Fifty Miles I rum Boston" 
Dec: 2, a, Itobert l-.'di-son i, IT,, Nut C. OfM> 
win . tl, '"lTie Belle of Mayfalr" 7. 

Kcini's (W. W. l'rosser, maaagor). — Bill 
for wt*k of 2: Paul Conchas,' Wlllard Slmms 
and company; Frank Fogerty-, Jack Wilson 
und eotupiirry, Claru Ballerlul, I'aultou and 
Dooley. uUd the Country Choir. • • 

HiUH Btbkkt (Chas. W. Harper, inana- 
f!WY; — "Tito Baiikori the Thief and the Girl" 

of eolor, and lu the' coaipauy. J.uule Fetirl, Lee Tyrer and Ja'tuos iBurrls were all 
eutlthHl to Chtss.' A* Tittriig. '''."Fallen by., tbte 
Wayside" 8- . . •';••:> '1 

MQCKFM (Hcueh Opera House C* i l. D. 
Stair, muaagorsO,^-^5i.olge OKeyJs to h* seoti 
1-7. • hi 'il'lie Boy, W^tli the Boodle.:' . - Ah- 
Uiouy E. Wills' story ; of ■ the Bo'ekles, "The 
Lo^t. Trail,:' wllh Fc'edurlck Smith, Grace St. 
Clair, Luella Thomas -and I3dw1n Horii, 'tn 
effective roles, .played to- good business, lust 
week. "The : Kiug Bee'' 8. ■•"' '■'-.'?• 
.- PEOPLE'S (Heuck-, Opera riouso Co., dlr 
rectors). — The HeucklFcmiessy show,- the JSm- 
plre Burlcsootrf. ■wlllbe welcomed' 1-7. --Lett 
week .the Jolly Girls- werecooipe'Jed to'dlvlfle 
honors with. 'A' -,.Wrse. Gny,"vthej taeotlatis 

Lnlgiithood' Was lu Flower" Dec. 2-4. 
•'• Gaiety (Al. Wlswell, manager).— Clark's 
•Tersey -Lilies pleased good houses last week. 
For week- of .2, The Hose. Hill Polly Co. ' 
■ NOTES.'— Thu Columbus Symphony. Orchtn- 
trawus enjoyed- by a-falrly good audlenco at 
Muraorhtl lluil, Nov. U7. . • . • .Francis Mnc- 
Mllllaii yroyed a rare treat' at the. MemorinI 
HaH 28'. . ..".fit Jungle Imps produced tbejr 
ratniHrel' show -for the newsboys at tho Board 
Of Trad*. Auditorium,' 28..; . : ..Clark's Jt-rcoy 
Lilies was the attraction for the prisoners lu 
the- Ohlo'Penltentlary.ait their 'annual 'Ilianks- 
giritpf, erlte>tarnmont;:.'.v;Al.vG. Field, Im- 
perial liotefttale of Aladdin-Temple, Order of 
the' Mystic SUrluc, JutirneyOd trom Sprhig- 
, field.: 111.', to preeldo at tholr Fall session-, 2#. 

Splku Heiuiessy, ploiio-JBover,- w wdsjJsM ., 

Hiiyes has made V- famous .Theinlua cbarirc^ In-^hc evening the uiembers were guests of 
tCr..' Thc-Ne\» ; 'tTl' , SrSte'TTluJiae'.YUu'l!ogg hits. Manager ProSser, at, Keiths. 
of'tbe show. Tire, tpc-claltlv'S-wcrc jjooB,-"*r ~.'.'v:.'~"? • ' ' ' » " ■■ '" ■ 

was huilntss. - Miss 'jXirW'. York Jlr. S. ;". ■. 
' Sr.VNDJiiU (M.' K: : luvKfc*. ■ manager).—: 
William S. Clark's Jersey Lilies are tp Woj.^ 
son* :l-V. Jack O'Brltb,- the' pugilist, wras; tut 
Added attraction. With. the Greater New : Vork 
Stare last week." The ^burlesOdfr, ','Tt ■' Hap- 
pened 1n -Moonlight," 'proved '«h oflsboot'from . 
the Lew Fluids Idea. --Tho "comedians-- Wei'e- 
good, and there 'was Jots W'glnger.ln' the olio. 
Business tfqod. Rbso Hill English Felly Cbi 3, 
. 'Kitsixsox'8 oi'Biia ■ Hoiisk (N'lklas Bchll- 
sioiiit, lessee).— Advanced, vaudevllle'wlll. now 
hnve Its iunlngs ' at' thia- house- of varied 
Thespian experiences.' , -The -night ' scale of 
prices will run 10:-20. < 30, 35 und-50 "ctntt!, 
with 25 ccut mallufces- Tuesday and. Satur- 
day. The ':-■■ 
the Olivette 
Laur .Grand _, 
lug hears, and Frank Cusutuan.'the old time 

mlnslrel. , *' -•-.•■—--•• •■- - ^: 

• Mfsic Uux. — The' Russian -Orchc-stra 
couiesO, In tho sc-coad-of the edscerts. of- the 
Cincinnati S7mphony Orchestra '.Association., 
r.rijtet Hutchinson will be the 60lclst. Elleb. 
Beach Vaw was- greeted by aft 'enthusiastic 
audience Nov.' 20.. - - ■'•■'-"-'' ! ' "• ' 

Odeon.— ltte • MosairF Club -gave Its Urrt 
■eottcerrKOv. 29 fo-sTlaTOTMa lTf'rrnerir.■ l istrBl-• 
once.' Julius Sturm. CvDtsw'wa's the SOlolst. 

Lobb't Gossip.— ^Maurice jpreet ' Is her* 'lp 
advance of "The BIg;h"t or Way.". ,.V,.BJ«* 
Sterling has' gone to. Atlanta, Ga.,. -to'.'tlll a 
musical role ...... Edwin Glover will . direct 

the first concert of 'the Orpheus Club at. the 
Auditorium 4. . . . . .Manager John M.' Havlln 

Is home from St. Louis.. lie .'has sold his 
holdlugs In the 1 Huge'ubects-Wallacc : Clrcus 
10 Ben Wallace, of-I'eru, Tnd. ': .' • ' ' 

; »|irli«irrleld.— At tho FalrjbuukO ft'.. J. 
Miller, mauager) "Father -and tlio- Bojs" 
pleased -Nuy. 2%. "The Graud Momil"„drew 
a ijyfcll. llllcd houso 25.. '''Fifty . MIW Front 
JJostop"' had . big matinee', upd cupacity at 
alght 28. Fraa-k Laiilels, "Thtj Tattooed 
Man," 21) ; '"The DiierSO, "Tho lied Mill" 
Dec. ^.l;, .".Brewster's -Mllilous", 3, Vlrplpla 
Horned,'. I u "Anna Kareniua," 4 ; "The Belle 
of -Mayfaur", C. ,. • ., • ,'"•-.' 

".QttMi ' (Sprlrjgfleld Theatre, Co.... mana- 
gers). — Revd-Sf aart Stock Co. lad good 
ho'elneas- J!(uv. 25-30. "lfw^t.1 Kitty Tjiel- 
lalrs". pleased. 28. Ye Colonial Stock Co. 
Dec. 2-7. Mrs.- Flske, In ''Leah Klcschiia,'' 4: 

LvciliM.— r'.'Broken Hearts"., pleased Nov. 
20.-- » , - . 

'. O'BPlltUM. (On Buu, utHuugor). — BUI Dec. 
!-'-7, :ljl. J, Apulchy, tho.'Kneedlers, and LI- 
more und Bartltlt. , .■'.■. ' 

Toledo— At 'the Valentine (Otto Kllycs, 
manager)- "The Hed Mill" yujoyed' liberal 
patronage Nov. 28; "The Prluca • of. PHsen" 
drew a large and appreciative audience , 2t>. 
:-The Grand, Mogql" 27, 28,. Frft.nk Duuieis 
30. Itobert Edeson Dec. -3. . . . . , ■ 

Lycevsi (E. It. -Ktlsey, manager) .T-Qraoe 
Merrltt, la' "'Wbeb Knighthood Was. In 
Flower," had capacity 24-30: David Hip 
gins, lu "His Last Dollar," Dec. **- ■-.- 

Buiit't (Jack TIeroey, manhgtr). — The 
Four Huntings, In ''The Fool Huuse," Lad 
overfbw houses Nov. 24-2?. •' '.'The Baukor, 
the Thief and the Girl" 28-80. "Panhandle 
Pete" Dec' 1^4.- .'-'• ■ ' .■" . •.' 

■ AHCinE-CoLLKiB (Louis Hurtle, tuanajrer). 
—Bill week- of- Nov.- 24, headed by Delia 
Fos. was an attractive one, • sstlsfactory 
business prevailing..; . , '• ' .Jiiv- 

HstrtKB (Abe'. Shoblro, -maDtger) — This 
Girl From Happyland 1 '. week of 24. As an 
extra attraction, "The. Great. Delage." -The 
Runaway Girls D cti. ,1-7. . , '. . , ; ',+# . 

Hamilton.— At Smith's (Tom A. Smith, 
manager) "The LoBt'Trall," Nov, 23,came to 
good business and pleased. The.Ai.Mej- Stiiek 
Co.. enjoyed liberal patronage and delighted 
utl £1 ana Week, VEnchuntnient.'-a Spefc- 
tabular production,' Dec. 0, with local taltut. 
"lj:M.;t Lyime"-7, "The Haw Tree': .8,-Uiotlvn 
pictures and vuudevllle, for hul>ellt of city, 
llrtoutii 11. 12 ; Thos. 15. Shea l'J, X4,. Grace 
Camerou 10.. •' ... . :. ',. . . .,, 

•OiisH* (ward Us McCarthy, Diaukgcrs)i — 
R'.H vrech of Dec. 8:. Captain . Webb and hl^ 
trained lia'.E. the '.Roys Sisters, '.Itl'utt and. 
Ado!, Hickman Brothers' fchd eompcrrj, WH1- 
latas aad;W.KltneJ, .thcBttfea-a'SUter*, Htrr-y 
uodglns, aid bioscope. - . '- ' 

Sartoa At the. Victoria. (G.-..C -.MllUr. 

manager) Richard Carle. In "The' Gprlnc 
Chicken," drew a capacity b'ousa -Nov. 22. 
W.- II, Crane had good 'business . 23, "The 

traded big houses: * For . wtek Of 1, . "The 
Card Klag of the Cotst'V '.- 

MXaotoc (Chaa. A. SnaW, maotgajr 
ChaTles Grapcwln presented ''The' Awaj 
in* <f Mr.' Plop" last week, to good tuslne&s. 
."Superba" 1.7. : '•'•? 

Mi-cKtsciHAii (Wliallen Bros., managers). 
— The Empire BurUsqiiarn last week attract- 
ed largo andtencc-a. Roger ltnhotr displayed 
unusual talent and kept (ho house In' an 1 op- 
roar, to) Weston, Moulambl and Hurl- 
Falls, and Infioft and, Corlasi: were features 
of the- olio. For week of 1, Mlsa New York 
Jis : Parisian Relies ne-tt. .. 'V^i 

Notb.— The Charity Clrcui given by Slks 
Lodge, No. 8, week or Nov. SC-'lO, was com- 

filcte sneccss financially and otherwise.' Many 
neat- Elks took part 'lu the ptrformance tn a 
manner that reUeetPil no discredit 'on' them 
as 'torformers. A great!. mtitiy profcmlonaln 
who have ended the season with tho big tout 
uhows helped to make tho affair n success.' 
1 . a 

1-adnr-nh At (lie Kentucky (Carney A 

Goodman, tnanagers). — Thn Dlxlo Minstrels 
Nov. 20, und "Parsifal" 30. had good buttt- 
noi4. Al. Field's Minstrels Dec. 4. "As Told 
In tbo Hills" 7. "A Texas Bteer" ». "Before 
au'd -After" 11, "ID*. County Chalnuan'M2. 

Detroit— At tho Detroit. Opera House (B. 
C. Whitney, managOrT'Oirbert Edeson,. .In 
"Classmates," played.'»v«o.det successful 'Cu- 

Sageaieiit week of Novr 2S. " Madam. Dutter- 
y n Dee. 2-4, "Flftj- Mlhs from Borrton" 6-7. 

Lyclvm (K. D.. Btalr, managpr).— David 
lllgglns presented "Iffy Last Dollar" ' to 
crowded houses last w'chk. Thos. E. Shea 
week of 1 . 

Lafavlitb (Dr; Camnboll. luanaKor). — The 
Lafayette Players, ln"A11-of-a-Suddcn Peggy," 
were well pulronlsed last week. Tho same 
company, hi "At the White Morse Tavern," 
1-7. ■ ■ 

'Whitney- (IB.. D. , Stair, manager). — "The 
Cat and the Fiddle" played to packed houses 
lust week, "Through Death Valley" LT. 

Tssifi.H (J. H. Moore, manager). — I*st 
week's bill, us usual, was drat class, and 8. 
It. 0. was the rule. Attractions week of 2 ! 
Master Gabriel und coiupuiiy, Joo Wolch, the 
Mllltury Octette, Reldy and Currier. Alfred 
Ki lev und Florence Guise, Artie Hall, Wills 
and Hassan, the Marco Twins, and the kl* 
Holograph. . ■ 

Gayetv (II. H, Hedges, mant|f»r).— 1 
Clark's Runaway Olrls .gave a good, enter- 
tainment mid drew well. Baclelor Club 
Hnrlesquers week of-1, World Beaters Bur- 
leuipiers week of 8. ' ' • 

AviiM-K (brew tc Campbell, mnuagsrs).— 
Csrr's Thoroiislibreds offered a pleuelngen- 
tertuluuieut with good' attendance last week. 
Tic Avenue Girls week of 1. ' Haai De vote's 
Burlost|uers week dft l. 

Fort Huron. — At- the Majestic (Jas. 
Klrkby. tuanuger) '"llio Governor's Pardon," 
Nov. 27, played to guod busloess, It received 
u eOBMsato outtlt of tiuw scenery, which 
udded ' greutly to: the proiluctlou. Shepard'a 
moving' pictures to). 30. Myrklc-Hacdsr 
Stocic Co. D.h\ 2-7. .'."I!t« Lljtlo Minister" 10, 
"His Last Dollar" 12.. ? • . ' > 

Cits Oi'nn.i Hucan (L. T. Bounott, triMia- 
ger).— Siiellnjau'tj. .Vuudevllle Co. satlsflad 
good houses Nov. 28-30. 'Lyric .Stock Co. 
Lve. 8-1S, "S«nuy Kovttil" 14. ' ■'■_; 

Awawi (A. 8. Slyfleld, luuuogor).— Mov- 
ing 'pictures to ble busloess, 

- • . -- ■'■ 

fi, Robert Edoeon «, 

large -houses, matinee and evening, 28. Rosar- 
MkSMl Stoc'k Co. week of Oh; 2. 

THUATOuioit (Chus. Shear, nianagor),— The 
fOlTowlrig drew well week of- Nov. 25: Bench 
und Beach, and Raby Thulma. . 

.DnBAMLASo (WInold A- Rhine, managers). 
— Gtrt rude- and Robert Day. Gladys Illcn, and 
George- Rockwell, week of Nov. 20, played to 
large- houses.. 

- . a ■ » ... ■ ■ 

' •' ■ KBNTtCKTf. 

Iculsviile. — At Macktiley's (Job;: T. Ma- 
caulty, manager). Robert -Mantell came Nov. 
25-27, attracting . large Audiences. W. If. 
Crane followed 28-30. presenting "Father nnd 
tbe-Boys" to good husfhets. Nat C. Goodwin 
Dec. 2, 2, "Forty-firo Minutes from Broad- 
way" 4. fi, Jlelntyre nnd Heath 0, T. 

iMABt ANbtitsoN (Max Frloturg, manager). 
— Al. Bellman, a Louisville hoy, and Lottie 
Moors, were the headllners last week, 24. 
Mr. lli-J I man received an ovullon un the open- 
Irig.nlght. and a cordial wcluoioo throughout 
the eiigugeoient. Ullly Veu delighted tho 
uudlt lives ->vliti new suugs'.a>id stories. Tho 
Hires Family scored 4b. a clever ocrobutli: 
I urn. ' Jordan and Hurtey gave the .bust 
cointAly turn .prtsciittd In .-"iidvuieed v»ude- 
.rllle" he/i-. -Ki-llcy. and A'jhby, flulay and 
Butte, and Clinton and Jertuoo .-woro among 
the other. etitortnlncrs; ai:d were well if 
cii.ti. K'or wesk of Dec. l: Valoul, GsOrgs 
Statu. Quaker Lity Guertetto.' Throe- Livings- 
top*-. jJria;« Hazard. Chus. S. Kltts and Itbcda 
■AVtldruLi..riankmar.8chlUcr Trbupo.'and anl- 

■tnaled-plctowa.- ■ 

Hcm-xt-vs' TmuetBM (Wm. Uelclmian,. man- 
ager) .— For week of I: Kdward Connelly 
and company, uoelnn Casselll's Midget' Won. 
ders. La Ganlenln. Coram, Kelly and Kent, 
Keno sod D'Arvllle. - Tom- Jack Trio, Les 
Jordysv and the ktnodrome. 

Avbvuh fChas. A. Shaw, raaiiager).— "A 
Evs Across tlo Cntlueat," last- weotu'.At* 

lJnv Cltr^At'tjrT^Jpgton' (AV-'J' 
Duuut. manager) 'The ORIiwrbrtaa -Moa' 

,..-.,., 1 1,.ii,ltt. . V,,v 7>!t' Rh 

pleased; a good hoube ■ Nov.. 25. ShepartTs 
nioilng pictures did- good business 28. "At 
Yale" Dec. lo, "Our New Minister" 11, Da- 

HirHi (W.. J.- DKulit, . minager).—-'!^ 

gChaucs" Nov, 24r27, and r TlieGov 

pardon" 28-BO, both did good ■bu»l- 

"Mistliina" Dev. -H "A Child Shall 

M, ''A Child 





Nov; 20 hull 
er ftutl 'com : 
k Hall,' and 

vld Hlgslna Ifl 
. Atv.MiirHi ' 
Fighting ~ 
eruor'a I 
nesi. "Montana' 
LeHd Tlimn"-l>.7-.T«>.»'*> .-r 
•• Bijou (J. p. PlliUOrc. 
ful lowing bill' drew 'guuft 41.0 
iloekr': Tlie f uhP ' r 
paxiy. QMwcvr -Bad 
tho -'Bljouscope. 

■ Grand Hnpldlir^-»At t'liO'N'ew. Powers. ■*& 
G.'Sonjmers&C'o., miioagers) Carrano, Ncxy, 
25,- played tu n crowded house, 110 did '"11)0 
Gliigerhioud .Man" 28. • Ezra Kendal) ; 3(1. 
"Classmates" Dec. 2, "The -Belle of Mnyfalt" 
3, Frank Daniels d, 7..,.- ', ..'!■.■ 

Majkktip (Orlu Stulr, manager).— ^Dor- 
othy Vernon ■ of Hadfloii .Hall," Nov. . 24-27. 
i.ltiyed to i-rowded houses. "Through PealU 
Volley,". 28-80. di<ow well. . "Hat)'' Ward,' In 
"Ndt Yet, But Soon," Dec. 1-4; "Panhaud e 
Pole" 6-i. •' ' 'H 

. GttAxn- (Davis &■ Ohurcliltl, msuagers),— 
Webk of 2: Juoetb) idler-. sod- company. 
Prltrik Hall. 'Murvolie, the; Four Nambno, and 
Noble nud l-'lt-zglbhoiis. 

'Zoiiest Hie At the .W.JIor.(W. 1". Mason, 

manaK'if) "Last Lynnc" played, two perfonh- 
ences Nor. 23. "The Hcd Mill" lad good busi- 
ness' aiid' ufade a,hlt-27. "The Ule of Spree". 
28, "The Duel" ,23, "BroWstor's MIlllons r ' 30, 
Kroiicls MacMllltn Dec. 8. ."T06 Pfoud to 
■BeW-6r < "fue-Gl!icerhread Ma.n 1 ' 7. ■ 

"'WCTOtic-M (W. C. Qulmby, mansgor).— 
lfontlils;wt-tk Rico dnd- Hkri,- Kins; and Has- 
lop. Ethel Russell. James H. Smith, Flexible 
Waldo, and tho moving pictures. A nice bull., 
ness prevails. ■ 

: Oiiavp (L. R. Johnson, manager). — Charles 
Faey.. Master Tedwlck. Ross Tedwlct, and the. 
Granddscoiie . this ' week. 

• Note.— Zanesvlllo Lodge, No. 114, B, P. 
O. Elks, will hold Its annual lodge of sorrow 
ut llie.Welk-r Theatre Sunday,'' Dec. 1, 

; Battle Creek.— At the. Poet (IS. R. Smith. 
louwagtr) "The Prliice ofPUpc-n" b/id a good 
houso :Nov. 22. "1110 Man. Of tho Hour" 
p'.edltd'2S; : AfchIe Shepard'u moving pictures 
drtw faltly well 24. "The Gingerbread Men 
catho 20. ^'Up' Vermont Way" was tho /rhartlils- 
elVltig Day stt ruction., . .".Ulir *ow Minister 
Dec. 1,-HtimneUln's Iroporlsl Stock Co. 2-7. . 
, Bijou (W. 8. Butlerlleld. manager).— Bill 
for wcCk of 2 : Rome. Mayo arid Jullot, Sporty 
and Rty, Harry Davis aild wltc, Okura Japs, 
and BIJouscope pictures, '.; 
1 ' w 

Adrian.— At theVCtoswilI Goers Hume 
(CD, Hurdy. manager) Uib 8iK>llii!aii Bhqws 

~ insr 
uf the Golden VrssV, 1», , _„, ' 

Uuot; (Kd. Hogufl,- uiatiager).— Bill for 
week of Nov. 25 : Crelgiit'rii KlsterS, Hhamila 
O'Brien 'Be*. Ituth and Harry CurthV tya 
Itussells. Bluucho Tedrow, and . BIJouscope. 
Good business rules. • . ' ■' , 

Ckcmccmt (Wm. Tliorpu, muiiager), — Mov- 
ing pictures and songs. Excellent business 
at nil performances. . , j* 

' Attn Arbor At tho>WaJtttle (Fred Me- 

Ouibur. uianug'.r) openlug dote Due. 10. with 
•The Girl of the Goldou West.": At the 

'i'h<:utorlum, moving plcturoo and lllustrate'd 
hougK. Buslnc-so good.'. ..-. Star, moving pier 

t ures and Illustrated 6o-j«e Canlco, toov- 

log pictures and Huut rated longs. Emms 
rlisllngfr'r pleased ntidHoncss with hor sorters. 

Business satisfactory,., BIJou, Untold- 

Phelps.- In nongH andrdnncss. very good.: mov- 
ing pictures, illustrated, soogi. Business big 
Monday. Frldnv 'sn'tfJIaJuu'Ulv.' Wonder- 
land opened Nov. 20, " usve Caiupln Is so 1 
old Ann Arbor tictor,t*b,o. ttos boeu on tho 
ctag<- teo years wltnX.M.'JB.'HtreBtor. CUf«. 
Illaney's compnoles, etc.'.fJfo has bought the 

Wonderland, nud uov runs' lr .'Frank <■". 

Mr I nt «r>\ lefidlug man for Ilojjert Fdeson.-tn 
"Clussmute)." vfeltcd -bts.fotnlly In Auu Ar> 
Ir.j- limt v/eck. 1 ■ ' • '■ ~" 

J«t?kn'»n. — At Him Jlucnteiiu f II. J. ' Filr- 
ler, LiunuKcri "'J'ho Man of -tho Hour," : ??0T, 
\ii, plnym lo- capacity.. f'Whuu .KulgliUiotM 
War. lu Flower" 28, und' "Tho PHuco of PU- 
e.eiiV.25. pli-used. "Our Vow Minister" 58, 
"lisp" V/ard 30, fizra Kendall Dei'. 3.'D»,vM 
HfgglDS 0, and "Fifty Milts From Boston." ft 
1 s sa ts V ' ■ . 

Thomab ' Mi;»pitv, tecoDd tenor of tbs 

account r.i n severe colt).. 

. on 
. GaorgeLlhdonhat 
taken Mr. Murphy's place for the past two 
weeks. He Is the original second tenor of 
the: Pao-Amerlcan Four, and, things are go- 
ing YOry smoothly. Mr, Murphy 'Till M *t 
vorkneit weelt. 


.'"•■ ■'* 

^..- ■■.■■:.C. ?,s: ; ■ --: 

'• ,1. I./ MJSTESOTA. '. ■nes*--. 

Minneapolis— At the Me,tropo!lta n Op** played 

9tisc"(6'>- flcott, mnhftge*) "Fascinating TO^'ffi.-, . 

S*W» 25-27. MM' Willie collier 28-itu, • Br«wt M (Ke»j! Jr.- StiHnhacK. mitnascr).-. 
lnrgc homes. Adelaide Thurston. 8* iS.'tPfrt* placed to the cnfincity last weH-. 

wm-Wo«.25v2«.. "Me Lion and the Mojue'' ger.—'T*e permanent Ji*nch stock company, 
irtay** to JHWMM ; M-.JS- '- «« r ? 1ti>M«I?c«SJ , ">-ot. 25-30. "Bait Lynna" 
fieTpsford- Dec. -.4, "The Due!" r>, "Before and current. - - ■ '<■•;■< > 

"To* Mt 

.^iWMilnner 12*14. 

'EiiocOranA Hocsn -(Theo. L. Hays,, ran- 

atfNM.i— "7h» -Ninety flnd;>'inc" lnnd week. 

/Cellar lait 'Week was very- well received. 

8-28)a*a pornier, la "Lw« Rivers," 8 and 

Ok-ebt-m ' (Martin neck, general mana- 
ger).---'^! .for 1 and' week: Etlcnno Gitnr- 
3S ana company, 'A Night with the Poet.<j,'' 
WUlicM 'Tompkins, Webb's . seals and sea 
llorr?.- Mason-nnd llnrt, Chas. Sfcarpe, Chris- 
tie Duo.' • 

t-iCawj ■ (Christine Hill, mnnngerea*.).---- 
airistlnij nil! Stock- Co.. in "*. ^T«g of 
Kiano,"- 1 and week. "Brown's in Town,' 
■.-v'aame ,'onipn'ny. *nst **& "" ' ' t *iJR*S 
business. 'Same company, Itf'The Cotton 

The' scenic effectl* proved 'a Yehtiire. 
■prodtiefloa pleased. 

,m«Mi*' •».? 

man" I'-' 

Tho County Chn'r- 

■ K-n«>*cvlllrv-*-At 'Stanb^ (pr Its. Staub, 
manager) prank Monlna, In "T,ht> Grand "Mo- 
gul," dr-llftMcd'a capacity' house xov. 2.'i. 
.loiepb and Win. Jefferson. 10 "The Rlvhls.'' 
cntno 25, to good return". Robert Manteii St, 
•'The Virginian'' -liec, -2 f •-.'•he Squaw Man" 
."..Etclatjfly conceit. .">; Ethel: Knrr.vmorc f), 
Preston Clarke 12, "Forty-live Minutes 1'rora 
Broadw/iy"' 14. •'.,'.- ■■; '.. 

Pgexsnun (A. I.. O'Oonnell, mnnlger). 
— The. offerings for I his house, last .week, 
wen; I'tof. Hcttlc, Illusionist ; Corn, Hdotl, 
. "The Physical Cult-ore t.'lrl :'.' Lam Qtirtr- 
tenc, Calloway, Spltzcr and Rrndle, ami vltn- 

- , I ^ ^..-n-i nilyl t I. I , . * /.h'vlrtllAtil Will ..r. , . .A -I ' i . T .-» 

Klne'l '8'and week.' '.'. • trite, Calloway, Spltzcr and Rrodle, ami vltti- 

TJnioui- ( John I'M loir, manager). — Bill far ■ scope, nud this excellent bill caused big 
2 and veeK: ,'The:.«llrl l-'irnten, Stadluin, . houses to rule. 
Howe ana Kdwacds, Loncox, lilancb Aldlch, ■ < ■ • i 

Euefene .White 

. l5ewn ;.(Arrhle MlUer. mnnai»r).--Tl)o 
Colonial nffHo»l-onA:.we*U.--The Mahtln- 
zales drew !«■;;«< bouses last week. SI rolling 
PlajersS and 'week.'- ,- ,. , 

. Si., PitHi! — At'tliB; ^ieiropolitan Opera 
■tfoiise (l-;'S..«eott,':««nnnB:eii-i Wltllnm Crt- 
iwr, In ••Cftuslu- i" -the. iialn,''. linfl hJc bunl- 
nMB.nml pirated Immensely Nov. -*■•>< be- 
ia^one ot tin* Wk WIs.oC the hensnn here »n 
far, ■'Ols.t .Netliei^nlc nnd her company pre- 
sented'-Aipho." matinee nnri evenlnc Thnnlt^- 
glvlns !>ay, and BWft. 1** g y'jBgf Jg? 
LecouVtctir »," awl "t'ar-men"'. mn.<lnee .10, 
to verv heavy bu«liie«s. It was her first up- 
pcaraixci 1 here ijCler an, absence <it nlmos' 
nine ■ •sears. • f,obls- Jnmes, 'Dec- 14, In the 

" of 


Flora." v. : rtSTA(leTe* fl'ltehle. r,-". Oils Skin- 
ner S. jMl - ih"a -thentwa had big bnMM 
Thaniisglving Day, moat of them turninj; 

wi^.vmu, ,•„• ... - i v -. Way of- tho TronsBres.H«r" this week. 'Tncls 
lltraakee.— Attendance Is. JjoIiUbs UP Tom's 'Cabin" next week. "The Cowboy Olrlf 
riot My well; . IMirlti Thnnhnusei:!* • nil- did nicelv. ' • •'£ :• *• 



T.ineed vnudeTllle, at the Rlmberl, pommwa 
m ilnd great favor, 'fho Seven llon-nf is 
scored 1hO!hlt of the hill last we"j*KrrT?rnp)e 
forweet commenclnu Dec. 1 loeliide : Hl^son 
nntt. J line, Carrol and Cooke, Kdlth BrlMiju. 

"' , I'l l ; i .. » . « ,» ' ; j. • .,' 
.-:.:- .;■. KKWVORK HTXTB. 
■ noffnlo — At the Star (V. C. Cornell, man- 
a«ei';- '-lllc Tlrftej the riaen nnd tho Citl'' 
Ix«c; 2^f; FrftrtcW Wilson :•■-, N. C. uocslwln 
0*11, 'A Knight for a Day" li'-ll. Ueinar 
itobsori. dld> line huslness. ' . ' ' 

• ItHrnHMMPvSUtX, (It.' T,. Meech, ens- 
fodino;.-*-Hlien lteaeh Vaw 4, Jlyrtle Elnn 
n. I'ittsbare Orchestra 0, fonsa 11, OiUdo 
Chorus ana Adelaide Norwood 12, rldvard 
1'ayson .\\eston 14; "•' 

Slini*!.— Week of 2: Jahn B.-II«zinH], 
f,l(yc Hip, Mayme 'iehrne nnd company, t'lle- 
tora'and UurUe, the llolloways. I.a Vlne> 
Vameroljr ' Trio, Kllxaheth Murray, W. -U. 
Hetds. 'ThsnksalvJng nds the banner day in 
tho house's hlntory. S. K. l». prevailed 
throughout the week. . • 

TccKfJ. Ji. Oabel, manager). — Louis .lames 
and company. Wlllr Zimmerman. Kefly nhd 
Ashhy, ilMhc-iie, Uesrwbe.s and niftnea,' Cart- 
mell nnd Uarrls, and Newbold and Carroll. ■ 
" .VcaoxMv a*. -C. Cornell, manager). — "The 
-""-'- — ■• 'Trtele 

Nov, 2fl, had -a Urge, audelnce. 
owBehlnd tho TBrone" Dcc.-Z, "Eist iynno" 
3. "PeMr Pan" 4. C. i.'' :•* -. -y i 

• ;An>«iar aH. M. llarti. resident mtaacer). 
—Pllt itcck' df 2 : > Bfle and Kertrtetti).' 'xmlFh 
.r.owman ■Trio, the T'obln- SLst>r.?.. .Sehcodo 
orld Mhl*ey,- the AbbOtts.Hcey, *id 
liohkri's Arabs.. 

. ! « '■ I, ,.; i •- . • 
■ •■'Qiiitiptbs— At the nieh'ar^ott tW. A. Wes- 
ier,. mnnngert llnrr Mr.nnerlng, In -rJiorlons 
ller*v.">Nor. 2«, wns well received. Big busi- 
ness rifled. Rennett-JloiiHrin Co. opened' 
eopneity business week of 25 (Sicepo 

■ ,- AW*. 
. % .v. r\.t ,-:..i 


thj> jfenair. 


0,B :r- A t: ,, » c Oli«r (P.-.o 7 Pl , M . 
yOtis '9klnne:r, f a -4,0 "iw ,**• 

pr.cJceil house, Nov. 21. "The [abV rffl '. 
did spleadW hnslne^i-;; fc a'.-.*i- rr^P 1 '*" 
Irv-.'VheUousc of .v Thousand 6d3leJ •• l? n *- 
excellent onsincjs 2C. "Little Jnhnnr uI"L 
dm* well 27: Jactes T.' «SS* V°£} 
Mac. Mcoa." did capacity, 2S. Mifin.'™? 

. ladfrs afternoon of JO. livchln- ' •>;? 1?" 
to 3lnflne"e Mtislfnle ^ave a sons rec'ita! 'JS? 
. 20. Herbert Wttherspoo.i as soloist. ^KTmSS 
Elks' menWlsl Dec. 1, "The Lion nnd the Tramps" .10, Wm. l'aversham, tw - -JP 
Mouse" 2, "Bin Varl Winkle" ."., Symcnso Glee Man of the Hour". S; '4; -Tho' i"^.. '. 
CUr & Stel son's ' "Cncle Tom's Cabin" 7, thu Ranch" 0, 7( ' • ' '. ' .«« of 

r.ijor TltnATRn has been aaoin th»FA„-v, 
remoheled ahd reopened «Ha{ "||R :!, J 
is no lonS?r contloiied as "j HuSSS'tt}} 
ntre however,, hnvimr heen disniacM i ' 
Htock company The %tfS&5FKSL* 
Fiipnor ; Ing l.nld Imm reojier.t,! th.. ffl' 
nnd will continue In an Indeflult^iii,..,.,,', 1 '' 
Week of X6v. j:,. -.\t, <'osy Cafnerf-?" 1 "*'- 
LVBic did capacity business with ,k» r„. 
lAwlnit hUl week ot W: ^kmoV -f"/,,,,," 'fc 
seph Keltlcr and company, Dar.i x„t*ii , "tl? 
lloe, Johnnj- Kield»Jr„ Jack :Wfi.-i md VSt . 

•(rnic: tUarrla T.umberg, mnnagcr). — Cole 
and Johnson this. week. -Simple Sltn on 
Simple" mst week. 'The ratal Flower" 
I'liiHl-weU. ■■■ 

..Uvfaxextc (C. M. Hasj,.mnnacer).— Ham 

linrndld's-noes,' \\. K rinrvey and company, Dcvrro's Co. this week. Pat White's tlalct« 
I>ave i.enls nnd Cnroion Troupe. . ui Gtatt-Jirat week. Avenue OlrlH did nn c'sccl- 
l>.ivinso.v (Sherman Brown, ma^gftri. — lent bnslnes.s: .- ■ '• 

(;aoi>kn iir. K. White,- raannserl. — BIcc & 
Bart.nn thlswcck.' The Girt from Hnppjiimd 
nejtr week. Dish Bolters met with pronounced 
KUCCes.s. ' • 

•Pefer Pan" ll. "The Holy City" I I'Chas. Pi Cillmnrr. manager). — 
Hhclaftd's moving plelures nnd th? Welch 
Trio; In skelch, week of Nor. i">. 

. ' « — . " 

' l'onKhUceppile. — AC CoHlngvrooii Opert) 
noiise i W. D. Jlellnrdi manager f -'1110 Islo 
of Bong Kong" did .t good Business Nov. 28. 
"Tlie f lonevmooners" 30, National. .Stock Co., 
in repertory, Dec. 2m.. • * ' • 

'; » « » . 

V ! . ." . IXDIAA-t,; ., . 
. Terre- Hunt e. — At the Rrand Opera IIviisc 
T.W. Parhydt- Jr., manager) 
.J'.llllonil," sot. 24, <i»ual " 
;icis. IV. Wolf Jlopper, 
. did Immense business. 
abtnc," M/ 37. dM good buslnws^at- populn 


following repe/iory,: ."The .Comedj- of l»- 
rcrV '"The Merry WIveS r oil Windsor" and 
"The: Morcbnnt of Tcnice." „"P}«fl««|hl! 

people av?av. 

OMHEOM (Martin Beck. Rencrnl mnnj- u»d and rindley were the hits of a good oiio. 
jier)-— The usnnl big. business tlnNWOt <g& Oolden ; Crook nxtra-vaganxa. Co., wltfi 

"The llolle of ilnyfalr" wns n pleaslnjc offe'r- 
liitr last week, The Olhson filrl niiiiiher 
proved most popnlnr. He Wolf Uopper; In 
"llnppyMnd;" comes for fo\ir performnncefi. 
Olgn Nethersole •'»•". Wm. Collier, In "t'nilglit 
In rhe Rain.'' Is an early attraction:'''- 1 '* I ' 
' Ai.itAiHiOA i. las.- A. Hlglcr, mWrfft'g/>"r).- : - 
WIHInms ami Walker, In "Bnndarinn Land," 
1-7. followed by "Xot Yet, But 9«rt'i llttft 
ot 8. Little Chip and Mary Marble ?ewe/1 
heavily liist weeki' In— Dream City," ' •• 

Oaveti-. — Manajter -8» B. S I mon-. (offered- ^i 
corker of n good show last wewc-'ln- tho 
World Beaters. Held and Mnltlnnd nnd Re- 

ntlcei;.' Af. 8. l'-leld's Minstrels, 28. to 8. B. gHS" P* Ultistrotetl HOngs, n ,„,,„,,.- 

O. '-The l»rlnre of I'ilsen" 21», '-Old Arkui- 1'"""* _^ ■ 

saw" n», Omee Cameron liec. 1, '-l'hr> Beauty - ■- -' 

l>ocler" -2, H, 'Cupid at V'aswr" 4, ••Wltlo . . 

Heroes, of the Street" .V7; Obnrles Rrapeirln "Wleh It*. 
fl, Itichard Carle 0, -The Bed Mill" to, , "WaUs 

Boeliester. — At the Lyceum (M. K 
Wolff, mannger) • -Mrs. Wlggs of the Cab- 
bage Patch" proved to be n- welcome visitor 
Xorv 2.V27. good . houses ruling. Blancnei 
Cfmnmrtni In the title role, scored. She Bad 
uniformly good, support. Klennor" nobson, In 
"Salomv Jane," was an ideal Thanksgiving 
nttrnctfon, doing S. B.' 0. at ev*ry perform- 

♦<4> ry 

KAXSAS/.;.." . 

of Jericho" 11. -lie,- llim and 1-.12, 13. Cleo.: [£% Tud^n!^ XoV. i?v "5S vl £?$ t ? » 

presented: -rhe Cow-^l-anchi^r-to s 2S 

lewr.-m ■* 

M. Cohan 14. 

OiLijr.fii (Tcubody A-P.llrnes, manasers).. &| zc d nudlence. 26 W V. UTiiion 

—Mis* New Vort Jr.. Xov. 24, 25, did good SgwSSSSVS/ *&« ZijSSEE f*? M 

butfnqm. , .Black Crook Jr 2S, to bl.g hnsj, mSS^S^S^^eS^. 2S*S 

ness. Parisian Belles- Dec. 1. .Dora Woodruff stmVipcdc"- -2!>... Xaie'a "DcVil" Ahci'o," 

Co. 8,- dramatic stock. Indefinite.. ■ plaVed to good buslhesa 30.^ ;■ - ••- ™" a 

. Aa61i:ties (Jack Hoefller, manager). — ^Week Xkw -AroiTnaivM (J ' ' 

of Dec, 5 : The Aldine Kanlll.v, Jenkins and -u.Mr«. yiske. In "Lenli 




wa3 largely Increased last week by reason of John L . ^,in vftn nnd tTalie T«iraln 
th«' oxtraoTrtinnry bill pfewnteil Peopln lowed by Troeaderos. 8-14. 

m turnejl nwai' In drpves . 1 hankspdrinx bmoii Orwiv -Horsw.— -Mnnnter Jnhjni R. 
iU Is tH^ ,lWt -of performers' ior week of pi et (>o onVred rLenn lUvecs" last week. '24. 

and t/as favored with good bualness. "Tile 
filngingr Girl ot KlUarnny" is duo went of I. 
.CntKTAt.-. It', is. Winter, manager),-. ti'eo- 
pie week of 2 include: Hughes tindUabfe, 
Wlljoa nnd Doyle. Marvin Bros., LilUnn. Ash- 
ley and. JfA&ettc Harris. 

Deo, 1: M115 1 ward, Sydney Donne nnd ■•oiO- 
sank the SIX Cilln-seretlls, Mhe Tour Piccolo 
Ml-Jeots, r.tmer Tentey, the Ilugenc Irlo, 
ilerfayrt Brooks nnd the Vlnourome. • 

' diuSi) cVheo, L. Uhys, mnnngcr).— "The 
Ninety, onct Sm*," wltf Eileen 0\Maliey, »tt- . 

loy'od vdry .large pajronnpe last MB, nod g TAIl fit^^ r, Trottman, manager) . -4- 
tumert-pUWf nway Thanksgiving Tiny, lor Tho.RUlto Boundcm put In last week, tb 
week of 1. Iteuloh I'oynter, In J.'jnd Rivar.,.. we n ni | fn houses, The Great Athos was the 
Tvcek of 8. "Parted ■rni'llcr Hrldni lour. special fentar*t and was well. roceWed. •• The 

Ma-tMIK ■ ffl* -laok Boody, manager).— SigHtlngales w«ek of 1, nnd KentiuJliS Belies 
Bu?in»M big last- week. incnidlMa-'butonor' ww ,K-pffi. , .-., .. .'..,,.- :.. 
ioriThnrflt?irlTlhg. BUI for.wc.eJt of 1 : IrtWI . . .^kij— Pnoplo week Llncltlder .Will Toiat, 
Klybc. .tydtfral ., and- l-a Irlska. a»%mm Mnrry> lima. Merrill Kenney oiUt-% high 

!n past-week's meritorlons holiday bill, llusl. 
ne»9 immense. Bill week of 2: Jean. .Mnr- 
tel's living art studies, Frederick Bond and 
company, Ella Bradna nnd l'red Derrick. 
Splssel Bros, and Mack, Wm. O. Dillon the 
Ilrlttons. the Klnson» and moving pictures. 
Baker (Klctmrd Biker, manager). — The 
bill shown here Inst. we*'- urn* one of the best 
nud ttiost. evenly bnlkncect. vaudeville-. bills 
ever sinoWh at a ■ incai • house. • The Romany 

icmiu . 

mntle stock season will. begin, to continue 
indefinitely, the Dora Woodruff company be- 
ing the attraction. selected. Sunday matinee 
and -night >will ho devoted to the usual nt- 
trnctlon. but dnrin;; tho week a icgnlafc dra- 
matic pofformnnce will be given, nad the In- 
dications point (o a successful a»n»nni 

At R. Field- Joined his company Here after 
n-two.nkVs' nnsonro, spent In pllotlhg n clnss 
uf Seventy<one candldiues- thtoiiih' the m.vs- 

•f wins 30. 

Wosnn«.A.\'D (tr. W. Bell. mtnitgert.^T. 
cellent business, with vaudovllLvBiBrtn- nic. 
tures and lllnstrnlod songs.- w'" r»*" 

-i »i * - 

OfidhGlA. - - -*-J ■- '• 

Angtintn.'— 'M. the. New Grand iriatrj 
im ^manager) Patu Gi» w ,e r -b t ...i 1 J 
Wheel or liove."- played to capitr-hv Nov w 

Griffith, . ib^kiehitd a5d¥:aWiS 

'■'file Virginian". oW a top 

sJ.n,:iT.he'bnavy.\ve|ght.. met- alt /enters, \\eci: 
df L Blnlto no'lndefs ;' w.'Ot. of S, the Mghl- 
lnftt$i'!r.' ■ ' ' '.■ '■'.■:■■■■ . « 

K^'BU (S«i .Flnl:.. manager).— Bnslnesn 
tras'vnrv.;gonrt\»ast wdCH. .The 'new.-PMilW 
for wefsk or-2nre: tlirtry -Lines, .tftjbUU 
iHU's.'jjay llfiymond.Jlnivl Onlnes.anrt mt e 

Cnn Uaymond. nnd Velar© ;.i)d Clark. Bus" 
SrM'JS Inorea^lng 1 his house, on 
account of iuperler elass-of nttraetlons given. 

... _i , 1 ; , I ,. 1 , 'l l ■ 

Otiloth — M th» Lyceum (C. A. Marshall. 
mano,ia) Adelaide , Thurnton en me to her 
home town Nosvi'Sy to spend Thanltsglvjnf 
with 'her' parent!).-' arid idve twrv perform 1 
ances of "The .Gtrl. tro/n tun. bonder ' 
matinee was fait, v 

mioni: islasd. . 

ProvIdPtto*.— A'l .• tHirt. r^oyidep'/fei .Orwrii 

Hnilse (P. J!. WcnUcL-jcnnefer, .manager) rWefe 

of .'Nov,- -25'was. devoted to ."/Way-. Ddwn 

|?nst,". whlcH.rilfliise'd old -friends and mtide 

It, Jacobs, Tnnnnger) Ben Oreet 'PIAyers, Sov. 
26V, in "Macbeth;",' drejv an Intftllectaia) nn- 
dlcftc-e. 'Hhrry Conor, 2(3. In •Mflrj'S'Lnmb," 
met "the favor of -a gobd , sized .altdlenee. 
Thrce..<\f tlte largest mouses of the Benson hp- 

new ones. '-l!h.e ; Orarid Opera' House l'lddtwh plauded the. latest opera sjtccMs, "IHe Merry 

SlkcK Co. Dee: 2, 3; Lllllhn.RuoaelL In "-Wald- >V'idnWi ! > 2,7. 2S.>v,.\lary .Mnnnerlpg. 20; 30, 

llre/'O'": "The Rose of the 1 Baftcho" D-12, IV"C,Iorloiis Bet9y,""hnd nvlarge- fdllow^ng, 

with ono.mfttlnco, 

Wmt Awajf" last^^ift did . 

u iflrkmo ^fitt't-Ar'' f1n/i_ T>.* fi, In 



raatlnee and rught, hpvc.not varied flftv dol- 
lars, showing his standing with Terre IlaiUo 
amusement -goers. . r. - ■' ■>,.■-. ._'■-. 

.'.•«.... . ' ". ' .' < » i » . 1 1 ., -< - 
. ILLtXO|S. 

"PporlflV^-At the.Ornnd (Chamberiln, Har- 

■ Little ft'oclc— At the CRpltaKJCJios. T. 
Tny>r,-mnungeri "Pnck« Josh Sprucebr'' 
mme-Nov. 20, • -'Ma's Ntw •HuiNtdtr' ,: .". 
•The Tru^t. .BostcrB" 21.. ,"T5m\ time, lie 
PUtfo. itnauici.uiri." 2h.,to good- busings o: 

EMPinn Opltr-fc Nathartson, monaners).— Mm- Dec.- 2, Raymond lUtchcock, 3. 4. in 
NelUe-Went Awa*" last ? weik did 'VTKe Yankee Tourist:.* 'il.rr. Leslie. Carter, 

Dee. 2-7. 


»t hfghr 'people were 
Hmo .Metvllle, In "Sis Hop 


turned a way. 

Kin',"'' ?8> 27, ■ had good 

DnomV.Hi "A-ltomnnen In Irrtftnd." 2n, did ? t ".^,""i„ ? - 
Lnu n Jhmes, fill, 30. and Mwarto. 

Hriw.iiJAii't.lolmP. lllll. manager.).) i-Pol- 
IbwlnB^he'AMerlcnn^, S'nv. '2, r >.30,.tho Dreitn- 
land fluilepfiuers wlllonte.vinln Dee. 2-7. The" 
High' Hrhool lllrls are. lillletl for 0.. 
vwERtsfisHTKit (Ocorgo'lL Biitchelleftman- 
agen.— The nnwecy l'nrloHquers pleaiied last 


Nichols, manager) 

,rmellV» "bad" ihe houV Inst -lfcThe,v 8**^f**^» ***$>* 

Hlne>,r was .lOiid. ' "l>\ cdntparty \V.ldOv\H 2-..^ Boso ^ytlcll Is comin g 0. .. 

tJ^S^-^T^?'^ * ; !tV«i*WPs.kcl.r-At the-Woonsocke't. O.Wa ««» ^ V fiff*- JJS"^ 

[■Players, n^'The Belle of AVcnuo House t Joseph Bre»ult..-w«sldciJf manager) 21?^*' ^ft?r * v ^^« ^fj^ k - ^^Aft, j2«^i^-STr« - - ^ * 1,,, ■ 

[ "»>r:\ >\. ...I,...;,. •'■ThcTrnin RohberK/'inatiiiccandiitBlit, Xov. Slum-fflrls Pen.; .'^.,.*aiUlams .ideals a-,. 

lltBlH . 

.'!0, • ."l-ncle Josh rerklns" played . to two 
rcrorn houses, 2$.." "Way Down Kast'! J>e.c. L 
. «'«» '■ 

Weil tuiB pleosed. . 

matnti* 110,' with >hhri^ of. bill hi. each per- 
formance: Willie Collier Dee. 2, 3, Kuheli c 
4. "bitty, ;tlie lCld." rc "The. Three of Un" d. 
Tt-TMM." ArnuMIn 8, "The Man of. the Honr" 
lO-l?. - •■'■■'.'. - ' '' 

'• jnrraorot.lT'.N (W. II. f.ongstreet, •mann* 
gei*)..— ;C«lonlnl- '" 
weeif, and U\\r'- 
rs « good ijl)i 

' Rj.T0tJ <Joo Maltland. manager).— Bill for 
(iees 2 io'id week : AlInnln.Mlddleton'K (iuar- 
tello,' tltl Otvai; Nollo. .Mm?. Nello, llyron and 
Blanche,. Ruth Sovern'm-e, John Milcdowell, 
Job. »!eClellnn, lllustnitod songs and moving 
pictures. ,-....'. • ' 

- - ■ ■ » « +•■ ; ! . 

. - ; ' TrAvrssni:. 
Xn»*«vlllP.— At'the-Vciitlome ( W. A. She clz, 
manager) Viola Allen camo Nov. 21-23, 10. 
capacity; "Thn Won and the Uouso," 23-27, 
to good btislnest; ' "1'nrsirai" 28, "The Prlneo 
Chap" 20. 3D. 1 lenry lleresford Dec. 2, "The 
Duel" 4. -' - v - 

>H)J0t'r (fleorije 11, lllekmnn, mnciger).— 
''.Under Sunrilclou," 25-30. to well pleased nu-, 
Jtrncofi,. "VNfo. Hiui nnd P Dec. 2-7. . 

' Hiri'Mui'Mii; tW. 11. Bordlesci'i manager). 
— Week- i>f Nov. '43 opened to. good, business, 
the principal 11 Hrncllon being Prince Vnms- 
';81«kl. who deliglileil lnr«o crowds with his 
roi>e, walking nnd .loagllinr. 

CnGscuvr ( W. ft jmuvi, nuinagci').— W aek 
of .25 otichod lo big business, with the L11- 
nolrj, 1)nrv.v ..lohhsoiu- Hnrvy Mayer, Hal 
ur-nham oud Xlyfhii C Wlckham', moving 
pletlut'S alid Illustrated sonRS. 

Rt;uv i.Miss I.. M. Uarhardt, manager). — 
Week'of 2.1 big .bualnenai with the Thtae 

Hunters, JI. Allen Stone, Charles Bnrtln, Kroin • XllsaotirL'^ 2*1. pfooscd. K, H. Sotheni, 
I'owerp, and S. C. Alley's Comedy Co., moving iu"'IM Were King." pleased a good houoe27, 
pleturds and Illustrated songs.' •■:- - ' 

iRKis-tswwn (C. Gv Ryan, luanager). — t 
Week of 25: Ronnlngton and Marshall. Sara 
Cole, moving pictures nnd Illustrated songs. -, (Wtlliani Wassmnni mnnngen: — 
Wecfe-of 2.V: The 1'ernnndee Duo, moving plc- 
turea and lllusrea ted songs. 

NoTB.-i-,K Rough Guest. . the popular di- 
rector of tho Vendome Orchestra, has been 

compelled to sever his' connections nud: go .WpM'*»L-~.U Ills Majesty's <H. QJ .. 
Wool for- Ms health. Ills many fvlends wish mnnngcr) .Inineson Lee Ktrtnpy, In "Thp Man 
him' micxvss in bis new home, which will be on the Bor," enmc to good bnelnesSiweak of 
Dcnvor. ......:.... Xov. 25. - "Mary*!* Lamb." Dec. 2-7. Raymond 

libel, closed a siteeessful week. 1'rancls 
an- Dec.- 2, Raymond 
'2TTO Vonkee TourlRt: 

Du Barry ;" "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cab 

ircrv. '"Oulncy Adams Sawyer' ^ T4 , ■, ... -- — ■ 
Keith'.* tChas. Loyenlwrg, mnnnger).— pn«» Pnteh.' 7, 

The .bill 2-7ls headed *y "Boblnson Crusoe's " t'dbCTiui's ( Howard Oraham, rejldent man- 

pgerj.TT-Jfloliaay week crowds paeked this the- 
atre, last ' week.'applandlna the' headllnem, 
Hasflanl Ben All's Arnbs and Florence Gnle 
AttA company. In a sketch. For Pec; 2 nnd 
flocls: J)olnn and LenBarr.Aiteta. Swot Bros., 
tickhoff nnd (lordon, MorWs nud Morris, Ohns. 
Uowhft; nnd nilherr nnd, tntnur. 

J'.MMBll ("rnntcs H. Rhodes, manngof). — 
Ilonj-onTieJleftinNov. 2.*i-27, gnve tin cxectlclit 

.In, Hir- :«dvapeed ptlceR.,. "PRrslfal" Dee 2.' '-Befori 
rington -& Co.; ntoagersj.^WUiiatn^rolller, nnd'AftCr''.'3;.Grace rifibrge T^DWe. MtfaBen 

ftle. ,( ' Otli*«>~ are:- Tho I'lechlanl' Troupe, 
Klkll), Ott BretherS nnd N|ertolson, Qtilnn nrra 
MttdSen.. Ifftyct and .Tohnson, Lejlny hno 
WAodfard. Leb Carlllns Jiarry.-nnd Knte J^ck,. 
business Alio* sop, 'Batt.f's. beats.' Tom Moore; Aleils. and 
Sehnlt, Phil Benhett.Goet* arid Nelson, una 

In "CRugUt In the. Rain,".' Nov. 21. did a' da 
parity business. "Brewstor's Millions" 22, 
23, waved to good houses. 'rMn'a New. Bits: 
band.' 1 24. had k full house, (lemon Theatre 
Ot.,- 14 "The Waltz King," 2,1, plensed. "in 
the Blshop'S Carriage." 20, had returns. 
••AjChlght forn Day"' 28, 29, Jarhes KtHack- 
ett '3.0. "We Are King" Dec. 1. Ho.Wa.plc* 
hntl: Otb Skinner 4, 'Palatlng the Town" 
5..fl;.'The Irlsn Pawnbrokers'*. 8, William 11. 
£raue 0, Frank- Daniels 10. •■ . 

MiirsTtc <wm. Procter, resident manager). 
"Buster Br.own," Nov. 21*23. plfijpd. Jo. ea- 
HUfty. "Cupid at A'assai-." 24-27. had large 
holism?. ., ••The Beauty • Doctor"-* -*<S»-.\ ••Anita, 
the Staging (ilrl"' -20. 30. "Jim Out of c«l 

10, ,Mnje. Schnmnnn-Helnk 11, Bob KogerV 
lecturer, 12. ■"-- - 

Ji.uEaTic (Soul 3. Harris,' mondger).- 
Blll*e#k'of J Dec. Z: 'Florence Hovf oad 
r-ompany, Hume, Meehan and Hoey, tbieCool- 
mans? Krans and Evanr,, Hvne and Emer 
son.- and Lulgl Marnblnl; 

Now.— The management of jthe Capital 

. If'ij^irAst' (he'Mnjestic 4N. C. .MJrlck, 
ninmi'ger) Vogel's "illnsirels drew lilg'Xov. 23. 
•;Tl|c3viuioV the /Place mid the^llrl" met a 

. si , tO.NNLCHCl 1. ... J^-oiVj-^Visq ^(|. ^..Mndnm Butterfly" fllled tile 

"•■\»*nr Ilnwen.— At Ihe Hyperion (Shubort houw) it! ''Tho Road- to Vcsterdnv" told the 

BrnA, mtinngers) Wilton Lackiiy.o dnwlnrgo utorv.lo over three thousand people 28. Mrs. 

audiences Xoi'. 25, SB, Mt H. Sotbcrn had. natrleU-...Oiimpbell woh a favorite 20, "Are 

i^rnwded housea 2S. 29. "Tbo Road to Vealor- Xou « Mason?" DO, "Tho Wizard of 0«" lite, 

day". Dec. 4, "'Way Down Fast" B, Mary .VBlmnla Simon. Simple" -4, "Mrs. Wlggs of 

Maune-rlng 0, 7, "The llcisu of llio llnncho' the Cnlinajpt Patch" n, Mrs. Leslie Carter 0, 

13.14:. . -. ■..■'.• ••AMW'onaU'a'S Revenge." 7 
X«w H\vr.x (G. B. Bunnell, manager);—* 

lildV .. 

Dick V Last Shot" Dee. J-4, the Rays 5-7:' 

l'ui.i's (S. '/.. Poll, proprietor). --Bill week 
Deft. 2: .Julius Stoaer nud coinpaay.;>W*it- 
wHl'a I'oruiynril, Dllflon Bros., Katti'-tteOuj-y.' 
Russell nnd. Held, Pour Cettradcs, ■gud; Fly- 
ing Marlins. ,.•.-." -. :-*'.v ". 
. )Ui(it:^( Pauline H. Boyle, lunnnger-ltf-s-rTho 
hill iveeK ot 2 will l>e vtlie Pn(nl Cat,dv;The 
ne«' . stork coiupmiy . 


■ 'I 

S«w HAvrs (G. B, Bunnell, manager),— » "Oni'ifMrit (Ponl Anderson, mnnnger). — well received Nov. 20. '^Tho District Leader 1 
,ew Welch did well Stair. 25-27. "T'lM-iCaudy, 'ftheip'lf Hires nr.e hei'omlngimore iwiiulnr thnn JinU good bi'slaoK.*i 22. -Mjlutyre nnd Heath 
ildV \ttis -well rccoived 2S-30. "DonOTBOod-. erciv r,Ther turuetl people uway Inst week, pleneed 23. A!. <}. Ft " 

leld's Mlustrels packed 
t3cwlln. 4/nlnn and n change of pictures this .the House 24. "Ma's New Qmbnnd" -27, "In 
week. ■ • • n Blshbp'S' Cnrrlage" 28, "'Xo Mother to 

Kurrii's (Fred Berger. mnnngcr). — Last ilulde Her" Hee,;!. Otis Skinner. 2. Anita 3, 
week wnk'the largest attendance In the Ids- "The Grand Mogul" 5, "Pnnnmn" 7, "Paint 
tory of the lUcntre. This week :^ Harry Vokes lug. ike. Town" H. 
nnd- Margmvt Daly Vokes nnd cnuinn^iy, llol 
dru-'s iitniilkius. '/.ma, .* 

1«>- Mnrttn' nud cuwiNiny. Jinx nuts, jiarron iteicn "gaeu, tuiwmnn itroi.^ uni| 
Is meeting ivlt)lc*(ii"6it. «nfl.'H«liis.'McCrea ami 1'oole, and Mnreelle'-) 
living pictures. 

TA'ntrrlmry. — At l'oll's (Han-y I'nrsoiis. 
mnnnger)- "The Rich Mr. Hoggenholui^r' 
pleaded rt large nudlvnce Nov. 22;».;..» l Hncla, 
Josh Perkins" drew a good honee 23*' "Brown 
From Missouri,^; 23. pleased. K. H. Sothorn, 
lu"'lM .Were King." pleased a good house 27, 

JaCQUnM (Jns. Clany, mad«4cr)..*^Week' 
commencing Dec. 2: vnlerlc BcrKcce; De. 
win, Burns nnd Toriooj.0, .'.abraknns. Misses 
Helmore, Jack Onrdnor. Harper, -Desmond 
and Hllllard, Otvley and Rsndnll, nnd" olic- 
Irogfapli, ' '-■ .... .- " .. * • 

■ '" ■ • !»-*7 -~^.. » 

•,,-,. ■■■ -. CANADA. 

Montrml— At UlsMa'losty'a 1 II.Q.llrcaks. 

Uliulra. — At the Lyceum (Lee Norton, 
mnnnger) "Knst Lynnc" attracted a good 
*l«ftd>jitidlence Nov. 2u. • "'The. Huad to Yes- 
terday"? was 11 strong attrunlon' 27, a* w'as 
Sirsi Patrick Campbell, in "Tho Second Mrs. 
Tnbgiicrny." 30. ,*;.v OoortFnilow" did well 
2Si MnrkL*. .Swau, the playwright, beliijf pres- 

calling for n Sliding scale gowrned. by tfcf 
adtftLsslod e,hirj.eo>-for inaronee, . r .SI.Oi) 
unmiymn ooiig Tor a license- ofi. «2,'-00 faeb 
|V-rfnrm.lnee'.' The members' of- the coiiaci; 
s«m-.ip,- think that Ltltlo P.oel: l^d.Iserlrol 
rtntJHl ngnlnst, asi somo of- the attr-tcijons 
Irts-y nr-iower prlces-tn- ettles nrnr heni anil 
are not Inclined in gram ihe relief deslreil 
l),v the Cnpltnl Thenii-e lessee. .*■•'-'.' . : 

Uaudcpilk and mittstrci 

'- " ■ * ■; ... ~. ■ * ■ " - ... ,--■■-.• 

vVtitLinij H. ffmnc; In hh» '.double vblce" 
musical "net, reports. "meeting-' .with Dig itu- 
emu -.playing dates. .- At Kcrantom P»™ he 
.w-au held over for two weeks, and nf Sun- 
bury, ho also Was held ovor. At -I'uiontown 
jio took the people hy surprise In hlM -nitlck 
changes, and expects to Ypiav.-.TCturn.' natei 
veryiaoon on tho .Silverman circuit. :■-" - 
: Qeaniit ltt.-K3i:tx, hito of -tho'tenini 6f-Da 
. ' ■ ■ * Bar and Bus»all, closed liist'-tve^k In Law- 

-At tho Kmplre (WV L. Busiiv,- rcuce, Mnss^ with Nina Soarles'.- l(en Itsven 
Phc Flower of the- Ranch" was Bariesqiu'rs.nnd was the recipient of serersl 

- )m)U<juci*s nnd n liauiUn'mo- diamond hrarelrr 
from the aiemboKTof the company^, tvno left 
this week' fob Kahsas City, >Iu..- to . loin nn 
act thnt will appear -shortly onv the -Keiih k 
Proctor circuit. . - - 

Nuvi.ns -ASft-" Kaxb havo 'been- wortliK 
steadily lu Clhio and pcitnivlviinla'.' nnd ate. 
well .hooked lu the West.- The- act, .they wfltt, 
has hcoh acknowledged br mVihngers n9'oa*i 
of the- best actn thej- have played. .... . 

mo., i_nu| mi- . Jackso.v, Mich.; XoT»ls.r+*M«u»a*r, Mar- 

flle.-J'/tvinu, llluslrntetl sungs and the Itljou-' shall, of Uie nijou Theatre/, took his' cjiilre 

Kia,ph. tomjiaay to. th> h'tntc'"Prl4)n,'ahd gnreth* 

a 1 i.i prisoners a "treat on Nov. 'JS. ' "l*he porfonr. 

Alton- At fhe Temple (W% M. Sauvage, '•?.*?• n ' ns a S»3S 5,»f«*«**. P*l>} ^Wlt 
mnnngeiVALa. Field's Minstrels drew well J:t. ; ,r ''? ,1 " s 1J ,Ter f,J' (;nte< in Uie chnpel. and they 
•liitne Bishop's carrlnge,"vvlth .lassie llusloy, HS* wild- w|lh enthitsLBmi, rThe itiaipsn! 
pleasid 8n eiithuslnstlc audience 24. Flsko NJ^ It liugelv. _ The tterfornier!! ;w. 
O'Hnrn, In '-Dion O'Dare," 28: "Wine, Vom- Ja v* *-y n 'OBds. Lllllna Aililey, Harry Davis 

.... ~ .. -J tj-..^" IIA ........ V- », 1 :.... nA 

tin- .■ Chixlon,- Hlchmbnd and company,' Ap- 
pleoy; C'enhe Peni'l.Pell.'h'nd thp-klnodtome;' 
- -DKitrsi'.v-'s (Kdwilrd II. Brasii, niannger). 
— -Wwk of- Nov. 23 .-Carroll srsters, Mllmar 
Bros., 'Major J. U. Lv Boy,- and Traek nad 
Montgomery;. •' ■ --■' '.» 

"WJUjit's (Chns. P. Bart so 11. mnnnger). — 
Week of 25: St6ck burlesmic. In "The Bugle 
fnll" and "Hades;" Alberln Davenport, 
l-'dd!a Badger, and moving pK'tnros. 

Si'ak (Michael t.'row Jr., manager). — Dnr- 
injr week of 24, "Mother and Son" was given 
by the Block company. • 



This week :- Harry vokes lii;f ii|o-. Town" .s. 

Vokes nud cnninn^y, llol- lluou (l'ntrlck'as McConnell. managers), 

n, Jordan' arid Zenji, Drad- ^-l>aly, the. Madman; Bingham aud liable, 

ipniiy. Max Witts. Marrbn Helen Ogdeu, Bowman Broi., Dolpli nnd Su- 

nn and Song" 20, 
"At Cripple Creak*' 

•Mn's New Husband" 30, 
pec. 1, "l*nst Lynn*" 4, 

cot at the performance. " ...... Conrlney Morgan, in "A Woman 'of Mys 

''"•"■""• - — —Tli-T- terr?' fi; •niack Crook Jr.' r 7. ^ 

111 1' i' 1, 1 1 1 1 1 '« ■ 

Chnt tnnnotni . — A t the Albert Opern House 

(Paul 11. Albert. mnnnJWr) Jos. nnd Wm. 

.ieffcreoii, In ""I'bc Rivals,'' pleased n lnrge 

Hitchcock, In • "the Tanker Tourist." 0-14. 

AcAMSMt of-'Mubxc (Walter Oreaves, man- 
ager). — "Tho Spollri-s." to good tmslHMi, Xov. 
13*30. "The Patnl Flower" Dec. 2-" t "The 

nndle-icoNov. tffl." "The I'llnce Chan" scored naum uM " M<1 

2ft jESmt Mantelipec. 2, "Tne.yirglnlan;' JjgSSSfL *,?■. &J*£ 

S. "The Bqunw Man" 4, John Griffith 7, At 
O. Field's 'Mlnatrels 11. "Forty-live Mlnutea 
f;'um Broadway" -in. Paul Ollmora 19 

^ enn, manager.)— • 

Vaudeville to hlg business Inst weck,^ with 

C, W. WllllaJM, La Petite Mlgnoh, w Mont- 

jery nnd Moore.. Little Dips ana Miss 

elln. Oeo.- Felix and Lydla Barry,,. Atlas 

Family "(0. W. Middletou, manager. 
Bill ..for- Thanksgiving we:k: Five Osnltns, 
Holmes and Thornton, Joe Hnrdmnn, Hnrry 
and HnJc. motion pictures. B»slt,<w hlg. 
)Veelt of Deb. '2 : Rlainor, the Three Uypsy 
l'Viptnoe 1'ellprs. tho Hnllhacks, Webb nnd 
Cortnelly will be fentnred. - 

ttutro (P. .W. McConnell, mnnnger). — 
Week of 2 : Beeeher nnd Mnye, Little B. Ray- 
mond, Fay Ellis, iivellne Stewart, .Margaret 
West Coleman, Sarah Sev.mson, and Clyo and 
Rofhelie, Rlaltosropa and lllttst rated songs. 
Biistacss big. 

m i i.i. » i . 

Trt»r*^ — At. Rand's Opera House (n. T. 
Thompson, resident manager) HKny Miller, 
In vThe Great Divide," packed the house 
Nov. 28. "The Time, the Place and the Girl" 
dt-ew n big house 20. Raymond Hitchcock, 
In "The Yankee Tourist,' 1 Dee. 2 ; Mary 

Lyric ( W*. M. Sauvage, manager). — For 

and company, the Four Majors, and. 'h.e wav- 
ing picture^. Mnnagcr Marsliall Is thought a 
great dear of by the prUoaers.'-as.tTils Is inn 
scco-ud entertainment he li»s*nlven thorn thh 
year. He Intends to give them a little enjoy- 

weeU.of N'ov. 23 :..Dong(as: nnri DongFas, Em- ""y?'. , 11 ", a .J non . to * "2 , , - - _>.V M t -, 
mbns: Emerson and Emmons, Kbiilv Nice, the c "-* s - :•'.'• MACK- nnd bis wife, (Mabel 
Cycling rioffronns, and the hlogranU. Ff v -, nr,? - a I * ,clt * sixteenth u'epk with i 

•cling nolfmnns, and the hlogtapil. 
Kt.cfTktc (Railway & Murray, managers) 
— Business continues good, ...-..- - 


Clinton.— At tho tlrand (P. n. Towelson, 
manager) "Brewster's Mllllona," Xov. "21, 
played nenrly to capacity. Lyman Howe's 
moving pictures, 24, pleased a full houae. 
"Ma's New Husband" 23. Christian Science 
lecture, 28. canceled. "Wo Are King" Dec. 
2, .'.'Painting the Town" 5. 

good? 11 ' 0rc cent thcatre ls irn * lT " £*^2&*tSE* 

„. Harry 
.astlng'p Blart -Crook Jt*; company. 55 
opening nnd closing burleanues are produced 
liy Mr. Mack. Thev are- both novelties aad 
bigjhlts. : : ;**»..*j f •■ 

TlotD; CoiEMAX writes.: 'yniualact Is a" 1 '" 

Slayin* under the nama of "Master Urovrn 
ad: lug. Dog," supported bv Boyd Colcffijo 
aad compaay, in --The BoV nad the Bur- 
glar." pending the Injunction re-trnlnlog our 
use of the name* "Buster" ahd- "Tlge." 

HAMiia and Nelson have not lost a weej 
-. work In three years. They opeaed wim 
the Ouy Bros." Minstrels Aug. 21, meeilrg 
with auceess with their- act. They arc clc»- 
Ing the olio and their act I« a scream. •' 
AitiiNt. "The Gnr.vT," writes: "I rccclvw 

Meimphls — At Ihe New Lyceum (Prank 
Gray, leswc) "Parsifal" came to good busl* 

leur," to good attendance, last week. "L'Alg- 
Ion" ^7. ■• . . • -.; .-••;• 

Xaiw-jal FwcAts (Paul CanenettTBv mans-. 

Blianhnratan^-^At tbo Stone Opera rtonso 
(J. P.E. Clark, manager) "TIM t<M*tn«kera," 

' })CL 

.-The .Holy Pity n, ,™ m m- ,1 

I'Ma's New Husband'* 11. lecture 12. "Sher 

p .Ho 
lock 3ol*nn>>-' 


'Peaeetal-Vnlley'' ao, 
11. lecture 12. "Shei 
Ar* Vol a Mason 1" 14. 

of entertainments In horior of prtsslnent star' 
people. The decorations Will b« tinlqu» and 
the menu elaborate. 





A. W. HOWELL, Secretary and Treasurer. 

•W.' 3. KEITH, President and General Manager. 


"Dora, the Beautiful Country Girl;'* 


The Howell - Keith Stock Co. 


■IBf A. KT TED for the 

Howell-Keith Stock Co. 








i Long fifigemtn 1 to right people. Eneloi. photo Mi with fall particular!, height, weigh I, ate. 


THE HOWELL-KEITH AMUSEMENT CO. (Inc.) Suite 475 Drexel Building, Philadelphia. Pa. 

COKEOIAS, MHST change for week, willing 

worker and genileman. No boozers and chaser*. 
State if piayo.njo or orean, dance, and It famil- 
iar with the acts. Jno. ilaegerlj. Jack Manning, 
w Hte. Arils Palmer, Qen. Del.. Eastport, Maine. 

WANTED— Partner for new vaudeville sketch, 
ladv, moat be yonog a&tl attractive; performer 
with snecUUry. . For particulars address FAR- 


care Phelan. 


Can me good team (man and wife). No tickets to 
arratgert-' Money sure, 
PH. OTS WAN MBD. CO., New Springfield. Ohio . 

CLARINETIST at liberty. Doubles 2d. Fid. 
Pianist (lady), both well experienced. A. F. of M. 

Work Joint or single. Musician, Room 504, Ashland 
Block, Chicago. 

WANTED— Lad;, not over 28, to do Serpen- 
tine Dance and Plastlque Posing. Coed looks and 
form essential. I furnish wardrobe. Good salary. 
Send description. Also want Piano Player. 

V B. L. ROLAND, FarmersvlUe, Texas. 

HARDEN. 4i; W . Md ST.. NEW YORK, 

100 LETTERHEADS or ENV., Postpaid, 
Me.; 5,0©016ths, *.2.2a: one week's dates, 7x21, 85c., 
etc. Samples for stamp. Standard Snow Print, 
Hew Lothrop, Mich. 

FOB SALE—Edlson Exhibition Model Kine- 
toBcope, |66; Reel of Films, Melle's Impossible 
Voyage, f 40: four sets Song Slides, $10, all like 
new, {10 with order. Balance c o. D.: tioo lakes 
hsMjfc , FREd HART. Ashland. Kentacky. 

MUSICIAN Wants quick. Experienced Partner 
with' Moving Picture Machine, Films and some 
■ash. Good show for right man. Jennings, 3li S. 
Stat* St, Chicago. 


for any instrument or number of Instruments, 
i'ongs, words and Music, Sketches, etc. Send stamp. 
CBAB.L. LEWIS, 4 » Richmond St.. Cincinnati. 0. 

FOR SALE— One Set Deagans' Orchestra Bells, 
two oot. chro. C to C, on frames, heavy bars, $1 2.50. 
Une set Deagan's Xylophone, 37 ban chromatic, 
to 0, on frames, $16.00. One set Deagan's orches- 
tra-Bells, In- hardwood case, 2'. oot. chro. O to 0, 
tso.Ou. Above instruments In first class order, 
only used about three weeka. Selling on account 
of sloknesa. i:. L. SMITH (Trap Drummer), 1186 
Uface St., Chicago, la 

NBW LOT PINE SNAKES. Broken to handle, 
harmless, sft., $l apiece; 8 to loft, $2, on hand 
itilm U. Sweet- So. Musonrt Ave., Atlantic Clty,N.j. 

PLAYWRIGHTS. Attention I I will pay a 
reasonable price for a novelty sketch for male (all 
the fat), Dutch and female (straight). Also one 
comic song and monologue for "Silly Kid."' Also 
a straight face mimic turn and one character mimic 
!>ong. Each turn mnst run twenty minutes. Sent 
with privilege of Inspection; it accepted will 
be advertised In the g. Y. CLIPPER and copy- 
righted. All manuscripts returned, all letters 
answered. Do not send stamps. J. W. Achen- 
hach, Opera Honae, Halscead, Pa. 

Concert and Dance Orchestra, First Violin, Earp 
or Piano, Clarinet. Cornet. Moat be young, good 
looking ladies with singing voices. Lady Musical 
Team double orchestra. Other Musicians. Age, 
height, weight, photo (will return). First letter, 
salary low. It's sure. Play guarantees only. I 
pay all after Joining. Will buy Orchestra music. 
u B. Tlbbetts Box 71, Preston, Minn. J.ady 
Comet Player can locate to instruct bands. 

WANTED— Engagements b? two good clever 
ladles, good slngeri. Neat In dress and appear- 
ances, good forms, good voices. Reliable mana. 
gers wanting clever talent, call or add. Miss Burk 
■■are Prof. Ramo, 224 Ohio St., Indianapolis, Ind ; 

WANTED HUICK-Plano Player,- lady or 
gem; Singing and Dancing Sketch Team, Single 
Acts that change. Vaudeville show. Prefer people 
with mad. show experience. Address 

J. NEWTON. New Castle, N. B., Can 

WANTED-AU 'Round Medicine Comedian, 
salary $16 per week. If yon are not worth it, 
don't want yon. Don't telegraph, write. 

E. M. LORij, Mgr. Clifton Remedy Company. 

, BARK OPPORTUHITY.- Wanted. Lady of 
Attractive 'huge Presence. Tali, atately. Must 
sing and Play Piano fairly well. Also, Small, Petite 
'My, witn same accomplishments. Oood Ama- 
'•urs jrlll be satisfactory. Those who are willing 
to travel and remain In rural district with Mnall 
t-oinedy Company while Rehearsing and Booking 
aBIg Four Act for Advanced Vaudeville. Send 
Photos, which will be returned. Prof. J. H. De- 
wolff, Mgr. DeWoltrs Comedians, Rcedvllle, 
Northumberland Co., Y», 




■ E. LEWIS -WEST (mall only), 
.. . ■ «8 Grand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Al Lecturer and Office Worker. Strictly sober 

n. *, „ ? n<1 reliable. Responsible Cos. 

diy w. p, Larimer, 1807 s. Monroe 8t , Mnncle, Ind 


for orchestra work. Dance hall only. No Sunday 

, W0 ' k -g«MefnU particulars. Address 

^ _W. FRAKB8. VM 80. Halsted St., Chicago, III 



PALACE HOTEL, 101 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
European, tSAO per weak: with privato bath, $7. 
Tu rkish Bath, too. H. B. HUMPHREY. Prop. 




Sleeping Room, Library and Private 
Bath Boob Elegantly Fonlsted. 

$20 to $35 Per Week 
$3 to $6 Per Day. 

Appointment* complete In every detail and 
service perfect. 


Wabaih Ave., 

$1.00 per Day. 
Europitn. fO.oo per Week. 


(MRS. F. FLORENZ, Prop.) 

170 Wast 47th St., Near Broadway, New York 

First- 01 as. Rooms and Board 

Reasonable Terms. 
Convenient to All Principal Theatres. 


Rates reasonable. 88 Somerset St., Boston. 
EMILIE T. BANNWART, Proprietor. 

Wabash A Madison, CHICAGO, 
].. W. Carlton, Prop. Strictly 
American Plan. $8-16 single. 
Double. Vaudeville patronage invited. 




Get This One Qnlck. A Hit, Hit, Hit I 

Send 10c. to 

J. E. STROHM. Pub 

130 W. 00th St., New York. 


Wilted. Viisatili Sketch Team, Mm aid Wile; 

Han to do white face comedy, singing and dancing 
speoliltlci; Woman to do some singles or play 
piano or both. Must change for a week. The Dm 
use of Intoxicating drinks with this show closes 
you on the spot. Give full description of your spe- 
cialties In flrstletter. Address H. B. Clark's Ameri- 
can Entertainers, West Manstleld, Logan Co., O. 


Must be well up In all lines, and If your Judgment 
on salary in these present times 1b such as I can be 
sure to pay them, I would like very much to hear 
from you. Also Piano Player. Explain all In first 
letter. Address JACK BOoNE, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Band Leader or Cornet, E and 0. Woman 

lor Characters or Juveniles, Child (8 yrs. ), 
Parts and Singing Specialties 

Responsible manager* address CIIAB. L. 
STEVENS, 13* " 


Jackson St,, Beaumont, 


S. and D. COMEDIAN, 

B. and W., have a flood Picture Machine and Four 
Reels. Can Join anything that pays. Add., 

COMEDIAN, Box M6, Atlanta, (la. 
Prefer Southern show. 



Capable Repertoire, Heavy Man, General Snslness 
Man with red hot specialties. Give fall particu- 
lars. W. 0. STEWART, New Cattle, New Bruns- 
wick; next week, Chatham, N. P., Canada. 

I Write Sketches, 

Eta. to order at low prices with easy terms. In- 
close stamp, and please address 

BILLY DE RUSE, Gen. Del., Sooth Dend, Ind. 

AT LIBERTY, oi Aecoiit of Show Closing, 

State salary. 

AL DENO, Bad Axe, Mich. 

DAD UAI HandooffAct,Trunk Mystery, Second 
Hill 0AMr~81ght Act, Spirit Cabinet, Black An 

Outfit, Leg Irons, Galatea, Musician's Complete 

Outfit and 100 other bargains, circulars for .tamp. 

GEO. A. RICE, 4 Underwood 81.. Auburn, M. Y. 

cliiltisf; it Liberty. 

High and low pitch. A. P.ofM. Locate or travel. 
WM. E. BABTuN, 214 Bait lid St., Ft. Worth, Texas. 


at full purchase price any copy of Madison's 

Budget not entirely satisf sctory. Under this 
broad-gauge guurantee, I inv Ite every vaude- 
ville performer who has not already done so 
to send for a copy of 

MADISON'S | „vfaaiu„| 

Siw BUDGET No. 1 1 

pronounced by leading professionals the 
world over to he the greatest comedy melon 
cut In many a long day. It contains 9 of 
James MadiBon'x famous monologue., lit 
fine sketches for 2 males and 3 for male and 
female, Including several splendid Dutch and 
Hebrew acts; 2S high-grade parodies (no 
junk), 2 comedy afierplecei full of fun and 
action, besides hundreds of bright stories 
and "lill-ln" gags, comic poems, and toasts, 
etc., etc. Price, $1. Would cost over SS.MO If 
written to order. JAMBS BIAD1BON, 
1404 Third A venue, New York. 
Past Issw* out of print tietpt Madtoon'a 
liadget Xo. 10. Price toMIt ntppty IcuU, p. 



Those doing specialties preferred. Agent, Piano 
Plnyer. Make salary low. HARVEY STOCK CO., 
fleo. A. Sullivan, Mgr,. care of CLIPPER. 



The Master Magician, 

Who can slog. Mnst he of good appearance. Ad- 
dress at once, S. H. CARTER, Manager, 
27 ijulncy St., N. F... Washington, !>. C. 


Man with Specialty 


No parts. Salary most be low. One matinee a 
week. State age, size and experience. 

LORNE ELWYN. Gardner Mass. 
Brsttleboro. VU, week bee. ft. 

Vaudeville Artists 

For Harrisbiirg, Coatesvillo and Millville Electric 
Family Theatres. Two to Five Shows. Also rep- 
resenting Mozart Circuit <8 Snow.). No act too 
big, provided you deliver the goods. 



NOT FAKED, and Five other llox Acts, all BO els. 
Brook's Mystic Trunk Secret and Plans, as cts. 

Handcuff Acl; Asa, Hhe. DIda, Spirit 

Forms, Lightning Artfjt, Fnke Marksmanship, Dis- 
robing. Candle Snuffing, otc, Paper Uair and Bor- 
rowed liox Escape, Half I Ally play inn Piano, Death 
Loop, Human Claw Hammer, Pull Against llorses, 
llosco Act and 10 Museum Acts, All BO Cenia. 
QtJAKER NOVELTY CO., 2235 N. 4th St., Plilln. 



Work the year ronnd for people of the right kind. 
Always alad to hear from people doubling brats. 
Answer RAYMOND D. CRAWFORD, Mgr. Uncle 
Zekc Co., Woatherford, oklu., Dec. 7; Hydro, »; 
Okmulgee, is; Sapnlpa, 14. 



PRANK TCOKRR, late of the lireat Eastern World 
Co., and J. NELSON RYAN, kindly wire address 
Dec. 2, Clean, N. Y.; Pen, o, Monessen, Pa. 

it Liberty, Trap Drummer. 

Al line of traps. No boozer. Travel or locate. 
Address F. CONINB. 
612 Gull Bt„ Kalamazoo, Mich. 


Of every description written to order only. High 
grade original work at very reasonable prices. 
Address W. LEE, Iftjj 8. stu St., Richmond, Ind, 

Wanted, Vaudeville Acts 

For week of Dec. » and later, at CUMBERLAND, 
HD. Musical acts preferred. Address 

OHab. HAY. Cumberland, Md. 

For Sill, i Lot of Fin Magical Appintn 

and Valuable Rooks. First twenty-five dollars 
take* lot, or send stamp for list. 

MAUIOIAK, P. 0. Box 9, Hartford, Ct, 

■Western-Dramatic Agency 



Indorsed by Press and Public 

Stage Dancing, Etc. 
Dramatic Art. 
Vocal Culture 

(Up-to-date In every detail.) 
Ruck. Jlir. Skirt, Novel Cnko Walk. 
KliKiition. Slnirinx und Ratr-Tlmo 
Sonsrs. Vaudeville Acts, Sketches. 
Monologues, Ktc. NO FAILURES. 

professor r. j. aiooi. 

Miss France* Day and others. 
Circulars Pros. 
lUemmt All flrst-clnnH managers In 
America. N.Y. Clipper, N. V, Drunintlo Mirror, Cincinnati 
Billboard. TUmIt ScKool i» Amrk. thnt positively nurses to 
tench und place Inexperienced people, young or old, on the 
Ktiige. 127 L» Sail* St. near Madison bu Chicago. III. 

— rf 

A Jlggery (ton . . • < 
The world is a very large place, 
Bat distance we always efface; 
Chicago to China, or else to Medina, 
We win by a Wig In each race. 


ToTTta** St.. Chlcano (VlftU Floor'. 
Watch for "Jlggery" uext wrtck. 



Due to closing with ''Heart of Chicago," Cll Alt ACTEIl and IIEAV Y LEADS. Address as per 
route. After Dee. It), soon MICHIGAN AVE., Flat B, Chicago, ill. 


New Material, l>y Alf Grant. Add. WHITE HATS. N. Y. tt. 

AT LIBERTY After Dec. 10, 


^-LARRIVEE & LEE-babbaba 

Law Comedy, Ingenues, Juveniles anil Gharaelera. 

Both have good wardrobo and long experience. Reliable managers for Musical cnracdy. Melodrama 
or First Class Repertoire, write. Caro of "IRISH SENATOR CO.," Hoc. », llurllngtoo, Kan. 


Oiirl N. Dalton's OLE <>LSI).\' IN SPIRITLWD CO. 

Swede Comedian. Two Character Men, Character Women nnd Hpoclalty pooplo. 
people with rcsmre acts, capable of pli 
Fay your own. All iihotos returned. 

Itcipio. doing special- 
ties nreferreil. Vaudeville people with feature acts, capable of plating small puna, will.' Mtate full 
particulars In tlrsi letter. Fay .vourown. All nliuins returned. " res,'' this Is uuolhur "mnk" show, 
but ono that gets the money, und pays salaries In "real" money. Rliow rehearses In Onuiliu, Ohrltlmaa 
week. Address CHAS. B. AYF.HS, Mgr., Madison, Neli., 10: Albion, Nel>„ ll;Or«eloy (enter, Neii., 14. 


Sharpley Theatre Co., 

Woman for Characters und Heavies, Man for Juveniles, Man for Heavier and diameters, Man for 
Crops and 1'arta. Woman for Juveniles and ingenue*. Oilier useful pcotile, wrllo. Coiapany booked 

dm Kit KUH YON, Manager, 
Care Ackcrmann A ijulglcy Priming Co,, Kansas City, Mo. 

uli Summer. Immediate cngagoment. 



Other, writ*. State all. Address 

BAIIRIB (V GBAHAH, Barrie Stark Co., Pan). Valley, Oklahoma. 


I will sell my Coticert Hall, now running, after SO years established Ur me, conducted on biiilne*'* 
principles In the meat go-ahead city In Union. 200,1100 to draw from, and situated exaetly between all. 
Traction, Suburban und Hteain K. It. Not 30ft loci fr.nn the farthest one. Ilecoliiti Stale Fair Week 
Fay a Year's Kent, is 00 feet front, I Stones Build ngun Corner, omyoiie muroln clly. Anyamld 
tlous person can make big inonev. llosson for nulling, never drank a strong drink or used tobacco or 
any kind In my life, Therefore I desire to retire to look after my trout and poultry preserve. 


Sevonrj-flve thousand feet of Fine Stook, large and small sitbjecls, oc. and up. NO JUNK, DO NOT 
SELL FILM NOT FIT TO USE. All are serviceable. Two hundred Hots of Song Slide. Now List. UAVF, 
YOU BKF.N THE NEW ANNOUNCKMENT SI.11JK, lust the tiling for nc. shows and udvortlslng, semi 
la. damp for satnpl'i. GENUINE IMPORTED WENCH CUNDENBKHS, 000. each, by (ho dozen, sue. 

O. F. OALLOT. 70 Chrl.loph.r St., If. Y. City. 


\%. Fred'k Wagner Carolyn lian/rence 

* * _ _a _- ^ >*-■ VUmB— uSbIa f* I. atmalAHH T * a .a Ihm a« aj _. ^ .M wm ^_ ^. a ^ -^ 

Comedy ana Bocentrle Characters. 

OM» Street, Detroit, Mien. 

Leading or BeeonA Business. 






rtfjrrisofi Sfior Print ^ iloA 

OiOelt, Mich. 



Ofeild QUICK For Eva, 

With or without lady to double stage or piano, 
Man for Big Dram to double stage. Wanted for 
So. % Co., opening Dee. US. Tom People In all 
lines who double. Men must double In bund. 
Ladles stato If vou do specialties and work in con- 
cert, Hotel show. We pay all. State lowest iiulck. 
THOH. L. FINN, Hooslck Falla, N. Y. 




For week stands. Both to work In acts and do spe- 
cialties. Open Jan e. loos, 

»■ A. BCHLIN, llox 16U, Sprlngfluld. Mo. 


that will Invest a little money in strong dramatic 
show. No objection to talented amaleiir that will 
play parts, I liave tlio plays, paper and full equip- 
ment. Address MANAGER, W>X 102, Nile., Ohio. 



We instruct and Prepare You for the Stage by 
Mall, and occurs Engagement*. Write for par- 
ticulars, IHellANE'S SCHOOLS, 
- - Booth Bend. Ind. 

Folding Chairs. 

Bay th e best Folding Cnalr of the factory and save 
money. Our price, $0.SO per dozen, Quick deliveries. 
ROUERa MFC. CO., lit FUth Ave., New York. 



0. CARR 
Characters ami Qen. litis. 

Height (ft, 7ln., weight 



Ingenues, Juvenile., 
some Soubreiles if nec- 
essary. Height fift. sin., 
weight tlHlhs. 

Kximricnce, ability, wardroho. Address v, CAIIK 
HAl.M, Gainesville, I'la., Dec. 1-71 Ihen Jiirksun- 
ville. Kin. 


GovlBglin, Tenn. T. ft. ELCAH, Manager. 

Seating capacity, 800. population, 3.604. Guv- 
Ingioti is sltiiatod as miles north of Memphis on 
illl noli (.'eutul llullroiid. Good show town. 

Managers, address. 

Wantsd, For *" 

Stetson's Eastern U. T. €. Co. 

Leader, eomlandorchcstrajulso llarltonn to double 
in orchestra ur stago: also Clarinet Flayer. Ad- 
dress LEON WABiIllUIlN, Hound Brook, N. I. 
I*. S.-K. c. Jones, write. 


First Class Sketch Team 

Play Parts. Sonbrotte and Juveniles, Do 
Specialties and Play Piano. Also lllack Face and 
Soubretle. licit of press notice and wardrobe. 




Doubles Cotnody In acts, Mudlclno Show. OKKGON 
REM EDY C O., Pen. Del., Meolianloslowil, Otuo. _ 

AT LIBERTY-.Fellx Rivard. 

All Around silent Pcrfonnor. chaogo for woo*. 
Only reliable Manager, wr to. Address 

FEL IX HI VAI1U. Woodliu P. ()., Del. Co., Pa. 

At Liberty. «« M. P. Operator. No Boozer, No 

Cigarette dend, Add. U. I. COOPF.K, Berwick, Pv 


s&,'. penssylvas »%, . 4rr enriched. to a considerable extent ...... 

l»bli«rfri|Uilfc.— Thanksglvliur we«k woa Too .bill at toe (Jcrjajui .IJwMr?. *«* « 2 
* veritable gold mlno to " 
them doing biij business 
tn: rmiront wo.-e angufctite 

TtFifiBJiiiiu j 

— — 

— . 

Hi" Broad t "Tito Dairymaids," ,ams ' who- '» 

:i Homy Miner and Margaret c 1 0l 'P? r8, li l, L l 

M Ureal Divide," ni the Lyirc. }"« '$™LT* 

nd Ailmiis, In "l'lnylng too the si roots 

crowds in town to see the Pcnnsylvnnla.Cor 
ncll, n nd (he Army and Navy football game* 
'llic new offerings In town tlic current week 
Include': XI axlic Elliott, in "Ditder the Green- 
wood Tree," at the Itrond : "The Dairymaids," 
fit the' Harriet ; " 
Anglin, In "The 
uou Vorkc and 
Ponies," at the l'nrk. 
. IlnuAK (Nixon ft Zimmerman, managers). — 
Maxlno. Elliott, ill Tiider. I lie iireenwnort 
Tree." Dec. 2, for the Urat llino locally. The 
engagement In for two weeks. Lillian Rus- 
sell; Ta "Wllrttlro." did miicesHftilly last week. 
UAiiRtcK (Nixon ft Zlui'ncrmau, managers). 
— "Tlio\Dslrvniolds" linn Its first Philadelphia 
view 2, Mr, A fortnight'* stay. "Brewster's 
Millions" departed Saturday, niter a moit 
successful two weeks' slay. 


Zimmerman, managers).— -Roger Ilrotlicra be- 
gin their third And Hunt week 2. Last week's 
crowds were . a du])llcate of the previous 
wet*. "Mndaui Butterfly" 0. 

■Lyric (Messrs. fjhubcrt, managers). — 
Henry Miller, and Margaret Anglin, id "The 
(.treat Divide," 2.- for lite first time In tills 
city. '.Hie engagement continues until . 14. A 
succession of capacity houses wltioaaa u "Tlio 
Warrens of Virginia," ending 'Hi, The play 
has been votijd tiy tin; pross mid public .one 
of the. distinct successes of the. season. . . 

jAtiELCtll ' (Messrs.. Nbubilr.t, uiiuingcrs) — 
F.jhHp-Foy. In ."The Orchid." 3. This show 
made a big hit last, season, mid the ndvnncn 
su> Indicates. big business.. Corl.oUn Nlllson, 
Irj.'Tbe Tliree of Us," coucludid a successful 
three weeks' slay. 
(Walnut (Frank Howe. Jr., manager). — 
"Varuu" starts In. on Its tilth week. 2. and 
the .prospects arc good for a run of consid- 
erable length. Tilt) limieliif Olrlp continue 
to be the pleasing feature, Willie tlio vocal 
efforts of Nelja Webh and the other members 
of . the company, add materially to the suc- 
cess of the show. 

i tn asp opiika IIOfRr, (Htnlr & llavlln. mali- 
ngers). ■— F.rhest Ilogan, In "The Oyster 
Alan,' - . 2w : 'Tiff I PaftT I ! l'onf ! ! : enjoyed 
prosperous returns Inst week. "The Honey- 
Dtnoners" >). ■ 

J'akk (F. G. Nlxon-Nlrdllnger, manager). 
— Yorke and Adam* gave the tlrst local view 
of. "Pitying the Fotiio» lf 2. "The Mayor of 
i-nugblaiKr drew big and well pleased nouses 
lost week. "On Parole'' next. 

BtiNr.Y's (J. P. Feknardt, manager). — 
"The 1'bautem Dotoetlv*" this week, l-nst 
neck "Tli* Mnoty and Nine" drew tlie 
usual blst houses. "Shadowed by Three" fol- 

'National (,l. m. I>«J|y. manager) .—"The 
Four earner* of the Earth" 2 and week. 
"Nellie, the Beautiful C'lcuk Model" played 
to' Excellent returns |be previous week. 
••Chinatown Chaiifo" 0. ... 

.UiRAiin (Miller ft Kaufman, managers). — 
"jUe Uawbier of the wwt" lor the current 
\vectt, -following a week of flue business done 
u* Florence WodWr, lit "The Street Blnger." 
'•IJlie Spoilers" follows. 

''I'uol>Mi'K (P. •). Nlxon-XIrdllnger. maun- 
9W). — 'Xlils house's return to .melodrama, of- 
icr^n sensuii of vauacrjllc, drew, big lest 
Week. The nudtenres followed with keen 
'.merest the triumph of vtrtua nnd tho down- 
f«U of vice In ''ll's Never Too Lnte lo 


lankBiiTins we«k wan TM.blU'it the yerragn. "rawtre weex or z 

to tte tiStrea all of cone its of: "lion .C^sar," Ibsen's "Uhosts" 

a»° %e regular then- «««« ""'« Klcdermnn*? . . ..Csii-ollne Hayes; 

anfetited br the bit 1 well known profesBlOhnl, whose Inst cn- 

thTpcntsyTvnniaCor- tngemem was & Ooldcnrod In "Miss Hob 

i*.,J» »SJK«ii£m*i White." wan mtfrried on Nov. 2(1 to Itob»rt 

nRement tvas as deldenred '.n "Miss Rob 

—Ite." wan married on Nov. 20 to Hobert 
ft. MItier. n non-professional, and wilt re- 
tire from the stage Charles 8. Will- 
lams, who lies' been plnylng the part of n 
'il "The Warrens of Virginia." at 
Theatre, was found wandering on 
. i In n dellrlniin condition last, 
peek, iind on being ndinlttcil to the Medico- 
(.liliurgleal Iluspltat tvaa UlBcovereil lo be 
suffcrlii'; with an acute nlfscft of pncumnnln. 
He In liuw lu n critical condition nnd Is not 
expected to survive. The sick man Joined 
the company In New York, but beyond this 
rntlilne concerning bin family or bis 
home Is can bo' ascertained. 
« i 

lMttsl>tii-K. — At the Nlxou. this week, 
itlchard Carle, In "The Spring Chicken." 
Last week, "Bed-Hnr" played to capacity. 
Anna Held,, In. "The Pnrlslmt Model." 0-14. 

OiiAsw. — This week: The Btunnlug Grena- 
diers, Taclann, Julllis Tanueu, Knfll Hoch 
and company, MeUcttl Troupe, Great Scott, 
Armstronjr and Clark, Italian Opern Trio, 
Collins nnd lirowh, Mnzcllo and Woitlfe, Mai- 
vnna and Thoaian. Kitty .lohnson. Claudius 
und Scarlet, and the clnematogrnpb. 

Dri/i'r.Hxc. — This week, Mary Kraerson, in 
"On Pnrol'j." l-m-t week, , Cptaete Kovelll 
pt'escnlcd a hlgti gi'iide of sliiiwH tbnt were 
iinu/rcclntei] by packed houses nil week. Clara 
Hliiodgopa -'-1I-. 

! 1 1 Bnnoms t r ! 

nreciU IMITATriltS. ItEtVAItB ! Samples I 
of OCR Bketcbcs, Acta. Monologues, !'»•- 
adieu, etc . nt HALF PRIOR. Tliime who | 
hnvo rccrlVCTl WST8 Order SOW. 




NBtV jtbhIby. 

, s*nia^^JH.J3n.3awtif, (Geo w t,.,, 

icer) Maude A^ftmii, In "Refer hlWL ^^tefajger) Satri Beruard UHTMlT 

/ Nov. 25. rttflBlfthed ft neW «t- "JA* Tflbn Mr. riocgenhelraer." iMn'.t J 

record for this, house.: Wm. H. SW" drew Wg bolliiy audience, In "fhi 

Fnther nnd the Boys," Dee.*?. R***, 11 *! Sonata.". 4itd "TJie Strtlgbt-ftogd ' 

Mnndo Adams Dec. 0-14. ■ J "^ 

• Paoc*6n's TIL C. Stuart, resident msn« 
cer).--Thls week : llnsann Ron All', S; 
Frederick nerner and company. Kmplre cut 
Four, Bronkaway Barlows, Lambcrtl" • 

At.vjn.— This' week, Mary Marble and 
Llllle t'blp. In "Uremh CHj.'-" l<a»t week, 
"Wine, Woman and. Soug" played to capacity. 
Jauise O'Neill H-X4. . 

Uijoij. — This week, '"riic Convict and the 
Olrl." r^tat week, VFaltuM by tho Wayside" 
proved very much to the liking of the BIJou 
natrons, and was appreciated by large houses. 
Tile Four Huntings, la "The Fobl House," 
9-1 L 

Bi.Axuv's.— This week, "The End of the 
Trail." Lnst week. "A Child of the Regi- 
ment" wan very entertaining, and was greet- 
ed by large houses. "The Way of the Trans- 
gressor" fM 4. 

fuTHT, — .This week, tho Boe Ton Bnr- 
lesnaers, Last week, Itl.'o ft Harton's Hose 
Hill English Folly Co. nlayed . to capacity, 
ahd gave n m entertainment. Mr. ltlce 
being a I'lttsluirger, Uls many friends tumed 
out In force to aee hltn. Acntn-Sautley Co. 
I)*14. •- ■ 

Ai-Aur.MV of MtiBic— This week, The Kol- 
llckers will return for n week's engagement. 
Ed. Morton, "the man with the musical 
Voice." la a feature. Last' week the New 
f'entury Olrls gave plenty of good hearty 
laughs. John V. McCabe, tuc diminutive 
Irlstimoii. was tbe chief fun producer. Ed- 
mund Hayes. In "The Wise Guy," with the 
Jolly Girls Co.. 0-H. 

•KSmily;— ' This week: Areher-Cbase Trio, 
Khvewsbrook and Berry. Lampe Bros... Las-' 
tarlo and Rhej. Gee, Van, the Howards, tar- 
roll Sisters, Howard Dotson, Will Elllck, 
Marronlphonc, In moving pictures. 

SI.UKHTtc — This week: Clyo and Itochelle. 

Cui.i miiu (G. Nelson Toi'ls, mannger).— 
Al. Itcnves* Show 2J. Dainty Duclu^s "•'. 
Irwin's Hlg Show li-ll. Harry liry.tnl's Show 
12-14. HushiesK la good. 

HtAB («>1lvcr C. I'alten. manager). — ^Twen- 
tieth Century Maids 2-4. High Jluks 3-T. 
ltcllly nnd Woods 'Jll, Champaign Girls 12- 
14. Business U good. 

ubpiikuh 13. Siillltr. manager).— Week of 
2 : Ktate stitk, Grace Ma Dill, and the Two 
He.'iDlgb. Business shows ail Increase. 

Ht-B<lliiB. — At tbe Academy of Music (Cly 
8. Hill, managcf) "ComlnK Thro' the Uye 1 ' 
pleased a large audience Nov. 27. "Buster 
Brown" bad capacity 28. "The Great Divide" 
drew excellent attendance 20. "A Midnight 
Escape" had good returns. 30. Mrs. Patrick 
Campbell Dec. 2. (C. F. Hopkins, manager). — 
Week of 2: llim. Hurnuann, .Higgling Dc 
Lisle A. I*. I mil's anlronh, Wynn and Lewis. 
Black. and Jones. Harry and rialvers, Bubo 
Wnlcli, Kilty Francis and company, and the 
klnelograph. ' '. " , 

GkANii Oi'EJtA. Housn fUly 8. Hill, mana- 
ger). — Earl. Burgess Co. had a successful en- 
gagement week bf'Xtiv.' 25. " 

.Bijou (L'pdcgraff & Brdwnell, monagere). 
—Phil Bherldan^s Big City Sports had profit- 
able business 20-27. ' 

i ■ 

Lancaster. — At the Fulton Opera House 
((.'has. A. Icekcr, manager) "Simple Slmtm 
Simple" drew a eood bouse Nor. 25. "The 
County Sheriff did well 20. "The Secret 
Orchard" hnd very good butliiesa 27. 
"Stronghcart" proved n strong Thanksgiving 
attraction 28. Crenton Clarke, in "The 
Power That Governs." drew well 20. "The 
Old Clothes Man"' pleased a large audience 
SO. . Cartotta Nlllson. In "The Three of TJs." 
Dec. S; "Lena Hirers" 4, "My Wife's Fami- 
ly" U. 

Family (Ed. Motart. manager). — Current 
attract Ions Include : May llerdelle and com- 
pany. Orr, Ott and company. Hall and S»n- 
ley. Krltx Hlrkb. Miller and Hutael, the 
Leffel Trio, and the moving pictures. The 
Thanksgiving week's business was excep- 
tionally good. ' 


M on ess en. — At the Star Family (Wm. 
Mothaffrcy. manager) week of Nov. 2D : Geo, 


at. i.ouis.— At the Olj-mplc (Pat Short, 
general, ranno 
ran." week of 
Crnne. In 

Cf.stcrv (Pat Short, general manager).— 
Mrlnrvrc anil Heath, In 'The Ham Tree." did 
excellent ImMness week of Nov; ■ 24; "Tlie 
Prince of lllsen" Dec. 1-7, Francis Wilson 
8-14- ..:'. 

(JiiAs-ii Oit.ra Hoi'Rt: (Johtr B. Fleming, 
mannger). — (»t-orgc Sidney. In "Busy Issy, 


Imi'kwal (R. E. nussell. manager). — 
"Texos" proved n great success, last week. 
"Lottie, the Poet Saleslady." 1-7. 

Stasdabu (Leo Retebenbacbt manager). — 
The Oriental Cosy Comer Girls created quite 
n sensation last week. Olio : Bruce nnd 
Dignciii, Smith and Arado, Belle Treves, 
Ssndow and Lambert, Frank Reiley. 1'aakce 
Doodle Girl* 1-7. 

GAKeTt (0. T. Cinwfora. mah'ager).— the 
Casino Girls Extravaganza Co. last week, with 
Deeley and Austin, Nolan and White, Lillian 
Washburn. Crawford and Manning, Moron 
nnd, W.'sser. Graham and Randall. RobIc"3 
Knickerbockers 1-1. 

G.miuick (Jacob Oppehhelmcr. manager). 
—Geo. Evans, who hernial the bill week of 
Nov. 17. Was M-ta.'ricd for another *e«k. 
Others on the bill. 21-.'(0. were: Cottrell and 
Powers. Woodward's' trained seal's. Rawson 
nnd June. Olle Vouns and Brothers, Wilton 
Bros., and Carroll :iua Cooke:. • . 
- Colcubia (Ftank Tate, .manager).— The 
hcadllno attractions week of 25 were John 
C. Rice and Sally Cohen. Others were : How- 

Flynn, Lowia ahd Orccn. and Elsie Beehil 
•CoLrMBM tGeo. C. Jacobs, manner! 
Florence Bindley. In "The Street Sltigir? 
"Tho Phanioin 
J-cek. "Th e 


mt. tn "The Burglar aid the 
"Kidnapped for ffcvebge" r V 
tentlon last week. "The ■£ 

The Shoe- 

James J. Corbett. m "Th6 Bur 
Mdy," 2-7. "Kidnap 
eclved good attention 
maker" 9-14. 

WAi.DiMkN'3 (T^ec Ottolengul, manager) — 
The. City Sports this week, supplemented i,r 
Terry McGovern mid Young Corbett Thr. 

D,°,cbb 9 S S y c C o U 944. PSCkWl • ,!lCm '°- ^ 

Eiipibb. (U. M. Uyams. manager).— This 

house again changes Its name and style of en 

tertalntocnt. The Ktaw & RrUng'er MtsdnS 

TBudevllle was discontinued Nov. aO sad „m 

Ded. 2 the name Empire Theatre was imm 

and the bouse enters the Empire circuit or 

Western wheel. .Tom Miner's Bohemian liiir 

tamers open the house; mid smoking, tint n& 

drinking, will, be thcriilc. fc ' nut at) 

NotEK. — ^The largest ball the Theatrical 

Kaiployces". (.'tub has ever held, occurred at 

Krueget's Auditorium. Def, 2.,:.,. The local 

Elks held the annual lodge of sorrow In Sk 

iVcwark Theatre, Sunday evening, :Dec. 1. 

.•.•.- • a i , _ " 

EHsabetb.— The .New Ljceum '(iJaaW^l 

FJroy. manngera) "The Original Cohen" cauie 

NoJ-.25-27,_to_ excellent return*.. "Billy the 

ard and North. Seven Madcaps, Firrtll and Kid" came ^'"8-30 ouenlnt loesniiiiv"™' i= 

Iris" Dec. 2. "The Convict's Daughter" Tl 
•The Honeymooncrs" 4 (benefit Elliabeii! 
^odgc of Elks), the Torvidor* Borlesonom 
0-7. "The Great Will Street Mystery Vn 
nockstarler's Minstrels 13. "HI* Terrible fe-' 
cret" 14. 

FnocTott's (F. W. Lloyd, manager).— Tlie 
bill for week of Nov. 26 was: Gllniour and 
Latour, Ey)e-Dutton-Ksi>e, Ronnie Thomten 
FoV and Clark. Young American Quintette' 
WcWr Trained Scull. tVlll H. Mijrphr 
Blanche Nichols and company, and motion 

GLobe (H. F. Klce. manager). — The main 
feature week of 24 was the Four Hardon 
Family. In "Cnelo Rubin's Birthday." Other 
attractions were : Schooler and Do Langcs, 
.lohn B. Foye. Happy Harding, Lulu Bussell- 
mnn and moving plel.ires. 

Ooeox. — The German Stock Co.. under tlio 
management of Helnlman nod Webb, pro- 
duced "Die Dnppelebe: or; the Double Mar- 
riage," to a large nadlcncc. Sunday, Nov. 24. 
M'eek 24-3H are: Lyman U. Howe, for five 
performances, Nov. 28, 29,. 30 (matinees 28 
and .291 : Jan Kubellk, flnaJ appearance, Sat- 
urday matinee, Nov. aO. 

Trained Seals. WH1 H. "ilurphr; 

-Oipiny. ond motion' 

pjetures, Tbte bill provcf highly enjoyable. 

KngilRb'Acrlnl act, the -Dcbacos, and moving this house. 

Claydc's Honor;" and Otis Skinner. 7 in "The 
, Honor of the Family." Mr. Hackctt, tbe first 
Austin and company, Gilsou and Countess, P art of th ,c week, pleased Immensely, to good 
Lewis and Lessitigtou. Giles Button. Dar- ' 
nigh Leslie. Chris. Clinton, In Illustrated 
songs, and the Staroscope. 

Avbnub (A. Goldberg, manager). — Life 
motion pictures and Illustrated songs con- 
tinue, vaudeville has been discontinued at 

Wednesday. 27, was devoted to what Iskrovii 
at-*. . ft.. M " tr ' out " night. When tho following were 

itsfiSS! 9'«^'— A t the WHIIs. Wood (O. Introduced: Efdrldge. Imitations : Itarrv 
D- •Woodward,' mahager) last week was dl- Swirl, athletic beil'lroy: LoontlnV Hun 
n£&3S?SX JSSa&l®^ ln " Jolln S0l ° 8 : J - Wallace Mackey, SB tHS 

Marlon Husscll and company, in sketch" 


Matld." . Hnrrlev Gllmore. In' 

■Dublin Dan," 

2t7, to be followed by. "Ninety and Nine. 
]lLV»tT'n (John W. Hart, u 



. OUESre-LT 

uiauager). — "A 


Uiwoiikomi:.— This week: Louise Rocks- 
more, Martin Dlxoli, Jas. tjchesguen, tho La 
Roy Sisters, and the latest Passion Flay 

IhtAuN'H AcniTOBtiiM.-— This week: Bar- 
ney Preiton. t:asey and St. Clair, Myrtle Grif- 
fith, Dodson, Smith ami Thompson, Kdha 
Smith. Daisy Shipman, nnd. three changes 

G&AMP OI'ESA Housn (A. N. Sliustcr. mah- 
nget').^^'"Phc Minister's Son." Nov.. 21, was 
weir receive*. Mary Emerson 20. canceled. 
"Nobody's Claim." failed to appear. "The 
Lily and the P ' 
Kitty'" 2R. "Th 
"Cousin Kate" 

houses. Tile play by Sutro Is one of the i^-st 
this drgm&tlsi has done, and Mr. Haekett end 
company dd excellent work. The staging and 
roslqm.e8 Were cBcctWe. The. latter part of 
the week Otis Skinner, In "Tlio'nono* of tbe 
I amily." drew well. Mr. Skinner did his 
usual artistic work. This week will be di- 
vided between Walker Whiteside and Wm, 
Favarsham. NcXt week. "The Grand Mogul." 
Obaa-d (Hudson 4 Judah. managers').— Last 
week Nat M- Wills. In "A, Lucky Dog." 


Sweethearts," supported bv Bobcrt Fraifi 
Hooker, William Bohncll. Madge Buiifltb 
Thomas Marlow and C. Farrlngton. 'lb'a^ 
specialties were plcasldg. 

Tip. — Manager William Drake, of tlie JCMr 
Lyceum Theatre, is Ih the hospital, where a 
successful operation was performed. 
' ' * ' 

Treuton^-At the Taylor Opera House 
(Montgomery Mdscs. manager) Cresiou 
Clarke. In 'Vflic Power That Uovcrhs," Nov. 
27. made a big success. "Coming Thro' Ike 
Rye" plsyed to standing room only. "Tbe 

dclglit tf scape" 2. IliiRsell Brothers were of pictures Busluess Is good 
St long drawing cord last week In "The NoreB.— At the Kast Kad 
red Girl's MIllToua." ' ., sarlas's roosters, Lcona Vet 

(Uiant .l.afertj, maaager).^ 

The Orpb'eum sto<u essays, the cun«ut week 
nttuip revival. of "Zaza, " 

Mtl tV'ieadliia 1 role. 

with Lillian Law- 
'My Friend from 

India", was given" a" ; bresy ' Interpretation 

1 asi week by (he ctpablc uieniboi s Of tbe coni 

llasleton, — At the Grand Opera House 
(Geo. Albert Haley. lesldcnt manager) Howe's 
moving pictures pleased Nov. 25. Murphy and 
Gibson •Mlnittrcls 28. "Peter Pah" drew. a 

Fell pleased audlehw 27. "Tbe. .Flight bf 
rlncess Iris" 28. "Lena Hlvers" 29. 
Family (Knoblauch & Hcrskeiv nroprle- 
Curoondalle^— At theGmnd Opera House tovt)i — Oood business ruled weak of 25.' Tbj? 

nd Casino : Sas- 
'enettp. and the 

moving pictures. At the' Alleghany Ca- 

sltl6: T8UJI and Yama. L* van and Laval- 
cttc. moving pIctuiQs. Dualness to ry good. 

OfiPiick'H (Martin Uliman, resident maha- 
eet }i~ r- 05 ' neck's bill bad Zellc De Luanda 
as the headllner;. and .business was big. Mis* 
De Lussan was jplendldly received at Han 
liorformance. TBI* Week: Joseph. Baurta 
Crickets," G'Brlan und Uavel, Ernesto SIs- 

"The Prodi- 

turned away. 

iiauy, uud drew packed Uoubcs 
eal Daiigh'tcr'' .0. • 

I'outi-Aui.n'H -(Miller k Kaufman, mann- 
Hfta). — "The Wire T-tppin'," a new play, by 
Gweu Davis, receives It's premier, 2, nt tho 
bauds vt Hie Mlddlot'ju-Harblcr Stock. 
•'Faust" wris given In cap.ililo style last week. Cabin" had n bl 
io fine houses, Atjra Alunlee oncj Ucorgc W. Week of Dec, 
BarblCr, as MarguerUo nipl Mcplilsto, ro- 
epectivejy. nrhelvqO dlHtlncc successes. "Moute 
CTlsto" next. 

Hxamiaiiii (Darcy i Speck, mauagers). — 
The .stock offering week vt ,2.1s "A Beautiful 
Fiend." —.'TJie .lliHd; Slaves of New .York" 
■was .the, thriUi* Hint, p cased big crowds last 
week.. .''Porglveu" Ml 

:K«pikk, ■HiiaNkhoiId (Stamford *; Western, 
mnnagi'rsi,— -The slock, which continues to 
ruulntaln. Its jiopiilni'lty, nriHlurcs "Murch- 
lilif .Through Georgia," 2-4, und "A Great 
Temptation."- 0-7, "A 1'lgUt for Millions' 

Ick, Brokers ahd Burns, Edwards Darls ami 
tympany. Clark. Bergman and Mahonej, $11- 
vern and Emerte. aud Irene Franklin am! 
Burt Green. •--:-■■ 5C - 

'STAWSTBiiKT (Frank B. ■ Sbakers, maua- 
ger).— Joseph Saotley, In "B)lly. the Kid," 
Nov. 25.-27. played to good. business, gelma 
Herman.. In.' "For Her Chlrdren's S»k»," 
■"^vc's moving Djr- 
usfcea's. Edith 

Martin's "L'ncle Tom's songs and klnetogrjnii. 

Athto\' T,u,l.. n t> nA I.',... . 1 ■ ' ^ . 

Ig liOUke night of 20. For 

_. the Murray and Mackey Co. 

will give twelve repertory plays at popular 

{IrlcCs. They have strong vaudeville features 
letwecti the acts. "The Passion l'lav" 9-10, 
"Una Rivera". 11. ."For Mother's Sake" 11. 
lF.vmilv ( K. . L. IWalr. mauagxr). — Uurlui; 
week of: Nov, 25. n strabg.bli) was presented 

IMtiston — At the Broad Street (H, 
Sinclair, manager) Martin's "uncle 
Cabin" came to big business Nov.' 20. 
II. Stull Repertory Co. 2(1-30/ Whiteside 
Strauss. Co. Dec. 2:i. 

mMd B $M« " nd ' Moore ' dit>toa Mid ,er " p UiaaiiL 

n ifjt .fi.' f d RHviiam niii.«.i- r... cenrann, manager) capacity bouses last wee! 
^™P«feVl^Prlfi|!W^,'£ ^^.^wcck.otD 

At the Empire (A. M. Biug. 

Tom's Kgth'rvn Ilotli d.V well and ini«in ?},i. Glr> Hal Stephens and cOmuany. HowarJ 
Watt« w&wf^^^^&yffijjy* and Iloward, fhe^anettos, ATsace and. Ly 
the Poor Saleslady." ..T?!.^ 1 " ,ttlft ' 

-y&^tVB&"*m resident manager). -STMSSJ •«Bcdtoi*« ,0< Hm!?i ^ ' JilPti 
-Week'bf ,&v.' '.JK' Dhp,,. . Bowers aiifj- «/«VlJc TS?' ««5S?.*Sw *J lh . "' 

and "Under Two Klugs" were received, Inst 
wit with many uiuulfestallonis of approval. 
KctTU's .(II,, T. .Ionian, manager >. — Wm. 
Courtii'lgli und vompuiiy, In "Pcaclies," und 
Ethel Levey are the big curds week of 2. 
Others are: Gcnimro'ti Vcneiliiu Hand (second 
week). Urbanl (second week), Edward Clarke 
and company, Lulgf Uo«m|. .\lr. and Mrs. Fd- 
WHi'd Kemp. Jumca Hari'laun, La Maze Bros., 
!'rlund>and Doivnlng, Do Chnuut, Willie Hale 

ralnc. Cook ahd Stephens, Doomsday ar.d tbe 
klnetograpli. •• 

Lycsvu (F. J.' Gilbert.' manager).— ''Tie 

; (M. Jacobs, manager) .—Williams' 
fd gQbd'UbUsi!S.lVov.'2rii27: Europfua 
i HiirileafiuersTiail browdcrT h6ukes2»- 

and the klnetogruph 
lost week, 

Capacity buslneaa vuled 

i'uiiiiBs-r vNlxon is Zimmerman, managers). 
AddmS Is the big "feature 2 ami week. 

Ofbefs tfi 

Tho Waltbdurs, Jolinnj Jobns, 

Evn Mudgc. Collins and Hart, .lean Clermont. 
Clifton Crawford, Fi'en Kanjo' conipany and 
animated pictures. Big bualncss continues. 

Tnoi'.\ui:i!0 (Fred .'Wjllsow. manager ). — 
The Cherry Ulossums 2->. Their two skits 
urc: "Hoostar's Mlllloiis' 1 and "Dr. Dlppy's 
Sanitarium." The iTiauipuuiie Girls enter- 
tained croudod houses last week. The Lady 
Birds 01 4. , 

Biroi; (George W. lllfo, niaoageri. — Wat- 
sou BurlcHjgers, heudiid by (IHJy Watson, 2- 
7. - The olio names: Swan uutl Buiubard, the 
Mlllersblp Slslcrs, BIJou Coined; Four, and 
Bonnie Whitman. Mlper'n Hulieuilaiis gave 
lively eiiicrtalumciit to bju returns last week. 
The Tuesday iilghf bbxlug shoWa have Ik' 

Notks. — Mrs. G. W.- Lo'wder. wife of the 
malinger of the Grand Opcru House, was ad- 
mit ted to I lie Emergency IIospllul on Tbauhs- 
glvlug Puy, and there was no enjoyment for 
either of thorn on that occasion". Mrs. IloWder 
Was suffering cxeruelatlug puln, und it Is like- 
ly that the knife will be flic only relief for 
uppcndlcltls or tumor. At this ' Writing the 
case is being diagnosed. .Manager F. L! Blair, 
of the i'aniily Theatre. Is suffering from a 

severe attack of la grippe John Mc- 

Gowan. who succeeded Harold Case as treas- 
urer at the Grand, has proved himself vory 
competent and efficient. He Is also popular. 
-Mr. Case Is preparing by study for a good 
position In the West. 

Will lam spurt. — At the Lycoming Opera 
House (L, J; ITkk. manager) Creslon Clarke 
pleased a big house Nov. 25. Minnie Dupree 
and company delighted n large audience 20. 
"The Choir Singer" had good returns 'J8. 
"Simple Simon Simple" UO. Martin's "U. T. 
C." Co. Dec. 4, Mark E.- Swan, la "A Uood 
Fellow." 7. 

I'aaiiit (Fred M. I. a made, manager).— 
Looked for week of 2 : Lament's dog. monkey 
und cat drama, the Wynwoods, De Renzb and 
La Due, and Ten Inky Dinks. 

Johnstown — At the Cambria (Harry W. 
Schcrer. manager* "The Lily aad the Prince" 
drew woll Nov. 20. "The Minister's Son" 
played to good houses 2(1. ICdgur Selwvn", In 
"Strougheart." had a largo audience 27. 
Frank Deshun and company played "Miss 
Hob White" and delighted two crowded 
houses 28. "A Cowboy's Girl" did good busi- 
ness, two performances, 29. "Sis In New 
York" pleased. Innlliiee ami night. SO. Dud- 
ley's moving pictures Dee. ", Uermauln Qua.-- 
(ctte Club silver Jubilee concert 3, Murdl 
Cms Beauties -J, 5, "Muute Crlsto" 7. 

Paiik Familv (Harry. W. Seherer, inann- 
uerl. — Following bill drew crowded houses 
week of Nov. 2u: The Three Gems- (Perry 
bisters). Ed. Eslus. Doreuxo and Laduc, the 
(Sharpies, illustrated songs aud moving pic- 
tures. Dill week of Dee. 2: Aubrey und 
Lowers, the Cbttuieroys. Juliet Wood, the 
Musical Simpsons, illustrated sougs aud raov- 
lug pliluies. 

Majlstic (L. It. Cool, manager). —Till* 
week's bill proved exceptionally good and 
played to packed bouses lost week. Intro- 
dliclng: Bedlui and his' dogs. Hibbcrt Olid 
Wan an, Bcrnkrr's .Marionettes.. Josephine 
(jnssman and her pickaninnies, Fainicr D'e- 
.^^S-SiJSfl^V V lS!SSm,J!S& v «y "'"I cumnuny. Searl and Violet Allen 
LSSS stt BJ!SSt QrB?„l I,a ;W... ( L i« company, Paul (fonohos, and moving p. 

C ,„!. turcs. Bill week of Dec. 2. McMahons 
Minstrel Maids and Watermelon Girls. 
Camllle Trio, May Duryca and Chas. Delaad, 
lied ford and Wibcbeetor. Dorloh aUd Hussell, Toug Poo, and Madga Foti. 

Colombia. — At the Columbia Opera House 
(John B. T?l«Flnger. raaua-jer) "The County 
Sheriff"- pleased Nov. 2. London Gaiety 
Girls 2d, "In Arizona," by local taleut, matt 
neo nnd night. 28. "The Cireat Divide" bad 
a good hoUse SO. Moving pictures Dec. 2, S, 
"Mv Wife's Famliv" 4. uiuvlng pictures R, 
"Uuiler aoiilhera Skies" 0. "The l/rtwrltteu. 
Law" 7. 

AT TltK AliHORV KOLLKH RlVK. the El Ray 
Slaters pleased good crowds last week. 

" For. Mr 
Ideals ha'd i 

(*ensutlon Hii'r.lcsnuen.'hall trbwdccT h6iise»2, 
30.' High Jinks ' UciT.-. 2-4, Twentltth Century 
Malds.Tj-7. ■ -' - : " ■■.:-'■ v . 

Norea— ''The Eiirl ahd Hie filrl"' closed 

here. NOv. 2iS. uftcr ailing a three days' en- 

" use...... "The 

. Joseph's Oper- 
atic Society (local), at the: Ppuru Hcus-. 
Nov. 23. 26. to capacity bouses.. The local 
lodge of Elks havo booked '"Tho ■ llvuei- 
muoncrs!' for a benetlt performanco to be hwa 
at tho Opera House. 0. • . 

i s m i l i "i Wll - . 

Jeniey City.— At the Malostlc (F. K- 
Henderson, maliascr) "Pitr: Pnlfl I Huuflir 
week of Dec. 2. "The Wizard Of' 0«" 9-H. 
"At Yale" closed a good week OTy. iiO. 

A'CADEJft (F. E. Henderson, manager).— 

"The Ufe of: an Actress" Dec. 2-7, "Tbe 

Phantom IVtective" follows. "The Rocky 

Mountain Express" bad good business last 


Bos Ton (T. W. BInklns. manager).— Tbe 

• TutM.M, "Tie t»- it.-. ' n H wr MB** week of 2. Broadway Gaiety ' 

— "■»-<?• W« Ufy»^ i . n ' a . D °8e'').-T!iis Clrbj next. Tbe Cherry mSffi list Week. 

big business. "The KuiTft 4 PsocroR'a.— Week of 2 : Shields 

Majcttic^ (.Clinton Wlhson,'-' man'aier);-^ 
J*sl. week. Roble's Knlckerboekcrs. wliu Jack 

aaTafc^Tt^wS^^^^JS ' ">*■ ^ ««« ! 
raders Neit w^ek The'\r^.,, , ^V I i Ma . 8quc " Eagement at the Opera House 
Sparks Thha^rf Weir ^, 0, ?; l,;3 'i ° *'■*■" ■■"»* PWscrtteiVby St. Jos 

.i!S2"ci n " , .? ,gcp ''. ) '^" rbl ?. week: The Bors- 
i. ?f: s J,"", |lc 00 " Cole. Cowley and Doll; La 
Petite Colson, and Leslie Pomeroy. 

'.'.'..' ! i l 11 * '"' 1 " "* 
SprlnuMeld:— At the Baldwin (Geo. 01 en - 
dorf. manager) Otlk Sklhnet canceled his 
ilo tc of Nov. 2". "Little Detective" plaved 22. 

box Against Sex" eonceled dnli; of 24. "Filled 
by '\oungei- Brothers in Missouri." which 
Played to good business. "The Moonshiner's 
Daughter" 27. "mien We Were Friends" 28. 

In the Bishop's Carriage," matinee cad 
night -M. "My Dixie Girl" Dec. 1. "Cuder 
Southern Skies" 4. "Tlie District Voder" 

hSaSfc'*^ T "»««n.hy:8. 

• nnata (F. w. 

house continues to do 

Old Plantation." last week, proved' 

. oxliig 
come a regular feature nt. thin house, aud al- 
ways draw ciiuncity. Tiger Lilies next. 

Casino (Kllas & ICoenlg, mutineers). — The 
ltehman Show 2-7. The Iluoslor Zouaves con- 
tinue to bo the main feature, while the bur- 
lesques hove tbe services of Pute Curlcy us 
Hip big funmiikcrs. The Dulniy Duchess Co. 
bid siilendld returns last wook. 

»NCW Gavutv (CharlcB L. Welters, mana- 
ger). — Horry Bryant ■ Co. tills week. Vaude- 
ville numbers are by the Stella Troupe, 
('hurley Harris. Dunnudy, Lillian Slcgcr. El- 
llott. Relulr dnd Elliott, John J. Hlacl; mid 

Wllkca-Barro At the Nesbltt (11. A. 

Browo. manager) - "Tbe Great Divide" had 
8. It. 0. "Peter Pan" Dec. 2. 3. Mrs. Pat 
Campbell 4. Carlotta Nlllson 6. 'The Mayor 
of Laughland" 7. Kclcey and Shannon 10, 
"Rip Van Winkle" 14.> Opuii.i Udi'sb (If. A. Urown. mnna- 
g(i).^-James J. Corbett end "The Four Cor- 
ners of the Earth" had good houses last 
wick. "Chinatown Charlkr 2-4, Barney Gll- 
morc 3-7. 

HKWBnBws! W%^^ms?$z 

, Altuounr— At the Mishlcr (I..C. Mlsbler. 
manager) Helen Grayce and a capable com- 
pany, In a 'repertory of high class prbduc- 
tlons. drew largo houses week of Nov. 23. with Mogul" Dec. U. Walker Whiteside 7, 

Sed«ll«.— At the New Sedalla (Geo. F. 
endorf. manager) W. E. Whltecar..lii "An 
Old Sweetheart of Mine," ^o v . 23^ '*lstr let 
fader." .24v 25. ; did nice bualhessv "Wtoe 

V i 0m S".2? d ;?. o 2* ^?'." In the Bishop's Oir- 
'age' 20, Flslre OTInra SO. "The Grane 

No complaint as regardb business. 

Emhiuc (A. M. BruKgemanu, propricion 
-Week of Dee. 2: Mr. and Mlu llobyns, 

Charles and Fannie Tan. the FlnfccyB. cham- 
pion swimmers : Mike Foster, and his doe;. 
Three Lelghious. Arthur, Wbltcfrw, aud "f 
a Spcclul feature; Willie Paatser end corn- 

Grand Pany. ( Bualnes* continues mrothbreaklDg. 

IglH Owls had plenty 
Al. Itearea Co. next. 

fhos. \V 

Diimont. munager).— Munugci' DunyoHt 
right bcblud Davla Holubco ta n producer 
and has already ovolv«d a new burlesipie, 
"Thii Warrens' of Old vlrnliilu," whlcli will 
be produced 2-7. "Toddy's New Eaxlc" Is 
ccntlnued. While the tlrst part will disclose 
settle new sougi aud lottos, 

>Nixtii asd Ahcu SOWBCN (T. >■'. Hopkins. 
uiauager).— The curie boll attract lout week 
of 3 arc: The Uuyfotfty 'fra-upo. tbe Hoi- 
brooKs. i lie Suiiluiiknc the Soiilh Sou Isliind- 
ei"» and Dngati. lu the. tbontre are t Hall sum 
ami Collins, HeruburJy, . Jarrow. Dunbar's 
joats aud Lubln's cluoogrupli. 

vNorcv.-maoiea McCout. for mauy years a 
1'bpuliir member of Duiuont'a Mln»;rels, sev- 
ered Ills CDilliei-llon With that organisation 
last week. AIM will lirirutiflcr engage In the 
hoi el bu>ilu»K4. He pim»jin»M a hart tone voice 
■>f due rang< "ml his wlllidtawal from tho 
stag'i Is rwretti'd by Ills bust of frlchds... 
Local No. I. of the .Bill -Woslora and Blllars 
.Mllnuce of Aincrlca. Iield Its unnual ball at. 
the Votiiic Maciincrclior lla|l on Nov. 23. A 
blj crowd was protein ai^d tho local's tieus- coutlnuos Hue. 

Svrnntou. — At tha Lyceum (C. M. South 
well. niunug<VrV -Mrs * 

s. J'utrlck Campbell Due. 

ters. In "Tho Mayor of Laugh- 

riirce'of Us" 

Wood's (Dr. II. W. Wood, manager).— 
Mrs. Flske, in "Leah Klesclma." Xov. %8 

U.viql-b (Gey. F. Cldrk. manager).-iiTbis 

house opened Nov 24. with vaudeville, Mar- 

1-^°' »il! arlip I lfc .>i Mfiit0 S* : »lnstrated song. 

Tr,^ p vr. r an , d KU, «i r* 1 " 0r8at Cummla^ 
Trio, Wava. I^na and Irma. ' 

NdTKfl,i-«F.lectrlc Thcatie (W. d. Malone 

manager Illustrated song and moving n\c- 

. ttires. Standing room..... Nickelodeon das. 

"Kin* of Tramps" 2H. "Tho County Sheriff' Capeii. manager) Illustrated songs and mov- 

SO, "The Mayor of Luughlaod" Dee. 2, Howe's lrt * Pictures. . 

standing room at a premium for both per- 
formances on Thanksgiving Day. The Mardt 
Gras Beauty Burlcsquers Dec. 3. !). Maude 
Adams, In "Peter Pan." -4, 5 : "Monie Crlsto" 
<;. "Tha Isle of Spice" 7, Hlmuelein's Ideals 
t) arid Woek. 

VorrUtiro n. — At the Grand Opera House 
(Herbert Lynch, matinger) "My Wife's Fam- 
ily." Nov. 23. pleased. ''Buster Brown," 2R. 


Around tho Clock." 28, did well. 

'The Old Clothes 

luad," ! "Tho Three' Of Us" 7, Sjuipbqu.v 
Orchestra I).. Kelsev and Shannon nil! play 
,i rcturu date. 11, lo "Bridge." "Fetor l'au r ' 
Nov. 28^10, was Wall received. 

Ac'AeXiiT (C M, Sonttwetl. manCBCi-).— 
"The Cowboy nnd the Squaw" Doc. 2-4. 
"Chluatown Charlie" 3-7, Barney Gllinorc li- 
lt. Jau)os J. C»rbett, in "The Hurglir aud 
(lie Ladv," Nov. 2S-ltO, tn largo houses. 

Poli's (John II. Docking, manager).— BUI 
week «t Dec. '4 : Win. II. Thompson. Titos, II. 
luce aud company. Warren aad Blanc-hard. 
.Tamo* and Jennie Jcc. Henry Lee. the Perots, 
aud Robt. Dalley and company. Uusiures 

pictures 8, 1» M. C. A. 5. 
Man" r. 

Sheuaodoali, — At tbe New O'Hara (J. 
W. Malor. resident manager) "A Good Fel- 
low," Nov. 2.1. gave godS satisfaction. "The 
Kinp of Tramps" 2d. Uurrt Uearsi o 
brother of Tern Hears, tho lazy juggler, 



S .W e, , r *r At Ul ? Academy of Music ( J. d. 
Smithdaal. manager) "Bhctlock Holmes " for 
b*n«Bt, t jf f. 0. Eagles, Nov.. 25. 

Tbeatobicm (,T. L. Gray, manaxer) — .Mot. 
^^SX^S^^S^^ ^O'«tures,, tr a,eo-;,oy ) - *^ 

Ch»rt«, ? k.^f the' Acaasni^ of Music 
(Chas. R, Mktthewa. Mah'ager) "The Vlr- 

' Cnmacri^-At the Camdcni (M. W. Tay- 
lor, manager) ."Lcdd Rivers." Nov. 21-33. had 
sotlsfaetorl. business. "A Millionaire's Be- 
venCe',"' 2357: did record breaking ba6loes5- 
"Chinatown. Cborlla" . 2S-30, I tua w ll Bros-, 
Dee'. 2-4, "Edna, the Prettj* Typeivrltor' 3-"- 
>NEW BhbAUWAV (John C. Peeblee-. rosiia- 
ger).— Chester D'Aaion. with bis- marrelou? 
power Of "psychromaucy;" gave a clever ex- 
blbltlon here, last week, others 'were: The 
ltorfiandtts. Deirorelll and Gllsssr.d«, Marlow 
I'lUnkelt Co., Four Casting Dunbars, »U a 
Barry and Woolfdrd. 
, m> • . 

CttAs. T. O'Hasa, of this city, hat leased glnlan" pleased a good house Nov. 27 "The 

lb* AUboy Theatre. Perth Attlioy, N. J., and Siuaw Man'.' .had good busineva 28. with 

nflcr remodeling It tUoroughlv will reopen Thanksgiving matinee. "Leiia Rivers" had 

the heu»c as o first class vomlcvlllc theatre, good house 'jp. "The Bwcctest Girl hi Dixie' - Carrie RUchle Fred Swift, and the Lyro- 

under the uutuc of the Uljou. enjoyed good house 00c graph. 

AltKAMSAS. :_- . * • 

Hot Sprlnsr»r--At the Auditorium (f n S, 

"tena Hea.d. mauacir) "tnelo Joih spruceW esju? 

NoV.-2S.au3nletr»d. "Tho-TIoir, tM Bg 

end. the QM/'ai}. had good busdajs?.. J}' 

RttJaJl of Bhjmg/' 2Ti "pleased- , "fflO \ C Z 

dttt? 1 - 28. matfaee and ulgbt ; "M/s >«*. 

lldkObnd" Dec. 2. "Par» 8. ''B*l»r» i™ 

AfteF' 4, "DlVdrcous"- «. : . • .' ,'. . _„, ,, 

LYMc (Howard. Fogg, mahagerj.-rnji:' 

Pauline Kclblo* Lydcl end Wt&BSSl 





SIXTH AVE. and 31st ST., NEW YORK. 

Liadieg Theatrical Specialists. Headquarters for Danes Undirwttr. 




a T Fatuous Shoe., mori»on the 'Latest "Modol Short Tamji best, for Stage am* 
-Street Wear. Kitime>te*-eiMerfaU]r-«^vea an qaantltle. ami-company order*. 


Spoolal P*or 

Thl. Stale*, 
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Eipreasij prepared for Ue Theatrleal PTofSSBlea, 
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New York Film Exchange 

AV'ILl. C. SMITH. Haaipr) 





E*j»rt ttepslriag. at Short Notlca. 7 E. 14th 8t., New York 



Blow Accordions 

Far tkese critical professional players -whoie artistic reputations aura partly 
dependeat •■oat tbe tine tone quality of the particular fn.trament they may 
play. These laetranaenU have no equal, and nil the bill for Vaudeville Per- 
former, wfce atCST HAVE THE BEST. 


475 Broadway, NEW 
jcakapiaii oppicb, m tore, bjl torosto. 

Ankle Length Gowns 




f Oj 


AJiasrments made to order from Special and Original Designs. FIT, MATERIAL AND WOR1 
MAABHIP GUARANTEED, or money refunded without argument. Band colored plates f 
nUhpil free, on regnant WOI.P'F. TORDIIVO ii CO.. ffl-at Rllot St.. Boston. Ma— 



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924-926 SOUTH STREET, 

Has In stock a larire line OP LADIES' EVENING, DINNER AND RECEPTION GOWNS, both high and 
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Overcoat) In Sack, Prince Albert and Semi Fitting styles. We carry everything pertaining to a Lady's 
or Gentleman's Wardrobe, suitable for Stage or (Street Wear. All orders must be accompanied by a 
deport of not less than $6. 




I. GLASSBERG, 68 Third Ave., near 10th St. New York. Send for Catalogue. 


J«Jn„ 17 00 ; 281n.. $8.60 ; DOln., 10.60 ; SUIn., HO.flO ; 40ln„ 112.00. Circus Trunks, 24x18x1 8 






Largest stock la America, wigs made to order. Full line of paints 
powders and cold cream. Send for Catalogue "0." to either place. 

U4 WEST SAth ST.. N. T.: Chicago Opera House Block. Chicago. 


And lha Latest and Moit Popular Stylos In Ladles Hair Drafting. 

A. M. BUCK & CO., 

119 N. Nlntk St reet Philadelphia 

Clubs. Batons, Qnns, Boiling Globes, Hoops. 

■ Wlrewalkers' Apparatus. Roman Axes. Stamp for 

Catalog and list. Ed w. Tan Wyck, Cincinnati, O. 


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Pathe Freres 

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£ N 



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December 7. 


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19 W. 18th ST.. NEW T0RK, 




And All Others 

Stsi hr CITAIOC. Htillta 11:1 W.ilei 

Special Attention Given the Prolcnlta 

Western Uniform Go. 

214 8. CLARK ST. 


8tJ-1*,-t7 ELM St.', .ST.LbUls.MbV':' 
r«|n«, CA«N,lVACSi v AOTdAACC8 ."OtLCR 
SHAT|NC..»A*ESAtL, picnics, a aces. 4tc; 


With Catds, Coins, Ribbons, ets. , 

I explained so any one can do them. 

I Illustrated Catalogue Included. 

Address OTTO MAGIC CO., 

Sept. B., 370 West 39th Street, New York. 

I. MILLfcR. 

^^am of Theatrical 

. ^jatslMa Iloota Si Hlmri 

«BBI LbV ci.otJ 

JB ST and 

- _^«,-.- '■■-" 'W BAI.LKT 

fflbw_^d<fl .' ^r shoes a spo- 

»,--' WgT UW oially. All work 

^_ Hp MR made at short 

^HSBgB^ l W notice. 

202 W. 23d St.. Now York. Tel. loo Chelsea. 


DESCRIPTION. From Oovernment Auction. I 
No matter what you wont In that line I canl 
Hiipply It. New or aecond hand. Send for| 
catalogue. H. M. ABRAHAMS, 

222 South St., Philadelphia. Fa. 



Free Samples, Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes, etc. 

STAGE MONEY, 16o. Book of Herald Cats. Mo. 

ti« actor m 


Wo tcnoh you hy mall In a short time to go upon 
the STAGE or speaker's platform. You can easily 
earn from t 24,00 to $200.00 weekly. We have thou- 
sands of satisfied students. Write for FREE book- 
let on dramatic nrt hy correspondence. 

11B» Chicago Ooora Uouso Block, OUIOAOO. ILL. 




have on hand a largo assortment of slightly worn 
Evening Gowu«, Dinner, Reception and Tea Gowns. 
These robes nro perfect lu evory respect, and are 
eapeclnlly suitable for wear in HIGH CLASS DRA- 
MATIC I'ltoiiOCTiONS. Wo have a full line of 
Seal Skin Coats and Furs of all kinds. 

MRS. II. STARR. 807 South State St., Chicago. 


desirous of adopting the stage as a profession, wl 1 
do well to send their addresses to 

J. H. HUDSON. P. O. BOX 270, 
Madison Square Station, New York City, N. Y. 


Substantial, lond, pure la tone, 
easy to tone and play. Photos, 
references, catalogue, with full 
Information will be aont on re- 
ceipt of stamp. A. Braunelss, 
Olassophone Mfg., 494 Flatbush 
Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 






OET our prices on soap. THE V will Interest you. 
Special Dent, for making private brands with at- 
tractive labels. Monoy-gctters of big value for 
canvassers and fakers, we sattsfj and hold our 
oustomora. E. M. DAVIS 80AP 00., 

40 Union Park Court, Chloago. 



Wo have inado tho euro of Blood Poison a 
specially. Uloiul Poison Permanently Cured. 
\ou can bo treated at homo under tlio samo 
guaranty. Capital, * 500,000. Wo solicit iho 
moat cbstlnato ciwes. If you have ex- 
Imu.itctl tho old methods of treatment and 
still have aches and pains, Mucua Patches In 
Mouth^snre Throat, I'lmples. Coppor-Colorcd 
Spot-s, Ulcers 011 any part of the body. Hair 
or Eyebrows falling out, write for proofs of 
cures, loo-page Book Froe. 


till MttonloTampIs, Chlcigo, III., U.S.A. 

tima 1 1 HI I la « laRbi 



I teach yon by mall, bo yon can go at once on the 
Stage. Send for my beautifully 111m- 
trated book eiplalning method, also pictures, 
scenes of plays, actors, actresses who have become 
efficient through mr training— mailed PUKE. 
ACTING. 808 Auditorium. Chicago. 


That Can Change Middle 0! Week. 

Break your jumps at Akron, O. State full 

particulars first letter, Address 

CHAS. DECKKR, Luna Theatre, Akron, O. 

TKxThF Poind". 


Cotton Tights, pair 11.00 

Worsted Tight*, pair 2.00 

Plaited 811k Tight*, pair 2.(0 

Best Bilk Tights, I , m 

9 Inch cotton tops, J ,,uu 

Calf, Thigh and Hip Paddings. 
Gold and Silver Trimmings. 

Send deponlt and route with order. 

887 Washington St., Bolton, Mass. 



YOST A COMPANY, 900 Filbert St., 
(Established 1870), Philadelphia. 

mr New, Enlarged, Illustrated Catalogue. 



"Tell It To Me" 



For sale on all trains and news stands, or by 
mall. -Mr,. Adtlreaa A KENDALL., 
II Oadwcll Ave., Miyllelil Helglita. Cleveland, O. 

Monologues ami Sketches 

Dcteli, Irish, Jew, Ooon, Kid, Rnbe, Tramp, 
Straight, Brain Storm, Sal Skinner, 260. each, 7 for 
tl.OO. Slumps taken. Sketches from $1.00 up. 
Stamps for catalogue. GEO. II. ALLEN, 

823 E. us tu street. New York, N. Y. 


Never published before. 4 Sketches, each for 2 peo- 
ple, a Monologues. Delivers tho goods. Five of her 
plays produced In New York city season ieoe-7. 
Price, 50 cants. Money order or stamps. 
BROOKLYN l'l.AY HlllKAl , 74 Ka.t 
Jtli St., Ilronklyii. IV. Y. 


PASSES, CARDS, Etc. Write for Samples. 
Webb I'tg. Co., 8S8 Dearborn St., Chicago, III. 


Sells Slightly Worn Evening and Dinner 
Clowns, which are elaborate and Stagey, tor 
less than % their original prices. 

217 Rlna Island Aw., nnstalr*. Chleaixi. 


DL'TCHHALD Wlw.toc. Chin Whis- 
kers, on wire, S6o. Wax Nose, 15c. Grease 
paint, Wo. Entire outfit, |1. Send 4c. In 
stamps for oar large catalogue and "The 


Artot Makln 

IB Up.' 1 

K. TKADEMORE CO.. Toledo, O. 


Write Ulasic and Words. 

Guaranteed arrangementa for all Instruments, 
complete songs, aots and operas. Write me. 
HENRY S. SAWYER, 87 8. Clark St, Oh|o>Jp 

Three Kd I son Exhibition Bl aehlnea. Two 
Cnl veraals. Three No. 4 Optlarapht, 7,000 
feet of Film, OHBAP Sendlor list. IDEAL 
FILM EX., 112-114 E. Randolph St.. Chicago. 


Reading and Recitation 
Books, all dramatic Papers 
acid and mulli'il. Catalogue 
free. Chas. MacDonald, 
63 Wa.h I n eton St. ,C hi cag.i 

TOUPEES, Pnlnt, Powder. Stamp for price list. 
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We teach by correspondence. Pleasant and profit- 
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OONSERVATOItV. Ilil Ukcalde Bldg., Chicago. 


Catalogue of Latest THICKS, Books, etc.. luat 
OUL SentforlOo. NONE FREE. 

W. I). LEROY. 109 Court Bt.. Boston. Mass. 

At Liberty — A No, 1 Pianist and Sight Reader 

Experienced In vaudeville. Prefer to locate. 
Would consider moving picture house. Address 
Miss Julie PUmney, Gen, Del., Mason City, la. 


I nifed Booking Offices 

Of America, 


Western Vaudeville 

Managers' Association, 





Including every city in the United States, North, South 

East and West. 



FIRST CLASS Single Ladies 


Sister Acts, Musical Acts, 
Singing and Dancing Acts 

Address DANIEL BAUER, Majestic Vaudeville Theatre, 522-528 Vine St., Clnclninti, 0. 


Wanted, for Opening Dec. 16 and after, Attractions for 
Curio Hall, Musee, Museum and Continuous Vaudeville. 
AddresB W. W. ELY, Mgr. 


THE _ 


14 Leicester St., Leicester Square, London, W. C. 


8a. Hd. PBB YEAR 
8.. Mm Slnarle Cnliims laak. 

Pacific Coast .Amusement Co., 

ALWAYS IN DEMAND, "" »%iWWVi}ffi Wi0 m 

SOLE BOORIKO AGENTS: BRO>VN,A BBRN8TEIN, 1868 Broadway, 8nlte 8, 8. 10, N. Y. : PADLOOUBROX, 
01 S. Clark St., Cnlcago: ARCHIE LEVY, 1235 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, Cal.; UHARLKS 
HcNIPPE, !0d American Bank Building, Seattle, Wash. 


iultt) 29, 93 l_« Sails St., 
BIG Aeu Wanted at All Times. 



Proved a bio attraction with Klaw A Erlanger circuit. Froe for Maroti, loos. Address per roots 
or perm. CLIPPER, 47 w. 28th St., New York. 


Offers Invited for 1908. Per address, 819 N.- Second St., Beading, Pa. 

^% <•> Ta-Pj-. ^.f-. -. ^~m.~~ Travelling to Enrope should take advantage of toe 
KfiPjOPTn HI'S exceptionally low rates now prevalllog and In effect 

™ ^1™ g *^* T ** ***«-/* S3 until Maroh 81, 1908. Call or write for particulars. 




TO MEMBERS: Are Your Dues Paid ? _ 



Ne'w Yc?rk. c %".*ilso2 orSJeroy. Jobbir * * nd &*— >« Evsrylhlng Partslnlng to Ihs BusImm. 

1140 BROADWAY, fAT -«r .TlBTrmV 41« SIXTH AVBN«B, 

.. ««•••! >MlhSls»«t! «• »• UATlL* Oor.or asth Street. 
Lighter and Stronger than anjr Trunk on th. Market to-day. Guaranteed for 
10 rear*. Send for Catalog. 



BARNETT, 393 State St., Chicago- 

The kind that get the money. Call or write. P. 8. ZIRlinBRMAN, A B. I«<» 8I " 
"• *' Always Some hlng W.w. 

Sid Fera, Pros— ATLANTIC AMUSEMENT~CuV-Klck Hlclat, Sec, Wants AclsTTAiTTImes. 

Can offer from 1 to 40 weeks. Address all to bid FERN, o. A. R. HALL, strondshurg, Pa. 





( ,WHIK« *» w M poLbAnO.* Booking Agent. 


Give vonr Patrons tho BEST and they will give yon tholr co-operation and support. 
VAUDEVILLE MABIAaKHH IN TnB BOllTH »to Imto not as yet Joined this circuit 


it once. Bend (or list or other succonafal and satisfied manager!. 
"■■'"I'ASr^ autibts gives THIRTY-FIVE WEEKS— Wanted, to tear from 



best at all times. All letters answered when foil route Is nlvcn. 

"We> £&xi.t@35L« for 



J „rf not Singing and Dancing Act, the othor Musical Comedy tnrn; mnBt Join at once. State erery- 
iMSg^oladWaaSary.flrBt letter. ED. W. HUBBARD, " 

ZnjaCH-l'. OoTlngton, Ofl., 0-1 

Manager, MUledgevllle, Oa. , Deo. 1-4; Eaton- 


■ „ a inn op "H ■• — At English's Opera Bouse 
/ \a F MiUer, manager) Do Wolf Hopper, 
L I ••HanDTlsna." Not. 21-23, wob greeted by 
", J T&SESS. Mr. Hopper still retain, his 
Bonulwlty. Frank Daniels, In "The Tattooed 
V In " 25-27, was «s amusing as ever, and 
i k fmilness ruled. "The Prince of Pllsen," 
■m flUed tie house. "The Grand Mogul" 20, 
to VlSnl* Harned Dec. 2. 3. N. g Good- 
win 47*The Walla of Jericho' 1 0, 0, Robert 

'"'park (Dickson A Talbott, managers).— 
■The Card King of the Coast," Not. 21-23, 
.lid well. Thomas H. Shea, In repertory, 25- 
°7, scored heavily. Grace Cameron, In 
'Little Dolly Dimples," 28-80; "A Race 
Acres* the Continent" Dec. 2-4. 

Majistic (B. J. Fribley, manager).— The 
\ii lest Ic Stock Co. put on a satisfactory 
production of "Tbelma" week of Not. 26. 
'•Krlends" week of Dec. 2. 

Grant. Oi-kba Hotjsb (Sbafer Zlegler, man- 
aeerl —The Orphtum Show filled the house 
twice a day week of Not. 28. For week of 
tiec 2 : Ned Wayburn's "Side Show," Shek- 
i» Hobd J tool b and company, World and 
klngs'on. iZtj Haskell, \lotet Black and 
company, dnyder and Buckley, Gaston and 
Green, and the klnodrome. _ 

KMi'iim (H. K. Burton, manager). — Ken- 
tucky Belles, Not. 25-27, gave a good lively 
^ow to very big business. Miss New York 

^bow to yery ..._ 

ir 28-30, tilled a return engagement to good 
business. Thoroughbreds Dec. 2-4. 

Oatbtt (Edward Shayne, manager).— 
Trocsdero Burlesquers, week of Nov. 26, 
save one of the best shows of the season to 
very good business,. , Casino Girls week of 



Dowllng, manai 
week ot Not. 21 

Dowllng (John B. 

"oodruff Co. opened 

business. Mrs. 





Tell all first letter. State salary and 
give dates ahead. Address 


Make Dec. 2, Parisian Belles 8, Bpellman's 
VaudeTllle 28-26. 

Nelson (Fred Smvthe, resident manager). 
—The Nelson opened Its doors for the first 
time to the public, 26, with "The Man of the 
Hour." Grace Cameron, In "Little Dolly Dim- 
ples," pleased fine attendance 20. "The Walls 
of Jericho" played to two good houses 27. The 
Four Buntings 28. De Wolf Hopper 29, Jessie 
Mne Hall 80, "The Grand Mogul" Dec. 2, 
'•Forty-flve Minutes from Broadway" 8. 

Cbybtal (Thoa. Hnrdle, manager). — Ca- 
pacity business. The bill : Will and Mae 
lleno. King and Stange, Hazel Good, Ralston 
and Son, and klnodrome. 

Items. — A benefit performance, composed of 
performers drawn from the various theatres, 
augmented by local talent, was given at the 
Ark Theatre, 22, 23. for the members of the 
Castle 4 Clark vaudeville Co., which Btrand- 
ed here. The receipts were sufficient to ma- 
terlilly aid the unfortunate Thespians to 
reach '"The Great White Way." The build- 
ing of the Theatre Nelson recalls vividly the 
story of Aladdin's Lamp, as the first atone 
In the foundation was laid Aug. 20, and In 
less than three months after It was ready for 
patronage. The first Impression Is one of 
rozyness and comfort throughout the entire 
theatre. From pit to dome no detail has 
bees omitted that would add bo this impres- 
sion. The seating capacity Is 1,200, with a 
stage sufficient to accommodate the largest 
attractions. Fred Smythe will be resident 
manager Edward Clifford, of the Cen- 
tral States Theatre Co., was in the city to 

attend the opening of the New Nelson 

Owing to a delay In the arrival of the curtain 
for the Arc, this theatre was unable to open 
last week, as announced. However, the open- 
ing will occur shortly, according to the man- 

■Jss ali 

Amlrrson. — At!,rte Grand (Joseph B. 
Meanings, manages): /^Brewster's Millions," 
Nor. 20, did good- pinahcas. "Montana," 28. 
had capacity. "A Royel Blare" 80, "The 
Walla of Jericho" Dec. 4, the Smart Set 0, 
"A Stranger in Town" 7, "The Red Mill" 0, 
"Florodora" (local) 10, "The Squaw Man" 12. 

Cbtstal (W. w. McEwen, manager). — 
Nov. 25 and week : Corrlgan and Hayes, Rose 
sad Rose, Harry Gage. Leonard and Fulton, 
Mrs. Flath and motion pictures. 

Auditorium (Howard Witt, manager). — 
Itotlo the Limit, together with moonlight 
skating parties, usual good returns. 

Notes. — The Royal (W. W. McEwen, man- 
ager). — Motion pictures, to good attendance. 

Manager Hennlngs has booked "The 

Man of the Hour" for a third engagement 

Feb. 17 Bva Chambers, who was with 

"A Lamb In Wall Street," has returned home. 

Le Clerc Smith, of this city. Is with 

the King Stock Co. this season The Elks' 

memorial service will be held at the Grand, 
with Schuyler C. Hubbell. of Goshen, Ind., as 

eulogist Grand Exalted Ruler Tener, of 

the Elks, will visit Anderson In March 

Howard Witt, of thlB city, has leased Blver- 
slde Park, and will run the following amuse- 
ments : Ball park, roller coaster, double eight, 
skating rink, with band concerts each day. 
Mr. Witt will spend 1 20,000.. ..The Ladles' 
Choral Society of this city will put on "Floro- 
dora," Dec. 10. 


Evamavllle.— At the Grand (Pedley ft 

Breen, Cebrueder, Cremora Bros., Curtis 
Vance and the Majestoscope. 

N0TK8. — The Arc bas added a vaudeville 
turn to Its programme of moving pictures 

and Illustrated songs The Lyric and 

La Purdette are giving pleasing perform- 
ances, to good patronage Ida Lambe 

bas resigned from the Majestic, and the Il- 
lustrated songs are now rendered, by Curtis 
Vance, late of Charlie Hasty's VaudeTllle Co. 

Sooth Bend. — At the Auditorium Opera 
House (E. J. Welsh, resident manager) 'The 
Prince of Pllsen," Not. 21, pleased. Camp- 
bell's "Nightingales" 22, "Buster Brown" 
Dec. 11, "The Orphan's Prayer" 12. 

Oi.ivzii OriBA Hours (B. J. Welsh, resi- 
dent manager). — "The Cat and the Fiddle" 
Not. 18. "Girl of the Sunny South" 18, "A 
Royal Slave" 20, "The Man of the Hour'' 28, 
to good houses. Frank Daniels changed to 
Dec. 6. 




693 FEET. 


A Sim story In which the daring of 
Tonng Loohlnvar la outdone to a marked 
degree by a determined suitor. The 
young gallant's proposal being Accepted 
by the girl, bat rejected by h« r father 
on account ot her tooth, persuades tier 
to elope, and at the witching time of 
night they chug away in an Automobile, 
closely followed by Pa and Ma, who. 
clad in robo-de-nult, give chase In an- 
other auto. The elopers' machine, be- 
coming disabled, they abandon It and 
make their way through the woods to 
the bay where they board a motorboat, 
and are making good headway when It 
blows up, throwing them Into the water. 
The lover succeeds In bringing his pre- 
cious burden Ashore and carries her to 
a farmhouse near by, where they meet 
with rural hospitality or the old country 
couple. Attired In dry clothing belong- 
ing to the country folks, the young lovers 
are married by the village parson, when 
the parents enter— but too late— ao noth- 
ing u left but to give them their blessing. 
Tbe film la a most stirring romantic 
story, beautifully staged, with the ex- 
terior scenes tinted for moonlight 
effect. "Look lor thla If you want to give 
your patrons a real treat. 



Wife Wantyl - • . - 848ft. 

Uestor the Old Appli Tm 378ft. 

Yale LaiNdry • • 805ft. 

Love Microbe - - 670ft. 

Terrible Ted • • - 792ft. 

An Acadian Elopement - 715ft. 

The Tired Tailor's Ureal - 601ft. 

The Deaf-Mite's Ball - 787ft. 

Tho Hypnotist's Rnfeagi - 1080ft. 

Rubs Brown III Tow* • 868ft. 

If You Had a Wife Like Tals 698ft. 

The Truants • . - 638ft. 

Mr. Hurry Up -. -625ft. 

Trial Marriages ...... -. 765ft. 



American Mutoscope & Biograph Oompany, 

II K. I4th 




Olympic (Barry Scanlon, manager). — Bill 
for Nov. 20-30 : O'Neill's College Boys, L. L. 
Laor, _Cuahlng Merrill _and Davis, Don and 

May Gordon, McLlnn Bros., Larry Shannon 
and moTlng .pictures. 

Notes. — The new Majestic moving picture 
thentre was opened to the public Nor. 28, 

and has been doing excellent business 

The Scenic, Royal and Star moving picture 

theatres report good business For the 

first time since Not. 8, the theatres and mov- 
ing picture shows were allowed to open Not. 

21. B, P. O. Kike observed Memorial 

Sunday, Not. 80. 

Frankfort.— At the Bllnn (Langebrake 
& Hufford, msnagers) Jessie Mse Hall 
pleased Not. 26. Royal Stock Co. 28-30, HI 
Henry's Minstrels Dec. 18, Orpheum Stock 
Co. 23-28. 

Crystal (Chss. Welch, manager). — Week 
of Dec. 2 : Will and May Reno, E. R. Milter, 
Italston and son, Chss. and Jennie Welch, 
Tom O'Neill and the klnodrome. 

Mbtbopomtin (Hlnton & Burrls, mana- 

rs). — Week of 2: Wade and company, 

hesa Clark, L. B. Bayer and the klnodrome. 
♦ »» 

Seattle.— At the Grand Opera House (John 
fort, manager) Sarah Truax, Nor. 17-24, 
drew well. Calve, In concert, 26. Local 2a, 
27. Marie Cahlll 28-80. Max Figman week 
of Dec. 1. Maude Fealy week of 8. 

SiATTijg (Russell & Drew, managers). — 
"The Vanderbllt Cup," week Not. 17, was 
■neatly enjoyed by good sited sadlencea. "Tho 
Royal Chef" week of 24. "Tbe Rollicking 
Girl" week of Dec. 1. "Tbe Land of Nod" 
8-11. Local 12. Stetson's "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" 18, 14. 

Tbibd Avbnub (Chas. A Taylor, mana- 

£»r). — The Cbaa. A. Taylor Co., In "Baart 
ynne," week of Not. 17, had excellent at- 
tendance. "Tbe Octoroon" week of 24. 
"Married Lives" week of Dec. 1. 

Lois (Alex. Psn taxes, manager). — The 
Pontages Stock Co., In T 'Hcllo, Bill." had ca- 


W B. BlVt» \,V., .U UlllV, U.I., unu v.- 

aclty week of 17. "The Nominee" week ot 
:4. "T 

Rurch, managers) two good audiences 
"My Wife's ramify," Not. 24. 

Iwm'8 (Pedley * Rurch, managers). — 
Rig business by Williams' Imperials, 24-20. 
Oriental Cosy Corner Maids Dec. }-4. 

BI.TOU (Allen Jenkins, manager). — ''Hap" 
Ward, (a ''Not Yet, Rnt Snon,' p Not. 24-26. 
The house was crowded. Robert Mantell 28, 
M. Q. Field's Minstrels 80, Charlie Grapewln 
Dec. 1-4. 

Majmtic (Frank Hopper, manager). — 
»eck of Not. 24: •Ferry, the human frog; 
Rryant and Savlllo, Harry Newman, Harris 
and Falrchlld, and the polyacone. 
wS^rtLl. O. Field, assisted by the famous 
Held choir, will take part In the Elks' me 
raorlal day exercises, at the home of the local 
lodge quarters, on Dec. 1. 
■ s 

. Ij«»*rette.— At the Grand (Geo. I* Man- 
flerback, manager) "The Man of the Hour" 
(return datel.TJov. 22, pleased. "At Cripple 
S5S A d"* fB,r, 7 * el1 - "Brewster's Mtl- 
H 0118 -. !l? ,1 _* ood business and pleased, 2B. 
pe Wolf Hopper, in "Happyland," 26, to 
large audience. "Hap" Ward 27. "The Walls 
?i( f7fi"i. i8 > "Tempest and Sunshine" 80, 
L'J2 M , e » a Quartette Dec. B. La Fayette Dra- 
matic Club «, "The Red Mill" 11. Manager 
uanderback has been giving his patrons some 
very excellent attractions lately, and Is de- 
aerrlng of great credit. 
«bQ~R. < d - W. Maurice, manager).— 
Week of Not. 28 1 The Four ITaydens, Jaek- 
«on and Sparks, Grace La Petite, Bthel 
leans;, Dan Lewis and the motion pictures. 

majjutic (Gregg A Frellnger, manager). 
—Week of 28: I* Vlgne Sisters, Billy Mc 

The Bnslgn" week of Dec. 1. 

Colissom (0. G. Iuvernrlty, manager). — 
New people week of Nov. 26 : Harry Crandall 
and company, Bush and Elliott, Walter Mc- 
Cnllougb, Madge Maltland. Paacatel, Eddie 
Kocscb, Werner s horses and moving pictures. 

I'antaoib (Alex. Pantages, manager). — 
New people week of 26 : Don Fullano, the 
Marconls, Gaiety Quartette, Lynn and Ron- 
nie Hassard, Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett, Geo, 
Jones, Arthur Blwell and moving pictures. 

Stab (Frank Donellan, manager). — New 
people week of 26: Howard »na De Leon, 
Three Kobers, Nina Beeson. Lewis and Lake 
Musical Comedy Company, Roy McBraln and 
moving pictures. 

Onpnnoii (William Morgan, manager).— 
New people week of 25: Vera Barle. Jack 
Lyle, Nixon and Moran company, the La 
Bertus, the Musical Marsballs and Geo, 

Lybic (L. N. Hosenbaum, manager).— Mov- 
ing pictures and Illustrated songs. 

Family (John Lord, manager!. — Newpeo- 
ple week of 26 : The Clayson Family. Dave 
Williams and company, Josle Hearford, Dan 
Hart, Storm and Louden. Linden and Wren, 
Hasay Devarra and moving pictures. 

Odban (8. Morton Cohn, manager). — Mov- 
ing pictures and Illustrated songs. 

Bpolcaiae. — At the Spokane (Cbaa. Muehl- 
man, business manager) Calve, Nov. 22, was 

greeted by a large audience. Marie Ca- 
in, In "Marrying Mary," 10, 20, was ac- 
corded a warm welcome 'The Yankee Re- 
gent" 24-28, Max Figman 27. 28. "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin" SO, "The Vanderbllt Cup" 80, 
Dec. 1, "Qulncy Adams Sawyer" 8. "The 
Lend of Nod" 4-0, "Are Tom Crasy?" 8, 
"Woodland" 0-12, San Francisco Opera Co. 
IS. 14. 

Columbia (Geo. M. Dreher, manager). — 
Marino Miles, who has Just Joined the Cur- 
tlss Comedy Co., as leading woman, estab- 
lished herself by her excellent work In "The 
Cowboy and the Lady." Noel Travers, Marie 
Van Tassel, Bugene Mockbee and S. M. Cor- 
tlsa also scored. Tbe chief comedy rotes 
wsro taken by Mrs. H. W. Gilbert and Monte 
Carter. Blanche Bryantgare an Interesting 

Kerformance as Midge. 'The Man Behind the 
laak," Not. 24 and week. 

Auditorium (Harry C. Hayward, mana- 
ger). — "A Milk White Flag." to large audi- 
ences, week of 17, the chief factors being 
Gecrgc McQuarrle, Jack Armory, C. F. Bala- 
ton, Pauline Sain, Laura Adams and Dan Ed- 
son. Less Greer was director of the "hot air" 
band. "Tbe Primrose Path" 24 and week. 

WASniNdTow (Geo. C. Blakeslee, manager). 
— Harry Crandall and a company of seven 
people headed the bill In a "Peck's Bad Boy" 
sketch, called "Fun In a Grocery," week of 
17. Others were: Madge Maltland, Paaca- 
tel, Bush and Billot, Walter McCullough, 
Peter Dtmsworth sod tbe biograph. 

PAHTasia' (EL Clarke Walker, manager). 

— Frank Hall and his lion, "Wallace," were 
tbe beadllnerr, others being Edward and Net- 
tle Masse, Al. Watson and company, Gllson 
and Yoland, James Dunn, Leo White and the 
moving pictures. Big buslneaa. 

Scenic (Mr. G rover, manager). — Myrtle 
Baronne, illustrated singer, and new moving 

Noras. — Announcement Is made at the 
World's Memory Congress, In Spokane, next 
September, a memory play, now In prepara- 
tion, will be presented, tbe first time on any 
stage. Tbe chief prize at the congress will 
be 1 1,000 In gold. The memory congress for 
the Inland empire of tbe I'nclttr Northwest 
will take place May 20, tbe championship 
prize being S500 In gold. Leo Walton Is man- 
oger of tbe congresses William R. Fee- 
ley, an experienced stock actor, has been en- 
gaged as leading; man of the Curtlss Comedy 
Co., at the Columbia Theatre, making his 
first appearance as Robert Courtalne, In "Be- 
hind the Mask." 

Taoomst. — At the Tacoma <C. II. Herald, 
manager) Marie Cahlll Not. 23, 24. The San 
Francisco Opera Co. 20-28. Max Figman 20, 

Savot (P. Geourty, manager). — The Ger- 
ton Stock Co., In "The Female Detective," 
week of 24. 

Grand (Dean B. Worley, manager). — The 
Five Bellatzer Blaters. Herbert Brcnan and 
Helen Sowing, Felix Adler, Gcorgo Smcdley. 
the American Trio. Alice Wlldemere and 
Grandlacope, week of 26. 

Stab (John McCabe. manager). — Star 
Stock Co., In "Tbe Confessions of a Wire," 
week of 26. 

♦ .» 


Toronto. — At the Princess 'O. I». Shep- 
pard, manager) Bthel Barrymorc, Not. 25- 
80 In "His Sister," drew to capacity. Elea- 
nor Robson, In "Salomy Jane," Dec 2-T. 

Rotal Alexandra (L. Solman. manager). 
—"Quality Street," Nov. 26 80. did big busi- 
nesa. This week, "The Henrietta." 

Grand (A J. Small, manager). — "The Bur- 
gomsster," 25-30, had good business. "The 
Cat and the Fiddle" Dec 2-7. 

Majbhtic (A. J. Small, manager). — "Broad- 
way After Dark" did big business last week. 
"Convict 089" 2-7. 

Srsa'sj (J. Shea, manager). — A good card 
last week and standing room only, Tbe bill 
for week ot 2 : Thomas J. Ryan-Rlchfleld Co., 
Jullen Bltlnge, Billy Clifford, Masella'a birds, 
Agnes Mahr, Kltabanzal Troupe, Hal Mer- 
rltt, and the klnetogrnpb. 

Stab (F. W. Stair, manager) .—Sam De- 
vere's Show did big business last week. Pat 
White's Gaiety Girls tbti week, the Briga- 
diers 0-14. 

Masbby Music Hall, (Stewart Huston, 
manager).— On Not. 27 Paderewskl played 
to capacity. The concert was a great success. 
Souaa Dec. 2. 

■ s m 

llnmllton. — At the Grand Opera House 
(A. R. Loudon, manager) "Tbe Burgomaster," 
Nor. 28, repeated Its former aucceaaes, "Tbe 
Lancers," 26, had a crowded house. "The 
Shoe-Fly Regiment," 27, drew a large and 
well pleased audience. Crocker's horses, 28. 
bad good business. Guy Bros.' Minstrels 20, 
"The Way of the Transgressor" 80, "No 
Mother to Guide Her" Dec, 2. "Dorothy Ver- 
non of Htddon Hall" 8, Ellen Beach Taw 
concert 4, "The Man on tho Box" 6'. 

Savoy (J. O. Appleton, manager). — BUI 
for week of 2 : Ida Fuller, Delmore and Lee 
Cugan and Bancroft, Burton and Brooks. 
Three Oems, Kathryn Mlley, and Dick Temple. 

Bbnnstt's (Geo. F. Drlscoll, manager). — 
Leakey's Quintette, Laura Ordway. Agoust 
Troupe, C. W. Williams, Sampson and Doug- 
las, Six Samols. Those Four Girls, and Stan- 
ley and Cogswell, Is tbe bill week of 2. 

Notb. — When "The Lancers" was here, 
Not. 20, Cecilia Loftus was 111 and her phy- 
sician advised her not to appear. She, bow- 
over, went through the part, though evident- 
ly suffering considerably. 

St. John. — At the Opera House (A. 0. 
Skinner, manager) tbe Stoddart Stock Co. 
closed a ten days' engagement Nov. 28. W. 
S. Harklns Co. Dec. 2-7. 

Nonts. — The Happy Half Honr closes 
Not. 30, dne to tbe fact that the building Is 
required for curling by tbe St. Andrews 
Club, who won It. It Is understood that 
business has been big. There will then be 
eight moving picture shows left In town, 
and a new one Is to open In a few days.... 
Week of 25-80 moving pictures were shown 
at the Opera House. 


London. — At the Grand (Lou U- Bowers, 
manager) "Poor Mr. Rich" appeared Nov. 21) 
Lawrence D'Orsay and Cecllls Loftus, In 
'The Lancers," 27, bad a packed bouse. 
"Hooligan In New York" 28, "Dorothy Ver- 
non of Haddon Hall/' 20, Cole and Johnson 
80, Crocker's horses Dec. 2, 8. 

Bxv.vnrr'H (J. D. Elmo, manager). — Wees 
of 2 : Bertha Waltzlnger, Mile. Naille, Harry 
Jelson, Dora Rr/nca, Col. Itordevcrry, Mr. and 
Mrs. Gene Hughes, Monroe, Mack and Law- 
rence, and Rennettograph. 

NOTXB. — General MaDSger Bennett will 
leave London In two weeks to make his per- 
manent headquarters In New York. He wll 
look after the Bennett enterprises In Gotham. 
Allle Holmsn, tbe only surviving mem- 

ber of tbe once celebrated Uolman family, 
wbb In Detroit last week, the guest of W. H 
Crane, who commenced bis professional ca- 
reer with the Holman Opera Co., at Utlca, 
N. Y. Chas. H, Drew, who recently died. 
wat. a member of the Holman's it tho time 
W. II. Crane was with tho company. 

Ottnwst. — At the Russell (P. Gorman, man- 
ager) Lawrence D'Orsay and Cecilia Ixiftus, 
In "The Lancers," had capacity Not. 26. 
Harry Conor, In "Mary's Lamb, 80. "Tbe 
Man on the Box" Dec. 2, local 6. 

Grand Oprra hours (R. J. Btrdwhlstle. 
manager). — "The Mysterious Burglar" played 
to big business Not. 21-23. Custer's Last 
Fight" Dec. 2-6. 

IlBNNKTT'a (Gus 8. Greening, manager). 
— Bill Dee. 2 and week: Maddox and 
Melalr, Marseilles, Felix, Barry and Barry, 
Five Majors, Twelve Navajo Girls, Howard's 
ponies and dogs, Joe Demlng, Little Ulps 
and Miss Bella. 

I s 

Quebec. — At Bennett's (J. Hi Alos, man- 
ager) tbe following people blayed to packed 
houses 25-80: Tbe Plcaro Trio, Sisters Don, 
Matthews and Harris, RafQna, Sam Rawley. 
tho Navajo Girls, Beyers and Herman, and 
tbo Renncttoscope. 

Tub FnRNCii Stock Co., In repertory, con- 
tinues to draw good bouses at tbe Populalre. 
a) . » •■ • 


Norfolk. — At tbe Academy of Music (Otto 
Wells, local manager) "The Shepherd King," 
booked for Not. 21-23, canceled. "Tho So- 
cial Whirl" Dec. 6, T, "Coming Thro' I ho 
Rye" ». 

Colonial (W. T. ICIrby, local manager). — 
Week of 2: Gus Kdwarda School Boys nml 
Girls, Ford and Swor, Groteaquu Randolphs, 
Aurto Dagwell, the (Jolt % Trio, Chas. R.Sncot. 
and Ruth Allen and company. The coming of 
Aurle Dagwell, the Golts Trio oud Chas. II. 
Sweet marks tbe advent ot the first attri- 
tions taken over by tbe United Rooking 
Offices, when Klnw at Erlnngcr retired from 
tbe vaudeville field. 

Gbanbt (Otto Welts, local manager). ••- 
Business continues remarkably good. To- 
dcr Suspicion" week of 2. 

Acme (Wllkerson ft Mansle, managers).— 
No change week of 2. 

IiuDii (Abb. Smith, manager). — Week of 
2: Larnont Sisters, tho Barrya, Beaale Rom. 
mond, Anna Harvey, Penman Bisters, Wilson 
nnd Woods, Helen Luvctte, Grace Lewis and 
Pesrl Moore. 

Manhattan (Crlnnlan Bros., managers). — 
Week of 2 : Laura Raymond, Ix>u Leonard, 
May Lemuels, Gertie Masten, Bessie Wood*, 
Llllle Lewis. Minnie Irving, Edna May Hhnw, 
May Harvey, Ed. Conncly. Joe Downey, Ar- 
thur Lane. Ed. Griffin, Jack Dowdney, Woods 
and Woods, Gray and Melton, Shaw and 
Moore, Victor and Welch, and Mr. and Mm. 
Lowry. Stock will present "For Wealth oiul 
Not For Love." Business Is good. ' 

Auditobiiih (J. M. Barton, manager). — 
Week of 2: Herman and Gold, May Kirk, 
Caroline May, and Parkins and Calvcttc. 
"Jumbo Jim Is presented by the regular 
stork. Business Is good. 

Portland. — At the Jefferson (Julius Culm, 
manager) the Taylor Stock Co. Not. 25-.'IO. 
came to good business, and also offered tint 
following vaudeville features : Marzello llro.-i.. 
Harry Moore. Bthel Hemrlck, Prof. Albert 
Bmltn, the Taylor Trio, and Dempaey and 
McKsnna. Prescells Dec. 2-7. 

Portland (J. B. Moore, manager). — Roy 
Purlngton, Master Hanlon, Nellie Leavltt 
and Mildred Kiss last week, with tbo lec- 
tures, had excellent attendance. 

Diiiamland (J. W. Greeley, manager). — 
rhc usual good offerings In the moving ii!:- 
ture line, with B. Jos. Brown and Miss War- 

ren as soloists, secured fine patronage. 

Savoy (Jas. McGulnness, manager). — Miss 
Daley, Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Ileatley were the 
singers, and a good showing of pictures waa 
made Not. 26-80. Attendance whs satlsfa'. 
tory. | 


Jnck.onvllle. — At the Dixieland (Unl 
Mordant, manager) Colonial Opera Co., In 
"The Chimes of Normandy," 18 and week, 
delighted excellent business. "The Mikado' 1 
26 nnd week, "The Mascot te" Dec. 2 and 

Dotal (J. D. Borbrldge, manager). — Tho 
Gagnon-Pollock Stock Co.. Not. 18 and week, 
pleased. "Tbe Sqnaw Man" 26, "Tbe Vir- 
ginian" 20, moTlng pictures Dec 1. 

MeAlester.— At the Lyric (J. H. Shaw, 
manager) bill for week of Nov. 26 : La Rose 
nnd Arlington, J. H. Hhnw, W. H. Dickinson 
and Showascope. 

Notb. — The Rig Four Carnival Co, Nov. 


Marion Blaxb opened with Waldron's 
Trocadcro'Ilurlesquers at St. Louis, Not. 28, 
after two rehearsals, as Mrs. Dooley, In the 
first part. Miss Blake In the role has an ex- 
cellent opportunity to do good character 
work, and she mads an Immediate bit. 

A Tragedy Every Week 

The Tragedy of t.,e weekly Sock darning 
— the wenry work atop all tbe other 
wlfoly duties that exhaust tbe strength 
and crowd the time of her whose work 
Is never done. 

flnlBprnof flofliarij 

For Men and Women 
Wears Six Months Without Holes 

Are Tour Box Insured t 

Our Onarttntee 

We guarantee to any 

purchaser of a box of 
Holeproof Box that 
they will need no darn- 
ing for six months. If 
they should, we agree 
to replace them by new 
ones, provided they are 
returned to us within 
alx months from date 
of sale to owner. 


Men's Holeproof Sox 

Past colors : Black, Tan 
(light or dark), Pearl and 
Navy Dine. Hires to 12. 
Medium or light weight, 
Bold only In boxes con- 
taining six pairs of one 
sls'o — assorted colors If de- 
sired — alx months' guar- 
antee with each pair. Per 
box of six palra. , fa.00 
Women's Holeproof StocklnaYS 

Sizes 8 to 11, Reinforced garter tops. 

Hold under the same guarantee. Per box 

of six pairs 1 2.00 

Bond for fhioio Ilooklot about Hole' 

proof Hosiery. Address 

0» Fdurth St., Mllvrhnlfoc, WIS. 

cat Uii 

, llnderberg 

V "jbc/WorUl'slVst 

$ Bitters 

Creates a healthy ap- 
pc-titc anil ins.ures 
good digestion. A de- 
lightful tonic at (all 

Bold Bverywhert. 
~ 7u y rir.s nnoTHDRR, 

V. S. Agent*. New York. 

Cosmetics are more or less poison- 
ous, and the only way to keep 
healthy is to use a pure antisep- 
tic soap. 

Nothing better for the removal 
of theatrical make-up can be found 
it gets right into the pores of the 
skin and washes out all bad 
effects of the different kinds of 
cosmetics. Once tried, always 
used. Sold by all druggists. 

Pike's Toothache Drops cure In one minute. 


my sure-Pro tills. Throe great parodies on "Ban 
Antonio," "My Irl«h IU)slc,"and"Whcn You Know 
You're Not Korgotton by tho Olrl You Can't For. 

Set''— all for 2So., alamos or coin. WALTER 
TOOK, Playwright, 410 nroadwsy, Camden, »,J. 
Songs, Jokes and sketches to order. 

AT LISKHTY (owing to professions! lealou.y 
on the part of the manager), LOU BROOKS, for 
"Dncle Tom's Cabin." Play anything cast for, 
Marks or Ht. Clslr profcrrod, Note musician, but 
an all 'round ••Tom" nctur. Ileal 'Tom" managers 
wlroor write. LOO RKOOKH, 21 Sonlh Kllth Street, 
La Payette, Ind. will need ticket If too far. 

FOR SALB-lOD.ooofect Film, good condition, 

2o. and up. WYNDIIAM, 141 .Waverloy Place 
N. if.— New ynmjm Pknama'oanal, too. 




December 7 




■•1U good machines and good flints *ml supplies only j positively no low 

grade good*. 

wb abb SOLE AGENTS vob 




Complete machines and part* In itock for Instant delivery, 


Oar FILH RENTAL BCBBATJ li second to none. We aojr oar Ainu outright 
from tbo manufacturer., and do not rent them from other* to inblet. 

We don't bar seeond-hand Alms fer rental purpose* and we "deliver the 
• goads" If you'll pay the price. 

Beware of the ead who has the brasen aadaeltr to tell jron he geta film a 
week and two weehs ahead of others, he Is simply lying and cannot fulfill his 
contract! besides, his contract Is valueless. 


Liading Dealers in this City and the ONLY EXCLUSIVE House 




la clean In every department. 
All hair ohomloolly cleaned. 

162 STATE ST., GHICA60. 

Fifth Floor, Elevator. 



If We Give You Two 10 Inch Reels With Six Changes for 
And a Good Service At That — no repeaters 

This offer stands good within 300 miles of Hew York City. All that Is reqnlred Is 



For 8ale-A large list of Slightly Used Films at half their value 

Feet. Name. Prloe. 

075 Scheme That Failed #40.00 

028 Horrible Adventure 86.00 

08 A Fine Birthday Cake.... 4.00 

000 Distress 86.00 

278 Police Inspector Hypnotized 18.60 

038 The fencing Master 88.00 

205 The Rogue's Tricks 10.00 

1000 Tho Bandit King. 60.00 

000 Prom Leadvlile to Aspen . . 85.00 

800 Siege of Port Arthur 16.00 

716 On the Stage 40.00 

481 A Tenderloin Tragedy 28.00 

428 Croyono 21.00 

877 A Free Pass 12.00 

5D7 Mines and Forge at Dccaa- 

vllle 40.00 

278 An Old Man's Darling.... 14.00 

676 Bowsers House Cleaning... 40.00 

100 Troubadour (all colored).. 20.00 

218 Colonel's Bicycle 12.00 

410 An Unskillful Skater 22.00 

410 Picturesque Canada 22.00 

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147 A Strange Mount 8.00 

023 Picturesque Japan 86.00 

131 A Skating Lesson 7.00 

170 Trip to Salt Lake City.. .. 6.00 

000 Trip to Yellowstone Park . . 20.00 

402 Trip to Catskllls 12.00 

846 Tracked by Indians 10.00 

060 Tho Invisible Man 20.00 




180 The Poisoned Fowl 15.00 

624 Childish Match 10.00 

400 Panorama of Market Street 

Before the Earthquake . . . 8.00 

470 Ephemeral Wealth 10.00 

370 Lumbering In the Far West. 12.00 

541 The Election 8.00 

825 A Thrilling Detective Story. 7.00 

567 The Magic Flute 18.00 

311 Six Amorous Dragoons 10.00 

574 The Paris Students 10.00 

344 A Broken Idol. 10.00 

624 A Tragic Wedding 20.00 

828 The Accordion 10.00 

525 Balloon Ascension 10.00 

206 A Difficult Problem '. .. 10.00 

608 Alps Seen Through Telescope 16.00 

104 Joined Lip* 4.00 

147 A Clever Chief 7.00 

402 Village Witch 20.00 

410 Great International Cross 

Country Run 10.00 

467 The Moving Picture Man . . . 6.O0 

400 Troubles of An Auto 15.00 

442 Day In the Country 10.00 

811 Artist's Dream 12.00 

410 The Mothcr-lnLaw's Visit.. 10.00 

310 The Park Keeper 18.00 

131 Sportsman and the Lion.... 8.00 

460 Carnival at Nice 12.00 

200 Funny Fishing 11.00 

The Imperial Moving Picture Co. 

Room 004, 301 River St. 

H. R. Phone 184. 

TROY, N. Y. 
Film Rental Service 



Write, Phone, Wire. 


IVlll.L.IKBtM, IWIarr. 



Address, FoeeyvUle, lad., Nor. 6; XL Vernon, Ind., s; Boonvllle, Ind„ 7; Tell City, lad., 8. 





Enquirer Job Printing Co. 

Theatrical Printers and Lithographers 


Nm York Rsprtitntatlvs 
Knickerbocker Theatre Bldg. 

413-415 E. Eighth St., 



Vaudeville, Musical Comedy and Dramatic Booking. 


of this department In tho future 


tent manager for eaoh department. Largest booking office in tho Bast 
DBPT.— J. w. OAFRON, Manager of New Pawtooket Theatre, will have oharge 

DBAHATio People in all lines, write A. 0. D'AROY. Manager. 

HOVINO PICTURE aad musical DEPT.-oiLBRHT btaNMSH, Manager. We make a 

specialty of Artists, Operators aad Piano Pleven for 1'lcturo Theatres. 
Irving f. Moore, oen. algr. Managers wishing artists in any line call, write the hustling agents. 



Interior of THE OIBL'S Home— Jack Proposes— The O'.rl Accepts— The Engagement King— The Kiss— In the Park— 

'* C V^College^^Tl^™eSoBe rl Call--Iack Trying to Explain That the Other Ulrl Was His Slater-m, Qhi 
Doubts — Jack Assures Her — Girl Decides to Call and See Hi* Sister. .... _ . , ,,, o, . „ .. 

Jack In Deep Water— His Chum Tom Arrives— The Erflanatlon— A Plan Is Made— Tom to be His Sister—Me Drosws 

" * TheUnclo. Aont and the Girl Arrive— Tom Is Introduced as the Sister— Tom as a Girl Has Shocking Manners. 

AU Off to See the College— The Uncle Returns— (Miss* Tom Meets Him— He Flirts With the Uncle— The Uncle Falls 
In Love with Tom— The Kiss— Dancing and High Kicking, when Annty Arrives on the Scene— A Hasty Retreat. 

(Miss) Tom Has a Quiet Smoke— Discovered by Amvty— The Uncle Returns for More Kicks and Kisses, Bnt the Course 

°' Tl ( Ml8 L .° T Tom Melt» I Ja n ck's rn Flai , cee-Glrls' Will be Glrls-They Love, Kiss and Tell Sweet Secrets MNfHgK *■* 
Wild with Rage— He Succeeds In Getting His Fiancee Out of the Room— Ah I Retribution at Last !— He TJeata and Pounds 
Little (Miss) Tom In a Shameful Manner— Horror of Horrors I His Fiancee Arrives with Annty and Discovers Jack Beat- 
ing His Sister— Tom Gets All the Hugs and Klsses-^Jack is a Brute-* Bcnstl-Jack LeajestheRoom— The Uncle Ai- 
rives— Jack Shall Beg His Sister's Pardon— The Uncle Rushes After Jack Much to Tom'sDelWrt— The Uncle Returns with 
Jack^ Wreck— lie Falls at Tom's Feet Asking for ParBon— Jack Loses Hts Sweetheart— Tom Loses His College Chum 
I MORAL — Never be engaged to one girl while making I jve to another. 


Ho. 633ft. 

'rice, $105.00, 

Rlohard Wagner's BVlei 



Pabsifal Cbownino or Aufobtas— Wotjndino or Amfohtas— Carbiino AiiroaTAs to His Math— Kundbi Bbinos 

Rtiiiir to Amfobtab— Parsifal Rbpboached fob Killing tub Swan— Kondbt Succumbs to Evil— Kniobts Bnthb- 
inq thb Holt Obail — Pabsifal Unmovbd — Klinobob Summons Kundbt — Pabsifal IOntebs thb Maqic Gaston — 
Kundbt Kisbkb Pabsifal— Pabbifal Calls Upon thb Saviour— Pabsifal Repulses Sundry — Klinobob Hublh thb 


Spbab— Kundbt Washes Pabsifal's Fbett— Amfobtab Tears Op»n His Wound— Parsifal Heals Amfobtab— Pabsi- 
fal Becomes Kino of thb Holt Grail. ■ ' 

In "Parsifal" we offer the greatest religious subject that has been produced In motion pictures since the Passion 
Play wan first produced by the Edison Company, about eight years ago, and there has been a constant demand for this 
picture during all these years, and continuing up to the present day. At the same time there has been not only a de- 
mand, but a long felt want for a new religions picture of Interest and merit similar to the Passion Play. 

In "Parsifal 1 ' we believe we have Oiled this want. A large amount of time, labor and money has been erpended In 
producing this picture. The picture was specially posed and rehearsed for motion pictures. The same talent, scenery 
snd costumes used In the original dramatic production were used for taking these pictures, the company having played 
"Parsifal" for several seasons. The result Is that we have produced a picture both dramatically and photographically 
perfect, which we offer to our customers and the public with every confidence that It will be received accordingly. 

With each film we furnish a complete Illustrated lecture, giving a historical sketch of the life of Wagner and his 
works, the story of "Parsifal," and a synopsis of the different scenes. This lecture Is a special feature. It la In Itself a 
literary work of merit, and every exhibitor will And It of material assistance and value In connection with the picture. 
We also furnish a musical score for the piano when desired. > 

No. 0046. CODE VAQTJANT. LENGTH, 1,97ft FEET. 

Special Prloe, $335, 


Hand . 



LENGTH, 915 Feet. 


Edison Films depend entirely for their euoooss upon their cleverness. They are never coarse or suggestive 
The talent employed 1b the best obtainable and the quality of material and workmanship of the highest. These 
new Bubjeots are ready for Immediate shipment 






For Complete Synopsis send for Oiroular No. SSI. 

For Complete Synopsis send for Oiroular Mo. SIS. 

For Complete Bynopsla tend for Oiroular No. 83T. 

PRICE, 9130.00 
PRICE, H-1..V) 

price, im.siii 

PRICE, J117.00 

UNDERWRITERS' MODEL, - Price, $175. 




Including among other Improvements, a new Automatic Shutter, 
Improved Lamy House, Upper snd Lower Film Magazines, New Style 
Rheostat, New Enclosed Switch. Improved Taok-up Device, New Re- 
volving Shutter and Asbestos-covered Cord Connection. 


IIPBOVED TAKE-UP, - • * 135.00 


Any Kxhllbtlon Model can be fitted with the Underwriters' Im- 
provements at small cost. Complete catalogue, describing ail models 
and parts, with prices, sent on request. 







•BUB XINBTOSBAPH CO., 41 Bast Hist St., New York. 

GfeORGB BRBCK, BBO-58* Grove Ht., Baa Franelseo, Oal. 

Dealers in all Principal Cities. 



with party capable of revising first olats tramp 
printer play. Laoks proper arrangement. If you 
can do this and are reliable, write. Play will 
succeed If properly arranged. 

Cure of "Idaho Post," Moscow, Idaho. 



Clarinet, B., Snare Oram, 1). 

Trap Drum, Bells, 0. Props, Carpt. or Bits. 

Responsible managers only. Single or Jointly. 
Address JOHN 1IAHN, 19 Plain, Albany, N. Y. 


Versatile Sketch Team 

Ankle dress preferred, man must be good straight 
In acta. Work, wardrobe and deportment must be 
of the beat. $40 and transportation. Ban with a 
strong line of novelty aots. $20 and R. R. one and 
two week stands. Open Deo. 0. Address UK. S. 
LANNINO, M8 Forest Ave., Minneapolis. Minn. 


Al Magician, oan change for week. Anything that 
pays salary. Sober and reliable. Can Join on wire. 
Address MAURICE, 840 Court St., Rochester, K. Y. 



Opea for Burlesqae or Masleal Comedy, for season 1W8>00. Booked solid 1007-08 
la Vaudeville. ** Address, W. V. OUPPBK. 

Sketohes, Monologuea, Parodies and Burlesques, 
Written to Order. Original Work 

Of all kinds for Vaadevllle and Marie"!"*- 
_ | Bend for Price List and Terms. 


acts of mi kinds; 

t to laok of paper to tilll company, 

"gent or Manager, 

Ouaranted first class. Join any time. JAdSress letters or wires, 
| Care of Mrs. Bpbyerde, B. F. D. No. 3, NOBBIBTOWW, TA.^ 

it I inrnTii owtag to taeat or paper to ni 


HI lit ! Ouaranted first class. Join any time. ;X 

II I LIUL I I Caro of Mra. Bphyerde, H. F. D. No. 3, N 


money maker, l.oou OTHERS, OHKAP. SLOAN 
HOVKLTY CO.. Station S , Philadelphia, Pa. 


Front and Back Sending, eaoh trlek Illustrated. 
use. Morphet'a School, 881 N. l ath St., PhUa,, Pa. 

AL LIBERTY Deo. 8— Al Magician, Vocalist. 
Entertainer and King of Ventriloquists. la up-to- 
date. Mechanical Figures. Managers of moving 
pictures and vaudeville circuits, write. I make 
good any audience. Address w. J. WESTON, 
62 Florence St, Hamilton, "- 

FOB BALB-l.OOOft. Film, at $80; 600ft.. « 
118, all In good ronnlngorder. Acetylene Oas out 
it, with burner, |e: 12 Pose Slides, 11.16. spc" 
oulov. Going out of business. Add., W. LONG. » 
D ivision St., Toledo, 0. 16 with order, bal. CO.". 

B. II. BBATTIB, LAWYER, Conndi-iiUil 

isea a specialty. Judgments and decrees ohi»me« 
■ ; no delay. Counsel free. Suite «, 88 ana 



ngton Street, Chicago. 

(Copyrighted). 8 different books, lOo. ^""f.J'w 
kOKPlilKT'8 SO HOOL, 887 N. Mth St, Ph"»-. "• 





— -Ill lATBT, HEW 


rLICKEBlE88 HACHIHE — Ckeograph, 
1907 aid 1998 — Optlgrapb Ho. 4 — 
Power's OAIERAOBAPB— lo. 5, Etc., 
With or Without Fire Hagaxlnos— ELEC 

jfewSong Slides, Per Set,$5.00 

S. H. £0N8 SETS, $3.00 DP. 


PASSION PLAY,. 2810 FEET $160.00 

21MFEBT $230.00 


800 TO 1.000 FKKT ON A 11KKI. SI" .STL.Y 





109 FIIH 81. 




Here la o. olianfo fox loot one who 
wanU a few good Rcoli of Film, all 

In very good condition. Glanoe over 
the following llat and prior*, and 
compare with any other pricea yon 
ruuy have. 

(inn reel-" All Aboard" and "Nobody Works Like 

Father," «2S.O0. 
One reel— "Acrobatic Elephant," "Susan Tauten 

tho Wine" and "Crimea on a R. R„" $28.00. 
One reel— "RollerSkatlng Lemons," "Billiard Blow 

Ball," "Novel NDrBerj" and "William Tell," 

$22 00. " 

One reel-"Catob the Kid," "Lord Sanger Circus" 

and "Perils of Travel Id Oldon Times," $22.00. 
One rccl-"8hsmroch III and Sir Llpton Leaving 

Soot, tor Amer.," "International Yacht Race," 

"Football" and "Magician," $22.00. 
One reel— "Hone? moon to Niagara," $3t,0O. 
One reel-"Duok Farm," "Hauling In Flali," 

"Grand Canyon," and "Life of a Fireman," 


One reel— "Discipline and Humanity" and "Squat- 
ten Daughter," $30.00. 
One reel-»Luo»y Heiress" and "Lnoiy Jim," 


One reel -"Life for a Life" and "Sea by Moon- 
light," $80.00. 

Ono reel-"Between Two Fires" and "Exciting 
Honeymoon," $28.00. 

Ono reel— "Madam Wears the Breeches," "Romeo 
Caught in a Trap," and "Mrs. Brown's Luok," 

One reel-"Mr. Hnrry Op of New York," "Oaten- 
$27 BttMerB "»»" *»■ "Choosing a Servant," 

One rcel-"Dlsturhed Dinner," "She Won't Pay 
Her Rent," and "1 Never Forget the Wife," 

The above reels run from BIO to 1,000 feet each. 

Any of the above reels will be sent O. O. D.,' 
privilege of examination opon receipt of $8.00 to 
cover express charges. 

108 FULTON ST. (Boom 813). NEW YORK. 



Managers holding time at Spring Hill, 
n- »., are bereby canceled. 

"•"""Kirs wanting lime at Meneton, w. 

«.; Amherst and Spring Hill, K. 8., 


TOREK « wTflTBB, Monoton, H. B-, Canada. 

Wanted, for Old Farmer Hopkins Company 


vi [ net> -*• double email comedy bit; Second 
> lollu and Alto, other Musicians; those doubling 
Baft given preference. Also want man lor 
si. I ", n '.. wno ^es a strong specialty. State lowest 
"rat letter; we pay til. Must loin on wire, 
nn , ... WHEELER df KltiVK, 
villu i), Wa lton 18. 



n?:? 00 „•*. TOMT ow » apeelal tickets, 
$,"".'•'•» •»* nnnsb.reel on the roll 
■*',, »*.ani, 110.00. 
SK. -■*■!* ■■■■■■■■J! eag order. Oet 
"A TlOMlg, TICKET CO.. Ihaaokla. Pa. 


w dies' flowns. Slightly Won. 


2»a ""^ITaenUemcD's eewnd-Band (nothing. 
e *S State Street CHIOAOO 

K ' TF' B "P "*, tho Great Atlantic City WWII 

song. Thou Alone My Guiding Star snail Be, 

fir 7S. T ^ 0b1j Yon J LUUe <"'•» b J lM0 w - Wrlgnl, 

Ji-.i«. < 5P!S* Bna Orchestration for 2o. stamp. 

'• * 8, J2i De P<»«. OLOBB MDSIO CO., 

2$d and Berks Bis., Philadelphia, pa. 


Complete List of Publications 
issued from Dec. i, 19.06, to 
Dec i, 1907. 

And They gay Ha Went ft College. 

Beautiful Pane Waltsti. 

Beoause I'm Married Now. 

Broncho Bosttr. 

Budwelier's A Friend, of Hint. 

Bnild Yonr Meet Away Down la hty 

Camellia, Intermeiio. 
Oils, Intermeiio. 
Colon la, Internum). 
Oem* Sown, Balomy Jane. 
DaTy Down Silly (Bag Tina). 
Dixie Saa. 

Folliea of 1907 March. 
Follies of 190T Walts. 
He Ooaa to Church on Band ay. 
Halle, Sweetie. 

How'd Ton like to Float Met 
I Can't Tell How I Mlas Yon. 
1 Z Could Be Happy If That Wars 

I'd Like to KaoW When Ton Caa, 
If Anybody Wants to Meet a Jonah, 

Shake Hands With Xa. 
If W» Knew What the MUknaa 
. Knows. 

If You'll Walk With Ma, 
1/ You Wast to Pick a FOai, Walt 

Till the Boa Shines. 
I Oet Dippy -When I Do That Two- 
- Step Dance. 
I Haven't Told My Mother Dp to 

I Have Waited for a Long, Long 

I Just Can't Keep My Feet Still, 

When the Band Begins to Play. 
I'm Certainly, Perfectly Dlatatltled, 
I'm Going- Away, 

I'm In Love With the Slide Trom- 
I'm Rehearsing With a Broadway 

Show. • 
Is a Little House That'* Built for 

I've Lost My Little Dog. 
I Think I Oughtn't Ought to Any 
. More.. - 
I've Got a Tickling Sensation 'Round 

My Heart for Yon That Can't Bs 

1 Will Marry Him to Make a Home 

for Mother, 
Just You, Dear, Ton. 
Little One, Qood-tjre. 
Maryland, My Mart land. 
Meet Mo Down at the Corner. 
Mise Dinger from Jamaica, 
Mother's the Boss at Our Houao. 
My Lotua Flower. 
My Maid of Maadalay. 
My Pocahontas, 

My Wild Irian Bom of Klllerney. 
My Yankee Doodle Indian Boy. 
National Patrol. 
Never Introdnoe Your Bloke to Your 

Lady Friend. 
Nothing Bothera Me. 
No Wedding Belle for Me. 
Pawnee (Indian Bong). 
Pawnee (Interauaw). ' 
Sonoma (Interraesso). 
Sonoma (Mexioaa Bong). 
Tbat'a How Ho Mot the Oirl. 

Thore'a Something" Sweet About You. 
There'! a Let of Thinse Noah Never 

They All Look Alike, to Mary. 
The Path That Leads to Love. 
The Bong of the Foam is "Homo, 

Sweet Homo." 
The Story That Never Grows Old. 
The Town at the End of the Line. 
The Whittling Yankee Girl. 
This Ain't Buoh a Bad Town After 

Thle is No Place for Me. 
Two Little Boyt in Blue. 
Until the End of Tims. 
Walt Till They Harvrat the Oraln. 
What's the Use of Loving, If You 

Can't Love All tho Timet 
When a Fellow ie Twenty-one. 
When a Oirl Leads the Band. 
When I Oet Back to Piccadilly. 
When the Evening Twilight Blda the 

Day Qood-bya, 
Who Are Ycu Getting At, Eh I 
Won't You Walls 'Homo, Sweet 

Home' With Me, for Old Timet' 

You'll be Bony lust loo Lets. 
Young Men Lodgers. 
You're so Different from the Beit 
You're the One Best Bat. 

of 1907" 












"Gay White 



"(.111 MM 

iht (muter' 


7V1Y HITS OF 1907 


The only real Ballad Hit of the year. 


The Rage of the Country. 



The Comic Song Supreme. 



" Budwelser'e a Friend ot Mine" 











Claire Romaine' 


Cor. Droadway f,1riirhy Ninth Sbedt. 


Complete List of Well-known 
Writers who have contribut- 
ed daring the year. 

GOET55, E. RAY. 



People for Following Parts: 

Harris anil St. Clair, IHarke, 
Hnlejr, Tom, Phlnens and Le- 

free., Cornet, Trans* 
one, Tnba and Ommxner. 
Can nae Second Agent, 
State salary. Hotels, pay own. Tlcketa advanced. 
WM. KIBBLE, 76 Plymouth Place, CHIOAOO, ILL, 

funny I 
lies, 6 ■ 

Ne'er | 


60 gags, 10 for 100. or all too.: 10 ■■ 
wants and ads., 10c; A comic hotel rales 
coruto epitaphs, 10c,: recitation, "He's Ne'c- 
Korgot.* 1 10 lines, 100.; gsglet recitation, 48 
lines, 2«c.: talklDg torn, straight and com., 
2Jc; 8 parodies, i gags with each, 26o. In 
lots to suit, or all for $1: Other staff. List 
for stamp, or free with order, sketches, etc.. 
to order. Price and references for stamp 
Mary E. P. Thayer. 2100 Broad St. P rov., R.I 


Good med. performers, teams that can do singles 
and doubles, single performers that do Irish and 
II. F.. red hot dancers; also good novelty man that 
can do straight In acta. Salary matt be low as yon 
set It HERE. All most change for week. Address 
PH. JAY STEWART. Bteda, Iowa. 

At Liberty, THE ZIEHLKES, H. J , Character* 

And General Business: MATTIE. Soubrettes and 
Ingenues Address a. 1. /.IEI1LKE, care of "Wee 
Bin to Blame" Co., Red Oak, Iowa. 

At Liberty, JOHN HENRY, ComHIii 

Addreee, rare Of OlelPPa.R. 


oio Eqnltahle Hldg., Halii'nore. Md. 

AT lillMCMTV DEO. «. 

Top or Second Tenor 

Does oiaraccr. Am now wlrli fla'e's "Rip Van 
VVlnkle" Co. Chicago Neweliuys Qua) telle. 


■ Hat 

Experienced cisrlneil-t, B. and 0. High and 
low pitch, Locate only. JOMBPH E. gaokun, 

Bos 403, Spencer, 


Mew Hi ■■> and Bcenerw. 
By J. 11. in. iv A 1 11. 

Waoted, flood One KigMShows 

Address J. T. laud, Mgr, 

Wanted at All Times, 




lie. fare from Buffalo. LEW. J. PULLBRTON, 
cut this out for f stare mo. Manager. 

Wanted, for Mystic Shriners, 



R. D. MORGAN, 8908 East tttb St., Cleveland, 0. 



Bests 2,000 People. JAMES POLBr, 

aow Webster Ave., B. of Bronx, Hew fort. 

it Lilwt) -TRAP DRUMMER 

Small Parte. Locate or travel. BARBT RIIXJLEir, 
per address, ulner, III. 







Miolstare Rallrosds for Parke, Bummer Retorti, eta. 

The O rente. t money flaker* and 
be«t Attraction lo the World. 

Me Park conplate without then, earalag f 1500 
la six days. With proper cars, will last si yean, 
Bias voa C atalobus. 


With your Initials (only two taken) on both, paper 
and envelope., printed and embossed, SO cent.. 


Nicely printed, to cent., and a card esse of leather 
and aluminum free. All order, prepaid. 

Box n, Dept. B, Cartsladt, K. J. 


CLARINET, B. and O. (I carry 8 pitches. Can 
lone to flat piano..) Vocal Baritone (III., classic 
and passion song..) Play piano and err. Do bite 
or Oen. Biz. on .(ace. Rep. or Concert Co., featnr- 
ing Orchestra p refe rred . 






December 7 



21 Senth Eighth Street 

t fat .-.v-ii. ?t^ -,*■»- . ■ ■ 

- *< 

■ .-■ :■ 



A Host Beautiful and iDstrnctlve Film— Fall of Interest 
LENGTH, 650 Feet. PRICE, $71.50 


Boyish pranks and lots of 
fun. An amusing picture, 
full of merriment 

LERGTH, 435ft. PRICE, $47.85 



LENGTH, 680ft. PRICE, n 1 .50 

'~~~- \. 










WnUti, Corset.. China, Glut, Fornl- 
turn -Everything at bargain priest. 
Hubby will be delighted. Bat hubby 
throw, everything oat of the win- 
dow. Including the Bargain Hunter. 
Imagine hubby'a mrprlif when 
everything cornea back. 

LBH8TH, 510ft. PRICE, $56.10 


Or. Frenchman had iath a good 
timet but now be It to tired. ~<«ih 

.met Ob myl" 
of trouble. 


He f eta In all kind* 

LEIGTH, 310ft PRICE, S34.ll 








575 Feet 
375 Feet 



Copyright, 1007, by 
The Vitagraph Co. of America. 

.A Western story In which 
Is shown a girl's devotion to 
her father. Ho {alls 111 and 
Is dying for want of neces- 
sary food and medicine. The 
girl, In desperation, dresses 
as a highwayman, holds up 
and robs the stage cosch. She 
Is captured directly afterwards 
and la about to be lyncheJ 
when her enpturers discover 
that she Is a girl. She tells 
her story, they take her home 
and provide generously for 
her sick father. 




Copyright, 1907, by 
The Vitagraph Co. of America. 

A boy procures a tnnk con- 
taining compressed laughing 
gas. He openB tbo tank upon 
every possible occasion. No 
natter where he la, whenever 
the gas escapei everybody 
within range commences to 
laugh uproariously. 




• USE 

"Vitagraph" Adjustable Rheostats, $20.00 
"Vitagraph" Lamps, . . $35.00 


NEW YORK. 110 Nassau Street. 
CHICAGO, 100 Randolph Street. 

LONDON. 10 Oeell Conrt. 
PARIS, 15 It.. Balnte Cecil*. 




A Few Words Will 
Tell It. 







Gets the endorsement 
of the best men In 
the moving picture 

When you think It's time 
to get such a service 
write for terms to 

National Film 
Renting Company, 

62 N. Clark St., Chicago, III. 






•■COLONIAL SOLDIER" la the tide of the latest film from the laboratory 
of L. QAUUOKT, PARI8. It Is a powerful drama of fa.clnatlng Interest, touch- 
ing and full of Intense pathos. This picture story without word, unfolds in every 
inch of Dim beautiful episodes In the life of a soldier at home, the parting, en 
route to the battlefield,, camp Ore life and return home. 

The Berlcs opens with a faithful scene of a dock, where all is bustle, baggage 
men heaving large trunks, usual hangers-on, sailors and passengers. A soldier ac- 
companied by his wife and child appear and board the auxiliary tug. The vessel 
steams off, passes several crafts ana anally reaches the ocean liner, a monster, 
which passes directly in front of us — giving a very Instructive picture of one of 
the ocean greyhounds. 

A gang plank is passed to the tog and the passengers are transferred to the 
steamship. Here a very touching scene Is enacted as the soldier bids farewell to 
the two dearest to his heart. The woman with heavy heart and the child leaTe 
the steamship, which sails away amid the fiutterlngs of many handkerchiefs. One 
Is almost tempted to wave his handkerchief, so realistic Is the scene. 

The soldier's home Is now shown wherein his wife, lonely and in sorrow, is 
writing a letter, to which the baby, with the guiding hand of the mother, adds a 
postscript, then both kiss the letter and seal It. 

The following series of views faithfully portrays camp life, tents, soldiers 
end sentries. A skirmish Is enacted; the enemy, crouching, slowly creep up to 
the sentries and, discharging their guns, surprise them, but are repulsed, and in 
the melee our hero Is wounded. Another camp scene, an orderly appears bearing 
letters, soldiers hastily and expectantly gather around the officer who distributes 
the mall. They squat on the ground and eagerly devour the contents. One unfor- 
tunate man, not having received any mall, Is a picture of despair and disappoint- 
■dtji consoled by his comrades and resigns himself to bis fate. 

The last scene Is that of the good ship returning with the soldiers ; our hero 
eagerly runs down the gang plank to meet his faithful wife and child. The meet- 
ing scene sends a thrill of unalloyed sentiment and pleasure Into every observer. 







Copyright. 1907, by the Frank Qa«« PobUiblnf Coo**ny (Lhtitsi). 

Founded by 


VOLUME LV.-No.43. 
Prloo, 10,C«nU. 



December 14 

Mi5S Clipper's 

Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, 


STIGE FOLK and Some times OTHERS 


▲in* Todd Jr., the hustling young ajent 
•head of the Hdsall-Wlntbrop* Stock Co., 
which III* been highly successful la the 
Sooth (or the past seven years, and It now 
making- It* flint Butem tour, telle of a "T. 
If. A." meeting In a Southern city, »t which 
Manager Edenil and Pearl Wlnthrope became 

After the performance the stage wiu cleared 
and the initiation took place. Tnla waa fol- 
lowed by an impromptu butlneas meeting, dur- 
ing which certain purchase* for the good of 
the association were discussed. One member 
mentioned the necessity of having three cua- 
pldon In the clubroom. At this one of the 
"T. 11. A.;»," a little Irish flyman, who bad 
presented Mr. Edsall's application, and was 
noted In town for securing the greatest num- 
ber of application! for his lodge, arose and 

"I nut say I don't exactly know what's 

?xpect*d of a kusbpldore, but just the same, 
'11 nominate the new member, Mr. Bdsall, 
a* one of 'em fur the place." 

Daring the subsequent uproar pf laughter, 
Store sought shelter In the flies, where he 
was more at home thin he wss in the realm 
of words new to him. 

In the far paat of song successes, it was 
considered best for a song to hare a short 
title, the better to remember It Nowadays 
they are lengthening them out — sir or seven 
words being far from the exception. It re- 
mains for Bert Pltsglbbons to go a few bet- 
ter in naming ooe of bis latest *ong hits, 
•nd this 1* how it happened to contain the 
unusual number o( twelve words — a big dif- 
ference from the erstwhile popular billed, 

While crossing the ferry to Jersey City a 

tew months ago, Pltsglbbons was seated next 

to two shopgirl* who were discussing tbelr 

. heart affairs In tone* quite audible to the 

sung writer. 

■;' "Yes," said one of them, "I shook Charlie; 
he's inch a dead one." 

"How's that?" asked her friend. 

"Couldn't do nothln' — couldn't talk nor 

. dauce nor sing. I as't him to sing the old 

song everybody knows, 'Lore Me, and the 

World 1* Mine,' an' he couldn't even sing 

■ that. He'* a back number, so I shook him." 

Nine out of ten song writers name their 
songs from Incidents occurring personally to 
them or coming to their notice, and Fltzglb- 
bon* Is no exception to the rule. The shove 
related Incident suggested the twelve-word 
title of hie new song "Just Because He 
Couldn't Blng 'Love Me, and the World Is 
Mine.' " 


Many Instances of Quick work In the con- 
ception, composition and publication of a 
song are related, but a soug I* not the only 
tblng that a wide-awake publisher can ac- 
complish. A few dsys ago, Iildore Wltmirk 
planned an Important luncheon in ten min- 
ute*, and carrlod It out in thirty more. 

One of the purposes that brought J.. C. 
Williamson, the Australian managerial mag- 
' ''nit* to America, was to secure some musical 
productions, principally those of 'Victor Her- 
bert. To this end, one day at about a quar- 
ter paat twelve, he telephoned the Wltmarks 
for sn appointment at one o'clock. During 
the flve-mlnute talk over the wire, Mr. Will- 
iamson had accepted an Invitation to the 
luncheon which Wltmark had quickly decided 
should precede the busluess talk. 

Promptly at tba moment he arrived et a 
popular hotel near the Wltmark Building and 
was ushered Into a private dining-room en- 
gaged loss tban an hour previously. The 
eyes of the astonished . manager beheld a 
seen* which appeared to hive taken hours to 
arrange. The table, arranged for seven, 
was decorated with flowers and vines, and a 
fine combination display of the flags of Amer- 
ica and Australia. At each plate, luggestlve 
of Australia, whence comei the guest of 
honor, were placed small kangaroos — for 
Auitrilli Is also the place "where the kanga- 
roo* come from." ' A piano heaped with 
flowers was not the least of the features 
hurriedly but thoughtfully provided for the 
' entertainment of the guost. Accompanied by 
hi* American agent, Walter Jordan, he was 
welcomed by three of the Wltmarks (Julius, 
Isidore and Jny), together with Victor Her- 
bert, the composer, and Henry Blossom, the 
librettist, the two latter hiving been hurried- 
ly summoned for the occasion over the handy 
telephone wire. 

After a well-ordered repait hid been en- 
joyed, epeechci were next In order, followed 
by popular song selections. Afterward the 
party adjourned to the Wltmark offices, where 
the Impromptu concert wo* continued through 
a great part of the afternoon. Herbert 
, sat In his shirt-sleeves at the piano, accom- 
panying Blossom In selection* from all their 
musical plays, some of which Williamson 
later contracted for. 

Few outside of those "in the business" 
realise how frequently It occurs that acci- 
dents or contretemps la a scene- are kept nu- 
noticed by the audiences. Usually the scene 
or situation Is as often saved by the quick or 
clever Intervention of one or more of the 
players ss by the stage manager. In such a 
situation Mile. Dasle, the dantcute, former- 
ly known as "The Red Domino," came to the 
rescue at a performance of the'opern, "Alda," 
•t the Manhattan Opera House, and, had It 
not been for the manner and grace In which 
she stepped Into the breach, one of Hammer- 
•tela'* fine performances would, for the while, 
have been made ludicrous, 

Madame de Clsneros, who was filling the 

role of Amnerls, the princess, was entertain- 
ing some Russian friends In her dressing 
room, Instead of which, at this time — the be- 
ginning of the great third act — she should 
hive been standing at tin entrance with the 
King ready to enter upon the scene end as- 
cend the throne to review the gorgeous 

flrand open cannot be improvised to cover 
a stage wilt, and Mme. de Clsnero* had 
three flights of stairs to descend after the 
cue had been given. Mil*. Dasle stood dose 
at hand waiting for the entrance of the bil- 
let which preceded her, and Charles Wilson, 
iho stage manager, discovering the predica- 
ment Just as the music for the regal en- 
trance began, thrust Dasle's hand Into that 
of the King, saying: "Play the Princess." 
There was no time to meditate, and In s 
moment the wonderful little dancer was seat- 
ed on the throne from which she had often 
been wstched by the Princess she was now 
Impersonating, during the graceful gyrations 
of her Oriental dance. 

But who wonld lead the ballet? This was 
the puzzling question she wis putting to her- 
self is she watched and applauded the re- 
turning warrior* passing before her with 
gorgeous trophies of war. Finally the bal- 
let music began, then Dasle saw at the en- 
trance the prima donna, de Clsneros, making 
ready for her entrance as danscute. With 
an Oriental veil arranged to disguise her per- 
sonality, the singer tripped forward to the 
footlights on her toes. Then came an In- 
genious bit of bnstnes* that saved the scene. 
As she approached the throne, the King 
arose and bowed as If to acknowledge the 
dancer. Posing himself between the ladles 
and the footlights, gave them the opportunity 
of changing places and identities without 
the knowledge of the audience, and the scene 
proceeded without further delay, Dasle fin- 
ishing the Eastern ballet with her piasl ac- 
companiment of great applause. 

After the opera was over, Dasle assured 
the prima donna that of all professions she 
preferred that of a dancer, while de Clsneros 
declared "I should have died If I had to stay 
on my toes another second." 


A vivacious little woman dining with some 
friends at the Imperial Hotel Cafe recently 
waa deeply chagrined at I well deserved re- 
buke which she received. 

At the next table, with her hack to the 
group, sat Mme. Nazlmova, the Russian 
actress, now tilling the BIJou at all perform- i 
ances. She was awaiting friend* with whom 
she was to dine. The little' woman at the 
other table, whose party had evidently at- 
tended the matinee, was regaling her friends 
with confidences concerning the renowned 
actress, all unconscious of the litter'* near- 
ness. Her conversation, easily heard at a 
distance of several feet, might lead one to 
think her Mme. Naslmova's closest friend. 
Finally, after hearing some observations In 
which there was no word of real truth, Mme. 
Nazlmova turned In her chair, and said : 

"Will you please speak about me In I 
lower voice? There are several friend* of 
mine hear by whom I do not wish to know 
everything concerning me." 

And there was deid silence at the other 
tnble, for Mme. Naslmova was quickly rec- 

« i» 

Benefit for Mrs. Rankin. 

Mrs. McKee Bankln. whom the women of 
the stage are to tender a benefit perform- 
ance at the Broadway Theatre, New York, 
Thursday afternoon, Dec. 12, Is quite 111 at 
her borne In White Plains, N. Y. Request* 
for contribution* have been sent out to her 
numerous friends In the profession, and many 
have responded liberally, but according to 
the finance committee — composed of Kthel 
Rnrrymore, Blennor Robson, Blanche Bates, 
Julia Marlowe, VlaSa Allen, Grace George, 
Annie nus«ell, Frltsl Bcheff, Maxlno Elliott, 
Elsie Jnnls and Kffle Shannon — there Is a 
lack of small subscriptions from the general 

The committee would be glad to receive 
any amount, however small, and even an 
order for a single ticket would be appre- 
ciated. The price of the tickets are S3, and 
thoy arc now on sale at the Broadway The- 

♦ «» 

'■man Leases Broadway Theatre 

The ,. Broadway Theatre property, at the 
southwest corner of Brondwny and Forty- 
first Street. Now York City, has been leased 
for a long term to Felix Ismsn, of Philadel- 
phia. The existing lease on the theatre ex- 
pires on May 1, 1900, when Mr. Ismin'a 
tennncy will begin. 

Mr. Ismsn took the lease, which Lltt & 
Dingwall had refused to renew, at mora than 
the present 140,000 rental, for a long period 
at a rental of $70,000 a year. It was ru- 
mored laat week that when be takes posses- 
!!° n i e ..? e » r from next Ma J. he will remodel 
the building, tearing out the Interior, and will 
rename the theatre the Sam Bernard Music 
Hall. It Is to be transformed with new gal- 
leries and la to be the home of Bernard, who 
Is Boon to sever his connection with Charles 
iTolitnan and go under the Shubert manage- 


From the Henry W. Savage 

Henry W. Savage, on his return from Chi- 
cago, will begin the organization of a Boston 
company to present his wonderfully success- 
ful operetta, "The Merry Widow," in Boston. 
Two companies In the United States are al- 
ready presenting this musical sensation of 
Europe and America-— the New York com- 
pany at the New Amsterdam Theatre and 
Ihe Chicago company at the Colonial Theatre. 

Fred Frcsr, who originated in New York 
the role of Mr. Nlsh, with "The Merry 
Widow," ha* been transferred to the Chi- 
cago company. Hla rnle bos been filled In the 
New York company by Harry Blakemore. 

Two leading-players In New York have 
asked Henry w. Savage for permission to 
copy the groups In the comic opera, "Tom 
Jones." as subjects for old English pictures. 
The scene* in the comic opera have won 
much admiration for their accurate represen- 
tation of English life one hundred and fifty 
years ago. 

To secure "The Merry Widow" as the 
opening attraction at bis new Lyric Theatre, 
In Rome. N. Y., Frederick I.uescher paid to 
Mr. Savage the biggest guarantee on theatri- 
cal record for a "one night stand." 

Audrey Maple has Joined the "Tom Jones" 
company at the Astor Theatre. Miss Maple 
waa Fantnna last season, '.n the play of that 
name, and formerly wa* with "Veronlque,' 
when she was the flower girl. Louise Gun- 
ning was the prima donna In "Veronlque," 
and In "Tom Jones" she and Miss Maple 
come together again. 

Owing to the determined Insistence of 
George Marlon, the well known American 
rtaoe director, upon a perfect "first night" 
performance, the French premiere of Henry 
W. Savage's production of "The Prince of 
IMIsen," at the Olymnla, Paris, was post- 
poned to Dec. 5. Originally the piece was 
scheduled to open In Paris on the evening 
of Nov. 28. but sb the date approached Mr. 
Marion decided that the company, composed 
of French. English and American players, 
was not In proper shape to open ; and so he 
demanded that the premiere should be de- 

< ■ > 

Another Forepaujrh Stock Co. at 

Manager George F. Fish, of the Olympic 
Theatre, Cincinnati, 0., advocates a chain of 
stock companies. The second link In what 
may be more tban a prospect, will be added 
when he takes charge of the Majestic The- 
atre In Indianapolis. This theatre has passed 
Into the bands of the Anderson-Zlegler Co., 
of Cincinnati, and It has been turned over to 
Manager Fish to direct 

He will put In another Forepaugh Stock 
Co., with Lucille Spinney, now of the Cin- 
cinnati stock, as leading lady, and Priestly 
Morrison aa stage director. Gilbert Ely re- 
sumes his old role at the Olympic, Cincinnati, 
and Edward Lawrence, who was treasurer 
at Cincinnati, will go to the Hoosler Capital 
as resident manager. Edna Elsmere will re- 
turn to the Olympic. 

Mnjr.tlo Stock Co. Hn« IndlanapoII* 
Ennaifement Next Summer. 

Joseph Byron Totten, of the stock company 
now at the Majestic. Indianapolis, authorizes 
the announcement that he has completed ar- 
rangements for a fifteen week engagement for 
his stock company in Indianapolis next Sum- 
mer, beginning May IS. Theodore Gamble 
will be leading man. Mr. Totten declined to 
name the opera house with which he made 
hi* contract. He asserted, however, that it 
was neither the Empire nor the Gayety. 
Arnold Daly's New Play. 

The first new play In which Arnold Daly 
will be seen, following his abandoning the 
one-net play Idea, will be produced within a 
few weeks. It is a dramatization of "My 
Mamie Rote," the autobiographic story of 
Owen Klldsre. 

"My Mamie Rose" was published In Eng- 
land under the title of "Up From the Slums.'' 
It will probably follow the revival of "Can- 
dida," the next change of bill at the Berkeley 


Julie Opp Co. Author of New One Act 

A one act play, by Mrs. Win. Faversham 
(Julie Opp) and Kate Jordan, has Just been 
produced in Dublin, Ireland, by Martin Har- 
vey and hla wife. It is reported to bave been 
enthusiastically received. The piece Is en- 
titled "The House of Pierre," and the lead- 
ing role la that of a blind man. 
Julia Marlowe'* New Play. 

Julia Marlowe will call her new play by 
James Fngln by the title of "Gloria," taking 
the name from Its principal character. As 
originally submitted the play was "The Joke." 
The first performance will take place In New 
Haven, Conn., Dec. 20. 
Mary Shaw's Plays. 

Mary Shaw will revive Ibsen's "Ghosts" 
and Shaw's "Candida" and "Mrs. Warren's 
Profession," on her tour, which will open 
early in February/ Lynn Pratt, Harold Co- 
bll 1, Perclval Aylmcr and Marie Pettes will 
be In her support 

»» ■ - " - 

Eddie Foy to Chance His Name. 

Leon Friedman, agent for Eddie Foy, is 
authority for the statement that after the 
new year Eddie Foy will use for his stage 
purposes the name which Is bis by right Ed- 
win Foy Fitzgerald. 

♦ ■» 

"The Easterner" Is Goodwin's New 

"The Easterner" Is the name of the new 
play which N. C. Goodwin will produce dur- 
ing the season. It Is by George H. Broad- 

"Ann-ela" In London. 

"Angela," a farcical comedy, adapted by 
Cosmo Gordon Lennox, from a French play 
by George Duval, mot with a good reception 
nt the Comedy Theatre, London, Eng., even- 
ing of Dec. 4, when It was presented for the 
first time. Chas. Frohman produced It, and 
Marie Tempest rondo a hit In the leading role. 
4 » » ■■■ — 
Church Alliance Benefit. 
The Actors' Church Alliance will gtvo the 
ley, "In the Boup," written by, ana under 
he direction of Irene Ackerman, at Parish 
Hall, West Forty-second Street, Dec. 10. The 

following will BBslst : Mrs. Katharine C. Fay, 
Ottlttln Ilnpjiold, Chas. T. Catlln, Ollnda 
Drescher and Cynthia Irene Ackerman. 


Frohman Get* French Farce, 
' Charles Frohman has obtained the English 
nnd American right! of a new fares by Pierre 
Veber and Maurice Hennequln. entitled 
"Twenty Days In the Shade," which waa pro- 
duced In Paris Nov. 20. Mr. Frohman will 
S resent the play In New York and London In 

Gillette Complete* Play. 

William Gillette has completed a new ploy, 
which has been named "The Little Affair at 
Boyd's." Wlnchell Smith I* to stage It un- 
der the general direction of Mr. Gillette. 
Doris Kcene Is to have the leading female 
role. The production Is slated for produc- 
tion on Jan, 0. 

afaye Louise Altren'a New Role. 

Maye Louise Algen, who was of the sup- 
port of Virginia Harned, playing "Anna 
Karenlna," has Joined the Forepaugh Stock 
Co.' for service at the Olympic, Cincinnati. 

♦ «» 
llay onnr, N. J., Theatre Burned. 

The Bayonne, N. J., Theatre, at Avenue D 
and Twenty-third Street was partly de- 
stroyed by fire Tueaday, Dec. 8, and the 
telephone servlco between that city and the 
rest of the country was cut off completely. 
The fire started in the cellar, from an un- 
known cause, and spread quickly to the 
three floor*. The "Alcazar Beauties" com- 
pany, owned by the Sattler Amusement Co., 
were suhTerers from the fire. The damage 
done to the building Is estimated at $18,000, 
but It will be reopened as soon as repairs 
can bo done. 


Leave Vaudeville for the Mines. 

Thomas F. Kelly and wife, professionally 
Kelly and Violet, announced their retirement 
from vaudeville In Cincinnati. They start 
for Mexico City Jan. 12, and will devote 
their futnre to the development of ■ gold 
mine, in which they are large and profitable 

• i» 

Clowns on Rollers -at a Cincinnati 

A new amusement wrinkle Is offered at 
Fred Noll's new rlnk In Cincinnati. George 
Mots, of the Rlngllng Brothers' forces, will 
be tbe leading clown In a twenty minute cir- 
cus on skates. 

Whose picture appesrs on the front P*I* f/f 
this week's Issue, has for years been popular 
on the vaudeville stage. She has won dis- 
tinction as a dancer, and gives banjo solos 
and Imitations of the old darkey banjolst 
appearing with her mother, under the team 
name of the Kramers. They will Ml In De- 
cember for England, and Maudie will shortly 
appear In musical comedy. 

* i * 

Real Christmas Pantomime. 

A genuine holiday pantomime will be pro- 
duced in New York Christmas week, by Chas. 
E. Blaney, under the title of "The Bad Boy 
and His Teddy Bears." It will also be a 
big extravaganza. Introducing ballets, targe 
choruses, a half dozen comedians, numerous 
vaudeville features and a wealth of me- 
chanical and electrical effects. The book of 
the extravaganza Is by Chas. B. Blaney, score 
by Ted Coleman. 

This production will be by far the most 
Important of any of Mr. Blaney's numerous 
undertakings. As Indicated by the title, the 
popular Teddy bears will be an Important 
feature. Four of the principal characters 
will represent bears, ana perhaps the most 
elaborate scene of all will show the under- 
ground home of the bears. Another big scene 
will show a mountain side, down which more 
than a hundred Teddy bears will slide, helter- 
skelter fashion, In a climax of fan and frolic. 
Still another scene will show a circus, where- 
in many genuine circus acts will be exhibited. 
All In all, the production Is intended to be a 
tvplcal holiday attraction, particularly de- 
signed for tbe youngsters. . 

In tbe cast will be Harry Pllcer. Willie 
Barrows. Josle Barrows, the Six Dancing 
Belles, E. T. Scott, Wm. Piatt, Doyle and 
Inelee, Rhodes and Engle, Richard Burton, 
and a dozen or more well known vaudeville 
players. The first performance will take 
place at Yonkers. Dec. 10. On Dec. 28 the 
r, Bad Boy and His Teddy Bears" will be pro- 
duced at one of New York's largest theatres. 

* i s 

Keith Lenses London Theatre. 

B. F. Keith last week granted a long lease 
of the Princess Theatre, London, Eng., to 
Albert Oltmcr, who csme over from England 
on behalf of a syndicate. 

The lease of the London playhouse was 
purchased seven years ago by Mr. Keith from 
Lord Howard de Waldron. owner of the site, 
with the Idea of Introducing continuous per- 
formances on American lines there. But tbe 
difficulty of converting the theatre Into a 
music hall and satisfying both the London 
County Council and the landlord were so 
great, that after several legal fights Mr. Keith 
allowed the theatre to remain empty. 

Mr. Gilmer announces that the company 
he represents will spend $80,000 In altera- 
tions on the theatre, and begin at once, 
hoping to bave the theatre open next Sum- 
mer, when they will produce the new drama 
which Arthur Conau Doyle has written for 
Mr. Gilmer. 

* »» 

Reuben Castana* a Clever Animal 

Reuben Castang, who trained and Is now 
exhibiting the twelve Hagenbeck elephants at 
the New York Hippodrome, has brought those 
animals to a high degree of proficiency In 
going through their tricks. ' 

Through an error, It was recentlv an- 
nounced that Frank Melville trained and 
operated these elephants, but to Mr. Castang 
belongs the credit of Introducing some of the 
best and most effective tricks ever shown In 
New York by elephants. He has the big 
brutes completely under control, and they do 
some remarkable things at his bidding. Mr. 
Castang trained these elephants In England 
and brought them to this country for Hagen- 

*i » 
Paplnta's Body In America. 

The body of Paplnta, who died on the 
stage of the Apollo Theatre, Dusseldorf, on 
Nov. 21, arrived In America laat week. It 
will be taken to Concord, Cal., where Paplnta 
owned a ranch. 

« l t 
Pllmmer Leaves Empire Circuit. 

Walter J. Pllmmer has severed his con- 
nection with the Empire burlesque circuit, 
which he represented for some time, and will 
devote himself wholly to the management of 
the twenty-five parks under his control. Paul 
Wolff succeeds him. 


Keene. — At the Keene Opera House (A. 
W. Qulnn, manager) Grant, Hayes & Swaf- 
ford's moving pictures to largo business Nov. 
28. Grant, Hayes A Swafford's moving pic- 
tures to good business Dec. 8. "Coming 
Thro' the ttye" to a large audience 0. Daniel 
Sully 7, "The Rose of the Rancho" 0, "Uncle 
Josh Perkins" 20. 

Notb.— The Dreamland (C. S. Fuller, man- 
ager), moving pictures and llluatrated songs. 
Good business prevails. 

^— — •— — — • 

Manchester— At the Park Theatre (John 
Stiles, manager) the etock company will give 
"The Great Northwest" 9-14. Buslnesi Is 

.Nickm, (Manuel Lorenzen, manager). — 
W. C. Aiken, Nettle Baron and Billy Evans 
are drawing crowded houses. 

Mbchanics; Hail (Dan E. Gallagher, man- 
ager).— Claudia Bessette, M Casavont, and 
the moving pictures are seen by large audi- 

Nor* — Fox and Carber returned to their 
home at Franklin Falls, N. H.. 5, after a 
successful year's work on the Western cir- 
cuit. They open at the Olympic, Chicago, 
New Year s week. They report that "Blutch.' 1 
a feature of their act, made a howling suc- 



»■<<•» iJA tbe Broadway (J. K. Heslet. 
manager) Dec. 1. B. P. 0. Elks memorial 
service was very Impressive. The best local 
talent appeared In musical selections. "Wood- 
MS d ~ nl i e l tne non «o *■ 8. "The Vsnder- 
bllt Cup" 7. 8, "The Show Girl" 0. 

Ldlu (Dick P. Button, manager).— Week 
of 2, the Lulu Sutton Co., In "The Day of 

£2? l P 1 i? ,,t W w, » ,n . C ?!* Morr, » ,n » singing 
specialty. The Lulu has had excellent patron- 
age. r 

Grand (Ed. Cort, manager).— Gray and 

SS? 0m J. K 'n ty Bn *r-"™W«H Stf Onge 

the moving pictures. Business la on the In- 

dSSPJCL. M - CUlrk ' manager) —Bob 
Si. SL*1S ffi ?&X™ ond canln « special- 
tles. the Musical Brennons, John TJrew. 
Mansfield Bros., Elona Leonnrd nnd Geo 

fnj? r w 0D r, ,7c8 ! le - LlvlD ? 8ton ' motlon Pictures 
and Walter Jeffrey snowed to big week 5 ! 
business. Show was excellent. 
Park Stmit (Wm. E. Krclter, manager). 

7ZY e *« of «, 1, Stuart Roat,ne - Illustrated songs 
and new films. 


UTAH. . 
Ojrden— At the Grand Opera House (R, 
A. Grant, manager) "The Heir to the Hoo- 
So b ' ™ nr S 9 \ u , d, *' w l 28 ' Checker*, full housed 
20, WcbPs Minstrels good business 80. ^A 
Desperate Chance" Dec. 1, Florence Roberta 
0. 'Thorns and Orange Blossom*" 7. 

■ABC or 


y An exquisite fragrance as ^ 
of flower* attends the pres- 
ence of the woman who 



—the new perfume from 
France, the latest of 
Karkofl, — marveloualy con- 

For sale everywhere 


Send four oents to pay postage 
and you will receive kbiolntaly 
free a sample bottle of l)jer- 
Klaa and a Djer-Klsg sachet. 


chambers St.. New York. 

Powder and Djer- 
Klss Face Pow- 
der Perfumed 
with DJer- 



It is not like the cheap, ill smelling greases 
usually sold for "Theatrical" We made 
Hegeman'a as good as we knew how—bet- 
ter than most creams sold at fancy prices. 
Hegeman's is pure, sweet and good. It 
quickly removes the most obstinate make. 

Hall Pound Tin*, 25c; On* Pound Tint, 45c 


Our assortment of make-ups, powders, 
grease paints, puns, paws and pads and 
other things for stage use is very complete, 
Our prices are famously low. 

Make-up Boxes at 35c, 46c, 60c, 
■nd $1.25 Each. 


(A Corporation) 

42d St. and Broadway 

(TIM1B8 BL.DQ.) 


7th Avenue and 149th Street and 
126th Sire it. 3d Avsnui. 

Lenox Avsnu* and 644 Fulton Street, 
126th Street. Brooklyn. 


A Liquid, Antiseptic and Non- 
acid Dentifrice will penetrate the 
little crevices of the teeth that can- 
not be reached by the Tooth Brush, 
cleansing and purifying them, and 
imparting such a fresh cleanly sen- 
sation, as to become a joy to the 
mouth and refreshing to the whole 
system. ^ 

£!•. FOfl HOBS VOICES M?.' 

Act LlkeMaglo. Clear tbe Air Passages from Coliu, 
Congbs, BronoblUB. Full box bv mall, 80c. Sample 
M William St, New York. 




in* paares of the cliitkr will be 

lasertesl at these prlce.i 

■laarle Colama 95.00 

Doable Oolsuass (10.00 


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. CATALOG of Professional •»* 
I AmsteurPUvs, Sketches, Monc- 
. logs, sllostrel Jokes, Feci MMot* 

. . _> Mako-UpOooas, Etc.sent (•BBS- 


THemmco twins 

Meivy <2ee>/esft/es. 


K>hoTries lo Juggle 10 Balls . 

Popular Snlerlainera . 


In Scientific Demonstrations . 

Mepfiisto 'Siodeme . 

TheFemaJe Conchas 

€leclrical fns/rtrmenfaliar* 

imaiyHiV FrJend. 

, JACKmse 
Co/Je^eKid" <?omedh& 

, f 

Ms FjeaNgois 

T/2ef&rveJous/2croba/s , 

ii > 

cuMPBem &brody 

CJubJu^lers & Dancers , 


* J'se Lectin at Youse . , ' 


fn «/7 Wood/and Moo/ndf. 

TAe favorite (roster Seam, 




December 14, 





82 or 38 


HOPKINS k ALLEN BBVOIjVBBS are widely noed bj stage peopH 
ifcnase of their high quality and low price. The shore model— 
WILD WEST RBVOCVEK — li especially desirable for melodrama and 

for otw 

Catalogue Of 
Shot Gum, Rlflii 
and Rtvolvtrt. Free. 

Western Shows, because of Its ihowy site and plstol-Ilke appearance. 
DESCRIPTION — A long barreled revolver — large ano very showy, 
large stock and blued octagonal barrel, a half foot long. Hakes a great 
•bow from the front, and especially with 38 calibres, a very lood report 
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82 calibre, 6 shots. 

Sent by MAIL, POBTPAID, anywhere In the 0. 8., for 84.B0. BAFE DB 
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Em, with triple nickeled barrel frame and cylinder, BO cents less In either 82 or 88 
entlon calibre wanted when you write. 

THE HOPKINS A ALLEY ARMS CO., Theatrical Dept, Norwich, Conn., V. S. A 
Largtet Uanufoctvren of High Qrode Popular Priori ftresrsw (» life World. 



Tiit t class engagement only. 
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Our 1906 STREET- 
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moth Catalogue lust issued, soo. Jast out, list of 
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Maks. A. BOTERBERG. TO Ontario St., Chicago. 


Of Every Description. 


Broadway sjssj 38th Street, H. T. City. 

of Theatrical 
Boots <fc Shoes 


SHOES a spe- 
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uRoor prices on soap, they will interest you. 
Bpeclal Dept. for making private brands with at- 
tractive labels. Money-getiere of big value for 
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E. M. DAVIS SOAP 00., 

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"Tell It To Me" 



For sate on all trains and news stands, or by 
mail, as*. Address kzra kewdall, 

8 Oadwell AvhAMayneld Heights, Cleveland, 0. 


Substantial, loud, pure In tone, 
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references, catalogue, with full 
Information will be sent on re- 
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Wanted, for Mystic Sliriners, 



B. D. HOROAN, 3303 East 6Jth 8U, Cleveland, 0. 



With Cards, Coins, Ribbons, etc., 

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I Illustrated C a talogue Included. 

Address OTTO MAGIC CO. , 

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AiBStntnt Palace, Moving Picture Theatre 

Equipped with electric plant, Pathe Cinemato- 
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630 Full Upholstered 
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American Seating Company 

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ore Silk 

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Large List of New Proles* 
slonnl and Amateur Plays, 
Yaudmiiio Sketches, Suae 
Monologues, Minstrel Material 
1 JokM. Itmlcal Plena, Hesita- 

tion., I>ln1offnrA,Mal.'C-upUood»,ctc» Catalogue f>-e<s 

T. S. DENISON, Pub., Dopt. 17* Chicago. 


After . Shaving 




and insist that your barber 
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Try llmncn'i Tlofef (Borated) Talcum. 
Newark, N. J. 

Guaranteed under the Food and Drugs Act, 
June 30, 1906. Serial No. 1642. 



Sit Ait.. Hi 2711 III 261. Sir. K» Yort, 


PARISIAN CAFE, t : MCBIC fl.90 TO 1 A. M. 


Seattle. — At the Grand Opera House (John 
Cort, manager) Ca've, assisted by Renee 
Chemet, vToTlnfste ; Hon*. Lloyd dAublgne, 
tenor, nnd Mons. Camllle Decrens, pianist, 
presented an artistic programme to an en- 
thusiastic audience Nov. 26. Marie Cabin. 
In •Marrying Mary," played to crowded 
houses 28-30. Max Klgraan, In "The Man on 
the Box," week Dec. 1: Maude Fealy, in 
"The Stronger 8ex," week 8; Frits! Bchcff, 
In "Mile. Modiste,' 1 10-18. 

Siattlb (Russell & Drew, managers).— 
'The Royal Chef," week of Nov. 24, proved 
a good drawing card. "The Rollicking- olrl 
week of Dec. 1, "Tne Land of- Nod" 8-11, 
local 12 Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 13, 
14, Primrose's Minstrels week of 16. 

Third Avbncts (Chas. A. Taylor, mana- 
ger). — The Chas. A. Taylor company present- 
ed ''The Octoroon," week of Nov. 24, and had 
excellent business. "Married Life" week of 
Dec. 1. "Camllle" week of 8. 

Lois (Alex. Pantages, manager). — The 
Pantages Stock company presented "The 
Nominee," week of 24, to good business. "The 
Ensign" week of Dec. 1, Clay Clement, in 
"The New Dominion," week of 8. 

Coliseum (D. Q. Inverarlty, manager). — 
Bill week of 2: Onsttl Sisters, Jack and 
Bertha Rich, La Belle Estalllta and Garcia, 
Hammond and Forrester, Gracey and Bur- 
nett. Preston Kendall, Eddie Eoesch and 
moving pictures. 

Pantaqes' (Alex. Pantages. manager). — 
BUI week of 2 : Luculla's panthers and leop- 
ards, Davis and Walker, the Bustlcana Trio, 
Coleman and Mexls, Gllllhan and Brocee, 
Arthur Elwell and moving pictures. 

Stab (Frank Donellan, manager). — BUI 
week of 2 : Lewis and Lake Musical Comedy 
Company, Nellie Martini, Musical Bells, Cole 
and Cole, Roy McBraln and moving pictures. 
Orfbeum (William Morgan, manager). — 
BUI week of 2: Murphy-Whitman company, 
Falrman and Raymond. Rah I Bah I Quartette, 
Everett Sisters, Augusta Malson, Geo. BXeane 
and moving pictures. 

Lybic (L. N. Bosenbaum, manager). — Bill 
week of 2 : Moving pictures and Illustrated 

Family (John Lord, manager). — Bill week 
of <t : Landauer Troupe, the Two Orre, John 
Burke company, Lavern, Klngsley Broa, Jack 
Grift", Hass? De Varra and moving pictures. 

Notes— Every effort Is being made to have 
Manager Cort'a new theatre, "The Moore," 
completed In time for presentation of 'The 
Alaskan," week Dec. 29. Much work remains 
to be done, but It Is hoped all obstacles will 

be overcome Eden Musee will reopen 

18, under the management of W. W. Ely. 
with select vaudeville and varied attractions. 

What action the city authorities will 

take In regard to the enforcement of the Sun- 
day closing law, Is still In doubt 
Spokane, — At the Spokane (Chas. Muehl- 
man. business manager) "The Yankee Re- 
gent," with Toby Lyons, John Collins, Wal- 
ter Smith, Clara Berger and others, played 
to capacity, Nov. 24-26. Elsie Herbert, In a 
soubrette part, scored a personal hit. Max 
Flgman In "The Man On the Box," 27, 28, to 
standing room. Fannie MarinoOF, a new mem- 
ber of the company, displayed talent that 
won Instant favor. Stetson's "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin," featuring Uabel Hill, as little Eva, 
drew a packed house, 29. "The Vanderbllt 
Cup' 30-Dec. 1, "Qulney Adams Sawyer" 3, 
"The Land of Nod" 4-6, "Are i"ou Crasy?'' 
x, "Woodlaud" 9-12, San Francisco Opera 
Co. 13, 14; "The Boyal Ctef 15, 16; "The 
Rollicking Girl" 20, 21; Maude Kealy 22, 
23; "The Man of the Hour" 25, 26; "Yon 
l'onson" 28. 

Columbia (Geo. M Dreher, manager). — 
Wlllard B. Feeley, Maxlne MUes, Blanche 
Bryant and Robert Barrett scored in "The 
Man Behind the Mask," week of Nov. 24, 
the first two named. In the leads, being par- 
ticularly well received. Business was Dig. 
Mr. Feeley has lust Joined the company as 
leading mar,. "The Cowboy and the Squaw." 
with Miss Miles as SllYerbeels, and Mr. Fee- 
ley as Bronco Bob, was the next play by the 
Curtis Comedy company. 

AuDiTOBiuit (H. C. Hayward, manager). 
— Jessie Shirley, as Joan Templeton. In "The 
Primrose Path," showed her versatility week 
of 24. She was supported by George Mc- 
Quarrle and Anna Cleveland, a new member 
of the company, and the Shirley Stock. Jack 
Araory was well received as Cartwrlght. 
Business was big. "The Judge and the Jury" 
la underlined. 

Pantaqes' (E. Clarke Walker, manager). — 
The El Did Fonl, Mexican cyclists headed 
the card week of 26, doing the banner busi- 
ness of the season. Others were: La Zar 
and La Zar, Leffingwell, Fletcher and com- 
pany, the Sharrocks, Hardle Langdon, Leo 
While, and the pictures. 

Washington (Geo. C Blakeslee, mana- 
ger).— Preston Kendall bad the first place 
on the bill week of 24. Others : The Musi- 
cal Bells, Jack and Bertha Blch, Gracey and 
Burnett, Hammond and Forrester, the Four 
Onettl Sisters, Pete Dunswortb, and the blo- 
graph. Big business. 

Items.— c Herbert Moore, Mayor of Spo- 
kane, gave this statement to Thb Clippke : 
'When I was a candidate for ofilec, 1 did not 
declare for the Sunday dosing of saloons, 
and I am not now opposed to keeping thea- 
tres open on Sunday. I believe questions of 
this kind should be submitted to a vote of 
the people, but I doubt If Sunday closing 
would carry In Spokane, our people are lib- 
eral-minded, and they will not abuse any 
privilege. While the Washington Supreme 
Court has upheld the validity of the law 
requiring theatres to be closed on Bunday, I 
do not helleve It wUl be enforced In Spo- 
kane The Boatonlan Sextette pleased a 

large audience at First M E. Church even- 
ing of Nov. 20. C. L. Btaats, clarinetist ; 
A. A. Moulton, violinist ; Carl W. Stockbrldge, 
'cellist, and Melva Clemaire, soprano, scored 

In solo numbers Harry Wood Brown, 

baritone, formerly with the San Francisco 
Opera Co., has opened a studio In Spokane, 
and wUl present a series of light opera by 

omateur talent this Winter Dorothy 

Steele, a member of "The Yankee Regent'' 
Co., visited her father. Col. Richard 8. Steele, 
editor of The Harrington (Wash.) OitUten, 
during the engagement of the troupe in Spo- 
kane John K. Cordray, formerly man- 
ager of the Washington and Columbia Thes- 
tres, in Spokane, has been transferred to 
Denver, where he will superintend the com- 
pletion of the SuUlvan A Consldlne vaudevUle 

Tacoma.— At the Tacoma (C. H. Herald, 
manager) Sarah Trnax, in ''The Spider's 
" Dec 1. 2 : "Th» ITnl» rM*» >r _ i.v 




iT~ *•- ".•- The Ho1 * Clty,' r with 
Luella Morey, 3 ; "Qulney Adams Sawyer" 6, 
Maude Fealy, In 'The Stronger Sex," 6, 7. 

Q&akd (Dean B. Worley, manager). — BUI 
week of 2 : The Eddy Family, Jack Lyle, 
Three Kobers Lyndan and Wren, McCreedy 
and Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Monroe, Alice 
Wlldlmere, snd the Qrandlscope, . 

Stab (John McCabe. manager).— The Star 
Stock Co., In "City of New York," week of 2. 

o. J*J? <P - ?.S T J lr ^L m « na « e r)-— The Gerton 
8tock Co., In "The Christian," week of 2. 



Oklahoma City— At the Overhoiser (Ed. 
Overholser, manager) "The Girl from Over 
There" did well Nov. 28. " 'Way Down East" 
had good business 29. "An Old Sweetheart of 
Mine drew good business 80. "Bed Feather" 
hsd fine business Dec. 1. "The Clansman" did 
fine 2. 

Convention Hall (H. Harper, manager). 
—Mrs. Flske, in "Leah Kleschna, 1 ' did a fine 
business Nov. 26. 

People's (Alton & Alexander, managers). 
—The Chase-Lister Co. closed Dec. 1. The 
Franklin Stock opened 2, with repertory, and 
all of these attractions are doing One busi- 

Just a little on 


is delicious. It adds zest 
to Welsh Rarebit, Maca- 
roni with Cheese, Chttse 
Toast and Chafing Dish 

Lea & Perrins' 


Jobs Daaean'a 80ns, Agents, V 1. 




CURED by a secret process 

fragrance and charm all its own. 


Sliced Plug Pipe Tobacco 

Kaj ihe lirgetf rale in the world. Il anokei 
cool to the end without waste, and does not 
blow out of the bowl. For over fifty yean 
the name "PATTERSON" on tobacco 
baa been a guarantee of high quality. 
Pocket Size, Tin Box, 10c* 



THOUSANDS have discarded the idea 
of making their own cocktails— all will 
after giving the CLUB COCKTAILS 
a fair trial Scientifically blended from the 
choicest old liquors and mellowed vritn 
age make them the perfect cocktails thai 
they are. Seven kinds, most popular ot 
which are Martini (Gin base), Manhattan 
(Whiskey base). 
The following label appesrs on erery bottle: 
Guaranteed under the National 
Pure Food and Drosj Aet. AP- 
proTed Jane SOtb, 1906. Serial 
Ko. 17I»T. 


Bole Proprietors . . 

Hartford New York London 

There is Beauty in 
a Litholin Collar 

com lor t and economy. Being water- 
proofed linen they look like Uiieu-an* 
when soiled, a damp cloth will v>l* 
them as clean nnd white ns when m«- 
Utholln Collars and Culls make 

An Ideal Christmas Giit 
Collars 25c. Culls 50c. 

For traveling and dally use theysdd 

comfort. Do not crack, wilt, nor it-<>- 

If not il daten, ttaA Byle. iue, numlCT «»■ ' • • 

with remittance. ud«e«JII nnll.l""*!" 1,1 - , 

Cittlogue of new x r l«. fret •« W~-<- 

THE rlHKRLOIll CO., Ut»l. J 

1 WtT«r!r J PI., N. T. 

II- ( 



MtnytrfltOIBl. „*jJ »( 

• --jlCBRRt A BOTH*!, 

KtlTOttU;. and BtisiMEsa MaMicaa. 

-\y.<t< raa 

teee new yobk c:l.ii>p3kr. 

■* * r 

•*„ ,-i «..■«. / i ,-. «i.*. ; 



. ritereil Intte A. 187ft. at the Post Offle* it 
w.tT York. N. X,, as second clnsa matter, andet 
ft* set of March* ».- lKfc ; - 

AnreHtsemenrJl 1 --*!!.*." nor" mr-b, stogta eolaain. 
A..]tertI«ea>eDni setwl'h Isirder, Iff per et. ntra. 
St HS«*rtU'TIO\. 
' oie rfeir, In 'n'dvanee, II; lit nAofbs, f2{ tbf<* 
K.Gibdfli. Foreign postage ettra. Single copies 
fcl.l he &tk? pMtimH. , <'* receipt at 1ft cent* ' 
Os(r.'l>ra»«,«rrt Cimh. , 

THB rUPfKK. Is Itwiiart every Wednesday morn- 
in* Tne last (one-; itulvertlsliiai l'»*« «H» iTO 
oPFSS oa Saiatday at 1» *.«» and tbo otsoe 
,,t|es r.n MONDA » »»'«• TBaWDAa 
Til* For"** rinnln* Promptly, Taea*- 
itay nt Aft i.Vtoct^ X. M. , 

plena, remits hy express money , order, _rb*ck. 
fr o crire ill usta, enclosed 
»itb InKt ia at ib« rink of -sender. 
a.drfre*» All Crttiimnnienilons to 

41 West: "Mrh-stteVt, »-w Turk. 
tt/tftterrl Tall* AtUrtut, "Mttmarrt." - 


f Tjtii fa IWXA Is located at Rnnm.KtVJ, Ashland 
Hio't, Chicago. John T, Priuce Jr„ .manager sad 
rorresnnndenr. where atlTcrtlwoWHifa and anliscrlp- 
iltxut are rocelvisl; at our regular rate*. . . i 


I/>raf*d at 11 J^lecstar -Street, .N-icester Hqnars. 
Uaaasavwi «•* Hear/ Om a r fiiblteri, .nvausgi-r, 
nkerc. oflrTtlsemonis nnd ushxcrlplioha ar« ■ re- 
nted at out regiitAr Tales: • ','.,' 

■I'ji* r.iirrnt.Mi* «a OnfaiNsn wrtni.s.siT.s age 
Rcr»n.', at our tcenta, Kront.inn'!! noWi de|iot, »7 
\ toon* 'lo .l'<.ij>frn, ParlH. Fnoe*t- lHamonil Nowa 
'(» I"''. p™<M. 'Jlavannf '.Manila Uooli anil-Sln- 
il.u'wrr <"'->.. IMMaatlB, ^latillh, J.'.- l.j.AIlwrt * 
'.-un, i.n-llit) Klnc'St., rfjaney. AnslraUii. . , 

nil: Si:w VOTIK ft.ll'PKIl paMiafcea 
«»!»- nnr pAltloit; aud tlint la dattcd ISowf i«rk. .*W '••! 

n . jj.-i i ! i. i .../ . ."j„: 


ran Ropllra llT Mail «c TelrarapH. 

•Lnna*>?iS r.rf wii'itawmoriM kov ttriir. Ai.n 
in gi.e^to? nurtc flfioin.n wr.rra >rn vanna 
•iifr.j- «i*>t. •■< "*** •» THH CMPPRR Pour 
rMaaav aiaj-UirrMRa *iij.'jia anvaatima f/Na 
wen: oNi.t. lr tub norrra <n» *kt Tminucai. 
Marl** i* pntejiV, Hffinfrn orra mat a* Docraa 

HH im'iH[« Killft WjfasTO' 8CHU KOir.H 111 

mn. n« Truvin»rif. 

S.B-,.ColiOf3. — -We have nri rrrorrt (if tho 
whortabouts of the party. 'AdflresR a teller 
in our cerre, and trc trill arlTofflse U in Thi! 
ri.ippDit tettet Hit. * ■ ■ 
ToMtr? Tflf. tVwxd," 
H. S., Cteroland, una -' v • , 

2, I*„ OhstbAm. — Hc« .nnawer' fo ' H. C 
nh-iro.' i • r , ......' i . 

JltBy.ANi.'.-^-wo. neyor reply • tn .querlea re- 
l.-.tlr.g. In tho reliability. of -any .iin?., 

S. .la h„ Alh'nrJy.-^-al.'uny of: the leading 
vaudeville I m i un throughout. th,e country 
ivlil-.glrt a trial performance If an net seem* 
io trarrantilt., ... • ■. . •',-• . . •. .', ' 

Ui'.; Clevpl'iln.1.— AduresRonr mopic-piio- 
llshfng ndvertlRerS: ' ■; ■. ■ '. ' ^ 

II.- 1... St; Lmils.— Ian erfdentiy fnetin Dirt 
•'.nrraan. , .Vddivsa hlra In csjoat (Ma, office,. 
.-inn * re -tvllr nW.Ttlse the. M.r>r : In i'liu 
I'LIITna leflor list., . . ', . 

lilt II All DS, POOL, ETC. 

P. N. • H.i Cntila.— No; • tho balls do itol 
count for tlio play. „ ••- . 

, CARDS. -, , , , ■ ■- 

. T.- D.,; Wheellns. — IU wits oWfgnd to show 
fiK whole timid. .... : : 

A. B.C., Hull.— The 8 Mnj mlsslnfr, IE 
arts not jtatrnlfiht flnsli. . ~ ■■ • ' 

. . 1IISCFIJ.AVF.OI S. •»■' ' - ' , 

W. JX. R.,-Mianeapol'la. — Artdjreaayour ciiierj 
tn the Secretitty. -^1! thp Ji»xj, Avnahlngtrtn, 
HsG ... i j. . . : j ..: . . -. ■•; 

3. P. M.t-iSnlllTnn nml ' KlIrnFn fonght 
H»v*nty4lT» rrtuntlsi ...i . .: ^'. - : . .'■<- •' 

Oohstant RraDisR. — Addres.^ ■ tntTOffHts, 
Mndiiio flqflflfe-'^irtdeh; No* Vortfclty, 

i " i ia — ^^fc^jj^,^ ^^ 


« 1 1 DPP r Burean, ' 

14 I.plot'ateT Street, ' 

f.elcrater Square, 

London, W. C. 

NOV. ao, 
Almost without exception, fho. crltlcd i - e- 
ynrd the performance af Ornnrllle Bnrker'n 
piny, "Wn<«te," aa a complete jitntl(lcatlon of 
ine action ot the censor, who utterly declined 
la license It for public cnlenalnment. It 
was .Mr. Itortfnrd'H refusal to license "Wo.9te" 
iliai hrnnght to an Issue the eagerness of the 
dramatists for the abolition of hla office. 
'I noy were unfortunate la tills respect, for 
■Waste:" will. proluibly prove a citation fatnl 
Jo i heir ease. The performance at |he Imperial 
'Ihealre on Tuesday afternoon was seml-prl- 
vaic. nrgiinlxed by the KUxe Society, ofle of 
miiny associations existing here for the pro- 
Oiiciinn, by nnhaerlptlnn, of erotic, eccentric, 
•<t - nlbvrwlae cninnierclally Impossible plays, 
there was n truly ilintrngiilslicfl ntidlenco, 
Mid ir should be frankly stilted that lu Hie 
Vinlliles of then Irani i-rattsninns'hlp, llter- 
»fy charm nml faithful ,H>rtr:iilure, f -\Vnste" 
MM (pilte wnrtliy of the consideration of lit- 
erary raeu ana other connoisseurs whom It 

"Wasle" i oils the tragical story ensuing to 
'lin casual sensuality of a brilliant iwlltlclan, 

l'-nry Trobell, who, In n mnd moment, which 
[i* compares to a 0t of druakenness. madu 
'•■w io Mm. O't'onnell, a prem-, foolish little 
•'reutitre. temporarily apart from her hus- 
Inml. When .Mrs. O'CoftncIl fold Trebctl that 
wie was ulKMit to become a motber, It is 
jt'isslhte thnt she Ibought he would co-operate 
iu. divorce proceedings and innrry her. Hut 
|>'iili uriimr friialiDCKS be informed her that 
'"ve ha d played no part. In Ws conduct, nor 
'■niiid do so. Mrs. O'Oonnell mailiil to '■ 
iier.i r io ( | S doctor, und died uader his hands. 

in the parlies combined to repress it public 
ii-andnl— Mrs. O't.'onnell's husband, the pollii- 
V, '^ders.. lint the prime minister mado 
11 Plnm to Trobell that: ills political career 
jra.i at na end .without hope of renewal. 

nr.iy nngered by this, partly uncered by. the 

limn-ill timt Mrs. O'Contiell had cheated 
uni ot the possession of, a child which he 
ii-ally ileslmi to educate, Trobell committed 
Miii-iite. livery incident and every emotion 
">nitlhBtlng lo Hie structure of (fie play Is 
•n-eiHsait without reserve. Xdrman M'-Kfn- 
n ?,V »'»s,enst tor Trehelt, l«it declined. Ornn- 
niH lir|iter therefore played the part. Almec 
"' Uurgh ployed Airs. O'Coanell. 

unco more the London playgoer Is tnnlng 
EP.MWJft "Hall, Columbia." On Wednesday 
SrlZB* J,e *' smk Idea" was Installed at 
'^Apollo TbeatfA, temporarily under the HI- 
i'™J2 ot H'fhert Sleath. Its success was 
K5WU and pronounced. There seenin to 
Mr* been a little duhtty otl.the part of rhe 

i^«^yy>r^rt|iev«i^^>^i^v^Jw^»^^ W» w <M *» ^*^) 

at Jicts new to (be metropolis. | 

"Like a Thief la. the Mabt.' 

Last afternoon and. tor the re- 
maindec of the week Milton and Dolly Nobles, 
presented ~ af ' Pastor** trtejr new . drama 1 1c 
sketch, written by Mr. Nobles, and called 
•■Lite a Thief In Ike Night,'" It -Is a com- 
part l.(UI«.pl.iy, wlil-u Hiurts out most proot- 
lelDgly, unit keeps nr> a tense tugging at the 
auditor's: Interest inroiigliont. Mr. Nobles 
baa Mtld.n'U III lie slory well, ntW It has the 
added t irtur s.l. lielllK -cnpllally pluyed, the 
author, as un cx-convlct, Mrs. Nobles as ihe 
sitter whom 1 be, hasri'L'iwe'n for .years, ahd 
II. K, .Slgglns, as tlie.hasbund. . tnklna tlielr 
respei'tlvi 1 . mleu'wifh AerfrM skin. 

'ITie none Is I he Hhrnry of John Fowler, 
and The>lliOA ainiul. mldalgrit, .rnstrjis' .fowler 
und his wife have r.-mrn it from Hie opern. 
The Hu<:1iAiut I* surcmnnerl nway Iry a call at 
the phone, and after ho lms gone Ulchard 
Lofen^, it- enlivvlef 1 . w(it> Tiifsjust. csrjped'froih 
prison, eniers the room, by t he library Wln- 
aow.' 5fr^.' Powler, nlnrnarsl,' demrtjid.s Co 
know: wliur his nifsdou Is, ami hf) lell.t her 
thhf Tie 'InteHds In kilt, her inisb-jnil .when 
Ihft latter retuniR.home. , i . >i 

... During, Ids ctiuversotlon wllh Ine wife Is>- 
gan learns Hint the wnrann Is really h(» own 
sister, -and ulinougK lilt 14 Milt very bitter 
ngirlint FaajlUi whoni he w.tuies for pfcsalni; 
criminal clKirges against hint, he' consents to 
hkle behlml t'fie ctirlaltJs -as Fowler returals. 
. fowler, then tells Ids wife that hbr loos; 
lost brother, cammed lu prl.-.on' for veins, has 
been pardoned .through bis (Fowler's)' ef- 
forts, and, lis gives her nionoy and, the par- 
don to present .to wogjo. who Is now. thor- 
oughly repentant and nnhamed at having; 
ever entertained the. Idea, ol killing Fowler.' 

The act. which ran altoiu fifteen minutes, 
on the full Stage;mnde 'a line impression. 

■ ' " ' #»» ' ■ ' — >—■ ■' 
, • . "THe In Oct I Ili> Jollier.'- ' 

Florence Onte ang rnrapnay. 

Tlo«>nce 'riairt Is'A Very'gooit aclross,' ,ner 
.play, "'ITte ,(llrl Who l».»red"- U • 1*1 Igbi fully 
wrlttch and nicely staged, and Iter supportlna 
•suniiany K all Urn. mulil be. destreti, WIHt 
all l his la favor of the Utile production 
■,vnt<h Miss dale nuwlee.nt Ihe Flffy-elglilli 
Street Tbeatrc list weefc. It was' small woti- 
flcr'lhat the'litifflear-eitAt ttirnngh the twentf- 
irva minutes. rea,ulr«iil hy the leiilhy of ,lbe 
slory wllh eVefy MMri M pteaatire. , 

Mlsd. flate Is well IctiiAvn aaNanV ot Mew 
Yort, and is good erjimsti In histrionic abil- 
ity -to ois'iipy :i lilgli plan' In .inefropiiUlun 
iliealrlculs. '.She l,s a , isiplldl coinedh itn», 
hil<t'can'lhV'qlierai|.t In nada attire with g«md 
I'lTect., The I litre mi a who aid lo-r, iitid wlro 
appear ns.fnlber, lover anil yervanl, respi'i- 
lively, do prniAiiworthy work In her sirppnri. 

II. Appears lit.tUn.story tlntC the dnititliter 
of n certain iJermiiTi general f.-te-ls ngnlri^t 
the pni, r'. choice) of .1 fi 1 1 ~ I > : n i . 1 for her, and, 
n, me fui nrc husband Is unknown in ihn 
•ramlly,' the'trlrl ttetiermlnes to ataWMOTMil 
aa i ho vouii;; man in iiue.-nlnd. and can»i in;- 
fnflier' lo heromfc '.finroiigltly. n*tsSBStrA wllh 
the irtl't Mllait sweetheart.' All rjhes vvetl 
until ilir null siiltof, a young .lleujeiiaut, «n- 
pcars on 'i in- scene. The lieutenant nskk the 
siillpovit yniitnr nmh nlioiit; the girl, wlroin 
;ie life's not.lMiow, nitil wle.-a lie ,;i:U nn mr- 
swr-r reflecting upon tbo young Intly hn warn •: 
to cimiienitfi too> a duel. Ills 
manly hearing nuikcs such nu Inipretwhui 
niton tbetglrl thnt tvlien- »lm B forced to dW- 
clnsn her IdenllW. she has colfte In Ionic 
favorahly upon him as Tw stilrot.'and 'nil 
ends.' with \Ve*llng 'bells. In prospect. Tito 
little pi. v.- runs about twenty-five mliiut??. oa 
thefuJl 1 slage.' " 

tweAn | C. Haddo* Chambers antf t^ubert 
Htnrjt DnVles, jaj published. Th« rrtll«J» T- 
mrirkctt.nn H, llkjenesa bettrrep. Navies' play 
"The Mnlhtse" nud.. Ohnrobcr*' play, '"Bie 
Ttranny of Teat.V flpimhsrs a.-kwl tor u 
copy of Davles" ncrlpi.^o that he might isirp 
pare, .and, AifMirn htniself. Unties refuses nn<l 
suggests lluit CMakera should attend a per- 
forma noc of "The Mollusc."' with Ills* mni 
kcrlpi. on hi.- lap. 'I'bls I'fdi-s. like the. breach 
of it long XrlemlKblp. i.'harobcrji claiming that 
iMvlea *aa » kind ot protege. ; 

On Stiuinlnv lii:-r, "Miss; of Holland, 
wnc plated for the tbi-ee hnnilrcdth time at 
lha rrjnist af/VilW' Theatre. A souvenir 
was dlstrlbutis). 

♦A M. Itcnspn hasr- managed a week of 
Khnkospcari;. wltih Ihe co-ii|Hirn)lioii of law 
a'.ilhoritkis of .sinffield fnlverdij. . , 

We have lieen greatly Interested here In 
the news irnnt- Australia of Heorgf Rlgnnlirs 
nuirrlirie io Zenn t 'njijiln. a tliiugliler of the 
old gt'titleaiau who to ho. called Ine fa- 
ther of the aim nil Inn stage. JflrU MM 
ago, tieentH Klgnoltl was .-lecnuntrsl llto imnil- 
i.iniesi ni.iii oil Hid tCllgllsh Hinge, 

.In tin Hare, will soon, l.iive i-umpleted hw 
farewell roiinil ol the ,ir,nlneliil cities, lie 
inivms -lo revlge "Tim Uny Lord yitcg" III 
lown Ihereal'ter. _ 

AilK-ir a -Jr. -villi, r has prtvmls.jd to fulllll 
ah engagement ill the I'oiirt Thenl.iv In -lite 
Mprlng; hut be Is very ntigry ,vollh the iiewn- 
ujiper ineti .who Jumped to 1Ue conclusion 
i hm It. would Inviitveii :"coslt\r play," ; . 

iK. nr a •"■in- ii-'s si'i-ur-d nil acting rlglils 
in Sriutlcv", We>nt'tu's novel, 'Oinint lltlitDl- 
bill, iitiil will prtsliii*o n ploy, fti.shloneil tboto- 
from pert- M|, ,'fho story buglns wllh IM 
massacre, of the • Huguenots. .Ctitint llannlUtil 
I'Ufi'i'S (Crilll i\. |»eimlll'll| womini. who' Itaieti 
hun, Ihe promise to become Ida wife. In 
the course of cvenlx t'lotbllde Iteconum the 
passionate lover atid devoted slave ot her 
llllsli.ttvil.' f 1 t . j j. J 

Mabel Banllnc- has at|(rfcafnl» resisted a 
elalm, -preferred 15 the luw cottrls by M. 11 
I.eayitc that alio could only appear la (.on 
don under his management. 

At t,hp tiiNtam-e.of ihe Theniflcal Mana- 
gers' Association. Ilin ittirrcv Vaudeville Syn- 

Maml : Bnrrtafonr, Tora'.B«rm»f»fil'<i wife, 

hat* ncroilrerk the Coliseum Then t re, Itrlglitoa, 
She will. op*rt It with pantninlciit on Dee. 'M. 
i A dividend ctiniit In HlVt per cent, hat 
beeii: tleelarw) In respect of (Tie Pnvllloiv The 
ntre," ttlosgnw, wlileh began to succeeil di- 
rectly It: wa-s niu as an loilepemlonl prnr»- 

slllnu. ,:»'..< 

A conipuiit hruhern lornied to run the 
rnrlotiN, i-nictprl-vsj lielnnglng to the I'ooln 
fanilly. (of tnyrlornma tame) In tbo went of 
Knuipnd, ,, l : 

Arthur Plavfalr, .whoae earlier stin eases 
were scs'tireri by the mimicry of actors, /ipens 
at ihe Ktnptre, Ij«lcester Sqilnre. on XTnuday. 
in n skit, fntllJed' "ThtT Nouiensor," Ho will 
liui'lesipio popular favorites In refnreitrc. fn 
the question ot the hour.. 

An Important addition litta) been made lo 
the ,M«s«-iCin|iIre j-lrotil,! — namely, or the 
t.rttnd Theatre, Tlli'mlnghani, l.itllf s-'oine 
ivvsiiv years titro, by- iihe )»!«• Andrew Mel- 
vine, who I'tltl flu- foniidalloii of Ills !ffiiin,itO(i 
I'oi'ltine lieie. wits run M .1, 
W. .Ttirnei', i in* I'liiii.tu-, o|»-i-ii singer, as u "If- 
Kliliiiuii'" Jtoiise. Ili^noviilwl nml Improved, 
It will iiowiK' ti vast vattilt'tlll" House. 

t*tani lltiry, tiie pgent, win! useil lo lid R»r- 

rJiMford'n manager, was -married 1 in Knte Rft- 
i ir In n on Mom lily. 

I) Is n st ra,iigo thlajg tlujt lhtrel, of thn 
Kitrtnial tleiievn, 'who Hiiggesie'tl the tragical 
luliiiodrainit In w1il)-li. rli-vorn. will appear nt 
ihe I'tllace Tneptte on Montlny, Wns Itriltall.V 
iiitirderi;<l short Ivhfterwarils. 

V-iMng i-oi.ipleteil :l nrilllnnlly snceesstill 
sennoii :il Hie Limdnn Illpptslroue, the .lack- 
s«n' Family ,<1C Ajiietlcin cycllstt now heglh 
tile St. ill tour. - , . 

IttVley , and Meelcy nrttv lenvn town, for 
Itrtis^els, uiiibir engagement in Pur- 
risl'i'trd, tot (lio Alhninhrn, there, 

<';is»-ell und Atiiold are Just now at Urn 
ApnlTo Uiikse|ilnrf. 

Klliel Whllnsldea atid nor plcVnftlniilos aw 
nl. tin- .Vlh'itiilinu Urigli'-in. ■- ■ • ■• 

■ i ***■ ...j 

otu (iiiiiiio it: i i in. 

•A new act. hv Chas. Horwlfz,' was given 
last .wefk. at thn Union Hquare. by licnrjr 
and Yofnig, entitled -The Irfirjevllle Jofllet/' 
ivhlrh ili*erril > d' fo hnVe thil rfglit element. In 

II., .The i*am n|>«iie<l the show, and nlihimgh 
hn-ndlcnppnii ,1o thai extent. ..the little »keteh 
seemed ,- to; impress the audience rtvorfth I y.'' 
Lonevllle. Nexndni in rbe.scehnof. the story, 
with tbo incidents happening In Ihe eilllnrlnl 
Kanetuni of the ,/o/lf, r. of ihht. place. Thn 
village cnt-np has flared a prank upon Brs. 
sle . Soiilhher. tile- edlrnr, and ' when ' Patsy 
Lynch, a tdrapdod showman, wahrters iutu 
her prtsonen nho tttkes him.fnr :.-nmebody el.^e. 
lint. It iransjiiros Hint slu-'iind f.; : heh art phi 
friends,, having lieeh boy Anil ^Irt together, 
n rhl when Bessie getsl u. hiirwlrctl dollar, check 
In the- mall .£ com an tnsiern tnagnxlue for a 
story .she hits Kent on, she generously shares 
the ranney with t-jtirh, i.rnt lulls lilm ihu 
she will start, his riVoWout a'Satn. The act 
inns about fifteen.: mlmites. In three. 

. ^ . '' * • •'♦ ?• ■' ' ■ 

■ i . eor«e ■»'. ifcr^ra!. - • •" 

• At Pantnr's, lnr.l-, weetifleorgij V7, IT-T^rs, 
.t Western . blltlrfni-e . perforoiei-, who', calls 
himself "VntL ChojjV on ^la annoiihc'smeuts* 
fttade the liestof Somif good p'nrorlles, and the 
audlence|.:llked hint well .enough io nit hint 
for several enenrea. . . . . .. 

■ 111.1 few minute.'- of toll: did. nol -ntlvniJce 
hint in. the giind gt.ire^ of hi* Auditors to any 
markflrt-exterir, bill he w*a hr smooth G-afecj 
wben he strnck -the pai-odti*s, and hla easy 
manaViT -Knii <te»r ennnelatfun- rMrrretf- -the 
thij. Mr. Frors hnsjsomo good inaterlnl, 
n,nd..enn -ttijl .iurt.Iier : Improvfi his apeclaity 
by geiilrig some Muppy-'JokA.*', • He occupied 
the Mag-- ulwiijl Iw.'iye.ijilniitcs,. In one. 

— i — ' *»»;>• • ' ■ ] ■ . •' 

i. * .. . . .. Tfc'e Aah.«»a. , 

A colored team ■ of singers and danccra, 
known as The Ashore,- made the 'atfdlebces 
at 'ihe'Mldlon Siiriare Inst. week acknowledge 
lht*in' very wniThy vHtertalhcri fh.ttfelr'llBe. 

Tba glcl Is..very anod'. looking;; nml .the 
ynilth alsohasapfoaHnigsra'gVi presence, JJoth 
CAD shake, ihcjr feet J u- lively muutier, pur-t 
tlcnlai-li the.maJc aierabeq of the.te»ui,,.who 
has snme'llrnt class eecentrle steps Which- he 
executes sjaaiially. . Mittf-nreaSIng »tk Aft tb< 
npecinliy nicely, and (be success made Iry It 
waat a- decided-' on-. It , about eleven 
MiilTnj fci >i'e" ' .•"■ ,' 

.^^.^^iMMia— U-j i ' - im i i " i 'in i" 

.1 , »<» "," '■ ; 

. i . .- .Ilium le l.niHs. . 
In his "impersonatfonx wltlutit the aid of 
mAke-ntt." Jftnmiif r.ticjis, ax,. the TSvcnity- 
tlilnl .Slfeet Jut week, got. nway' from, tba 
sioreotvtieil '"Next lie nri (rnpe?sqnn,U«n -fit 
so-nod-So.' Milch 'so pften falls upon the ear 
wearied wifh Ibsl sort' of ililnir, nml lllHl got 
n rut delineations, of ■ ydrloirs Types In" lit* 
HOtlfiS. '• ' , . , , ' , ' 

lie Is young arid nlmble-fonted. eniers iipj 
nit his work with undisguised and iinnffrcirii 
eWthnalAsm7an'd gets Idln. the Kriod (•ra<*e» of 
ihe oaea mil .in front froin ihe .rerjr.alarti 
{lis lienijiiii Is .good, lint , his Hebrew, wlili'h 
closed "ihe net MM Mohdny...vtas. the heat t of 
I hem all. The net. wj.s well liked, nuil il,-, 
kerved the npplause given II, I.tuns lielil^tlie 
slAffc jtLonL twelve mlaiitiw^llt-'rjie. - - ? 

♦ »«■ ,j 

Pauline I'ntill nuil the Bowery floy*. 

^Biiiline Ta till, who htllis .hrjniclt na. "The 
East 3Ide Fluffy "Unfiles,"" gave a very enter- 
taining aot #i ,1 ini. Week j acalated plhyen ori mn.-re.-.l 'cr.hi.-dr hefnre she' Wns 
by Ave "'Bowery, i)nyj." . -. h qiuracedlo pl»,v the, higeiiite In "The Sfns «'«C 

.The young fellows Wlo'ptay fh* Bowery rseclTty." nt tiiir r/rnry Mn* Theatre. Is now 
hw» were eicellenb, ttfo-of fheM-'-scrappIng" 
hi typical -ri.ugii stylo , over tbelr "goil,"ond 
tnc-ti innLlng up In impulsive and .genf rolls 
mpnrier. A hlgnl.-,' cnl furrld Boston . hoi 
wendern Into the crowd, ilrjorr tBcinwtui 
sbma hlgh-poiiniiing phrases.- und finally o;ef« 
unummy ,wlth.ihem. ,Thc J'.i.i Side i.'lutty, 
ln.-a'''rtear-ntf | ?Brpr' M ™*riy the ntylc'of that 
iteryi mrtch over-Advertised und orer-rbteH 
se/lej! of plctnrcs, look*, f ilony und Mlktf slunk 

dli.ate.ia frank-Jliicriniiahton eiutcrxii), liiut 
l/eon Ilnf-n Oft for running "Vt'Age plnyg." " 
, An' cxttnvagn'uy.a, called "Tlii! Itotisn of 
r/urbV: la ■played, nt Hit* 'I'lvoll, moslly hy" 
fX If. SutVielle. lren.i Verona, f. 4. D$|las.antl 
]-:tln-l >'i-*i-.'ii,i. . it i the .peerage na 
inav lie Aihin Socialism trliunplis, , • ..-, 
.-Mere, on- Mnndny night, 8>\vmoiic Hides 
will make hln first experiment, in vaudeville. 
lie will prndnco a nlnvtei .called -A lirr-s 
ISfhenrsal."" wlileh itepcnlls far Its fntt nA 
mluilcri'of pApiilar fnvorives'. Cyril t'lensy, 
Vi-tio .tVcently madA such u hit nl the Pnfnce 
its a mimic, will ntay nlttuy of tbenrirts'. 

"It af ifow iteftM lual'""Tfte t:hrlslliiii" will 
tllii.n, wtBlle Hf tllff Slmfti;s1i'.ii , ( y when III* 
season nt thiiLyeeMin ends; 

I'ipgajripeiits itli'.ililv nitide for Ihe protttiO; 
lion nl" -"Hie IVrith IK Atigimi," it tie New 
Them re. on Ike. Ittj Itii-liige those Of. Jerrnltl 
l:nln*rt Shaw mid Nina Itoiirileaiilf. 
•""•HN. AVIggs of "life ((ahhage Pnlcli" ho4 
now recrirded two hiiiidred niid-ilCfv perfonn- 
niice* 'nt the. Ad, IjMi:-. 

Adrlenne Agarde, who iras mAInly em- 

Hie a native.. The. gjiecJa^ty Is. pur. on jvltji 
plf nt? of rfctlAti ohd ginger, tfie boys betta^" 

nOjtiirally, and sing and dance well, and M . 
Faull keeps right In the spirit of thlnegs. . The 
Pastor tfiiarrrir-en' , greh'trynrhcrt the ncl , which 
ran nltoitl eighteen minutes; In 'one. 

i . . ; 1 i «1 > " . 1 . . 

Ttfr^T mitt Pierce. 
" 'A 'pal/ of ' ft'erara'n 'comerDHhs, ferry and 
Vlerce, .insde v ,tlie..t'.'Uen iSiiuoce the.acene ot 
a' massacre of JCnglish last- weak - , In a bit- of 
nenvtease that- InAilen sqii.iraiy. Tliey arir 
quite ruunv witli their minced. dialect, their 
mukn-upa. are good, and their dnhclng "rtiMs 

to -the act; ■ - ' ' '• ■ ' '•",•'■' ' 

The trouble la catyted principally ItAcanse, 
ohe'of thA teajn fries, lo drill tile ofh-er'lhfo' 
fhP'enrre'ct' fti/y 1o order a.mijal 'tchusf like 
n .lady,"- nn/l attet- .tliey ,"h,Ave') worked ' t,hom-< 
reive.; up Into a fury over the affair, ,lbey 
ttecidq tp. dnpee the hanj. /eeUngs awny. .'iho 
act runs utfout. twelve mlntitis, la one. 

ta •■-•■ •■•-■ ; - *••'■'•' "■•■'■' '• • ' 

f'<S, m J t l r, '^ ot T "' ith tha Playbill a pamphtec, 

Mgnea by Charles Hentr Meltter. was clrcii- 

-,vJ' Ssnerally, In commendation of the play, 

tjt particularly explaining the curiosities of 

nrrnngements of Ihe, parlies should seem fferi 
from offiinse )n the eyeii ot this moral rae- 
divnree In America, so that the matrimonial 
t ropolls, where, to bnve been divorced. Is sup- 
posed to carry a stigma, lauigdon Mitchell s 
comedy got there Jnst the same. It is hold 
to lie witty, Ingeiilo'is and nmtislng. Some of 
Ihe naines of the characters have had t o be 
changed, ■ for they belonged to well known 
people here. All thn characters are entrusted 
to typically English performers — for Instance, 
Ellis Jeffreys, P'roiterlck Kerr, Ethel Mat- 
thews. Frederick Volpe and Edmontl Maurice. 

Forbes Robertson has not been very fortu- 
nate In hla recent Incursions to town. On 
Moudny night be opened at Hid Savoy for a 
senRon, with Bernard Shaw's play. "Cnjsni' 
nod Cleopntrft." This ultra-familiar nnd 
frivolous treatment of a great tradition is 
not liked at all. It Is n beautiful "prnrhte- 
tlon." flerfrtide Elliott plnys (."leopntrn. 

At the l'lavhonse, oa Tuesday afternoon, 
Cyril Mintde made trlat of a comedy, enti- 
tled '"li'ldo." ndapted from tiie Krendi, by 
Kva Anstruther. it Is easy to see that Mr. 
Maude was nltraelcfl hy a iurtlculnr dinr- 
acter — not by the Intrinsic merits of the play, 
one has lo go buck lo James |i;ittwlsCle"s 
schooldays tor an etplunntloh of Ills nick; 
name, "FRlo."' • Ho was foolishly dovoled to 
n Itlg. overhearing fellow, Chnrles Marshal I. 
'Jhe youngsters loHt sight of each other for 
many years. Then, Marshall suddenly In- 
truded to Ihe domesticity of the forty year 
old Erttwlstle, and resumed their old rcln : 
tlonshlp— the bully of schooldays having be- 
come n bounder of a ve.ry bnd type. En- 
ta-istlc tried loyally to revive his old flouso 
of hero worship. Then, there was a straggle, 
and Marshall went to the wall. Mr. Mamie" 
is nolle good as Entwlsllc. In conjunction 
with ""Icldn"' there, was plAyed a ottc act 
piece, by Eric Lewis, ihe actor, called "A 
Lesson in Shakespeare." It manipulates a 
familiar sltiiatkm with success — that of a 
stagestruck aristocrat . who . falls In love 
(over the fontllgblRj to. find that hln Ina- 
morata Is happily married, nnd nearlng fifty. 

• When "Tbo Kdncntlon of Kllxubetlt"' was 
irodueed at the Apollo Theatre, Blltabefh'n 
laitt-hearted acceptance of elopement as n 
means of teaching her hushaod n lesson was 
generally condemned. In preparing his play 
for production at the Hiymarket, where It 
was Installed on Monday, Mr. Ilomiman has 
mollified this incident. Increasing the nmuslng 
qualities of the play. In tbe character of 
Elizabeth, Miriam Clements is replaced hy 
llllda Aniony, a clever actress from Ihe prov- 
inces. ■ 

WhMi "The Now Boy" traa produced nt the. 
Vnndevllln Theatre some twtlve years itgp, 
if owed moeh of lis su.-cess \n ihn ludicrous 
exhlbttlpri of'M'eedoa Orossmlth, da a box 
eent to f-chool UUder n ai'Vere master— hla 
diminutive stature having caused him to be 
mistaken for a pupil. Io tbe revival at tbe 
New Theatr* on Wednesday, Orossmlth plari 
no part. Hals succeeded by I^dn Lion. But 
John Beauchnmp as the cedagogue, and the 
statuesque Gladys Qomfrey are still avail- 

At the Vaudeville, oa Tuesday, Charles 

Ilnwlrey revived Cliarlen Ilrooklleld's adap- 
tation of "Kecore," known as "The Onckoo." 
H Is ot the fnmillar Frcncli lj|ie, affording 
llnwtrey nn opportunity ot which he mnkes 
full use. 

"Edwin Prood" was so great a *.ncees» nt 
Cardiff that Kcerhohin TrcO has dett-mlned 
lo make Its reproduction Ills first Inislness 
In town. Coinynn <!airr makes Drood run 
owny to avoid murder, and to reappear in 
ill 1 ..' course. Tree's John Jasper la allowed 
to be one of the linest thing* he has ever 

Every year the Water Bats, a benevolent 
nnd social aggregation of vaudeville celebri- 
ties which exercises Incalculable Influence; on 
the business in England, given a serieu of 
nfternoon performances to . fill lis treasure 
cheat. The last and most Important nt these 
ulivnys fakes nlnce nt. the London Pavilion, 
und runkos h feature of a daring mm*, tin 
.Monday nfternoon n skit enrltleo "1h«' Popu- 
lar Workhouse" was played." Poplar Is a 
Ruiiurli of I .onilnn. nnd It has recently enjoyed 
a Hcnndnlotts distinction by. reason of fnei ex- 
trnvftganciiH of lis pauper relief. Idle Tramps 
nnd venal ofilelals found themselves In a kind 
of paradise. Imagine, therefore, the wild fun 
of "The ('..pillar Workhouse," by Wu| Tliik 
and I'red Ivtirno. Among the exponentn of 
the joke were Hurry Tate, the McNaogbtoos, 
the Dclcvtnca, the McX.'onhclls, the OrlOltbs 
Brothers, Nell Emerald, Oeorgo I'rench nnd 
Apollo, not in mention the constituents of 
tlm crowds. Managers looked on with their 
mouths watering, for, nf course. It would be 

quite Impossible to produce "They Popular 
" 'orkhouee" In the ordinary, way of business. 
May Palfrey, who Is Airs, wecdon Gros- 


smith, hits acquired from W. S. llnngbiin a 
play entitled "Worthley's Entire," which she 
•will shortly prtiducc in London. "Entire" Is 
a technical expression In brewery, and guar- 
antees Ihe quality of beers. 

"Irene .Wycherly" had an admiring auditor 
In Ihfl king the other evening. 

John S, 1 tiiyilnn, who died last week, wns a 
sterling actor, much esteemed us a member 
of Wilson Harrett'a company. 

Fire, destroyed ihe Palace Theatre, Rhyl (a 
Welsh seaside resort), on Sunday. Ihe loss 
la |::.10,iiiiii. A touring vaudeville company 
occupying the theatre ut the time Is stranded. 

"Love's Conquest," n play written around 
the Russian Empress Catherine, by fSordon 
Holmes, lias enlisted Ihe favorable considera- 
tion of Ernest Carpenter, one of the Lyceum 

A pfay enltlled "The Agitator." hy Mrs. 
Oscat Dering.-r. will shortly be prAdiieed AS 
h curtain raiser for "'Urewsior'H Millions," nt 
Ihe Iftckn Theatre. Mr- Herlnger i- the 
mother of throe well known she is 
most famous herself as the adapter ot the 
authorized version nf "Little l»rd 1'Atint- 

It Is the prond boast of the/Playgoera Club 
to have procured a visit to the pantomime 
for O'l.tiOu poor children during tbe past six 
years. There tras a concert of vast dimen- 
sions In His Majesty's Theatre on Sunday, to 
nine funds for this year. 

A correspondence, Increasing in anger, be- 

uf /■• ilisps:llloii to. try vaudeville, tsho tins 
tax ehifAzi-mciit OswaltV-fltoll. ' , 

Mat Derowflkl,. Hlo baby tnaefilrn, In run- 
dueiins tim.iireiiejtra. ai inn. Hippodrome for 
n month. , .... 

, r>wl J "'Tv l irller rttolti.s fo' ttfe : LyrliT'TTie- 
nf're ori '.".tnridif.v nlghl. .lTeAvflll Jitttrt off with 
a "re'vlvol' nf, "Mnnrteur Riiaiicafre"' lint .lie 
wlll'dd'-nnhln Jltioo"' for phrisUnna. . 

,t/«rl- Hrn,iBrhel|,-tho.pi*<>cfl<w enjraver, .who 
founded .and; firmly cstahllnhed 1 ho Play- 
goers' Clnlv (situ be eniertnlned nt. dinner 
early.'.ln.ifho new jyoar; .BeorholiultTreo pre- 
side... i .*.'-•.* ' 
■ Braristry Williams rfvo'ws'lhn InleiWIon h( 
taking a lhenlr,n nt the .West Klin" of |/ihdOu. 
to-- prndiieit a tsiT*le*t of plays' fashioned tram 
the linvejs'of Dlelertf*. So, be withholds' c<h> 
slifeVfltlAii of many offers innpppiir In yituilo- 

vllle; • . • .' .'./.. 

. 'M.^.rvingtrjr.jjs ci"et>l.l;eiVwlth.n,de4lre for 
London iiiiiuHgcniciii iigslii— -uof At i.ho lui- 
po;lai. .i 8l|i would prottui'e'jiplfly by.J.iHni't' 
ley Mannei-s. .••: . 

Simula Marstlfi^." ,Mr a- lnng.tlinii."lendin(r 
lady" at Ihn London •Hlppodronio, has been 
engagsd. ifo play fjarHn; MHter's pnrl- wheti 
"•'J3ie..,ijlils..or flotherrberg" .1st sent: on thn 
read. It b . - ' I • •.'..' '* ■ i 

■iMnnche*ler has- always heeA it grAfltloiVii 1 
fAr-panloinlmr.-IMt neems in he '.ftUiilteulirglii 
lt-H nnlni-.-' Al. Ml« of (lie | heal res- they An-, 
nmlnce'ii-sheefnl prodnetlnn At- "Miter Hook 
of .HMIaiuI. lo rtm'lhrongh the Winter." 

flhatlen Wyniftjam's recent pejfomiifnre, at 
Court, At "Sflll Wafers Bun Deep/' a tf,ntctcd 
rt good ileal of notice. Hu will therefore glvn 
a apeclnl Nriitrnoon performance of this old 
fashioned piny, nt the New Theatre, on Due, 

AdelliHl flenee wns entertained at supper 
by Hn director* of the Empire, fn rommern- 
omlton of her ten yenj-s' KCfvlce. 

Hull C.'olne has changed Ms mind— lie will 
not get to work on tli.1t play dealing wllh A 
■woman qnesllon nf stupendous Import Tho 
caw* of the unemployed artlzan has maidenly 
appealed to him, (tntl ho he Will write A 
piny on flic malignant influence which thn 
Idleness of tho breiidwlnmjc exercises oa tbo 
home. . . 

M uric Dressier nnyn that she has a mnslcnl 
comedy In baud, nml will produce It when 
tbo' opportunity appeals to tier. Meanwhile, 
nbe Is so delight. si wllh Tier sit nation nt the 
Ph-mre ihnt she l« holding herself gruteftllly 
at the dlsposlllon of Alfred Butt, "Hn bud 
ihe courage of Ills opinions." she says. "Tim 
others were afraid ot me, but Butt engaged 
me." '•'.'• 

Fled C. Whitney sails for America on 
Dee. 14, lie opens the Shaftesbury Theatre 
here on Easter Mondiy : probably with "Rob 
Roy." Haiti Mr. Whitney the other day: 
'Ton are ii rtthslriil nation, but wbnt you lire 
getting now Is only musical comedy— un art 
form where Ihe libretto Is, or should ho at 
tint first, and' the mnslc of the second Im- 
portance. I uni aiming nt comic opern, pure 
and sliaple, where the music In Ihe founda- 
tion of the thing. 1 shall engage an English 

Ocorge fllnnett, n member of the well 
known circus family. Is dead.' The first Gin- 
neif was an Immigrant from l'tnnce, many 

gen'ra ago, whoso srih, l.'rederlek flluiketl, 
itllt tip the el reus, nnd died worth tAtm.Ofin. 
• leoi'gc Olnneil, who died nt. Brighton, was 
l.'reflerlek'a yniingifst brother, alsn a circus 
performer, tuft not of like importance. Most 
of Ihe (BnnettR now uetire In thn nliotv busi- 
ness arc Erederirk (Jlnnetfs sons. Voting 
Fred, In particular. Is n primjieroim Ini- 
presnrln of music hall sketches und cxlrsvs- 

Seveial vntide villi* perforiunrs had nn luvlin- 
Hon tii.Kernlngliaui when Eugenie, ex-empress 
of tho French, ebtnrtnlned tbe king nnd 
queen nf Spain. They included Hurry Tate, 
who etpounded '■motoring," and Margaret 
Conner, the Palace clrl-nr- the. piano. 

Paul Spitdnnl Is home from Sonih Africa 
tn-diiy. The Pattl Fralil: Troupe nf Acrobats 
nre outgoing passengers, 

Waller tie Frfire, who has n boohing of 
Malcolm Seolt nt. the Tlieulre Boyal, Edln- 
inirgii, vainly Intoked the courts fo prevent 
Scon from nppt*arliig meanwhile at the Im-nl 
liltirr' i Thcnfre. 

Maurice Hrmnn, father of- the family no 
deeply conu&rtted ta theatrical enterprise In 
South Africa. Is dead. He used tn he In hits!- 
ntss At the fast Find of London. 

Monday, Dec. 10, Is now definitely appoint- 
ed for the reopening of the London Colleeiiro, 
There will lie an afternoon and evening per- 
formance, and a complete change of pro- 
gramme weekly. 

mom otm ow.v euuMMsonm .* 

., ,. I ■ II . . 

Weatern Darenli of the \. V. Clipper, 
5114 A. hta nil Pluck. 

■ . Dfltt. 7, 10(17. 

TH« Drat week In ' December litis iiroveii 
qtllle tin Inipniiiuit nne^ lu tbe iinrials ot Inenl 
Mint*, history, for thetchr we have hail our 
llrsil view of live alirueilons of varying klnite. 
namely vJnmM K. Illielfotll In "JiMin iltnydo"'i 
Honor," at Powers": K. M. Ilnllatid. In "The 
lliuise n/ a Thoilriiinll Ciioilles," al: the Qtir- 
r|i*k: •'Pho .Merry Widow," nt lite rolnnlnl; 
licllnf tiurt Tliurstnn (a new, 
lit- MrVtekevW- nntl tlotirgo Sidney, I'n "'I'lin 
Aliwutilii .«iin,V |ir. thn Orent. Nurtheni. A 
inniilicf of (lie uri'At successes tenialri, hut 
the new nltnu'ttensifnrlwis'k nf Hee. H-lii- 
clntle.; ••Tim-illrtnNmnn," ntMeVlfker'si Elwi'- 
nor itiiiwou, In "'Saloniv .lime," at thn-tlranit. 
and «io.Ji"anr Mttrions, In "Tlift Illtf Stick," ut 
the Orent Northern. The ilrit leiil snow 
Hurry, of the sensfm visited un Nov. :I0, Inn 
ilu- wist hut 4 noon i nun tern ted mid rnht fob 
lowed, ' which drove ihe slini.pem Into Ihnmi 
lloines which tiny space left ut the man 
nee. TliiiiiK.'isivlnjr business wns excellent ot 
all .(lie lion .... A heavy .snnWHtorlu Tnesdny 
und Wndni'nihiy wns tHA fltat iviil algtt Hint 
Winter wits Hnon'Us. • • 

liii.iNOin IWIH J. Davis, mArnurcr).«-"ThH 
Folllen Of HW xms lwt-ii tdtning pcnpla nwny 
(Olie.'iFly- every nerfnrmnne.e, Mima Janls, ill 
•'Thrtllilydeir,'" r»e>*. 2Si< • ■' • ■ ■ 

Pnw/.na' (MitrryMi Pnw»ra, nianngeri.-- 
.Tanres Ki Iltekeft returned to the city nod 
In. nu nut luminal lc welcome, Ii, In -'John 
Olni'ito'sillnnor,"; ihe. pinyliy Alfrod Sutni 
which bns been so siiceessfiil In Knglnnrl, nrnl 
whlftli Ml'. Hneltrtf' presented forlho flNi 
lime In Milwaukee about sit weeks ago. ThA 
slory. mils »& ,t/>liti>oiii.vdi*,. -"rbe Iron king" 
of Aniei'lcn, who. In IiIh mini runhtn become 
the mnat.ilnlluentlnP. business' ixmn of Ihe 
oiitiiitrv, lea viih- bis wife nitiih ln>bnr ewtt re- 
sources for the' twelve years of tbelr married 
life,' At. thr npnnlng of tho plu.v she Is lu 
Pnils, siirroiimled by n more or less fast act 
of men- Anil Weuneh, whom- mnt-nls, though 
they may not In ovary Hi'hfw'bfl lonsA, urn vel 
lllifll isaij i Hha.'-twH .Hmm. sitting lo' hee 
pnrtraB- ta Trevor Isroih.', a fining ymitiB ttr* 
lint, who has I'llllnii desperately- In Invrt With 
hw, "vrblrtl feelliiH aIioj returns. ■ 'Mdy I,e- 
»odn, Trevor's* mcitnei", .oas jdauael »ni tuarry 
him 'lo./llje nlfcnaliter wJ a! wrultliy Hngllsh' 
mnn. ,tr> ex-hrrifee, and fenrs ' In', fhlii en- 
tangtemrtib hee nlnns will Mm frusf rated, tin 
she ejitues: fiinnte to ciniivnr- oncoi' »j« nr- 
rlven'- lo; flml-'hla wlf". stirrnuuilitd by- her 
friends- At .|n»ni»,r nnd a I. - once alngkas -onr: 
line f/Tiiite' iis urn' who thlnkM loo moeh 
or: his .wire, inn. he.. duns', nnr. reitUie'tii 
What 'extent Ihe nttiicUinent hax goiio. rin 
has scones will) 'I'tevot und ills wlfo, Hint 
nil tire whlla tliey are planning to nlop*. 
Muriel (his wlfoi tells John she Is going to A 
receptlonnt the nmbassy, and Inannwer rahls 
pleading wltlihar not logo sho dnHhonilnly Ilea 
fo lilm, telling htm that her luva forhlm 1ms re- 
turned, and thnt sho will come iinck to lilm 
from the re. option. Ha allows bar lo go. 
nod )Hs private secretary, rthiiruiur, warns 
him n few inlmutw Inter that Muilel has 
gone to Trevor's studio, nnd that they am 
going away within tbe hour, furious, hn 
rushes out 'to mive her from herself, Christ o- 
plier flritnley, n friend nf Trevor artd Prln- 
cesso do (.*AHtngnAry, u friend of Muriel's, en- 
deavor to dissuade them from thin step, hut 
It la of no avail. Ai* the Princess* Is plead- 
ing Willi Muriel, Jnbn boldly enters, und the 
I'rlncesHA Is rci|iiAAtnd to leave. John then 
begs )iln wife In return to IiIdi. nnd sin- vows 
slut will not, Admitting thnt all nIiii had nald 
nlioiit loving him wns A' lie, and thnt she 
will go with Trovor, whatever tlio cost. 'Ihe 
latter enters, siirpelled lo Und Jobn there, 
and -Muriel fenrs for Trevor's life. John re. 
views thn sllimtion enlnily fin" n iitomeut, and 
then 1,-lls iliem thnt tin will got it divorce. 
that Muriel may marry Trevnr, anil telln 
Hm hitter lo tnko her, that sho may not. have 
uct'tisl'iu to He any more, Ihn play wo** 
splendidly vAMt anil staged, nml (lie entire 
performance is a great credit to Mr. Hncketl. 
Those deserting special mention include, he- 
sides tho star: William Suuter. flenrgfr Al. 
Ilrnlpiin, Hnvld (ilasaford Waller h. uieetii', 
MIah Harrqgh, Olive Ollvor, Idu Wnlerinnn, 
Hen I rice Beckley, Irene Movra noil Lawrence 
I'ddlnger. Tho engagement is for two weeks. 
The cast: .Tolm DIayilc, Mr, Hncketl ; Treviir 
Iiernde, Wllilnni Hunter ; Howprd Cnllinitlinru, 
Ornige M. tirnhuni: Christopher llraule.i. 
Ihivld Olnssford; Michael Hliuriiiur, Wnlter 
11. Orenno; Walters, Lawreiicn ICddlnger; 
Muriel tllnvtle. Miss Darrngh : I'rlncetiKo ile 
t'nstiignnry, Olive Oliver; Lady l/erpde, Ida 
WAIe.rmnii: Mrs. lteiinlck, Heiitrlt-e llecklev: 
Born Lonuiiiiin, In-ne Mnorc. fnincls Wil- 
son, lu "When KulglifN Were Bold." HI, for 

ttVO Weeks. 

(.Aitiiicii (II, f.'. Ihice, innnnger). — 13. M. 
Ilollnnil, whit lias ulwaya been n great fa- 
vorite here, made Ills local stellar debut I. in 
"The House of a Thousand Candles," under 
tho management of James K. Hncketl, and 
scored tin Immediate perscinid success. The 
play was well received, it Is Intensely melo- 
dramatic ut times, but Mr, Ilollnnil, ns tin* 
butler, handles all thn scenes In his usual ex- 
cellent milliner. Among those -who deserve 
special mention nre: Eruiik K. Aiken, Stephen 
Hniltnti, Wllflain Haseitltir, Darrell Stand- 
ing. IMnu (Jimrov, Mabel Jloehtiek nnd Msrr 
EllzatK'th Forbes, iletiiy Miller nnd Mar- 
gHtek Anglln, In "Tlio Great Blvlde," in. for 
three weeks. , 

roi.oHtM, (flfo, W. Leflorcr, manager), — 
"The Merry Widow,"" wlrlcli onened nn In* 
definite engagement 1', lias inmle n cyclonic 
bit. Tbo hoiia* l:> vli'lusllt Mild nut for. A 
month nfiesd. Linn Abnrbafioll has surpassed 
the hones of her most ardent admirers Hi 
tbe title role, nnd swept the huge opening 
night audience to almost unprecedented out- 
bursts ot enthusiasm with ber singing and 



December 14, 

' spirited acting. In the famous waits song Academy (William Roche, manages).— ton Angeles, dl.. 18-18, Bitersaeld 10. rum 

■with George Demarel as Prince Danllo. she, "McKadden'e Flats" did ble business tlua 20. Stockton Zl. 

with her partner, wan the epitome of (race, ■ week. Lottie Williams, In "Josle, the Little "Boater Brows." Eastern (Boater Brawn Abbm. 

and the dance received ten encores. The Madcap," 8-14. The Smart Bet IB. . Co., mgrs.)— Brooklyn, ». X., 0-14, N. Y. at/ 

jwn Amase. 

Sooth Chi- 

V Belolt, 


Viola Leach; Nora Km-lch', Harry'Lleweltyn ; did about the biggest builneis of tho season, ~6S^"mm7)— Lincoln '"Nebr~"il,~Kearney 11. 

Olgn, Lillian Seville; Nieh, Fred Frear; Pras- and plenssd. "A Ttace Acrois the Continent" North Plitt 13, Cheyenne, Wjo., 14, Dearer, 

kovla, I.oulda Illlllard ; Orchestra Leader at 8, "Little Heroes of the Streets" IB. Colo., 16-21. 

Maxim's, Coloman Veres; Zo-Zo, Charlotte Columbus (Weber Bros., manager!).— "Bedford's Hope" (Btalr A Havlln, mrn.)— Men- 
Allen ; 914% Panllne Marshall : Lo-Lo, Dolly "Shadows on the Hearth" did well this week. phii. Tenn a 9-14, Birmlngoam. Ala., 10 21 

lellavtlls 13, Briddoek 14, Rochester 18, Bast ■Til lea by tha Wiytldc, 

Palestine. O., 17, EUwood City, Pa., 18, Brie 

"Caster's Last" (J. B. CUOord, 

Toronto. Can., 0-14. 
"Coteit Girl la Town"— Milwaukee, Wis. 

fatten by fas Waytlde," A. H. Woo.".- /■ . 

R at' "** ?* °- WtUfc! 

mgr.)— 'Tear Corners of the Earth." Kllct A n.~-. , 
(Dsntel Beed. bit.)— NewarkTS, j aff^* 

"Cbolr Blnger," BUatern IH. O. Hockey, mar.)— •"From 81aar 8ln» to Liberty" (due. fc B ii~. 
Irwin, Pa.. 11, Jeanaette 12, Bearer Valla 18, Aarese.~Co.. tnirsj— Chicago. UL jl,. 1 ™* 
Canton. €>.. t«. dlsnapolls, Ind.. 19-18. ~" rM, « «- 

Livingston ; Do-Do, Doily Livingston ; Jou- The Smart Set 8. "The End of the Trail" 15. 
.lun, Uuble Leslie: Frou-Frou, Elizabeth Alhambra (Weber Bros., managers).— 
Kinna ; Clo-Clo, Lulu Bishop ; Margot, Irene "From Sing Sing to Liberty 1 ' Is a hit here 
l'almer ; Zu-Zu, Alice Palmer. this week. "Through Death Valley" 8, "Paa- 

Studbbakbh (E. J. Sullivan, manager).— handle Pete" 15. 

L'uson's (Sid J. Euson, manager). — The 

us. jrna.. w-ja, Birmingham, ah., iu-.i, 
rtha. the 8*wlng Machine Girl," A. B. Wooda* 
— Hobokeo, «.}., 8-11, Trenton 12-14. New- 
ark 10-21. 
"Bonnie Brier Boab" (Shlpmin A Colvln, mrn.) 

—Winnipeg, Man., Can., 0-14, 
"Burgomaster" (Wo. P. Cullen, mgr.)— Montreal, 
Can.. 8-14, Burlington, Vt., 16. Albany, tt. Y., 

Cleveland, Tenn., 14. Greenville luTTrStft ■* 

PaUikl Jo| 

Pa., 1021. 
"Carinaa" (Geo. H. Brennaa, oar. )— Chicago, 

jli s.2i Poc&bontas 21. 

"OroTd st Yasser" (Jules Merry, mar.)— Knox- "Flower of the Ranch"— «t Pail. Mum., lj.ia 

vita, Ten.. 11. Chattanooga 12, kTurpreeaboro Minneapolis 19-21. " l *l*. 

13, NsihvlSle 14. ''Fall Moon." ? ' , 2 n . ( /» c< *• * «<>*». mgn.)-. 

"Card King of the Coast," Vance A BuUlvan'e— 4 ,£* aa ">z ,'L„ J " / i a : 14 A. „ ' 

PIttsburg,_P... 10-2 _ _ 0?"% ^sylvanlf'lZ Chlpi * Ue ' "fO-Mlllej, 

William Hodge and bis excellent supporting aumao (D m «. nwu, mou.iic.,. — *..< 

company, In r, The Man from Home,' r Includ- Trocadero Burlesqueri did well This week, i7">OT"ia~"Nn'Mh''A.ii™ "uaaaVTa' 'pitta- "C^tMter'Wotaaui"— Chattanooga. Tenn., 0-14. Ga., II. Sylianli 12. . ~~*" "•■■"» 

log ELen Plympton. are still playing to ca- The Golden Crook Burlesqueri 8, the Knlck- ft>ia 2?. GrMtBtrrlnitoTil "Cnlcka Trait" (Edw. F. KeiSr, tngr.) -Derby, "For Mothir'i"-PltUrton, p^, u ^. 

pacity. Eolb and Dili, in "Loneiome Town," erbocker BuriesqueM_18. _ ^ ^_ "Broadwiy After Dark/* A, H. Woods' (W. B. gom, JI;^ "rw Britain 12, New < Loodon_ 18, bonaale 14. ^ ■ -* ■• 

22. Follt (John A. Fenneasy, manager). — The 

McVjckeii'b (Geo. C. Warren, manager).— Kentucky Belles played to the usual good 

Irons, mgr.) — Dayton, 0., 0-11, Oolantns 12- 

Norwich 14, Woor.iocket, B. I., 10, TasBtoa, 
Ltais., IT. ' 

. Dak., 11, Speartab 'l3, Lead 14. "Checkers' ;< Cornelias Gardner, mfr.)— Omaha, flr , B( ( 'per» (Hiinrica Coorted. trrri-N » 

Wjo.. 18, 19, Bullngs, Mont.. 20. ., r ^ r .". 1 "f,-, _.„ Blw Mm . .... City 9."*leoW ^^ »«».)-». T. 

* Si. "Colonial Girl"— Pall Hirer. Mass., 12-14. Goodwin, N. C (Geo. O. Weeden, mar 1— k*i 

After" (John Hoore, mgr.)— Pada- jj N. Y.. 911, Eo:hnter 12. UUca 13 &ohm^: 

Kouche, 8 
Big TiDber 
"Before and . 
cab, Kr., 11. Lonlsvllle 1S-18. 


VT LXJI.B4AB.rV, A*. 1., 1U, 1IBUIW1, v* 

McViCKEn'o (Geo. C. Warren, manager)^— Kentucky Belles played to the usual good 14, Toledo 18-177 abuth Chicago, 111., 10-21. M"s, 17. Newport, B. I., 18, Fall Elrer. Q nTt t open (Oicar Hsmmersteln mm » - 

Kellor snd Thurston played to iplendld bust- business this week. The Oriental Cosy Corner "Big Hearted Jim'' (Harry Jackson, mgr.)— Belle Mass.. 10-21. _ __ city 9. indefinite. "»*•'— Jl. I. 

nesa, and Mr. Thurston made a great many Girls 8. The Avenue Girls 16. Xooche, S._Dak., 11, Spearnsh 13, Lead 14. "Checkeri'^ (OorneUoa Gardner, mrr.)-Gmaha, Cna i 

frlcnda. lie has only just returned from the Trocadero (I. M. Welngmrten, nanager).— 

Orient and many of hli tricks are those The World Beatera did a good business this 

which be has purchased from the lands of week. The Casino Girls 8. Trocadero Bur- 

tho magicians and wizards. Next season be lesquers 15. 

will have all Mr. Kcllar's paraphernalia, as Empip.e (William Singer, manager). — The 

the latter will retire, after forty-five success- Gaiety Girls have done a fine business. The 

ful years. "The Clansman," two weeks, com- Imperials 8. "The Yankee Doodle Girls IB. 

monrlng 8. London Dime Mubeom (Wo. J. Sweeney, 

Gkand OrnnA House (Harry Aakln, mans- manager). — In the curio hall: The Roys Al- 
ger). — Bcrtba Knllch has had a great artistic hlno Family, Alice Lavlne, bag puncher; Che 
success. In "Marta of the Lowlands," and Ma, Chinese dwarf; Prince Mungo Zulu 
buslncsa has been very good. Eleanor Rob- chief, end Veno. magician. In the theatre: 
son will open a five -weeks' 8, In Myrtle Day, Alice Clark. Harry Dodd, Prof. 
"Salomy Jane," and some of her other plays. Bossert, and moving pictures. 

GnEAT Northern (Fred C. Eberts, mana- Cube Street Museum (L. M. Hedges, 

Sort. — George Sidney, lit "The Mazuma manager). — Business Is on the Increase here, 

Ian." has one of the funniest parts which and the attractions are such as to entice the 

ho lias crer been seen In, and crowds have wanderer In. 

laughed heartily at hla antics, and the fine — — i — — — .^— — — — 

work of the good company. Carrie Webber 
(Mrs. George Sidney) does an excellent pleee 
of character acting as an Italian organ girl. 
The settings are handsome, and there Is 
plenty of singing and dancing. The Four 
Mortons, in "The Big Slick," 8 ; "Just Out 
of College" 15. 
La Balls (Mort H. Singer, manager). — 

on m Road, 

For Supplemental Llit See Another Golsiaa, 

deflnlte. 0,w B A 0C ' C . <rreo Gigs, "agr.) — Lynn, Mais . o. 

Dily, Bernard <H. P. Franklin, mgr.)— Enid. „ ]*' *¥£!£*• Jto-'lMl. 
Oils., ll, FJ Beoo 12, Ardmore 13, Noftnan 'i"!° 8 *f, k T M ^ r i rtt J• 2." 11 - P»neroy 13, fa 
14, Gnthrle IB, Galneivllle. Tex., 18, McKln- „.^ , ,u ?°" m i fl '„ 17 ' i, acluo . n 20, 21. ' 

ner 17, DalUe 18, Fort Worth 19, Waco 20, «"■' °f «* Golden West," 8pecUl (D, tM n*. 

laseo, mgr.) — Van Wert. O.. 11. Flndlar 3 
Fremont IS. Adrian, Mich., 14, Flint 18 Port 
Hnron 17. Pontlac 18, Ann Arbor 10, lackn 
20, Lansing 21. 

"Banter, the Thief snd the Girl" (Mlttenthal 
Broi. Aonse. Co., mgn.)— Kansas City, Ma., 
8-14, St. Lonls 15-21. 

"Bacbelor'a Hone/rooon" (Oakea A Gtlaon, mgn.) 
—Lincoln. Nebr., 11, Msnkato 12, Gleneldeo 

San Antonio 21. 

GroT?™" "' 0,lK>r, " "' BMM "' °° mal Doo1e\ Allen (George Kenner. »gr.)-MltchelL 



Grore 20. 
"Berond the Rio Grande" (Howard A Hall, 
mars.)— Athens, Tenn., 11, Msdlsonvlile 12, 
Clarkavllle 13, Colombia 14, Morgantowa 18, 
Gainesville 17. Kingston 18, Bartwell 19, Tar- 
nells 20. Dalton 21. 

8. Dak., 11, Yankton 12. Vermilion 13, 8loox 
Fills 14, Sloax, Nebr., 10, Fremont 17, Hast- 
ings 18, North Platte 20. Greeley, Colo., 21. 
De Vcnde, Chester, Stock (B. 8. Daly, boa. mgr.) 
— Clarksburg, W. Vs., 0-14. 

Ml Sit AL. neiii ^.ua ,;toii i si. Donjherty Stock (Payne A Dougherty, mgrs.)- 

..„ „„„..» v «.„.> „.„.„«„. „.„„«««.,.— » »Jg Crook —New Orleans, La., 8-14, Mem. Huron, 8. Dik., 9-14, Brookinga 18-it. 

These are btuy days at this house, for the Adams, Maude (Charles Frobman, mgr.)— Nsw- «& t " ia»». * T..., t . „^. i Depew-Bnrdette tSock (Thos. E. Derww, mgr.)— 

road, company^ undei ''the stage management .rfcT N. j . o-", "™kl ™ N. T.T«-21. IrontSn, O, 11. iJortb Fork. W^Va7. iTp'JcT %"*' G ' 1 " , " U ' Griata 18, "' c<>lam0B, 18 " 

irau u;»l«uij, uumi iuu oui 8 c uiauaKcujcui a r n, jj. j b-14, IlroOXlyn, H. X., J0-»1, 

of Hamilton Coleman, Is being put through Angllu, Margaret, and Henry MlUer (Henry Mil 

hard work, and tbe stock company Is de- ler, mgr.) — Philadelphia, Fa., 0-14, Chicago, 

lighting thousands. In "Tbe Girl Question." III., 10-Jan. 4. 

The two thousandth performance Is close at Aborn Opera (Milton A Sargent Aborn, mgrs.)— 

band. N. X. City 9, indefinite. 

WlllT ..., /<tam t> n. u .. „,„„„„„. \ — ' Arthur, John (Coleman A Follaner, mgrs.) — ^Mon- 

■■a i-K fi, . nf>l ™°lm?'JJ , SlT Uyl,]eo - """••• "• Madlaon 12. Tracy 18, Gar- 

A hiilght for a Dny" Is rapidly approach- rettson: 8. Dak., 14, Bioux Falla 15. 

Jug llic four hundredth performonce. The Anhrey Stork. Western <D. Otto Hltner, mgr.)— 

pstforiunncc la ns enjoyable as ever. Marlon, Iml., 9-14, Fort Wayne 10.21. 

nontas, Va„ 18, Pulaski it. 
"Black Beauty" (Atkinson A Thatcher, num.)— 

Harerhlll, Mast., 9-14. 
"Beauty Doctor"— Wheeling. W. Vs., 0-11. 
"Bandit. The"— Little Bock, Ark., 14. 

"Grand Mcrni" (Kliw A Erlanger, mgrs.)— Kin. 
las Cltr. Mo., 9-14, St. Joseph 10\ rBssfi 

JSl' ^'u. 8 !??* ^I 18 - Lbeola, Nebr., 19 
Omala 20. 21. ' • 

"Gay White Way" (Sam 8. ft Lee Shibert be 
mgrs )— N. T. City », Indeflnile. * W " 

°i l n l ^'^'..'"- tt Bia * !r ' »»T.)-Chlci|o, 
III., 0, indefinite. 

Crane. Wm. H. (Charles 
Oelit, III.. 11, Decatnr __ 
Wayne. Ind., 14, Cincinnati 

"Dalrjmalds" (Charles Frobman, mgr.) — Phila- 
delphia. Pa., 6 14 

Howard, mgr.)— Ottawa. Ont, Can., 9-tl vi. 
»B»ra FalU, N. T., 14, Syracuse 10-18, Bocbe.- 

Colleoh (Elizabeth Hchober, manager).— Amerlcno Stock (Arthur E. Herhet, mgr.) — Fond Collier. William (Charles Frobman, mgr.) Mil 

Tlj.i 4hA Pnnmn." V.B hum n Ana nn.,1 «1.(a .1.. I mm 1VI. n . 1 .. lUibw. IK Hu.nh 1A.91. W.nka, VT1. B.11 l>A.l.r.>1 111 ,fl lT»..t 

Pr/ihm.- mwr \ i-i.. "Drenm City" (Wells, Dnnne A Harlan, mgn )— ter 10-21.' 

VBAhfV! Cleveland; O.' 9-14 Toledo 15-21. ^^ ' "Olrl of tbe Streets" (0. E. Bramaa 

nnatl I O lSSl "Deadwood Dlels'i Last 8bot." A. H. Woods•— „ Seattle. Waab.. 814. Portland. Ore., 

i jKh«i'n mtV \ vi! Prorldence. B. I., 9-14, Boston, Mass., 16-21. "Gambler of the Wett," A. H. Wood*' 

".Tim the Penman" has been a fine card this du Lac, Wla., 0-14, Oshkosb. 18. Neenab 10-21 
•week, and has been capably acted. "Monte Angell'a Comedlani,_ B_ (Jack Emerson, mgr.)— 

Crlsto" 8. 

liusii (Edwin L. Darkor, manager).— 
"Christopher Jr." was hugely enjoyed this 

MRngum, Okla., 9-14. Hobart 16-21. 
Ansell'a Comeiilana, D (Cbaa, Manville, mgr.)— 
Frederick, Okla., 0-14, Kingfisher 10-21. 

"cnrisiopucr jr." was nugeiy enjoyea tms , l, ,,, "■ _",'„•• ~ v; 1.3™ »«;i in... 
week, and was splendidly performed. The A "£' c ,f'M T w™ »i^n?i. ift^i'' W ^" ) ^ 

SSiW ±Sn£ ^T iUS - ,,Th * BbUl *' "AU»kan"""john OT C. I( ^ 1 Dager).-B U i F«n. 

wackee. Wis., 8-14, BockXord, 111., 18, Dabsuae. 
la., 17, Clinton 18. 
Campbell. Mrs. Patrick (Llebler ft Co.. mgrs.)— 
Hamilton. Ont. Can., 11, Toronto 12-14, Bay 
City, Mich., 10. 

ECT.) — 


Duel, Tbe" (Wm. K. Sparks", mgr.)— Clare- mgr.) — Norfolk, Vs.", 9-14rBlchmona, Va., 5 
more. Okla., 11. Tolsa 12. Mnakogee 13. Soatb .. 21. 
McAleiter 14, Cblckaaha 10. Guthrie 17, Okla- Olrl of the Bnany Sooth" (J. W. Barton- 

niltc" 0, with Miss Kelm 

International (Hills V. Gllckman, mana. 
gcr). — The Italian Opera Co. has been so 
successful that it baa been decided to con- 
tinue for four weeks moro at least. "Othello" 
wiik given for the first time by tbis company 
evening of 3, with Mme. Duce-Merola and 
Nigs. Sntnnilov and Allcsandronl In tbe prin- 
cipal parts, and the presentation met with 
greater favor than anything else they have 
given. "II linrblero de SIviglln," "Itigolctto," 
"Knnst," "Lucia dl Lammorinoor" and "Car- 
men" uinde up the list for tho rest of the 
week. No performance will be given 0, and 
tlw following evening "L'Ellslr D'Amore" 
will be given for tlic first time by this com- 
pany locally, and for the first time In this 
cllv In n. long while. 

Cisco, Cat., 8-21. 

"At the Old Cross Roads" (Arthur a Alston, 
mgr.) — Provo City, ti., 11, Eureka 12, Ogden 
18, Psrk City 14, Salt Lake City, U., 15-21. 

"Around the Clock," Gna Hill's— Wllkes-Barre, 
Pa.. 0-11, Scranton 12-14, Rochester, N. X., 
10-18, Syracuse 10-21. 

"Anita, the Singing Girl" (A. J. Spencer, mgr.) 
—Omaha, Nebr., 12-14. 

"Arliona" (David J. Itamage, mgr.) — 8an Fran- 
cisco, Cai., 8-14, Oakland 15-18, San Jose 19, 
Stockton 20, Sacramento 21, 22. 

"At Yale," A (Jules Murry, mgr.)— Baltimore, 
Md.. 0-14. 

"At Yale," B (Jules Murry, mr-I— Flint, Mich., 
11, Ypillantl 12, Jaekson 13. Lansing 14, Mni- 
kegon 10, Battle Creel: 10, Benton Harbor 17, 
Dowaglic 18, Kalamazoo 19, Elkhart. Ind., 
20, South Bend 21. 

aWuHB. ( Frank 'Boil, manager) .-"How "A'ong fteta*^ Sontbera (N.B Tucker 

Itnvlcr Butted In" created a large number of 
lmighg this week. Week of 8, "On tbe Stroke 
of Twelve.'" 

liuw.Min'a (HownrtI «V Rilroy, mnnngcrs). 
— "A Hoy of tlio Streels" wns splendidly 
plnyed by the stock company here tills week. 

AiADLown (Charles 11. Marvin, manager). — 
"TemiKNit und Hunsblno" proved a very ac- 
ceptuhlo bill this week. "The Lost Paradise" 

ncss has heeti very fair, and tbe management 
has been offering very good attractions. 

I'hkin (Hobort T. Motts, manager). — "The 
Sinn from Bam" Ib still meeting with 

mgr.)— WinstOD-Salom, N. 0., 11, High Point 
13, KnllKlniry 111, Conconl 14, Statesvllle 16, 
Newton 17, Oaatonli 18, Blch Hill, 8. 0.. 10, 
Clienter 20, Union 21. 

As Told In the Hills," Eastern (Ncsblt Scovllle, 
mgr.) — Cincinnati. 0., 15-21. 

As Told In the Hills," West (Macmlllan A Far- 
ley, rncra. — Granite Falls, Minn., 12, Wltltnar 
13, Wabnetou, N. Dak.. 14. Fargo 10, James- 
town 17, Vatley Cltr 18, Bismarck 10, Dlckln- 


As Christmas srnd Hew Tear's 
daws tall An Weaassdajr, which 
Is tbe day of the weeh oa which 
the CLIPPBR Is limed la Hew 
York City, it Will be ascsssai y 
for as to dose the formi of the 
CLIPPER one day earlier dar- 
ing those two weehs. All asVrer- 
tlsentents tor those tssaes shoald 
roach as by Moaday at noon oa 
December B3 aad 30 respectively. 

mgr.) — Bock Iilanrl, 111., 11, Clinton. Is.. 1 
Dobaqoe 13, Waterloo 14, Mimhalltown 3 
C.rlnnell 1«. Albia 17. Hlteman 18, Buiton is' 
Oekatooss 20, Ottuiowa 21. 

"Great Wall Street Myatery." Vance ft Sain, 
vaa'i (Bob Le Hoy, mgr.)— Elliabfth, N. J^ 
9-11, Hoboken 12-14. Brooklyn, N. r., 10-21 

"Olrl From Broadway" (John A. Mack, msr )— 
Cheater. Pa.. 11, Wilmington, Del., 12, Fas'rn 
Pa.. 13, Alientown 14, Pottatown 10. Coa'tM- 
vllle 17, West Chester 18, PbojalxrUle 18 
N'orrlstoirn 20, Beading 21. 
"Desperate Chance.'-' Western (J. 0. Patrick, "George Washington Jr." (Cohan ft Harrii, 

boma City 18, Norman 19, Ardmore 20, Gaines- 
ville. Tex.. 21. 

"District Leader" (Frank J. Sardam, mgr.) — 
FuDorn. Kan., 11, Chanute 12, ConTeyvllle 13, 
Independence 14, Joplio, Mo., 15, Wlnoeld, 
Kan., 14. Arkanua City 17, Tuba, Okla., 18, 
Baitleivllle 19, Claremore 20, Muskogee 21. 

"Desperate Chance," Fjitern (W. C. Connor, 
ncr.)— BelvHere, III., 11, Elgin 12, Marengo 
13, Bockford 14. Racine. Wla., 15, Janesville 
10, Portage 17. Bearer Dam 18, Fort Atkinson 
19, Jefferson 20, Plymouth 21. 
Oeaperste Chance.'-' Western (. 
mgr.) — Boise, Ida., 11, Caldwell 12, Weiser 14 

•Don't Tell My Wife" (Beyerle ft Berry, mgn.) 
— Nlckeraon Kan^ 11, Herlngton 12, Hutchinson 
13. Newton 14, Eldorado 16, Sterling 17, King- 
man 18, StaTord 19. Meade 20. Liberal 21. 

"Derli'a Auction," Cbas. H. Yile'i — Lincoln, 
Nebr., 10. • 

"Dinlel Boone on the Trail," Robert H. Hants' 
(Harry Feltaa, mgr.) — Greenville. 8. C., 11, 
Lanrens 12, Newberry 13. Greenwood 14, 
Atbeni. Ga., IS. Marietta 17, Cartersvllle 18. 

"David Harura"— New Bedford, Mass.. 14. 

"Dora Thome" — New Haren. Conn., 12-14. 

"Dutcbman'a Honeymoon" — Berlin, Can., 13. 


■kofU. "8apho"ncit ,„«»• Mont., 20, G eijillvc 21. Cahlll, Marie (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.)-San T Jmin& famVL-mtS \ ' Y 1! 

--H.U1NXA (J. V. Ilitchey, manager).— Busl- A ', Crl r nl « , c «f, k - " R J- Carpenter's— Kansss Francisco, Cai., 8-21 ^ Eito GertrodT (W N ^" Smith 

I lms keen vcrv fair, and the management ... c "*.»°" A. 6 ' 31 -... Corcoran. Jane (Arthnr O. Aliton, ogr.)_New. E, w%,.V a K!ff ^."aSrThi 

'Are You a Mason?"— Nateaes; Miss., 14. Little 

Hock, Ark.. 21. 
"Arrival of Kitty"— Cumberland, Md., 18. 

murn.)— Delias, Tex., 11. 12, Sbreienort. La.. 
13, Hot Spring!, Ark., 14, Little Bock 10, 17 
Mercnbl«, Tenn., 18, 19, Springfield, Mo., 20, 
Joplln 21. 

"Gorernor's Pardon" — Jackson, Ulch., 14, Bat- 
tle Creek IS, South Bend, Ind., 17. 

"Great Divide," South (8am 8. ft Lee Shobert, 
Inc., mgn.) — Danville, Va., 11. Grcetuhoro, 
N. a, 12, Columbia. S. C, 13, Cbirlcston 14. 
Savannah, Ga., 10, Jacksonville, Fla.. 17, Mi- 
eon, Ga.. 18, Athena 19. Atlanta 20. 21. 

"Great Divide," North (8am 8. ft Lee Sbubert. 
Inc., nigra.) — Kesr BocbeUe, N. Y., Il7 Piter- 
son, N. J.. 12. Plalnfleld 13, Perth Amboy 14. 

"Gingerbread Man," Western — Dulutb, Minn., 15, 

Edesou, Bobert (Henry B. Harris, mgr.)— Cleve- "Olrl Over There"— Caoton, IB., 11. Qolscy 15, 

land, O., 9-14, Pittsburg, Pa., 18-21. Oikalooia. la., 18. 

Elliott. Maxlne (Geo. J. Appleton, mgr.)— Phlla- "Girl and the Stampede" (V. K. Lambert, mgr.) 

delphla, Pa., 9-14. — Grand Island, Nebr., 14, Hastings 10, Lex- 

* a -H^V F ™.f } u! X0 &lW^A.r"i£ ^^^ "• NorU, Platte 19, C^UU. 

Johnauxrn 20, Altoooa 21. H 

hponda. Grace— Utlcs, N. Y.. 13. Hackett. James K.— Chicago. HI., 0-14. 

. - ™*;... 0er !J 11 ,'?* ( ^' N '„ ?? Itb A, J *- mgr.)— Held. Anna (Floreni Zleifeld, mgr.)— Pltttburr, 

tos.Kan.. 11. Sallna 12. Jnrnttlon C°5 18, AM- S "f* % g*- 8 ""' Cleburne 18-19, P. 9-14 Buffalo, N.T, 10- 2 T ' "* 

■lene 14, Topeka 18. Ottawa 17. — P0a*a0*0t J0._al ._ *„„,., Hitchcock, Bnymond (Henry W. Savage, tagr.)- 

Camerou, Grace (0. H. Kerr, mgT.)-Claclnnatl, y\° Wf mgr.)— Brsttleboro, Montreal. Can., »-14, Toronto 18-18, Toledo, 

Carter, Hn. Leslie— Toronto, Ont, Can., 0-11, 

Detroit, Mich., 12-14, South Bend, Ind.. 17, E ™i^ i '«.« (fLh a vtrnn SMit_ 

Oroud Hapldi. Mich.. 18. Battle Creek in! EBltl 3K n J_?.*5_ (F TH '.? Uo j;-".! r ? U,1 «l r - ■«?:.> 
Jackson 20. 

in which Mr. Stewurt will have the principal 
role. It Is sold to abound In funny situations. 

gomcry 14, New Orleans, La., 10-21 
Majkstic (Lymun li. Glover, manager). — Bellew, Kyrle, and Margaret Illicgton 
Hill for week of I): Uoudlnl. Farroll-Taylor Frohman, mgr.)— N. Y. City 0, Indean 

*M11 11.1 nVT. Ul I' • llUUllllll. I'UllVU-l.JIIVt 1- 1V1IUI.1I, u.fc,./ n. A. \jl±J V, nincmiur 

Trio, Montrose Troupe, Rdwln Stevens and Bernard, Sara (Charles Frohman, mgr.) — : 

coiupanv, Mosher, lloughton and Mosher, more, Md., 9-14, Wllminiton; Del., 10, 

Kelly and Vlolette, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy «"<"• £■■■„"•. Harriabarg 18, Besdlng _ 

Harry. Valn«l, Emllle Subers, Gartelle Bros?. gj.^tes2SaSaf«?ftaa-a-av a- „™ » Carey Harry D. (Hopp Hadley. mgr.)-Jackson. 

Washburn and Kecley, Dorothy Adams, and "^Sk <&* ,?. ^eslWL L?"«?fS Cx.nltsnce'cr.wley-Davenport. I t . 18. Wilmington, De,., , 2 ., 4 . BalUaore, Ud.. itf HalffordTclnrleY"* (F.* Lawrence Walker. a«r.) 

the kliiodrotae. ■ wlcll 13 New London 14. Cole and Johnson (A. L. Wilbur, mgr.)— BalU- "Eli and Jaw." (n.-.» r.^.„. ™—i n._ . Lafayette, La. 10. Orange,- Tex., 17. Beaumcat 

Oi.VMPic (Abe Jacobs, manager) —Week of ningham ' Amrta-SSver. Colo., 0-14, Salt Lake "ore. Md., 8-14. Pblladelphis. PaT 16-21~ ,n 11 'g-JgPt- *? 1 * ajg- j-rrHerrls. is, Port Arthur 19, Nacogdoches 20, Sarere- 

0: Harry Tulger, .lu 1c Heme and company, cuy. U.7 10-18. sT Joseph. Mo , 2L Carpenter. n Fraaklo (Jere Grady, mgr.)-8aleja. pbVahJJi 14 f^iaeknwuS ^ie r*oiota "iT «.»& L k' 2 >'<=. . ^ J7. , , n o 

Lcmin Tlmrber anil her picks, the Six Mu- Burt, Laura, ami Henry stinford (Ernest Ship- „.««»?.. 8-14. Brirna 18 N^.nvmfi'. r-nriir; ,X eqooln 17 ' El ^ n .»: °. i r-$ ( 8 . ,al1 ' * Meolal, mrri.)_-Orind 

Sparla 18, Niahvlllo 19, Carlyle 20. 

slcal Cuttya, Mile. Martha, the four Arconls, man, mgr.)— Terre Haute, Ind., 11, Cincinnati, Chaae-Llater. Northern Glenn F. Chase, mgr.)— «•£,« Lvnae" (Moses A McDonald Srm > win S» 1 5*L, Nich " S" 11 ' Port HBn>n 12 ' »» aw 

Thos. J. Qulgley, Vflggcs, Clark nnd Temple, O.. 15-21. ^.safH City, 8. Dak., 014, Pierre 10-21; ilm h . 11 Kamar 12 Mfs l^rtlta . 1S .' , 8 ?« 1, '» w J 4- 

Iteedinid St. John, anil the kltiodromo. Bindley. Florence (B. E. Forrester, mgr.)— Tren- Chauueey-heiffer (Fred Chauccey. mgr.)-James- leTLanrens 17. Marntbtn IS ^ Snth»rl?rf « He 4 llr, f k8 '.. De i <Wln - .? ra ?l tagr.)— Aberdeen, 

ClilCAHO OfKHA IlotiSB (R S. Illvcrs. man- ton. N. J.. O-ll. town, N.Y 0-14, Franklin. Pa.. 10-21. PauUln. 2" Saibo^ 21. "' " ""^ "' S"^' ,«' S^T 1 *" 1 "• "<«««»»«► «• ElM 

h!?™.,,?,« ?«ii™~i A^. ma -.„....*., Bunting, Emma— Burjeas ft Hlmmeleln's (Roy Ap. 

Auniroitiosi (Mllward Adams, manager). plegate. mgr.)— San Anlcnlo. Tex., 9, IndeBulte. 
— Week of : Louis Mnnn, Hetty King, Geo. Brnwn, Kirk (J. T. Macauley, mgr.)— North 
Fuller Golden, the Great 'i'erley, J. A. Wilson Adami, Mass., 0-14, UUca, N. Y., 10-21. 
and dog, Newhold nnd Miss Carroll, Jordon Bennctt-Moulton (Geo. K. Robinson, mgr.) — Al- 
and Harvey, Dcs Roches and Iilancn. Cart- burn, N. Y., 0-11, Talmyra 18-21. 

Mlego Wlitow," Western (Henry W. Savage, Favenhim, Wm. (Licbler ft Ca «„. \_Bf UoU,! City. N. J., 0-11. Wilmington, Del., 12- 

rngr.)— Oakland. Cai., 814, Fresno 10. Bakers- tVaX.Ma.M4 Ne«fk N 1 'lefT''"**' » 14 ' N - *• «ty 16Jan. 4. , _ _ 

^ Sd f& B}»e»«de 18, Santa Barbara 19. Paia- Flelda' All Stars (Lew Fields nil » w Hlmmeleln'i Ideal., Burgess ft Hlmmeleln'i (L. 

?*,?* 20 ir., B ,* n ,9"^ "■ City 9, Indefinite ' B * , ' )-S - r ' A- Earie, mgr.)— Altoona. Pa., 9-14. Bam> 

"College Widow," Southern (Henry W. Bav 
mgr.) — Parkeraborg, W. Va 

j ""MerlettiT'o?' Tigmas - M " < Jodn Cort - nrr.)— Vancoover. B. Hto2eleln's In 
.nicil and'Unrris," Woodward's seruVnVaotl IiennettMonfton* ^(fra' ErNWhsU,"" mgr.)-Fatt if. SFSS^SLSffUBT'j^Z *1 " §t qBSJ&iT**"** 1 *** ETentt BSavlVj 
lhe_ motion pictures. .. „„»iL c . r ' ,» /L"» . „.-_.,... ,. ^ft.^TO aJctater I i.* rt S>=«»* r '«"- M.u.r ( Joh. fk,rt. »i^» -.^ _Mleh^M4, P, 

River, Mass., 0-14. 

Tiiai.ia (Thomas Murray, manager).— *!&*£&&* ^xSSSA^S^SSPtAt lfili 
Week of 0: The Kour BltaunBns. the Hudaoa iL E jb j" , ,'n l! Ji )-UBC * 8ter ' P "" 8 " 14 ' 0in " ••fjomln. 

aperlsl Stock, Burgesi A HiB' 
F. Hlmmelein, ragr.J— Kalimaioo, 
Port Huron 10-21. 

Coming Thro" the Rye," A (Tbe Rork 

uarters — Byrs- Fealr. ilamle (John Core nn. i_<u.mi. nr-.i. _uicn., B-14. Port Hnron in-21. . _. 

*rk Co., mgrs.) & ■"«•»*«. Wa*.. 10. Bver«t 20. Y^a. .£•£ fasJrWh* g%iS* u*.)-*g 

Drnmnllc Co., the motion pjctiirea and others. Burgess (Eari) Co.. 'Burgesi A HlomelelB's (Gee. rr Blchaond. Va.rTl, Lynchburg 13, IXaSS rm'tiMi. isin ■ * 1^ c>,„^ . . . ""Bedford, aSaV, B"lT°WoonsocketZ' B. i.V Id' 21 - 

Maukii'h Thomas Mahcr. mnnagw).— v'llallday, ^^ rngV. )->vVrrei. " 0-14, A^ N- C., 13, Columbia, S.O.. 14. _ - ^^JtmMm * »-■*» sBatfty*. tss, tssavl mSE&att5Si*kwESumm4**Sm 

Week of 0: Harlow nnd Nicholson, Camllls 16-28. "Coming Thro' the Rye," B (The Rork Co., mgrs.) *•!,„„.„ n.„. . ,i ".° l 4.ii _ . _ «_ O., 9-14. 

and Fono, Jack Crosby and Sadie Whining, Burgess (Karl) Co.. Bargees ft Hlmmeleln'i (0. —HoMlek Falls, N. Y., li, Greenwich 12, Mo- Tex 16 ' B,gT ' )— ■ Puo > Hlllauu, May (Ernest Schnabel, mrr.J-Norf 

18, Toblequah 10. 
"Cow-Puncher," Western, W. K. Mann's (Ed 

ner. mgr.* — Philadelphia, Pa., 0-14, Brooklyn, 

"Cowboy and the> Squaw" (P. H. Sullivan, mgr.) 
— Camden. %, J„ 0-11, Cheater, Pa., 12.14, 
Phlladeipbls 10-21. _ _ ' 


Seven Hclford Troupe, V4 uhnoy-Hrcwer and Benton's Ooraeillans (P. R. Benton, mgr.) — Hunt 

company, Carina and Olga, Mclroy and Rob- button. W. Vs., 13, Ironton, O., 14. 

erU ntitl Roberts, nnd tho klnodromc. Burgesi Stock (Jos. D. Glass, mgr.) — BrookfteM, 

Iot.A. — Ulrdeller's dogs Cnstielnlne and Mo., O-ll. Klrksvllle 12-14. Qulncy, 111., 10-21. 

llrotlier, Dorothy Vaughan, Charles Hclncs, Bl,ck . ro,, l Troohadourii (Voclckel ft Nolan. 

Lnniont nnd Mllham, fillllo Mason, nnd the £!£!"• ) r« Kn ? f !'' Vtwil SMKfti l2 .i. C .'r 
million nlrtiirpH mime 18, Mineral Wells 14, Fort Worlb IS, 

rSml (Gw Powell. managor)._Wcek of ^'^K^T'oy^ ^i™" "' "** , ' 

Laa < ^aa^v,v" n Ma''l'o B ; fe&Jjff.o" t^^gil ""^"" / » Maga^^MTl |M ,aa) 

J^ SSSS'tT^^Sf^mSu ^ r " ey „— nsltlmore. Md„ 0-14. Brooklyn. N. Y., 10-21. "Convict 990." A. H. Wooda' (LonU Eats. mgr. 
anil Jennet tr. II. 8. B. Lester, Howes Bisters, "Brewiter'a Mlllloei" (Oohan A HirrU, mgrs.) — Rochester. N. Y., 0-11. Erie. Pa.. 12-14 
nnd Ihe niotlrn pictures, — ■ * ■■ - •- * =3 — » — ™ t--— ■- - ■ •- '■ - • 

■Ckyrtai, (K. Trott. manager). — Week of : 
firnut Ounrtcttc, t^jna Young, Prof, Lelon's 
dog, ntul I ho motion pictures. 

l.Mi'KiiiAi, (P. .1. SchntTer, manager).— 
Week of P : The Four Mexicans. Alive Van, 
the Tcxtcra, Kdltb Shaw, Santaro nnd Mar- 
lowe, Wode nker 

National (C, 
Week of I) : 81. , 
Holder, llllile lliew:- 
Uutcs and Dates, 

"^HaC? *IlS,7 wlSn.t ro * d T Wa, " ( ,'f Uw ».* HolUn'iW^- , 'r«in.' (Oleason ft Fnnklls. mgrs) 

.....v.™.. ..^.». u , „. .. . .Ed. SUSK* ?P*'"^, Me 2 pbt *" T* "- M. Dlr- —Teaarkaaa. Tex.. 11-18. Moaroe. U.. !<• 

win Perclvsl. mgrJ-Glenvfood. Colo.. 11. 'sj. 2' n n ?, s , m : * U v 12 ,' . Ch»"ancogs. Tenn., 13, Heuld 8mi" Stock, Bitter A Dllloa'i-Sbinw 

„ pen 12. 8aUdi IS. Florenee 14, Denvtr 10-21. J 1 "??'", 1 ? "ft Charlotte, N. C.. 10, Oolomhla, kin. Pa 0-14, Ilaileton 10-21. __ , 

"Chinatown Chirlic," A. H. Woods' (Dave Pos- Ji iiLM 1 ' £?" , 18 ; Charleston. 8. O., Harrlf-rarklnson. Stock (Bobert H. Harris, mgr-' 

S&aV-tt-."*-- *-* »*■>- -o^K^CU*. Frobman, agr,-Bo.U.. 

Mala 0-28 
"Hrpocrltea" (Charles Frobman, mgr.)— tea**' 
, Eng-. B. Indefinite. , _^^ 

"Hesrt o( Chicago." Lincoln J. Oa^te^'•--JI^«. , 

vllle. O., 11, Deflance 12, Ottawa 13, Adi »• 




■* ■ . i : hi i ■ » «- 

Hantlutfoo. W. Vi., it, CharWcm 12. Marl- 

fill. p.. 13, KUt LlTtfpoot 11. Sanburx. Pi., 

10. G«ne)U«.l]le IT, Johnstown. 18. Altooua 19, 
. UaryliBur, 20, Lancaster 2j: .. I 
Murphy, Tim— Ctrtaha. Nebr.; 18, 18. 
Merrltt, Grace (Ernest Blilpmtn. met.) — Peoria, 

111,, 811. Ottawa II. Elfin IS, Aurora 14. 
Moots, Lucia . (KnsMt Snlpmau, birr.) — Lima, O., 

11. Homy 12, Fostorla IS. TlOhi 14, 
Mortimer, Lillian (J. 1,. Vcronee Aau« Co., 

nigra.)— K V. City 0'21. 
Murray and Mack (.Murray ft Mock Imc. Co.. 

ragrs.)— Fresno. Cal.. 11. 15, Fortervllle 13, 

Bskersbeld 14. I.os Angeles 15-28. 
Mortons, the Four (Frank McKeo. nigr.) — Chicago, 

III.. 8- 14. Grand RapM.. Mich.. 13- 1*. 
Mildred am) Rvtich-re — Torrlncton. Coon., 11, 

Wlustot 12, llurltnril Hi. IT. Mlditletowli IS. 
Mncmlllcii. Francis, nml Mine. Roslna Van f>yk 

I ll.icneel K Jones, mprs.l — l.vnrbbiirjj. Yn„ 11, 

Raleigh. N. .«].. 12. Asbevllle'13, sparlsnsbnrg. 

S. ,.C, 14. KnowlUe, Tenn... 1(1, Chattonoogu 
. 17.. KjuOivllIe 18, Lexington. Ky.. IK. . , : 
Myrklc^tardor Stock. Eamern (\V. II. Harder. 

mgr.)— N'cwbursh. X. Y.. 0-14, New Bocbella 

Myrtle Harder Stock. Southern (Laliosjre A TxMkIi. 

uurrs.)— Suglnnw. Mich.. I»-I4, Bay City 18-21. 
Murray ft Msckry Couuxly 1 John J. Murray, 'uigr. 1 

^Wasbinflou, Del., til, Coatesrlllc, Pa., 10- 


Marks Bros. (E. Marks, nigr.)— St. Catherines, 
Can. , 10-21. 

Morrison Comedy (Hugh Morrison, mgr.) — Nor- 
rlatowu. Pa., DM. Haaleton 1031. 

Maxam ft Blgbbt' Comedians (J. TV. Slgbti, msr.) 
—Page. N. Dak., 8-14, AncU li)-21. 

Much, the Two iMcCall & MeGoTera. aurrs.)— 
Aldcn, lit., 9-11,' Qowrte 12-14, 1'utt Dodge 10- 
18, Boouc 19-21. .-. 

Murry-noatcll Stock (P. M. Morry, mgr.)— Sher- 
bpookr. Que., Can.. 0-14, -Berlin, K. U., 14-21. 

Manhattan Thtatre (Jack Paraous, mgr.) — Weir, 
Kan., 0-14, 

Majestic Stock— Ucadvlile, Pa., 0-14. ., 

Malloy Stock (Raymond Lindsay, rogr.) — Norwich, 
Conn., 9>14, Sen Bedford, Mais., 10-21. 

"Madame Butterfly" (Ilenry TV. Savage, mgr,) — 
Philadelphia. Pa., 0-21. 

' Merry Widow" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.) — N. Y. 
City 0. Indellnlte. 

"Merry Widow" (Henry- TV. Savare, mgr.) — Chi- 
cago, III., 0, Indefinite. 

"Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" (Llebler ft 

' .Co., mors.)— London. Eng., 0. ludeuntte. 

"Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch" (Llcblcr 4 
•Co.. tngrs. )— Philadelphia, Pa., 0-J1.- 

"Mon of the Hour" (llrady ft Grlsmer, nigra.) — 
X. Y. City 0. Indefinite. 

'Man of the Hour" (Brady & Grlsmer, mgrs.) — 
Indianapolis, lnd., 0-14. 

"Stun of the Hoar" (Brady ft Orlsraer, mgrs.) — 
Rochester, Minn.. 11, Owatonna 13, Albert Leu 
13, Mason City, la., 14. 

"Man of the Hour" (Brady ft Grlsmer. mgrs.) — • 

• Duldtb, Minn.. 0-12, St. cloud Id, Fargo, N. 
Dak.. IT. Jamestown 18, Butte, Mont., 20. 21. 

"Man From Home" (Llchler ft Co., mgrs.) — 
Chicago, 111., 0-21. 

"Miss Bob White'.' (F. G. Ntxon-Nlrdllnger, mgr.) 
Cumberland, Md. 14. 

"Man tm the Box (W. N. Lawrence, mgr. ) — 
St. Catherines. Cuu.. 14. 

"Mayor of Toklo" (Jos. M. Guiles, mgr.) — Deli- 
ver, Colo., 0-14, Pueblo 15, Boulder 16, Chey- 
enne. Wyo.. 18. 

"Mu's New Husband," Eastern (Harry Scott. Co.. 
nigra.) — Olney. II).. 11, Haunt Vernon 12. Mar- 
lon 1-3. Johnson :Olty 14. Herrln 10. Benton IT, 
Du Qquolu IS, Murpbyaboro 10. Cairo 20, Madl- 
-nhville, Ky., 21. . 

"Ma's New liuil iahd," West (Harry Scott, mgr.) 
—Matcher. Miss.. 11. Baton Rouge, La., IS, 
Dooaldscnville 13, Tlilbodaux 14, Houraa 13. 

"Moonshiner's Daughter," Darlington & King- 
ston's — Lyons. Kim.. 11, Hoislngtoti II!, Hciing- 
iou 13. Concordia 14, Palrbury, Kobe, 10, 
Beatrice 1 7, Tecuraaoh 18, Wahao 19, TVymore 
20, Tawnee City 21. 

"Minister's Sweetheart" (TVlun Trousdale, msr.) 
Mauson. It.. 11, Fort Dodge 12, Webster City 
13, Lettish 14, Clarion 10, Dow* IT. 

"M'cFadden's Flats." (Jus Hill's (Joe Pcttiuglll, 
mjr. > — South Chicago, 111., 6-11, Grand Rap- 
.Ids. Midi.. 12-14. Saginaw 10-18, Flint 10, 
Lanafne 20, Poutlac Si. 

"Missouri Girl," Eastern, Feed Raymond'! (Geo. 
Beilee, mgr.) — 'nlay City, Mich., 11. Lapeer 
12. Vissar 13. Cass City 14, Osgetown 16, May- 
vlllc IT, Marietta 18, Mount Clemens 19, Yysl- 
Isntl 21. 

"Miisourl Girl," West, Fred ; Raymond's (M. H. 
Norton, mgr.) — Delpbos, Kan., 11, Minneapolis 

12, Council. Grove 13, Emporia 14. St. Marys 

13, Osage City 10. Kskrllee 17.. Alois 18. Man- 
hattan 19, Clay Center 21), .Sallna 21. 

"My Wife's Fsmlly," East (W. McGowan, mgr.) 
— Hageratosn. Md., 11, Frederick 12, Martina- 
burg. TV. Va..I4.- 

"Moyor ot Lnmthland" J (Jos. B. Click, mgr.) — 
South Bethlehem, Pa., 12, Shanokln 13. Ma- 
hanoy City 14,. Mount Cartnel 1C, Ashland IT, 
.Munch Chunk 18, LelilgUtan 19. 

"Musical Wltard of TVslt. Street," No. 2 (Edwin 
Patterson, mgr.)— Garden City, Kan., 11, Holly 
Vi, Itocky Ford. Colo., 13. Trloldad 14. • . 

"My Dixie Girl" (»»lgc & DuOicId. mgrs.)-rKan- 
ssa City. Mo., 13-21. . • " 

"Mist Petticoats" (Atkinson A Thatcher, mjis.l 
— Camdeu, K. X, 11. Clyde 12. Palmyra 13, 
Medina 14. Albion Id. Fulton 17. 

"Man's Broken Pronilse" (Oliver J. ISckhurdt, 
inter.) — Cliehalls. Wash.. 11, South Bend 12, 
tllllsboro 14, Astoria, Ore.. 10-23. 

"Midohjht Flj*r" (J- B. mchardsou, ,m»r.)— 
'Cwytlon. la., 11, Morayla 12, Blakeshurg 13, 
Seymour ' 14. Eldon 18, Batavla IT, Bonaosrt 
.48, Milton 10, Cincinnati 20. Onterrlllc 21, 

"Minister's Son, 1 ! Macauley A I'atton's — -Minerva, 
O,, 11, Canton 12, Alliance 13, Yowuntown 

14, Ashland IT, Nurwnlk 18, Toledo 10-21, . 
"Millionaire's Revcnsc" 'Mlttentliol Bros, Amuse. 

Co.. ..nigra.)- — Schenectady. N. X.. 11, Syracuse 
32-14, lloboken, N. J., .15-18. 

"Mysterious Burglur. ' Itowland A Clifford's 
(Frank Winch, tag.'.)— Philadelphia, Pa., 0-14, 
Newark, X. J.. .10-21. ... 

"Millionaire Tramp," Elmer Walter*' (Fred 
Bates,- mar.)— East St. Louie, 111., 12-14, Chi- 
cago 15-21. : , 

"Me, Him and 1" (Hurtle A Seainon, mgrs.)— 

Evansvllle. lud., 5-11. Terre Haute 12. 18. 
"Mountain Rose" — Llttlo Bock, Ark., 13. 

•':'■' / : . w •■ : ■ •' ■■ 

Neihersolfe, Olga (I«iul.i Nethersole, mgr.)— Daven- 
port, la, 11. Cedar- Rapids 12, Slonx City 13, 

Des Moines 14. 
Nailmova, Mme. Alia (Sam S. A Leo Shubort, 

Inc., nigra. )-^N. Y. City 0. Inde8nltc. 
Nlllsou, Carlotba (TV. N. Lawrence, mgr.)— N. Y. 

City B-14.. . 
KuveHI, 'Errnete (Sam R. A I«e Shubort. Inc., 

msTS.)— N, Y. City Oil, Providence, B. I., 

10-18. ... 

Xjne, Tom Fraaklyn— Goliad, Tex., 10-21. 
North Bros. Coinedliins (R. J. 1 .Mick, mgr.) — 

TVsukeasji, HI.. 0-14. Chicago 15-21. 
"Nellie,, the Beautiful Clout Model." A. 11. Woods' 

, (John Polton. mgr.)— X. Y. City 10-21. 
"N'lnety nnd Nine" (Jas. D. Barton A Co., mgrs.) 

— Pbltndelphln. Pa.. 0-14. 
"No Mother to Guide Her"— Kingston, Out. Can., 

18. • 

Olcott. Chauncey (Augustas Pltou, mgr.) — N. Y. 

City 0-21. 
O'Neill,' Jurce* (Edgar Forrest, njgr.)— Pittsburg, 

Pa„ 0-31. ~ ' • 

O'llnru. Fiskc (Chis. K. Jllaney Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 

—St. Louis. Mo., 8 11. 
Ostermai). Kklhryn — Frankfurt. Intl., 12. ' 
Osmsu Stock (John Ostnan, mgr.) — Greenwood, S. 

C, 0-11. ■ . . 

"Outlaw's dirliitaia*" (P. H. Solllvnn, mgr.)— 

Clrveland, o.. 014, Akrun 10-18, Youngstown 
. 19-31. • . 

"Our New Minister" (Joseph Conyers. mgr.) — Bay 
.Uty, Mich., 11, Saginaw 13, Poollac 13, Port 

Huron 14. 
"Old lluuevlead" (l-'raukllu. TUotsution, mgr.) — 

N. 5. City 111, 
"Orlghial Cohen." Itowland A Clifford'* (W. T. 

Gmkellr luer. ) — Bsyonno. N. J.'. 01 1, Yonkers, 

Nj Y„ 12-14. N. Y. City 10-28. 
"Old ArkuUMiw," Knilcrn. 1'riii Bayraond'a (Leo 

Mueller. »nrr.)— Spencer, lnd., 11. Vlncennes 

12. Kowlon 13. Olney. 111.. 14. Evansvllle. 

lnd.. 15. Cyulhlana 111. Minllsouvlllr. Ky., IT, 

nc.pkJnfcville 18. Elklon 19. Uuilirle 2U. 
"Otd Arkantaw." •TVeslern. Frcl Ituynond's (O. 

5'., •Icknell, mgr. 1— Mercnr. L'.. li, Handy 12. 
rlgBani J;'„ Mglnd ICItr. Ida., 14. Weill. Nev.. 

lu.^Elk* IT. Virginia CltyTa, Tonoi;ah 20. U. 
"Ule Oison" (Geo. Conway, mgr.) — Alliance. ©., 

11. Wadsimrth 12. Ma««lllnii 14. 
"Old Clothes Man." Rowland ft (IIITnnl'R .(II. II. 

Pierce, toutr.) — glalinnoy OIIj-.-Pb., II. Ilesdliut 

1S-1I, Willlaai'JiKirl in. Itellrfonlo IT, Tyrnuf 

18,; Alloona 20. Johnstown 21. 
"On PuroV'— PhlhidelpbIa..Pi.. 0-14. 
"OM. Farmer Hoiiklui. (TYhcela-ft Flalfc.nisr?.) 

—Walton, N. Y.. 13. 
"Orpsan'l Prayif— South Bead, lnd., 12, t\ 

it 1 [i inrslii 


1 •( m irn 11 I I Ml "1' 

hntitlck. mirr.)— Phtiidet|ibli. Pa., 0-11, Balti- 
more. Md.V 1011. , 
"Skoetntker.'' Una lllir— -Newark. N. J.. 0-14. 

Wlfkes-Barfe. Pa.. Kl-IR, Scranton 10-11. 
"Sl»w Girls" (J. P. Goring, mgr.)— BlicHoat, 

Ida.. II, Halt I.nkc City. V.. 11-14. 
"Secret Orchards" (Hunter. Brailrord ft Heei), 

mgrs.)— N.-Y. City 10, .'ndeOhlti, 
"Suncrba" (TVru. A Edw. llaliloa, mgrs.) — Nash- 

rtlle. Tenn.. 0-14. Rvansvllle, lnd.. 13-18. 
"Snollera" (CiniK. l". Blaney Aiuuac. Co.. men.) 

— Ittillndelplila, Pa.. 11 II. Jersey City, S. 1-. 

"Sweetest. Girl In Dixie." Southern. A (C. 8. 

Ruble. miT.T — Vernon. Tex.. II, Seymour 12. 

Wichita Fall- 13, Rwrl* 14, Duncan. Okhv. 10. 

Pallia Valley 17, Sulphur IS. Ada IB, Durant 

3D. Uoalgale 21. ■ 
"Sweetest Girl In Dixie." Vinuern (Will 11. 

Hughes. 11ur.l--flp0.-1n1. Ncbr., 11, Brnnlfia 

10.. York l'l. Hastings 14, Kearnoy 10. Ilraml 
■ ■ island IT, Anmra 1*. Sutton 10, Seward SI. 
"Sweeteat Girl In Dixie." Southern, B— Troy, 

Ala.. 13. 
"Simple Simon Simple" (Nlxoa ft Zlramermali. 
. mtrs.)— Buffalo, N. V.. 3-14. I hilodelphla, Pa., 

- 10-21. 
"Sefcly Tliroiigh Another Week" (Jack Campbell, 

mar. 1— Fremont, 0.. 11. Toledo 12-14. Ottawa 

- in. frbunu IT. SprlrigMd (S, Mccbnulcsbsrg 
- '■ 10, London SO. Cambridge 21. ■ • 

"Hl» in New Y'otk." North (Fran* nopkins, 

mgr.l— MUforil. Mats.. 11. South Frlmlnghhtn 
.12, NaahBs. N. II.. l;l. Lawrrnre, Miss.. 14, 

Haverhill -111, Isiwell IT, Krleiu 18, Clouccsler 

10. Fltchburg 20. Holyvke 21. 
"Sis In New. York,'" Kant (Frank Hopkins, ragr.) 

Martlnsburg, W, V».. 11. Bruftawlek. Md., 12. 

Mnnmck 18. Uageratown 14, TVincbcator. Va.. 

10, Hanover 17. Rallsbary. Mil., 10. Easton 

20. Dover, I'n. 21. 
"81s tn.Ncw York." West (Frank Hopkins, mgr.) 

— Welicr. Ida.. II, Fayette 12, Boise 13, Nam- 
. fn 14. Moumaln Home 10. olenns Ferry IT, 

-Halley IS. Preston 19, f.oaan. U.. 30. 
."Sli In New York," South (Frank Hopkins, mgr.) 

r-GoIdshoro. N. C. 11. TVIInilinrton 12. New 

Bern 13, Washliigton U, Suffolk, Vs., 10. 

>ewport Mews IT, I'ftp.-sburg 18, nichmond 

10, Cunrlottesvllle 20, Lynchburg SI. 
"81k In New York." (Frank Hopkins, 

roaj,)— Lake Mimlen. Midi., 11, Calumet 12, 

Hancock HI, Neganiiee 14. 
"Saved From (he Slums" (P. K. Corrtgin. mgr.) 
• -t'St. Miryp, Pa„ 11, Du Bols 12, Wnrreu 13, 

Cotry 14. 
"Bherlock Ilnlmei"— N'otchcs. Mlsa.. 18. 
"Street Singer"— Pnterson. N. J.. 12-14. 
"Shadow Behind (lie Throne" — SpilngUrld, Mass., 

"Sunny 'South" (J. c. Rockwell, mgr.)— Dresden. 
Oul., Can., 11, Wallaeeburg 12, Port Huron, 
Mich., 14. 


Truax. Sarah (John Curl, mgr.) — Ashland, Ore., 

11. Clilco. Oil.. IS. Sacramento 13. 14. 
Thurston. Adelaide (Fraud* X. Hope, mgr.)-- 
... Mlunesiiolls. Minn.. 8-11. St. Paul 12-14. Slim- 

knlo HI. Lincoln. Nebr.. 18. St. Joseph. Mo., 20. 

Tirrucr. TV. II. (Cha*. K. lllauey Amuse. Co., 
mgra.l— Paterson. X. J.. 0-11, Dover 12, Ellia- 
lieth 14, Jersey Clly 111-21. 

Taylor Stock (II. TV. Taylor, mgr.)— Wutervlllc, 
Me 1 ., 0-14. 

Turner. .Clara (Ira TV. Juckson. mgr.)— Marl- 
boro, Mass., 0-14. Urocklon 10-21. 

'i'nylor, Albert (Setli B. Spangter, mgr.)— Carls- 
bad. K. Mex.. 11. 12, Pecos. Tex., 13, 14, 
Midland 10, IT, Big Springs 18, 19, Colorado 
20, 21. 

Tempest Dramatic <J. I.. Tempest, mgr.)— Du 

Bols. Pa.. 0-14, llenoro 10-2t. 
"Toni Jones" (Henry TV. Savage, mgr.) — N, Y. 

City 0. Indefinite. . 
"Toy Slakcr of Niircinbnrg" (Charles Frohuinn, 

uigrn.i— N. Y. City 9-14. 
"Talk of New York'' (Cohan ft Harris, nigra.) — 

X. Y. Clly 0. InuVUhlte. 
'Top o' lb' ..World'' (Sam 8. ft Im- Shubcrt, Inc., "Yantu," Alfred K. Aarmi's— Hsllcton, Pa„ 14, 

mgrs.)— N. \. Clly P. Iiidcfiiille. "Yoong Boffalo. King of Hie Wild West" (Chas. 

'Ton Prood. to Beg/' Unco n J. Carter's— Haj- IC rVlaney A.nnse. X'«„ nigra. (-Louisville li;.. 

bUIoji. Ov, II, Orrvllte 12, Mount Vernon 18, 0-14, Cleveland, O., 10-21? 

Conlioclon 14. ' - 

"Tempest -and Sunshine." TV. F. Mauu's (lllch 

l^euy IT, Danavlllc IS, Cob* 20, Ooudersport, 

ilMl dili" *!"' < r * Oo f n,e *.FI«ib»rv oaiTf.) 
— 4-ortlind. Ore,. 8-14, Vancouver, Wash., to, 

••Oregon Cttv. Ore.. 10, Bilem 17, Albany 18, 
'Cjrvallls 19. ttugene 20, Boseharg 2». 
'Holy Cilv." Sooth (Le Comte ft Flesher, mgrs.) 

Greenville, Miss., 11. Greenwood 12. Winona 

13. West Point 14, Corinth Hi, Jackson, Tenn., 

- IT. Sbefiield, Aln., 18, Decatur 19, Columbia, 
Tenn., 20. . 

"Heir W the Hoorah" (The Klrke La Sbeite Co., 
lntrs.)— Hutchinson, Kan.. 11. WlchlU 12, 
Onthrle. Okie, 18, Oklahoma Clly 14. Dallas. 
Tex'.. 10, Waco IT, Aostln 18, Sin Antonio 10, 
Galveston 20, Houston 21. 

"Hotnlo Hearts." West«rn (Wm. Franklin Ulley, 
rnsr.)--!^* Angeles, Cal„ S-14. Venire IS. Son 
Diego' 18. Suits Ana IT. Itiveisjde 18, l'omouo 
J9. Bed.Iaods,20, Sun Bernanlliio 21. . 

"fWeymoonera" — Phltiulolililii l*n., ft-11,. 
. "His tlono*, the Muyor" (Wm. It. 8111. nigr.)— 
- Bsfrtabtirg, Pa.. 12, 13. 

"Hoosltr Girl" (Gus Golinn. mgr.) -^Greenville, 
Ala.. 11, Beloxl. Mlsa., 12. Oulfport 14. 

"Happy Hooligan," Gus Hill's — Holyokc, Mass., 
0-11, Hertford, Conn., 12-14. 

"Jihman Slave" (tea J. Daubln. mgr.)— Merom, 
I nil., tl. Hyinera 12, BloomOeld 13, Washing- 
ton 14, Bedford 10, Mitchell IT, Loognotee 18. 
• .Mount Caravel, III., 20, Grayvllle 21. 

"Hidden Hand". (J. N. Kane, mgr.)— Kunlce, La., 
11. Lafayette 12, Jennings 13, Nicoudoc'uea, 
%d-. IvV 
....-( " . I • 

Isabel Irving (Llebler ft Co.. mgrs.T— Loe An- 

Slea, Cal., 9-14, Tonopab, Nev„ IT, IB, Gold- 
■W- 19-21. 
Kalian Company . (Edwin A. Relkln, msr.)— 
. Walertmry, Coon., 1). Hartford 12, Peterson, 
K. J.. 13, Brooklyn. W Y.. lo-fe. < . 
, "We pf Bong, Bong, "iB. O. Whitney's— Ports- 
mouth, N,,H., 11, Blddeford, He.. 12, Ttoelt- 
land 13. Bangor, 14, „WatervlIte 10, Aucusta 
"JT, Bath 18. ., 

"Ista ofv-Bpice," B. C. Whitney's— Cumberland, 

Md.. 12, 
"Isle of Spice." H. H. Fraxoc's^ — Quliicv, III.. 11: 
Hauhlbal, Mo., 12, Mncon 13, Columbia 14. 
Belleville, III., 13. Mouerly. Mo.. 16, cullli- 
, cothc IT, Brooknell IS. Lexington IB, nicli- 
icond 20, Leavenworth, Kan. tSoldfcrs' Come) 

21. . ; . , , 

"it's Never Too Late to Mend" (A. 3\ Spencer. 
jngT. I— Brooklyn, N. Y.. 9-14. 

"In' Old Kentucky" (A. W. Dlncwall, mgr.) 

, .Kansas. City, Mo.. .8,14, Omaha. Nebr., 10-18. 
c "In a Bishop's Carriage" (Llebler ft. Co.. mgrs.)— 
.South ScAlesier, Okla., 11, Oklahoma City 12. 
13, Guthrie 14, Enid ID, Ardmorc 18. Fort 
Worjb. ,Tes.. IT. 18, Dallas 10, 20. Wico 21. 

"Irish Pawnbrokers" (Joa. W. Spears, mgr.) 

' Alton. Ufa IK r^ ~ ' 

"In Sew Ywk Town" (Hurtlg ft Seamon, mars.)— 
Philadelphia, Pa., 10-21. ^ ' 

.:•:'■.■■ •» . ■ -. 

JcHcrbon, Joseph and Wm. W. (S. TV. Donalds, 
mgr.l— Colmnbus. O.. 11, Newark 12. Xenla 13. 
Dayiou 14; Shelbyvllle, lnd.. 10, Indianapolis 

. IT; 18i»LonlCTllle. Ky;. 19-21. '" T* 1 ™"" 

James, Louis (Wallace Monro, mgr.) — La Croase. 
Wis.. 11, Dubuque. la.. 12, Clinton 13. Cedar 
Itaplds 14, DaveDiort 10, Rock Isltnd. 111., IT, 
Burlington, la., 18. Galesburg. 111., 10, Bloom- 
luglouw. - - 

Jefferson. Thomas — Charlotte. N. C, IT. 

Janls. Elsie (C. B. Dillingham, isgr.)— K. Y. City 

- ^. —il4. 

Jacob .Slock — Kokorao, lnd., 9-14, Hartford City 

10-21. y • 
"lust Oilt of College" (Botbner ft Campbell, 

nurrs.)— St. Louis; Mo... 8-14, Chicago, III., 

"Joshda-Slnipklns" (C. R. Reno, m)rr.)— Lock- 
hart Tex., 14, Sou Marcos 18, Smltbvlllc IT, 
La Grange 18. 

' .'■'': .'. K 

Kallcb, Mine. Bertha (Harrlsou Grey Flske. mgr.) 

— Lojamport, lad., 18. 
Kelcej-, llsrbert. ui:,l Eme Shannon (Erneat Shln- 

ntun.'TihTr.)— Scranton. Pa., 11, Winiam'sport 

12,.Suabury 13,.Hirrisburg 14, Baltimore, Md., 

. 10-21 

U'cllatanil Thurislou (Dudley McAilow, mgr.) — lu- 

dlanapulls, lnd., 014. 
KanUII, Esrn (Askln.A Singer, mars.)— Detroit, 

Mich., 9-11, Cleveland, O., 10-21. 
. Kolb and Dill— Rochester, N. Y, 11, Columbus, 

,«.; 13,. 14. 

hulckerbocker Slock (E. D. Fltke, mgr.)— Low- 
ell, Mass,, 9-14, Lynn 10-21. 

Ivcnotdr Players (A. A. Spitz, mgr.)— Glouces- 
ter. Mass., 9-14, Providence. R. I.. 10-21. 

Kilties' Bind (T. P. J. Power, tngr. ) — Pomona, 
Cal.. 11, Los Angeles 12-14, Long Beacb 15, 
Santa , Anna 16, San Diego IT, Paudeia 18, 
• ' Redlaud IP. ., -. 

"Knight lor a Day," B. 0. Whitney's— Chicago, 
III.. 9, Indefinite. 

"Knight for a Day." B. C. Whitney's— Detroit, 
Mien., 0-11. Buffalo, N. Y., 1214, N. Y. City 
10. indeamrc. 

"Kldimpncd for Bcreoge" (Cha*. E. Blaney 
Amuse-,- Co., mgrs.) — Montreal, Can., 9-14, Ot- 
tawa 10 13. 

"Kansas Suuflowct" (Will J. Peters, mgr.)— . 
BrsliikTil, Nebr., 11. ValparaJso 12. Valley 13. 

.North Bend 14. David City IC Schuyler IT, 
Csutral City 18, Greeley 19, Ord 20, St. Paul 

"King Bee" (Gramllch k Cochran, mgrs.) — Cln- 
rlnuatL.O.. 0-14, Sooth Chicago, III., 15-1B, 
. liwud.Rsnlde, »Ucb.. 19-21. 

•Klug of Tramna" (C. H. Acker, Bigr.)— Car- 
. Jlslc.JPa., 11, I'pttavillo 12, Mount darnel 13. 
Plllstou 14, Carbondalc 18. 

■ !• 
Leslie.- Rosabclc (Sim Allen, mgr. )— Sharon, Pa., 

■ iLoL-kes. The (Will II. Locke, mgr. l^Clydc, Kaa.. 
"-.Tl. Aurora 12-14, Abilene 10-18, Wamego 

19-21, ■■ :. . 

Leng. Frank E., Stock (Mock Sad Alll, mgr.)— 
Racluc. Wis.. 0-14. 
. L.(youui Comedy. (Al. '8. Evaua,. mgr.)— Palatka, 
lis.. 9-14. 
U Dell-Harvey Stock— St. Marys, Pi., 9-14, Vau- 
-dergrlft. 18-21. 
: Lloyd ft Genler— Raton, N. Mex., 0-14, Trinidad, 
Colo,, 10-21. 
loon Slock (0. Blaco, mgr.)— Lisbon, ft, 0-14. 
I*j«l» ft Lake's Musical Comedy — Seattle, Wash., 
' -0-44.- ■"" ' . .; 1 . 

"Lion aid the Mc-usc'' (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) 
, ,-**•. Y. City 0. indefinite. 
'Lion and the Mouse" (Henry B. Harris, ragr.) 
' — Saorumento. Oai., -11, Eugene, Drov, IS, Ba- 
1cm 14, .Portland 15-lS.s Olympla, Wash.,, 19, 
Oentralbt 20, Aberdeen 21, -■•.-,-■ 
'Lion- an(l .the Mouse". (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) 
— PensacoU, Fla., 11, Moutgomery, Ala., 12, 
Atlanta, 0«., ..13, . 14, Blrmlngharu;, Ala., 10,, OhaUauooga, Tenn., 18, Knoxvllle 19, Lex- 

■ • lugton, Ky.. 20. 

Land of Nod" (The hork-'Co.i mgrs.)— Seattle, 
AVasb^-S-11, Portland, Ore., 12-14. 
'Lottie, U10 Poor Suleslady" (Chas. B. Blanev 
Aainse. Co., nigra.)— Kansas City. Mo., 8-14, 
Sffe St- Louis, III . 13-18, Indlauapolls, lnd., 

"Losl.lu_Ncw York" (I. Nawlon- xlrouson, mgr.) 
-4'rmiklln. .Ida.. 11, McCarumon 12, I'ocatello 
,.,11. BUckfoot 14. 

yiy md (be Prince" (Fruult Holland, nujr.)— 
' 8B5*KJ t> -' 12i_Nc*r Philadelphia 1U, AltronH. 
Jmrwalk 10. TlHlnilT.Fostoria 18, -Van Wert 
10. Uina 20, Springfield 21. 
Little Organ Grlsdcr'' (H. K. Forreatar, mgi.) 
i."-* Y- City 0,14, Brooklyn. X. Y., 10-21. 
Una Hirers" (Burt & Nlcolal, xogrs,)— Mlanc- 
upoils. Minn.. 8-14. . 

Lena Ulvers," East (L. J. Slevln, .aifr.)— Car- 
Ivjcaale. ■ Pa.. 11, Port JerVIs, N. Y.. 12," Mld- 
illcton 13, Kingston. 14, Tarry town ,}0. Sew- 
, vurgli ' 1 1 . 

T&ljt An Actresa."' Aubrey Mlltenthil's— N. 
,.,V. clt - r 9-1 *' Brooklyn. N. Y.. 18-21. 
Little Jobnliy Jones" ICohun A Harris, mgrs.) 

■ """I*, 1IL.-14, Terre Haute, lnd., 15, .fa'ck- 
spnvllle. in.,. 10, Springfield. II; Decatur 18, 

..Danville 19, Eyansville, lnd., 20. - 
Ifve Route"— Grand Juuctlou. Culo.. 11. Salt, .13-14. Oaden 10, Pocalello, la.. 

... gj, 6eai«e. Wash., 19-21. . 

Little Heroes of the Street" (Uurllg ftSoumon. 

• -iiigrs;)— St. LbUls, Mo,, 8-il, Chicago. 1U., 13- 

"leoa Rivers," Southern— Troy, Ala.. 10, Relraa 

"Llllle Delectlre" (Ohm. Newton, mgr.)— Mo- 
wrty, Mo„ 12, Je.-sjyrlUe, 111., U. Streator 21. 

,'lnntcll, .Robert B: (Brady ft Orbnner; tagri.)— 
^ew Orleans. !,«.. 8-147 —*-»—• 

,l »SMii»n»tin« (Hftui S. ft Ue flnubert. Inc.. 

msM;)-^l!rldin'pi>rt. Onon.. 11. W»n»rhnry 12. 

Ponghkeepsle. N. V., I.'l, MioWlelowa 1*. 

***»!' i oUh ' 8 * U1 S. ft Lee Sbubert, Inc., mgrs.) 
iTgfeX'C sii 0. Indefinite. . . . . 

"ontcvuicry auuatoiie (C. B. DIUtngbini, sun.)— 

I ostob, Mais.,' », lMMlBnc; ^- '"~ ' 
Uclntyre and Heath (nUair ft ErlMger, mgn,)_ 

■ j wm 1 -— i*^— . i 11 m i j * ■ ■■ ■ 

"On ^Ji*' Bridge Vit tfJdhuj^t^'wacellug, W.* 

.... • f 

Posrern, Jatncs T. (Sam 8. ft Shutwrl. Inc., 
mgrs.T — Fort Collins. Colo., 11. Colorado Sprluss 
13, Pueblo 14. Dtedwood. S. I)., 21. 

ruton, TV. B. (J. M. Stout, .uigr,)— ftbllcne, 
Ita„ 11. Wcathcrfoeit 16. Decatur 17. 

rartollo Stock (W. Av Partello. mgr,)— Xear Cas- 
tle, Pa.l 0-14, Hamilton. Ont. Can.. 1*21. 

Price* Butler Stoci (Wm. 0. Price, mxr.t— 
Glen Caopbell. Pa., n-14, Patton 19-21. 

1'lekerta. the Four (TVIIIls Plckert, mgr.)— SU 
Atignstlne. Fla.. 9-14. 

"Prince of Pllscn" I Henry TV. Savage, mgr.l— 
liodlavllle. Ky.. 9-11, S'ashvllle, Tenn.. 12. 
Memphis 13. II. 

"Pel>. . Pan" (Charles Frpliman. mgr.) — Oaweg-\ 
It.- y„ 11. TVaiertnirii I3.i Troy 13. 14. New- 
Imrt-li 10. Klngslo-i IT. Oueoota 18, Cohoes 10, 
Schenecttdy 30, 21. 

"Polly of .the t'lreas" (Frederic Thompson, msr.) 
— Wash.'nsion, ■ D. C. 014, Philadelphia, Pa., 
10-21. • " - 

••PR/! Patl!l Pout!:"' B. C. Whitney's— Wash- 
ington. D. C, 9-14. 

"Parted on Her Bridal Tour" (Cha>. It. Bloncy 
Amuse. Co., mars.)— St. Paul, .Mloo., 8-14, 
Mlnncapclli 13-21. 

"Pnlntiut the Town." Cliaa. II. Tale's— Mexico, 
Mo.. 11. Columbia 12, Brownsville 13. Sedslla 
11. Kansas City 13-21. 
"llbsiitoni Detective," Rowland ft CliKord'a (Dave 
Sejmionv. mgr.)— Jerley City, N. J., 0-14, Pater- 
i«n 10-18. iTs • • 

"l-Oor Ilelstlou" (T. V. Peterson, mirr.)-i-Llkbon. 

0.. 11. MasslUou 12. Canton 13, Rochester. Pa., 

14. Stenoeuville, o., IT. Bcllalrc 18. Woods- 

field 19. Marietta 20. Parkersburg. W. Va.. 21, 

'1'niihandle Peto" (Abe Levy, mgr.) — Detroit, 

Mich.. 8-14. Chicago. III.. 1.1-21. 
"Pair of Country Kids" (U. Jay Smith, mgr.)— 
Dover. Del., II. Atlantic Clly. X. jr., 12-14, 
Oxford. Pa.. 10, Havre do Graoc. Md., IT, Fred- 
erVJisburg, Vs.. 18, Culiicpner 10, Berkeley 
Springs. Md„ 20. HaaersttiWBjSl. 
"Peasy From Paris" — Anstlu. Tex.. 11. 
"Parsifal (Martin ft Emory, mgri.) — Denlson, 
Tex., II. Sherman 12, Fort Worth 18. Dallas 
II. Guthl-Ip. Okla.. 111. Sbsirnec IT. Muakogol 
19. Tulsa 20, Arkuusss City, Kan., 21. 

«* . - 

"Quluey Adams Sawyer." Eastern — Trenton, N. J„ 

13. 14. 
"(Julncy Adams Sawyer" (Atkinson ft Thatcher, 

nigra.)— Kpeucer, lnd.. 11. Linton 12. Green- 
castle 13, BrniU II, Sulllrsn It), r.fflnglinra IT, 
Greenville 18. 

"Qnlncy Adams Sawyer" (Atkinson ft Thatcher, 
mgrs.)— Cotreyrllle. Kan., 11. Galena 12. Os- 
wego 13. Coluiabos 14, Parsons 10, Chsunte IT, 
tola 18, .Lawrence 10. .- 

"Quincy Adsms Sawyer," West (Jolin 0. Stewart, 
mgr.) — Everett, Wash.. 11, Olympic 12, Aber- 
deen 13, Centralis 14, Portland, Ore., 13-21. 

Ituhsoo. Eleanor (Llebler ft Co.. mgm.) — Chicago. 
III.. O-Jan. U. 

Russell. Lillian (Joseph Drooks. mgr.) — Boston, 
, Mass., H-14, Montreal. Can.. 10-21. 

lto)*Tts. Florence (Cort ft Harris, mgrs.)— Ssa 
Diego. Cal., 11, 12. Pasadena 13, Santa Bar- 
bara 14. 

ltoonou. May (L. S. Sire, mgr.)— Barrlsbunr. Pa., 

11. Scranton 14. TVuKlilnglon. D. C, 10-21. 
Ray. John and Emus (E. I). Stair, mgr.) — N. Y. 

City 9-14. 

Russell Brothers (Chas. 13 Blaney Amuse. Co., 
nigra.)— K Y. City 9-14. Xortolk, Vi.. 10-21. 

Ryan Stock (Daniel Ryan, mgr.) — Brockton, 
Mass.. 0-14. '-, Stock (It. C- Rour.'ingr.) — Roches- 
ter, I'n., 9-14, Canton, O.. 10-21. 

ltowley-Gay (Walter J. Nelson, mgr.) — Oil City, 
Pa.. 0-14. Meadvlllc 10-21.' " 

Record Stock (Robert Taylor, mgr.)— Clrclevllle, 
O.. 1) 14, Portamonth 10-21. , 

Rnnldes Stock (Frank Salisbury, mgr.) — Alexan- 
dria. La.. 0, Indefinite. ' i 

"Rose of the Itunclio" ( David Bclaaco. mgr.) — 
Providence. It. I., 0-12, New Haven, Conn., 13, 

14. Brooklyn. N. Y.. 10-21. 
"Round Cp" (Klaw ft F.rlnugcr. mgrs.) — N. Y. 

City O-Jan. 4. 
"Rogers Bros., in Pauaniu" (Max ft Gus Rogers, 

ingis.) — Brooklyn, K. 1*., 9-14. Washington, D. 

C, 10-21. -. ... 

"Right of Way" (Klaw' t-Erranger, tnfni.)>-Cin- 

olnnatl, O., 9-14. 
"Road to Yesterday" (Saw 8. ft Lee Sbubert. 

inc., mgrs.)— Holyoke, Masi., 11. Worcoster 

12, Taouton 13, Newport, R. 1., 14, Providence 
10-21. • • :V. 

"Red Mill" (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Lafayette, 
lud., 11, Fort Wayne 12. MarTou 1(1, Logans- 

fort 14, (Josnen 10,. -Elkhart 17, Sdutb Bend 
8. Benton Harbor, Mich., 18, Kilamsaoo 20, 
Battle Creek 21. 

"Rod- Feather" (Jos. M. Galtca. mgr.)— Fort 
Smith. Ark., 11. Muskogee, Okla., 12, Vluita 
18. Pittsburg, Kan., 14. 

"Royul Slave," East, Clarence Bennett's (Alfred 
Rowland, nigr.) — Lagrange; lud., 11. l.lgonfer 
12. Garrett 13. Auburn 14. Bryan. O.. 10. Vest 
Unity IT. Swanton 18, Delta 10. Kuyctte 20. . 

"Royal Slive." West, Clarence Bennett's (Harry 
A. Du Bols, nurr.)— Denver, Colo., 8-14, roe- 
bio 15. . 

"Rnee Acrosii the Continent," A, II. Wood*' (H. 
I". Wlnsmsn. mgr.)— Chicago, 111., 8-14, Day- 
ton. O,. 10-18, Columbus 19-21. 

"Rocky Mountain Express." Kllnt & Gauolo'1 
(John Beiucro, nig.. I — Brooklyn, N. Y.. 8-11, 
Yonkers 18-18. Pateeuon, N. J.. 19-21. 

."Royal Chef." H. U. Frazcc's — Taeoron, Wash., 
l'l. Elk-nsbarg 12. Walla Walla 14. Spokme 
1-t. .10, Wallace, Ida.. IT. Missoula, Mont., 18, 
Great Falls 19. Helena 20. Anuoonda 21. 

"Rollicking Girl," W. E. NnnkevUle's-r-Spokano, 
WaWi., S0-21. 

"Raffles" (Jos. M. Galtca. mgr.) — Pasadena, 
Cal., 11. Riverside 12. Redlands 13, Bantu liar- 
bara 14. 

"Rip Van Winkle," Hale's— Bethany, Mq., 11; 
Rblxewsy 12, Calnervllle 18. Princeton 14. 

"Ramblers '—Oskalooah, In.. 12. 

"Itabblt'M Foot" Ml'nt Cbipncile, ragr.)--TVcJt 
Pplnt, fla., 11, Lugruu^e 12, Newman 13, 

"ttlp Van Winkle," Geo. Oben's — Scranton, . Pa.; 


Eothein, E. II. (Sam S. ft Lee Sbubert. Inc., 
mgrs.i— Wiililiigtun. D. 0.. 0-14, Phlladcl- 

.17, Allcutowu. Pi., 18, Ualleloti HI, Mahaucy 

V«y so. ■ 

West, Blaiica (l:rui"<t Slilpuiau. mgr. I— Klags- 
t»n. N. Y.. II, Oudrtishurv 12, aioverstlllc VI. 

Williams. I.ntilp (Clias. K. Dlauey Amuse. On., 
hurra.)— C'blcairo, 111.. 814, Sprliurdeld 10 18, 

TV11U, Nat M. 'lit. D. Stair, nwr.i— Atlnula, (is.. 

Hit, Cnattnuoogi, Tenn,. 10-21. 
Winl. Ha|> (T. I). Stair, mgr,)— Milwaukee, Wis., 

8-14, Kenosha ID. 
Whltrcir.i W. A. 1 Jules Marry, durr.)— Merlin, 

TW.. tl. Wsco 12, Sun Antonio 13. Austin 14. 

(Ulvrstoii IB, Houston 10, Heauraout IT, Orange 

W, Crowley, I,u„ 19. New Iberia 20, Lafayette 



Ills Mimical Comedy (John R. Wills, nigr.) — 
I'Joreiiee, N. ('.. II. 12, Lnmherton, N. C.. 13. 
14, Monroe Id, IT, Concord 18, 19. Hickory 20, 

Williams i.|id Walker (Jack Shoemaker, nigr.)— 
Iniilaville, Ky,. 8-11. Cincinnati, ()., ir.-iii. 

Wlivte Draiuutlc (Chas. P. TVhyte. mgr.) — Muuii.l 
T alley , Kan., 014. West Mineral 13, Oiwego 
1U-1S, Vlnlta, Okla. 10-11. 

Wollbnl Stock (E.-L. I'dul, nigr.) — Jetume, Aril., 
s-ll. Klliaman 12-11. Needlci. Cal., 10-21. 

Wlnnliigrr llroihor*. U (Fralik WliUilnirer. mgr.) 
-• Belolt, TVIi., 0-14, Chicago UcIgllU, III . 

Weat-Heiiry Stock (Kugeno West, mgr.) — Buiv- 
UU», X. Dak., Oil. l-ortM 12-14. 

"Warrens or Virginia" , (David Bclaaco, nigr.)— 
N. Y. Oily 0, lndcflnlte. 

"Woodland" lllenrv TV, Savage, nurr.)— Spoksne. 
Waah.. 912. Wallt Walla 13, Norlb Ynkllua 
11, Tannno 15. 

" "Way l>own East" (TVm, A. Brady, our. ) — 
Riverside, Cal., 11, Sun Bernardino 1 2, Balers- 
field . ". , ■- resnu 10, 10. Stockton 19, Sacra- 
mento 19. San Jose 20, Oakland 21. 

"We Are King," Central 'A. TV. Crosl. mgr.)-- 
ludcpeiideiice, la... tl, Anaousa 12. Slmiuokels 
1.1. Dixon. 111., 14, Rock Islnuil ID, .WasftMt- 
ton. la., 10, Fairfield IT. Albla 18, Knox- 
vllle 10, Waterloo 21. 
'When We Were Friend-," (Wm. Mucauley. nuir. I 
— Tulis. OH11.. 11, Enid 12. Kl Reno 111, 
Cblcknslia 14, Oklahoma City Id. Shawnee 1H, 
Normnii IT, Ardmoro 18. Gulticaville, Tea.. 10, 
1'Vrt Worth ?(), IlHllaa 21. > 

"Wlasnl or. Oa" (lining ft Scaiuon, mgrs.) — 
Jersey City, N. J., 0-14, 

"What Money Will Du" (Harry Shannon, mgr. 1 
— Kquollty. Ill,, II, llarrlsburg 12, Benton Kl, 
West Frankfort 11. Juliniou City 10. Mutlou 
IT. Cartervlllo 18. Ilerrln III, <'4iullervllle 2l». 

"WIsnM ef Wall 8tr,vt" (l^w Vlrden, mar.l-- 
(kjiiiineri'P. Tex.. II, Wolfe City 12, Whlln- 
wrlgbl 13. Dmant, Okla., 14. 
"What TVoninn Will Do" (Geo. II. Kdflftrdi. mar.) 
— Kaslnn. p»., 12. Coaluti'lllo 13, Wi-sl Chester 
14. York 1U, L aj a j Ms lcT IT, Allouna 18. Johim- 
(own 19. Ithlrsvllli, 841. llt«nsbiirg 81, 
"Wine, Woman mid Snug" (M. M. 'Iliclsr. nmr.) 

--TomnUi. Can.. IMI, Rnltlmotv, Md., 10-21. 
"T\ay ur the Truiisyrcssor," Chas. II, Yile'i— 

PlUshurg. Pa.. DM. 
"Why liltls Uave Home," 11. J. Can«.»Hr.r's - - 

■ XTi'ilniliiKler. TT'nsli,, tl, Hedro Wouley 12, Hho- 
liiimlali 13, Tacoiua 14, lllyninla IB, Rtum'17 
Muiileuono 18. Aberdeen 10, lloquluui 29. Soulh 
nriid 21. 

."Widow MeCnrtliv" (Oraiier ft Jenks. nigr*,)--- 
Lake Odessa, llleii.. 10, Usllo IT. Coiicurrl 18. 
llomer in. Tekonslia 20. Dillon City 21. 
"What Happened 10 Junes?" (N, I,. Jclcuko. uisr.) 
—Keokuk, la., 14, Jefferson City. M«„ 1(1, tei- 
higton IT, Lrarrnworlh, Kan., 18, I.aivruucc 19. 
Ottawa 20, Wichita 21. 


Ye Colonial Slock (Cliarlvs W. llcniier. mgr.) — 
Itucyiiis, O., Oil. Tlmn 10-21. 

T'aiikoe IJporilv Slock, Burgess A Illmmcltlu's (TV. 
pe.llolllii, mgr.l— liuBloii. Pa.. 0.21. 
Yankee Recent," II. IL IVaxee's— Jumostoan, 
N. D.. 0. Valley City 10. St. Cloud. Mini., II, 
Wlnoiui 12, Lu Croase, Wla., 13, Mudlaou 11. 
Mtlwaiikre 15-21. 
Varna." Alficl K. Aonm'i 

phla. Pa.. 10-28. 

Skinner, Otis (Cbur)ea Frahman. mgr.) — St. Paul,' 
Minn.. 8-11, Minneapolis 12-14. 

Bcbcn*. Frltil (C. B. Dillingham, mgr.)— Port- 
land, Ore., 0-1). Tscouiu, Wash., 12, Vautuuver, 
B. C, Can., 18, 14, Seattle, • Waah., 

Stahl. Rose (Hcury B. Harris, mgr.)— N. Y. City 

Scbumanii-Helnk. Mme.— Little Rock, Ark., II, 
Memphis, Tenn.. 12. 

Selwyu, Edgar (Henry B. Hauls, mgr.) — Bos- 
ton, Masau, 0-14. l'l 

Stuart, Ralph (Henry B. Harris, mgr.) — San Fran- 
claco.,CaLT 8-21. , ' 

Scott, Cyril (W. N. Lawrence, mgr.) — Montgomery, 
Ala.. 11. Peiiiacola, Fla., 12. Mobile, All., 13, 
Selina 14, CoInmbON. (la., 10, Micou IT. Jack- 
sonville,, Fie.. 18. Sivaunah, Gi.. 10. Charlci- 
luu. S. C, 20, Augusta, tin.. 21. 

Shea, Thou. K. (Cohuu ft Harris, mgrs.) — Colum- 
bus. 0., 9-11, Zuu.-svllle 12. Ibaniflton 13. 1-1. 

blewurt, Miy (J. K, Clloe. mgr.) — BrookhaTen, 
Miss.. 11. Jackson 12, Canton 13. Durant 14. 
Water Valley 10, Sanlis IT, Senatobla 18. 

Spooner. Cecil (Chas. K. Blaney Amuse. Co., mgrs.) 
— Washington. D. C„ Hi). Urooklya. N. Y., 

Sidney, George (RUIr ft Nlcolal. nigra.) — Spring- 
'■-M, III., 11, Peoria 12-14, Des Molues, Is., l'- 

■ IB. . -, r 

San Carlo Grand Opera (Henry Russell, nigr.) — 
Boston. Musi., 0-21. 

Sun Francisco Opera (Frank W. Healy, mgr. >- — 
Colfax. Wash.. 11. Spokane 13, 14, Yuklma ID, 
Tuiouiu 10, IT, Aberdeen 18, Koulh Bend 19, 
Portland 20-28, 

SouSa and Ills Band (John Philip ttoasn. conduc- 
tor).— Buffalo, N. Y., 11, ToTotilo, Out., Cuu',, 
ls% Rochester. N. Y„ 13, Albany 14, K. Y. 
City 1.". 

Smart Set, Gis Hill's— Chicago... 111.. S 31. 

Ssiitlcy, JoM-ph (TVm. TVomIs, mgr.)— Cleveland, 
O.. 0-14. lndlaniipulls, lud., lb is. Term Haute. 
30, Alton, III.. 21. " .. : ; -l "j, .i 

Sunlmers Slwk (W. It. Summers, mgr. ) — Mee«e< 
Jaw, Sank., Can.. 9-14, Medicine Hat, Albts , 
10-21. ■ ... . 

StulL Walter E.— Wllllamsport IS., p-14. 

Straatf, Edwin, and his Players (Waller Sividge, 
Burr.) — Ottninwa, la., 9-14, Bntlington 10-2). 

Sto.ldurd Slock (W. C. Stewart. mev.T— Chothmn, 

N. M., can., 0-14. 
"SlindoWM wi-itie IlenttliV' (Arlhnr C. Alarnn, 

tiurr.l— iDlxna. lit., ll. PrlaeMfh 12. filrralnr 

13. 14. Peerla 18-IS, snrlagttHd 10-21. ■ 
"Slhce Nellie Went Awuf. s 'A. U. Woods' (J, K. 

llolsrrt-!, rnir.) — New Haven, iXssa., 0-11. 

Tlrfdgeisirt 12-H. 
'Shadowed by Tbree," W. F, Miua'l (Climice 

1111) .Ohiiunau. nijr. 1— Cohlwatcr, Mich., II, 
Marshall 12, Albion 13. Battle Creek 14. Belle- 
vtie li), Charlotte IT, Luiislug 18, Owoaso 19, 
Ionia 20,' Flint 21. 

"Texas." Broadhurst ft Currlo's — St. Joseph. Mo., 
1], Des^Molncs,' ln„ 12-14, Cedar Rapids ID, 
Clinton 10. Dubuque 1?, La Crosse. Wis., 18, 
Winona, Minn., lb, Albert Un 20. Minkito 21. 

"Thorns ami Omuge Blossoms," East. Rowland 
ftOUffonl'i (Ed. TVeitrson. mgr-) — Pottstown, 
Pa., li, Allentown 12, South Bethlehem 13, 
Canton, 0., 14. 

"thorns and Orange Blossoms," West, Rowland 
ft. CUfford'i (If. 0. Walton, mgr.)— Halt Lake 
city. L'.. 811, Logun 12, Preston 13. Franklin 
14, Brlgliiini Hi. Bliiiiliuin Canyon 10, Eureka 
IT, Mammoth IN, Kaysvlllc 19, Coalville 20, 
Park Clly 81. 

"Toarlsta". (Ham S. ft Lee Shiilicrt. Inc., nigra.) 
—Sun Bernardino. Cut.. II, Redlands 12. Sun 
Diego 13, 14, Lo* Angeles 13-21. . 

"Tine, the Place ami Ibe Girl," Kast (Askln ft 
Singer, nigra.)— TVaahliigbuu, D. C, 0-14, Ilul- 
iltnorc, Md., 10-21. 

"Time. ,lbo Pluce ind Ibe Girl," West (Askln 
.. ft Singer, Ingrs.)— llouKton. Tex., 11, Port Ar- 
thur 12. Beaumont 13, Alexaudrli, La., 14, 
yicksbilrg. Miss., in, Meridian IT, llaitlcs- 

' ; burg 18, Jackson 10, Natchet 20, Union Rouge, 
La.. 21. 

"3'clegrapb Station St" (Rinler ft Matthews, 
•«gr».)— Rector, Ark. 11, Hnrrlsbnrg 12, For- 
rest City III, Brliikley 14. Clarendon 16, Stutt- 
gart IT, Uaindeu 10, Magnolia 20, Hope 21. 

"Tliroush Deatli Valley!' (J. U. Burton ft (*., 
Illgrs,)— Uhlcuao. 111., 10-Jnn. 4. 

"Tolland"— Manhattan, Kan., 14, Uavcnworlh, 
l-">. AtchlMou 19, Llnrolu, Nebr,, IT, Wahuo 18, 
Omslia 10-21. 

•"loymakers" (Atkinson A Thatcher, mgrs,)— To- 
' ■" (wnto.Pa., 11, Bllwooil Oily 18, Union City 13, 
.Motidvllle 14. TVarn-n 10.. . . 

"TJiree of Us" (W. N, Lawrence, mgr.)— M»a- 
kato, Minn.. 12. 

"Two. Merry Trumps" — Omaha, Nebr., 11, 

"Under Southern Skies," Western (Harry Duel 
Parker, mgr.l— Belma. CM.. 11, Merced 12, 

.. Stockton 13, Salt Jose 14, 13. Polaluniu 10, 

- Healdsbnrg li. Vallejo 18, Woodland 10, Chleo 
'ZpV Mirygvlfle 21. . 

"Uicls Tom's Cabin," Al. TV. Martin's (Ed. S. 
Slartln. mgr.)— 'Buffalo, N. Y„ 9-14, Toronto, 
Csu., 10-21. 1 , 

"Uncle Tcm'n Cabin." Stetson'!, TVeslern (Wm. 
JJlbble, mgr.)— Lincoln, Nebr.. 14. 

"Uncle Tuns Cabin," Htetsou'i. Northern (Oeo. 
'Peck, nigr.>— Seallle, Wash., 13. 14. 

" Under "Huaplclun" (.1. D. Barton ft Co., mgrs.) — 
. Norfolk. Va., 0-11. 

".Under the. North Star," Clarence Bennett's (J«». 

. G. Chandler, mgr.l — TVorthliigton. Minn., II, 
L|iverne 12, White. 8, Dak., 13, TViterlown 14, 
Benson, Minn., HI. Morris JT, Litchfield 18, 
Wlilmar IV. Montevideo 20. Ortnnvillo 21. 

"Under the Red Lights of Paris" (J. A. Hi-hwenk, 
mgr.)— Hay Oily. Mich.. II, Htandlsh 12, Guy- 
lord 13. Cheboygan 14. Montngae 10, Florcme, 
TVIh.. IT, Kagle River 18, Hlgbbrldge 19, Su- 

• perior 20, Carlton, Minn,, 21. 

"Umpire" (Askln ft Singer, nigra.) — Ithaca. N. 

■ V.. 11. Byrncruc 12. 13, ItoHicxter 14, Clmlra 
Hi. ICrle, Pa.. IT, Niagara Falls 18, Toronto, 
Oul., Cm., 10-21. 

"Uncle Joah la New York" ( W. K, De Crotcau, 
nixr. 1 — Meclisnlcsvllle. N. Y., II, Tleouilerag* 

III, Fair Haven, Vt„ 13, Greenwich. N. Y.. 14. 
"Uncle Joah Perkins," Knslern (Thomas Roe, 

mgr. 1— Beiinlalou, Vt.. ll, T)conderoga N. y.. 

,12, Rutland. VI,. 13, Biirllngtou 14. St. Albans 

it). Rams IT, Clarenimit, N. (I., 18, libation 

IV, Kerne 20, Lowell. Mai*,, 21. ' 

Van, Billy B. (P. 11. Sullivan Amuse. Co., nigra.) 
—Toledo. !>.. 8-14. Detroit. Mich.. ID-ill. 

'•Virginian" 'The K llVlf M *Ut* Co., mgri.)— 
Meridian, Miss.. 11. Selma, Ala,, 13, Pensi- 
onli, Fla., 13, Mobile, All., 14, New Orleans, 
La„ 1S-2I. - • 

VisuNiU (I'. A. IDirrlogtou. mgr.)— Okmulgee, 
itkln., 10. Kivbs 18, Hariahoriie 10, Atoka 20, 
Ulilgh 21. - ,. . 


w«l»s, Blanche (WnirelibllN ft Krinprr, mgrs.)— 
Mrunklyli, N. V.. 14. llrldgeiioii. Own.. 10, 
Xew llanu 11. WiiiMbiiry ->». Ilsrlfnrd 10, 
Slir!ugn>b1..Mn»»., 80. Plllallelil 21.. . 

Wllllnmi. Hsitle ('Varies Frolinsnn, rrigr.)— No* 
Bedford, Una*., It. Full River 12. Tauntou 13, 
Hurlford, Conn.. 14. I'bllniMpMi. Va., 1(1-21. 

Wintekl, David (llnvlil Hrlnmii, mgr.)— W. V. 

, Clly liMpflnlte, . , , ..-.•,- 

TViltoii. F/am-U ((Sialics Fnlimnii. mgr.)— St. 
Louis. Wi„ 8-14. Chicago, HI., 10-28. 

Weber's AH Stars (Jos, Weber, mgr.)— N. Y. City 
ft. Indr4ml(». ' - • — 

Wlb'Oi, Al. H. (Sidney 11. Ullh. nigr,)— llrook- 
lyn, N. Y. V 14, I'lalulield, H. 1.. 10, Treotoo 

"Zeke, the Country Boy" (Leon Allen, mgr.)-- 
Billlnger. Tex.. 11, Miles 12. ColiltbwaiTe 13, 
Kllleeii 14. Klvln 10, Bastrop IT, HiuJtbilll* 
18, . laockbart IS. .... 

ill HI.i;sUL i: AND VAIDK VILl,E. 

Amtricuiis ft, l!. McCreury, mgr.)— N. Y, Oily 
0-14, Scruniuii, Pa., 10-18, Paterson, N, j„ 10' 

Arehue Glrla— llidlniiopulla, lnd., 9 11, Chicago. 

Bostoii UcMes (U- II. Ilulehelor, nigr.)— Urookljn, 

N, Y., 014, N. Y. Cllr 10-21. 
Bryunt's lSxtravuguiiga (Harry C. llrisnl, mgr, I 

— Readlug. Pa.. O-Tl, Scrihluh 12-14. Newark, 

Blue llilbou (iirli, James Ityiie's— llvston. Miss, 

tt-ll, lli-ooklyii, N, V., 111-21. 
Ilonery. Burlesiiners IK. )|. Rosrulhnl, tugr.)^ . 

Sprlnaindd. Mass., til. Albany, N, Y„ ia-14, 

Brooklyn 10-28. 
Bohemians (llurney (llrwnl. mgr.)— N. Y, Clly 

Oil, Boston. Musi., 10-21. 
Dun Tons (Weber ft Rush, nigra.)— Culuuituis, O., 

0-14. CIlicruilltM 1D-21. 
IlrlundletH (Clia«. Crinnnell, mgr.) — Toronto, 

(W. 9-14, JUiffal'j, N. V„ 10-81. 
Dehiniin Show (Jack Singer, uigr. l--Ilullliuoie, 

Md., 0-14, Wnahln.-jluii, D. C.. 10-81. 
Haelttlor Club (Arnold ft llusiiu^H, lugru.)— 'To- 
ledo, .().. 8-H, Clewlaiid 10-81. 
Broadway Onlety Ulrls (James II. Ciirlln, uitr. ) 

—Jersey City, N. J., 914, Phllaaulphla, l'a., 

Clly BiBirts (I'lill Plier'don. nurr,)— N, Y. Ully tl- 

14, Pnieldtuce, It. I„ 10-21, 
Onieker Jucks (Hurry laioul, mqr.)— Uroukljn, 

N, ( V., 0-14, Scrantou. Pa„ 10-18, Readlug 

Cuslnn (11,'Ik (Jesse Hums, mar.)— Chicago, 111., 
N-14, Milwaukee, Wis., 15-21. 

Cherry lilossous (Will A. I'yiie, mgr.) — N, Y. 
City 111-2/. ^ 

Colonial Mollis (Chas. Falke. nigr.)— St- Joseph, 
Mo., 12-14, Kamuu Oil; 11-21. 

Chaihiuigiin Glrla (Phil Ilshcr, uigr.)— Palrraiui, 
N. J., 0-11. Suraiitun, I'u„ 13-11, Troy, «, Y„ 
1018, Albany 19-21. . . 

Devero'H, 8otu (J. L Nliuonds, nigr.)— Delroll, 
Mich., 8-tl. ludlanaoolls, lnd., Hl-lN. 

Dainty Dtielunw (Wilier ft Hush, nigra.) — New- 
ark, N, J.. 11-14, N. Y, City 1021, 

Dreamland Burlcsuucrs (Uert Kiiulrlck. uigr.) — 
liosloii, Mnaa., I) 11, N. Y. City 10-21. 

Knglllb Gaiety Ulrls ti'at While, mgr.)— Buf- 
falo, N. Y„ 01 1, Hctr.ilt, Midi.,.- 10-21. 

liuiplrc )turlCM|U«r< IJ. l'ennessy, nigr.) — Cler*. 
luuil. ()., 914. I'lttsbui-g, Pu., 10-81. 

Fs^ Fosier. (Joseph Oiiuenholimr, uigr.) — N. X. 

Greater New York Hlin (Jucobs ft Jeruuin, Mgrs.) 

—New Orleiias, La., 814. 
Guy Morning' Ulorles (Weber ft Rush, mats.)— 

Kausaa Clly. Mo.. 814, Kl. Louis 10-21, 
Gay Musunerndors (Geo, Turner, uigr.) — SI, Loull, 

Mo„ 8-14. liKiluiiupidlH, lud., 10-21. 
Golden Cnsik Llneobx ft Jirnou. nigra.) — Ulilcagu, 

III.. 8-14, Milwaukee, Wis., 10-21. 
Girls From lluiinyluul (Joo Hurtlg, mgr.) — Buf- 

fiilu. N. V., 9-14. Roelicsler 10-21. 
Gay Toreadora «leu. M, Hale, mgr.)— Albany, 

N. Y., IMI, Troy 1214, Mninrenl. Caas~ Hl-81, 
High Jinks (Jhihert Mill*, mgr.l— Troy, N, Y., 
w Oil, Albany 121 1, N. Y. City JO-MI. 
High School Girls (T. TV., Dlnkliis, mgr. ) — Pruv |. 

ilence. It. I., 0-14. Iloslou, Misg,, 10-21. 
Irwin's Rig Hbow (Frcil Irwin, mgr. )•— Sermton, 

Pi.. Oil. IteiiiliiiK 1214. Plilladelphlu 10-21, 
InilierlulS (II. W. ft Hint Wllllnins, ingrH.)— C'hb 

i-uBo, ill., s ll, Lonlsvlllii. Ky., I ',-21. 
Meals (II. W. ft Sim Williams, mgri.)— N. T, 

City 014. 
Jidl.v Ulrls ill tin LieiilnK. ingi-.)— Uttiburg, Pa., 

0)4. Wailllligton. I). 41., IH-2I. 
Jolly Grass Widows IGus W. Hngan, mgr.)— N. 

Y. .City 0-14, Jersey Clly, N. J„ 10-21. 
Jeisi-y Miles (.1. l-'mlislii. uigr.) — fllrmlafbiua, 

Aln,, 11-14. Nkw Orleans, La., 15-81. ■ 
Kentucky Helt'H (lluls-rt Gordiiu, .uigr.)— Mil- 
waukee. WIN,, 8-14, St. Paul, Mllia., Iff'JI, 
Knlekernnekorsj (Louis Itotde, mgr.) — ladlauiiio- 

lls, liid., 9-fl. Chicago, HI., 13-21. 
1.M l,lf(tr» (II, S. TVimdiiull, iiigT.)— Alblny. N, 

Y.. Il-ll. Holyokc. Muss,, 12-I4. Boston loll, 
HUtt Oris HemitloH (Jack Hydell. tngr.)— To*, 

nil,,. On.. «M4, AIbi,ny, N. Y„ ld-18, liolrok*, 

Mas-,, lH-21. 
Merry Maidens IC. W. Daniels, mgr. )— Bosloc, 

Mass., 14, Providence, II, I„ 10-21, 
Miss New Yoi-k Jr. (I. M. HerK, mgr.)— Clnclfl' 

null, 0., 8-14, Cleveland 10-21. 
Wiileslles (Fred liwln, )iigr.)-^llronklyn,. U, X., 

0-81, 1 -., • " 

Merry Mi,ter,i (.lutin Grieves, inkr.')— flL Tsilla, 

Mil, 8-14. 
Night Orris .(Chas. ItoWnian, mir.)— Waalilogtoji, 

f>. C. «-14i PltlsTjort. Pa., 10-21. 
New Century (llrls (John J. Moytillun, OiTf.)— 

UallLuiore, Ud., 014, I'blladelphli, Pi„ 18-gl, 


"■ ' ■■ ■■•• •.;.;/•;: p^sik^^P^ 


?.. f'.-"i '•'•':"/ ' ' 




jelss (A. Jack Feast, bit.)— St Paul, 
>., 8:1*. DalutJi, 10-21. 
«1 Coir Corner Qlrli (Ssita Robinson, M|r.) 
•■'f— CblcioTll!., 8-14. Terro llzute, Ind., 1ST 
Psrlilsn widows (Weber * Rn«h, men.) — Boitoo, 
Urn.; 8-14, Springfield 10-18, Albany. N. X-, 
Psrlilsn Belles <Chas. K. Tailor, mar.)— Louis- 
ville. Ky.. 814, Cincinnati, O.. 10^21. 
tUlllckers (R. E. Pettcn. mrr.)— Washington, D. 

0., 9 14, Baltimore, Mrf., 1(1-21. 
Runaway Girls (Peter H. Clsrk, inn.) — Cleft- 
. Uad. 0-, 914. Buffalo, N. Y., 10-21. 
Beef en' JJeauty Show (Al. Recrea, mgr.) — Phllz- 
' delphla, Pa.. 0-14. Baltimore. Mil., 10-21. 
Bom Hill Kngilsh Folly (Illco i Barton, mrrs.) — 

Cincinnati, O., 8-14. Birmingham, Alo,, 10-21. 
Rents-bsntley (Abe Leafltt. mgr.)— Plttsborf, 

- !>«., 0-14, Columbus. O., 10-21. 

-Klce k Burton's Big Gaiety— Rocheater, N. T., *• 

14, Albtny 10-18, Holroke, Man., 10-21. 
Rone fijdi'ii'a London Belles <W. 8. Campbell, 
mgM—Protldence, It. 1., 0-14, Boaton, Mips.. 

Helllr -* Wood's (Geo. F. Leonard, mgr.)— Scran- 
ion, Pa., B-U, Peterson, N. J., 12-J4. , _ 

Rlallo Hounder* (Clinrloa Franklin, mgr.) — Do- 
lutb. Minn., -8-14, Minneapolis 15-21. 

Strolling Players (1-otile M. uraiiat, mgr.) — Min- 
neapolis, Minn., 8-14; St. Joseph, Mo.. 10-21. 

RtnrSbow Girls <VT. Fennetsy, mgr.)— Montreal, 
Cso.. 014, Toronto 10-21. _ 

Sam - Mcrlbnor's Big Hnow (Morris Wslnstock, 
mgr.)— Kansas City, Mo., 14-81. ■. 

TfSna-'Attanllc Irorlesquers (Hnrtlg A Seaawn, 
m«m) — I'bllBdeliilila, Pn., 0-14, Reading; 10- 
18, Rcrnnton 10-21, ■ 

Tiger Lilies (Isay arodt, mgr.)— PilladelpbU, 
l'a . 014. 

Troc«'teir>s (Chaa. H. Waldron, fflir. )— Mllwao- 
kee, Wis.. 814, Ohloago, III., 16-21. 

Twentieth Century Malda (Maury Krsus.' mgr.)— 
Philadelphia, Pa.. 0-14. 

Vanity Fair. (Robert Manchester, mgr.)— N. T. 
Oily 0-14, Plilladeltibla, Pa., 10-21, 

World Beaters (J. Hevberc Mack, mgr.)— Detroit, 
llicb.. 8-14, Toledo, O, 18-21. 

Wstton'R Rurlesqaers (W. B. Watsoa. mgr.)— 
X, y, City 9-14, Paterson, N. J„ 10-18, Scran- 
ton 10-21. 

Wsenlngton Society Girls (Lew Watson, mgr.)— 
Kansas City, Mo.. 8-14, St. Louis 18-21. 

Yankee) Doodle Girls (T. W. Dloklns, mgr,)— 

Soutb Bend, Ind,, 14. Chicago. 111., 15-21. 


Unburn'*, J. A. — Orlando, Flu.. 11, Tampa 12, 18, 
81, Petersburg 11. 

Doclrstader's. Lew (Chirles D. WHaos. rogr.)— 
Trenton, N. J., 11, New Brunswick 12, Elisa- 
beth 13, Paterson 14. 

Donnelly ft Hatfield's— ParagooM, Ark,, 11, Pop- 
lar Bluff, Mo., 12, Baiesvlllc, Ark., 13, New- 
port 14. 

Dandy Dlale (Voelekel ft Nolan, mgrs.)— Pine 
Bluff. Ark.. 11, OamilM 12, Prescott IS. Tezar- 

, Unao 14, Shrereport, La., IB, Monroe 10, Jack- 
son, Miss., IT, Canton 18, Natchez 10, Port 
nibson 20, Vtckiburg 21. 

De Rue Bros.' (Billy ft Bobby De Rue, man.) — 

SfcerhrookP. ft Q-. Can.. 11, Newport. Vt., 12. 

B»r(on Leading' 13, Barton 14, LyndonflUe 10, 

-Motitneller 17, Barre 18, Randolph 10, Bethel 

BO. NorthHjld.21. , . 

•■Mil's, Al. Q. (Doc Qulgley, mgr.)— Chatta- 
nooga. Tvnn., 11, Columbia 12, Hspklnnvllle, 

- lit., 13. Bowling Green 14, Richmond 10, Paris 
IT, Maysfllle 18, Irouton, 0., 10, Qalllpolls 
20, I'omeroy 21. 

Norton's (C. 0. Pearl, mgr.)— Dickinson, N. Dak., 
11, Billings, Mont., 13, Livingston 14, Doze- 
nun 15, I 

Guy Bros.' (Geo. I!. Guy, mar.) — Tweed. Can., 
il. Pertb 12, Aniprlot 13, Carlton 14, Ogileos- 
bnrg, N. Y.. 10. 

HI Heury's (Geo. Tipton, rogr,)— Brazil. Ind., .11, 

, Oreencastle 12. Bloomington 13, Crswfordivllle 

14. 15. Lafayette 10, Frankfort 18. 
Kcntande'. rillly— Little Rock, Ark., 18. 
Mnrmrn's — Charlotte. N..O., 14. 
Merry's, Roy— Clearfield. 1 Pa.. 0-14, 
Primrose's, Geo, II. (Wm. Warming ton, mgr.)— 

Portland, Ore.. 8-14, Seattle, Wash., 15-21. 
Vogpi's (John W. Vogsl, mar.) — Burlington, Vt., 
I it. Rutland 12, Oranvllfe, N. Y., 18. Olens 
Fills 14, Tlcomlemgn 10. Pair Haven, Vt.. 17, 
Whitehall, N. Y„ 18, Meebaolesrllle 10, Albany 
20. 21. -.'•_• 1 

West's, Wm. n. (Satiford B, Rlcaby. mar.) — 
Rocky Ford. Colo., 11, La Junta 12. Hutchinson, 
Kan., 10, Abilene 18, Concordia 10, Bnllna 20, 
Junction City 21. . 


Baldwin, Mrs.— Haxleton, Pa., 9 -n. 

Oooley's Floating Theatre (J. W. Cooley, mgr.)— 

White Castle, La., 11, Donaldsonf HI* 12, WWte- 
'. ball 13, Oonfert 14, Bt, James 15, , 
Csnscll's Own Big Bbww <h. H. Cassell, mgr.)— 

Meyersilnle, Pa., All, Elk Lick • 12-14, Homer- 

e«l 16-18. , • 
Rnttrprlso Amuioment Co. (Cap Stewart, mgr.)— 

Wofcottfllle. Intl. . 12-14, South Mllford 10-18. 
Finch, Leon, Co, tRoscoe Slater.iugr,)— Cherokee, 

It., 12-14. Storm Lake 1018, Fort Dodge 20- 

2J. ■ i : 

Flint, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. (H. L. Flint. 

mir. ) — Iowa City, la., ' 0-14, Galeaburi', III., 

risk's, bode, Concert tind Dane* Orchestra— Park 
Rlfer, N. Dak., 11, Conway 12, Larlmore z», 
•Niagara 14, Sarles 10, Cahln IT, Clyde 18, 
Munlsh 10. Lakota 20. Orary 21. 

Hawthorne Club— Joneaboro, Ark., 12, Portland 

15, Huttlf 14, Stamp 10, Lockbart, Tex., 18, 
Mart 10, Fort Worth 20, Baltlngor 21. 

Illckev's .Moving Picture Co., No. 1 (Oco, .A. 
lllckey, mgr.)— White River Junction, VI., 11, 
Claremont, N. II., 12, Irtbauou 111, Granville, 
N. Y., 14, Wbltehall 10, IT. 

Hlclrey's Moving' Picture Co.,' Nd. 2 (0. W. Law- 
ford, mgr.)— North Adams. Mass.. 11, Benning- 
ton , Vt., 12, 18, Chester 14, Manchester 10, IT. 

Johnny J. Jonea' Trained Wild Animal Show — 
Camden, S. C. 9-14, Yorkvlllo 10-21. 

Lncer-De Bona Combination (T. R. Lueey, mgr. ) 
— homldjl. Minn., 11, Thief River Falls 12, 
Drayton. N. Dak., 13, Crystal 14, Inkster 10, 
Rlsliee IT, Leeds 18, St. John 10, Cando 20, 

SB Bi. •••■•■■ 

I^e's Oldsa Blowers (Jack Lee, mgr,)— Paw Paw, 


nicelli' oi 

I owl- Edna May Magoon (F. W. Mtgoou. 
,Jr.)— r*wt»tcm. Me., 0-14. 

I'finllno. J. R. (Stewart Lcthgow. mgr.)— Tyrone, 

I Pe.7n-14, Rochester, N. X- 1U2L 

Potters, Frank J.— Kenmare. N,.D., 11, Flaxton 
12, Bnwtiells 1.1. 'Donuyhrook 14. - 

ItoilDilM ladles' Orehcstrii' and Spaelslty Co. (H. 
0. Rounds, mgr. I — 8at>liui, O. 11: ClorksTllle 
12. AVcsiiinirton Oour: House 1.1, Circlevllle 14, 
Lonrasle.-- 16, Mare, Pa., 10, Tareiitnm IT, 
Clarion IS. I/nloutown 10, -West Alexander 20, 
fllayfllto 21. • 

Reno, Rdward— Terrell, Tox„ 10, Mount Vernon 
IT. ' • -.'■•/■ 

UasM, The (Dr. Haiigeros. mgr,)— Trinidad, 
Colo.. 0-14. Albuqiwrque, N. Mex., lfl-21, 

Revengnla (Walter 0. Mack, mgr.)— K. Y. city 

Thompson Kntertalners (Frank 'II. Thoubaoif, 

mgr.)— Potosl, Wh.. Oil. Milivllle 10. IT. 
Trahi Robets, Eastern (W. H. Rosenthal, mgr.) 
' —Concord, N. II., 1], Lawrence, Mass., 12, IS,' 

Nashua, N. IL. 14 ' 

' l.oa Anttelea. — At the Mason Opera House 
(II, 0. Wyatt, mnnngur) "The. Lion and the 
Moiiso" closed a week's engagement Nov. .10. 
H. Miller Kent, In ''Rafflce" Dec. B-T : IsabeJ 
Irfltig-. In "The Girl Who Has Everylng," 
week wgmntei 0. 

AvniromtiM (Spnrko M. Berry, manager). 
— "The Lightning Conductor" was presented 
to eood business by no stock company week 
ending Nov. 30. "Orauatark" Dec. 2 and 
week, "The Sign of the Cross" and week. 

Brlasco (John II. Blackwood, manager).— 
"My Friend from India" drew well week end- 
ing Nov. 30. The stock company presents "In 
Missouri" 2 and week. "Julius Ctasgr" and 

Lon Anobi.ks (Cnrt 4 Hclllg, toanagcrs).— 
"tinder Southern Skies" pleased week ending 
Nov, 80. "A Message from Mara" Dec. 2 and 

ttftAND Opsba Uoush (Clarence Drown, 
mutineer). — "Arizona" was presented to ca- 
pacity business for entire week ending Nov. 
flO. Lee Wlllsrd and his company, In "A 
Texas Hanger," Dec, 1 and week ; "Human 
Hearts" 8 and week. 

Monosro'H Hitsiiank (Oliver Morosco, man- 
ager). — "The Cowboy and the Lady" was 
presented to good business by the stock com- 
pany 'week ending Nov; 80. ••'Sondav," Dec. 1 
and week, drew well, "In the Bishop's Car- 
riage" 8 and week. ' . 

OBPnaiiii.— Features f> and week : L« Sella 
dcxtettc, Tom Nawn and company, presenting 

"Fat and the Genie ;" the Three afcert, Mary 
Dupont and company. In "A Leap Year 
.Leap;" Nance O'NelL In "The Jeweis;" the 
Four Golden Graces, Maytne Bemlngtoa and 
her Duster Brownies, and Orpheum motion 
pictures. J „, 

DNiguB (Qeots A Zallee, proprletori). — 
Feature* 2 and week : Tony Rider's circus 
monkeys, Jacobs and Sardel, Harry De Lair, 
Tracy McDermott, In illustrated songs; the 
Unique Comedy company, la "Mixed Pickles," 
and the Unlque-o-scope. 

Peoples'. — Features 2 and week Include 
new vaudeville acts, illustrated eonxu and 
dances, and new sketch, by James P. Leo's 
stock company. j 

Kmpibb (Hilly Banks, resident mimnger). 
— Features 2 and week : New (Illustrated 
songs, by Laura Banks, vaudeville acts, and 
comedy sketch by Umpire Stock company. 
The cinematograph will conclude the bilk-. 

Fischeh's (A. E. Fischer, manager).— 
Fischer's Comedians, In "Accidents Wilt Hap- 
pen," for one week, Loglnlng Dec. 1. New 
vaudeville acts and motion pictures complete 
the bill. - ' 

. . |i s i- 

Oakland. — At the Macdonough (Chas. P. 
Ball, manager) Isabel Irving, in "The -Girl 
Who Has everything," drew good business 
Nov. 25-80.- The advance sale of seats for 
"Tbe Alaskan," Dec. 1-4, was excellent. "The 
Lion and the Mouse". 0-7, "Tbe College 
Widow" 8-14, "Arizona" and Maxle Cahlll 
follow. i -■■ 

LiBElrrl (H. W. Blsbop, manager).—- 
Bishop's company of players, In "At the 
White Horse Tavern," drew well week end- 
ing Nov. 80. Liberty Stock Co., In "The 
Moth and tbe Flame," Dee. 2-8, "She Stoops 
to Conquer" underlined. " , 

I Doha Paiik OfEitA Hod 68 (II. W. Blsbop, 
Manager). — Sybil Page and Ferris Hartman 
and the Idora Opera Co., In "The Isle of 
Champagne," draw excellent business week 
ending Nov. 30. Same opera 2-8. Next, 
"TheMaBCOt" . 

Columbia (Keating & Flood, managers). 
— The moving pictures of "The Passion Play", 
drew heavy ouslness week ending Xaf.; :i0. 
l"he bouse was dark week of Dec. 1, .,'* . 

Oni'iiKUM (Geo. Ebey, resident manager). 
— Attractions Nov. 30-Dec. 7: Anna Eva 
Fay, Sisters O'Mecra, La Belle Oterlto, Ray 
L. Boyce, ■Mttyme Remington and her pick- 
aninnies, the Two Lorettos, Lotta Gladstone, 
nnd the blogrnpb. Business was heavy last 
week. ' iL 

Belt, (Ed. Homan, manager). — Featores 
Dec. 2-8: Mny Yohe, tbe Columbia Four, 
Cummings, Thornton and company, In "A 
Mall Order Wife;" Charles B. Ward and 
Kathrya Klnreand company, presenting "The 
Twin Flats;" Faust Bros., Nick Conway,' 
and the latest motion pictures. Business was 
to capacity last week. 

.Noveltt (Tony Lubeiokl, manager). — Bill 
2-8: Barton and Ashley, presenting "Canal 
Boat Bal ;'" Vlctorlne, the Zangfreilas, Dan 
Fern, the Shedmans Dog Circus, and the 
projectoscope. Business was good last week. 

Empisb IE. M. Carlson, manager). — Leo 
La Salle and the Empire Stock Co., in '"Tracy, 
the Outlaw," drew well filled houses week 
ending 1. Miss' La Salle and stock company, 
In "The Half Breed," 2-8. "The Two Or- 
phans" underlined. - 

Notes. — The Bex and BIJou Dream, con j 
tlnuaus moving picture houses, arc having a 

good run of business Guy C. Smith has 

resigned as resident manager of the Novelty 
Theatre. . 

i * i • 

Snn Diego. — At the Garrlck (Chas. De 
Locour, manager) Ilalpn fttuart, in "Strong- 
heart," did good business Nov. 27, 28. "Mes- 
sage from Mars" played to big houses 30. 
"Raffles" Dec. 8, Florence Roberts 10, 11, 
"Human Hearts" 10, Kilties Band IT, Elks 
("The Fllabusters"! 18-II0, "College Widow" 

Pickwick (Palmer Bros., managers). — The 
regular stock played "Shall We Forgive Her" 
to good bouses week ending Dec. 1. "My 
Pardner" 2-7. "Pretty Peggy 1 ' to follow. 

Notes. — Tbe Empire HI. H. Bosley, mana- 
ger) latest moving pictures. Good show and 

good houses always lilectrldom, moving 

picture show. S. It. O. at all performances. 




Not one of the fifty-seven kinds, but in a class all by itself. Positively one great 
coon song. By the writer of "The Preacher and the Bear,' and- the only coon 
baseball song ever written. Funniest slides ever made. $500 per set. 


This is the "Tree" song that bears encores. Something different in this ballad, 
and something new in the slides, which were posed in California.- ?5X» per set. 


A genuine march ballad with an irresistible chorus. The proof of the pudding 
is in the eating. 'Nuf Ced. Greatest set of rustic slides ever posed. $5.00 per set 


I Oder tbe Following Requisites, Almost 
law, it> Fabulously Low Price: 

50pr. Raymond Extension Skates, ball 
bsnrlnsri liJIBpr. Union Hardwetr* Co, 
Skates, nil sices ball bearing! t4O0 
Trumpet Organ, playing a 4 lanes | ISO 
Klficirlc) Motori $*B Ansaaacsmsnt 
Gong; A Complete Repair Out lit Kit 
and fiaaterns, trimming., ate., etc. 
Original Cost, $»,80O. writo now for Bale 
prloo and full particulars. Ton will find thts/qn. 
exceptional opportunity. ''-.'■ 

H3 Cosart Bt., Boston, Mass, 

Notice, Managers, Agents. 



TUB MU8I0AL L AUOII MAKER. Dig hit, week of 
Nov. 4, Atlantis Garden, N. Y. 0. Only act of Its 
kind In and away from the (colored) line. Address 
10 CULVER BT., Tons-ore. K. Y. 

Wanted, 2 Al Novelty Performors 

that can Chantro for Week. Also Flano Player. 
Hast bo sight reader and faker and strong on 
overtures. Salary sure ovory Sunday. Long, 
steady work to good, sober people. Show opens 
Dec. 30, Charley Kramer. Ralph 1'arrar, write 
Ttoketsr yes. Add. TOM CHRISTY, Mgr. Christy's 
Comedians, George, Lyon County, Iowa, 


A A XJiurjii.1, i f 


For Rep.. One Night or Med. Single and doiijttje 

specialties, characters, comedies^ and heavies. 

For Rep., One Night or Med. Single and doiiQje 
specialties, characters, comedies and heavier 
Sober. Address, 1728 Champa St., Denver, Colo, 

be Al. State salary and all Orst letter. 

CA1T. 0. W. *MITH, Hcdford, Iowa. 

At Litlrly. Trail Dramner with Bets. Also 

8U7 cornet and Piano, llavo M. r. Machine and 
lldes, 4 sets and Films, sober. Address 

GUY II RATTY. "The Kims." St. Cloud, Minn. 

ABEIT if LIBERTY, After Bee. 14. 


(Wiek ahead), Along the Kennebec, ss per routs. 


able managers only. Address 

VIOLA ItAltOY, lien. Pel,, Albany, N. Y. 


A iltteen minute act. with all new stage apparatus 
and directions, js.oo, 

F. 0. CURTIS, Bos S, ITartford, Ot 


One ot tho prettiest 

Moving llrturo Shows 

In tho State, City of 23,000. No competition. Very 
Uttlo expense will ohsngs It to a 10c. vandevll'- 
W. A. OHOVKB, Loganaport, Ind 



(ToDophoae), in fine shape, gioo. 

J . E. 6AHI LL, ece tVllalto. St., Bal to. , Md. 

The feature number of Nat Wills' Show, "The Lucky Dog," and a beautiful high- 
class number. 


TsTaO 1Mr/> < D < DT6 f*{\ 1 3fl N. Ninth Street, 

,;, ABTHUtt LOWQBRAKE. Mgr. Prof. Pspt. 


•»■■ iBBflssltsF Profe.slottal Copy. Biff Hit. ^sf ass ■ saw ass w 

•5.oo P.r s... M/GBEE MUSIC PUB. CO., Box 1713, Pittsburg. Pa, •'• 00 

Per ■**• 




and thouands of well known Society women know the in- 
estimable value of celebrated X. Bazin's Depilatory Powder, 
for removing superfluous hair from the face, neck or arms. 
Invented over seventy years ago in Paris, it has ever since 
been the standard. Women whose profession or social, at- 
tainments bring them in the public eye will speak in highest 
praise of X. Bazin's Depilatory Powder. Is never failing in' 
its results. Will not injure the skin. A single trial will con- 
vince you. Directions accompany each bottle. 

For sale at all first class toilet counters, or by mail, in 
sealed packages, free from advertising matter. 
Price, including postage, 50c. - 
HALL & RUCKEL, 215 Washington St., N. Y. CITY. 

Makers of 80ZODONT. 




All New Plays Under Proper Titles, Scenleally and Adequately' Freseztted. 

■ . . 'Repertoire. 

Vs. nde v Hie. 

SOLOEN, Moving Picture Kins;. 
MILLER, Comedian, and 
MISS EMNA STECK, the Tiny Vocalist 

Elegant Line of Billing. Fov Open Time Address 

BRUCE CONQUER, Mgr. New Payne Theatre, Mew Decatur, Ala. ' 


1 have open tine at the PEOPLE'S THEATRE, Houston, Texas, for Repertoire, Opera and 

Musical Comedy Companies, oae to lour weeks Bland,, seating capacity 1,800, situated In tbe bean of 
t his city of 100,1)00 inhabitants, wit liln two blocks ot tho main business corner, adjacent to all oar lines. 
You can give from three to Ave matinees per week. The Theatre Is the best family place ot amuse- 
ment In tbe South, and Is playing to capacity. It will ran 62 weeks in the year. Managers looking lor 
a olnoli should not overlook ibis proposition. Address 
■ ■ . ■ H. D. RUCKBB, Rice Hotel. Houston, Texas. 


Strong Singlo Girl tor Singing and Dancing Specialty, Sister Act, Lady .Musical or other Bpoolalty 
Good Sketch Team, write. Oood app&aranco .necessary. italanMow. Wo pay all. Long kcsbou' 

Male aots oomraunlcato alio. 

Q1RL IN Mil) CO., 7« if. Robinson St., OUbnrne, Texas. 


Seventy-flye thousand feet or Fine Stock, large and small subjects, 8c. and up, 
?.BM».]L , y* KQ2 FIT TO TBE. A tt tMsWW lessMs. Two hundred Sew of Song Slides, 


,_•• New List HAVE 

for 5o. shows and advertising, send 
18ERS, Wo. each,' by the dozen, wo'. 

O. P. OALLOT, TO Christopher, St., W. Y. City. 

Gbaractotlatic larch and Two Step. 

Full ' Orchestra and Piano lto , Piano Solo 10c. 
J. K. 8TH0HM, Fub„ 138 W. Ofith St., N. Y. 

Full Acting Company 

Including ipeolalty people TUAT PLAY respon- 
sible PARTS— Leader and Advanoe Agent. 

Koto— as this company Is going out to stay, sal- 
aries most be low and In keeping with times, 
making above not only possible but a certainty, 
Address S. Wallace olikton. 
m Falsco Hotel. Chicago. 111. 



N ear Boston preferred. As I have five com- 
panies can give complete change for live weeks. 
L. B. WALKER, 3 Bowfloln f q., Boston, Mass 


Top or second Tenor. Just closed with Gotham 
City Quartette Read and fake. AKTilL'B FULTON, 

Wantid Quick, Al Sketch Tub; Also Silinl 

Actor Kan with Ptolnre liachlne. All must change 
for one week. Those doubling piano preferred. 
Join oa Tire. UABRY 5ut, Alms, m. 



0,000 of yonr own speelal tickets. 

SKrfovated and numb Bred on tho roll. 
>r •l.Ssfti 30,000, |«.O0| 00,000. «10.00' 
Cash mast accompany tile order. Got 
the samples. 
NATIOBJAL TICKET CO., Bhamottln. pa. 




Leaping and TOok Dogs, Dog Orates. Clippers, 
Blankets. Muztloa, and NEWTOSK CLH'i-BRS 
Irom 1887 to I8M. Sellisgon acoount ol going It, to 
other business. Permanent address 
8M Worth High Bt, liulllmore, Md. 

mmim it liberty, 

pee. 16, Barlesqae or Fares Comeiljr. 

llave a strong specUlty; can play most any part. 

Also Eiperlence, Swill Looking Chorus 61(1 

wishes ongagemont. Address ABILITY, 
Pen. Del,, Syracuse, K. Y. 

Wanted, Vaudeville Acts 

All kinds at all times. Parlor Thoalre, Omaha, 
Neb. W. F. SrOBOKKR, Prop. 





Knst be experienced Stock or Repertoire p™m. 
Yoa mnst also Act And do ono or more strong J 
No. 1 Specialties. State all In letter: Exnafemi 
age, height, with name of company last, and jonJ 
salary mnst be low, Joryon get It. SpeeUtJesnuw 
be strong. Don't misrepresent or you lay yonrsii. 
liable. Answer quick. Itcad this oyer and use umi. 
best Jndgment. w*, A.' DUNCAN and others, writ, 


CAIRO - - - - ill. 


Get This Odd Qnlck. A Hit, Hit. Hit I 

.Send 10c. to ■ ' "' 

J. E. STROKM, Pub,, 

130 W. 00th at.. New York. 

Taylor's «fe!ir 
Watch Fob 

«.¥* ke . a . *. TW 7 oMraotive Ohrlstmss 
OUL Hade of genuine Horn Back 
Alligator with real claw Ornament. 

Send for Illustrated Catalogue 

C. A. Taylor Trunk Works. 

88 B. Randolph St., 181 W. 38th St.. 





Trap Drummer, Baritone Doubling 
String, Prefer f.ello; Cornet, Tromlioue. 

Other Musicians write. Olad to hear at all times 
from nood Minstrel People. PLAV1NG to 
CROWDED HOUSES. Address as per route. 


_. Mgr. West Minstrels. 




State Lowest Price. Apply at once. GEO. A. 
FLORIDA, JR., week Dec. 9. Umpire Theatre, Prov- 
ldence, B. I.; week Deo. is, Grand Opera House, 
Boston, 'Mass.; week Dec. 28, 14th St, Theatre, 
New York City. ' 



loUatrie for MOVING PICTURE 


We can make a very lo w price. Address Dept 0. 
STEEL FPRNiruKK CO.. Grand Raplda, Mich. 

Slock Bramatic Paper 

Tho Finest l_ino 
In the Country. 

Write for prices. ,•••.. 




For SoM«. and Production, of Every De- 
scrlptlon. At<lnu J. V. BENNETT. 
»73 Po I ut stseet, Provldeaee, R.' I. 


Write particulars, Address . ' 

ROBERT SHERMAN, Poplar BlnzT, M o. 



Less. than ail others Is 
price. Writefor catalogue 



Ingenues, Juveniles, , 


HTxperieuced, rctlaolo, 

lskperlenced, ratable, Wardrobe the best. 

Joint engagement only. Join at once. 




Soubrotlas, Ingenues and Boys, Sing and Dance 

Beqalre ticket ' CLIFTON FORGlS, TKNN. 

AT IIRFRTV On account ot closing wiih 

HI LIDLni I, "SweetostGlrlln Dixie," Uec. li, 


Strong Charaotor Woman. , * 


sixteen years; Light Juvenile, Ingenue. 
Both do Specialties. lPrefer mo' pleco. Drsma 
or Musical Comedy. Address OREENV1LI.K, Aln. 


MR. and MRS. i. H. WILIABO, 

Leads, Heavies, - Character, Grande Dame, 

Al Director, General Business. 

Own copyrighted 8crlpts with full Sconic Equip- 
ments. Join oa wire and tloket. 

Address SHENANDOAH . n.__ 



Wanted. Vaudeville Acts 

People In Oblo, Michigan, Indians, Illlool*, pic' 1 ™ 
write.' Sister Acts, Girls' Acts, Monologues i ass 
Good Malo Teams wo can nso. IIAHOL1) I'HbLFM, 
Manager,' fition Theatre, Ann Arbor, Mich. 





QnM JM* Oft. 


aerUoxi in this department lh«»- «»»• 
;.f tbr (livntro or |tnrlr, s>« ni-ll al the 
■Ity n* !»«», B1H9T »Ccompany «a«k 
bookin* B«»t os. - -• , ...» 

AtiL-t. <Jco„ A'Co., Empire, Pateraour N. J., 9H; 
\ B tt D. Girls, Empire. Uoboken, N. J., 9-14. 
Adelvn, family. DavenporL la., 9-11; Family, 

Mollne. 111.. 13-14- 
Adams, Dorothy, Majestic, Chicago. 9-14. 
Viluius. Mdslcal family, Harlcton, Ph., 9-14; 

Family. Cnrbotiilnle, 10-21. 
Adamlnl-Tnylor. Keith's, Cleveland, O., 9-14; stm- 

nlre, Dayton. 10-21. 
Addlsoo A Livingston. Star, Wllkeniburg, Pa., »■ 

Adauia, Suzanne, Now York, N. Y. C 944. 
Aborns, The, Majestic, Houston, Tex., 9-14; Ma- 

lestle, Ban Antonio, 16-21; 
All I.liur Fop, BIJou. Wheeling. W. Vs., 9-14. 
Alu-de/Josephlnc. Poll's, New Haven, Conn., 14. 
AhmttM Trio,' Keith's, Comrabua, 0„ 9-14. 
Alton Trio; Star. Homestead. Pa.. 9-14. 
Urhi Brothers. The, O. <», 11., Pittsburg, 9-14. 
AlwiaZoeller Trio. Btar. JJuuclc, IncL, 9-14 ; 

Orphlum. Llluo. O., 10-21.' •' • '-' 

Alvlu. Peter Il.i Boston, Lowell, Mass., B-14. 
Alnlue Troupe. Pnvlllon, Paris, III., 9-14 ; Bijou. 

Decatur, 111-21. 
\Icuuidi-r A Bertie. Forrest. Phlta., 9-14. 
\lbn Mile, Orpheuni. Oakland, Cal.. 9-14. 
Allen. Uhiii A Bertie. "Zeke, the Country Boy" Co. 
\lancc ft l/tralne, lOmplre. Ilobolten. N. J., 9-14. 
Allen. Henri * Violet, Orpbeutn, Bkln., 9-14 ; Al- 

liiiuiltrs. N. Y. 0.. 10-21. • ' 
Aldu * Vouiieraou, Robinson's O. II., Cincinnati, 

0-14. ■ ' 
Allen. Itutli, & Co., Proctor's. Kllisbetli, N. J., 

Alexia & SWiall,' Keith's, Boston. 9-14 . 
All»:i, Bessie, BIJou, Dulutti, Minn., 0-14. 
Allen. Jusle. O. O. II.. Clilcugo. 9-14. 
Allaire * Mud;- War, Aurora, fll.. 8-14. 
Alblnl. tlreat, Bljoii. Dultfth. Minn., 9-14. 
Mueta, Armory. Blnjfliaojton, K. Y„ 0-14. 
Anierlrns Comedy Foar, Proctor's, I'.llrabelb, N. 

.1.. It-M, 
American Dancers, Six, 125th Street, N. X. 0., 

American Newsboys' Quartette, Pantogcs', Seattle, 

wrwh., 0-21. 

Anillos, I<e», Orpbeum. Oumh-i, 9-14. 
Ansert. '(Jem, Lynn, Mass., 0-14.. 
Anderson It Uolucs, Shea's, Buffalo, 0-14. 
Mrn-llnrtl A Imk, Keith's. Providence, 0-11. 
Anderson ft. Field. BIJoo, Wheellug, W. Va.. 0-14. 
Appleby. « J., Grand, UniMHonT O.. 9-14. 
Ai'diile'H Animals, Aileuluwo, Pa., y-14; Johns- 
town. 10-21. 
Apollo Bros., Atlantic Garden, N. Y. 0., 0-14. 
ArraiiM (4>. Olympic. Chicago, 9-14. 
Aruoldu. Chun.. Aeaileruy of Music. Meadvllle, 

I'M., ii 1 1 ; Colonial. Akron. <>., 10-21. 
Arlhi-'luii Comedy Tour, Orpuouni, Suit Loko Clly. 

10-21 ■ , 

Archer it Chase Trio, Vaudeville, Unloutown, Pa., 

ArnistruiiK ft Puvls. BIJou. Dulnth, Mlun., 0-14. 
.iruislic-llKH- <I4). BuckiiiKliaiu, I^ouisTllle, Ky., 8- 

14; People's. Cincinnati,' 15-21. '■ 
ArniHlronK' 4 Olark. Keith's, Clerelaud, 0-11; 

leiliulc. -llftrolt, Midi., 10-21: 
Ariuiatn 4 Burke. O. II., Ft. Smith, Ark., 9-14 ; 

O. ■»., Pittsburg, Kan., 10-21. 
Arinunil. 'Iruw. Creaccht, Clinmnalgit. III., 914. 
Award St Orniietza; Bijou, AVbeellng, W. Va„ 9-14. 
Antrella Sisters, JucquefJ. Wnlprbury, Coon., 9-14. 
Asra. Chnse-'K, Washington, 1). C. 9-14. 
Aslituti it Marline, Grand Vsrledades, Havana, 

Cnba. •■ < 

Atklonin. Ceo. 15.. Star, r.ntrobe. Pa.. 0-14. 
Atlaa Qnsrtetlv, Family, QlorersTllle, N. 1'., 0-14. 
AtwooJ and Terry, Keeney's, Bkln,, 9.14, 
Auger, Caiit. Geo.; i Co., Poll's, Sitrlngrlekl, 

Mitss.i 9-14.-- 
Ans, Kdua. (ii'iilicuio. Sun 1'ruii., Cal.. 914. 
Austllis. , Tossing, Alensar, Marseilles, France. D- 

II; Pavilion; Abertlllcry, Bug., 23-28; Palace, 

Perth, ' ItOJaii. 4 ; "Palace, ■ Gloucester, 0-1 1 ; 

Mc|i-o|i«lls, JLamhester, ia-18, 
Aulnmis '(»), O. U., Greenrllle; O.. 0-11: Or- 

piihmi, Sidney, 12-14; Grand, Dcttance, 10-18; 

I'llull.iy. Flndlny, 10-21.. 
Avery * Pearl, ''fllrls From Huppylnud" Co. 
Avery A Hart, O. O. H:, Iuiliunanolls. 0-14. 
Avon Comedy Four, 08th Slrwt. N. Y. O., 9-14. 
llartls. Four, Mhnhert. Milwaukee, 0-14. 
Hally'B Bears. Paul, Union Square,' N. Y. C, 0-14. 
llakpf ftltoblnson, I.yilc, Cleveland. 0-14. 
Harrys. The, BIJoU, Norfolk, Va.. 914. 
Iluillett & Collins, Pastor's, N. Y. C, 0-14. 
Ilulloy tt Austin. C. 0. II., Chicago. 0-14. 
Harlow to OlrtlK, Ghas. K. Harris Co. 
Uauks k Newton, Hathaway's, Lowell, Mass., B- 

I'-l I MiiUlcu. Maiden, 10-21. 
Hsrtlioldy'sCVjekatooH, Orjihuum, Mluucasolla, 9- 

14; Orplieuui, SI. Paul, ln-21. 
Itarron, Musical, Nnalivlllei Tenti,, lt-14, -' 
llallliie 'Vrlo, Graml. Milwaukee, 9-14. 
ljarrj, Mv. £ Mrs. '.tliumy. Majestic, Chicago, 9-14. 
llalMrs.'J'Ue, MaJcBtlc, Chicago, 0-21. 
fttntt ft Balpvt, Nutluiiul, Chicago, 9-14, 
Hanirs, Marine, Toledo, 0.; 0-f4. i ! 
HurasrU. ''.Miuve, Majestic, Chicago, 9-14. 
llnrncs, A!.; Family; 'Hlour. Olty; lu., 9-14; Lyi- 

ic'.'Des Moines, iti-ai. 
Ualdlul, Jnuu Monti. Trcinont. Buslon, 0-14. 
Ilnllerliil,' Clara, Temple, Detroit, 0-14. 
Bobta Htuk;. Four. •'Orlgluul Cohen" Co. 
llaiider Ui Velio Trio, Luna Pork, Clly ot Mexico, 

Hex., 11-21. 
Hutilfll. Ktitberlne, 0. O. 11., Pittsburir, 0-14. 
llaflo\V * Nicholson. Muter'*, Clilcugo, 0-14. 

Il4M|in' Uiiurtette, Orpheuui, Uklli,.' 0-14. . 
lalliirtl, TJltlo, Scenic, Tatinton, Jlai-s., lt-14. 
Barry & Ilalvcrs, I'oll'u, Scnuilon, Pa., 0-14. 
Baker. ' Wade, Iniperlal, CUIrugo, 0-14. 
Uarhex, Stuart. Maryland; Iliiltlniuro, 11-14, 
ll:inllti|e'& Fninconl, Beuuett'a, 'Uumlltou, Can., 

]lni'iiiila's''Uiigs, Tremaut, IIokIod, 9-14. 
llniiiells, The, Wondcrluud, lluutlustuu, W. Va., 

Hci'.eil ' Uros.. O. II., laiiteslowu. N. Y., 9-14 ; 

t>. II.,' Frunklln, l'a„ 10-21. 
HnUUctv JuKUliuif, urpbluin, Newark, C, 0-14; 
, Orplilnm, Ohilllcolhe, MJ-21. 
Hell. Crystal, Dreamland, I)u llols, I'n., 9-14. 
lk'UMiis,,Fuiir Musical. G. 0. II., Grand Kapldl, 

Mh;h.', U14. • 
Bennington Bros.. Broadway Oulcty Girls Co. 
Uciiiiett Sinters; Throe, Cohlmblii, Scrauton, Pa., 
, 0-U; Bljmi, Iteudlag, 12-14. 
Ueiin tt Hamilton; Colonial, Norfolk, Va., 9-14. 
Hell St HloburdB, Scenic, Fall Klvcr, Muss., 9-14. 
Hetl*. W. a., Crystal. St. Josenb, Mo.. 10-21. 
Hellrlalr it Kramer, Armory, Hhigkufuton, N. Y., 

lleytr .v Ilrutlicr. 1'Xnpim, I'ltlalleld, Mass., 9-14. 
Homi. Billy, ft Dog, Bijou, Hueliw, Wis., Oil. 
Helftirt, Mn> , Tninoiit, ■ BoaUNi, 9-14. 
Helraoiit, Orplnuui, Scranlou, Pa., it- 14. 
Holwut Duo. Bijou, Wheeling, W. Va., 0-14. 
llniiiells,' Miisloal. Family, lxucastet, Pa., 0-14. 
Berry & Berry, Urplieuiu. St. Puul, 0-14. 
Heliuouls, The. Empire, Mllwuukee, 0-14. 
Bernnwl's Hurlouettcs, Pull's, New Haven, Coud., 

Bmloul'n A rains (8), Colonial, N. Y. C 014; Ur- 

lilietim, . Bkln., 10-21. 
Utlkluire Bros., Urpbema, Kansas Clly; Mo., tt- 
, II ; Orjilte-iiru, New Orleans, .10-21. 
Bcllonl BroM., Howurd, Boston, 0-14. 
UersiTe, Klolse, Cbase'a. Washington. D. tt, 9-14. 
Beld.rd Tfpupe (7), North Ave., Chicago, 9-14. 
Hen AU'», Hassan, Arabs, J8tli Btroet, N. Xi tt, 

JjeriacV Clrcua, Orphcum, Denver, 9-14, 
Blrnh, John, Mary Anderson, Loolsvllle, 9-14. • 
Ultidlnim, Kittle. 0. H., Greenville. O., 0-11 ;Or- 

Phlliru, Slduey. 12-14: GraDd, Defiance, 1018; 

Flndloy, Flndlny. 19-21. 
Ulnihun, O. ll„ Greenville, 0„ 9-11; Orphlum, 

HMtey. ia-14.: tlrnnd, PeOaoce, 18-18; Find- 
,„ !:>'■. Fhalluy, 1U-2U 
U II. Blcvele, Mitlfonl, Oro„ 0-21. 
Jjllf.* Hhut,' Umpire, Denver. 0-21. 
!'!•' Clly Four. Uatliaway's, lamell. Mass., 0-14. 

sWtt,*: Scutt, Mury AiNkmio. Louisville. Oil, 
Ulmtii, Boniiu, ll-r-r-r, orpheuui, Los Angeles, 
' C'lL, on. 
Hlmicjiet ,Bn»i 
_ "SuuerU." 
Blac* . Hoi wr.i 

IJ i . ,v Uaudolpb, Uauhiu fitoa.' 

- <14I. VVU'". Waterlairy. Conn., 
u-14; Poll's, Worcester. Mas*,. 10-12. 
Ulanehe, Belle. Cluwe't. Wnahlngtou D. 0.. 9-14. 
Blonde Tynewrltars, PoU:«, HpruigtleU. Mass.. V 

Majestic, Chicago, 9-14. 

A Co., Colnmblai Olnclnnatl, 914. 

ft Mrs., Boblnaon'B 0. U., Clneln- 

Hlonil, l*roy, 
H nekc Violet 
tilrsalng, XIr, 
_ natl. 014 
Bojil " 

H/)P) ,V Ynill. Majestic. Knlamaxnn, Mich.. 0-14, 
''•nwellla (0), Hippodrome. N, Y. 0„ 9-14. 
!*"•',' Iloiw ft. Co.. Oolnahla, Cincinnati. 9-14. 
I'J'Jj, Frvil. tt Co.. Colonial. N. V. 0., 9-H. 
ucjd.ii.VwIj, Bjjoai, .JJaftJe Creek,. Wit,, 4M4. 

Bvrella. Arthur,- Onusil,.JaUet, .III.. J M^Bltou. 

.llatatburg. 10-21. 

IMdOeu A *i»lon, Omhenns. UallTaa. N. 8., *H ; 

0. H.. Kprlnglleltl. t0-2t. 
IkKtonilr* troow, Clrro Bell. City of Mexico. Mex, 
Bo#er*. Walter* ill Cooper, Shea's, BanTolo, 0-14; 
I (»«**«. Toronto. Can., 10-21.' ■ i .' ■. . 
Bubkcr's Arabs, Cook 0. II.. Rochester, 9-14. 
Bowman, Frank. Proctor'*, Albany, N, Y., 9-14. 
Bolrts: Hairy. BIJoo, Wheeling, W. V«, 9-14. 
BprelU. Arthur. Slattoop, III., 9-14. 
Bojatquev; Teck. Boffalo. 9-14. ' ■ ' 

Boldena, Tile, Salem, Man.. 9-14, 
HootMack Qnarletre, Main St.. Peoria. 111., 9-14. 
Bowen Bros., Grand. Butte, Moot., 10 21. 
Boyle, Frincls J. A Co:, San Bros.' flhow. 
Brtdlee, Martin, ft Co., Orpbeum. Boston. 0-14. 
Brum, Miwlcal, Bijou. JacksosvUll, 11L, B.I4 ; 

01 ton. Mlttoon, 10-21. 
Brenon ft Downing, Acme, Saetamento. Cal., 10- 

Bnfforda, The, Keith's. Providence, It. I., 9-14. 
Bragg. John B., Gay Mnsqueraders Go. 
Braso A Usssell, Keith's. ProvIdoBC*, B, 1.. 9-14; 

Colonial, N: Y. C, 10-21. 
Brunettee, Cycling, Savoy, Fall Elver, Han., 0- 

Bradley A Davis, Bljon, Canton, O., 9-14, 
liridnu A Berry, Sliea's, BarTalo, 9-14. 
Brown, Oil, Variety, Terre Haute, Ind„ 9-14; 

Majestic, Kvaiisvifle. 10-21. 
Bwsn ft Sehonter, Bljovj, Dolnth, Minn., 0-14. 
Urltlons. The, Shecdy's, Fall Itlver, Mass., 9-14', 

Hoirjilo. 1B-I1. 
Brooks, Herbert, Orphenm. • Denver, 0-14. 
Brown, llsnls ft Brown, Cgth St., N. Y. C, 9-14. 
Brobst Trio. Automatic. Alliance, o., 9-14. 
Brewster, Billy, National, Chicago. 9-14. 
Brandt & Lorcua, Sohtndler'a, Chicago, 9-14. 
Brooks Sisters, ScMndlcr's, Chicago, 9-14. 
Brown Bros, ft Doc Kealoy, Unique, Minneapolis, 

Brown, Mary Ann, Majestic, Johnstown; Pa., 0-14. 
Brown St Nevaro. Orplieuui. Boston, 9-14. 
Brown, Percy W., New Pawtucket, Pawtneket, 

It. I., 9-14. 
Burkes, The, Chase's. Washington. D. 0., 9-14. 
Burke, Dan, A His Schoolgirls, Colonial, N. X, tt, 

Biinkerr. Great, Dc Pew Stock Co. 
Burton ft Vias, Kmplre, Des Moines, la.. 10-21. 
Butler A Lamar. Howard, Boston. 16-21. 
Burns, Harry, Belief re, O., lit 12; Wheeling, W. 

Va;, ia. 14; Gem. Conneaut. O. 14-21. 
Build & Franks, So. Frumlngbain, Mass., 9-14. 
Barton ft Brooks; G. O. II., Bkln., 9-14. 
Burton k Primrose. Beaver Falls, Pa., 9-14; 

Cleveland. O.. 10-21. 
Bush, Frank. Orpbeum. Boston, 9-14. 
Bulger, Harry, Olympic, Chicago, 9-14. 
Burns A Bbrns. Bennett's, Montreal, Cos.. 0-14. 
Itui-iis, Morris & Co., Stnr, Aurora, III., 9-14. 
Bndd A Wayne, Mala Street, Peoria, III., 914. 
Hnruw. Win., A Co.. Temple. Itetrolt, 11-14. 
Bnms, Hurry, Bijou, Wheeling. W. Va., 0-14. 
Butler A Luinur, Howard, Boston, 0-14. 
Buckley's Dogs, Unique, Minneapolis, 0-14. 
B'roa &"Blanch, Bijou. Superior. Wis., 0-14. 
Brnl & Vuuee, Majestic. Muncle, ]ud., 9-11; 

Vauuevlle, Ft. Wayne, 10-81. 
ISvmn A Langdou. Auditorium, Lynn. Mass., 0-14. 
Byers & Herman, Hutbawoy's, ■ New Bedford, 

Moss.. 0-14. . . 

liyrne-Ooloon Players, Majestic, Sioux Falls, S. 

D„ 0-14. 
Cessettas, The, BIJou, Green Bay, Wis.. 9-14. 
Cusjier A Clark. Traymore Casluo, Baltimore, 0-21 . 
Csulon, At, KlaVk-Urban Co. 
Cirlln & Otto, Maleslic. Des Moines, la., 9-14, 
Cal Ian A Smith. Majestic, Madison, Wis., U-14; 

Haymarhet, Chicago. 16-21. 
Cates. Four Musical, Geo. Prliuroso's Minstrels, 
Cut Trio, 0. H., Little Hock. Ark., 9-14; O. H.. 

Hot Springs, 10-21. " 

Casads, Three, Teddy, Cliicngo. 0-14. 
Casey A Craney, Majestic, Chicago, 10-21. 
Curhrcy Bros., Orpbeum, Salt Lake Olty, 9-14; 

Ornheum, Denver, 18-21. 
Osrlllo, Leo. Bennett's, Hamilton, Can., 9-14. 
GtrllslcBj The, GbeBler Bishop Stock Co. 
Carletia, Great, Auditorium, Lynn, Mass., 9-14 ; 

Keith's, Baltimore, 16-21. 
Custeluin A Bro., lola, Chicago. 0-14. 
Callahan & St. George, Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 


Cameron A Flanagan. Albambru, N. Y. C. 9-14. 
Cuwcrou, C. Ellsworth, Komlrt-, St. Puul, 9-21. 
Ounoen Troupe. Sbabert. Kansas City, 9-14. 
Otnlleld & Carletou, Orpbeum, Minneapolis; 9-14. 
Canctly, Helen, Lyric, Cleveland, 9-14, • * 
Cauipbell.' Louise, Kmplre, Milwaukee. 9-14. 
Oirrull A Baker, Kmplre, t'atereon, N. J, 
Cnmlllc ft Fona, Mabcr'e, Chicago. 0-14. 
Carter, Taylor A Co., Poll's, Springfield, 

0-14. '.■■•'■ 

Carlos A Olga, North Ave., Clilcugo; 0-14. 
Oarteless, New Sun.-Springileld, 0., 9-14. 
Caroii A Herberr, Novelty, llltln;, 9-14.' 
Carson & Wlllard, Poll'a, Worcester, Mass., 9- 

14 : Poll's. Bridgeport, Conn., 10-21. 
Couiiihell ftCIavk; Lyric, Grove" City, Pn. t 0-14. 
Carrollton. Cbas. (!., Pautnges', Nanhno, B. C, 

9-14: Family. Seattle. Wash., 16-21. 
Cartmell ft Harris. Audltoriam, Chicago. Oil. 
Chleugo Newsboys' -Quartette, 0. II., Prlucetoa, 

Mo., 0-14. 
Cliiftqullla, Princess, A NcKoIl, Orphlum, Troy, 

0„ 014. 
Chester, -Mile., * Dog. New York. N.:Y. tt, 0-14. 
OUrldtlo Duo, drptieuui, St. Paul. 9-14. 
Chatelaine, Stella, ■'•Jersey ullles Co. 
tlhnuicrovp, The. ' Proctor's, Nuwurk; N. J„ 9-14, 
Chapln.' Bfiij.. A Co., Keith's. BoStuu. 9-14. 
Charleuo A Chnrleue, Mujestlc, Des Molues, la., 

Chick A Chlrklels, Savoy, Hamilton, Con., 9-14, 
Chuilwick Trio, Franklin, Worcester. Mass., ti- 
ll; Nelson. SprliiKllcId, 10=21. 
Cliuiuniiii. Leo, Majestic. Little lloek. Ark., 0-14, 
Cliefiilo A Capretta, Keith's. Boslou. 9-14. 
Clieineroys. The. Proctor's, Newark, JN. J., 914. 
Charmlon. Howurd, BoHtnn, 0-14. 
cluitucvulll. Paul, Foivesl, Phils., lt-14. 
r.ilvo ft Rochello, Allegheny, Pa., 9-14. 
Olllo A Sylvester, Msbunoy City. Pa., 014. 
Ulifluns (T,). Hippodrome. N. Y. tt, 9-14. 
UIIITord, Dave, Star, Jeauctle, Po., 9-14. 
Clinton, Oris., Slar, Cliurlorol, Pa., 9-14; Star, 

Monoiigslielii Clly, 10-21. 
Clermont. Jean, Teck, Buffalo, 0-14. i 

Olark A Havrlson, BIJou, NoiTolk, Vs., 0-14. 
Ullllord, Phil, Grand, Milwaukee, 0-14. 
Cleveland, Claude A Marlon, (Savoy, New Bedford, 

Mass., U-14; O. 1L. Leominster, 10-21. 
Clifford, Billy, Victoria, N. Y. 0.. 0-14. ' 
Chirk. Marie, Majestic, Kulniuaroo, Mleb., 9-14. 
Clarke, Wilfred, A Co.. Utlca. N. Y., 9-14. 
Clifford & Hall, Pastor's, N. Y. tt, 0-14. 
Clarke, John F., Poster's, N. Y. C, 0-14. 
Clark, Oeo. G., Lubhi's, Baltimore, 0-14. 
Clarke A Temple, Olympic, Chicago, 0-14. 
Clarke A Freeman, Grand, Haialllou, 0., 0-14. 
Clark A Dnucuu. Lyric, Alton, HI., 0-14; Lyric, 

Terre Haute, lli-21. 
Chirk. Bergman A Mubouey, Golbom, Bkln., 9-14. 
Coiiirudes 111, Poll's, Bridgeport, Cuiui.. 0-14. 
botton. Lola G. O. II., I'lttsburg, 0-14; Lyric, 

Dayton. 0„ 1021. ..... 

Coomb* A Stone, Hatliawny's, Ixtwell, Mass., S- 

14; llathoway's. New Bedford. 10-21. 
Coiitcri Loo. ft Co,. Crystal, Milwaukee, 9-14; 

BIJou, Kenosha, 10-21. 
Ouiillu A Stoule, Untbaway's, Brockton, Muss., 0* 

Conley, Anna A Kflje, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., D- 

Conn, Downey A Wlllard, Hopkins', Louisville, J- 

Connelly ft Iluwc, Tom Mnrks" Show. 
Collins & Browii. tiutbam, Dkli)., 014. 
Collty Family. Majestic, Johnstown, Pa., 9-14. 
Codeu A Mack. Scenic. Kverett, Mags,, 9-14. 
Coi. Hay, Orpbeum, Boston, 9-14. 
Colby A May, Family, Lancaster, Pa„ 9-14. 
Collins A Hart, Forrest. Phlla., 9-14. 
Cogan ft Bancroft, Keith's. Pmviaenee, 9-14. 
Cole A Clemens, Savoy. Harrlsbors, P»., 9-14; 

Lubln'ii Baltimore, 10-21. " ■ 

Coghlan. Rose; A Co., Orpbeum, Bolt Lake Olty, 
* U" 9-14 
Corratrj KMn (10), Bennett's, Montreal, Oan„ 

Cook' Bros.'. Kellh's. Ctlcs.. N. Y„ 0-I4j '■ 
Coliuti. J.meplilue, ft Co.. 1'orrcst, Plilla., 0-14. 
CooK A'cirnton, thtthan, Bkln,, 9-14. 
Coullno A Lawreiici', New Su.u, Sprlpgt)eld, 0., 

11-14. I • 
Collins ft Brown, ColliHUI. Bklit.. 0-14. 
Cotirllelsh/ Wrii., A Co.. Cook O. H., Kocheetcr. 

Cook A Culling. National. fjbli!ajnv O-ll." " ' 
Coluuhil guartellf, Jacques, Waleybuty, Cuiui., 
'9-14. 7p. :' .„..'. 

tldiicbss. 'Paul. Keith's, Cleveland, 0-14. 
Coot A Btevensi Kmplre. Ilobokm, N. J„ 9-14. 
Courtney A Jennette. Teddy. Chicago. 9-14. 
Conner ft Robinson. K. ft P.. Jersey Olty, H. h. 

0-14! Gotham, Bkln.. 1S-3I. •*- - • ' 
Coltrell-Powell Troupe. Forrest. Phlla., 0-14. 
Crltarloo Mmleal Four. New OalHj, allrwtulte. 

1>J4; Trocadero, ' Chicago, .10-81. 
Cross. Will H.. A Co.. Dominion, WlflBlpel, Can., 

r i.|4 '. 

treo A ui.,. Idea fond dv Lee, \S«s-, v<Ii; tWKu. 

Uslikoab, 16-21. 

Crosby, ft Wultllng. Motet", VHtlrsjf*, u-14. 
r», Maaleal, Cotoolol, Lawreaec, Mi 



CratrsT, Maaleal. Cotoolol, Lawn-ace, Mass., e it 
Cralne, I«ng A Cralnr, Ninth A Arch, Phlla., 0-14 
Cretsy * DkVne, UXst VtrMt, N, >. C..9-I4.' • 
rnrtln ft Blovwtw. Majeatle, Kanaaa City, 10-tl. 
Curaon Slaters, Orpneum, Kansas Clly, n-14i 
Cuvran A -Milton. Crystsl. Monrtoo, V. B., Can.. 
9-14; AmlltorUm. Amherst, N. B., Can..' 16-31. 
Curtis, Palmer A Co., New Bedford, Man., 9-14 ; 

Lynn. 10-21. 
Curvo* Slaters. Orpheuni, Kansas City, Mo„ 9-14. 
Ciittya, Musical <<)), Olympic. Chicago, 0-14. 
Cuntumrhsm. Bob ft Daisy, Star, flaw Kvnslng- 

ton. Pa.. 0-14. 

Onnnlsgham A Smith. Casino. Graftoa. W. Vs., 

9-11; Casino, Elkion. 13-14; Star, Sliteravllle. 


Culler, Jaa. H., Majmtle. i.ihi* Rock. Ark., 9-14. 

D'AlUa, Flor. Bennett's. Quebec, Caa.. 9-14 ; 

Bennett's. Montreal, 16-21. 
Diver, Dancing, Empire, San Frae., Cal., 0-31. 
Dale, Dainty Dottle, Lyceum, Beaver Falls, Pa., 

• 14. 
Dnvli ft - Harrison. * Orphean. Yonken, N. V. , 

Davla. Hark ft Laura, Princess, Cleveland, 9-14 ; 

Princess, Colunbos, 18-31. 
Davla. I.e Boy, a rami. Newport, Ky., 9-lt ; Ma- 

jfstlc. Oshland. 10-31. ■ 
Daly, Kit.. Orphegni, Sera.iton. Pa., 9-14. 
Day. Geo. W.. Orphenm, M Paso, Tex., 9-14. 
Dsrrow, Mr. A Mrs. Stuart. Sheedy's, Fall Blver, 

Mass.. 0-t4 ; Poll's, Scnuton. Pa., 10-31. ' 
Damns Bros., Gotham, Bkln., 9-14. 
Dnrrus Bros.. Proctor's, Troy, N. Y.; 9-14; 

Stea's. BohTnlo, N. Y., 10-21. 
DHUkinun-Seblller Trouiw, Shuuert's, Kansas City, 

Daiovell, Auric. KnlUi's, Providence, It. I., 9-14; 

G. O. 11.. Pltlsbiirg. in-. 11. 
Devils A F.llwood. Pastor's. N. Y. O.. 9-14. 
De Witt. Burns A Torrance, Kcltli's. Utlca, N. 

V.. ill 1 : Poll's, Scranton, Pa., 10-21, 
Do Lisle, Joggling. Pastor's, N. Y. tt, 914. 
Dean, Dana, Blktu, Connellsvlllc, Pa., 11-14. 
D'Bve, Mile. L1aue, Tremont. Boston, 9-14. 
De Lseys. Dancing. Bijou. Uattoon. III.,' 9-14; 

Bllon, Jacksonville, 16-21. 
De Ckannt. Atlantic Garden, N. X. tt, 0-14. 
Itenetlo Sisters. Empire, Clilcugo, 0-14. 
Delmo. Star, Homestead, Pa., 0-14. 
Ddavoye ft Frits, BIJou Muskegon. Mich., 9-14 ; 

BIJou. Kalame.xoo. 10-21. 
De Vclde ft Zelda. Keith's, Boston, 0-14. 
Dcely A Austin. Casino Girls Co. 
Deans. Sydney, A Co., Majestic, Des Moines, la., 

9-14 ; Orpheuui, Kaunas City, Mo., 10-21. 
De Mora A Grnceta, WBIIsuih' Imperials 
Dc Vole Trio, HaOiaway's, loiwell, Mass., 0-14; 

Keith's, Providence, It. 1., 1041. 
De Velde A Zelda, Boston, Mass., 0-14; Stsm- 

ford. Conn.. 10-21. ' 
De Hnvea. Rose, Septette, Orphean), St, Paul, 

Deihlng. Joe. Bennett's, Montreal, (Jan., 9-14 ; 

Majestic. Juhustowo, Pa . 10-21. 
Do'llenm A La Hue, Young's, Atlantic City, N. 

J., 11-14: Family. Plttstuu. Pa., 10-21. 
DesvMI. Olympic, Columbia, Ht. Louis, 9-14. 
Delniore A Wilson, "Butter Brown" Co.. Enstent. 
IIcIiiibs & Dcater, Archer, Chicago. 0-21 . 
Dcliuo, Star, Homestead, i'u., 9-14; Star, lie- 

Kces Rocks, 16-21. 
Delniore Ulsters, Vlcloria, N. Y. C, 9-14. 
Do Vole. Kathleen, llurwood, Omaha, 0-14. 
Dcnli, llt-oee. Salem, Mass.. 0-14. 
De Cuuio. ('has., A Dug, Lyric. Mobile, All., 9-14 ; 

Majestic, Birmingham, 10 21. 
De Veuux A De Vcaui. AUuutle Gacdeu, N. Y. 

tt. 0-14. 
He Vole Trio. Hathaway"*, Lowell, Mara., 0-14. 
Dc Voy, A Dayton Sisters, Sedalla, Mo., 9-14; 
• Kansas Clly, 10-21. 

Des Itocbes A isianc-i, Auditorium, Chicago, 0-14. 
Dc Wolf Sisters, Gem. Lynn. Mass.. 5-14. 
IK' Luosun, Zelle, Orpbeum, San Fran., Cal., 9- 

Dc Monlo A Belle. Denver, Col., 9-14. 

Dc Cruw Trio, Burwood. Omaha, 9-14. 

Dc Cliniital Twins. Lyceum Family, Mllford, Mass., 

0-14; Woonsncket, R. 1 . 10-21. 
Dillon Bros., Poll's, Sprlagoehl, Mass., 0-14. 
Dlsoii A Fields, Drnhcum, Uinaba, 10-21. 
ttlllu A Tcnipletou, At. It. Field's Mlustrels. 
Dilks. Jim. Broadway. Camden. N. J„ 911. 
Diamond, Jim, Kentucky Belles Co. 
DIxou Bros., Proctor's, Newark, N. J.. 9-14. 
inline A Wilson, Dutwood, Omaha. 10-21. 
Dixon A Auger, Orplicuiu, 151 l'aso, Tex., tl-14. 
Diamond A Smith, Family, GloveravJIle, N. Y.. 

0-14; North Adams, Muss.. 10-21. 
Diamond Comedy Co., "Rocky Mountain Express" 

DurscU ft Russell, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y.. 9-14. 
Donegnn Troupe, Scrautoo, Pa., 9-14 ; New Haven, 

.Conn., 10.21. 
Dounotte, Iva, Malu Street. Peoria, 111., u-14, 
Downey, Lesllp T.. Klectrle, Racine, Wis., 0-12. 
Downey, Joe. Maubattau, Norfolk, Vs., 9-14. 
Dorsch A Russell, Proctor's, Albany, N. Y., 9-14. 
Douglas Sisters, Natlooal, CblCHgo, 9-14. 
Donette, lva. Malu St., Peoria. III.. 9-14. 
Doiiovnn A Arnold, llurwood. Omaha, 0-14. 
Doric Quartette, Salem, Mass., P-14. 
Donald ft Carson, Poll's, Springfield, Musi., 9-14; 
Doyle A Fields, "For Mother's Sake" Co. 
Drueiiln, Donnelly A MatOeld Minstrels. 
Dreams, Lydla, Scenic, 'founton, Mobs., 9-14; 

Scenic, Walllmm, 10-21. 
Drew, IxjwoII B., Keith's, Providence, 0-14. 
Drew, Mr. A Mrs. Sidney, Shecdy's, Fall Uinr. 

Miss,, 0-14. 
Diiiu-uii A Uoitmnn, Majestic. Topeka, Ksu., 9-14; 

MisH-u'a, Jopllu, Mo.. 10-81. 
Du Bols, Grrut, Orphlum, Msi'letts, 0„ 9-14; 

Bijou, WbePtlug, W. Vs.. 10-21. 
Dufnool, Dnlsy, orpheuui, liuusus Clly, 9-14. 
Duncan. A. o.. Trent, Trenton, N. J., 0-14; Co- 

lisilul, Norfolk, Vu., 111-21. 
Duponl, Mary, A Co., Orpbeum, Lua Angeles, Cal., 
. 914. 

Diinioiul's Minstrels, Oriiheuin, Omaha, U-14, 
Duiiedln TrouiHi, Poll's, Srrautuu, Pa., lt-14, 
Diifllu-Rcdcuy Troupe, Mary Anderson, Louisville, 

Dyllyii, J, Bernard, Unliiue, »lliiiiciinolls, 0-14, 
Kngilu A Halluiun, Wellatul, Cuuilicrluud, Md,, 0- 

14 ; Star, Washington. Pa.. 10-21. 
Karl A Fisher. Salt Lake Clly. V., 9-21. 
Eckel ft Dn Prce. Family. UuUeUio, I'u, 

Faintly, Carbundule, 10-21.: 
lickhoff & Gordon, 20rd Street, N. Y. 

SUM Street. N. Y. tt, 10-21. 
15il words A Monlo, Orphlum; Gallon, 0. 

Family, Washington, 0. II., 10-21. 
EdWards, Davis ft Co., Poll's, Scrauton, I'u., 0-14; 

Keith's, Phllu., Pa.. 10-81. . 
15duionds A I«c, (i. 0. II.. Plltsburg, 0-14. 
Clllck, Will J., Family, Pittsburg. 9.31. 
Elliott A Keff, Klisoli's, Chleugo, 0-14. 
KLtiiige. Julian, Proctor's, Albany, N. X., 0-14} 

Wheu's, Buffalo. 1U 21. 
Elllult A West, Knickerbockers, 
Kllnore Sisters, BenueU's, Ottawa, Can., 9-14; 

liwinelFs. Montreal, Can.,' 10-21. 
"Electric CrlckcU," Unymurket, Chicago, 0-14 ; 

'Columbia, St. Umls, 10.21. 
Elliott. Bcllalr ft Elllotl, Harry Bryiut Exlravu- 

gania Co. 
FJdrldge, Press, Colombia, Ht; Leulo, lt-14. 
Kltlilge. Julian. Proctor's. Albany, N, Y., 9-14. 
Ellin Muslcul Four, Poll's, Scrauton, Pa., U-14. 
I'.lwood A Klwiiod. Grand, Mllwuukee, 0-14. 
I'llon, .lane, FnmlJy. Kllulra. N. Y.. 9-14. 
Kills. Fay, lllulto, FJuilra. N. Y„ 9-14. 
Eldnru, BIJou, Wheeling, W, Va., 0-14. 
Kineruld, Alice, Slaitdard, Cincinnati, 9-14. 
Eiiuuy, Mujo., ft Pels, Mary Andersou, LuuiiviUe, 

Uqiraett. Oracle, ft Co., AUiambra, N. Y. 0.. 'J- 

14 ; K. A I'.. Jersey City, N. J., 16-21. 
Empire City Quartette, Orpbeum, Boston. 0-14. 
Limllsli Kodkers, Sir:, Trent. Tiyuton, N. J., 9-14. 
Etatlaton. Nan, ft Co., Taunton, Mas*., 9-14; 

Salem. 10-21. 
Ennar, John, Empire. Milwaukee, 0-14- 
Errbl, Leon, Jersey Lilies Co. 
Ernesto Slaters (8), C. O. H.) Chicago, 9-14. 
Esmeralda, Lyric. Mobile, All., 8-14 ; Majestic 

Ulrmliigbam. 10-21. _ ' 

Eviiiih, Cbiis. V... ft Co.. C. O. H.. Chkavo, 9-14. 
l-.vsiis A Lloyd. Htux, Seattle, Wash., 9-14. 
Kviiiis Trw, SlieeilTH. New IxhhJou, Conn-, 9-14; 

Psstui's. N. Y. C. 1021. 
Kvaug, George, Furresl, Plillu . 9 II. 
Fivrrelt. Fanny, Orpleiiun, S,-ranlou, I'm,, 0-14. 
l5:;|tos|tloti Four. Kmpli'e. Hatersun, N. J., 9-14. 
Folk*. IHeonuT, Lyric. Dnytou, O., O-ll; Ms- 

Jestle. ChlcsgM. 1021. 
I'arL. Dave. Family. PIlUlHirg. It 14. 
FkiiiiIiik k Fume, Rlaliv, CWilru, N. Y.. U-14. 
Fs'lelte ot-cheslr.i. Cnleii Kquurrt. N, X. C-. 9:11; 

I'roctor's, Albany. N. Y., 16-21. ' . 

Fayc, Elsie, ft Blssett ft Miller, Poll's. Wor. 

eesler. Muss., 0-14 : Poll's. Bridgeport; 10-81. 
Faxon A Byron, Uatbawuy'a. Lowell, Mass., 014. 
Fajno ft Men-ism. Family. Woonsoekat, B. I'., 

jl-14 ; Palace, Boston, 16-21, 
Fnrrell-Bms., liatliawriy's. I^well, Mass., 0,14. 
Ferr'ell A Le Roy. Orplicnm. So. Chicago, 9-14. 
Fsrvrl-Tevlor Trio. Majestic, Chicago, 0-14. 
Fay. Anna I5va, Orpl|eutn, Oakland, Gat.. 9-14. 
l-ellini, .Peiuiii',- Atlantic G*T<>0, N. \\ O.. 9-14. 

Ftrtrtl Brd.., Hstbdwsr*», tow-B.'-UliB., 014, 

Fern A.. Mae*,. Palace, lUncock. Ml<*„ 0-14 ; 

BIJou. Marquette, 16-81. 
rrlnm. Jennie, Atlantic (tardea. N. )'. C, 9-14. 
Felix A Barry, Shei-dy'u. Fall Itlver, Mass., 9-14. 
Fcrrero A Dot. Hoymarkat,' Clilcagw, 9-14.' 
Kerry. Gaiety. iptlogHeld. III., 0-14 ; Lyrle, Kan- 

■Ington, 10-31. ' " 

Ftntrlln A Carr. Shea's. Buffalo. 10-tl. '' 
Flnmys, The, Young's I'lvr. Atlantic City, N. J., 

9-14: Gotham. Bkln.. 10-11, 
Kllxgcralu, Harry. Crystal. St. Joseph. Mo.. 6-11. 
first. Barney. Costao, altoooa, Pa.. (-14 ; Keith's, 

Phlla., 1021. 
FlUns ft Ward, Colonial. M. Y. C . 9-14. 
Flab, Gertrude. Savoy. Hamilton, Caa., 9-14. 
Flnlay ft Bnrk*. Sbubert, Kaiiaai Olty, 0-14. 
Fields, W. tt. Shea's, Buffalo, n-14. 
Flibrr ft Berg. Uentx-SaOUey Oo. 
Florence Sisters 181. Moulin MOUge, Baa Paolo, 

Ilraall. 8. America. 
Flyun. Jobs F.. Nl/iih A Arch. Phlla., Oil. 
Fallen, Lonnlo. tittbnwnj's, New Bedford, Mm., 

0-14; Palace, Brockton, 16-11. 
Ford* (4 1. Maryland. Baltimore, 944. 
Fords. Famous, 0. II., Cairo, W. Va., 11, 13; 

West Union. 13, 14. 
Fogtrty. Frank, Temple, Detroit. 0-14. 
Foy A Clark. Union Bihiarc, N. Y. O., 9-14. 
Foster. Ed., A Do*. Novelty, Bkln., 9-14 ; Gotham, 

miii,. ld-ai. 
Foster ft Foster. Orpbeum. Sioux Olty, la,, 8-14 ; 

Orpbeum. St. Paul, iti 21. 
aVaagere. Orplieuui, St. l'oul, 9-14, 
Fox A Summers, Grand, Falrinoiint, W. V*., P-14. 
Fredo A Dare, Hopkins', l^oulsvllle, Ky., 9-14. 
Frrrull, O. 11., Otwonta. N, X.i 9-14I O. H„ 

JariK-stown. 10-21. 
Froy Trio. Majestic. Bvanavllle, lud., 9-14; Crya- 

ml, Milwaukee 10-21. 
Francis A MeCunly. Novelty. Hkln., 9-14. 
Frank ft Rose, Park Family, Johuttowa, I'*., 0- 

Froslnl. Sbubert. Kansas Clly. 0-14. 
Fries Sisters. Itohlnson O, II.. Cincinnati, B-14; 

Princess. Cleveland, 16-21. 
Francis, Emms, A Arabs, Orhhourfl, D»nv«r, 9-14, 
Fivuerlck Bros. A Burns, Keith's, Utlca. N. Y„ 

Frveman, Max, Jacques. Waterbnry. Oonn.. 9-J4. 
Franklin, Irene, ft Bert Grim, Novelty, Bkln., 

I'rlgnnxn. Trlxle, G. O. II.. Bkln.. 9-14. 
I'raux. Cogswell A Froua, Biyoaae, Bayooue, N. 

.1.. 9-14: No. Adams, Mats., 10-21. 
French. Henri. Orpheuui. San Fran.. Cal.. 9-14. 
"Futurity Winner," Olympic, Clilcugo, 0-14 1 

Columbia, St. Lnuli, 16-81. 
Fuller, liln, Teck. Ilutrclo, 9-14. 
J'uxinuii, Radio, New York, N. Y. tt. 0-14. 
Gardner, Henry V., Keith's, Providence. 0-14. 
(inrduer ft Colder. Hncedy's, Fall River, Mais,, 


9-14 ; Or- 

9-14 1 


Gardner A BUtddaxd, Broadway. Camden, N. J 





A Vincent. Eutplra Circuit, Eat.. 9-28. 
Kddlo. Marlon, Markw, 0., 0-14; Or- 
Mausncld. 10-21. 

Jack. Keith's. Ikatoo, 0-14 1 

Kellh's. ProrliteiKo. It. I., 10-31. 

(lurdiicr ft Revere. Orplieuui, Halt Lake Oily, 0- 
1-1; Orpbeum, Denver, 111-21. 

Onslrsi A Green, Columbia, Cincinnati. 9-11. 

Ijuhrlel, Muster, A Co,. G. O. II.. 1'lllsburx, 9-14. 

(lulloghei' A Barrett, orrilicuni. Denver, HI, 

1 1 artel hi Bros., Mujcslie. Chicago 9-14. 

lloilpitilo, Proctor's, ElimlicUi. N. J., 9-14. 

(lalbreth A Furrell, Crystal. Milwaukee, 0-14. 

(Inlletll's Monkeys, aikf Htrwt, N. Y. tt, 0-14. 

Ilehrnc, Majiae, Chase's. Washington, D. 0,, 0-14. 

Ueneru-Tlicol Trio, Llebich, Utealua, Oer., 0-tll; 
Apollo, Clieinnll/.. Jan. 1-31. 

George. Edwin. Majestic. Iji Dalle. 111., 914; 
Family, Clinton, la.. 10-21. 

(iclger A Walters, Orpbeum. F.I Paso, Ten,, 9-14. 

(lertellu, K. A P.. Jersey City. N. J., 0-14; Proc- 
tor's. Albany, N. Y., 16-21. 

aeorgollys, 'Hie. New York, N. X. O, B-14. 

Gilbert's Aulmsls, Teddy, Clilcuuo, 0-14. 

0111 A Aker, Graham Block Co. 

Giant Quartette. Crystal, Chicago, 0-14. 

miroll, Harry, Unymurket, Chicago. 0-14. 

iiUdclli'i-'s Dogs, lola, Chicago, O-ld. 

Olrnrdot, Etlenne, Oridieum. Oniultu, 0-14, 

Park Foully, Johnstown, Pa., S- 


Gibbons, Edltb, 

Ullletlc A MocFarlond, Orpbeum, Una I'ltrn., Cah, 

(Ilranlot. Ktlcooe. Hliubert, Milwaukee, 0-14. 
Ullroy, llayues A Montgomery; Orphenm, Rock- 

ford. 111,, 0-14; Majestic, Ottawa,, 10-31. 
"GiA With the Drum," Armory, Blugtuunton, N. 

Y.. 0-14. 
tljlinnn, Euniee, Keeney's. Bkln., 0-14. 
Ullmore A l^n Tour. Proctor's. Troy, N. Y., 0-H. 
Ulllotte's Muslcul Dum. 08th St.. N.Y. tt. 9-11. 
Olliiserettls <u), Orpheuni, Minneapolis, 0-14. 
Gllok. Jesso G. 41., 'The Sweetest Girl Is Dixie" 

Co.. coast. • ■•■" :■-' ' 

iiliidslonu, Lolls, Orpbeiiin, Oakland. Cal., 9-14. 
Golden -Onto Quintette, Nelson, Springfield, Muss,. 

Ooss, John. Oriilienm, Turtle Creek, • Pa., 9-14! 

Areade, Brownsville. 16-81, 
Hoots. Nat, Flnillay, Flndlny. 0., VU. 
Gunde. Jennie. Hclilndlvr's. Clilcugo, 9-14. 
Godfrey A Henderson, Acme, SacruuMDto, Cal., 0- 

Ovrdons, The. Bijou, Wheeling, W. Vs., 0-14. 
Gordon ft Cbuixai, Miruuette, Mich., 9-14; BIJou, 

Green Hay. Wis., 10-91. 
Gordon, Cliff,- Cook 0. II.. Rochester. 0-14. ■ ■ 
Golden A lluglies, Bijou, Kreeport, III., 0-14 ; Ml- 

jvstlc. Madison, Wis.. 10-21. 
llootruiina, Muslcul. Majestic, Ft, Worth, Tex., 0- 

14; Hi. Jest In. Hill ins. 10-31. . 
Goldsmith a Hoppe, Hathaway'*, Lowell, Mas),, 

Gould A Siirnlt, ()riili<min, llkln., 0-14. 
Golden, (lest. Fullen Auilltorhim. <3itca(n, U-14. 
(Jrnct-s Golden, Orplirnm, I/ss Anaolvs Cal., 0-14. 
Griiiiulhos (71. HJppudrohii'. N. V. tt, B-14. 
Gray A Oriiluiui. Wnsblngluv, Bjiokuue, Wash., 

0-14; Seallle, 16-31. 
Green. Winifred, Allen <"iir|l« Cnincdy Co. 
Grand Opera Trio, Nelson, B|trlugtchJ, Mass., It- 

Green A Werner, Nmv York, H. X. 0.. 0-14. 

Great Eastern Quartette, 81. Puul, 0-14; Sioux 

Clly. Ia.. 10-21. „ . ' . 

OrinV Kmplre, Peterson, N, J„ P-14. . 
Grove, L. Waldrnu, W'underlaud, Du Bols, l'n., 0- 

Green A Wmitbrru, Gonnas'l, Bo. Ftunilnghain, 

Muss,, 0-14. 
Graces, Two, Miner's Americans. , 

Grade A Reynolds, Mujestlc, Port*, III., 9-14 1 

Majestic, Stmator. JO-21. ' „ 

Grotly, 0.. Vogue, Des Moines, la., 9-14; Mir- 

slinlltowii. 16-81. 
Grant A Hosg, Poll's, rhtraoton, Pa., 0-14. 
nruunon, Hit, Auditorium, Lvno, Mass., 9-14. 
Guyer A Crlspl. Majestic, Des Moines, la.. 9-14. 
Uuttrnueck'a Elephants, niplio'tntioe, V. X. tt, 

Ilsrvev. lAsimrd. BIJou. Loriln, 0., 0-31. 
Hawlrey. Wllllaui. A Co., Orphcuu, Bkln., 0-14;, N. Y. a, 1081. 

Harris. Four Dnuclng, Majestic, Ilouston, Tex., 

Hufford A Msntell, Lyric. Uuylon, 0.. U-14. 
Harris, Minstrel Sun, Star, Jeanuetlc, Pa., 0- 

14 ! Vaudeville, Mi'lCocHonrt. 10-31. 
Hull™ A Hayes, Poll's, Brldgetsirt, Coi|U., 0-U I 

Colonial. Lawrence, Huns., 10-21. 
Ilsiiitttoo. Bsnuiau, llarrasfunl Tour, Kng. 
ilsiuiuoiid A Forrester, Orpbeum, Vaocou»er, II. 0,, 

U -U: Grand. Beillnghalo, Wash., 19-21. 
Hale. Willie, Urtlou Huusre, N. Y. 0., 0-14. 
Harrison, to I',, "An Told lu Mm Hill*" Co,, 

Hufl'awsy A Sli'gel, Fiitnlly, HhamokUi, Po., 0-14. 
Horcourt, Frank, Margarita ICureka, Cll., 9-31. 
Hall's Dogs, Upcklln, Elkburt, Intl., 9-14. 
Hammond, Hoops, Fenbiirg Stock Co.. WesUtn. 
Harrnonlous Trio. BIJou,, Adrlai, Mich., 9-14 i 

BIJou. Flint, lo-T/l. ■ 

Hare*, Hd. C, Boles, Lyons, la,, 9-14 1 Empire, 

Ft. Mnillsuii. 10-Vl- 
Holxh ft Thomas. Baclne, Wis., B-14; Crystal, 

hfilwaiikee, 10-21. ,...,„ 
Hnirlgan, Jay., Bennett's, Montreal. Can., 9-14. 
llsyden, Dolly. Empire. Ashlsbala Harbor, 0., 9- 

;I4| Arclnllill, Cleveland, 16-21. 
Hawkins, Uw. Oriilicuui, iUihu* Olty, 0-14. 
llansoiw, WontliTlnnd. Truro, Can,, 0-14; Ly- 
ceum. New (llssjirw. 10-81. 
Hart, Aiiuje. Oriml Hoplds. MI'b., 18-14 1 Hsai- 

iinir, tr.-IH; Flint, 10; Li using, 80 i Pootlic, 

Harvey A Clark. Barwnsl. Oirtiba. OIL 
Hale A Harly. Itljnu, Cuikslon. Minn,. 9-14. ., 
llnyes A Johlntou. Union .viuare. N. Y. 41.. 0-14. 
Ilauml. Gnu*. Hhulau-I. Kansaa City, 9-14. 
Harris- A Nelson. Guy Bros,' Mluitiels. 
Hnrt Trio, Hrlilmllvr's, Clilcsgo. B-14 . 
Ilallhacks. The. Family. Wllllaaisusjrt, Pa., 014. 
Harris A Harris. Dreamland, Oleto, N. Y., 9-14; 

■tt. II. Geneva. 16-21. 
Hart, Geo. E.. "Flaming Arrow" Co.. Hoatbtrn. 
Hanvpfr A Lee, »IuiU>rt, Mllwouke*. 9-14. 
Hayes, Brent. Hippodrome, Rochdale, Eng,, 914, 
'iWil.,4 Co., Nary Anderson, LouUvlllt, 


lUown ft Draw. MIJaMu Bittl* ()r>wk.-*U»li. r -«-l I. 
Uanford A Hart, Wonderland, Wbeellu|, W. Va., 

Hnwley. K. Freilerlc. ft Co., KMsneyt, Bkln., ti- 
lt; Poll's. Beratiton. Po., 16-21. 

Hardecn, Franklin Situate, Worcesrsr, Mass., Oil. 

Hays, ma. tt. BIJou. GUMburf, 111., lt-14 1 BIJou. 
Mattoon. 10-21. 

Usrrar; Jeanttte. Crystal. Milwaukee, 9- 14. 

Half. Artie, Cook G. II . Rochester. OH. 

Hsydon ft uivis. Franklla Bquare, Woreeater, 
Mass., 9-14. 

Ilawley. llalajit * Co., Keeney's, Bkln., 9-lt. 

Hashcll, tone;. Columbia, Cincinnati, 0-14; Ma- 
jestic, Chicago, t«ll. 

Harm-no. Harfj . AnsBtorlun, Norfolk, Va., 9 14. 

Hawthorne A Burt, Keith's, Boiton. u-M. 

Harringtons, The, Pastor's. N. V. 0„ 9-14. 

Iterron. BerUe, Keith's, Utlca, N. X.. 914. 

Hey-wood 4k Owm, BIJou, Grand Forks, N 

Heme Fssilly. Shea's, Buffalo. N. Y, 

Herran, Bertie, Shubert. Utlca. N. Y. 
pltcuin, Reading, Pa.. 16-91. 

Hetley & Vance. Rnleni. Mass.. 9-14. 

Helnes, Chaa.. loll. ' Chicago. 9-14. 

Hewes Sisters. Tedily. Oblcogo. 9-14. 

Healey ft La Vcrn, Hownnl, Boalou, 9-14. 

Henry A Young, Family. Fottavllle, Pa., 0-14. 

Heath A Emerson, Liberty, Plllshuig, 0-14. 

Holder A Lrreno, Ocm, Lynn, Mass., 9-14. 

Hobcrt A Roger*, BIJou. (Julucy, III., U-14. 

Henra, Tom, Empire, (k>vsntry. Mug., 014 ; Col 
locum, London. 10-21 ; Royal. Newcastle Pan 
tomlme. 211-Jnn. 8.1. 

Hauler, Fred., Nnttoiial. Chicago, 9-14. 

Herrmann. Adelaide, Orpheuui, Boston. 0-14. 

Herrmann, Ureal, Hkrux Olty, la., 0-14, 

Herbert A Willing. Altineyrr. McKeeaisirt. 
lt-14; Gnrrlek, Wilmington. Del., JU-al. 

llrrhert. MnbrL Kuiplre". Bun Just, Cal. 
Fsrrngut, Vallejo. 10-21. 

Herberl, M„ Keith's. ProvlaVnce, 0-14. 

Herbert, Frotuisn, Crystal, Denver, 0-91. 

Herbert Bros. (B), I.yrli), Olevelaud. 9/11. 

Henry, dipt., Luna Fark, City ot Mexico, Mox., 

Heuinan Trio. Lyeonlng, Wllllsnisisirt, Pa., 9-14. 
Herman ft Gold. Auditorium. Norfolk, Va., 11-14, 
Heme, Julie, ft (Jo., Olympic, Chleugo, P-14. 
Hill-Edmunds Trio, Star. Aurora. III., n-14. 
Hlninan, Cap). Sidney, A Dogs, Mechanics' Hall, 

Boslou, 9-14. ■ 
Hlllyer* (»). lopoTtnl, Fremont, O., 9-14. 
Hllilanl, ikilwrl. A Co,. Proctor'*. Newotk N. J. 

9.14: ColonlaL.N. Y. City, 1021. 
Ullibert A Wnrren, Kellh's, Vblla., Fa., 

Keeney's, Bkln,. 10-21. 
Hill A Whluaker, Alhinibra, N. Y. tt, 

K. A P.. Jersey City. N, J., 16-81. 
Hickman Bros., A Co,, Orobluiu, Lima, O, 

Marlon, Marlon, 16-31, , 
Ilodalul. Daisy, <U'M»d(uihr. N. Y. tt, 11-14. 
Hoffman, Gertrude, A Co,. 1251b Slruat. N. V. (J., 

Ilodars A Luuuehnioro, Atlantic Ginku, N. V. 0„ 

oT4. .. 

Holier A Gosa, Oaubo, 014. 
Hutlou A Lu Triika, Family, 

Uoch'. Ivntll, A Co.. Kellh's, Johnstown, i'i„ 
Prnclur's, Newark, N, J., 1U-2I. 

IlnlTniun's. Cycling. Gaiety. Ho. Uhlcigo, II 14. 
Holms ii, Al. K. at Nauile, Olymplu, KMn', Hussla, 

lloli'nri'i Bros., Ditto Bell, Mcrldn, Yiicatuu, Un„ 

ItodiiliiH. Harry, Oraud, Hsiullloti, O., 0-14. 
Hoi lis. Marie, Nelson. Spililguehl, Muss., 0-14. 
Hpay ft Is'ii, Ogth Street, N. Y. tt, 914. 
lluuillnl, Hairy, Kajestle. Chicago. V-14. 
Howard A CuiiMiroii, Scenic, Tuunloit, hubs., 1)11, 
llowunl A Howaril, Uiitkikeu, N. J„ 0-141 gild 

Street, N. Y. tt. lO-iil. 
llewortls, Tlie. Honiostv.d, I'u,. 0-14. 
Howard, Horry ft Mac, Family, Rock Island, 111., 

Howard A Harris. I'nluee, LonOoh, Kng., D-L'l ; 

flip.. Norwich, 83-28) Hip-- Ipswich. ,'lil-Jin, 4. 
Hoopcs, Grace, IIuy,ihirkrt, Chicago. 0-14, 
Holme* tit Thompson, Fuiolly, Sernuton. Pa., U-14. 
Ilopin A Westeott. Keith's. Phllu-. n-l-l. 
Howard, Joe ft Nellie, Poll's, Worcester. Mshs,. 

Howard A Fslicr, Iluypiurkct. Clilcugo, OH. 
Howard Bros,, G, 0. tL. Itullniiuiail Is, 0-J4. 
Hume; Msrban It Ilocy, Mujestlc. Fl. Worth, 

TCX.. 0-11; M*leai|B'. Dallas, 01-21. 
Hurley, Alee,, A hi.. VlotorUi, N. Y, tt, 014. 
Huston, Arthur, Majestic, Birmingham, Alii., J- 

14; Majestic, l.IttTo Itock, Ark.. 10-21. 
Hualips, Cliu.. (I., Hlar, pWpt Kensington, Pit,, 



Butte, Mont., in- 

U- 14; 

Hudson's, The, Goto, Chlrigo, B-14. 

Huhtlngtoii, Wright, A Co., Burwood, Omaha, 0- 


Hylouds (»), 

llljoli, Mnrlui-lte, Wis., U-14. 

liiiuinisnplieiHs .The, tt O. 11., C^Jeago. 0-1.4 

Tulcdo, «., Oil; 


luiernatloiuG ll!iiterlaliiern . . 

Iriiiess A Rynn. Mohnwk. BcbciieclKilv. N. Y., tl- 
14: Empire, lli'tsiketi, N. )., 10-21. 

Irving, Musical, .Star. Hi-Kees Rucks, Pa., 0-U; 
Family, Erie, 10-31, 

Irwin, May, Colonial. N. Y. C. 0-14. 

Italian Trio.' (V-lotdal. ,V. Y. tt, 0-14. 

Jackson* (ill. Msjesllc. Kiilamuroo, Mich.. O-ll; 
UIJou. Hnlllo Creek, ltl-31. 

Jaebbs A Surdel, Victory, Sail Frail., 0*1,, U-14. 

Jurrow, Luliln's, Uilllmorr, 0-14, 

Jackson Family, Moos' A Mloll Tour, Huropo. 

Jsekson, llsrry A Kott-. Hslhuwny's, Mlilden, 
Msss.. 0-14: llullmwiiy 9, Lowell. 10-31- 

Jurvis, Bull.' Wutvrluo, lu., fl-14; Mus.-utltie, 10- 

Jepsoii. KtiKvite, A Co., liolbaui, Bkln., O-H. 
Jec, .Ins. A JpiiiiIo. Maryland, Baltimore. U-14, 
Jeinilugrt A Jewell, lltlnly, Inillajippvll*. U-14 1 

I'.iison's, Uhlcago, 10:81. 
Jennings A Rpiilrrow, iVtllvge 

Iluword, ll'isleii, 10-21. 
Jeuks'. Fnsl, "Wltliiw McfJsrlv" do. 
Juhusoii, Mni'b. Family, Lafayette, lm 

Hsyuiarket.'Clilvagu, 16-21. 
Johns, Jnlinity, 11. <J. II., Uklli.. 9-14. A Uatuiiiido, llljoit, rla1iiii>"(, Mleb., 0-16. 
Jnhnsloiio. Ralph, G. 0; II., IndlunspullM. ll-H. 
Juhusoii Dree. A JohtiHlit, Hutmlstcutl, Pa., U-14; 

Altmeyer, McKnesport. 10-81. .. 
Jolmsloiis, Muslusl,' Psloue; Hull, Kng., U-14; 

Alhanihra, Isituluu, lil-Jnn. IS, 
JoliiiKlon. Ward W„ Hlllebrnnd StiKk Ot. 
Joyi-es, Tfw. Theatnrltuii. (Uwlsea, Jluss.. 9-14. 
Jones A Jones, Thullu, Chicago, 0-11. 
Jiiihii, Irving, Novelty, llkln., 9-14, 
Ji .rdan A llnrfe*. Auilltorlliui. Clileago, U-14. 
Joins, lloriy, tt O. II., Clilcugo, u-14, 
Jnscnrry* (,'l). Oriilwum, (luiall*. U-14. 
Kaufman Bros., l.iujilro, San Fran,, Gil., 11-21. 
Kaufman, Itebo, ft Inoi, Mujestlc, Uousloo, Tux., 

0.14. ' ' 

Kurlulll, Keith's. Pr-jihleuce, 0-11.. 
Kelly, John T„ A Cv„ Mtryjnud, Bullluuire, 9-14. 
Kelly A Bertha, A. % rl.. lie-too, n-l-l. 
Kei-ley Jims,. Doric. Yonkers, N. Y..H-M: Kvllb'i, 

Pliflg., ('*., 10-21. 
KeL-y, Mr. • Mrs. Alfreds Bennnll's, lAiiduu, 

am., u-14. 

Kclluiu, l^teJ., "Our New Mlulale/" Oo. , 
Heniliir.l Bros,, Foiinly, I'linira N. Y , 11-14. 
Kcilyllassey. ft Co.. Ifgrnlly, l.uncusler, I'M., 9- 

Kemiis, Tint, Ihinnetl'H, Misitresl. 'Jan.. 9-11. 
Keisl, Walsfi A Melrose, Vltrtorla. N. Y. 0,. II 
Kenton, Dorothy, XmUg't, Alisultu oily. N. J., 

Keolohs (U). Mitlestlfi. Mltto lloek, Ark.. U-14. 
Kelly, Jaa. T„ Fatnlly, Uaeaster. I'M., 0-14. 
Kelly. Sum ft lis, Li torly. PltUburg, Oil ; Ly t 

lc. Cleveland, lfl-8l:-; ' 
Kelly ft Vlol.ilte, Mujesllo, Chicago, U-14 
Kelly, Waller '0., OoTumbas, o„ U-14; Byrucuic, 


O., U-14; 
Boslou, 9-14; Fall's, 


lie/tusii ft Ffsuhlii, liittr WibtnT* Jour, 


N. V., 19-81. 
Kelly ft Rose. Oriiltrum, 

Woreesler, Mis*,, ltl-Ul. 
Kerslukf's F-<luCufeil Figs. Lyric, Clevolaiiil. 9-14. 
Kelly A Avhby, Hiienr, Hamilton, Con,, 9-14. 
Kelly, Ham ft I. Is, Kotplre, Milwaukee, lt-14. 
Kennedy A Wllltrns, Novelty, Bkln., 9-14; Or 

pheum, Witletlown, NY.. 10-31. 
Konnedy A Boyle. Guy Bros,* Mlnatfels, 
Keiimsly It Itmney, Proctor's, Troy, N. T„ 9- 14. 
Kisiuuh, Phlwlo, A Co., Lyrle. Hoy ton, O., 0-14. 
Keller, Jessie. L'rystliil. SI, Joseph, M»„ 014. 
Kenny A IMIU, Nelson, HprlugSrld, MuPS., U-14. 
King, Hetty. Ail'lllorluin, Clilcuuo. 0-14. 
IflnseuH. 1'llV. e'licil's. ■Iliirfuln. 9-11. , 

KltullsiiSHl Jul*. I'ns'lor's, Allwliy, N. Y,. 9-M, 
Kills 4 WliMlniin, Sliuts-rl, Kansas Clly, U-14. 
KWrts,, Tlie. Shlndlcr'M. Clileago, OIL 
Klein. (Ill Firm. A Nicholson. Audllorluiu, Lyon, 

Mass . nil. 
Knight Bros. A Hnwlelle. AmJIlorliiiii, Lynn, Mass., 

KneeiHers. The. Grsnil, ' Newport, Ky., 014 ; Hip- 
pwlrorne, I*alngton. 19-21.' ' „ m . tM 

Koklu, Mlgnotieita, 2*1 Blroet, N. Y. Oy 914. 

KoliL Gui A Marlon, Nnw Family. Sioux Olty, Io , 
14; Lyric, Pes Moines, 16-21. 

Konerab, Kellh's, Cleveland. 9-14. • _ '• 

K'lhler A Mnrlnti, <>. 11., Glean, N. t., 014 1 0. 

i H„ HI, Mary's, l'n., 10-21. 

Kronemann Bros., Orphenm, Boston, 9-14. 

Krplore, lllinii. Itiijnlli. Mln't.. 9-14, , 

KrwfiMi", Til':. Arnio'y, Uliilchninl"!'. N. Y.. O-ll. 

kMbu i. iii/pi<iiu, Go'livw, bklu , t»-l*. 




Kyle. Ingram, * Co., Palaea, CSiarlerol, Pi., 9- MeKeatis * Bbaonoo, Keith's, Baton, 9-14. 

14. MeNuM*. Hatbaway't, Brockton, Hut., 9-14. 

La Tear. Lucille, Pike, Csnal Dam, 0., 9-14; McDowell, John * Alice, 0. H., OUtnaon, N. B„ 

Gem, Warren, Pi., 16-21. Can., 9-14. 

La Man Bros.. Poll's, Worcester, Hut., 9-14; MeCWlian. Jas^ Bltou, Duloth, Minn., 9-14. 

us mw »iw., rvni, Worcester, naps., v-»«i *«KV»t*M«M, mwrn-t 01JUU, i^uiuuj, HUD., rn, irnj,, luiw, jbbiu gum, t«vi»«, a,.., 

Poll's, Hartford, Conn., 18-21. MeDcfr, Jas.. Family, Butte, Mod., 14-51. Pbllippart Brjs., Hippodrome. N. Y. a, 

La Clair 4k West, Orpbla'a, Turtle Creek, Pa., McMabon's Minstrel Maids, Reading, Pa., 8-14. Phillips Slaters, Irwin's New Hsjeitiea. 

Perry. Frank L., BIJou, Say Clty.MIoV, M4. 
Paters, Phil * Nettle, Armory, Blnihaaton, 8. 

Y., 9-14. 
Pedersoo Brof., Majestic^ Kalamstoo. Mich., 0-14. 

• - p^, 1 ^; tit: 


Ladell * Croncl, Orphean, Dearer, 
Orpheum, Bait Lake City, 10-21. 

I.asky olntette, Bennett's, London, Can. W4; 
Bennett's, Ottawa, 10-21. 

Lamb's Manikins. Lyric, Mobile, Ala., 914; Ma- 
jestic. Birmingham, 10-21. 

La Dellcs. Pour Fantastic, Orphlum, Canton, O., 
9-14: Ne Cooper, Mt. Vernon, 10-31. 

I jt Salle. Harry, Majestic, Streator, III., 9-14; 
Family, Mollne. 10-21. 


- i| rm., tviMiouvit ■ lUiUB;, I'M., ■< ■• n«ia ■ *»c- III U 1 1 •»hW I *■■ ^sW * " "■"" l»W f Wlllyy. 

fbl 9-14- M » Q -^otu, r ?l'li ln, "iB.21 °°'' ^ WM " e ' p »" * P»'U'I» * »'^». Xouag". Tier. AUuitl. Cltr. Lond „ n , England. Doc. 14, on Ln.ltonia.. Cnn.ri Line, to Introduce .. 

' "*■ *■" ' MeM.hc^LJ'portar Maid* Victoria. K. Y. Phmii"-'i«r. Golden Crock Co. "t»Stll»« andi ranfarkablo of Joggling lOo Hat. «. p., f orn ^J »£ *• 

Plearo, Lulgl, Trio, Empire, Ran Frtn., Cal., U- ^^^ _^_ ^_ __ _ ^^a *A JtV M B afa* assssjn __»>. 

Plrodo Mldgc ts, Orpheum, Salt Late City. U., 9- |VI ^»U R Al l^i ^g? \s4\r I 4aSs> IS |^ 

'Tlanophlends," Keith's, Protldence. B. I., 9 14; Tl,. or lalnotori. who open Id Parts shortly. Mil. MELVILLE I* the . x .i nalw 
Orphenia. BoatoD, l<rtl. _„„__.,. " business repr.aentatlve or Uala act, also ««»Uva 

Pike Bros.,_llfltb St Manic Hsll^ N. Y. O., 9-14. 


C . 914; 12ftth Street, N. Y. 0., 10-21. 
McWlllUms, Q. B-, . Orpbeam, Sioux City, la., 

McKlialck ft Sbadney, Park, Family, Johnstown, 

Pa., 0-14. 
McKay * Cnntwell, Young's, Atlantic City, H. X, 

McPhee ft Bill, Keeney'e. Bklo.. 0-14. 

rise Dion., uoin be. aiasic nan, n. x. v. 
PlMaeorHs, The, Keith's, Pblln., Pa., 9-14. 

la Kola Bros., Hathawsys. Maiden, Mtaa., 9-14; McKlnley, Mabel. Hatluwiv'a, K«w Bedford, Plalaiil Troupe, 23d Street, N. Y.C., 9-14. 

I.s Fleur, Joe, Orphenm, Minneapolis, 9-14 ; Ma- 

Jratlc, Dos Molnen, la., 10-21. 
I-afcrakans, The, Keith's, Phils., 9-14. 
Lancaster, Tom, Star, New Kensington, P«., 9- 

14 ; Star. Donors, 10-21. 
Lambertl, K. at P., Jersey City, N. 7., 9-14. 

J* Mase Bros., Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 9-14. Melrow Troupe, Great, Hatbawav'a, Maldra, 1'relle's Clrens, BaToy, namlltoo. Can., 9-14. 
La Toska, Phil, Orphenm, Omaha, 9-lfk Mass., 9-14. Price, Harry M., "Batter Brown" Go., Eastern. 

Masa., 9-14. 

McCnne ft Orant, Idea, Othsbtb, Wis.. 9-14. 

MfUM*. Lottie, ft Co., Unlqla, Kan Cltlre. Wis., 
9-11; linlaue. Mlnaeapolla, 10-21. 

Merrltt, Frank R., aarrlca, Burlington, It., fi- 
ll; Pfonle's, Cedar Rapids, 10-21. 

Piatt, 0«o. I.., Dewey, Glaaceater, Mnas. 9-14. 
Poole, Frederick ft Poole. "Modern Offlea OlrU" 

"Polly Plcklc'a Pets In Petltnd," 125th Street, 

N. Y. 0.. 9-14; B8th Street, N. Y. a. 16-21. 
Pokl, Lyric, ClerelanO, 9-14, 

America's Leading Vaadr vlll* HasMtUners, and ottaeri. 

Addraaa, HOTBU CECIL, Strand, t^ndott, Bttfland. 

Ls Septette, Orphenm, Los Angeles, Oal., 9-14 
J.amouts, The, Grand, Hamilton, O., 9-14 

Meeker-Baker Trio, Arch, Clerelasd, 9-14 
Mclroy Trio. North Ate., Chicago, 9-14. 

Prusroses. Musical, Bachelor Clob Co 

Seymoar, O. O.. ft Co.. Wssaon's, Joplln, Mo., Trndell ft Graat, Majestic, Chicago H»lghK r*i" 
9-14 ; IndnatrUl, Mollne, III., 16-21. cajo. 9-14. "" *""•• l>| - 

Semoo Trio, Oalety, Oalesborj, I1L, 9-14 ; Cres- TrombetU, Les, Albambn, N.' Y. O., B-u 

Tramp, Harry, Majestic, Little Hock, Ark '0.1.1 

TmM^lM rtn.rt^la l-kl«L.I..J 1 w.. ™ ?.\» 'T. 1 *. 

cent. Champaign, 10-21. 

Lakola, Harry, Stsr, Monde, Ind., 9-14; Or- Mexicans (4), Imperial, Chicago, 9-14. 

pblum, Lima, O., 10-21. Meers (8), Orphenm, Los Angeles, Cal., 6-14, 

Lament ft Mllbam, loin, Chicago, 914. Mlllman Trio, Apollo, Nnn-mberg, Ovr., 9-31, 

Latlne, Ed., Orphenm, El Paso, Tec, 9-14. MIru Molem Troupe. Hippodrome, I' ' 

La-reen ft Cross, Poll's, New Hsyen, Oonn., S-14. Military Onartette, "Qulncy Adams 

I nr.icJons, The, Blio wQIrls Co. Milton ft De I/ong Sisters, "PIfft Pa 

Price Jack A Mabelle. O. 0. H., Qebarta, N. Y., tSSmSSST O^m. Canton. 0„ 9-14; T roc^oero fSmSBRUSZi USmSSk 

Lawrence ft Harrington, Ssioy, Hamilton, Can., 

In Croix, Pan), Keith's, Boston, 9-14. 
Lampe Bros., BIJou, Cnlontown, Pa., 0-14. 
Larkins, John, Proctor's, Newark, N. J.. 9-14. 
Lloyd. Marie, Keith's, Boston, 9-14; 23d St., N. 

Leonard! Eddie*. Majestic, Johnstown, Pa., 0-14. 
Levis, Dave, Man Anderson, Lonlstlile, 1)14. 
Leifhtoos, Three, Unlou Square, N. Y. C, 9-14. 
Lettlk ft Anita, BIJou, Jamestown, N. D., 9-14; 

JUJon, Volley City, 10-21. 
Letter, , H.J!., Teddy, Cblrago. 9-14. 

Millar Bros., Bljan, Bay Olty 

H., Grand Ilnr/Ms. 10-21. 
Miller, O. H., Oshkosli, Wis., 9>lf. 

Qnlnn Trio, Harmarket, Chicago, 9-14. 

Qnlnn ft Mitchell, Jacqoes. Waterbnry, 0}nn., 9-14 

Mlddleton, Olndys, Crystal, St. Joaenb, Mo , 9-14. Qulgloj, Tbos. 1., Olympic, Chlcaeo, 9-14 
Mlaco.Idn, Hsymnrket. Cblcngo. 9-14. (Jiilglcj Bros., New York, N'. Y. C 9-14 

, Chit. F., Union Square, N. Y. O., 9-14 J Traney, Kitty, Proctor's, Newark, N J I u 
lire, Patersos. N. J., 10-21. Tryre, Harry. Nelson, Sprlngflrttl, M..." i.iT 

s ft Rouers, Colonial. N. Y. City, 9-14. Tally, May, ft Co., 0. 0. H., pittsbari' t'u 

ck ft Talbott, Lyceum, Bearer Falls, Pa o. THnm"' n~* r>*w~*.i u.w_ .... 

" % ""oaxponj SX'Tri.""? r T' r V, , |LS5:"B";*'(L*'a 1 . 14; Msjestlc, Plttsbarg, 16-21. 

•J 0-2 . 1 -* «,. ^™!rti. &J?!ff '' SL '^^ ** 14! Sbsnnon ftltrsw, Lyric, Kensington, III.. 9-14 

inon, Ind., 9-14. •*£*£%%. S£&&Lj"?mL. ~ n v n Sberman-De Forest Co.. Oalety, Bkln., 9-14. 
_ Raymonrl ft Caterly, Union. Sooare, M. J. C., J>14. tllltln ,. u,,i„i. r.iu B»m, 9-11. 

N. Y. C, 9-14. 

alls. Chicago, 9-14. Tree, Lillian, Orpbeam. Salt Lake City U a.u 

I, Oakland, CaL, 9-14; Tyroleans (14), Kew Family. aiaton.Ia " tiV: 
21. New Family, Mollne, 111., 16-21? ' "'• 

Mllee-Stayordalo Qnlntette, Poll's. Brldteport Baymood Trio, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 9-14 

Conn., 914; Poll's, Waterbury, JO — 
Mitchell ft Browning, Star, Lebanon 
Mitchell ft Cnlre, ••Ynma" Co. 
Mitchell, Willard A McCarthy, Park racily , "Kaln Dears." Keith's, Pbila., Pa., 9-14; 0. 0, 

Jounsfown. Pa., 9-14. v 1L, Plttsbnrg. 1(1-21. 

Milton ft Emmons, Oorrlck, BnrllngtoD, la., 9- Rolnlov Sisters, Ateoue, Doqnean*, Pa., 9-14; 

14; Star, Hannibal, Mo., 10-21. _ Lyceum, Sharon, JO-21 

Wheeling, W. Vs., 10-21. 
)*wl« ft Chapman, Fay Foster Co. 
Leon's Dogs, Crystal, Chicago, 9-14. 
Le Vsrds, Marks Bros.' Co. 

Milton, and Dom, Pastor's, N. Y. C. D-14. 
Mlllershlp Slaters, Dewey, N. Y. O., 9-14. 

dam, Holland, Jan. 1-15. 


Shields L - . 

ShaUrlck ft Talbott, Lyceum, Besrer Falls, Pa., 9- Turner, Bert. Crystal, Marlon. Ind.. a-Ta. rii^ 
14; Msjestlc, Plttsbnrr. 10-21. UU Elkhart, 10-21. .»-•», urrj. 

Tascsnos, The, A. ft 8., Boston, 9-14 
Tyler Trio, Lyric, Macon, Oa., 6-14; Lyrle «v 
hhlrleys, Musics!, Keith's, Boston, 9-14. lombns. 16-21. ' ' • *» 

Sheck Bros., 23d Street. N. Y. C, 9-14. Tyrolean Troupe. Tremoat, Boston. 9-14, 

Shannons, The Four, Thalia, Chicago. 9-14. 
Bbort ft Edwards, Bell, 
NoTelty, Stockton, 10-21. 

Urbanl ft Son, Keith's, ProTldesce, 9-14 
Urma Slslers, Orpneom, Oakland, Cal. 10-21 
Ushers, Tbe. Colonial, Norfolk, Va. 9-w 
Valsdons, The, Lyric, E. Llrerpool, 0.1 »-»• 
BIJou. Lorain. 1(1-21. "^ ' v ' "*• 

Varin ft Burr, North Bros. Oomedlam 
9- Valolse Bros., Star, Unloatown. Pa„ 6-14 - i. 
cade, Brownsville, 10-21. 
BMdon Bros.. "Black Crook Jr." Co. 

Miiii ft Morris, omneum. Blonr City, la., 9-14. _ J " D - *• „ ...... ai.t., a- rrin^h i-i.-... rv. iv.. n. v.n nni^ oh,,t-„. «i,,_T5,.'.. 

Miller Trio, Family, WUliamsnort, pa., 9-14. Ratcbrtta Bros., Msjestlc, Kalanuuoo, Mich., 9-14. 

Slater ft Finch, Flora De Vess Co. 

Morse, Ben, Howard, Boston, 9*14. 

Mother, Houghton ft Moaner, Majestic, Gbleago, 

Morrlssey 8lsters, Hopklna', Lonlsrllle. 9-14, 

tir ., w , K ,,vw,viv. nvuu a. ru 

Ixsters (4), Teck, Buffalo, 9-14. 

I^wy, Amy, Majestic. Little Rock, Ark., 9-14. 

LmIK Bert, ft Co., Orpheum, San Fran., Cal., 9 

14; Orphenm, Los Angeles, 10-21. 
Leonard ft Thornton, Family, Helena, Mont,, 9-14. Morris A Morris, Hathaway'a, Kew Bedford, 
I.eunoTi, Bert, Majestic, Birmingham, Ala., 9-14. 9-14, 
Levels A Green, K. A P., Jersey City, N. J,. 9-14, 
I/emurla, May. Manhattan. Norfolk, Va., 9-14. Hnrry, Sheefly's, Fall River, Mass., 9-14. 
Le Roy ft Clayion, Teck, Buffalo, 9-14. 
Le Hlrt, Mons., Bljon, Wheeling. W. Va., 9-14. 
Lewis A Thompson, Columhls. Boston, 9-14 ; 1m 

perlal. Prorldence. R. I., 10-21. 

Morris ft Kinmer, Tbe Dnlnty Drtchee* Co, 
Moore ft Brown, Wonderland, ~ 

Montrose Tronpe, Majestic, 
Monroe, Harry, Scenic, Merlden, 
Murphy & Nichols, Poll's, Wo 
Munketeer Quartette, Newark 

Bennler ft Sterling, Franklin Bq„ Worcester, 

Mass., 9-14. 
Bego. Jimmy, East Sod Hippodrome, Pittsburg, 

Reed ft St. John, Olympic, Chicago, 9-14. 
Remington, Mayme, ft Picks, Orpbeam, Los An- 
geles, Oal., 9-21. 

I*Tllle ft Sinclair, K. ft P., Jersey Olty, N. J., 9- Miirpby, Mr. A Mrs. Mark, 

Conn., 9-14. 
Mulligan. Mar, Lady Birds _ 
Muchlners, Tbe, Orphlum, Mansfield, O., 9-14. 
Murphy ft Palmer, Lyceum, Stamford, Oonn., 9-14. 
Murphy ft Fiancls, Olympic, Chicago, 9-14; Bay* 

market, Chicago, 10-21. 
Mnrphy, Whitman A Co., flrand, Tacotna, Wasb., 
l.lbd, Bennett's, Montreal, Can., f)"l4." 9-14; Grand, Portlsnd, Ore., 10-21. 

l.ornlno, Oscsr, Hathaway't, Lowell, Mass., 9-14; Mailer, Gbann A Mailer, Hopklna', LoulsTille, 

Auditorium. Lynn, 10-21. Ky., 9-14. 

I/«nll ft Lowell, Ronncher's, Vienna, Austria, 0- Murray. Clayton A Drew. Paator'a, N. Y. a, 9- B i***Si 
_ 31. _ _ ^^ ...14 ;. Salem. Salem. ...Mass., 1(1-21. Bice Fa! 


I*moyne Sisters, Rlalto, Rlmlrt. N. T., D-14. 
Levy, Bert, Orpheum, Bkln., 9-14. 
Leotwrda, The, Orplieum, Denrer. 0-14. 
Lee. Henry, G. O. IL, Indianapolis, Ind., 9-14. 
l.effel Trio, Family, WlUlamaport. Pa., 9-14. 
Llpman ft Lewis, O. O. H., Chicago, 9-14. 

Locke*, The, Clyde, Kan., 9-U; Aurora, 12-14; "Musical Toys, Tbe." Myrkle-Harder Oo 

. tValter. Scenic, HarlforJ, Oonn., 9-14. Wild I>w"a' ~ni ihm^' v" v" gUV.' i 

Rlaalaos. The. Keeney-.. Bkln.. 9-14. IZfAl? ?$£ ■,l!? e !'.m^ , S5lSe. V v ^ ^^^' ' ' ' 

Richards, Harry, ft Co., Majestic, Little Bock. ^J",?' Mr " * Ure - Lew - iamlly ' ElI, ■ 1^, • N< T " Walton. Irrlt B., Irwin's Majesties. 

Ark., 9-14. s,«rer T„n„. a. n» d/.ii>. \j. r ,r n ^ /w,. a. Walthoar Tronpe, Tremont, Boston, 9-t4. 

"WftfiTft I K *'i6»i B0 ' ,,0n ' °* 14: KtUVt - Ttt»»&&Qs£ »L£%g: C °* ,D -' * Washington., The, Blumen' Sale. Mnencben, Oer.. 

_iroyiuence, n. i., ib-si, _ __ stni«» sm^ZSC n. n n n swi. n „ _" lt - . _. 

'., 9-14; Orphlam, Chll- 

Abilene. 10-18; Worn. 

2-oIb, Majestic, Ashland, 
llcotbe. 0., 1021. 

r>owrey», The. Manhattan, Norfolk, Va., 6-14 

:*ralne " 



Luce ft 









Marablnl. Lu, 
Mnjestic. Dallas, 10-21. 

Meyhcw. Stella, B8tb Street, N. Y. C, 9-14; Bal- 
timore, 10-21. 

Martlne Brothers, Hyman Tour. So. Africa, 9-15 

Mason ft Doran, Sheedy's, Fall Rlrcr, Mass., 9-21. 

Alanvro, "The Olrl In Red" Oo. 

Mnrtlnettle ft Sylvester, Orpbeam, Johnstown, 
Pa., 9-14; Orpheum, Harrlsburg, 16-31. 

Manning, Frank, Bachelor Club Co. 

Maicottc. Baby Florence, 'The Outlaw's Christ- 
mas" Co. 

Martin. Clyde, Locust Street, St. Loots, 9-21. 
Mnlvern Tronpe, Pst White's Oalety Glrla. 
Mruvecf-Hugoaton Troupe. St. Paul, 9-14. 
Mnrtln, Dayo, A Perclo, O. 0. II., Chicago, 9-14; 

Hoymnrket. Chicago, 10-21, 
Monolo Family (0), Broadway, Middle town. O.. 

tl-14; Orpblum, Sidney, 16-18; Bljoa, Plquo. 

Mncn "t Sisters, Proctor's, Elisabeth. N. J.. 9-14. 
Mupsey, Lillian, Family, Lsncsnter, Pa.. 0-1 4. 
Miiiui ft Mu«tte, Chase's, Washington, D. C, 9 

Mnrsella. 0. 0. H., Pittsburg. D-14. 
MmWlox ft Melrln, Dennett's, London, Can., 9-14, 
Masons (4), 0. O. H., Grand 
Mathews ft Ashley, Proctor's, 
. 14. 

Maxwell, 'Joe, ft Co., Keeney'a. Bkln., 9-14. 
Mann, Louis, Auditorium, Chicago, D-14. 
Mnrtln, Beatrice, Grand, Mllwaokae, 9-14. 
Mnttbews & Hsrrls, Bennett's, Hamilton, Can., 

I'- 14; Bennett's. Loudon. 10-21. 
Majestic Musical Four, Novelty, Bkln., 0-14. 
Mscauley, Ines, A Co., Hopkins', Louisville, Ky., 

Miivullo, Empire, Lewlston, Me., 0-14 

Murray, Elliabeth, Shea's, Toronto,. Can , 9-14; S cn " ,'.i T> n ' ,'n •.''"*•'»";• Vh 
Temnle. Detroit. 18-21. *"™»"^' «»■» ■»«• It epos (4), Empire. Paterson. N. J., 9-14. 

Temple, Detroit, 10-21. 
Murray A Raymond, Parlor, York, Pa., 9-14; 

tVg&BSsS^T* ra ' 

Sterlings. The. New Sun, Sprlngncia, O., 6-14. 

.... Orpheum, Mlanespolia, HI. 
Wade, Emily, Orpheum, Scranton, Pa., 9-14. 
Word, Lew A., Star, Herkimer, N. Y., 9-14; Stsr, 
Beaver Falls, Pa., 10-21. 

~fami"n»Xia "isCs, Royce Bros., Family, Chester, Pa., 16-21. 
rtalTon. .veins, o. O. H., Grand Rapids, Mich., jjogcp A siu<«. Rents Smtley Co. 


Nelson, Edward. Atlantic Garden. N. Y. C.. 9-14. *Sl£2Fi£3&iB&TLdi 

B t3Sa5a Decator ' *■ 9 '" : i " let '• Ma«r9.l4■^lo. , s^«. o s. ,o, Y" , 

C „ 4 IS1SS; y-vfetSS "* T t B.y 1, cuy Uo ^b ,> ' J 9: ^ ^ffiBg iS8fi&3r 

Bttgmm. „T4*fSra*nd W *InS«S; Si.^iSf. 1 '- U,Ch - + Vft&Srv&SS^i Ul " 1UOn ' °*' 9 "" i 
ir n ia.4t Sweet. Emmne. Omhinm. Trw .1 nil. /w _™ a J e ? t '£- Worcester. 12-1*. .. _ 

Newell A T WW* Varieties. Otdbam, Kng.. a. 14 . BohtrtJ. Four Olympic. So. Bend, Ind., 9-14 ;Ua 

Palace, Blackpool. 16-21; Islington Empire' .?""•.!!• !*. 1 ':t 1 : 

London, 23-28: Croydon Empire, London, SO 

Jan. 4; Popular, London, 0-11; Sbortdltch 

London, 16-18. 
Nlblo, Fred, Forrest. Phlla.. Pa., 9-14. 
"Nlgbt In an English Music Hill," Victoria, N. 

Y. C 9-1*. 
"Night on a House Boat, A," Poll's. New Haven, g 01 ' . nob "'' Sy 00, £ Icsrteld - Pa.. 9-14. 

Mass., 9-14 ; Union Syunre, N. Y. 'c, 10-21. " Sw «et. Eugene, Orphlum, Troy, O., 9-14 ; Or- — Ms*Wfc »P9»jaaa g-aaV. _ 

ihrrts. Fmip. ntrmnir. ib> R»nH inrf 0.11 • »fn. phlum. Palneevllle. iu-21. ' i\ e ■? * * r,uc •• Bennett_B, Hamilton, Can., 9 -14 

phlura, Palnetvllie, 10-21. 
Bwor Bios., 23d Street, N. Y. a, 9-14; Poll's. 
Rogers ft Mackintosh, Majestic, Saa Antonio. Tet. _ Bcr * n J?, n ' , Pa -_ 10 ^ 1 - 
9-14. ' Sweet, Charles B., Qothom. Bkln.. 9-14. 

Rose, Julian, New York. N. Y. 0.. 9-14. i^Vlf P'X^ *£*"*• K1L & °2*- -., 

Roberts. Hayes ft Roberts. Wsrrington 0. H.. HISils* 23&luE&!sJ5F&EL ^iv.** 1 !. Welch ft Earl. C." O. fl.. Cbl ago, 9-14. 
Oak Park, 111.. 9-14; Temple, Ift. Wayne, Ind.. SjM0sa4s. * ' *' , * ! W " Welch, Metle, ft mBBmSK. Scrantot, Pa.. 

Welch, James A., ft Co.. Pastor's, M. Y. a, 9-14. 
Wentworth. Vesta ft Teddy, Orphsum, Atlssta. 

Ga„ 9-14. ^^ 

Webb's Seali. Orpheum, St. Paul, 9-14. 
Webb, Harry, Crystal, St. Joseph, Mo., 9-14. 
Welch ft Earl, C. O. H., Chicago, 9-14. 


Taruien ft Gilbert, Salem, Salem. Mass.. 0-14 

ssssssssLafiasV B 14* Novdlli. Tn«, Ornbenm, Bkln.. 9-1*. 

JaewaraT 8 J fc Kow11 " * '" 0,h ' "ml*/. Bo<* I»l»nd. III-. 9-lt ; 
, newara, n. j„ * Family, OUnton, la., 12-14; Bijou, Dubuque, 

Taneaus, Tbe Musical, 0. K. CbampUn' Co. ' 
Tcclnnu. Keith's. Cleveland. 9-14. 

NoWette A Marshall. Family. Davenport, la., 9- _ 'Si9"f^, B fI^ >aa ^'\- 

11; Famllv, Mollne, III., 12-14. Roberta 4 Roberts, North Avenue, Chicago, 9-14 

N.rlc.1 ft Kutsoli; Proctor's. KUaabttb, N. J.. 9- g;£«'. Maryland. ^Ult.^re, 0^,4 

"fViT- hoIS, VBBFSU5A d. -^^i&K*!^^ 

Rooiey Sisters. <3oloaisl, Norfolk. Vs.. 9-14. "Si*]?. * r i* , " ¥ / ord 1 , 1 0: Z ni J °. tU - !"■ P- 91 « 

10V21." " ~" ~~"" Itooney ft Bent, Poll's. New Haven. Conn.. 9-14. %£^?1 I i? w _'- F *. ln "?'. B, . rl, ? rtoo ' £•¥** 

Norworth, Jack, G. O. II. , Bkln., 9-14. 
Nolirens. The, Union Square. N. Y. C, 9-14, 

SSLttJEZ ft S£ I I fc ■pl.'uburg. jaS^-T-ag-gg itosooe 1 . P^^i. — gOg,«W»3i^ 

uniuor, oau r™, « «i., «. u. «., niusounj, BoJee g- jj^J^ 9an rrin g,, ^ l4> Jenl*/' pibgr, Lyric. Dayton. O.. 9-14. 

O'Conoell ft Golden. Star. Monesten, Pa., 6-14; Busiell ft Held, Hathawafa, Now Bedford, Mass., ZSSf. ^ij'^ •'"«' J^"""* ft 14 " 

(1cm. Monongnhela, 10-21. ^Mi Hathaway'a, Maiden, 10-21. B5ST^^HH»V?ff*si* 

O'D.iy, )X.Uiyma"iet. Chicago. 9-14. BnOieriortl. Jim, ft Co.. Majeatlc. Crawfordsvllle T™.Pl*. Dick, Franklin So., Worcester, Mass., 9- 

lad., 9-14; Majestic, Mnncle. 10-21. "• 

Roosey Sisters. Colonial, Norfolk, Vs.. 9-14, Z1L„,'. ,~™ * ra ,', ur S n0 J'r"'^'- S" B1 * 

Rooney ft Bent, Poll's. New Hiven. Conn., 9-14. ?! n n n , »' &, F ° m "r- . B«rt>erton O.. 9-14 

KO N ,1 J O0 D U 'i , 4 e,e • * P ' UU - *■ * P - 3ent} C,W> TtS?i!'Te ^ rfey•. c r h'."4 a go, A i?lT , • " B *' 9 *"- 

Romany' ' .Operi Co,. 23d Street. N. Y..O., 0-14. ZS&S.S'-.^&'JBSB*. °-»*.-. 

May, Arthur O., Grand. Jollet, III., 6-14. 
Mojon (5), Bennett's, Munlreal, Can., 9-14. 
Marco Twins, Bennett's, Moutresl. Can., 6-14, 
Martha. Mile., Olympic, Chicago, 9-14. 
Msck A Dutal, Coliseum, Seattle, Wash., 9-14; 

Grand, Tacoma, 1021. 
Manning Trio, "Cowboy Girl" Oo. 

Mart*. Rita, Waterloo. la., 8-14; Muscatine. 16- pV?,t rTThe, Proctor's. Albany. K. Y.. 9-14. 

... .. __. „. _ „.. ™ ^.v Orma, Grace. Pastor's. K. Y. C. 9-14. 

Marriott Twins, Clrco Puhlllonet, Hnvsna, Cuba. Onlway, Laurie, Bennett's. London, Can.. 9-14. 

Merlin ft King. Family, Grove City, Fa., 9-14; Oro, Ott ft Co., " 

Ortli A Fern. 

rheum. Allentown, Pa., 1(1-21 

Oterlta, Orpheum, Oakland, Cal., 9-14. 

Owen, Jutnlta, Oraud Forks, N. D.. 9-14. 

"Paradise Alley," Alharabra, N. Y. C, 9-14. 

I'antser Trio. Lyric. Dayton, O., 9-14. 

Paulton A Daley. Temple. Detroit, 9-14) Oook'a 

O. H.. Rochester. N. Y.. 10-21. 
Parsons Sisters, Scenic. Tsunton, Mass.. 9-14. 

Wonderland, Du Bols, 10-21. 
Madcaps, The. Arcade, Toledo, O., 9-14. 
Marno Trio, Teck, Buffalo, 9-14. 
M.inley ft Sterling, Womlerland, Wbeellag, W. 

Vn., 0-14. 
Marcel's Bas Reliefs, 0. 0. B., Syracuse, N. Y., 

MtKon-Krelcr Co.. Keith's, Columbus, O., 9-14. 
Mark, Win. J.. Lyric Jopllu, Mo., 9-11 ; Lyrle, 

Springfield, 12-14. mm., o^.,^. .--«.«.,, ».„.. 

Macarl's I»ofs ft Monkeys, K. A P., Jersey City, Patty Bros., Grand. Madison, Wis., 9-1*. 

N. t.. 9-14. l'ncheco Family. Sine's, Kokomo. Ind., 9-14. 

MncT. Maude nail A Co.. New York. N. Y. O., I'srros Four, Orpheum. Omaha, 9-14. 

9-14. Perry .1 Burns. Family. Lancaster. Pa., 9-14 

Murloii. Pearl, Lyric, MoMle, Ala., 16-21. Peyser A McDonald. Night Owto Oo. 

Mncks (2), LuMu's, Baltimore. H-14. Pelletler Dora, Howard, Boston. 9-14. 

MHcLitrens, Five Muslcnl, Family, Pottivllle, Pa,, |>ero A Wilson. Wsshlngton C. H., 0.. 9 14 

9-14 ; Keith's. Camden. N. J.. 10-21. 
Mcflrntli & Palsy. Orphenm, Yonkert, N. Y., D- 

14; Armory, lllnghamton. 10-31. 
McCullough, Waller O., Orpheum, Vanrouyer, B. 

O., 9-14. 
McNlsb ft Pcnfold, Cook's O. H., Rochester, N. 

Y-. 9-14; Temple, Detroit, 10-21. 
McDonald ft Evans. Gem. Mtswrala. Mont, 9-91. 

Welch, Joe. G. O. H., Plttstmrg, 9-14. 
Welch, Ben, Orpheum, San Fran., 9-14. 
Welch, Lem. "Since Nellie Went Away" Co., 
West ft Van Stclen, Acme, gncraneoto, Cal., »• 

14 : National, San Fran., 18-21. .... 

Wheeler Bisters. Lyric, Callfornli, Pa., 9-H> 

Lyric, Locyville, 12-14. 
Wlialen ft West. Hip., Putney, London, Kng., *- 

14; Empire, Holborne, London. 10-2B: Palace. 

Balbsm. 23-28; Hip.. Woolwich. 30-Jsn. 4. 
White, Ed. R ft Holla, BIJou. Winnipeg, Can., 

9-14; BUou, Duluth, Minn., 16-21. ... 
Wheelers, The, Greenwall'a, New Orleans. 9-14. 
Whltesldes, Ethel, ft Picks, Palace, Bristol, Keg, 

9-14; Palace. Plymouth, 10-21. „ 

Whltclaw. Arthur, Poll's, Now Haven Conn., »■ 

14 : Poll's. Springfield. Mass., 10-21. ,„ n 
Whulley A Whalley, National, Stciibenvllle, O., 

Whitman, Frank, Bennett's, Quebec. Can.. 9-14, 
White, Boh, Quartette, (.reer.wall's, !«".?[• 

leans, 0-14 ; Majestic, Kansas Cllr. Mo., 16-W. 
o. White, Dennlsoo ft Wblte, Monessen, Pa., '■><>• 

New Castle, 10-21. 

«- w»ife,. K w?K:. KeTi, l&ZWCtii: «- 

^psei A Amain... K.thryn Osterm.n Co. ^14.^ ^ A " * °N KHth^ Pbllt., P.., ». ff|? heum, R« Pa. 10-«. fiUl _ 

ONell ft Barr. Oryslal. logsnsport, Ind., 9-14; "■J™,. Jnno- Orphenm, Reading, Pa., 8-14; Shu- That Quarielte. Savoy, tlwnllton. Can.. 6-14 0-14- 

0'^. B, J Kr H nk ^r, 10 p 2 |iisburg. 9-14; Ctsln, >&"^ « Qb.bcy. ,„.. 9-14; ^Sj Sl^^^^^ BP^ «■». —1 **+* ^Oilg-sta,. 

^bln^.P.... Ii2, S . « ! r, J e-3 L ._ S=SB^!?*^ «5^J«bl> »"• wiVkW^H/SCgo. N, U - 

--- — Olympic, Chicago, 9-14. 1*. 

Wn™ f'S'' Orphlum, -Portsmouth, O., 8- Wight Bros.. Inwood. It.. 9-14. 

TomJ.?J ?T,*i' J? u " tln «hM. VT. Va., in.21. Wlnton. J. W., Forrest, I'blla.. 9-14. .... 

■InS, uii J rl ?;i > K n ' h '-' um ,V N ' w Or'"". 9-14. Wilson Bros.. Keith's. Providence, B. 1.. »-M. 

Toi-pklKVlliaSi, Orpheum. Sioux «„, ,., n. wfflf". Sa-'aWrpfei.. 1 BHn.. 9-14. „„ 

Tonrhiiinn Tw,,^ /w-s ^ . „ "*'" 1 » * Hanaley, Ninth A Arch. Pblls., Pa-. 9-i«- 

Tourblllon Troupe. Orpheam, Yonkers, N. Y„ 9- Wilson, Jack, ft Co., Temple. Detroit. 9-14. 

— .-- _, Wilson, Geo., Orpheam, St. Paul, 9-14. 

eago. 10-21. ' Ml,J * f ' lc ' Cb,c **° Heights, Chi- ' 
Tralnor, Jack*. Bljon, Wncellng, W. Va.. 0-14 
Trolley Oar Trio. Olympic. Mo* Bend. Ind.; 9 14. 

City Pa j - ** 1 
O'Neil' 4 Rsuklu, brpbeutn, Loa Angeles, Cal., 9- Italeriio. Keith's, CJolum'ssts. 6;. 6-14 


m!S!1 "asSS T'ff^tSS, ( Sl„„.. n «ii. sis O'Neil Trio, Grand, Madison, Wis., 9-14; BIJou. t^to. O. K.. €tentral. Dresden, Oer.. 9-31 ; Apollo, Tlvoll QuartetteT Orpieum. De'nver 9*14. 
l\ n '"': VSPJL&L U ."i lQU S'., M ! n r, e " [ * l iri. e - Si t* Croase, 1021. * _ _. » ?rmt. A .strls Jan. 1J51. Tburber, Leoon. ft Aaks. blymplc,' Chic., 

Snntaro ft Marlowe, Imperial, Chlcsto, 9-14. 
SnnwiB (0), Colonial, Norfolk. Va., 9-14. 
Sn Herat, The, Keith's, Boston, 9-14. 

«., Family, Wllllamsport, Pa.. 9-14. Sahel, Josephine. Victoria, N. Y. C. 9-14. 

. C0I0nl.1l. Norfolk, Va.. 9-14; Or- Bmmders, Florence, Majestic. Johnstown. Pa., 6 

14 ; ChftM'n. Waibloston, D. 0., 10-21. 

II , \>UmiwC It. H alSUlUajUJll, MJ. \J. t lU'SJ. 

Os'ska Troupe. Nelson. Sprlngfleld, Man., 9-14. Scott, Carrie M„ BIJoo, Hamilton. O.. 9-21. 

Scott, Carrie, Pastors. M. Y. C. 9-14. 

Scltsnr Trio. Family, Rock Island, 111., 9-14. 
Schrode ft Mnlvey, Lyric. Dsyton, 0-. 9-14. 
Scott, Great, Arcade, Toledo. O., 9-14. 
Schack. Dancing Nat, Marietta, O.. 9-14. 
Hcott A Wright, Keith's. Cleveland. 9-14. 
Scott, Mike, Pastor's. N. Y. C . 9-14. 

™m lM i ' ""J* 8 " 6 ' Chicago Belghts, Chi- Wllon Bros., Cook's 0. IL, Rochester, ». U ► 

Wilson, J. A., A Dog. Auditorium, Chlcsro. 9-I4; 
Wlggin. Bert, Msjestlc, 1* Salle, 1»- »•"'• 


Buy a Ball Buy a Ball Buy » Ball Boy a Bali Buy a Ball Buy a Bait BnyaBall 

mm o a u s k 

h S5S STl?C 16?2T.'* D, •• •*"- n " : TvWN%N , f1rTh! CKK U **■ L,0HTrar ." R <»*"'«T and MOST SBRVIORABLE THEATRICAL 
Peters. B. Myron, Majestic, San Antonio, Tex., WILLIAM BAL, Inc. **** ■■ ». •»' Wasa -. ,i . 

^^ n * I^Ofa^SWNrU 


Pelot. Fred A Aimle, Union Square, N. Y. C, 9- 

14; Keith's. I'blla., Pa., 16-21. 
Perkins ft OalTette, Audltorlnm. Norfolk, Va., 9- 

Bulldera of 
CO Wett 4!d St, New York Olty. 

jou. Decatur. 10-21. 
Wilbur, Clarence, ft Co,, Orpbeu". Bklo.. 9-H. 
Wltson A Woods. BIJou, Norfolk. Va.. 9-14- . 
Wilfred ft Iottle. Avenue, E. St Louts, M-. •* 

14; Empire, Springfield, 16-21. ... „-ji. 
Wlllloms, Chinese Johnny. Orphctm. MltnetP" 1 ^ 

9-14. ^^ „ , . 

Wise ft Milton, Dnlon Square. K. Y. 0.. •*•_-, 
Wllllsms. Sam, Alhsmbrs, N. Y. C, 914 , ■" 

elty. nkln., 16-21. . „ * 

Williams A Heoly. Chestnut, Uncssler, O.. 

1*; Grand, Dedsr.ce, 10-21. , ,,_ nil- 

Williams. Helnes ft Williams, Majesllc, w 

Wmuia A Stevens, Dandy Bill* MlnslrsH. j. 

^fcCEMBTm' 1& 


ft 14; 

jriulsBU. Frank ft Delia. Hlsr, 

"liTPsiaiyrn. N- *.. 1*1-21. 
WilUrart Dua, Oysthl.: |MMM, In«„ 

W^f^^VwVne. 111.. tt*. 
Wllllim". C w., Bennett's, l.nrdnu. Con.. 
WirM « Iilnjsrnn. Colhmbln, Cincinnati. 
"ttWMV • "■nlr.rllle. . M-31 . 
rFArhV»iv.'«r;einth-'VrrnVi.|erice,'B.' I.. 0-H. 
Wool. Juliette, lirtwiira. Boston, 0-14. .. _ ' 
Swt Toh. The. Orphnitn. Bldney.-.O. 0-lf; 

man.- PKpia. 1314; 'Vanorite, Conaersvllle. 

Ifi.V IfllH; Van.l-Hc. ttiiMhTMl-. J« 31. » ! ' 
WdW SA^nln,»:ilt. Tlifiiinfium. MuiH-le, lnd., 
• oil * vnitderte, RkrUrvUMu tun. 
Wolfe A Vnnaoan. Majestic. Mescaline, In., 014. 
fi."dw»r<l. V. I'.. Olotcre.Illo, .\. Y„ 0.14 1 

WaHTtnwa, 10-al. _.-'■■« 

U'lsslwaryl's Sea Lions, Auditorium, Chicago, 0- 

wowi A I«wsonv Calory Bonn*, N. Y. O.. 0-H. 
ttCrV*llr««..-»l>»il. WrScllnit. W. Vs. 0-14. 
Wnllkea. Lacy, <J. 6. 11.. Grand Sapid*, Mich., 
'• 9-14. ' ' ' ' ' 

Wysre fc Lewis. OrtMilnl, Norfolk, Vs., n-14. 
rfiiiit masks, Orpheuni, Hkln.,'*M;. 
Y«Vr *"T*irl-. O. II.. Johnsopbaof. Pa., 014. 
Ye-owr It Pit Cosla, Palace llartlcuool. Eng.. 8- 
it: paisr*. m.iesimm, ifl-Bl; Palace, r.ln- 
' coin a»HY Palace, Bath. ::nj,in. 4 ; Palace, 
, iim-nlov, in I: Palace,- Warrington. PS-18. 
YnruMrMto Bma.j Sbeedy's. Fall ( Itlyer, Mas*., 

■VrW* Manning, Crystal. Rt. Joseph, Mo.. 0-14. 
Y,)in'5. Olllr. A BW.. Temple, Detroit. 0-14. 
Young. Nat,* Co., OryHtal, St. Joseph.- Mo., 0-14. 
Yoiitc"«. l-enc, •CdjtiMi Ohtcnijo, 0-14. 
yiretssy 'Proline. The, AUiamhra, X. Y. C., 0-14. 
r.anor.-.«. Cycling. Temple. Alt/a. III.. Oil. 
Zarrl A Vernon Troupe. Auditorium, I.yr.n. Mass.. 
.. 0-14,- '.'•'. 
girod M'v The, Empire. Holokon. N. J., 9-14; 

Kollli'*.' Providence, It. I.. 10-ai. 
Zoda. Harry I.,, Family. Farm, X. p., 0-14; 

ni'on. Winnipeg, -Tan.. JO-21. 
/erin; Oreat. * Co., We;!«nil, Clnrksbinx'W. Va.. 

•j.14':- iSem. Monongahcbi. l'a>. 10-18; Star, 

Chnrtcfol, 10-21. -_ • - . _. 
Jtech * Zeeb, "Lyric, Beaimjont. Tex.. 8-14. 
Zimmerman. :Wllly. Haymarfcet. Chlcnpo, 0-14. 
Zlska * King, Slajeatle. Johnstown, Fa., 0-14; 

CbaseX-Washlngto'j. D. C. 11-21. 
7lnk. Adotph, Orpli-Mim, Omaha. 0-14. 
Mniar, Operatic Troupe, Keith's. Boston, 0-1,4. 
KnlwIky'KV Tregont. Boston, 3-14. ■ ■ - 

b.v the: noAD. 

Snpplementnl ' list ~ Received Too 
" Tple for Classification. 

"M tin W»y Sl<le Inn" (Miller A >Vh|pnle, nigra.) 

— Bnwy, In.. H. Eil<lv»me 12, .Stockport IS, 
. niiK-tH-..-.) it. Ottumwa id. niakeabure 17, Hora- 

vln IN, nilnmvn 10. Iirnea 20, Duxton 21. 
"flnnil Fellnir" (JJoMiy Newcwnih, rosr.) — mica. 

X. Y.. li!l Cnimlen 13, Wntertown 14, Plaltn- 

lurp IA, ftnrllagtou, Vt., 17, Locoola, X. II., 

-■*. O'linrl '21' 
' "IlartUwm in Xew York" — Teorla, III.. 15. 
Klark Urimi (II. Tl. Klnrk, rngT.)— Ilaogor, Me.. 

.a-H. I.pwhton 1A-21. 
Ijily Klnls »urle»qiien» (Alt. 0. Ilerrlnglon, 

■ngr.)-N. Y. Oily 111-2? ,. .. , 

Mannlllsn, rraneis — Kiwuyllle. Tenn^ 16. 
Slnrrtr.-ilrna IteanMea Mack Hyilell, mgr.) — Cor- 

i+.-tInfi— ItAi-liester. K. Y., 0-14. Albany 10-1S, 

iliiili»>n L it— _!t tl~ ■ 

"MaW- Marlon"— Italon Rouge. La., IS. 
st',Mil«nrm«i*1i (W. I.. Stewart, mgr.)— Ohattism. 

IfrjL 0-14.. 
"*j,ii>w ll«n" (I.leM« & Co.. ragra.)— reorln, 

ill.. 17. : . . • 

"Wheri the Bell Tall*" (.Chnx. T. Filled, duct.)— 
. Alblop,.N. V,. 12. I^> IWy lit, Caledoiilu 14, 
• Victor IB, nmii-Sn, Corning 21'. 
"Was She to Blame V J. O. ftl"lt«'l 

Ms, Mlh'ri.. 11! " 

So SdnOii Sliows in Sew 


Tills Old Ibtv- BldMIr Pnff.rred, mill 
Kris' Vorkerr< *•<> Without ^nndn) ' 
nnlerlnlninent }n «'on»piinrni'r. 

'■ Ah 1U-- result of a deetslrtii rerutererl Tifeii- 
nny. lVe. :l, l>y Justlcu (Ytiofnian, of ilu- 
Mnpremn (^>url. every theatre find other place 
fif'hiiMlc AtttnrtnliirneQt'<n'On« New Yorlf 
Van fo'rred to close on Sundiiy, Jiec. 8. 
, JukiIco O'lJormun'H di'n-loi'. r:.\* rendered. 
OH tne application pending b "tor- htm for the 
cortflrrn:itlon of Hie ropo.'t Made by Abruhitn 
It. Lawrence as rt fer e* . reconiDiendlng that 
the llcepae of William iUiUmeruteln', ai pro- 
prietor anil mnnngej of tne Victoria Theatre, 
be revoked, Ite.-atiMe of Sunday perforroanreR 
given In DecenilM?r las:. The imitation agatust 
Kundnv performani'<'<t wuh bcguii hy a nttra- 
ner of clergyman, wiin laid lii.nrsej before 
I'ollce ' Comtul.isloner Illngharo. -On |he*e 
char^ca Hie -iiroceedln^A VRulnut llammer- 
gteln were lusCtni >d as n tr.xt cam to" d*ter- 
rnlne the vitlldlly of the Inw against Sunday 

Justice' O'Gortnan stat.'d that the contro- 
vertey lavolve* the ooajlruetion of Section 
1481 nf-thO'Chnrttrnf the City of New York, 
which provlijes as follows : 

"It! not be lawful to exhibit an the 

timVU YORK CITY.. _;.:,•■'•. 
* Piwitor'sv I'nlott Aqnare 
ieM*«> : . <?-.»*. A»be«, jreneraltnaoaneri.— 
TheniTill' large audience freered. thf opeH- 
lp* firrfortriaBc* of the < .irrent week Monday 
anettrooti, flee. f>. Tire bill »•«« nn admirable 
one. end 'mncli ebl.iyed hy those present. 
\Vond and l.mvsnn navi- s.ime g«^wt foDK", 
.nnd dirt Kome Hever •liunint' iltai w,iv wi«n 
reieived. Willie Hale itlit nn set which tftn 
full of rflrlclj— Jii3iHn«, -Hinip rnlltog ntifl 
xylnphotie plnjlnif. ' Ilia work waa'nfnt nod 
W:tH well npphiuilcil. The lihnve acts will ho 
more fully reviewed In our next laaiii'. The 

Vhdetlea of HoHinn, an trchesi rn tf'naawHk 

yonnn larllca, led. by Caroline II. Nlrholiv 
ttsrd sood J'tdgmeat In tbo wlectloa' Of <hell- 
music, and won a preat deal of applause 
hy their Upe plnvhia;. The Three Lelahlona- 
Used a sketili called "A One Nl«bt Mtuiul In 
Mloatrelsy" a% their share of the bill. It 
tras full of (rood thing.* In the way of Jokcx, 
Mines, etc., nnd was w»»ll iccelved. Netta 
Vfsm nang snine Intoreatl.ig songs In n pleas- 
ing Voice, and had Hevernl re ml l j. ' The 
IH.-Idis oni'cil it deal of laughter with thetr* 
JugslliiB oddlly, "Kun In n Hotel Hftli-e," 
Uiiymotid and t'lvcrly had their cuslnniiiry 
reception, olid Rave a lot 'if bright, up-to-date 
mlk and aoTho new Honv^. In their clever Her- 
man dlilccl. t'atlierlue Hitys mid Mabel 
Johnson ware very amusing In an iKldlty. 


■Melth 4 PratstsCanrth AtoM'T**- 

•♦*■•< B. P. • Albee, 'ajeneral m»nager»^- 
T/ie Chnritf, g»U, which |a na la t-rcntlns? 
now a* It waa a generation ago, Is'thls weera 
ravJtnl by Hja IcTfth Ateone I'layera, and An 
|V«\ tl I ,'rtnn May Spooner end her .ixcelleni 
support \vcr<> -eeti to splendid ndvantng' In 
II. Miss Spoonei" did nti>sl caaimendnhlt' 
work »m Ann I'liiirer, mnkbig that i-uiirni'lei- 
n m..-.t ' intiT>>.4l insi one. and AuriinIiIS I'hllllps i.i hl.4 irlnniphM by giving u rmloslrtk- 
Infa" nnd aiiitvlnciiiit nortruynl of llcv. .Inhn 
Van ItureU. Kit win II. I'm-iU did eNcontliut- 
ii Hv line work na Jiidge Knox, whllo I In mid 
- rceiincilv and Jesslo McAllister also rsMM In 

called "A Dream of ltal>y Days". Koy and ■ j> r ' 8 '* 1' ,"' .."" 
i-'litrk used n »klt. cnlltlsl "Tho Spring of « rlj^l 'J 1 * „w» 
Yonth" na a vehlole to dlsplny their powora, V? F52.5F55. ," 

for murk. m1 favor. Arthur Kvers, ns IMek 
Vaa Huron, did work Hint was worthy of un- 
stinted praise, ami Ilea K. Wilson nlso gave 
a good ucrount Of hlmaelf. (nhera who n|i- 
peftred with credit In the piny were: Wllllom 
L West, Warren A. Itodgnrs. Ijiwreuce Waho- 
flMO. Win. Offormtin, Olive Hrnve. Jessie Me- 
'Alllster, JoMSphlne Koi, llleuiior Wlsilnni and 
Urlns Carlisle. In 4he vimdevllle wert> <|e«rge 
Muriiin. In lllusirntisl aiinga, and tleorge r. 
<.'m.tiIs, In some worthy dlnlevt ImiierHoua- 
llons. . t 

lliily'x Theatre (Sum S. ft l/i> Shubert, 
Inc., Managers (.•-■There svn ninny things that 
met wlih Has sweeping endorsement of our 
f blathers, and wore voted Biircessea a gen 
.erntlon ago, that will not r 
pro«cnl-dny nnalyals. and 

enterlalnmmil, with music, 

U«lthJtProctor'arifty-el»bl>i (Street 
Theatre (E. F. Albee, general manager). ~ 
A larg* audhtnc* waa )u «tt*ridA0c« at both 
afternoon and evening perfortnnnces Moa- 
doy, Use, ft, when the nsttnt good rjn-ogrnmpie 
whs offered. Stella UoyhrV, <t>medlennt. 
IJjfM tho hill with her clever singing,' nnd li 
Assisted by lllllle Taylor. Cttiiilri IV'llsrin, 
nn expen Jumper. «ns applauded ; Hfravil. 
Harris nuil Itinwn, III n omedv and nlngihi- 
nirii. iiriveil I,. Ih< nnollier |sipulnr turn. Tin'- sisters, IdftckftDv comedV and sln(- 
lug. Also came In for iu liberal sWw'of n'p- 
provnl. An aci thut iip|M-nled m nld an we|i 
as young was lUHclle's troupe of cnnliie jinlt 
mnokoy odors, who exhibited the height >f 
perfection In animal training, and apparently 
was one of the most pleasing nets on the 
bill. Other good numbers were: the Avhh 
Comedy Kotir (Coleman, tlnodwln, Smith and 
Halo, In the laughing fnrcc, "The Now 
Teacher:" the llassnu Ben All Troupe Af 
twelve Arab urroliiits, nnd lloey ami I.cjr, 
llebrsiw enmedliins. Afollon pictures closed 
tiuv show. : i . 

, Miirrnj Hill Tbentro (J. Herbert Mack, 
manager).— Holiert. Maticliesler's I«hI/|/ y,Ur 
Co. opened Montlny. J/ey/tl. The niirlcMtie 
pnrllon Is eipdmieil In the showy mnnnAr 
ehariieterlstlc of tbo votu-un lusnsger, nnd 
the olio depni'tinenl Is also well looked after 
stand the light of by it se|ectloh of Inlor.utJiig m-ls.- "tin mut 
I "The Lancers," *'nr [a the ritle of the opening number, 

one of them. This proditc- 
?umm „ n ,i ujoni'iiieil u/ith "iiie . Hon, which haa been tlnkori'd tip from I he old 

flrat day of the week, commonly called Snn- USLSt aS!3 s" nan ealTn ' ■•Tlio Nnrrow ,ml T l ,lrt *i *■*• P»**« "fglment," hy Mrs. 
rtasr. tn the nnhl ic I -> .,,v hiillrilh». mrden. l£S&-*s2 m L&m ?■•_'? ,CU .-J **"»? Rldi Johrisoa Young and J. Hnrllry Man- 
ners, Intrislnced Ceclilii l.oflug nnd Lnwrnnce 
IMIrsav as co-stnrs nl this lioiiso evening n( 
Thuisd'ay, Hee. B, anil left them fJounderlns 
ahrllit with no secure gruiiud for a footing 
" the 

....j'a 1 — «lr»i«l Bap- 
geraHH' I'l-lO. Vtft lakegQ:2g. 

Shnberl, HrooWlya, Is F.mplre Circuit. 

High class dramas have ls<pn given at Ihe 
Shubert Thealre, Brooklyn, and moving pic- 
ture 'shows tried : Block companies have en- 
tertained and vauderllle has been seen, as 
well as thrilling melodramas, hut all have 
hern' financial losses.- .-Now another branch 
or the will lie Introduced, and It 
Is hoped that It. will lie- mom fortunate. 
; On Dec. 2.*t (he Umpire,. Circuit Co. will 
orvn the haiise an n mirlcsqun theatre,, with 
Miners High Jliiks Co. This will he the 
•inly Western \/UeH house open. In Brook 
Ira. na •morn iire In course of constvue- 
tlnn, onnnt Qnincy Sth>et and Ralpl) Avenue, 
wlileh will ho opened next February; nnd 
the other tin' Flnlbush Avenue, near fiiifayette 
Avenne, which will ho opened for the public 
In August, J0A8. 

■ / > i - m i < " ! i I ...M 1 . • 

Illacksrond «t>ts) J^lye" TSnntegni Plays. 

John U. Blackwood, manager of tie Bela's- 
eo Thentre, Jxis Angola, Cnl., who has been 
In Xew Yorfi, has returned In California, 
raklnp Kith him live plivs. It Is bis plan 
to mnke first prnducllons of these at the Be- 
lasco: Thentre !a Ttm "ABBelca. nnd at the 
Alcnrar- In San Francisco. ; 

The -fli-e plays arc; "Commencment Hay," 
hy Margaret ntnyo; *^TUo "Knergelle Mr. 
West," liy.Krlimr Selwyn ! "The Wolf/' by 
lliigene Wnltersi: "Little norrH," by Rchoep- 
lhan, the. Uermntl' farce wiriivr, and •The Kd- of Kllznhetb," sAld to he n London 

' ritirceAS. . 

■ »»» '— - .. 

•i.onesoon- Tiuv n" Opens, 
' ChorJcB ft. a